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Every year, the majority of the SEJ team meets up in Vegas for Pubcon. The presentations, panels, and networking events make this one of our favorite times of the year. But our favorite event during Pubcon week, by far, is the US Search Awards. I want to share four fabulous reasons why you should attend, but first, I will tell you a little about this year’s event.

US Search Awards 2023

This year’s event will be held on October 12th at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ceremony will include a drinks reception, a fancy three-course dinner, a free bar until 11.30 pm, live entertainment, and the presentation of all the awards. Black tie dress is encouraged, and you can expect to see some fancy outfits!

This event is the biggest celebration of search, PPC, and digital marketing in the USA. Now in its fourth year, the event attracts hundreds of entries from some of the leading search and digital agencies across North America.

This is really a fantastic event, and I am going to tell you exactly why I hope to see you there!

Get Your Glamour On With Industry A-Listers

Some of the best and the brightest in our industry show up for this event. If you want to rub elbows with top influencers in the digital marketing industry, this is the spot to do it. Everyone gets dressed up, but the vibe is very low-key. There is an open bar, and usually a photo booth for you to goof off in. Last year there were selfie sticks. I may or may not have monopolized our table’s selfie stick:

All Industry Areas Are Represented

Even though it is called the US Search Awards, many different areas of our industry are highlighted throughout the night. Some of the top judges include Matt McGowan from Google; Anne Kennedy, President of Outlines Venture Group; Lexi Mills, the Head of Digital at Dynamo PR; Mark Robertson Head of Video Growth Marketing at Tubular Labs; and our own Kelsey Jones, the Executive Editor at SEJ. The broad skill set in the judging panel means all industry aspects are represented, not just search.

In addition to judges from many different industries, there are also a diverse listing of categories. A few from last year include:

Best PPC Campaign


Best Consultant

Best In-House Team

Life Time Achievement Award

US Search Personality of the Year

Awesome Networking Opportunities

Search is a fast-paced game, and the people working in our industry work really hard for their success. This ceremony is not only a perfect networking opportunity but a chance to really solidify contacts you may only have met in conference calls or over email. You also get to celebrate all the wins and let your hair down at a glitzy glamorous event. There is really a great energy during this event, everyone is relaxed and having a good time.

Plus, seating is arranged in large banquet tables of 10 to 12, which creates a perfect opportunity to chat with new people!

Winning Isn’t Everything

Even if you don’t win in your category, there are a lot of benefits to just being nominated. Remember, judges are from top industry companies, and they will be looking over the submissions. Plus, before each winner is announced, the presenters go through the nominees in detail. So even if you don’t win, the mention alone can be quite valuable.

Did I Mention the Food?

This isn’t your standard conference fare. This is a real, fancy three-course meal served with the right wine and everything. The offer both vegetarian and meat options, which is pretty awesome. Seriously, it is almost worth going for the food and drinks alone.

Get Your Tickets Today! Register here.

If you want to be a part of all the fun, tickets for the US Search Awards are on sale now. I hope to see you there. Stop by the SEJ table and we can get a shot together in the photo booth!

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3 Compelling Reasons Why You Must Compete In Data Hackathon 3.X


Give a man a fish – feed him for a day

Teach him how to fish – feed him for a life time!

The person who said it has put in wisdom of a life time in this quote! Further, if there is one field where this fits aptly – it would be programming and data science. You can’t teach coding or data science without asking your students to get their hands dirty!

While we had successfully created a community of data science professionals over the last 2 years focused on learning analytics, we were still not satisfied. While people learnt through our blog, discussion forum and trainings comparison platform, we still had an itch to do lot more. We knew that while this is a good start, there is a lot more which can be done.

I am excited, super excited, hyper excited today to launch our new hackathon platform – DataHack! We will open it up to a small group of people later tonight – those who have registered for our Online Data Hackathon 3.x . There are several reasons why I think you should participate in Online Data Hackathon, if you haven’t already registered. Infact, I can speak about it for hours!

But, I’ll restrict it to a few key reasons in interest of time. Read on!

Participate and compete against more than 500 data scientists across the globe

This is the biggest hackathon we have ever conducted – the competition will be intense and the pressure will be immense. It is bound to have nail biting finish and only the people who give up during the contest don’t win! Every one who finish fighting either win a prize or walk away from the hackathon becoming a better data scientist with this experience.

Where else can you find hundreds of people working on the same problem while sharing their approach and insights?

The experience is unparalleled.

Benchmark yourself against the best brains in the industry (did I mention…on a live problem?)

Our hackathons start from the place where data science capabilities of several organizations stop! This is not a homework in your Stats101 class – this is real stuff. These are problems faced by organizations – be prepared to deal with missing values, outliers, incoherent data – because that is how real life problems are.

But that is not what I want to emphasize here. What gives us a bigger kick is that you get benchmarked against the best brains in the industry. We do all the hard work to bring the best data scientists on this platform, so that you compete against them. You get real time feedback on how your solution fares against that of your peers and these rockstars from across the globe.

This is not it – you also get solutions from people who participated including the winner. What were various hypothesis people were working on? What gave them the lift which you did not get? How can you improve your model? What would they do, if they had some more time? All of this gets discussed on our discussion portal. Don’t believe it – check it out for yourself here

Create a profile and portfolio employers can look at

While you are busy racing against the data scientists across the globe, we build your profile and portfolios so that employers can find you when they want to hire the best resources from the industry. If you are thinking how would the employers know? Don’t worry – we will do it for you. You focus on learning data science and we will sort out the remaining pieces of the puzzle. Here is a little preview into the action – we are already working with more than 50 employers in the industry and helping them hire the best talent.

Does that sound like lot of action? I promise it is! I also promise that this is just the start of bigger things coming your way. To start with, this is just the start of an action packed weekend for more than 500 data scientists across the globe. And if you are sitting on the fence thinking whether to participate or not – jump in right now. There is no looking back from here!

The show is about to begin!


Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2: Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Buy

The well known consumer electronics maker Xiaomi is bringing their latest product in India. To fight the problem of in house air pollution, Xiaomi has rolled out the Mi Air Purifier 2 today. We have been using this device at our office and we know how useful this thing is. You won’t realize but it definitely improves the quality of the air you breathe and also keeps you away from a lot of health related issues.

Recommended for patients with respiratory diseases

Diseases such as asthma are uncertain to any of us. In severe cases, the allergens can unknowingly attack on anyone and result in dysfunction of lungs. For patients with such problems and for those who want to almost kill the risk of such diseases, Mi Air Purifier is a must buy appliance for homes. It keeps the air quality high and allows easy breathing and reduces chances of respiratory diseases.

To get rid of passive smoking

We all know smoking is not good for our health, so is passive or indirect smoking. Passive smoking can do incredible damages to a non-smoker as well. If you live with a smoker and don’t want to risk your health with such problem, you must get the Mi Air Purifier 2. It comes with a HEPA filter that is specially designed to eliminate smoke and tobacco pollutants and odors.

Who doesn’t like a pleasant smell at home?

Smell is something that can play a major role in setting your mood. Also the smell is something that puts an impression on your guests or friends when they visit you at your home. You never know what your house smells like. You don’t realize but smells from the kitchen, the bathroom, smoking and even the paint of the house mix up and make an unpleasant and stinky. The Mi Air Purifier can help you get rid of such stench and keep you feeling positive when your guests visit you.

Good for pet lovers

Having pets at home is nothing new for anyone, but there is something you all must know for self hygiene. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean up the hair is not the only solution to keep up the hygiene; there are several other particles that can cause allergies.

The tiny and invisible particles from your pets can be a major cause of allergies. Saliva, skin glands and urine are some more sources which can be on you beds, sofas, carpets etc. The Mi Air Purifier 2 with HEPA filter helps in tackling the pet dander. The carbon-activated filters capture the tiny pet danders as small as 0.3 microns and also remove the bad odor from the air.



In the end, we all are looking for things that make our lives better and easier. Mi Air Purifier is one of the products that do not need a second thought if you really care about your health. If you can afford to pay Rs. 9,999 for once, you can surely save it unknowingly by making your daily lives healthier on a longer run.

5 Bestplugins You Must Have

5 best chúng tôi plugins you must have




There are many image editors on the market, but one of the easiest to use is Paint.NET.

The software has support for plugins, and in today’s article, we’re going to show you the best chúng tôi plugins that you can get.

Want to learn more about chúng tôi Be sure to check this dedicated chúng tôi article for more information.

Looking for more guides like this one? You can find them in our Download Hub.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

When it comes to image editors, chúng tôi is a pretty popular choice for many users. The software is simple to use, and it offers great features.

Paint.NET also supports various plugins, and in this article, we’re going to show you the best chúng tôi plugins and how to install them.

How to install chúng tôi plugins? Extract the plugin to the required directory

Download the plugin archive.

Open the archive.


Now extract the plugin to the required directory. In most cases, the plugin will come with instructions, so you’ll know where to extract it.

For the Windows Store version do the following:


Create a new folder called App Files.

Navigate to the App Files directory that you just created.

Now create three different folders inside it named: Effects, FileTypes, Shapes.

To install a plugin, just download it and move it to the directory that’s mentioned in the instructions file.

GIF Animation Creator FileType plugin

This plugin is created by a user called midora, and it requires two additional plugins in order to work. To use this plugin, you need to create layers individually.

After doing that, you need to rename them but adding

For example, you can assign the number of loops for the animation, or the duration for each individual frame.

Overall, the GIF Animation Creator FileType plugin is a solid chúng tôi GIF plugin, so you should really consider it.

PSD Plugin for Paint.NET

PSD Plugin for chúng tôi is a chúng tôi Photoshop plugin, and it lets you work with Photoshop files. The plugin will allow you to open and save PSD files with ease in Paint.NET.

The plugin will save RGB images, color depth of 8 bits per channel, raster images, layers along with their blend modes, and RLE compression from PSD files without any problems.

By using this plugin, you can easily edit your files in both chúng tôi and Photoshop, and if you’re using both applications, be sure to try this plugin.

Distort This!

Expert tip:

To create the perspective effect, you just need to move the image corners to get the desired effect. You can also apply the antialiasing effect or create a forced perspective.

Overall, the plugin is incredibly simple to use, and it can create great perspective effects, so be sure to download it and try it out.

VTF Plug-In for Paint.NET

VTF files are associated with Valve’s games, and if you want to create your own VTF files, then this might be the perfect chúng tôi VTF plugin for you.

VTF Plug-In for chúng tôi brings support for a single frame or multi-frame VTF files. In addition, the plugin also works with 3 or 4 channel VTF files.

The plugin is simple to use, and it can be used to create simple VTF files. Although it’s not as powerful as other dedicated tools, it still offers solid features, so you should try it out.

Object Bevel

If you’re looking for a bevel plugin for chúng tôi Object Bevel might be just what you’re looking for. The software allows you to create various types of bevel effects with ease.

Speaking of bevel effects, you can create 10 different types of effects. All effects can be customized, and you can change the position of the light source, overall depth, the color of the bevel, etc.

The plugin is simple to use, but it offers extensive features, and it’s one of the best bevel plugins for chúng tôi out there.

Paint.NET is a great image editing software, but it’s even better with plugins. We listed some of the best and most commonly used plugins in this article that will make chúng tôi even better than before.

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Does Fallout New Vegas Jump The Cockroach?

Bethesda, you may recall, used to be the buggiest game developer in the business.

“But wait,” you’re saying. “Used to be? What about Morrowind? Oblivion? Fallout 3?”

Deloused saints, all three, contrasted with Arena and Daggerfall–and I’m talking the latter two fully patched and running (but never quite purring) on their best days.

So to hear Fallout New Vegas has a bunch of play-snapping bugs after all Bethesda’s done to spotlight quality control is kind of surprising…even if the game technically owes its existence to a third-party developer with an increasingly suspect track record.

GamesTM: “New Vegas won’t help Obsidian to shake its reputation as a purveyor of technically flawed but theoretically excellent sequels to other studio’s games–the bugs here are numerous, and occasionally infuriating–but it’s difficult to conceive of anyone who loved Bethesda’s re-imagined universe feeling any differently about this.”

Joystiq: “How could I hope to evaluate the worth of Fallout: New Vegas, a full-price game that’s practically identical, both graphically and mechanically, to another game that was released two years ago? How could I tell you whether or not it’s an insult that you’re being asked to pay $60 for a game that’s so technically deficient that it scarcely feels past the beta stage?”

Giant Bomb: “Less than an hour in, I was staring at a guard, pacing back and forth to guard his post… 20 feet off the ground. Enemies clip into the ground with an alarming frequency, often making them impossible to shoot. The game–a retail disc running on a new-model Xbox 360–crashed on me about a dozen times over the 33 hours I spent playing, often taking a significant amount of progress with it. The load times and frame rate seemed to get randomly worse as I continued to play the game, with some simple scene transitions taking 20 seconds or more.”

AtomicGamer: “Unfortunately, the Fallout: New Vegas experience is fraught with a pretty large range of bugs, some of which are hilarious and fun, and others which will just lock up the game. I found several crash bugs in both the 360 and PS3 versions, problems with the Caravan card game not starting properly, and plenty of issues with NPC pathing and animations.”

Quarter To Three: “I will say it’s got some really disappointing tech and balance issues. The Xbox 360 version has locked up on me several times and I’ve heard the same from a colleague who’s also playing. In addition, there seems to be some sort of memory leak. I was about ready to just throw in the towel, convinced that the geometry and effects in the actual New Vegas area were too much for the engine. But I cleared the memory cache (not sure if that actually does anything) and restarted my 360, and that made a world of difference. Now I’m making a point to quit out every few hours.”

FileFront: “Unfortunately, not everything about New Vegas is positive. First off, there are a horrific number of glitches in the XBox 360 version. Creatures routinely get stuck while navigating terrain, and the player can also get stuck in some very awkward locations, necessitating a reload of a save game. Also, the 360 version seems to have some crash issues. On numerous occasions the game would hang on the loading screen, forcing a hard reboot of the console. On the minor side, expect terrain graphics to pop-in from time to time.”

G4TV: “Perhaps the biggest, most substantive criticism of Fallout: New Vegas is that it’s glitchy. Not just annoying so, but utterly, game-breakingly glitchy. In a massive, marathon play-through (before the game’s official launch), the game crashed five times in a 26 hour period, often in the middle of the action during vital moments.”

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Iphone Se 2023: 4 Reasons To Buy And 3 Reasons Not To Buy

The first reason in my opinion is the inclusion of the A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone SE 2023. To recall, this is the same chip that is used in iPhone 13 series. A15 Bionic is Apple’s latest chipset for iPhone and it is based on 5nm technology. Apple claims that with this chipset the new iPhone SE’s CPU performance is 1.8 times faster than iPhone 8.

Also, it gets there is a Smart HDR 4 feature for the right exposure in difficult light. It also gets Portrait mode from the iPhone 13. However, do not expect iPhone 13 or 13 Pro models like photos from this phone.

The new iPhone also comes with the “Ceramic Shield” protection, introduced on iPhone 12. Further, it once again has a glass and aerospace-grade aluminum design which is not only durable but also looks beautiful. The glass protection on the front and back is the same as on the iPhone 13 series. The phone is also IP67 rated IP67 for water and dust resistance.

At the launch event, Apple also touted improved battery life for its new iPhone SE. This is really a great upgrade over the SE 2023 model as the battery life was not so good on that.

Apple says it’s counting on the A15 Bionic’s power management features as well the design changes in the iPhone SE (2023) to offer more juice on one charge.

The first thing we do not like about the new iPhone SE is its design. There is no major upgrade in terms of design, apart from the new glass protection. In fact, this is the same design language used in the iPhone SE 2023.

So this again comes with an iPhone 8-inspired look with thick bezels at the top and a TouchID at the bottom. Also, the phone again has a very minimalist look and makes its way to the best compact phones list. Some people love small phones, however, then there are iPhone 12 and 13 minis that also have a compact design with better specs.

One more thing which is also related to design and we don’t like it. Yes, it’s the display of the iPhone. Apple still uses an LCD panel and that too with HD resolution (750×1334 pixels). If we look at the price in India, at Rs. 43,900, there are phones with much better resolution, refresh rate, and that too OLED panels.

Apple launched iPhone SE 2023 at $399 and considering the latest processor with 5G support, a $429 price isn’t that bad. However, the price in India again becomes much higher which makes it another reason not to buy this phone.

Apart from these, some other reasons for which you should not go for the new iPhone SE 2023 model. These reasons are no night mode in camera, despite some camera improvements, and limited 5G bands support.

So these were some reasons to buy and not to buy iPhone SE 2023. If you want the latest iPhone model for its performance only, you can go for SE 2023. Otherwise, you have many other options in Android too.

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