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Looking for a fun seasonal game to play during a coffee break? Want some cute Halloween games that are safe for your kids? These free online Halloween games are enjoyable for adults and kids alike.

You can control a telekinetic pumpkin who tries to survive or find your way through a puzzling, haunted house. For a slower-paced game, try a Halloween-themed card game or challenge yourself to mahjong. Whatever your favorite game genre, this list has you covered.

Table of Contents

Keep in mind that free online games typically show you an ad or two before you play or in between levels.

Arcade Games

Whether Halloween night after things die down or the week leading up to it, you can visit a spooky land, enjoy a shooting game, or cook up something good.

You’re a ripe pumpkin trying to survive as robots have taken over the planet. Use your telekinetic powers to eliminate the attacking drones. Move objects with your mind, teleport to different locations, and stay alive in this unique futuristic arcade game.

Drag your mouse to aim and release to shoot. There are tons of levels to work your way through, and hone your shooting skills as you go.

Serve the hungry diners their Halloween treats before the timer runs out, and they become impatient. Your goal is to collect coins by successfully serving as many customers as possible to move on to the next level.

Use your mouse button to place food on the grill and stir the pot. Then, select the item to serve to the guest.

Puzzle Games

Get ready to meet the undead or dress up your jack-o-lantern with these Halloween puzzlers.

Solve puzzles to make your way through the frightening house in Forgotten Hill: Fall. All you have is a flashlight, so use it to find items you can collect in each room. As you move about the house, you’ll see puzzles galore. How you solve them is a mystery in itself but worth it.

Use your mouse button to collect items, move through rooms, and present the items you find to solve the puzzles.

If you’ve ever dreamt of being a caveman with the skills to outrun cat zombies, this is the game for you. Adam and Eve: Zombies is a cartoon-style puzzler where you must figure out what to select to defeat the meowing zombies blocking your escape.

Use your mouse button to select items, move objects, and get Adam out of there.

For a funky way to play Simon Says, check out Boo. Use the paint, hat, eye patches, and other items to create a pumpkin that matches the one you see. For example, you may need one white eye, one black eye, and a combination of yellow and blue pumpkins.

Your goal is to figure out what to do in the proper order and with the correct colors to make the matching pumpkin. Don’t be fooled; it’s tougher than it looks.

Card and Board Games

Adventure games aren’t for everyone. Maybe you just want a relaxing casual game with a bit of Halloween flair.

Use your mouse button to select a card, turn over the next one in the deck, or pop a character for something extra. See if you can play your way through all 100 scary levels.

Mahjong, anyone? For a spooky way to play your favorite game, Halloween Connect gives you a holiday-themed matching game of mahjong with eerie background music.

Select two matching tiles next to each other, connect through cleared tiles, or link on the outside of the board. Move through the levels, collect chain bonuses, and see how much time it takes for you to score.

Kids Games

Although you may find one or more of the above games suitable for your child, the ones below are made especially for kids.

A PBS kids’ favorite for many years, Arthur joins in the holiday fun. Arthur’s Tricks and Treats is a cute matching game of sorts. Each trick-or-treater shows up with a request for candy, fruit, or other items. Select the correct sweets and drag them to the guest to move on to the next.

Use your mouse button to select and drag items and refill the goodie bowl.

Join Buster and D.W. as you search for rocks, frogs, butterflies, and other items in a corn maze on the Reed family farm. Your lantern lights the way as you find your items and make your way to the maze exit.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the arrow buttons on the screen to move. Walk up to an item to collect it, exit, and move on to the next maze.

If your child enjoys word search puzzles, then they’ll love this one full of Halloween words to find. You have nine words to track down that can be across, down, diagonal, or backward. Find all the words in the puzzle and move on to the next one.

Use your mouse to drag through the letters in each word.

Bubble shooters are always fun, and this Halloween-themed option for kids is no different. The bubbles pop out of the cauldron and float where you direct them.

Use your mouse button to aim and release a bubble of the same color or pattern to match three or more and clear them. Continue matching and clearing bubbles before they reach the bottom.

Memory games are great for kids, especially young ones. This Halloween Memory game offers cute characters, neat sound effects, and fun music.

Use your mouse button to select one card at a time. Try to remember which cards are where to make matches and move through the levels.

Happy Halloween!

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Free Memory Games For Adults And Seniors

Developing the thinking faculty has been one thing humans have worked hard on and still do. Scientists, doctors, and psychologists have weighed in. A lot of strides over the years have been made.

These are free memory games that adults, seniors and everyone else should try!

1. Lumosity

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS

Lumosity consists of online memory games for both adults and kids. The games are put together by scientists who adapt cognitive training exercises that have been developed by leading researchers into games.

To use this online memory enhancing service, you need to sign up with your email address. After signing up, based on your education, your age, and your profession, you will receive a set of three games. These games are aimed at gradually sharpening the memory by increasing focus, skill, attention to detail and ability to solve problems.

After completing a game, you can compare your scores with the millions of online players in the database. You can then gauge where you stand, how much you have improved and how far you need to go.

2. New York Times Crossword

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS

The reputable American newspaper The New York Times has a long and illustrious tradition of crossword puzzles. Now, crosswords may not seem directly like memory games, but a lot has been written about the connections between crosswords and healthy memory function.

Of course, there are a lot of crossword apps out there, but the NYT one feels like a clever and high-level one, with interesting phrases that will activate those neural pathways.

You can get access to the same crosswords you find in the paper through an app or through your browser, so head on over and become part of this age-old NYT tradition.

3. Memozor

Just like Lumosity, memozor is not just one game but a suite of games. You will find games like matching pairs, Simon, and abacus. These games are categorized by age groups, which include babies, kids, adults, and seniors.

A good point about this platform is that it has memory games for two players and includes card memory games and themed memory games.

The games are free and unlimited. Additionally, they are all responsive and will work well across all your devices.

4. Sudoku

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS

Sudoku is a highly addictive puzzle game. Unlike crossword puzzles, they are number based. You are given nine 3-by-3 matrices of numbers. You will be required to complete the blank spaces with numbers from 1 to 9. In doing this, you have to make sure that each number only appears once per matrix, column, and row.

Apart from helping to improve memory, it is a good game for improving deduction, as you will be doing a lot of that throughout the game.

5. Mind Games

For memory-enhancing games, Mind Games leaves nothing hidden. This website is more a combo of memory-enhancing games, hosting a number of games, and, of course, they all are free.

The games are divided into sections, and you will be able to choose between memory, math, puzzle, word, and Sudoku. There are more than ten games to choose from in each section.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Do memory and brain training games actually improve memory?

As is often the case in the world of science, the actual evidence for memory games improving brain function is “promising” but “inconclusive”. A survey conducted by AARP found that about two out of three adults aged 50 and over believe that brain training games do help their memory function, but of course that’s maybe just a personal perception.

2. Do memory games help dementia?

The most promising studies on this front came in 2023, when a meta-analysis at the University of Sydney showed that brain training games can help maintain brain function among adults with “mild cognitive impairment” (a key risk factor for dementia). Once diagnosed with dementia however, these exercises aren’t shown to be effective.

3. Are memory games important for preschoolers?

Memory games are a great way to get kids to focus and think hard about solving problems. There’s a lack of research into this, but surely you’d rather they did brain training games than watch another episode of Paw Patrol?

Do you want to explore more interesting games? See our list of the best hidden Google games for guidance. We can also show you how to sync your game progress between Android devices.

Robert Zak

Content Manager at Make Tech Easier. Enjoys Android, Windows, and tinkering with retro console emulation to breaking point.

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9 Free Online Marketing Tools For Every

As marketers, we have to spend our days working on various tasks, such as writing content, reporting, and putting out files. There are plenty of free online marketing tools that can help us do these activities more easily, but some of them require a lot of learning. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a digital marketing professional is having the opportunity to use various free tools.

The Race Growth System is a widely used marketing framework that enables startups, international corporations, and SMEs to develop and implement effective digital marketing strategies. This marketing can be used for both long and short-term goals. With its integrated marketing tools and templates, you can easily implement multiple marketing techniques and strategies to grow your business.

Why are online marketing tools important?

Companies can use various marketing tools to promote their services and goods. These tools help them track their progress and implement marketing campaigns. While traditional marketing techniques are commonly used to reach a wide audience, digital marketing lets brands reach specific audiences.

Through marketing, a company can interact with its customers directly. It can use various tools to collect data and analyze it. Each type of tool has a unique purpose, and businesses often have multiple options when it comes to implementing their marketing strategies.

9 best free online marketing tools for hands-on marketers

There are many types of marketing tools that organizations can use. Here are some of the best and free online marketing tools for marketers.

Talkwalker Alerts

One of the most essential tools for online marketing is Talkwalker Alerts. This tool allows you to monitor the various mentions of your clients and competitors. It can help you identify what’s being said about them and their industry. Setting up an alert can be very easy, as it allows you to choose which keywords or brands you want to receive notifications about. You can also choose which channels you want to receive them via, such as email, Twitter, or a blog.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one finest tools to use to review mentions of their campaigns, keywords, or competitors. However, it’s mainly used to analyze sites and doesn’t take into account social media mentions.

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most useful applications that Google offers. Most of us have a free Gmail account, but most of the time, we don’t explore what other features it can provide. For me, one of the most painful aspects of using Microsoft Word is remembering to save every few minutes. With Google Docs, I can easily write my articles and keep track of all of them.

You’re writing a research paper while trying to make sure that you don’t miss anything, and suddenly the power goes out. You have no idea where to save your progress, or if you have a backup. You may have to say goodbye to a productive five-hour work day, but I never looked back after discovering Google Docs.


Although RSS isn’t in vogue anymore, I still find it useful to keep up with the latest developments within your industry. One of the most popular platforms is Feedly, which lets you monitor the most popular posts in your feed. Even though it’s not in fashion anymore, it’s still a great way to keep up with the latest news in various categories.


One of the most useful tools is Grammarly. It helps in avoiding spelling and grammatical mistakes. Being too close to the content can lead to a lot of errors, and when you’re not paying attention to the details, you can easily get caught off-guard. This is why it’s important to download the Chrome extension that allows you to use Grammarly.

Hootsuite and Buffer

Over the past five years, I’ve used the social media management app HootSuite, to post updates to various networks and review what others are saying. It’s one of the most popular tools for doing this, alongside Buffer. But it’s also great for keeping track of other influencers and competitors.


Several years ago, I had no idea that there were tools like LastPass. I remember writing down all of my passwords in my notebook, and I can still recall how it felt when I failed to remember my password and had to go through the whole process of resetting it. This was only possible because I was rushing to get something done and didn’t have time to reset my passwords.

I discovered that there is a tool called LastPass that will automatically log you into your account after saving all of your passwords. One thing is required, just remember the master password.


The Ubersuggest extension is useful for summarizing the suggestions and autocompletes behavior in different countries. It was created by Neil Patel and is now owned by him. It is a powerful tool that shows you the monthly search volume, competition data, and CPC for various keywords. In addition, it can provide you with valuable insight into keywords related to specific phrases on GoogleTM.

Basic level SEO, website auditing, and link analysis tools are included in Ubersuggest. Beginners can benefit from its site audit features. However, it lacks some of the in-depth capabilities that are offered by SEMrush, such as keyword gap analysis and link analysis.


SocialBee is a great tool for managing your social media accounts. It’s easy to use, and it has a feature that I have been wanting to use for a long time: the ability to create a calendar inside the app. This feature allows you to organize all of your social media activities in one place. SocialBee is built on a category system, which allows you to create categories for different types of content.

The SocialBee app lets you create a weekly calendar for each of your social networks. It also allows you to select the category of content that you want to add to each channel. The great thing about this is that it only takes one set of calendar settings, and you can focus on adding content to each channel as often as you want. Over the years, the app has developed into a great tool for social media management.


Your marketing plan should be built around a proven funnel that will help boost your performance. With free online marketing tools, you can easily create a customized, step-by-step strategy that will help you achieve your goals.

13 Sites To Find Free Creative Commons Music For Videos

Learn about audio copyright and where you can find creative commons music for your social media videos so you don’t get sued.

Not every brand has the budget for an in-house composer, let alone whatever Lady Gaga charges for a cookie collaboration. Fortunately, you can score (no pun intended) the perfect soundtrack for your next video for free by using free creative commons music.

As with free stock photos and free stock videos, you can peruse creative commons music libraries to find exactly what you need. And we’ve made it even easier by compiling 13 of the best sources below.

Bonus: Get a free TikTok Growth Checklist from famous TikTok creator Tiffy Chen that shows you how to gain 1.6 million followers with only 3 studio lights and iMovie.

What is creative commons music?

Let’s start with a definition: Creative Commons is a company that issues special licenses to the public, allowing them to use creative materials (like music) at no cost. More than two billion creative works, including videos, photos, music, and more, are licensed by Creative Commons.

There are different types of Creative Commons licenses, which dictate how the work can be used. As long as you follow the terms of the license, you can use the work for free.

However, the key is following the license. If you don’t, you may be forced to take the video down or even face legal repercussions for copyright violation.

Most likely, you’ll want to look for materials that are in the public domain, which will be labeled as CC0, which is fully in the public domain. This means you can remix or modify the track, use it on any platform, and share it without attribution.

There are also six types of creative commons licenses, three of which permit commercial use with attribution.

CC-BY: This license also allows you to use the music however you like, on any platform and in any medium. However, you must give credit to the creator, and provide a link to the original license (for instance, by adding that information to your video caption).

CC-BY-SA: This license also requires you to give attribution to the creator. Also, if you remix or modify the track in any way, you also need to make it available under the same license type.

CC-BY-ND: This license requires you to give attribution to the creator. However, you can’t modify the material in any way.

The other license types (CC-BY-NC, CC-BY-NC-SA, and CC-BY-NC-ND) are only for noncommercial use, which means they’re out-of-bounds for brands.

Why use creative commons music?

Video is more important than ever, with TikTok poised to become the most important platform for social media marketing in 2023. And what is a video without sound? Like a burger without fries, it just feels incomplete.

This is more than just a vibe. TikTok found that 88% of users reported sound is essential to their viewing experience, and that campaigns with sound were more than twice as effective as those without.

But getting licensed music or creating new music for your videos can be expensive. Creative commons music is free and legal to use, as long as you credit it correctly.

How to credit creative commons music

Any license other than CC0 requires you to provide attribution. And even if you are using a work that’s in the public domain, it’s best practice to provide credit to the artist. So learning how to credit creative commons music is valuable, even if you’re planning to only use work from the public domain.

Creative Commons has created a handy guide, and they recommend a four-part format: Title, Creator, Source, and License.

Title: The name of the track or song.

Creator: The name of the artist, ideally with a link to their website or creator profile.

Source: Link back to where you originally found the music.

License: Include the license type (like CC-BY) with a link to the original license deed.

You can find detailed examples on their wiki.

Now that you’re a copyright expert, let’s find you some creative commons music!

13 sites to find free creative commons music

This is the index of ccMixter, an online platform for sharing remixes. All the music on the site is licensed under Creative Commons (that’s what the “cc” stands for), which makes it the perfect place to explore.

You can use ccMixter to also explore tracks, but there’s no easy way to filter by license type. The benefit of skipping straight to dig.ccMixter is that they have already sorted tracks into categories, including free music for commercial projects. There are more than 4,200 to choose from.

A search bar allows you to find tracks by keyword, or you can filter by genre, instrument, and style. Fun!

Just a reminder that all of these free tracks are licensed as CC-BY, so they require you to credit the artist.

Another site dedicated to Creative Commons music, ccTrax is a curated collection with a focus on electronic genres like techno and house music.

You can filter tracks by license type, genre, and tags like “cinematic” or “shoegaze.”

ccTrax also has an organized collection of tracks under the CC-BY license.

SoundCloud is an online music sharing site with more than 175 million users worldwide, and more than 200 million tracks. That number includes a ton of tracks in the public domain, or licensed under Creative Commons. As a bonus, SoundCloud is very easy to navigate and explore.

There are many ways to search for Creative Commons tracks on SoundCloud, but here are three of the easiest:

Follow Creative Commons, which has a profile on SoundCloud featuring Creative Commons music.

Enter the license type (e.g., “CC0”) you’re looking for in the search bar.

Use the search bar to find specific sounds or moods, and then filter the results based on your needs. This is the best method if you want to find a specific mood or feeling.

Like SoundCloud, Bandcamp is a music distribution site for artists to share their work. And though Bandcamp was founded to pay artists for their work, there is a decent number of tracks that are licensed under Creative Commons.

You can search for music tagged with Creative Commons, though it’s not as user-friendly as SoundCloud, which allows you to filter by usage. Searching for music tagged with public domain is the easiest way to find tracks for commercial use.

Musopen provides sheet music, recordings, and educational materials for free to the public. They have a focus on classical music, and have recorded and released collections by composers like Beethoven and Chopin.

They have a large collection of copyright-free recordings, which can be used by anyone for any project. You can search by composer, instrument, arrangement, or mood.

Additional filters let you search for specific Creative Commons licenses, as well as length, rating, and recording quality.

The Free Music Archive is another great site to explore, with more than 150,000 tracks from independent artists. FMA is a project of Tribe of Noise, a Netherlands-based company focused on supporting independent artists.

To find music for your project, search the archive with a keyword (like “electronic”) and then filter by license type, genre, or duration. There are over 3,500 tracks on FMA in the public domain, and over 8,880 licensed under CC-BY.

CreativeCommons also has a curator profile on FMA, which includes a selection of CC-licensed tracks. However, they only have a small number of tracks on their page, so searching the full collection will yield more results.

FreeSound is a collaborative database project founded in Barcelona, featuring a huge variety of tracks and other recordings that are all licensed under Creative Commons.

The look and feel of the website is very Web 1.0— you might get a Geocities flashback while exploring. But they have over 11,000 tracks in the public domain, which can be used without attribution or restriction.

The easiest way to explore FreeSound is by entering a keyword in the search bar. From there, you can use the filters on the right-hand side to select the license type you need. From there, you can filter by additional tags.

The Internet Archive is a non-profit that, as the name suggests, archives all kinds of online artifacts: video, music, images, books, and even websites. You might be familiar with one of their initiatives, the endlessly enjoyable Wayback Machine.

You can find Creative Commons music on chúng tôi a few ways. One is to simply search for files tagged with “public domain” or the specific CC license, then filter by media type (“Audio.”)

The Internet Archive also hosts a Live Music Archive, which contains recordings of concerts and performances. However, all of their material is limited to non-commercial use only. This means it’s out of bounds if you’re a brand.

They also host LibriVox, a collection of audiobooks in the public domain. Okay, sure, it’s not music— but what about using a dramatic reading of Frankenstein in a campaign? Let’s think outside the box!

Jamendo was founded in Luxembourg to share music licensed under Creative Commons, and features work by over 40,000 artists. If you’re working on a non-commercial project, there are a ton of free options here to explore. You can browse by genre or playlist, or use the search bar.

They have a dedicated site for commercial projects, which operates on a subscription model. Users can also purchase single licenses for $9.99

Compared to some of the other options, Fugue Music is a well-designed and very user-friendly index of royalty-free tracks licensed under Creative Commons. It’s a project of Icons8, which offers creative resources for designers. That explains why it looks so good!

The categories on Fugue are helpful for creators, with options like “Music for Podcast Intro” and “Valentine’s Music.”

However, all the free tracks on FugueMusic are for non-commercial projects only. So you can’t use them for your brand, or any revenue-generating purpose. Fugue Music offers single-track and subscription payment models for commercial use.

One neat feature? Fugue Music offers a sort of personal-shopper service: users can contact them with a use case, and they’ll curate recommendations.

Uppbeat offers music for creators, and everything on their site is royalty-free for commercial use on any platform. This makes it very easy to search if you’re a brand or content creator who hopes to monetize your videos.

The layout is clean and easy to navigate, with tracks organized into playlists and curated collections. You can also search by keyword to find specific genres, styles, or artists.

With a free account, you can download 10 tracks per month, and explore about a third of their collection.

FreePD is a collection of music in the public domain, which means you can use it however you want without attribution.

Everything on the site is free to use and download, though FreePD offers the option to bulk-download all of the MP3s and WAV files for a small fee. The site is minimal and easy to explore.

Tracks are organized into categories, like “Romantic Sentimental” or the catch-all “Misc.” Within these categories, all the tracks are labeled with 1-4 emojis to give you a sense of the mood. This is a fun way to scan the listings, and I personally find “​​🏜 🤠 🐂 🌵” more descriptive than any title.

All the music on this site was created by Kevin MacLeod, who has licensed it all under CC-BY. That means you can use everything provided you give him credit. He even has an attribution template for you to use on his FAQ page. If you don’t want to provide attribution, you can purchase a license.

Incompetech focuses on music for film, so many of the categories and descriptions refer to film genres, like Westerns or horror. If you’re working on a cinematic project, you might find the perfect track here.

You can search by mood, genre, topic, tag or keyword. There are about 1,355 tracks on the site.

Audionautix provides music that is free to use, provided you give attribution. Like Incompetech, it’s a one-man show, created by musician Jason Shaw. Everything is free, though you can make donations to support the site.

The site is easy to explore, with a wide range of moods and genres. You can also search by title, or filter by tempo.

Hearthis is a Dutch music-sharing site for artists and creators. While most of the music is free to share but not use, there are a few ways to find Creative Commons tracks.

One is to search the Creative Commons playlist, which includes a small number of tracks.

Another is to create an account and join the Creative Commons group, which has just over 170 members.

And lastly, you can search by keywords like “Creative Commons” to uncover more tracks. Compared to some of the other resources in this article, Hearthis has a smaller collection of tracks and is less easy to search. But you never know where you’ll find the perfect tune!

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Do it better with Hootsuite, the all-in-one social media tool. Stay on top of things, grow, and beat the competition.

13 Typing Games For Kids To Learn How To Type Faster

In today’s digital world, it’s essential for kids to know how to type. Even in elementary school, technology is the norm with most kids having at least a budget-priced laptop to use.

However, learning how to type fast doesn’t have to be a chore. Below are 13 free typing games for kids to get a head start on their typing skills while having fun.

Table of Contents

1.   TypeRush

TypeRush is one of many typing games for kids. First, the game gives children a series of sentences to copy.

Fancier cars are unlocked as the child types faster and racks up points.

In collaboration with teachers, TypeTastic created colorful and fun typing game for kids.

Designed for children of all ages, TypeTastic plays in a specific order. As kids build on their typing speed skills, they move on to the next level. TypeTastic offers different levels of games for children from kindergarten through high school.

Alpha Munchies is a free typing game for elementary school children.

Kids can start as beginners and work their way toward the expert level game. The goal of Alpha Munchies is to hit the flying and hungry alpha critters before they land and munch on the food by typing in the correct letter above them.

Key Seeker is a good choice of typing games for kids who are kindergarten age and younger.

This game is a matching and interactive tool that helps young children recognize letters on a keyboard. It teaches them to use the correct hand to strike the key by using color-coded letters.  

Dance Mat Typing helps children of all ages learn and improve their typing skills in a 12-step program.

By using cute characters and compelling obstacles, Dance Mat Typing starts kids off slowly. It teaches them correct positioning and typing techniques while challenging them to progress to the next level.

Children receive a printable reward certificate when they pass a stage in this free typing game.

Pro-Tip: For parents concerned about their child’s internet access to any site while using these educational tools on a SmartPhone, try one of these child monitoring apps.

Type-a-Balloon is a fun typing game for kids that is perfect for all ages.

The goal is to pop the balloons before they move away. To pop the balloon, kids must type the correct letter on it.

The game notifies children that typing an incorrect letter will cause them to lose points.

The strategy of this free typing game is to hit the right key at the right time.

Because Type Type Revolution focuses on recognition and timing skills, it’s best suited for older children who want to improve their typing speed.

To begin the game, children select one of ten songs. The object of this typing game is to hit the correct letter before it gets to the top row of letters.

Keyman moves through the maze eating the dots before the colorful ghosts catch him. Children navigate Keyman by typing the different letters that appear above, below, and to either side of the dots.

Every time a letter is typed, the navigation changes. It’s such a fun game that kids don’t even realize they are learning how to improve their typing skills.

The goal of this free typing game is to type text on the box to help the Ninja beat the monsters.

The game’s multiple difficulty levels make it a good match for kids of all ages. Each child starts with three lives.

For each monster a kid doesn’t beat, a life is lost. If all three lives are lost, so is the game. Beating all the monsters wins the game.

The Typing of the Ghosts is another free typing game designed for older children.

It’s a useful game for children who want to increase their typing speeds. The goal of the game is to type a word as fast as possible before the ghosts in the background approach you.

Each child starts with five lives. However, if a kid isn’t fast enough, a ghost can take away one of the five lives.

There is no timer in this game. So, it’s fun and appropriate for kids who are just learning the alphabet.

In Keyboard Climber 2, a monkey is stuck in a cave. Players help the monkey jump up rock platforms. They do this by recognizing the letters on the screen.

Each correctly typed letter gives the monkey a bunch of bananas. If the child types the wrong letter, a coconut falls on the monkey’s head, and the level restarts.

Typing chef is a free typing game where kids are apprentices working for a master chef.

Typing Chef measures speed and time as kids work their way up to a higher-level kitchen job by typing words before they move to the top of the screen.

The objective of Alphabet Shoot is to pass as many levels as possible out of a total of thirty.

To pass on to the next level, kids must aim and fire by moving the mouse and pressing the matching letter.

Speed is determined by how long a child holds down the letter key before releasing it. There is a limit to how many shots are allowed for each letter.

Make Learning Fun With Free Typing Games For Kids

If learning is fun and the online educational tools you use are well built, kids are more likely to want to learn. Colorful animations and fun typing games for kids will help children of all ages learn how to master a keyboard and improve their typing speed.

5 Good, Affordable Virtual Reality Headsets For Trying Vr Games

1. PlayStation VR

2. Samsung Gear VR

Samsung smartphone owners looking to give virtual reality a try will not do any better than the Samsung Gear VR. Compatible with a variety of devices including the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9, it is another great introduction to the world of VR. Powered by Oculus, you are free to enjoy 2D, 3D and 360-degree content, all powered through your smartphone.

Want to view web pages in virtual reality? The Gear VR can do exactly that. Want to play games? You can enjoy that option as well and hook up a Bluetooth compatible controller for an even better gaming experience. The included VR controller is also powerful and makes for a truly enjoyable VR experience without paying a fortune.

3. Pansonite 3D VR Glasses

Add in the Toy-Con Garage and Toy-Con Garage VR, and there are nearly endless possibilities for what this kit can do. Games include a blaster mini-game and elephant trunk 3D painter, and some of Nintendo’s premium Mario titles are VR-enabled right out of the box.


David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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