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4 best tools for multi-store eCommerce with one database




It can be difficult to manage multiple stores but that’s why there are multi-store eCommerce tools.

Multiple eCommerce stores with one database can be managed from the same dashboard.

The first solution from our list is a customer helpdesk tool that will boost your sales quickly.

Check all our suggestions because you will also find a lot of flexible and customizable solutions.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Managing one store can be challenging if you have a lot of products but if you have multiple stores that rely on the same database things get complicated.

You can have a whole team to manage the supply and demand for each store or you can use multi-store eCommerce software even if you have only one database.

Whether we’re talking about product management or customer service, you need an aggregated solution that will help you get the best of your resources.

There are plenty of such solutions on the market but only a few or just one will meet all your requirements so make sure you check the best multi-store eCommerce platforms.

Znode is a multi-store eCommerce solution that allows easy management of your stores, your sites, and brands from one single place.

At the base of this solution, there is a PIM (Product Information Management) tool with a flexible data structure that allows you to share the same catalog for many stores, simplifying the catalog management.

Actually, you can do that with themes, categories, payments, accounts and users, taxes. You can apply them at one or more stores, or individually to each of them.

The way you pay for Znode is also flexible and it depends on the complexity of the services you choose for your stores. It can be applied by profile, customer, account, by store, exactly the way that makes it more convenient.

Let’s see a couple of Znode’s top features:

Flexible structure and tools that can be personalized to your demands

Multi-brand and multi-site capabilities

Tools for creating regional eCommerce stores

B2B presence with account-based pricing, and a B2B2C presence

The ability to test and launch new business models 

⇒ Get Znode

If you become a tycoon and your sales are only going up, you need some help in creating a store network with personalized features to grow your brands even more.

That’s what StoreHippo is for, creating multiple, unique storefronts but with centralized inventory and customer data, all managed from the same dashboard.

You can create geo-located based stores in multiple cities or even countries, you can create affiliate stores with unique URLs and multiple keywords for each store, and many more.

You can even set overrides for the prices of each product in each store based on location or other conditions and create store-specific discounts. StoreHippo can be the way to start off your chain so try it.

Expert tip:

Multiple store management from a single dashboard

Create unique storefronts for each store

Create different stores for each geographic location

Create price overrides and discounts for any product on each store

⇒ Get StoreHippo

AmeriCommerce is called by its creators as the industry standard for multi-store management. And that’s because you will be able to manage your customers, inventory, and content from a single console.

You will benefit from a lot of B2B features and customization tools and be able to use the same database for all your stores, thus simplifying the product management.

Of course, you can have different prices for each store, different shipping settings, you can apply discounts but you can also display the same products in all the stores.

You can have custom domain URLs, design themes for each store, and edit every single aspect of the design. AmeriCommerce is great for agencies and resellers so give it a try.

⇒ Get AmeriCommerce

Wix eCommerce is the go-to platform when it comes to professional online store websites that bring conversion rates.

You can efficiently build your online store using this website solution that includes 500+ free templates ready to generate profit.

It’s possible to go from scratch and design your online store in only a few steps. You just have to log in to your account and start customizing your multi-store website.

There are practical tools you can utilize to establish your brand for your online store. At the beginning, you have tools like logo maker or business name generator.

After the first steps, you can start to develop your digital store and manage your inventory, add thousands of products and collaborate with other suppliers.

Let’s see what are the key features of Wix eCommerce:

Customizable cart and checkout

Automated sales tax

Limitless customization with APIs

Integrated shipping solutions

Advanced payment tools

⇒ Get Wix eCommerce

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4 Best Group Policy Reporting Tools

4 Best Group Policy Reporting Tools [2023 List] Get flexibility on managing GP




Group policy reporting tools help administrators gain insight into how GPOs are being used and identify any potential issues.

They support organizations to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by providing detailed information about GPO settings and configurations. 

Create multiple user accounts in one go

Modify the attributes of multiple users at once using CSV file import

Enable or disable users, and set account expiration dates of users in bulk

Change passwords of a single or multiple users

Manage all the Active Directory (AD) processes and workflows with one tool!

Group policy reporting tools are software programs that help organizations manage and monitor the policies and settings for their Windows-based networks.

These tools can be used to monitor and report on the configuration of group policies, including which policies are in effect, which users and computers are affected by them, and how they are configured. Let us now explore some benefits and some of the best available options.

Improved visibility into the configuration of group policies, making it easier to identify and troubleshoot issues.

Tracking changes to group policies over time can be useful for auditing and compliance purposes.

The ability to generate reports on group policies, which can be used to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements or to identify areas where policies need to be improved.

With that said, let us highlight some available options.

ADManager Plus is not specifically a group policy reporting tool but Active Directory management and reporting software that provides a range of features to manage and report on Active Directory, Group Policy, and other Windows-based services.

It allows IT administrators to manage and report on user and computer accounts, group membership, security settings, and more.

The tool has a built-in reporting feature that allows you to generate predefined and custom reports on Active Directory and Group Policy changes, which can be helpful for auditing and compliance purposes.

It also allows you to manage Group Policy Objects (GPOs) from a single console.

Additionally, it can generate reports on group policies and track changes over time. Still, it does not explicitly focus on Group Policy reporting as its main features like the GP Reports Manager, Policy Reporter, and GPO Migrator.

Some features we like include the following:


Bulk management

Delegated administration

Active Directory management

ADManager Plus

A unified administration and reporting solution for Active Directory (AD), Skype for Business, Exchange, Office 365, and G Suite.

Free Trial Download

GP Reports Manager is a tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) that allows users to manage, schedule, and distribute reports in a centralized and automated way.

It allows users to schedule reports to run at specific times and then distribute them via email or to a network location.

It also provides a web-based report management interface, allowing users to view, edit, and run reports from any web browser.

Additionally, GP Reports Manager includes security features, such as restricting access to specific reports based on user roles and permissions.

Overall, GP Reports Manager is a powerful tool for automating and managing the distribution of reports in an organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Some features we like include the following:

Automated report generation

Access restriction

Great web-based report management

⇒ GP Reports Manager

Expert tip:

It allows administrators to view, compare, and migrate GPOs between domains and forests and generate reports on GPO settings and configurations.

With GPO Migrator, administrators can also backup and restore GPOs, and track and manage GPO changes over time.

GPO Migrator also provides a graphical user interface, simplifying managing and migrating GPOs. Additionally, GPO Migrator can be integrated with third-party reporting tools to provide detailed information about GPO settings, configurations, and changes.

GPO Migrator is a valuable tool for managing, migrating, and reporting on GPOs in an Active Directory environment.

Some features we like include the following:

GPO to GPO migration

Migration from RSOP

GPO backup creation

⇒ GPO Migrator

Read more about this topic

Group Policy Reporting Pak is a collection of tools that allows administrators to report on and analyze Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in a Microsoft Active Directory environment.

It provides a variety of reports that can be used to view the settings and configurations of GPOs, as well as track changes over time.

Some reports generated with Group Policy Reporting Pak include GPO settings, GPO links, GPO permissions, GPO WMI filters, and GPO status. Additionally, the tool can produce detailed information about GPO settings, configurations, and changes.

The tool is designed to be easy to use and can be integrated with other reporting tools.

Group Policy Reporting Pak is valuable for gaining insight into GPOs, troubleshooting problems, and managing GPOs in an Active Directory environment.

Some features we like include the following:

Group policy environment analysis

GPO links, settings, and filter generation

Multi-tool integration

⇒ Group Policy Reporting Pak

Ultimately, the best group policy reporting tool for your organization will depend on your specific needs and requirements.

So, it’s recommended to evaluate each of the above-mentioned tools and choose the one that best fits your organization’s needs.

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4 Best Antivirus For Streamers

4 Best Antivirus For Streamers [Top Picks] Pick an antivirus with gaming modes for the best performance




If you’re an online streamer, your security is paramount, and today we’ll going to show you the best antivirus for streamers.

All the applications mentioned in this guide offer amazing protection against all types of malware.

In case you need the best lightweight antivirus, feel free to consider any software from this guide.

If you’re streaming online, you need a secure antivirus that won’t interfere with your streaming. To ensure that, you need an antivirus with the Gaming Mode feature.

In addition to the Gaming Mode, you need a reliable antivirus that can protect you from all types of malware and phishing attacks. And to get the maximum performance, it’s recommended to use an antivirus with low resource usage.

In this guide, we’re going to present to you the best antivirus for streams that will let you stream online without any slowdowns.

What is the best antivirus to use while streaming?

If you’re a gamer and a streamer, you should consider using ESET Internet Security. The software is available on multiple desktop platforms, and it will protect you from all types of online threats.

The software also offers privacy protection, so you’ll be completely safe while making online purchases. This antivirus can also check your router and smart devices for vulnerabilities, and it can even block access to your webcam.

ESET Internet Security is lightweight, and it uses minimum power, so you won’t experience any slowdowns while streaming resource-intensive games.

ESET Internet Security

Keep your PC secure and stream your favorite games without any slowdowns with ESET Internet Security.

Free trial Visit Website

Regarding your privacy, the software has anti-phishing, anti-fraud, antispam, and web attack prevention features, so your personal information will remain safe.

Bitdefender has a Gaming Mode feature, as well as webcam protection, and since it’s lightweight, you can stream and play games without any slowdowns.

Bitdefender Total Security

Protect your PC against all the latest threats, zero-day attacks, and ransomware with Bitdefender.

Free trial Visit Website

If you’re looking for the best antivirus for streamers, you might want to consider using Avira. This software will block malicious websites, ransomware, and other online threats.

The application has its own firewall that will block access to your device and keep you safe. Regarding privacy, the software has built-in anti-scam protection that will warn you about phishing websites.

As for additional features, the software offers a free VPN, as well as free tune-up tools, a software updater, and a password manager, which makes it a perfect all-around solution.


For maximum protection and the best streaming experience try using Avira.

Free trial Visit Website

Another great antivirus for streamers is Avast Free Antivirus. The software is available on multiple platforms, and thanks to machine-learning virus protection, it will protect you against all types of malware.

The software has a Behavior Shield feature, so it will analyze software behavior and block any suspicious activity. Of course, a gaming mode feature is available, so you can enjoy multimedia without distractions.

Using Avast Free Antivirus you can also scan your system for vulnerabilities, such as weak passwords, out-of-date software, etc. The antivirus is lightweight, so it can protect your PC without any slowdowns, so it’s perfect for streaming.

Avast Free Antivirus

With Avast Free Antivirus you can stream without any slowdowns while keeping your PC 100% secure.

Free Visit Website

Picking the best antivirus for streamers isn’t an easy task, but we hope that this guide helped you find the perfect software for your needs.

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Best Youtube Downloader Tools For Mac To Use

Best YouTube Downloader Tools For Mac To Use In 2023 (Updated Guide) If you want to download and watch a video offline, you need the best YouTube downloader for Mac!

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Must-Have Paid & Free YouTube Downloader For Mac To Use In 2023

Below we have listed some of the most popular choices for downloading and saving videos from YouTube other video-sharing platforms. You can find the download links for the same!  

1. Allavsoft – Video and Music Downloader

Major Highlights: Allavsoft

Supports converting multiple videos at the same time.

Detects “Ads” when downloading web-video files & doesn’t download them.

Comes with a built-in video player that lets you preview the video files.

Works flawlessly to download videos from a variety of sites just by adding the URL.

The video downloader supports downloading videos alongside their subtitles.

Supports downloading ad-free videos from YouTube.

Wide range of support for 1000+ websites.

The video downloader is compatible with both Windows & Mac.

Subtitles can be downloaded in AVI, MOV, etc file formats.


Long downloading and installation time.

Latest Version:

You might want to read: How To Fix the YouTube Audio Renderer Error on Windows

2. YT Saver Video Downloader

YT Saver Video Downloader is a versatile application that comes with a perfect blend of video downloading and converting capabilities. Using the Mac YouTube Downloader, you can save videos from 10,000+ websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Dailymotion, and more. Besides this, YT Saver has a dedicated video cutter to crop online videos easily!

Major Highlights: YT Saver Video Downloader

Comes with a built-in web browser to easily watch & save videos.

Besides videos, with YT Saver you can download audio files, entire playlists,

Keep your downloaded content in a password-protected folder with Private Mode.

Allows you to download videos from YouTube, FB, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok,

Paste the URL & select the quality to download videos.


Provides the fastest conversion speed without quality loss.

Has an easy-to-use interface, best suited for beginners.

Allows you to download videos at ultra-fast speed.

Ability to convert videos to MP4, MOV, AAC, WAV, and more.


Doesn’t support bulk downloading.

Download YT Saver

Latest Version: 5.0.0

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3. 5KPlayer

Though it was born to be a 4K video player, it can also be used to download videos from YouTube. The application comes with a built-in YouTube module, where you can paste the YouTube video URL and download YouTube videos in MP3 or MP4 file format. Besides videos, 5KPlayer also supports downloading YouTube audio files directly on your Mac.

Major Highlights: 5KPlayer

Supports downloading videos from 300+ sites, including YouTube, Dailymotion,

The in-built video player supports watching YouTube videos of the highest quality.

AirPlay YouTube from iPhone/iPad to Mac.

Ability to cast YouTube content from Mac to Smart TV.

Wide range of file format support, including AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MKV, 3GP, MPEGPS,


Easy-to-use dashboard.

Support for 4K/8K resolution.

Pause/resume the downloading process as per your preference.

Allows users to download entire playlists in one go.


Limited video conversion capabilities.

Not compatible with macOS Big Sur as of now.

Download 5KPlayer!

Latest Version: 6.9.0

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4. Airy

Airy is one of the best YouTube Downloaders for Mac that you should consider using in 2023 to save your favorite clips on your Mac. Using Airy, one can easily download multiple video files simultaneously. You just need to select the file format you want to save the video, choose the desired resolution, and you’re good to go.

Major Highlights: Airy

With this Mac YouTube Downloader, download entire playlists & YT channels.

Extract sounds from YouTube videos and gets album titles and covers.

Supports offline video playback, making it the best YouTube downloader for Mac.

With Airy, you don’t need to have an active Internet connection to play YouTube music.


Allows you to download 4k and 8k ultra-HD videos.

Set the desired quality requirements to download your favorite videos.

Has an integration option to directly download videos from YouTube.


Limited features available with the free YouTube downloader for Mac.

Can download only 2 videos at a time.

Download Airy!

Latest Version: 3.0

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5. ClipGrab

Last but not least in consideration, ClipGrab is a free YouTube downloader for Mac that allows users to download and convert online videos. Similar to the aforementioned Mac YouTube Downloader, you just need to paste the URL video, select the file format in which you want to save the video, and download it.

Major Highlights: ClipGrab

Allows users to download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo,

Download YouTube videos in MPEG4, WMV, OGG, Theora, and original format.

Offers an integrated search function to find and save YouTube videos directly.

Choose videos with your required quality specifications beforehand.

The YouTube downloader for Mac supports saving lossless FLV format as well.


Has a beautifully designed graphical user interface.

Supports downloading HD, Standard definition & low definition of videos.

Fast download time as compared to other Mac YouTube Downloaders.

Best YouTube Downloader for Mac with no hidden fees associated with its use.


Additional programs may get downloaded while installing ClipGrab.

Occasional glitches and issues while downloading videos.

Download ClipGrab!

Latest Version: 3.9.7

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Till then, “happy downloading” and keep reading at Tweak Library!

Frequently Asked Questions: More About Mac YouTube Downloaders

1. What is the highest quality YouTube downloader?

YT Saver Video Downloader is the best choice to save your favorite video clips in the highest quality possible. You can save videos from 10,000+ websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Dailymotion, and more using the Mac YouTube Downloader.

2. How do I download a YouTube clip to my Mac?

We recommend using a professional Mac YouTube Downloader to get the job done. The market has tons of options when it comes to choosing the best YT video downloader for Mac. Some prominent options are


YT Saver Video Downloader




3. How do I download YouTube videos to my Mac for free?

With the help of the best YouTube downloader for Mac, like YT Saver Video Downloader, you can easily save your favorite video clips on your Mac for free. You must paste the YouTube video URL on the search bar, select the desired file format, and hit the Download button to save it on your Mac. It even has a built-in web browser to watch & save videos easily.


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4 Best Antivirus Options For Software Developers

4 Best Antivirus Options for Software Developers Try the latest security solutions to block all cyber threats




We have discussed the best antivirus for software developers that allow for easy customization and flexibility. 

Marking a specific folder as safe is a great way to manage development when you have a running antivirus. 

Unlike other software discussed in this article, Windows Defender comes pre-installed on your Windows PC and remains a great option that allows for easy tweaks. 

Using antivirus (AV) software remains a best practice in computer maintenance. It keeps viruses at bay and signals you when there is an intrusion into your computer.

In this day and age, you dare not browse the internet without some form of protection. Browsing the web means you have to interact with other connected devices, you may share files and resources, and you might have a malicious user try to compromise your network and steal critical data. These and more are reasons why you need an antivirus.

But from a developer’s viewpoint, an AV is not always the white angel. In many testing scenarios, they may stop critical programs from running, or increase the testing duration. False positives become a nightmare, and shutting the AV may be the solution to running a smooth software test. Learn more on our guide for best antiviruses without false positives.

In this article, we like to explore some of the best antivirus software for developers.

Should developers have antivirus software on their machines?

There are no reasons why software engineers shouldn’t have antivirus software installed on their computers, and there are compelling arguments for this.

However, for this protection software to not be a bother during development, keep the following in mind:

Set up your antivirus software to recognize the development folder (the one associated with the code repository) as a trustworthy folder.

Ensure that files transmitted through email have a different extension to get past most email clients’ attachment regulations. Many antivirus programs will warn you if you open an executable file.

For development, use a virtual machine. This has a performance cost, but the benefit is that if anything goes wrong, all you have to do is delete the VM or restore it to a week-old snapshot and execute a git pull. It’s a lot simpler to accomplish this than to retain actual machine snapshots, particularly when the hardware is changing.

If these elements apply to your situation, then having good antivirus software will surely have a great impact in the long term.

What are the best antivirus apps for developers?

Linux, as well as Mac and Windows machines, are all supported in this AV.

ESET also has a lot of configuration options, which may appeal to developers, but it may be difficult for beginners to grasp in certain areas. So, developers will be able to use these alternatives to get the most out of their software development process.

This AV is reliable. It’s also worth mentioning that Live Guard, an additional layer of cloud analysis to identify freshly discovered threats, has just been added to the suite’s protections.

It also includes some intriguing extras, such as the password manager and a safe, encrypted file vault, which are likely to be quite beneficial to software developers.

Additional features:

Improved network inspector



ESET Internet Security

Get the latest security solution to protect your computer at all times.

Free trial Visit Website

To begin with, the overwhelming number of functions included in Bitdefender is quite astounding. Even if you get Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, you will receive online banking protection with Safepay, which is a secure browser that protects you from all perspectives.

A vulnerability scanner, password manager, and a high-quality VPN with a daily limit of 200MB are also included in this package.

Bitdefender is very user-friendly, with a professional and well-balanced UI that’s appropriate for total novices as well as specialists looking to adjust things. This flexibility is ideal for a developer who has to alter settings to enable specific applications.

The antivirus includes all of the above and capabilities to increase PC speed and locate lost mobile devices.

Bitdefender Total Security is the company’s flagship product. It includes various PC maintenance tools and support for Android and iOS devices, Mac, and Windows PCs – in other words, it’s a one-stop shop for your whole family’s online security requirements.

Regardless of the Bitdefender edition, you select, you’ll receive a lot of value for your dollar, especially if you have a lot of devices. 

Additional features:

Fast scan

Configurable interface

Advanced threat defense

Bitdefender Total Security

Get the fastest scan to detect and remove all cyber threats that may affect your PC.

Free Trial Visit Website

After installation, there is not much to do; Malwarebytes operates in the background to protect you without you having to do anything.

Malwarebytes’ primary Scan tool swiftly scans your startup items, RAM, and essential file system regions.

A distinct Custom Scan lets you choose which objects to scan, including individual files, and allows you some flexibility over how they function (such as whether to scan within archives and what to deal with possibly harmful applications). This feature is essential for the developer who will want to mark some folders as safe. 

Malwarebytes also includes basic URL filtering, detecting and blocking fraudulent link attempts. This secures all of your applications at the network level and does not need browser add-ons.

Additional features:

Cloud management console

Threat hunting, isolation, recovery

Brute Force Attack Prevention

Ransomware, zero-day exploits, phishing protection

Microsoft Defender antivirus does not seem to get the respect it deserves for its security features. This tool has constantly evolved since its release in Windows Vista.

Microsoft Defender offers a comprehensive variety of options for scanning, including a full system scan, a fast scan, a custom scan to examine specific folders and files, and a boot scan to eliminate the most persistent threats before Windows completely boots.

Defender’s Controlled Folders function adds a second degree of security. When you enable this feature, it automatically prevents unauthorized applications from reaching essential folders (these folder lists can always be updated). This is a practical method of safeguarding test software.

Antivirus isn’t the only thing to look at when it comes to Windows Defender; there are plenty more. The firewall is most likely at the top of the list. 

This firewall performs an excellent job of defending you from incoming network threats, but it’s less concerned with managing outward access; if a program has administrator privileges, it may tweak the firewall by adding its own rules.

You may wish to create unique rules for some of your test applications.

Additional features:

System performance reports

Real-time threat detection

Hardware security

⇒ Get Windows Defender

Regardless of your computer use habits, we recommend you employ an antivirus to keep you safe. However, we understand that it may come with some drawbacks for a developer, notably the considerably slower times it takes to test and run applications. Still, these do not outweigh the many benefits.

We have not made this list in any particular order, but we have shed some light on some of the antiviruses that allow flexibility and customization. These are great for developers who may need to tweak some settings to run programs.

If you want to explore further and seek out some free solutions, you should read our guide on 5+ truly free antivirus software.

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4 Best Digital Clocks For Visually Impaired

4 Best Digital Clocks For Visually Impaired [2023 Guide]




Digital clocks for visually impaired people distinguish themselves from regular clocks. The most important aspect is that these gadgets must display time big enough to read it from across the room.

But some modern digital clocks come with a ton of attractive features, such as talking functions, multiple alarms, adjustable volume and brightness, or customizable colors.

In this article, we handpicked the 5 best digital clocks that you can buy for visually impaired people from Amazon. Some are simple and affordable, while others are dedicated to tech-savvy users interested in exploring cool features.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag often varies. We recommend going on the vendor’s website to check the price. Some of the products may be out of stock by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.

Battery backup in case of a power outage

Easy-to-read illuminated red lights

High-speed USB charging port

Extremely simple to operate

High / Soft Alarmvolume

The clock might seem too light for some

Check price

Alarm clocks don’t need to be expensive acquisitions, and the SHARP Digital Alarm Clock is a great example of that.

This budget-friendly alarm clock has been designed with absolute simplicity in mind and is very easy to operate. This makes it ideal for adults, children, teens, seniors, and the elderly.

Speaking of the elderly, they won’t have a problem seeing the time on this clock, since the LCD screen is quite big, and the digits are displayed in bright red lights.

Single alarm with alarm indicator

Night light with on/off switch

0.7-inch green LED display

Full-width snooze button

Battery backup

Supports only the 12-hour format

Check price

The RCD20 model from RCA is a budget-friendly digital clock ideal for visually impaired people. It has a green LED display of 0.7 inches and a single alarm with an alarm indicator.

The gadget also integrates a night light with its own on/off switch. It gives out low-intensity light that illuminates dark rooms but doesn’t interrupt your sleep.

Shows the day of the week, day cycles, and date (month, day, year)

3 independent alarms with adjustable volume

8-inch glare-free HD screen (white or yellow)

Additional day information

3 auto-dimming features

Battery backup

Some users reported inaccuracies about day cycles and time sync

Check price

The 8-inch display digital clock from SVINZ has great functions for visually impaired people, including 3 independent alarms and 2 color display options (white and yellow).

Expert tip:

Create a digital photo frame from USB devices or SD/MS/MMC cards

Customizable background and font colors: blue, red, white, black

8-inch large display with touchscreen and adjustable brightness

Customizable day display + 8 separate alarms

Talking function with adjustable voice volume

The digital photo frames cannot show time

Check price

The iGuerburn Talking Day Clock is an excellent digital clock for tech-savvy visually impaired people. It has a large display of 8 inches and can be controlled via touchscreen.

Available in white and black, the clock displays the current time, day of the week, and date (month, day, year). Plus, it speaks this info out loud in a digital voice.

Digital frame for photos, music, and videos using 32Gb USB sticks or SD cards

USB port to charge other devices, like your smartphone

5 adjustment options for brightness and volume (each)

9-inch backlit screen with 1024×600 high-resolution

Full day information, including day cycles

No snooze functions

Check price

This digital clock from YISSVIC can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall. It has multiple features and can turn the clock into a digital frame for photos, music, and videos.

The screen is large, ensuring that you can check the time from 10 feet and from any angle. Remote control is included.

If you’re not a big fan of extra clock features, you can get away with a simple and budget-friendly digital clock that shows the time in large numbers.

But if you want to play with multiple alarms, digital photo frames, and others, you should take your time to explore all options and see which gadget is best suited for you. You can choose the best model from RCA, FiBiSonic, SVINZ, iGuerburn, or YISSVIC.

Here’s a list of the best Braille watches that you can get today.

Are there any e-book readers for the visually impaired?

Yes, there are. In fact, Kindle itself has a couple of models that cater to the visually impaired.

Can the visually impaired use a PC?

Yes, they can, all thanks to gadgets and peripherals that cater to their needs.

For example, here are some of the best keyboards for the visually impaired that you can use.

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