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Searching is something we do day in and day out. It’s an integral part of the desktop experience, so it only makes sense that it’s something we do often on mobile devices as well.

Searching on the iPhone, while adequate, has always left a little something to be desired when compared to competing operating systems like Android. It only makes sense, considering Android is the product of Google — the creator of the world’s best and most popular search engine.

If you’re jailbroken, however, you have many more choices when it comes to search on iOS. There are search improvements for Spotlight, voice search enhancements, Notification Center search options, and much, much, more. Jailbreaking is a great way to get more out of your device, and that’s why we’ve taken the liberty to compile a list highlighting some of the best jailbreak tweaks for search…

Quick Google

On desktop computers we have the Spotlight cmd+space shortcut, and other apps, like Alfred, to help us be more efficient at searching. While the iPhone doesn’t have anything quite on the level of a desktop grade Spotlight, or a 3rd party search launcher, QuickGoogle might just be the next best thing.

QuickGoogle is a simple tweak that let’s you execute a Google search from anywhere by means of an Activator action. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to perform a Google search on iOS. For even more searching options, then you may want to give ActiSearch a go. It’s like QuickGoogle, except it features more search options like YouTube, Cydia, eBay, and others.

Repo: BigBoss


Custom searches are nothing new in the world of desktop computers, again I feel obliged to namedrop Alfred here, because it does custom search so well. Basically, custom search allows you to create a search shortcut specifically targeted at one site in particular.

For instance, I have a custom search setup for Alfred on my MacBook Pro, which allows me to easily search the content of iDownloadBlog with just a couple of key presses. WebLeaps is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to create similar custom searches on the small screen.

Repo: BigBoss

WeeSearch Pro

WeeSearch Pro is unique, because it lets you perform all sorts of searches right from the comforts of your Notification Center. It even displays your search results right inside of Notification Center via a “mini browser”, making it self contained. The tweak features tons of options, and even settings for custom searches.

Repo: BigBoss


Once upon a time there was a tweak called Voice Search that allowed you to search Google using your voice. That has since been supplanted by an even better tweak called NowNow, which meshes an Activator gesture with the official Google App’s voice enabled search capabilities.

Google has really impressed with the voice search integrated into its official app, but without a proper tweak, it can’t be engaged using the Home button similar to Siri. NowNow solves that issue, and best of all, it does so free of charge.

Repo: BigBoss


Despite its ridiculous name, SlightEnhancerSearch is a tweak that can make the boring Spotlight search on your iPhone more useful. It adds the ability to search Cydia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more — directly from Spotlight. Handy, no?

Repo: BigBoss

You're reading 5 Excellent Jailbreak Tweaks To Improve Search On Ios

Some Of The Best Jailbreak Tweaks For Palera1N On Ios 15

The palera1n jailbreak for A9-A11 chip-equipped iOS & iPadOS 15 and 16 devices took the community by storm as one of the most popular current jailbreak tools. The checkm8 hardware-based bootrom exploit that powers palera1n makes it a popular choice among jailbreakers since this exploit can’t be patched by Apple.

But if you aren’t quite sure where to begin in terms of jailbreak tweaks for palera1n, then we’re here to help. Today’s roundup will focus on what we believe are some of the best jailbreak tweaks that appear to work well with palera1n.

The best jailbreak tweaks for palera1n Checkl0ck – $2.99

Checkl0ck is, at least in my opinion, a must-have jailbreak tweak for any checkm8-vulnerable device that can’t currently set a passcode or use biometric authentication after jailbreak.

With it, you can at least use Face ID or Touch ID to protect your handset from snoopers. The passcode and biometric authentication will only apply in a jailbroken state, but it looks and behaves just like the native experience, so no one would ever think twice about it.

You can learn more about Checkl0ck and where you can get it from in our full review post.

Exiwall – $2.49

The iOS 16 update makes the Lock Screen look entirely different than it did on previous iterations, so it’s understandable that a lot of people likely question whether they should update or not.

But why bother when you can get the iOS 16 Lock Screen effects on your jailbroken iOS 15 device with Exiwall?

You can learn more about Exiwall and how it ports the wallpaper depth effects from iOS 16 to older devices in our full review post.

Ampere – FREE

Want to get the iOS 16 battery level indicator on your jailbroken iOS 15 device? If so, then Ampere is the way to go.

This jailbreak tweak adjusts the look of the Status Bar’s battery level indicator to show the current numeric battery level percentage in an iOS 16-styled manner.

You can learn more about Ampere and where you can get it from in our full review post.

Cylinder Reborn – FREE

You will never see a jailbreak tweak roundup from me that doesn’t include the Cylinder Reborn jailbreak tweak if it relates to the topic at hand, and that’s because it’s a totally fun tweak that adds character to your Home Screen.

With Cylinder Reborn, you can customize the paging animations that occur as you swipe from one page of app icons to another. There are tons to choose from, each being as buttery smooth as the next.

You can learn more about Cylinder Reborn and how it works in our full review post.

Axon – FREE

Almost everyone I know who enjoys jailbreaking uses Axon, a jailbreak tweak that brings a Priority Hub-like experience to the missed notifications on your Lock Screen.

By Priority Hub-like experience, we mean that it groups your notifications by app so that you can more easily distinguish them apart from one another and more quickly decide which ones are important to respond to.

You can find out more about Axon in our full review post.

BioProtect XS – $2.99

BioProtect XS is a great way to protect your device from snoopers after you’ve handed your handset over to someone else to look at something on it.

This tweak will require biometric authentication to launch the apps you select, effectively firewalling anyone who tries to open those apps without your permission.

You can find out more about BioProtect XS and how it works in our full review post.

PokeCall – $2.00

The PokeCall jailbreak tweak is somewhat of a unique one that Pokémon lovers will enjoy for nostalgic reasons.

With it, all incoming phone calls will show the interface of a Pokémon-style interaction from some of the original GameBoy Pokémon games.

You can learn more about this retro jailbreak tweak in our full review post.

Atria – FREE

Being able to customize your Home Screen’s app icon layout is something of a hallmark feature of jailbreaking, and Atria will let you do this on the palera1n jailbreak.

You can use Atria to adjust your Home Screen app icons’ spacing and widget placement to your liking.

You can learn more about all the different things you can accomplish with Atria in our full review post.

N95 – $0.99

There are times when you might want to customize even your Now Playing music experience, and N95 makes that possible in the Apple Music app.

With N95, you can mask the album artwork in the Apple Music app’s Now Playing interface with one of several different special effects.

You can find out more about those effects and how they look in our full review post.

SmartBattery iOS 15 – $1.99

You can better manage your battery life on a jailbroken handset with the SmartBattery iOS 15 jailbreak tweak.

This add-on comes with countless battery saving measures and options to customize battery behavior to suit your needs. With it, you can squeeze every last drop of power out of your capable little battery.

You can find out more about SmartBattery iOS 15 in our full review post.

PullToRespring – FREE

It’s nice to be able to respring your device whenever you need to, and the PullToRespring jailbreak tweak is one of the cleanest ways to do exactly that.

Once installed, you can use a pull down to refresh gesture in the Settings app to initiate a respring.

You can find out more about PullToRespring in our full review post.


That wraps up our highest recommended jailbreak tweaks for the palera1n jailbreak — please keep in mind that palera1n supports iOS & iPadOS 15 and 16. These tweaks were tested on iOS 15 and may or may not also support iOS 16.

Want to see other rounds like this one?

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My Top 10 Jailbreak Tweaks

I love jailbreaking for two reasons. First, I jailbreak because I can. If there is a way to do things not the way they were intended to be, then count me in. Second, and more importantly, I jailbreak because it gives me access to a plethora of features that Apple hasn’t implemented yet, or will never implement for some reasons.

For the past three months, I’ve used a stock iPhone 4S. Obviously that was not my choice. There just wasn’t a jailbreak until Absinthe came out last week. But things are back to normal now.

Every time I jailbreak a new device for the first time, I try to reconsider what I really use, and what I really need. I also try to take into account a few things, like stability. If certain apps gave me headaches in the past, I’ll just make sure not to install them again (goodbye WinterBoard). It’s the perfect occasion to start on a clean slate.

This being said, I’d like to share with you all the jailbreak tweaks that are currently installed on my iPhone 4S…


This tweak was developed by Ryan Petrich, one of my favorite jailbreak tweak developers. In short, Activator allows you to create shortcuts to various features of your device using custom gestures. I currently have 3 gestures set up:

swipe left to right on the status bar brings up BiteSMS’s “quick compose”

swipe right to left on the status bar to bring up the native Twitter native “compose tweet”

tap and hold the status bar to launch SBSettings

double tap the status bar to go Home (probably my favorite gesture)

Activator is available for free from the BigBoss repo.


BiteSMS has been my go-to messaging application for a couple years now. It is without a doubt the best replacement for the stock Messages app. I recently gave a try to Message+ but it really didn’t compete with BiteSMS. Among my favorite Bite features, you have the quick compose/reply window, and the ability to see the picture of the sender of incoming messages.


InfiniDock is the very first tweak I installed after jailbreaking my iPhone 4S. Developed by Chpwn, another one of my favorite jailbreak developers, InfiniDock allows you to add as many applications as you want in your dock.

Additionally, InfiniDock lets you choose how many icons you want to display in your dock. Mine is currently set to five icons.

InfiniDock is available for $0.99 from the BigBoss repo.


Also developed by Chpwn, InfiniFolders lifts the limitation on the amount of apps you can add to a folder. By default, Apple only allows you to add 12 icons per folder. With InfiniFolders, you can have an unlimited amount of apps to your folders. Simply scroll up and down to go through the apps in your folder.

InfiniFolder is available for $0.99 from the BigBoss repo.


LockInfo allows you to customize your lock screen to get the information you need there. You have complete control over what shows where. It’s a full featured app that I highly recommend. It took me a while to get it fully set up to my liking, but I can now say it is perfect for me.

I am not big on notifications. I don’t really use LockInfo to add a bunch of stuff to my lock screen. I just use it to make notifications on the lock screen and Notification Center look better.

I’ve given a good run to IntelliScreenX, but after several days of intensive usage, I had to delete the package and use LockInfo instead. Don’t get me wrong, IntelliScreenX is a great application, but it just didn’t do it for me.

The only notifications showing on my lock screen are messages, calendar events, reminders, calls, and Yammer notification. It’s bare minimum. Just the way I like it.

LockInfo is available for $7.99 with a 14-day trial period from the ModMyi repo.


Need I introduce MyWi to anyone here?

MyWi is an app that brings tethering capabilities to your iPhone. Forget paying those extra fees to your carrier for tethering your iPhone. MyWi will do that for free, allowing you to create a wi-fi hotspot to share your iPhone data connection with other devices around you, or simply to share your internet connection with your laptop via the USB cable.

Carriers like AT&T have recently been hunting down people who use tethering apps such as MyWi, so use it at your own risks.

MyWi is available for $19.99 from the ModMyi repo. Not cheap, but well worth it.


This tweak is one of the monuments of jailbreaking; an institution for all jailbreakers alike.

SBSettings brings several settings toggles to your fingertips, such as Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, etc… A bunch of other add-ons are also available from Cydia. On top of the settings toggles, SBSettings lets you easily respring, refresh, or even power off your device. Additionally, it can display useful information such as your IP address, storage and available memory.

It usually works with an Activator gesture. As mentioned above, I chose to “tap and hold” the status bar to bring up SBSettings.

SBSettings is available for free from the BigBoss repo.


Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will already know that I absolutely love Xpandr. Simply put, Xpandr is a shortcut expander for the iPhone. Think TextExpander for iOS (the desktop version, not the watered down App Store app).

iOS 5 has brought a new feature that kind of mimics what Xpandr does, but it clearly isn’t as powerful which is why I always come back to this tweak.

Xpandr is available from the BigBoss repo for $1.99.


The tweak also lets you launch the app switcher by simply swiping up from the bottom of your screen. This, coupled with my Activator gestures, and I barely use my Home button ever again.

Zephyr is available from the BigBoss repo for $2.99.


If like me you think the new zoom feature in iOS 5 is unusable, then ZoomIsBack! is for you.

In iOS 5, you have to pinch to zoom, which is very unpractical depending on the situation you’re in. For example, when I’m holding my daughter in one arm, and holding my iPhone in the other hand, I physically can’t pinch to zoom, unless I want to drop my daughter, which of course is not an option.

ZoomIsBack! brings back the old way of bringing up the zoom in your Camera app. Simply double tap the screen and slide to zoom. It’s simple, and it just works. I really don’t know why Apple fixed something that wasn’t broken in the first place. I guess they wanted to be consistent in what pinching the screen does.

ZoomIsBack! is available for free from the BigBoss repo.

Honorable Mentions AssistantExtensions

AssistantExtensions puts Siri on steroids. We recently covered this new tweak that adds several commands to Siri. For example, you can search YouTube, turn SBSettings toggles on/off, send tweets using Siri, and more.

The great benefit of AssistantExtensions is that it allows plugins to be developed for it, which means it’s going to be greatly improved on. We’ve already seen a great plugin that allows you to use Siri to translate phrases in 30 languages. If you haven’t downloaded AssistantExtensions yet, you should definitely give it a try.

AssistantExtensions is available for free from the BigBoss repo.


Like the name suggests, CleanStatus is a simple tweak that allows you to clean up the status bar of your iPhone. You can hide icons, change background colors, image colors, font size, font colors and strings.

I only use CleanStatus to hide the carrier name, the battery icon and the battery percentage.

CleanStatus is available for free from the ModMyi repo.


Overflow is a fairly new jailbreak tweak that brings a coverflow-like layout to the apps that are in your dock. It works hand in hand with InfiniDock and definitely works best when you display 5 or 7 icons in the dock.

Overflow is available from the BigBoss repo for $1.99.

If all these tweaks aren’t enough for you, I suggest you have a look at our list of 100 jailbreak tweaks you should know about. You surely will find something to your liking there.

How To Fix Ios 10 Problems (Jailbreak Edition)

As we’ve previously mentioned, iOS 10 hasn’t been as critically acclaimed as previous versions of iOS. Apple enables some really annoying features by default, and we’ve already covered how to fix iOS 10’s major annoyances. However, some annoyances aren’t as easy to fix and require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad. Jailbreaking allows you to customize your iPhone in endless ways, remove major annoyances and add lots of new features, amongst several other things. So, if you’ve jailbroken your device, here’s how you can fix iOS 10’s most annoying problems:

Fix a Few System Settings in iOS 10 1. Sort Apps by Data Consumed

CellularUsageOrder fixes this by sorting the apps by the amount of data they consumed. On a side note, Android’s mobile data usage management is extremely well done and I wish Apple “borrows” a page from Android.

Source: BigBoss (Default) (Free)

2. Toast Messages for WiFi Connections

WiJoin solves the aforementioned problem by displaying a small toast whenever you connect to a WiFi network. Nice and easy.

Source: BigBoss (Default) (Free)

3. Speed Up iOS10 Animations

The default animations on an iPhone are unendurably slow. NoSlowAnimations, as its name suggests, speeds up the animations and the end result is that your iPhone feels a lot snappier. You can also adjust the animation speed in the settings if you like.

4. Access Control Center in Apps With One Swipe

When you’re in a full-screen app and you need to access the Control Center, you have to swipe a couple of times to access them — the first time it shows a grabber, and the second time it actually brings up the Control Center. If you’d like to make them accessible with just one swipe, AlwaysFirstSwipe is just what you need.

Source: BigBoss (Default) (Free)

5. Clear App Cache in iOS 10

Perhaps one of the most sought features on iPhones/iPad is the ability to clear cache. If you browse the web on your iPhone or use social networking apps a lot, these apps will store a lot of cache on your iPhone (I’m looking at you, Facebook). The only way to delete this cache and clear space is to uninstall and reinstall these applications. But if you’re jailbroken, CacheClearer enables you to clear cache on a per-app basis without going through the hassle of reinstalling apps.

Fix the iOS 10 Home Screen and Notifications 6. Status Bar Icon for Personal Hotspot

Whenever you turn on “Personal Hotspot”, you get a persistent bar constantly reminding you that the Personal Hotspot is turned on. This bar, alongside being obtrusive, breaks the “scroll status bar to jump to the top” inside apps.

TetherStatus fixes this by replacing the blue status bar with a simple Status bar icon. This looks much more subtle, elegant and this is how Apple should’ve implemented it.

Source: BigBoss (Default) (Free)

7. Replace the Volume Overlay

For even more minimalism, you can try NoVolumeHUD. With this enabled, you can still change volume, but the HUD will be always hidden. Source (NoVolumeHUD): BigBoss (Default) (Free)

8. Notification Icons in iOS 10

Perhaps one of my biggest gripe when I switched from Android to an iPhone, is iOS’s lack of notification icons in the status bar when I receive a new notification. OpenNotifier fixes this by adding a notification icon of the app to the status bar.

OpenNotifier10 has been just updated for iOS 10 but is missing several features compared to its previous versions. The developer has promised that he’s working hard to implement new features real soon, so you should definitely keep an eye on this. OpenNotifier10 requires Libmoorecon to work properly, so don’t forget to install it, too.

If you’re looking for some Jailbreak tweaks to fix the iOS’ Notification Center, you will have to wait for a little more time. Some developers have taken the matter into their hands and promised that they’re working on some Notification Center specific tricks like the grouping of notifications. Stick with us and we promise to keep you updated!

Fix iOS 10’s Default Keyboard 9. Use Third Party Keyboards Everywhere

Source: BigBoss (Default) (Free)

10. Get a Number Row in Keyboard

The stock keyboard doesn’t have a number row, in spite of the fact that iPhones are getting bigger. While you can quickly swipe from the “123” button on your keyboard to quickly enter a number (and there are several other similar iPhone’s keyboard tricks), exKey puts a dedicated number row on the top of your keyboard.

Source: BigBoss (Default) (Free)

11. Add Vibrations

Source: BigBoss (Default) (Free)

12. Use Keyboard as Trackpad

Navigating and selecting text on a phone isn’t very convenient, no matter how large phone screens have gotten. SwipeSelection turns your keyboard into a cursor trackpad, not unlike Apple’s 3D Touch on the keyboard, but also available for older iPhones.

Source: BigBoss (Default) (Free)

Fix the Control Center 13. Get Music Control in First Page of Control Center

Apple split the Control Center into two pages in iOS 10 and accessing music controls now require a swipe to the second page. This swipe also conflicts with the brightness slider sometimes and it becomes annoying pretty soon. Horseshoe brings the music control on the first page, thus consolidating both the pages into one.

Source: (Buy $1.99)

14. Customize Control Center Toggles

FlipControlCenter allows you to add, remove and re-arrange the toggles in the Control Center. It allows you to configure the number of toggles visible in the Control Center according to the device orientation. It can also change the apps present in the bottom shelf of the Control Center, so you can swap out the calculator for something you use more often.

Source: BigBoss (Default) (Free)

Other Miscellaneous iOS 10 Tweaks 15. Permanently Delete Photos

Deleting a picture from the Photos app sends it to the “Recently Deleted” album, where the permanent deletion is staged for 30 days. DeleteForever adds a “Delete Photo Permanently” option to Apple’s Photos app and as its name implies, it bypasses the “Recently Deleted” album and deletes these pictures forever.

16. Vibrations When Call Recieved

CallConnect vibrates your iPhone quickly whenever the other party receives your call. It’s such a simple but useful feature that you begin to wonder why Apple doesn’t bake it straight inside iOS.

Source: BigBoss (Default) (Free)

17. Get a Pop-up of Calls

CallBar replaces Apple’s full-screen incoming call UI with a simple pop-up, so you can use other apps on your iPhone while it is still ringing.

SEE ALSO: How to Jailbreak iOS 10.2 and Install Cydia (Guide)

Use These Jailbreak Tweaks to Fix iOS 10 Problems

5 Tips To Improve Netflix Playback On Your Pc

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services around. Depending on how you watch Netflix on your PC, you may have performance issues. Everything from whether you use a wireless connection to your Internet speeds to your window size can make a difference in having the best picture quality possible when streaming. This guide will give you some tips on how to optimize Netflix playback on your PC.

1. Wired vs. wireless

Whenever possible, connecting your PC to a wired Internet connection will always offer the best Netflix playback. Wired connections can get up to 100 Mbps depending on your ISP, modem and/or router configuration. Wireless connections, however, can be fickle depending on the weather and interference, and often have performance issues. The wired versus wireless scenario can vastly change the quality of streaming in Netflix.

2. Testing your Internet speed, contacting your ISP

Netflix automatically adjusts playback based on your Internet speed. If you have two computers in your home, depending on the circumstances, one could have better playback than the other. If you notice the picture in particular beginning to degrade as you are streaming, it is possible your Internet speed has slowed below what is required for optimal playback.

Netflix has recommended the following speeds for certain aspects of playback:

1 MB/s: Streaming on a laptop

2 MB/s: Streaming on a standard definition television

4 MB/s: Streaming in HD

5 MB/s: Optimal audio and video streaming

Testing your Internet speed through a service like chúng tôi can give you an idea of what your download speed is so you can see if you meet the requirements of Netflix’s.

If your download speeds are low, you will want to check your hardware first, and then contact your ISP to see if there’s anything they can do on their end to increase it. This could involve a change in hardware or a better Internet plan.

3. Change your Netflix video playback settings

Netflix offers users a chance to control how much data is downloaded to offer better streaming quality. You can choose which quality you want; Netflix will not choose one by default for you. If you are not capped by your ISP, you can increase the quality for better overall playback.

4. Finding the right window size for playback

Window size can impact playback for many Netflix users utilizing monitors or screens 20″ or higher. If you are using two monitors or more, this can also affect playback, and at the moment, there is not many ways to combat that issue.

However, you can reduce the window size of Netflix in your browser for better playback. This will take some tweaking, as no two computers will have the same configuration. You will have to play with the Netflix window size to find the right streaming playback.

For example, on my desktop PC, I use two 27″ monitors for my setup. Coupled with the amount of temporary memory and Internet connection I have through Comcast, I have found if I reduce the Chrome browser window to about 1024 x 748 in size, I can get optimal playback as long as my wireless connection is steady.

5. What else is running in the background?

When you stream through Netflix, part of the video you are watching is temporarily stored in your computer’s memory. If you are using a lot of programs, playing games or doing other things while trying to stream, this can impact the quality of playback from Netflix. Ideally, you want to run the bare minimum when streaming Netflix, especially if you want to use full screen mode to watch a program.


There is no catchall solution for fixing Netflix streaming performance that will work on all PCs. It takes some time to find the right setup, but these five tips can help optimize your Netflix playback on your PC.

Melissa Popp

Melissa Popp has been a freelance writer for over a decade. While she primarily has focused on writing about technology, she’s also written about everything from custom mailboxes to health care to just about anything in between. Melissa is the Content Strategist for chúng tôi the nation’s leading marketplace for trailers for sale, the Social Media Manager for the best roofing Denver company as well as a Writer here at MakeTechEasier. She’s a proud support of the Denver SEO community and a big fan of online radio.

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Jailbreak Tweaks Of The Week: Hiddenlock14, Intelligentpass 4, Snooze++, & More…

There sure has been a lot happening recently – with both the Taurine and unc0ver jailbreaks officially supporting all iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3 devices and Sileo now available for all modern jailbreaks, users of these tools have a lot to look forward to.

Given just how rapidly things have been developing, we understand that the news and releases can be challenging to follow when you’re life already hands you a full plate. That’s why we’re coming at you this Sunday with an easy-to-digest roundup.

In this piece, we’ll showcase all the latest jailbreak tweak releases and jailbreak-centric news from this past week, spanning Monday, April 12th to Sunday, April 18th. As always, we’ll kick things off with an outline of our favorite releases first and then wrap everything up with an outline of everything else afterward.

Our favorite releases this week HiddenLock14 – FREE

HiddenLock14 is a free jaikbreak tweak that fixes something we’re surprised needed to be fixed.

More specifically, it requires authentication before accessing the Hidden album in your iPhone or iPad’s Photos app, making it harder for someone to peer through your privatized photos and videos.

You can learn more about HiddenLock14 and how it works in our full review.

IntelligentPass 4 – $2.99

IntelligentPass 4 is a handy jailbreak tweak that allows iPhone and iPad users to bypass their passcode or device authentication altogether when the handset resides in a low risk environment.

You can configure the tweak to work when in range of specific Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices or based on other miscellaneous circumstances.

You can learn more about IntelligentPass 4 and what it can do in our full review.

Snooze++ – FREE

Snooze++ is a must-have jailbreak tweak for heavy iPhone alarm users, as it lets those users designate custom snooze durations for any alarm they set via the native Clock app.

You can learn more about Snooze++ and how it works in our full review.

Other releases this week

AloMadeMeDoThis: Adds the ability to theme knobs on the Lock Screen (free via ETHN’s repository)

Arizona: Allows jailbreakers to fine tune the position of their Lock Screen’s date and time indicator (free via Twickd repository – review)

BatteryHealthEnabler(iPad/iPod): Enables Apple’s coveted Battery Health preference pane on unsupported devices (free via Brend0n’s repository – review)

BattiBar: Colorizes the Status Bar with a slow-changing transitional gradient based on the battery level of your handset (free via Packix repository – review)

DieBackground: Hides the backgrounds from folders on the Home Screen (free via babyyoda777 repository)

DNDBadges: Turns notification badges purple when Do Not Disturb mode is turned on (free via ichitaso repository – review)

Gradi: Gives iOS’ Now Playing widget a YouTube Music / Google Music-inspired makeover ($1.50 via Packix repository – review)

HideDock14: Hides the background from the Home Screen’s Dock (free via babyyoda777 repository)

IGSaver: A media saver for the Instagram app (free via julioverne’s repository)

Jailbreak Update Checker: Checks for updates for your jailbreak on demand (free via Packix repository)

Momiji: Allows you to display the Momiji music player on demand with an action of your choice (free via Sugiuta’s repository)

PissOffProtection (iOS 14): Disables iOS’ hearing protection feature while listening to music (free via myxxdev repository)

Starfish Beta: A long awaited redesign for the Home Screen ($2.49 via Dynastic Repo repository)

TwinklePatcher: A twinkle WebView extension (free via Ichitaso repository)

YTRemoveUglySuggestions: Removes the YouTube app’s unsightly suggested video thumbnails at the end of every video (free via BigBoss repository- review)

Even more jailbreak related news

Odyssey: The Odyssey Team updated it’s iOS 13.0-13.7-based Odyssey jailbreak to version 1.3.2 with a fix for CarPlay issues in Ford vehicles, support for the Jailbreak Updater extension, and more. Version 1.3.3 was released a few hours later to fix Filza crashes.

Taurine: The Odyssey Team updated the iOS 14.0-14.3-centric Taurine jailbreak to version 1.0.4 with battery life improvements and userspace reboot fixes, among other things.

That just about wraps up this week’s jailbreak tweak and jailbreak news roundup, but we’ll be right back next Sunday with a piece just like this one showcasing all the latest content from the imminent work week.

Miss last week’s roundup? DigitalClock, ipaddock14, Velox Reloaded 2, & more…

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