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It’s October 4th, 2011, and Apple is hosting its highly anticipated iPhone event. SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller is on stage, and after about 5 minutes of discussing changes to the iPod line, he utters the words that everyone has been waiting to hear: “Next, iPhone.”

A sense of disappointment spread throughout the tech world as Schiller went on to unveil a familiar-looking iPhone 4S. Where was this teardrop-shaped iPhone 5 that we had been hearing so much about? With the bigger screen, and LTE? What about all of those leaked cases?

Of course, the 4S would go on to be a huge hit for Apple. But the whole experience has left a lot of consumers with low expectations for this year’s iPhone release. Well it’s time to raise them. There are actually a few reasons why you should be excited about Apple’s next handset…


So why does Apple do this? It could be related to carrier contracts. The average cell phone customer can get a subsidized handset every two years, so it could be that Apple has made this its timeline for major iPhone updates. Ie: it’s easier to buy a handset on a two-year contract if you’re not worried about it being completely obsolete in 12 months. Also, the decision could have something to do with Moore’s law, which says that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles every two years. How can Apple dramatically update the iPhone every year, if the technology inside is only updated every two?

Regardless of the reasoning behind it, the pattern is evident. And if Apple continues that pattern with this year’s release, the next iPhone should be a major update.


Other than a number of third-party cases, we really didn’t see a whole lot of physical evidence last year supporting the ‘iPhone 5’ theory. There were no radically different-looking leaked components, or display panels. Nothing. In fact, most of the parts we did see looked a lot like iPhone 4 parts. Go figure.

This year, however, that’s just not the case. We’ve actually seen a ton of evidence suggesting that the next iPhone will look different than the current model, from 4-inch display panels to engineering samples and schematics. And let’s not forget those two-tone back panels that keep popping up.

All of these components come from different sources, but all of them point to a similar design — an iPhone with a part-glass, part-aluminum back panel and a larger 4-inch display. Keep in mind, these are all likely prototype parts. But it’s still evidence that Apple is working on a new design for its next smartphone. Which, once again, suggests that this year’s iPhone will be a significant update.


To say that Apple is under a lot of pressure to deliver a hit smartphone this year is a massive understatement. This will be the company’s first handset since Steve Jobs passed. And even though it’s believed that he played a large part in its development, his absence will be on everyone’s minds. Can Apple deliver a hit product without its beloved visionary?

Also keep in mind that Apple sold 37 million handsets during the quarter following the iPhone 4S release last year. So to top that, which it’s expected to do, Apple has to sell in upwards of 40 million phones during the 2012 holiday season. That means that it has to essentially convince 40 million people that its new iPhone is better than the competitions’ handsets, which, by the way, are looking better than ever.

Samsung unveiled its latest flagship handset, the Galaxy S III, back in May of this year. And it’s already believed to have sold over 10 million of them. Factor in the new Android 4.1 JellyBean update, which has been getting rave reviews, and the expected onslaught of new Windows Phone 8 hardware this fall, and you can see that Apple needs to come up big with its next iPhone to maintain marketshare.


All of these things combine for a pretty good argument on why we should expect a major update to Apple’s smartphone line this year. The pattern is there. The evidence is there. And the pressure?

The iPhone is Apple’s baby. It’s the company’s best-selling product, with the highest profit margins. And even though it’s sold extremely well in the past, as Nokia and RIM have proven, that can change in an instant. With the competition hotter this year than ever before, Apple doesn’t just want its next iPhone to be a hit, it needs it to be. What Tim Cook’s team unveils this October will set the tone for the rest of the CEO’s tenure, and the company’s immediate future.

Oh yeah, I’d say the pressure’s definitely there.

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Iphone Se 2023: 4 Reasons To Buy And 3 Reasons Not To Buy

The first reason in my opinion is the inclusion of the A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone SE 2023. To recall, this is the same chip that is used in iPhone 13 series. A15 Bionic is Apple’s latest chipset for iPhone and it is based on 5nm technology. Apple claims that with this chipset the new iPhone SE’s CPU performance is 1.8 times faster than iPhone 8.

Also, it gets there is a Smart HDR 4 feature for the right exposure in difficult light. It also gets Portrait mode from the iPhone 13. However, do not expect iPhone 13 or 13 Pro models like photos from this phone.

The new iPhone also comes with the “Ceramic Shield” protection, introduced on iPhone 12. Further, it once again has a glass and aerospace-grade aluminum design which is not only durable but also looks beautiful. The glass protection on the front and back is the same as on the iPhone 13 series. The phone is also IP67 rated IP67 for water and dust resistance.

At the launch event, Apple also touted improved battery life for its new iPhone SE. This is really a great upgrade over the SE 2023 model as the battery life was not so good on that.

Apple says it’s counting on the A15 Bionic’s power management features as well the design changes in the iPhone SE (2023) to offer more juice on one charge.

The first thing we do not like about the new iPhone SE is its design. There is no major upgrade in terms of design, apart from the new glass protection. In fact, this is the same design language used in the iPhone SE 2023.

So this again comes with an iPhone 8-inspired look with thick bezels at the top and a TouchID at the bottom. Also, the phone again has a very minimalist look and makes its way to the best compact phones list. Some people love small phones, however, then there are iPhone 12 and 13 minis that also have a compact design with better specs.

One more thing which is also related to design and we don’t like it. Yes, it’s the display of the iPhone. Apple still uses an LCD panel and that too with HD resolution (750×1334 pixels). If we look at the price in India, at Rs. 43,900, there are phones with much better resolution, refresh rate, and that too OLED panels.

Apple launched iPhone SE 2023 at $399 and considering the latest processor with 5G support, a $429 price isn’t that bad. However, the price in India again becomes much higher which makes it another reason not to buy this phone.

Apart from these, some other reasons for which you should not go for the new iPhone SE 2023 model. These reasons are no night mode in camera, despite some camera improvements, and limited 5G bands support.

So these were some reasons to buy and not to buy iPhone SE 2023. If you want the latest iPhone model for its performance only, you can go for SE 2023. Otherwise, you have many other options in Android too.

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What’s On At This Year’s Sydney Film Festival

The 70th Sydney Film Festival is underway with a bumper line-up of Australian premiers and international features – with 230 films from over 60 countries, there’s plenty on offer to get excited about. 

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 07: Rita Ora attends the Australia premiere of “The New Boy” at the Sydney Film Festival 2023 opening night at State Theatre on June 07, 2023 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Sydney Film Festival Director Nashen Moodley described the Festival program as a ‘testament to its ambitious vision, showcasing a dynamic and expansive line-up of both emerging and established filmmakers from around the world. Through their thought-provoking films, they offer us an invitation to reflect on our shared humanity and contemplate the possibilities that lie ahead,”  

Minister for the Arts John Graham said the Festival is a highlight in Sydney’s cultural calendar, connecting audiences to world-class cinema and celebrating a diverse range of established and emerging filmmakers. 

Sydney Film Festival Awards 

The awards and prize money for filmmakers and their work are sectioned into various categories. The major awards include an Official Competition and Sydney Film Prize worth $60,000, an Australian Documentary Award worth $20,000, and a Sustainable Future Award worth $40,000. 

Sydney Film Prize 

For the 15th the Official Competition’s Sydney Film Prize will be awarded to the film that demonstrates audacious, cutting-edge and courageous cinema. 

Australian films competing are the Opening Night Warwick Thornton’s film The New Boy a captivating and magical story of spirituality and survival set in 1940’s rural Australia; and the World Premiere of The Dark Emu Story a revelatory documentary that explores the ground-breaking work of Bruce Pascoe whose best-selling book challenged Australia’s historical narrative and revolutionised our understanding of traditional Aboriginal life. 

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 07: Aswan Reid attends the Australia premiere of “The New Boy” at the Sydney Film Festival 2023 opening night at State Theatre on June 07, 2023 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Direct from the 2023 Cannes Film Festival Monster, an intense drama from Kore-eda Hirokazu told through multiple perspectives; Finnish Aki Kaurismäki’s compassionate comedy Fallen Leaves; Kim Jee-woon’s Cobweb about a director obsessed with re-shooting the end of his completed film; Moroccan Asmae El Moudir’s The Mother of All Lies that melds fact, fiction and figurines to lay bare a hidden personal and national history. 

Sundance selected gems include the Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner Scrapper, Charlotte Regan’s joyous debut about a 12-year-old girl who lives happily alone in London until her estranged father turns up; Alice Englert’s dark comedy Bad Behaviour; and Celine Song’s Sundance and Berlinale 2023 selected tender romance, Past Lives.  

Internationally awarded films in competition also include Christian Petzold’s Berlin Film Festival Silver Bear winning feature Afire, about four young people trapped in a holiday house as a wild fire draws near. 

Liu Jian’s 2023 Berlinale-selected animation Art College 1994 will also screen alongside Devashish Makhija’s Joram, a thriller about an on the run labourer in Mumbai. 

Australian Documentary Awards 

This year ten documentaries are in competition for the 2023 Australian Documentary Award. 

World Premieres include The Defenders, a headline grabbing story of former Socceroos Captain Craig Foster as he fights to rescue the life of fellow player; Michael Ware’s The Cape, about the mysterious tragedies in Australia’s Cape York; Isabel Darling’s The Carnival, an epic road trip with a sixth-generation carnival family; Climate Changers, follows Australian scientist and conservationist Tim Flannery on his global search for genuine leadership on climate change; Indigenous actor Mark Coles Smith returns home to the Kimberley to interrogate the alarming suicide rates in Keeping Hope, and; Kindred, Gillian Moody and Adrian Russell Wills’ personal journey into the emotional landscape of family, love and loss. 

Australian Premieres include Berlin Film Festival Silver Bear winning short Marungka Tjalatjunu (Dipped in Black) about a road trip back to Country for artist Derik Lynch; and Rachel’s Farm, follows Rachel Ward as she revitalises her northern NSW beef farm using sustainable farming practices. 

Also in the running: Australian Amiel Courtin-Wilson’s Man on Earth examining society’s approach to death and dying; and The Last Daughter documents Wiradjuri woman Brenda Matthews’ search to uncover the truth about her government-ordered abduction as a child. 

Sustainable Future Award 

The film that explores social, political, economic, and environmental consequences of climate change and highlights an urgent need for action will be awarded this year’s prize.  

Australian films competing include Climate Changers Join Australian scientist and conservationist Tim Flannery in his global search for genuine leadership on climate change, as he reflects on his own environmentalist journey. 

And Rachel’s Farm which follows Rachel Ward as she revitalises her northern NSW beef farm using sustainable farming practices. 

International films include Special Jury Award, Sundance 2023 Against the Tide, two fishermen from Mumbai’s Indigenous Koli community confront the impact of the changing environment; and IDFA 2023 award-winning visually rich Paradise about Siberian villagers bravely battling wildfires. 

Your Planet: Climate and Environment: As part of an ABC Factual and Doc Society Initiative, a series of 11 shorts will also compete for the coveted award. 

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 07: Hugo Weaving attends the Australia premiere of “The New Boy” at the Sydney Film Festival 2023 opening night at State Theatre on June 07, 2023 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Special Retrospective Feature 

Jane Campion – Her Way – A retrospective of the visionary filmmaker encompassing screenings of all nine of her feature films, as well as a selection of her short films, and the Australian premiere of a new documentary Jane Campion, The Cinema Woman by filmmaker Julie Bertuccelli about her life and career.  

Events at the Hub 

As part of the Festival, the Hub is offering immersive filmmaker talks, panels, and film-themed parties. Sydney Film Festival Director Nashen Moodley invites you to “Grab a drink and enjoy a special archive exhibition, celebrating 70 years of Sydney Film Festival and showcasing the remarkable intersection of world and cinema history”  

Sydney Film Festival Closing Night 

Find out which films take out the top prizes at the Sydney Film Festival’s Awards Ceremony at the State Theatre, followed by the Australian premiere of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. 

On Good Authority: 5 Android 13 Features We’Re Really Excited About

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

It’s been nearly two weeks since the first Android 13 developer preview dropped. Like in previous years, this first release lays the ground for Google’s focus in the next few months. But unlike Android 12, this update is less of a groundbreaking change and more of a reiterative one. Material You improvements are in store, of course, along with more privacy and security enhancements, and some other cool features.

We’ve rounded up some of our Android Authority team members and asked them to share with us the features they’re most excited about. Some of these are already live, others have been announced by Google but still inaccessible in the first developer preview, and a few were leaked recently.

Dig deeper: Android 13 features: Everything we know so far

More customization: The best icon packs for Android

Tap to transfer media — Dhruv Bhutani


Pairing up an Android phone with an external speaker has always been a bit of a song and dance routine involving Bluetooth pairing, or Google Cast if you have a supported device.

With that in mind, Google’s decision to streamline audio sharing with Android 13 has me excited. As someone who has spent way too much trying to get all my speakers connected, the ability to simply bring my phone close to a speaker and transfer any audio stream sounds like a dream come true. Admittedly, we’ve seen this feature with iPhones and HomePods but Google’s implementation should bring a much broader range of audio products to the portfolio.

Google could even take it a step further by sharing media playback controls between multiple Android devices as well which would make it the perfect solution for groups or parties.

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Better QR code scanning — Hadlee Simons

Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

QR code scanning on Android has been a little hit-and-miss in recent years. Google Lens is capable of doing it and some OEM camera apps can do it, but there’s definitely room for a more consistent and seamless approach.

Thankfully, Google’s decision to bring a QR quick toggle seems to be a good step in the right direction. This means that accessing a QR code scanner should be as seamless as toggling Bluetooth or your Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s worth noting that MIUI already has a QR code quick toggle, so this would be another example of Google embracing a feature first seen in a third-party Android skin.

This new tile means that accessing a QR code scanner should be as seamless as toggling Bluetooth or your Wi-Fi connectivity.

In saying so, I would also like to see Google take it one step further and somehow integrate all of a user’s QR-enabled apps in Google Lens.

Better Material You — Joe Hindy

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Once upon a time, I used to root my phones in order to add more themes. I was an ardent CyanogenMod user and I loved being able to download an app and change how my phone looked.

When Android 12 came out, I finally saw some framework being laid down for that level of customization stock in Android. With Android 13, a lot of those elements are being improved. You have more color options to choose from, icons are getting better support, and it seems like Google is building it out more.

Now, it’s unreasonable to think I’ll get the level of granularity I once did as a root user running a custom ROM based on AOSP, but if Google can get even halfway there, I’ll consider it a happy compromise. Android 13 isn’t there, but it’s another step closer, and that makes me excited for Android 14.

We asked, you told us: Custom ROMs still have a place on Android

Guest mode app installation — Rita El Khoury

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

For the longest time, I’ve wanted an ‘incognito mode‘ for some apps on Android — a way to use certain services without that usage being traced to me or tracked across apps. Signing out and in solves the former problem, but not the latter.

I tried using Guest Mode or creating a separate user profile on my phone, but that wasn’t ideal because I still had to log in to the Play Store to download the app, or find the APK to install it. Both are cumbersome and both take up double the space storage.

Switch to Guest Mode and the app is already there, but blank and with no way to trace usage to me.

With Android 13, I can simply toggle off which apps are enabled on the guest profile and that’s that. Switch to it and the app is already there, but blank. And it should have no way to trace any usage to me. Plus, this can be very handy if you really want someone else (probably a kid) to use some apps without giving them full access to your phone or tablet.

Which Android 13 feature are you most looking forward to?

706 votes

Get Smart About Virtual Sans

Virtualization used to be all about servers. These days, however, its power is being extended right into the Storage Area Network (SAN).

The Technical University (TU) of Kaiserslautern in Germany, for example, expanded and virtualized its SAN based on elements from VMware of Palo Alto, Calif. (an EMC company) and SANmelody thin provisioning technology from DataCore Software Corp. of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“On the technical side, SANmelody software delivers extensive functions for wide availability and protection for our VMware servers,” said Dr. Tonnis Pool, head of the departmental applications group in the data center at TU Kaiserslautern. “With VMware on the application side and DataCore on the storage side, we can implement virtualization today on several levels in much less time and ensure that our systems are more readily available. This has made our VMware environment failsafe.”

Large Technical Campus

TU has more than 10,000 students and their computing needs, as well as those of the faculty, are addressed by a data center staff of around 30. Until recently, the campus managed a non-virtual Fibre Channel (FC) infrastructure. This setup included three VMware ESX servers, with storage provided by HP MSA1000 disk arrays and a Clariion 4700 array from EMC (Hopkinton, Mass.).

But with capacity reaching its limit, data center management decided it was time for change.

“Beforehand, we had no data mirroring, no highly available storage for VMware and were in need of a performance boost,” said Dr. Pool. “Our setup made administration complex and restricted our efficient use of human resources.”

The university worked out a plan to increase availability and add flexibility to the SAN by harnessing the potential of virtualization. For the virtual SAN expansion, TU spent several months researching the marketplace before narrowing the field down to DataCore and FalconStor Software Inc. of Melville, NY. In the end, VMware and DataCore provided the right combination to increase capacity, improve access rates, heighten security and reduce storage costs.

“The price/performance ratio won out in comparison with competing products,” said Dr. Pool. “The proposed package, deployed by DataCore partner SHE Informationstechnologie (SHE IT) AG, suited our needs and met the time frame we had in mind for conducting such a project.”

Systems Integrator SHE IT of German already had experience at the facility on the VMware side. It recommended DataCore based on several factors. SANmelody’s caching features, in particular, provided the speeds demanded by the TU’s challenging application set.

The initial SANmelody test bed consisted of two HP DL380 servers with dual Xeon 2800 processors running Windows Server 2003. This environment supported up to eight application servers, and provided failover, mirroring and thin provisioning. According to Dr. Pool, testing progressed smoothly and the system performed as anticipated.

After completing the testing phase, IT moved it into production. This involves several additional elements. To accelerate I/O, 6 GB RAM were made available for caching for the DataCore software, and a 16-port FC switch from Brocade Communications Systems of San Jose, Calif., was employed as part of the SAN fabric.

Capacity expansion was achieved via two EONStor RAID arrays by Infotrend Technology (Santa Clara, Calif.). This added almost 12 TB via SATA disks. The entiriety of this storage is administered by the DataCore software. SANmelody also took care of data migration from the old to the new hardware. This was done without business interruption.

The expanded SAN can now host up to 15 TB, of which 8 TB is currently utilized. The combination of three physical ESX servers and DataCore together host more than 50 virtual server units running Windows and Linux.

Pool and his staff report multiple benefits. Thin provisioning, for example, has greatly extended the usability and capacity of the entire system. In the past, LUNs had to be assigned to specific servers and applications. Now, virtual volumes are dynamically made available to a much wider base of virtual servers, which has considerably raised utilization rates.

“By automating storage management, we save not only time, but the utilization of our hardware is clearly better,” said Henri Schmidt, who is in charge of servers and storage at TU Kaiserslautern’s data center.

He reported that in the old solution, he had to define the size for each LUN and then assign a fixed amount of storage for each system.

“Today, because I can overbook the memory system, a 2 TB LUN for a server is all that is necessary,” said Schmidt. “This not only alleviates ongoing administration, it minimizes the chance of making mistakes.”

The end result is that the new system has enabled TU Kaiserslautern to increase the efficiency of storage and IT administration, use hard disk capacity more optimally and generate new virtual servers simply and rapidly.

“SANmelody works dependably and has improved our data center economics as well as our availability,” said Dr. Pool. “This architecture makes storage management simple as it achieves hardware independence.”

This article was originally published on Enterprise IT Planet.

Iphone On Verizon? 5 Reasons To Be Skeptical

Another day, another iPhone rumor–so is this one for real? The current buzz around the blogosphere is that Apple is preparing to offer its iPhone over Verizon’s network, therein ending its thus-far-exclusive arrangement with AT&T. Before you immediately believe the hype, allow me to provide a few reasons to think twice.

The rumor, published by Indian blog chúng tôi and attributed vaguely to “deep throats” within Apple, states that an iPhone-Verizon announcement will be made “soon.” The site also points to past job postings on Apple’s Web site for engineers specializing in EVDO and CDMA technology–two wireless broadband standards currently supported by Verizon’s network and not AT&T’s. (The standards are said to provide a far faster network than AT&T’s EDGE-based platform.)

“While EVDO could cover a wide range of 3G skills, it is more likely that Apple is specifically after the Verizon Wireless standard,” chúng tôi infers.

The report goes on to note past rumors that AT&T has been dissatisfied with the reach of its iPhone coverage on AT&T’s network alone, suggesting that “Steve Jobs misjudged [AT&T’s] control over the U.S. wireless market” and that Apple may be “hammering out a more open deal” while Jobs is away from the office on medical leave.

Reality Check, Aisle Two…

Right now, the rumor is no more than speculation–and, as anyone who follows iPhone news knows, there’s always plenty of that to go around. Apple, of course, is staying mum on the matter (representatives weren’t immediately available to answer our questions), but here are five reasons for some healthy skepticism about this latest scuttlebutt:

Yessir, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about an iPhone-Verizon deal. Back in September, Apple blog chúng tôi suggested agreements between the two companies would be finalized by the end of 2008. (At least one tech publication is already distancing itself from this week’s report because of that.) The site said an announcement could come as early as MacWorld 2009. To be fair, it also said the deal could be revealed anytime during the year, so interpret as you wish.

While the details have varied over time, most news outlets have put AT&T’s exclusivity deal with Apple at a minimum of two years. This past July, USA Today said AT&T signed an extension that gave it exclusive distribution rights through 2010, modifying the original contract that provided Apple the option of bringing in other carriers in 2009.

Jobs may be off the clock right now, but one has to question whether he would be completely uninvolved in such a major decision–and whether his staff, knowing his plans to return within a matter of months, would even consider doing something he is said to oppose.

Go search Apple’s jobs site for the EVDO engineer positions mentioned in the rumor report–they’re no longer there. Moreover, the specific

In the iPhone’s infancy, Verizon turned down a deal for the smartphone–apparently because Apple was “demanding control of marketing, pricing,” and other considerations. Execs even later stated they were “relieved” they hadn’t accepted the offer. Given the iPhone’s success, is Apple likely to loosen the reins and ease those concerns now?

With all of that said, of course, things do change–and hey, sometimes rumors do turn true. (Like with the long-discussed $99 iPhone deal. Sort of.) All I’m saying is that we have to keep things in perspective and look at the big picture. There are plenty of holes in the Verizon deal theory, and even if there weren’t, you can’t be certain of anything with Apple until it’s made official.

Just ask these guys.

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