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5 Best 5.1 AV Receivers With Bluetooth




If you are trying to find the best AV receivers on the market, it can get real confusing, real fast. However, things get a lot easier if you’re looking for one with 5.1 surround sound and no other options.

On top of that, current deals make it so much easier to save a couple of bucks or more.

Inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity is a must, or else you’ll need to buy an adapter. Manually connecting devices via a USB port is no fun, so let’s rule those out right from the start.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag often varies. We recommend going on the vendor’s website to check the price. Some of the products may be out of stock by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.

Bluetooth connectivity

EQ controls

Display meters which display all the functions and input used

The mic inputs could be more reliable

Check price

The Wireless Bluetooth Power Amplifier delivers 420 watts of power, which is huge. It can be used for multi speakers w/4 ohms which allows you to fully enjoy high-quality audio.

The integrated AV receiver comes with Bluetooth wireless streaming and it works with the latest devices, including smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and computers.

4K Ultra HD support and Dolby vision are both included

Exclusive Yamaha CINEMA DSP technology

Has BT .2023 support, so you get a wider range of colors

Some users claim they cannot get the AV receiver to pair with their Samsung Smart TV

Check price

The Yamaha RX-V385 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver is the perfect example that home sound systems are getting more compact and so much smarter.

It clearly comes with Bluetooth capabilities, therefore streaming from your devices won’t ever be an issue. And that’s not all that you are getting, because it has lots of other smart features.

Supports 4K and Ultra HD videos

Special Cinema DSP 3D feature which ensures a top-notch audio experience

Compatible with various streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Pandora, or Tidal

Miniature buttons in the remote control

Check price

Expert tip:

Its YPAO system can scan the audio of your room and easily adjust the sound output to suit the environment. Combining your receiver with the Yamaha music Cast 20 or music Cast 50 makes it so easy to have your own wireless theatre in the comfort of your home.

Six HD ports included, so you can connect multiple TVs and computers

A versatile mobile app that works on Android and Apple devices

Offers pass-through for 4K video

Doesn’t have some of the best pass-through capabilities on the current market

Check price

If you have a small room with limited space for speakers, this Marantz NR1509 Slim 5.2 Channel AV Receiver seems to be the right answer for you.

Built-in Bluetooth for easy audio streaming from compatible devices is present, but the receiver also allows you to connect devices via Wi-Fi.

Cinematic sound

A multifunctional system with stereo setup, Fm radio tuner, and 1/4 Inches Headphones Jack

Comes with foldable headphones, carry case, charging cable, and audio cable

Sound quality could be better

Check price

This Sony STRDH590 5.2-ch Surround Sound Home Theater Receiver covers all the essentials for building a 5.1 theater setup, and if you generally enjoy Sony’s signature, it’s worthy of your interest.

With the cinematic sound, it comes along, you will enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows, and many more while having a theater-like sound, all from the comfort of your home.

When it comes to the best 5.1 Bluetooth AV receivers, you can buy budget models or high-quality, expensive ones.

Our search concludes with five options that we think are genuinely great buys, so use the above list as a starting point and consider your own needs. We hope this will help you make an informed and prompt choice.

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5 Best Vpns With New Jersey Servers

5 Best VPNs with New Jersey servers [Tested]








If you need to access certain New Jersey online content from outside this area, you probably know that it’s not always possible to do so.

However, trustworthy VPNs, especially those with New Jersey servers, can help you simplify this operation by a great deal.

Check out our Traveling VPN section for more tools to bypass unfair geo-restrictions.

Visit our VPN Hub to learn more about how VPNs can help you protect your privacy.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Looking for VPNs that work best in certain areas is a piece of cake most of the time. Many services boast about their ability to run at their peak in various regions.

Finding a VPN service that has servers in a specific region is a bit trickier, on the other hand.

For instance, if you ever wanted a VPN with servers in New Jersey for whatever reason, we have exactly that just waiting for you.

Why use a VPN with New Jersey servers?

There are a few reasons why someone would need a VPN with servers in New Jersey. For instance, we all know that some services are geo-restricted.

Geo-restrictions are the most common reason why users would suddenly realize they need VPN servers in specific regions of the world.

Therefore, if you have a sporting event you can’t watch, or find yourself unable to access a certain website from outside of New Jersey, a VPN with NJ servers can easily solve these issues for you.

VPNs with New Jersey servers

Private Internet Access, or simply PIA, is one of the best VPNs that offer servers in New Jersey. Thus, it can help you access content that is blocked outside of this area without great effort.

What makes it even more impressive is the fact that PIA has not one, but 817 New Jersey servers at the time being.

Therefore, you can rest assured that even if a certain NJ server won’t work as it should, you can always reconnect to a different one in the same area. You have plenty of options.

Private Internet Access

Need a VPN service with New Jersey servers? Private Internet Access might be what you’re looking for.

Check priceVisit website

PIA’s key features:

Zero-logging policy

Military-grade encryption

817 New Jersey servers (currently)

Can bypass geo-restrictions

Supports P2P and torrenting

NordVPN is an awesome VPN service that lets you connect to a New Jersey server and enjoy region-based content in no time.

The exact number of NJ servers is not exactly clear, but what we do know is that NordVPN has servers in 15 different US cities, and New Jersey is one of them.

Furthermore, all US servers are fully-featured, meaning that you can establish regular connections, but also enjoy P2P-optimized, obfuscated, dedicated IP, and double VPN servers.


NordVPN is one of the few VPN services that let you connect to servers in New Jersey.

Check priceVisit website

NordVPN’s main features:

Strict zero-logging policy

Strong 256-bit encryption against traffic monitoring

Obfuscated, P2P, and double VPN servers

Circumvents geo-blocking easily

More than 5,000 servers worldwide

One of the more popular names in the branch, ExpressVPN is one of the few VPN services that offer New Jersey servers. In fact, ExpressVPN boasts not one, but three different NJ servers you can switch through.

On the other hand, only one of them has full support for all ExpressVPN protocols: Lightway, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, IPsec, IKEv2, and PPTP. The remaining two don’t support L2TP/IPsec and PPTP, unfortunately.


Do you need a trustworthy VPN that lets you connect to New Jersey private servers? Why not try ExpressVPN for a change?

Check priceVisit website

ExpressVPN’s key features:

Enforces strict no-logging policy

Military-grade encryption

Can unblock geo-restricted content

3 different New Jersey servers

High-speed servers

P2P/torrenting support

PureVPN is yet another worthy contender for our best VPNs with New Jersey servers collection. As with other similar services, it’s not exactly clear how many NJ servers does PureVPN offer.

What we do know, however, is that PureVPN’s New Jersey server(s) support PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEV2, IPSec, and OpenVPN protocols.

To put things in perspective, PureVPN has an impressive network of more than 6,500 servers, covering over 140 countries in 180+ locations. So we’re pretty confident that they have more than just one server in NJ.


Not only does PureVPN have an impressive network, but it also features New Jersey servers.

Check priceVisit website

PureVPN’s main features:

Zero-logging policy

Strong 256-bit encryption

Helps you circumvent geoblocking

Multi-protocol New Jersey server(s)

Supports P2P and torrenting activities

ProtonVPN is famous among VPN users for its free version that has no time limitation. However, it seems that this service also has New Jersey servers that you can connect to.

Again, their precise number is kind of hard to decipher, more so considering that ProtonVPN makes efforts to constantly add new entries to its wide network.

However, judging by the numbering system we’ve noticed on its official website, we can only assume that ProtonVPN offers somewhere around 16 NJ servers at the time being (there are NJ servers numbered #5 to #16).


Looking for a VPN with New Jersey servers? Give ProtonVPN a shot.

Check priceVisit website

ProtonVPN’s main features:

Enforces strict no-logging policy

Offers 1,101 servers in 54 countries

Has ~16 New Jersey servers

Military-grade 256-bit encryption

High-speed connections

Its apps are both open-source and audited

Final thoughts on best VPNs with New Jersey servers

All things considered, if you’re in need of a VPN service that has New Jersey servers for any reason, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve tested the services listed above and can confirm that their NJ servers are fully-functional, and should not pose any difficulty with unblocking NJ-specific content whatsoever.

Your connection is not secure – websites you visit can find out your details:

Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

We recommend Visit Private Internet Access

We recommend Private Internet Access , a VPN with a no-log policy, open source code, ad blocking and much more; now 79% off.

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Best Bluetooth Mouse For Ipad Pro In 2023

You must agree that the iPad Pro has become a go-to device thanks to its sleek design, powerful performance, and range of features. However, using it for extended periods can be tiring, primarily if you use the touchscreen to navigate. That’s why you need an iPad Pro-compatible mouse to make your experience more comfortable and efficient and navigate easily and quickly. Here, I will share the best Bluetooth mouse for iPad Pro.

I have considered the factors like compatibility, ergonomics, battery life, and performance while testing the mouse. Whether you’re a creative professional, a student, or someone who wants to get the most out of their iPad Pro, choose the one according to your needs.  So, let’s get started!

1. Apple Magic Mouse – Editor’s choice

What could be better than a native Apple accessory for your iPad? The wireless Apple Magic Mouse works seamlessly with iPadOS. It has a flat form factor and minimalist design. Besides, the optimized foot lets it glide smoothly across your desk, thereby increasing trackability. I’d recommend getting a good mousepad for the Magic Mouse to make sure it doesn’t catch any dirt.

I liked its Multi-Touch surface that allows you to perform simple gestures such as swiping between web pages and scrolling through documents. Besides, the rechargeable battery will power the mouse for about a month. Also, you will get a woven USB-C to Lightning Cable for pairing and charging.


Ultra slim profile

Rechargeable battery

Supports mouse gestures



2. Logitech MX Master 3 – Ergonomic

The Logitech MX Master 3 is the best ergonomic Bluetooth mouse for iPad pro without USB. Its 4000 DPI sensor is quick and accurate and works on any surface, even glass. Also, the metallic MagSpeed wheel is tactile and has a built-in magnet and a toggle button on the back, allowing it to go between spinning freely and notched. 

The best part is the mouse is designed keeping comfort in mind. It will be gentle on the wrists and provide enough support to the hand. Moreover, the button on the thumb rest launches the last-used app. When you press and hold that button, the app switcher appears.

There are more gestures utilities and unique features for macOS that are not accessible on iPad. Also, the backdated appearance may turn off some users.


Comfortable thumb rest

Darkfield 4000 DPI sensor 

MagSpeed electromagnetic scrolling


Suits big hands

Noticeable lags

Check out on Amazon

3. Microsoft Arc mouse – Portable

The Microsoft Arc Bluetooth mouse is my daily companion while working on the go. It has a unique design. When switched off, it’s flat, sleek, and pocket-friendly. You need to snap it into a bending arc to start using it. So, the mouse is fun to use and offers a variety of colors.

Moreover, it is powered by AAA batteries providing a battery life of up to six months. Compared to the Apple Magic Mouse, it is smaller and lighter thanks to its slim profile. Nevertheless, the compact design may be unpleasant to users with larger hands. Note that the Arc Mouse lacks a conventional scroll wheel.


Travel-friendly design

Lightweight and compact

Great hand feel


Not as smooth as macOS

Over scrolling lags

Check out on Amazon

4. Logitech Pebble wireless mouse – Budget-friendly

If you are a minimalist like me, you will love to use the Logitech Pebble mouse. It has a flat, pebble-like shape, a silent wide rubber wheel, a magnetic keyplate, soft touch buttons, and rubberized feet on the bottom. Besides, the sleek and ambidextrous form factor is pleasant to grip, comfortably fits into any palm, and makes it portable. 


Extensive battery life

Optical tracking


Slow scrolling

Need to address the ergonomics

Check out on Amazon

5. Satechi M1 mouse – Durable

The Satechi M1 mouse, built with aluminum, looks and feels excellent and is durable in the longer run. The curved-shaped body fits nicely in both the left and right-hand palms. Besides, it has a 1200 DPI optical sensor, providing fast and precise tracking and scrolling. You will also get a metal scroll wheel and soft-touch navigation buttons. 

Also, Bluetooth 4.0 support has a wireless range of 32 feet. If you don’t want to carry additional batteries, this mouse is an option. It’s because it has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The USB Type-C charging connector is provided with the mouse. However, it only supports this native charger, so you must carry it everywhere you go with your iPad Pro!


1200 DPI precise tracking

Rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery

Ergonomic design for both hands


Connectivity issues have been reported

Check out on Amazon

6. TECKNET Bluetooth wireless mouse – Customizable DPI

TECKNET wireless mouse for iPad Pro is an excellent combination of ergonomic design at a reasonable price. It has a smooth surface with right-handed ergonomic curves for comfortable usage. Also, you will get six buttons and a DPI changer. So, depending on your needs, you may set 5 DPI levels from a low of 800 to 2600.

Also, the Tru-Wave technology provides accurate and fluid cursor control on several surface types. Moreover, this mouse for iPad Pro connects using Bluetooth 3.0, ranging up to 26 feet without a USB receiver. It is powered by two AAA batteries which usually last for a year. However, the brand has incorporated an Intelligent Power Saving mode.


5 adjustable DPI levels

24-month battery life

Keystroke tested for longevity


Power issues

Check out on Amazon

Get the right companion for your iPad Pro!

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Author Profile


Ava is an enthusiastic consumer tech writer coming from a technical background. She loves to explore and research new Apple products & accessories and help readers easily decode the tech. Along with studying, her weekend plan includes binge-watching anime.

Av Datafest 2023 – Out In Its Full Glory

AV DataFest 2023 – Here we begin !!

This April, the world will see a battle fought by data scientists and data managers across the world. Tonnes of data will be transferred from one camp to another. Every weapon of machine learning will be applied and only the best, the most knowledgable, the most practical hackers and problem solvers will survive. There will be new heroes, who will rise to their glory and their will be empires who will fall.

Yes – I am talking about AV DataFest 2023. As you know, this April we are turning 4 and AV DataFest is our way of celebrating the occasion. In our previous article, we showered some light on how DataFest 2023 is going to turn out. Now, is the time to raise the curtains. Stay with me, as I unveil one of the grandest event in data science & analytics –  DATAFEST 2023.

In the battle of the Datavengers, we are assembling a team of best data scientists who will find answers to data science problems for human race. It is the survival of this fittest, so don’t miss this opportunity to prove your mettle against top data scientists from all over the world.

Come 1 April 2023

DataFest 2023 commences on 1 April 2023. It is a month-long event which brings together data scientists, analysts, data science evangelists, leaders & influencers from the industry. There are exhilarating competitions in machine learning, deep learning, probability, analytics & much more. Check out our latest DataFest website here.

Not only we are giving prizes to heroes in individual competitions, there will be additional prizes to overall DataFest. So, the best among all the winners will take away even more! The ranking on this leaderboard is cumulative of scores from all the competitions such as – Minihacks, skilltests, machine learning hackathon, blogathon and what’s your story.

Launch Party

The celebration begins with a Launch Party on 1 April @ 8 PM (IST). As we complete 4 years, our hearts are filled with exuberance and immense joy. We are raising our glasses to 4 years of hard work, passion, patience & success. Come toast with us and be part of our happiness.

To commemorate 4 years of our existence we bring to an exclusive session with one of the top thought leader in the industry. Come to the launch party and find out who it is.

Now, let’s find out the events which await you.

Competitions & Events

As promised DataFest  is going to bigger & better and one of a kind event. Before I introduce the competitions, let me bring out the biggest surprise of the year.

The top 3 rankers of DataFest will be our 3 most powerful Datavengers. These 3  Datavengers will be awarded cash prizes worth INR 1,80,000  (~$2750). After all, they have left no stone unturned in data science and machine learning. Isn’t it?

Rank 1: INR 100,000 (~$1525)

Rank 2: INR 50,000 (~$762)

Rank 3: INR 30,000 (~$457)


Celebrating Top Visionaries and Thought Leaders

During the DataFest, we bring you interactions with top visionaries and thought leaders from various founders in analytics & data science industry. Find out about their journey, startup story and how they were never stopped running to achieve their goal. These include inspiring stories from:

Mahesh Kumar, CEO & Founder, Tiger Analytics

Pankaj Kulshreshtha, CEO, Scienaptic Systems

Anil Kaul, CEO & Founder, AbsolutData

S.Anand, CEO & Co-Founder, Gramener

Kunal Jain, CEO & Founder, Analytics Vidhya

and many more

This Machine Learning Hackathon is not like every other hackathon you participate in. As we said, everything is going to bigger & better. So is this hackathon.

Date: 20 April – 23 April 2023

Top 5 rankers will take away cash prizes & merchandises. Stay tuned to know more details.

These are our short duration hackathons. The problem statement is going to be challenging & intense. Top 3 winners of each MiniHack will take away cash prizes worth INR 60,000 (~$916)

As Datavengers, you need powers to buck up your chances to win.

Attain these skill powers to rise up on the leaderboard. To all the top 5 rankers of each skill power we are giving out AV branded merchandises.

The Strategic Thor is a strategic thinking competition to challenge your analytical thinking & decision making skills. Test how well equipped are your strategic skills. Top 3 winners will take away cash prizes worth INR 55,000 (~$810).

These are powerful tools which are essential for any data scientist to be adept in. If you are as aspiring data scientist then take these practice tests to find your skill level.

This is a new learning initiative from Analytics Vidhya – DataHack hour is for all data science beginners out there. Come to DataHack platform daily and solve interesting challenges & quizzes in an hour. You will have a problem, community members and all the help you need to solve these problems.

It is a 15 day journey to start and learn data science in most practical manner. This starts 16 April 2023.

The Mightiest Pen is our blogging competition to evoke the data science evangelist in you. In this competitions are inviting all data science experts to share their knowledge with the world. Top 3 winners will take away cash prizes worth INR 10,000 (~$152).

How to Participate?

To participate in all the above events. Follow the basic steps:

Subscribe for DataFest 2023 updates to know all the latest updates about any competition or event.

Register for events of your interest from datahack platform

What’s else is expected?

Well – watch the stage unfold in the coming days as we send out invites to the mightiest heroes across the world. Subscribe for DataFest updates to know about the upcoming events. We will soon be sharing more details with you shortly. Look out for our next article.

This is just the beginning because the celebration is yet to start. Don’t miss it !!

If you wish you associated with the DATAFEST as speaker, sponsor or partner then write to us at [email protected].


Best Bluetooth Adapters For Tv (Aug 2023): Top Picks & Latest Deals

Best Bluetooth adapters for TV (Aug 2023): top picks & latest deals

Looking to pair your wireless headphones with your TV? Look no further

Looking for the best Bluetooth adapters for TV can often be a tricky little prospect, especially if you aren’t fully up to speed with the latest in Bluetooth transmitter technology. Fortunately, we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing some of the market’s leading Bluetooth adapters over the years, giving us the confidence to recommend only the best Bluetooth transmitters for TV in 2023.

A Bluetooth adapter for TV is a great way to link your Bluetooth headphones or speakers to your TV. Simply plug the adapter into the TV itself, sync your headphones, and away you go – it’s really that simple.

In the following guide, we’ll be hand-selecting some of the market’s best Bluetooth adapters – comparing price, performance, and features as we go.

Best Bluetooth adapter for TV 2023: our top picks


Best Bluetooth adapter for TV

ZIIDOO Visible Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

Shop on Amazon



Feature-packed Bluetooth adapter for TV

Avantree Oasis Plus Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver for TV

Shop on Amazon



Best budget Bluetooth adapter for TV

Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver

Shop on Amazon


How we choose the best Bluetooth adapters for TV?

Here at WePC, we love everything display-related – even Bluetooth audio adapters for TV. When it comes to our best of guides, we use our expertise and in-house testing to handpick only the best in class.

Of course, availability plays a major role in our decision-making process, selecting the best adapters from the available options across the web. Having said that, you’ll often find products in our guides that are not in stock – because at the end of the day, even if you can’t buy it right now, if it’s the best, it’s the best.

Why use a Bluetooth adapter with your TV?

If that’s the case, you won’t be able to use your wireless headphones with a TV or other display. Fortunately, the Bluetooth transmitter for TV was born – allowing users to easily link their wireless headphones to a TV.

Another reason to use a Bluetooth transmitter with a TV is to link your Bluetooth speaker to your TV. Bluetooth speakers are becoming much more popular nowadays, especially with the great audio quality which is available in today’s market. You can easily link your Bluetooth speaker to your TV with one of these handy adapters.

How to choose the right Bluetooth adapter?

There are a number of different factors that you must take into consideration when it comes to choosing the right Bluetooth transmitter. Like any new hardware purchase, understanding the main features of any Bluetooth adapter will ultimately determine whether or not it’s right for your needs.

Inputs and outputs

Firstly, when it comes to buying an audio adapter for your TV, you must ensure that it is actually compatible with your specific TV model. Sounds basic, but you’d be surprised how many people pick up any old Bluetooth adapter and try and use it with their TV. Many Bluetooth adapters are built for PCs or laptops – making them completely pointless for TV usage.

Most TVs will feature a 3.5mm audio output, optical digital output, or RCA (stereo) output. Make sure to select a Bluetooth adapter that utilizes one of these inputs.


The range of your adapter is another highly important feature of any Bluetooth device. You want to ensure that the transmitter offers an adequate range that exceeds the distance of your seating area. If not, you may end up purchasing a Bluetooth adapter that cuts out during usage.

Also, don’t forget about the prospect of potentially listening to music or the radio through the TV. A wider range will allow you to keep enjoying your music while walking around your home.

Sharing audio via Bluetooth

Another feature of Bluetooth adapters is sharing mode – a feature that allows the adapter to work as a receiver. This will allow you to send audio to two pairs of headphones or two speakers – meaning you’ll be able to enjoy content with a friend or family member.

Of course, not all Bluetooth transmitters offer this feature, so be sure to check the specifications before jumping into a purchase.

Best Bluetooth adapter for TV


ZIIDOO Visible Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

Bluetooth version






Battery life





Budget price point

Simple design

Feels well built


Lacks some high-end features

This Bluetooth adapter can also be used as both a transmitter and receiver at the same time, meaning you can convert TV, CD, DVD, PC, or MP3 into a Bluetooth transmitter. Alternatively, use the receiver mode to transmit audio onto your desired device.

Of course, this model does lack some of the premium features found in more expensive variants – however, don’t let that put you off. This Bluetooth adapter really does offer everything you could want – including an incredibly easy-to-use interface.


Avantree Oasis Plus Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver for TV

Bluetooth version



Optical Digital, 3.5mm, RCA


Optical Digital, 3.5mm

Battery life



164 Feet


Feature-rich design

Great range

Easy-to-use interface


Lrage design

Next up we have the hugely popular Avantree Oasis Plus – a feature-rich Bluetooth adapter that delivers great performance across the board. It can connect to a huge range of TVs thanks to an assortment of input options – including Optical Digital audio, 3.5mm, and RCA (stereo) options.

While this model isn’t as small as our top pick, that’s to be expected thanks to the features it brings to the table. The Avantree Oasis Plus is a little on the bulky side, however, and does standout when used in a more minimalistic space.

On top, the Avantree features volume controls, a Bluetooth pairing button, and a status light that highlights inputs and connections. Better still, like other Avantree Bluetooth devices, the Oasis Plus also features one of the longest ranges in this guide – over 160 feet, respectively. Of course, be aware that the range of this product can be skewed if trying to use the product through particularly thick walls.

Like other devices in this guide, the Avantree also allows you to listen on two separate devices. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to switch to receiver mode to stream your phone or tablet’s audio through a TV or car sound system.

Unfortunately, this all comes at a price – with the Avantree featuring one of the most expensive price tags in this guide (only bested by the other Avantree).


Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver

Bluetooth version






Battery life



33 Feet


Simple design

Easy to use

Quick setup

Works with any TV with a 3.5mm audio jack


Lacks premium features

Budget build

If you aren’t willing to splash the cash on a premium Bluetooth adapter for your TV, fear not – the Bluetooth adapter 5.0 might be exactly what you’re looking for.

That being said, this is one of the only battery-powered Bluetooth transmitters on this list, meaning you will have to charge it up from time to time. That said, you can use the device when it’s charging – a feature that often isn’t the case. Charge time usually lasts for around 10 hours with a charge time of two hours.

Again, this Bluetooth adapter also features a transmitter/receiver feature, meaning you can send audio to a device if you wish.


1Mii B06Pro Long Range Bluetooth Receiver

Bluetooth version



Optical Digital, Coaxial Digital, 3.5mm



Battery life



197 feet


Packed with features

Decent value for money

Compact design

Excellent range


Doesn’t feature screen

No receiver mode

The 1Mii B06Pro is a fine piece of kit that comes with a slew of unique features that others in this guide can’t match. The biggest pro of this mid-range Bluetooth adapter is its range, offering up almost 200 feet of range – more than any other in this guide.

It’s worth noting, however, that the 1Mii is an aging adapter now – and as you might expect, doesn’t feature a receiver mode. This will likely turn some people off immediately, however, for some, it simply isn’t required.

Connect your wireless headphones to your TV with ease using this Bluetooth adapter. Furthermore, with excellent input versatility, you won’t be restricted by a 3.5mm audio jack. The 1Mii also comes with RCA and optical digital inputs, making it much more versatile than others in this guide.


Avantree Orbit Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter for TV

Bluetooth version



Optical Digital, 3.5mm, RCA



Battery life



165 Feet


Lots of high-end features

Excellent build quality

Long range

Versatile functionality


High price point

For those who want a more premium option, why not check out the Avantree Orbit Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter. It features all the high-end features you could want, making it a much more versatile choice than others in this guide.

The Orbit from Avantree is a large piece of kit, meaning you won’t be able to hide it away that easily if you want to keep your minimalistic design. That said, the design is far from ugly – offering an Alexa-esque look that is most certainly not a bad thing.

Looks aside, the Orbit features plenty of inputs and connection options, meaning you’ll be able to connect almost any TV to this adapter. Users can connect the Orbit to their TV, PC, or other devices via a 3.5mm audio jack, Digital OPT, or RCA (stereo) cables.

A handy screen has been installed at the top of the Avantree Orbit alongside a number of buttons and options. No longer will you have to look at a flashing light when pairing your wireless headphones with this great Bluetooth adapter – simply use the screen and pair with ease.

You can also toggler between a single/dual headphone setup and your wireless Bluetooth speaker or soundbar with the pass-through feature as well. Of course, this all comes at a price, with the Orbit featuring the biggest price tag in this guide.

Bluetooth adapter FAQs

What is the best BlueTooth adapter for TV?

It’s hard to beat the ZIIDOO Visible BlueTooth transmitter and receiver. It showcases great value for money, premium features, and a slender design that isn’t going to ruin your aesthetics.

Can I add a Bluetooth adapter to my TV?

Almost every TV can accommodate a Bluetooth adapter in 2023, meaning you’ll almost certainly be able to use one with your TV.

Most of the time, all that is required is a simple USB port to allow your Bluetooth adapter to connect to your TV. Once connected, you’ll be able to use wireless headphones and other accessories with your TV.

Final word

So, there you have it, our comprehensive guide to the best Bluetooth adapters for TV in 2023. We hope this guide has made choosing your next Bluetooth adapter that little easier, shedding some light on the main features that the market’s best transmitters have to offer.

For us, the ZIIDOO Visible Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver is the best of the bunch, offering up superb features and value for money. It’s also incredibly easy to use, straightforward to set up, and offers great build quality too.

5 Best Drones For Kids

What kid doesn’t want a drone for their birthday or Christmas? Deciding to buy a drone for your kids is easy, finding the right one at the right price point is a bit more challenging.

The drone market is filled with cheap drones that break right away or expensive drones that you are afraid to use because they cost so much. There’s nothing more disappointing to a kid to receive a gift that they can’t use. Spare yourself this frustration by choosing one from the following list of the best drones for kids. 

Table of Contents

What to Look For in a Drone?

There are a handful of features you should consider when shopping for a drone for your child. These features can make or break your drone experience, so consider them carefully. We decided to focus on five main criteria:

1. Auto-hover

Altitude hold, sometimes referred to as auto-hover, keeps the drone at a set altitude even when you let go of the controls. This makes it easier for inexperienced operators to fly a drone and avoid crashes that damage the drone.

2. Headless Mode

They just move the joystick where they want the drone to go, and it will go there. For example, moving the joystick to the left will move the drone to the left, moving it forward will drive the drone forward, and so on.  

3. Propeller guards 

Propeller guards protect the drone’s propeller in case of a crash. It also prevents finger injuries during takeoff or landing, keeping you and your child’s fingers safe.

4. Camera 5. Battery-life

Battery life is a significant obstacle in using a drone. Most compact drones only last five to seven minutes per battery, while larger ones can fly up to 20 minutes or more. You may want to purchase extra batteries so you can fly for an extended time. 

6. Price

Most drones for kids are affordable, with prices under $100 and often under $50. The sad truth is that most drones break or get stuck in a tree, so you may want to choose a lower cost drone for your child’s first one. You can even purchase two or three of these lower-cost drones to have a backup or a source for parts. 

As your children get older and more experienced, you can pay more for a drone  –  the most expensive drone on our list costs $400. With that extra investment, you get a high-quality camera, auto-pilot that makes flying the drone incredibly easy, connection to a smartphone for complete control over the drone, and an extended flight time. 

How We Chose the Best Drones

This review was created by reviewing dozens of professional reviews by the most trusted websites. We also considered the ratings and reviews from people who actually own the devices. We also relied on our own experience with some of the drones on this list. 

We put the top drones into five categories: 

Best drone for younger children

Best drone for older children

Best indoor drone

Best outdoor drone

Best educational drone

If two drones were close in our ratings, we chose the one with the lowest price tag.

The Best Drones for Kids

You can’t go wrong with any of the drones on this list. They may vary in price and performance but each one will deliver hours of enjoyment. Choose the one that meets your price point and target age of your kids. 

Best Drone for Younger Children

Got a younger child who wants to fly a drone but is too young for a standard flight controller? Then the Force1 Scoot Hand Operated Drone is the drone for you.

Just toss it in the air gently, and it flies automatically. It is equipped with infrared sensors that not only help the drone avoid obstacles, but the sensors also allow your little ones to control it with their hands. It can even do a 360-degree flip and glows in the dark thanks to its vibrant LEDs that give it a UFO-look. 

Best Drone for Older Children 

The DJI Mavic Mini is an excellent choice for the teen or tween who’s outgrown most of the toy drones on our list. The Mavic Air is more expensive ($400) than most drones on our list, but it’s as close to a professional drone you can get without paying professional prices. 

The Mavic mini is very stable even in windy conditions and easy to fly thanks to its user-friendly controls. It has a return to home feature if you accidentally fly it too far away or feel like you’re losing control. It’s also equipped with a camera and gimbal for outstanding photos and videos. 

We’d love to see collision avoidance as well, but that’s our only gripe about this lightweight drone.  Don’t let its small size fool you. This is a highly competent drone that’ll last for years if you take care of it. The Mavic Mini is available in a bare bones package for $300, while $100 will net you the Fly More package which includes extra batteries, extra replacement rotors, and a plastic cage to protect the rotors in-flight and more. 

Best Indoor Drone

Holy Stone has a reputation for quality, affordable drones and the quad-copter HS210 is no exception. The HS210 is a beginner drone that appeals to kids and parents alike. It’s inexpensive and comes in several different colors. 

Parents can buy a different one for each of their kids and not break the bank. Kids will love it because they can fly indoors and learn how to make it do a 360-degree flip. 

This quad-copter drone is equipped with auto-hover and headless mode to make flying it easy even for the beginner. It also ships with three batteries so you can fly for 20 minutes in total. However, you do have to swap the batteries every seven minutes or so. Changing batteries is not as easy as it could be and may require adult help.  

Best Outdoor Drone

Best Educational Drone

Kids can use the block-coding interface of Scratch or DroneBlocks to control the movement of the drone. Kids also can participate in games and competitions to showcase their drone programming skills. More than just a toy, the Tello truly is a learning tool. 

Other Considerations

Flying a drone is fun until you break the law, annoy your neighbor or get the drone stuck in a tree. Before you fly your drone outside, familiarize yourself with the laws. The FAA requires you to register any drone over 250 grams. All the drones on this list, including the DJI Mavic Mini, fall under this weight limit and do not require registration. No matter the weight, be sure you know the regulations for drone flights in your area. National parks, some state parks, and most ski areas do not allow drones, for example.

Be respectful or your neighbors when flying outside. It’s very easy to get above the treetops with the larger drones on this list. You’ll be able to see nearby yards and not everyone is comfortable with a drone looking down in them. Don’t assume you cannot be seen. Drone’s make a characteristic noise that is very obvious and easy to hear from a surprisingly long distance. Also, watch out for obstacles like branches and power lines. 

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