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Convinced? You should be. So, we’ll wait here for a second while you sign up.

Now that you’re all signed up for LinkedIn, here comes the most important part: Your profile.

Obviously, your profile needs to contain vital information: job experience, skills, education, etc. But when 50 percent of users have an incomplete profile, how can you get noticed? Instead of just being another LinkedIn user with an unfinished profile, stand out from the pack by becoming a LinkedIn All-Star.

While that may sound like an extremely difficult task, you can achieve this status by following these 11 fast and simple adjustments.

1. Updated and Appropriate Photo

Your LinkedIn profile picture should be recent, professional, and recognizable. After all, your image is most likely the first thing that people will see about you and it should reflect who you are as a professional.

For future reference, make sure that your profile is not grainy or pixellated, a selfie, poorly lit, or from an inappropriate time, like at a party where alcohol is flowing. Finally, if you want to stand out, have a black and white image. Since the majority of photos are in color, you’ll get noticed instantly.

2. Catchy Headline

Your headline is most likely the most crucial 120 characters on your profile since it’s announcing to the world who you are and why you’re an asset. The headline should include important and descriptive keywords, such as your title or job function.

Also include your unique set of skills that sets you apart from the crowd. Another way to improve your “searchability” is by adding multiple titles. This will display the various roles/positions that a person could search for related to your profession.

3. Update Experience

This section needs to be up to date – LinkedIn states that by including your two most recent positions can make your profile 12 times more likely to be found. However, instead of only listing job duties, describe how you’ve impacted the company. You can also use this section to detail the specific responsibilities, awards, honors and accomplishments you had with previous and current businesses.

If you’re a student or unemployed, make use of this section by illustrating your passion, skills, expertise and how you can be an asset. Since most of us don’t have the time to read a book, try to keep this section short and to the point, about 150-250 words should suffice.

4. Get Recommendations

You may have noticed that when someone endorses you it will appear below your work experience on your LinkedIn profile. And, next to each endorsement you’ll see how many people have endorsed you for a particular set of skills, which LinkedIn is very high on. However, good-old fashioned well-written recommendations remain the optimal way to boost your reputation by adding credibility.

The best way to secure a great recommendation is to simply ask for one. It’s probably a good idea to personalize the message and send one at a time, even though you can request up to 200 people at a time. And, don’t hesitate to offer a recommendation in return.

5. Make Sure You Summary is Complete

This is prime real estate for people to learn more about you, since it’s where you can describe your expertise and educational background. So, why not make sure that the 2,000 words in the Background Summary module is complete?

Introduce yourself in a conversational, yet professional, manner and try not to be entirely self-focused. This is also the area where you can provide links to your portfolio.

6. Join Groups and Get Connected

Why is this so important?

Since there are over 1.8 million groups to choose from, this is the perfect opportunity for you to increase your relevancy, discover new people to join your network, and the ability to send direct messages to people who are not in your network. However, to prevent “email overload,” you should adjust each group’s contact settings to your liking. And, make sure that they are professional connections as well.

7. Follow the Company You Want to Work For

8. Include Media

You can easily add videos, images, links, documents or presentations in your profile just by utilizing the “square plus sign” icon in either your Summary or Experience sections. By including media you’re able to effectively showcase who you are as a working professional and individual. It’s one thing to describe your work; it’s another to actually show what your talents are, which could lead to a meeting, phone call or useful connection.

9. Post Frequently

When you post frequently, you have the chance to increase engagement, which in turn, will also increase the likelihood that you’ll appear in others’ LinkedIn profile searches. Post relevant industry news, blog posts, or articles once a day as a status update. People are most active between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM on weekdays (just don’t get busted for updating your profile at work!).

10. Privacy Settings

Double-check your privacy settings to know what is and what isn’t being displayed. Within the privacy settings, you’re allowed to change the information that others see about you, such as contact information, your contacts and how others are connected to you. And, if you’re just snooping around on others’ profiles, you can always set your profile to anonymous. This way they won’t know who you are.

11. Make Use of a Vanity URL, Badges, and Signatures

You should probably convert your LinkedIn profile into a personal brand statement for the world to see. To accomplish that, you’ll need an easy-to-remember address to type into the browser’s address bar. However, since the default LinkedIn URL for your profile isn’t the most in-depth, you’ll have to customize the URL as a vanity URL.

You’ll also want to add some LinkedIn Badges to your profile – which is found underneath the setting for the vanity URL. Badges are cool graphics that can be placed onto blogs, emails, online or resumes, to name a few. All you have to do is to select your preferred button and copy-paste the HTML code in the box.

Finally, promote your profile by adding your LinkedIn URL in your email signature. Just that quick addition is essentially attaching your resume to anyone you email.

Are you a LinkedIn All-Star? If so, how did you achieve that status? And, if you weren’t aware, SEJ is now on LinkedIn. So, head on over to LinkedIn and connect with us!

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Unsubscribe All Linkedin Emails With This Bookmarklet

It’s no secret, LinkedIn has a ridiculous amount of email messages and notifications that are sent out daily. Just check out the email settings page and see for yourself. If you happen to have all or most of them enabled, you are more than likely receiving way more LinkedIn emails than you’d like.

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How To Edit Or Delete A Netflix Profile On Your Device

Profiles allow each person on a Netflix account to have their own separate space complete with recommendations, a viewing history, My List, and more. Here’s how to edit and delete profiles in Netflix on any device.

Netflix user profiles are amazing. They are quick to set up and allow family members and friends the opportunity to tailor the viewing experience to their tastes despite being on a single account.

Table of Contents

If you need to edit or delete a Netflix profile from your computer, mobile device, or streaming, this tutorial will show you how.

Why You Should Edit a Netflix Profile

You must edit your Netflix profile if you want to change the display name, profile photo, and other settings like the language, maturity restrictions, and auto-play preferences. Changes you make sync between devices.

However, only some devices give you access to all available edit options. For example, the Netflix app for Windows does not let you change anything other than the profile icon and name.

Also, the only way to edit the maturity rating for a profile is to use the Netflix website. It’s also the only setting that requires you to enter the Netflix account password.

Why You Should Delete a Netflix Profile

A single Netflix account can have up to five profiles. If you reach the limit, you must delete an existing profile to create a new profile. Removing a Netflix profile is final—there is no way to retrieve a profile you delete.

That said, it’s impossible to delete a Netflix account’s primary profile. It’s the profile that’s already present when subscribing to the streaming service. So if you do want to remove it, you must cancel your membership.

If you aren’t the account owner and want to pay for your Netflix subscription, it makes sense to delete your profile before moving over. However, instead of doing that outright, use the Transfer Profile feature to move your preferences and history to the new account.

Edit or Delete a Netflix Profile via Web Browser

If you watch Netflix on a web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari, here’s what you must do to edit or delete a Netflix profile.

Visit chúng tôi sign into your Netflix account, and select the

Manage Profiles

button on the profile selection screen.

If you’re already signed in and inside your Netflix profile, point your cursor at the profile picture on the top right corner of the screen and select Manage Profiles.

Select the pencil-shaped

Edit Profile

icon on the profile you want to edit or delete.

Make changes to the following settings and select

Save profile


Profile Icon

: Select the profile icon and pick a different icon from the Netflix profile picture library.

Profile Name

: Enter a profile name into the text field next to your profile icon.


: Pick a different display language using the pull-down menu under



Game Handle

: Create or edit your game handle for Netflix Games; it must be unique.

Maturity Settings

: Enter the Netflix account password and pick a maturity rating for the profile—







, or



Autoplay Controls

: Specify your autoplay preferences for TV show episodes and previews.

Select Delete Profile if you want to delete the Netflix profile. If you don’t see the option, it’s because you’re attempting to delete the main profile for the Netflix account.

Edit or Delete a Netflix Profile on iOS, iPadOS, and Android Devices

If you watch Netflix on a mobile device, here’s how to edit or delete a profile on the Netflix mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Open the Netflix app, tap the profile icon on the top right of the screen, and select

Manage Profiles


Tap the


icon on the profile you want to edit or delete.

Edit the profile name, language, autoplay preferences, etc., and tap


to save your changes. If you want to delete the profile, tap




Edit the Profile Icon and Name in the Netflix App for Windows

Although there’s a Netflix app for Windows, it only lets you edit the Netflix profile icon and name. It does not allow you to delete profiles.

Go to the Netflix profile selection screen, choose Manage, and then select the pencil-shaped Edit icon on the profile you want to edit.

Edit or Delete a Netflix Profile on Streaming Devices

If you want to edit or delete a profile on the Netflix app for a Smart TV, a streaming device (like the Apple TV or Roku), or a video game console, here’s how:

Open the Netflix sidebar and select

Switch Profiles


Select the profile you want to edit or delete. Then, move down and select the


icon underneath it.

Make your changes and select

Save Profile

. If you want to delete the profile, choose the

Delete Profile


How to Transfer a Netflix Profile

If you’re not the account owner but plan on paying for your own Netflix subscription, you don’t have to delete your profile before you move over.

Instead, use the Transfer Profile feature to move your profile preferences and history to the new account. Sign into Netflix on a web browser, select your profile icon, and choose Transfer Profile to get started.

How to Cancel a Netflix Account

Netflix will keep your data for up to 10 months, which means you can subscribe and gain access to the main profile and its history within the period. Contact Netflix Support if you prefer to delete your data earlier.

Profile Management Made Easy

Netflix makes it easy to edit and remove profiles. If you run into problems doing that on the Netflix app for a device, we recommend you use a web browser instead.

7 Simple Tactics To Kickstart Your Instagram Sales Funnel

Instagram is more than Facebook’s jet-setting younger sibling or Twitter’s ultra-trendy cousin.

With more than 800 million monthly users (and growing), Instagram is the place to document life’s moments, big and small, in beautiful little snapshots.

Instagram has also rapidly become one of the hottest marketplaces in the world. By 2023, the app is projected to generate $6.8 billion in mobile ad revenue.

On Instagram, users actively invite the brand into their feed – 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one brand.

E-commerce brands are particularly well-suited to thrive on Instagram, with 14 percent of users likely to make a purchase directly on the app, not to mention view-through conversion opportunities.

Let’s explore seven tactics to power your Instagram sales funnel to steady success.

Tactic 1: Add a Call to Action in Your Bio

One simple tactic is to add a call-to-action (CTA) in your bio directing your followers back to your e-commerce store.

If you have a current product special, new featured line, or anything else you’d like to promote, use your bio to direct followers where to find out more.

Here’s a good example of how to invite followers to “Shop our Instagram” directly from the bio:

With Instagram’s default functionality for accounts with fewer than 10,000 followers, that’s the only link opportunity you have. Use it wisely.

You can use a paid tool like Link in Profile to have multiple links in your bio.

Check out this example below, where each photo is linked back to your site:

Tactic 2: Link in Story

This feature is only available to accounts with more than 10,000 followers – all the more reason to prioritize Instagram and start building that audience.

Eligible accounts can include links in Instagram stories.

Instagram stories, added last year, allow users to combine photos and videos into a temporary slideshow that disappears after 24 hours.

Elite users can now put a CTA in the Instagram story for people to swipe up to read more.

You can direct followers to your website, a specific product, collection, blog post, and more.

You can even hide hashtags in your photo, using the photo match tool on the left side, next to the color swatch. Use the dropper to match the background of your photo.

By adding hashtags to your Insta-story, you’re giving a new audience an opportunity to find you and navigate to your e-commerce store using the CTA feature.

If you choose this option, make sure to use hashtags relevant to your brand.

While niche hashtags don’t have massive search volume, you are more likely to find a converting customer, so get very familiar with the key hashtags in your space.

Want to use popular hashtags? The sweet spot seems to be between 100,000 to 500,000 uses. More popular, and there’s no way your brand will have visibility in all the noise.

Tactic 3: Collaborate With Influencers

Brands spend an estimated $1 billion annually on Instagram influencer marketing.

Influencers, who range from local fitness trainers or photographers with small followings to A-list celebrities, have turned social media marketing into an art form.

While top influencers like Beyoncé can earn more than $1 million per post, the average sponsored post costs about $300.

With the right strategy, your brand can strike up a strategic partnership with influencers that generates great return on investment in terms of conversions and brand awareness.

In working with influencers, you’re able to leverage their network and brand to bring awareness to your e-commerce offerings.

Even with tightening restrictions on sponsored content transparency, followers continue to welcome endorsements from trusted Insta-stars.

Daniel Wellington does a great job of working with influencers and has made a big footprint on Instagram with their watches.

If you are dipping your toes into influencers waters, be vigilant. Just because they have a high follower count or charge a heavy price doesn’t make it a good fit or guarantee success.

To start, make sure that their audience is real.  Type their username into Social Blade and you can see some of their Instagram Analytics. If they have a real following they should generally have a gradual increase. If their following has a lot of peaks and declines, they most likely bought followers.

Real Followers:

Fake Followers:

You can also ask for their demographics/media kit to ensure they are the right fit for your campaign. The higher the following, the higher the price per collaboration so micro-influencers are becoming more popular. These influencers have a modest but engaged following and often have a niche which helps to target your marketing.

Tactic 4:  Free Product, Just Pay Shipping

This can be a great approach to get your product out there and into the hands of consumers, especially if it is a product people are likely to buy more than once.

This strategy can draw a lot of attention, but you have to make sure it is executed properly.

Be wary about viewing these buyers as guaranteed future customers.

People might accept a free item, but that doesn’t mean they need or want to pay full price for an equivalent product in the future.

Just like social contests bring a lot of attention but rarely result in sustained success, this tactic has the same downside.

Additionally, you have to make sure you have enough inventory to follow through.

There have been a few scams using this tactic where people never received the product, and you don’t want your brand to be given a bad reputation due to inventory issues.

Tactic 5:  Shopify Integration

Shopify is currently in the testing phase of shoppable Instagram posts.

This integration allows e-commerce stores to sell to buyers directly through the Instagram app, without ever having to navigate to a website or outside platform.

This feature is now available to some accounts as a beta release.

If you would like the option for shoppable posts ahead of the full Shopify/Instagram rollout, chúng tôi is a good alternative. This app allows you to take a screenshot on Instagram and shop directly in the app.

Tactic 6: User-generated Content

E-commerce products work exceptionally well with user-generated content.

Encourage followers to repost photos of your product in use, tagging your account or using your branded hashtag.

This practice creates a culture/community around your brand and helps to promote awareness.

One great example is Spivo, a company that has a selfie stick as its primary product. They do an awesome job with encouraging customers to share both video and image content that was produced using their product. They then re-post the content and tag the customer in it, increasing their visibility and engagement.

Tactic 7: Instagram Ads

The key with Instagram is cost per acquisition.

If you can get this into a comfortable range where you make a profit on every transaction, you can scale the campaign by upping the budget and find even more success.

Instagram Stories

Thoughtful imagery is essential, and may need to be dramatically different from the visual assets that work on Google AdWords or Facebook.

In the Feed


Instagram is more than a social media platform; it’s an e-commerce store owner’s paradise.

These tactics can help set up and streamline an Instagram sales funnel that opens the door to a new world of sales success and brand loyalty.

From simple, free tactics like adding a CTA to your bio, to comprehensive paid ad strategies that sync with your larger marketing efforts, you can find an approach that works.

Instagram credit: @toofaced, @pinchofyum, @dynamiteclothing, @your_passport, @belfordwatches, @champagneandmacaroons, @spivostick

9 Ways To Make Your E

In order to stay relevant, online businesses must stand out from the crowd. If you don’t have the resources to hire marketing consultants and researchers, this can be a real challenge. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In this article, we will explain how to make your e-commerce business stand out from the crowd and make money.

Make your E-Commerce Business Stand Out

Take a look at 9 ways you can make your e-commerce business stand out.

1. Create a Powerful Brand

Somebody else is selling what you sell. It’s virtually impossible to stand out from the crowd based on your products and services. The key is to build a brand that differentiates you, in a positive way, from your competitors.

Your branding is impacted by everything from your choice in the logo to the content on your website to your company’s mission statement. It is essentially your company’s personality; it drives how people see your business, and the type of customers your business attracts. Know what you want your brand to be. Then, write a branding statement and distribute it to all of your employees. All decisions should be made with that statement in mind.

2. Infuse Quality And Service in Everything You Do

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” – Jeff Bezos

Take a look at the customer journey. Are there things you can do at any point of contact to build in more quality or better service? For example, you could curate relevant content depending on where the customer is in the sales funnel. Even a simple giveaway to the first time customers can make them feel valued.

3. Maximize Your Social Media Efforts

Get out on social media! This is where potential customers are looking for you. 75% of customers will check out social media before they make a purchase. If you aren’t active on social media engaging with customers and posting content written by your top writers, then you lose your chance to reach them.

Worse, they may still learn about you. Unfortunately, the information is likely to come from your competitors.

4. Create Content That is Meaningful to Your Audience

Create and curate content that your audience needs. Produce product demo and videos. Go live on social media for Q&A sessions. Use professional writing services, if needed, to ensure that the written content you share is flawless. Here’s an additional tip. Know your audience, and write to their preferred level. Remember that the important word here is preferred. For example, just because your typical customer is college educated that doesn’t mean you should write for college level reading. For marketing purposes, the ideal reading grade level is grade 6-8.

5. Make Sure You Offer a Great Website Experience

Customers begin forming an opinion about your business the minute they land on your website if not before. Slow loading pages, confusing navigation, less than helpful chatbots can all contribute to a negative website experience. Conduct frequent audits of your website, especially the checkout process to ensure that everything works smoothly. Don’t forget to test using varying devices and browsers. It’s important to serve up a great experience to all customers.

6. Follow up With Customers After They Make a Purchase

Check in with your customers after they make a purchase. Ask them for feedback. Thank them for making a purchase. See if they need any further information or assistance. When you do this, find the most personal means of doing so that you can. A personal phone call is a great way to follow up with a very personal touch. A handwritten letter is valuable as well. Of course, any follow up is better than none. An email will do as well.

7. Add a Loyalty Program

If your competitors are offering loyalty programs, you’ll need to create a better one in order to improve your position. If they aren’t offering a loyalty program, you will stand out by offering one of your own.

Don’t worry. This isn’t something you need to build from the ground up. There are companies that can help you to create the ideal loyalty program for your audience, and offer the technical support that you need. Your job will be to determine what you want to accomplish, and promoting your loyalty program.

8. Consider New Products or New Product Lines

If you’ve been selling the same products all along, it may be time to add something new. You know your customer base. If they are purchasing your products, what related items might interest them? For example, if you are selling quality papers, stationery, greeting cards, and envelopes your customers may also be interested in top quality pens and pencil sets. People who are students or work in academia especially may appreciate the writing help. They may also be interested in art supplies.

9. Prove It

Make use of data as well as social proof to show your customers that your claims about your products and services are true. Here are some steps that you can take to make this happen:

Get an influencer or expert to give an endorsement.

Link to research papers or display graphics that back up your claims.

Use social share buttons with counters.

Place customer testimonials in key places on your site.

Use trust badges from reputable sources.

It may take some research writing and effort to find sources of social proof and data, but the increase in trust will be well worth it.


No matter what you have for sale, e-commerce is a crowded and competitive business. Your success hinges on your ability to stand out. The tips here can be applied to any e-commerce company. Try a few of these out, and enjoy the results.

How To Network On Linkedin: A Guide

Networking is a great strategy when it comes to moving your career forward. Normally, you have to wait for the next networking event or look for one online to make new business connections. With the help of LinkedIn, you can network without leaving your bed. You just need to know how to do it right.

Some users think that simply by registering their profile on LinkedIn they’re already doing everything they can to ensure their professional growth. However, you can get much more out of this job board by following simple guidelines to network on LinkedIn more effectively. 

Table of Contents

Craft a Standout LinkedIn Profile

Just like with networking in person, the first thing you’ve got to think about when networking online is making a great first impression. Before you network on LinkedIn, make sure you do all the important preparations and craft a resume that will make you stand out on the platform. 

Here’s a short checklist that you can follow to ensure your LinkedIn profile catches the eye of your potential new connections.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

On your LinkedIn profile, there’s no section less important than others. If you already have a LinkedIn page, go over it, update all your information and resume (if you have it attached), and fill in any empty sections. A LinkedIn profile that doesn’t have any blanks or gaps looks more professional and is easier to read. 

However, don’t overload it with extra details or irrelevant information, like skills or old work experiences that don’t hold any value in your present professional life. 

Use a Professional Profile Picture

Take a good look at the profile picture you’re using. If it doesn’t radiate confidence and look professional, it’s time to change it for something more suitable for your LinkedIn profile. 

Populate Your LinkedIn Profile With Keywords 

LinkedIn users often overlook keywords or only use them in the Skills & Endorsements section of their profile. In reality, using the right keywords throughout your profile, starting with your Headline, then About, and Experience sections will help you appear in more searches on LinkedIn and get noticed by other professionals from your industry. 

Grow Your LinkedIn Network

The best way to grow your outreach on LinkedIn is through growing the number of your Connections. You can do it passively by engaging with the people that you already have on your connections list, but that’s more suitable for a long-term strategy since it won’t give you any immediate results. 

To actively grow your audience on LinkedIn, incorporate the following tactics in your networking. 

Connect With the Right People 

The easiest way to grow your LinkedIn audience is to send out invitations to connect to other professionals. Before you do that, try and identify the type of LinkedIn user that you want in your network: they need to be someone who can help you achieve your professional goals. 

If you have a LinkedIn Premium subscription, you can use additional filters like Years of Experience, or Function. 

Always Personalize Your Invitation to Connect

When you connect on LinkedIn with someone you just met in person, you don’t usually worry about whether they know who you are and why you’re sending an invitation to connect. However, if you don’t know each other in person, receiving a blank invitation isn’t the best start to your professional relationship on LinkedIn. 

Get New Connections to Endorse You Engage With Your Audience on LinkedIn

Just like in real life, networking on LinkedIn doesn’t stop when a user accepts your invitation to connect. You need to start interacting with your audience to build professional relationships. There’s more than one way to network with your newly gained (and old) connections on LinkedIn:

Comment and share other people’s posts and articles. 

Post your own articles on LinkedIn to increase your visibility on the network.

Congratulate others on promotions and anniversaries when you see them pop up in your feed.

Always reply to private messages on LinkedIn unless they’re spam. You never know when and where the next job opportunity will come from. 

Join LinkedIn Groups

If you don’t think that manually searching for and adding new connections is effective enough, you can try a different strategy to network on LinkedIn by joining groups. You can find groups related to your professional industry by typing your keywords into the Search Bar on LinkedIn. After that, set the filter to Groups and find the ones where users actively post content and exchange knowledge. 

Joining groups on LinkedIn can help you quickly get noticed by other professionals in your industry, but in order for that to happen you need to be active as well. Take part in the group’s discussions, ask and answer questions, and share relevant content in the group to share your knowledge and expertise. 

Grow Your Professional Global Network With LinkedIn

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to take your network of contacts from the local level to global by connecting with professionals in your industry from around the world. When that network consists of the people that you have some sort of relationship with, you can be sure that you’ll never have any problems with a job search again. 

Update the detailed information about 11 Simple Ways To Propel Your Linkedin Profile Into ‘All on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!