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1. PlayStation VR

2. Samsung Gear VR

Samsung smartphone owners looking to give virtual reality a try will not do any better than the Samsung Gear VR. Compatible with a variety of devices including the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9, it is another great introduction to the world of VR. Powered by Oculus, you are free to enjoy 2D, 3D and 360-degree content, all powered through your smartphone.

Want to view web pages in virtual reality? The Gear VR can do exactly that. Want to play games? You can enjoy that option as well and hook up a Bluetooth compatible controller for an even better gaming experience. The included VR controller is also powerful and makes for a truly enjoyable VR experience without paying a fortune.

3. Pansonite 3D VR Glasses

Add in the Toy-Con Garage and Toy-Con Garage VR, and there are nearly endless possibilities for what this kit can do. Games include a blaster mini-game and elephant trunk 3D painter, and some of Nintendo’s premium Mario titles are VR-enabled right out of the box.


David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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5 Best Controllers For Fighting Games

5 best controllers for fighting games




You may think that fighting games are no longer popular the way they were in the arcade game rooms era, but they’re making a comeback and they’re not alone: specialized fighting game controllers are piggybacking, too.

Pandora Box 5 Wireless Arcade 960, Razer Panthera Street Fighter V and NBSXR 3 in 1 Wired USB Fighting Stick are all great fighting game controller choices if you want to impress your friends with your arcade-style moves and dominate the fighting ring at the same time.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag often varies. We recommend going on the vendor’s website to check the price. Some of the products may be out of stock by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.

Officially Licensed by Sony

Wired controller for instant response

R/L toggle switch and Turbo functions

Designed for 2D fighting games with a 6-button layout

Compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC (via Input)

The D-pad could use improvements

Check price

Fighting games need specialized controllers if you want to feel comfortable, and few are as good as the licensed HORI Fighting Commander.

Not only does it have all the controls that you would need, it comes with features such as Turbo Mode.

If you have a knack for older fighting games, you’ll be glad to know that this controller is great with 2D games in particular.

Great for fighting games like Street Fighter

Responsive controls and dials

Signature Mad Catz design

The start button makes it very easy to press the share button by accident

Check price

Mad Catz has always been great with gaming peripherals, be it mice, keyboards, or controllers, and they’ve really outdone themselves with the Mad Catz Street Fighter V FightPad.

With a perfectly ergonomic design made with fighting games in mind, this Street Fighter controller puts complete character control in the palm of your hand.

Expert tip:

Arcade stick-inspired 6 front-button layout

8-Way d-pad for precise diagonal input

3.5mm analog audio support

Built-in competition mode

The D-pad could use improvements

Check price

Razer has always been great at gaming gear in general, and this includes controllers as well, not just PC-exclusive peripherals.

This goes double for the Razer Raion Fightpad , especially if you’re an avid Street fighter fan that owns a PS4 or a PS5.

Fully moddable design

High-quality controller stick and buttons

Comes with internal storage compartments

Is compatible with many popular fighting games

The USB cable is proprietary and non-replaceable

Check price

Razer Panthera Street Fighter V is a premium arcade-like stick controller that was specially designed for fighting game aficionados and arcade room heroes who think that the old ways are the best ways.

This controller packs an 8-way joystick, 10 responsive action buttons (8 on the front, 2 on the side), and comes with a fully moddable construction so that you can customize the joystick and buttons to your own liking.

Wireless arcade-like stick controller

Comes in pairs so you can share the fun

unique design that makes it stand out

Not everyone may like the design

Check price

Pandora Box 5 Wireless Arcade 960 is a set of two fighting stick controllers just as popular arcade rooms in your city used to have, meant to help you recreate the good old days with your friends at the game room from the comfort of your own home.

What makes this controller pack stand out in the crowd is that they can be used wirelessly and that there are two of them bundled together, so you can call your friends over and have a fighting game tournament in your living room.

If you want to impress your friends with your muscle memory that recalls every fighting game combo from back in the days, you definitely need arcade fighting stick controllers in your life.

Pandora Box 5 Wireless Arcade 960, Razer Panthera Street Fighter V, and HORI Nintendo Switch Real Arcade Pro are all great fighting stick controllers that you can use with a wide range of devices and operating systems.

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13 Free Halloween Games Online For A Ghostly Good Time

Looking for a fun seasonal game to play during a coffee break? Want some cute Halloween games that are safe for your kids? These free online Halloween games are enjoyable for adults and kids alike.

You can control a telekinetic pumpkin who tries to survive or find your way through a puzzling, haunted house. For a slower-paced game, try a Halloween-themed card game or challenge yourself to mahjong. Whatever your favorite game genre, this list has you covered.

Table of Contents

Keep in mind that free online games typically show you an ad or two before you play or in between levels.

Arcade Games

Whether Halloween night after things die down or the week leading up to it, you can visit a spooky land, enjoy a shooting game, or cook up something good.

You’re a ripe pumpkin trying to survive as robots have taken over the planet. Use your telekinetic powers to eliminate the attacking drones. Move objects with your mind, teleport to different locations, and stay alive in this unique futuristic arcade game.

Drag your mouse to aim and release to shoot. There are tons of levels to work your way through, and hone your shooting skills as you go.

Serve the hungry diners their Halloween treats before the timer runs out, and they become impatient. Your goal is to collect coins by successfully serving as many customers as possible to move on to the next level.

Use your mouse button to place food on the grill and stir the pot. Then, select the item to serve to the guest.

Puzzle Games

Get ready to meet the undead or dress up your jack-o-lantern with these Halloween puzzlers.

Solve puzzles to make your way through the frightening house in Forgotten Hill: Fall. All you have is a flashlight, so use it to find items you can collect in each room. As you move about the house, you’ll see puzzles galore. How you solve them is a mystery in itself but worth it.

Use your mouse button to collect items, move through rooms, and present the items you find to solve the puzzles.

If you’ve ever dreamt of being a caveman with the skills to outrun cat zombies, this is the game for you. Adam and Eve: Zombies is a cartoon-style puzzler where you must figure out what to select to defeat the meowing zombies blocking your escape.

Use your mouse button to select items, move objects, and get Adam out of there.

For a funky way to play Simon Says, check out Boo. Use the paint, hat, eye patches, and other items to create a pumpkin that matches the one you see. For example, you may need one white eye, one black eye, and a combination of yellow and blue pumpkins.

Your goal is to figure out what to do in the proper order and with the correct colors to make the matching pumpkin. Don’t be fooled; it’s tougher than it looks.

Card and Board Games

Adventure games aren’t for everyone. Maybe you just want a relaxing casual game with a bit of Halloween flair.

Use your mouse button to select a card, turn over the next one in the deck, or pop a character for something extra. See if you can play your way through all 100 scary levels.

Mahjong, anyone? For a spooky way to play your favorite game, Halloween Connect gives you a holiday-themed matching game of mahjong with eerie background music.

Select two matching tiles next to each other, connect through cleared tiles, or link on the outside of the board. Move through the levels, collect chain bonuses, and see how much time it takes for you to score.

Kids Games

Although you may find one or more of the above games suitable for your child, the ones below are made especially for kids.

A PBS kids’ favorite for many years, Arthur joins in the holiday fun. Arthur’s Tricks and Treats is a cute matching game of sorts. Each trick-or-treater shows up with a request for candy, fruit, or other items. Select the correct sweets and drag them to the guest to move on to the next.

Use your mouse button to select and drag items and refill the goodie bowl.

Join Buster and D.W. as you search for rocks, frogs, butterflies, and other items in a corn maze on the Reed family farm. Your lantern lights the way as you find your items and make your way to the maze exit.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the arrow buttons on the screen to move. Walk up to an item to collect it, exit, and move on to the next maze.

If your child enjoys word search puzzles, then they’ll love this one full of Halloween words to find. You have nine words to track down that can be across, down, diagonal, or backward. Find all the words in the puzzle and move on to the next one.

Use your mouse to drag through the letters in each word.

Bubble shooters are always fun, and this Halloween-themed option for kids is no different. The bubbles pop out of the cauldron and float where you direct them.

Use your mouse button to aim and release a bubble of the same color or pattern to match three or more and clear them. Continue matching and clearing bubbles before they reach the bottom.

Memory games are great for kids, especially young ones. This Halloween Memory game offers cute characters, neat sound effects, and fun music.

Use your mouse button to select one card at a time. Try to remember which cards are where to make matches and move through the levels.

Happy Halloween!

360° Vr Walkthrough Software: 5 Best To Use In 2023

360° VR Walkthrough Software: 5 Best to Use in 2023




For guaranteed business success, you need the best walkthrough software to create 360° virtual home tours.

Below you can find a software that allows you to use your own panoramic images captured with any 360° camera.

A great cloud-based app helps you create a professional-quality, cost-effective virtual reality tour of your properties.

One program here also contains many additional effects such as transitions, collages, and sounds for more creativity.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Whether you are an event manager, travel blogger/company, professional photographer or a realtor, being able to stand out from the crowd is an essential aspect of any successful business.

This is where the walkthrough software gives you an upper hand as you can create a 360° virtual tour of any property using your 360° camera, smartphone or DSLR, and put it on your website or send it to your client for a review.

Some of the best walkthrough software allows you to create 360-degree virtual reality videos and show it to the client by hosting on your website or the software provider’s server. In addition, you can also create and show scenes from the property, pre-recorded tour guide videos with voiceover, floor plan and more.

Anyone can create a virtual tour using any 360 camera or even your smartphone. You can also stitch panorama shots from DSLR to create a virtual tour video. For a smartphone, you would need a motorized rotator to capture lag-free and stable panorama shots.

Now if you don’t want to spend a fortune on the popular and more sophisticated virtual tour solutions offered companies like Matterport, there are cheaper walkthrough software alternatives. While Matterport is an excellent solution, it is not for everyone.

In this article, we take a look at the best walkthrough software to create a virtual home tour and create a 360-degree interactive tour video with ease.

MY360 is an easy to use online virtual tour software that allows you to use your own interactive virtual tours using panorama image captured on any 360-degree camera or even manually stiched DLSR panorama shots.

My360 comes with a free 2-weeks trial. However, it has only one premium plan on offer which offers everything unlimited.

My360 Virtual Editor takes four steps to create virtual tours. The user needs to upload the images, arrange them, customise and publish on your own website, social media or public websites.

You can add buttons to the virtual tour for easier navigation, add images along with a tour description and your brand logo. The virtual tour can be added to Google Street View for no additional cost.

In addition, My360 allows you to embed your virtual tours on the website, has email marketing feature, ability to add contact forms to the tour, add a video intro and quick menu, analytics support and multiple account support to share your subscription with other agents.

My360 is a straight forward online property virtual tour creating software with one single plan and unlimited possibilities.


Enjoy your 360 tour close to reality!

Check priceVisit website

LiveTour by iStagging is a top class cloud-based tool to create a cost-effective professional grade virtual reality tour of your properties with exceptional ease of use.

LiveTour is a cloud-based software solution. The company also offers a VR kit that consists of a camera lens and rotator. The kit comes in handy if you don’t have access to a 360-degree camera and decide to shoot the panorama shots using your mobile phone.

On the pro plan, you get all the features of free plan + VR Maker app for smartphone, floor plan builder, custom branding, Free LiveTour capturing kit and standard shipping. The ultimate plan gets additional storage space and access to Google Street View feature.

LiveTour VR Editor is responsible for creating an online virtual tour and comes with wide 360° Panorama support that allows you to import panorama pictures from any 360° camera or manually stitched DSLR shots to the editor.

To create a connection between rooms, you can add hotspots within your panoramas making the virtual tour feel like a real walk-through experience. For promotion, you can add your business information and logo to the virtual tour as well.

You can also add floor plans to virtual tour for creating interactive virtual tour experience. Similar to EyeSpy 360, here too you can add tags to objects in your virtual tour providing more information about the objects with text and images.

LiveTour allows you to add up to 20+ team members (agents) to the same subscription and each of them can create virtual tours for their own listings.

⇒ Get IStaging

EyeSpy 360 is a self-service 360 virtual tour platform. Realtors can use the platform to capture and upload panoramic photos captured from any 360 VR camera to the website and create a virtual tour in no time.

Once the tour is ready, you can publish it and give access to your clients on the web, tablets and mobile. There is a video chatting option EyeSpy Live to interact with your clients while giving them a virtual tour of your property from anywhere in the country.

Expert tip:

Once you upload the Panorama shots, you need to rearrange the photos and then link them keeping doorways in mind. You can mark and add information to any object inside the tour using labels that contain text and images.

Other features supported by EyeSpy 360 include the ability to add company logos and information in the tour, analytics status showing traffic demographics and API integration to embed virtual tour on your property portal (website) or Android and iOS apps.

⇒ Get EyeSpy 360 

Kuula is a virtual tour and 360 image sharing platform used by real estate agents, architects and interior designers and most popular in the US.

It is a cloud-based virtual tour creating software that comes in three plans. You can start with the basic free plan with limited features and gradually upgrade to the Pro plan that starts at $12 per month or Business plan for $48 a month with additional features such as own domain, free SSL certificate, website builder etc.

The free plan does not have a virtual tour editor, but only virtual tour player. With the Pro plan, you can upload multiple panoramic images and use the drag and drop feature to arrange them in order.

The Virtual Tour Editor’s user interface is simple and easy to use. You can customise the virtual tour to meet your client needs by adding custom hotspot icons, images and audio for voice narration.

For real estate agents, floor plans and maps can be added to the virtual tour. You can also add Labels to any object in the tour with text and images to provide more information.

Kuula is easy to use. It may not be as glittery as EyeSpy or LiveTour, but it gets the job done with ease.

⇒ Get Kuula 

3D Vista’s Virtual Tour is a professional grade software that comes in two versions. Virtual Tour Standard for amateurs and beginners and Virtual Pro for professional looking for a standalone tool with a perpetual license to create a stunning virtual tour for the clients or own property listing portal.

You can download the trial version for your PC and Mac for evaluation. Virtual Tour allows you to create virtual reality tour for your property from panorama images and 360° videos. In addition, you can embed music and voice narration, videos, photos and floor plans into the tour, and customise the frames as per client needs.

Virtual tours created using Virtual Tour Pro or Standard can be hosted on user’s own server or on Vista3D’s server which costs extra. The virtual tours are compatible with all the devices and users can view the tour on the computer, mobile phones and tablets both online and offline.

Virtual Tour is compatible with 3D walkthroughs created with CAD software. It allows the user to create an animated panorama, live panorama for timelapse shots and tourist interactive 360 videos to add static and dynamic hotspots.

From Floor plans to hotspots and Street view to taking virtual tour videos offline, Virtual Tour Pro can do a lot. However, it is not for everyone.

Download the trial version for your Mac and Windows PC to see if your business can benefit from the software before purchasing the license for the software.

⇒ Get Virtual Tour Pro 


Whether you are a property owner or a realtor or even a travel blogger or agent, having a virtual tour of your property offers a more immersive experience and helps you to grow your business.

Virtual Tours or walk through are a great way to give the customer a look at what you have to offer. So that both the clients and agents can proceed further after the client is satisfied with the virtual tour of the house.

While you can capture panorama images using your smartphone with the help of a rotator and a lens, it is recommended that you invest in a 360-degree camera for better results and more convenience.

There are 360-degree cameras from Chinese brands like Xiaomi which offer high-quality images without breaking your bank.

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Hp’s Sprout Pro May Finally Find Its Home In Augmented And Virtual Reality

HP’s Sprout Pro is here to remind us that Microsoft’s Surface Studio is not the original creativity-oriented PC, let alone the most creative. Two years ago, the original Sprout debuted with integrated cameras that could turn 3D objects into 2D or 3D digital images, and a projector that worked with a unique touch-sensitive workspace to manipulate those objects. But two years ago, the world wasn’t AR- and VR-crazed yet—and we were all still suffering under Windows 8. Now, the Sprout Pro brings an upgraded set of talents to a market that may finally be ready for it. 

The Sprout Pro is slightly slimmer and taller, and about five pounds lighter than the original Sprout. HP also visually trimmed its profile by using more black-clad surfaces.


HP’s Sprout Pro lets you digitize 3D objects for easy content creation.

What makes the Sprout Pro unique are its Touch Mat and Sprout Illuminator. The 21.3-inch Touch Mat is the Sprout Pro’s second display, which lays on your work surface. The Sprout Illuminator is an array of components cantilevered over the top of the PC, including an Full-HD DLP projector that beams the second display’s image onto the Touch Mat. The Touch Mat can take 20-point touch input as well as a digital stylus, so you can write, draw, or use your hands. The display now projects in a more imaging-friendly 3:2 proportion. 

You create images using the Illuminator’s downward-facing 14.6MP 2D camera or 3D camera and HP’s Work Tooks software. (The original Sprout had an Intel RealSense camera, which has been replaced by this new, unidentified 3D camera.) By comparison, the Surface Studio and the dual-display computer expected from Dell offer digital work surfaces but no integrated image-creation capabilities.

Melissa Riofrio

HP’s Sprout Pro is shown taking multiple images of an object, which it can turn into a 2D or 3D image. 

The rise of Windows 10 goes hand in hand with many of the Sprout Pro’s improvements. The original Sprout had a proprietary, full-screen Workspace interface for image creation, because Windows 8.1 didn’t quite offer what HP needed. But users balked at having to learn something new. “We spent a lot of time trying to hide Windows, but we found people wanted to work with it anyway,” admitted HP Distinguished Technologist Brad Short, adding, “People felt trapped in the app.”

The 3D capabilities coming with the Creators Update play right into the Sprout’s strengths. The Sprout Pro will work with any Windows app that supports a digitizer, offering a more discreet array of WorkTools icons along the bottom of the screen. “We’re exposing the features of Sprout in the apps they’re familiar with,” Short explained. 

Melissa Riofrio

For the Sprout Pro, HP moved the utilities from a full-screen interface to a discreet row of icons along the bottom of the display. 

Melissa Riofrio

HP’s Sprout Pro is being used in Europe’s Media Markt retail chain to help customers choose vinyl wraps for their appliances. Here, a refrigerator mock-up is rotated to see how a telephone-booth wrap would look. 

In manufacturing, the Sprout’s projection capabilities are helping train workers on assembly lines, and in retail, it’s an interactive tool. HP showed an example from European retail giant Media Markt, where customers use the Sprout to choose a decorative vinyl wrap for their appliances and rotate the mock-up to decide whether they like it. (So when is this coming to the United States?) “People love the large interactive surface,” Short said. 

5 Questions To Consider When Implementing Mobile Augmented Reality

While virtual reality has many exciting business applications, augmented reality may be technology that eventually replaces what we think of as computing today. Mobile augmented reality is touted as a technology that could revolutionize the world of work, as its ability to add a digital layer to the world around us can help improve workflow, boost productivity and cut costs.

Augmented reality utilizes a camera, sensors, like GPS, and digital image processing to recognize the world around us, and then uses that information to add a contextualized digital layer of information on top. We recently saw this technology baked directly into the camera on Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone, allowing users to point their device at a real-world landmark and instantly receive information about it.

But it’s in the enterprise where augmented reality could have the biggest impact. Here are five questions companies should consider when looking to integrate mobile augmented reality in their workflow.

1. Do I really need to use AR?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, productivity growth averaged just 0.5 percent from 2011 to 2023 — meaning weaker economic growth and even stagnant wages. Mobile augmented reality promises not only to make workers’ lives easier but also significantly boost productivity. As this study shows, using an AR-enabled tablet or smartphone, employees were able to assemble parts of a wing — which required over 50 steps to assemble nearly 30 different parts — 30 percent faster with a 90 percent improvement in quality, compared to those using a desktop computer.

Use AI to Work Without Barriers

White Paper

Learn how AI-powered devices enable the future of work. Download Now

2. What business objectives can AR address?

As well as having the ability to enhance productivity, augmented reality technology is a powerful tool to increase engagement with a brand. For example, Tiffany & Co.’s Engagement Ring Finder app boosts customer engagement by letting shoppers access custom filters that show what their ring looks like in different lighting conditions. This approach can be used by a wide variety of businesses to enhance personalization: Car salespeople can show customers their car in different colors and clothing stores can let shoppers use mobile AR in a number of different ways, such as to try on garments at home before buying.

Education and training companies can also leverage AR technology. Educational companies can use it to make their apps more engaging, allowing students to interact with the real world around them. For training, a well-designed AR app can provide a guiding hand for people in the medical, construction or engineering fields, all the while saving money and boosting productivity.

3. What augmented reality technology is available today?

AR is being deployed in a range of hardware today, but most widely on smartphones, where the technology is now being deeply integrated into the latest smartphones and tablets, such as Bixby Vision in the Galaxy S8 smartphone. Using these portable devices in combination with the augmented reality technology can boost the productivity and skills of employees in a wide range of industries, thanks to their flexibility.

4. How do I integrate AR into my workflow?

Companies are eager to ensure they are using the latest technology and not getting left behind when it comes to the cutting-edge hardware and software its competitors may be using. However, it is important to assess carefully how best to roll it out to your employee- or customer-facing apps.

To integrate AR into your workflow, you need to consider several variables:

Is it going to be a seamless experience where employees can simply pick up and use the AR-enabled devices?

Will it boost productivity or will tasks take longer because employees have to use the technology?

Is it better to invest in hands-free hardware such as smartglasses or readily available technology like smartphones and tablets?

5. Where does the future of AR lie?

With its ability to boost workflow and improve employee productivity, mobile augmented reality is quickly taking off in the enterprise. It’s important for businesses to keep an eye on this revolutionary technology in order to not be left behind.

Read more about trends that are contributing to the rise of the digital workforce, including augmented reality and the Internet of Things.

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