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1. Sharing music

Sharing music on Dropbox is not only a breeze, but one of the coolest features the service is capable of offering. All you need to do is create a Music folder, then share it with your friends. You can all add music to the folder that you think each other would like, and sample any of it that you think they might be right about. Of course, music with DRM can present a problem, but aside from those files, its generally smooth sailing!

2. Installing Android apps

As most of our consistent readers know, I’m a heavy Android user, and am always installing the latest and greatest apps. Part of doing this though, is installing apps that don’t just come from the Android Market. This means downloading apps from the internet and installing them on my phone. Dropbox is an awesome way to do this. From any computer, you can navigate to a site and download an app, then just drag the .apk (Android install package) to your Dropbox, and open Dropbox on your Android device. Then, just open the .apk file, and install! All without wasting valuable internal storage space on your mobile device!

3. Sharing photos

One of Dropbox’s coolest and most highly touted features is its photo sharing ability, and frankly, it really is cool.  Just drag photos from either your computer’s file browser or photo management program into your Dropbox’s Photos folder, and watch as Dropbox automatically turns these folders into photo albums. Then, share the albums with friends!  This means not only can they view the photos, but they can download high-res versions, which you can’t do through perennial picture sharing powerhouse Facebook.

4. Use it as a multi-platform “clipboard” 5. Home security

One geeky tricked I’ve picked up is this one: Use your Dropbox to keep abreast of happenings at your home while you’re away. Here’s how it works:

Connect a motion sensor camera to your computer.

Whenever the camera detects motion, it takes video.

Set the camera software to save the video files, which should be short enough in length and low enough in resolution as to not be too huge of a file size, in your Dropbox folder after downloading the software.

Now, you can just log in to your Dropbox, and check for videos. If there are videos, you know there has been motion at your house, and you can watch them to find out what’s going on!


The fact is, Dropbox has a million uses… It’s truly limited only by our imaginations, and I hope to do another article like this in the future, with another list of great uses for the software. But for the time being, these are some super cool ways to use software that is actually incredibly useful just in its most basic form.

Colin Scattergood

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9 Ways You Can Make Your Website More Accessible

Incorporating accessibility on your website is the right thing to do today.


Because 25% of adults in the U.S. live with a disability, according to the CDC.

However, too many websites still lack accessibility features.

That means millions of users are struggling to use the web.

What Is Web Accessibility?

Web accessibility is about designing and developing websites, tools, and technologies that people with disabilities can use, according to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

People with disabilities should be able to perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with, and contribute to the web.

Web accessibility applies to all disabilities that affect access to the web, including:







Where Does ADA Stand?

The most relevant sections of the ADA to web accessibility are Title II and Title III.

Title II requires state and local governments and governmental entities receiving federal funding to provide qualified individuals with disabilities with equal access to their programs, services, or activities.

Title III prohibits “places of public accommodations such as restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, museums, and hospitals from disability-based discrimination.”

While the ADA does not clearly address the question of web accessibility, websites and apps are often considered as part of a business.

New Wave of ADA Lawsuits

Recent years have seen a spike in the number of ADA-based web accessibility lawsuits.

There were 2,256 ADA website-accessibility lawsuits filed in federal courts in 2023.

However, it appears the curve is flattening.

How to Optimize Your Website for Disabled Users

Optimizing a website for disabled users makes perfect business sense.

You can cater to a broader market segment while building a positive brand image.

Once you have tested your website for web accessibility, you can implement the following steps:

1. Add Images with Alt Text

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but visual elements like images are an accessibility barrier to blind users and those with low vision.

They often have to rely on assistive technologies such as Screen Readers and refreshable Braille Readers.

Screen Readers are software programs that read the text on the screen using a synthesizer or Braille display.

However, neither of these technologies can read images or the text in the images.

So, you need to add Alt Text to describe your images to disabled users.

Make sure to describe the image as clearly as possible.

You can use alt attribute for brief descriptions and “Longdesc Tag” for lengthy descriptions.

2. Allow Users to Enlarge Font Sizes

People with low vision often can’t read small text sizes.

So, they have to use specific font settings when browsing your website.

Offering an alternate style sheet with the ability to enlarge the font size without breaking your page layout should make it easier for them to read your content.

Also, make sure your CTA buttons have a larger font size.

Also, make these buttons visible to people with impaired vision.

3. Keep Contrast Sensitivity in Mind

Along with text size, think about color and contrast.

People with vision impairments such as retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and cataract have low color contrast sensitivity.

When designing your webpages, make sure to have a high contrast between the foreground and background, such as yellow letters on a black background.

Avoid using thin fonts.

Also, try to avoid using any JavaScript or CSS features that will prevent visually impaired users from increasing the contrast.

Just like the text size, color contrast is also critical for CTAs.

While black text on a white background has the highest readability, you can also use a combination of black text on a yellow background and yellow text on a blue background.

Avoid using combinations like green text on red background and vice versa as they are hard to read.

4. Add Keyboard Navigation

For blind and visually impaired users, navigation is a challenge.

As they can’t use a mouse to browse the site, you have to incorporate keyboard navigation into your website.

Blind users will use Braille keyboards to access your site.

Make sure disabled users can access all interactive elements of your website, including:


Anchor text.

Drop-down menus.




Dialog boxes.

Also, make JavaScript widgets accessible with the keyboard.

Alternatively, you can use HTML links, buttons, and form fields alone to make sure all elements of your website are keyboard-accessible.

5. Make Video and Multimedia Accessible

Videos and other multimedia elements on your website play a critical role in increasing the user-engagement on your website.

While blind and visually-impaired users can’t see visuals, deaf users and those hard-of-hearing can’t hear audio.

You can use an audio description to describe visuals-only parts such as images, gestures, and changes in settings, among others. It will help blind users to enjoy the video.

However, use your better judgment when adding an audio description.

Make sure you don’t end up with hours of audio description, making it a meaningless experience for the user.

You can provide text captions that synchronize with the video and audio tracks for users who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Make sure to use the right color contrast to highlight the captions correctly.

Finally, you will have to use an accessible multimedia player.

Fortunately, HTML5 players provide a better chance of incorporating accessibility.

6. Use Descriptive URLs

Screen readers can quickly and precisely read descriptive URLs, offering blind and visually-impaired users some context.

Meaningful descriptions also make it easier to skip to the right content.

For example, when describing the link of the “About” page, keep the following mind.

Also, don’t add links to images that can’t support Alt Text.

7. Use ARIA Roles

ARIA stands for Accessible Rich Internet Applications.

It helps you make dynamic content more accessible.

ARIA roles and attributes provide more information or context about a website element to screen readers and other assistive tools.

The six most common categories of ARIA roles include:

Landmark: Screen readers use this role for navigation.

Document Structure: It offers a structural description of a section.

Widget: It describes interactive elements lacking semantic equivalents in HTML.

Abstract: It helps organize and streamline a document.

Window: It creates a subcategory or subsection of the main document.

Live Regions: It helps assistive tools to detect dynamic content changes on a webpage and alert disabled users.

However, only people with access to source code and with the knowledge of ARIA and HTML5 can and should make these changes.

You should contact your website developer for further details.

8. Avoid Using Placeholder Text in Forms

Online forms often use placeholder text to describe various elements to save space.

However, placeholder text is usually gray.

Visually impaired users can’t read it due to the low contrast.

It is also a non-label text, which means screen readers will usually skip place holder text. As a result, blind users won’t be able to read this text either.

These steps will improve usability for blind and visually impaired users. However, when taking these steps, make sure to avoid creating a cluttered web form. Try to keep it as simple as possible.

9. Minimize the Use of Tables

Usually, screen readers will inform blind users of how many rows and columns a table has.

However, it is often challenging for screen readers to read the tabular data in the same flow that matches the visual order.

So, wherever possible, use CSS for data presentation.

If you must create a table, use the correct headers for each row and column.

You can also use HTML5 table captions to provide additional context to your disabled users.


Creating an accessible website not only makes good business sense, it is also the morally right thing to do.

So always keep accessibility in mind.

Hopefully, these tips will help you as you optimize your website for disabled users.

7 Ways To Make Good Use Of Your Old Game Console

You got a new PS4 Pro or Xbox One X for the holidays. Pretty sweet, right? Unfortunately, now your old console is sitting in a corner collecting dust. If you’re a fan of video games, this is probably a scenario that has played out numerous times before. If you have a collection of old video game consoles sitting around and aren’t sure what to do with them, check out this guide.

1. Sell It

Most people’s gut reaction would be to sell their old console. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available if you want to try and make some money from your old consoles. Selling it yourself via eBay or Craigslist will maximize potential earnings. That being said, you’ll have to have the patience and the will to deal with the pitfalls of private sales.

If you can’t be bothered with the hassle, you can sell your old game console to various online resellers. Be aware that you probably won’t stand to make as much than if you sold it yourself. However, if your main concern is getting it out of the house fast while making some extra dough, this is your best bet. Last but not least, you can always try selling your old game console to a brick and mortar store like GameStop. That being said, you’ll probably make the least amount of money if you go down this route.

2. Donate It

If you don’t care about making money and like the idea of your pre-loved console finding new purpose, consider donating it. Gamers Outreach has been donating video games to hospitals for almost ten years. Operation Supply Drop organizes and deploys “generationally appealing care packages” (translation: video games) to military personnel stationed overseas.

The charities mentioned above are only a small sample of charities providing recreation, therapy and happiness through the power of video games. A quick Google search can match you up with the charity you’d like to help out with your old console.

3. Hack It

If the idea of bricking your old console isn’t a deal breaker, you might want to try modding. There are a number of passionate modding communities that have developed ways to repurpose your old console. Modding a Wii or Wii U is fairly easy and can open the door to strong homebrew communities. You can also experiment by flashing custom firmware on your Xbox 360 to play backups of your games from a hard drive. In addition, you can even install Linux on your PS3 for a console-turned-PC or file server.

Note: the legality of modding/hacking your console depends on what you are planning to do with it. Be aware that altering your console will definitely void your warranty.

4. Gut It

With the NES and SNES Classic tapping in to nostalgia, why not make your own? Simply gut your old console’s insides and replace them with a Raspberry Pi. You’ll end up with an emulation machine housed in a legit retro console shell that can play a heck of a lot more than 30 games. You can even cram a Raspberry Pi Zero in an old controller or game cartridge!

Personally, the thought of opening up one of my beloved old consoles and ripping its guts out is horrifying. However, if you have an old console that doesn’t work anymore or is destined for the trash heap, you might want to consider it.

5. Use It as a Media Center

Who needs a Fire Stick or Apple TV when you have a perfectly good media player in the form of your old console? Older consoles from the last generation or two like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 can play physical media like DVDs and Blu-rays.

Note: Different consoles may support different formats. For more information, conduct a quick Google search.

In addition, older consoles can also play back media files housed on external USB flash drives and hard drives. Furthermore, these consoles often support a wide range of video streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Finally, grab a media remote and ditch the controller to complete the transformation!

6. Set Up a Game Room

One of the most obvious things to do with an old console is to hook it up and revisit your old favorites. If you’ve got the space, you might want to consider creating a dedicated videogame room. Be aware that connecting older consoles to modern TVs does require some extra hardware.

Alternatively, you can grab a few cheap CRT TVs from Craigslist or a local thrift store for a more authentic experience. Last but not least, snag some videogame paraphernalia to scatter around and viola, you have a dedicated game room.

7. Recycle It

If none of the above appeals to you, you might be leaning towards simply throwing your console out. Just don’t dump it in the trash. Old electronics, including video game consoles, have a number of hazardous chemicals inside them. Over time the electrical components inside your console corrode and poison the environment.

Instead, do Mother Nature a favor and recycle your old console. Best Buy and Nintendo of America both have game console recycling programs. Alternatively, you can find a local e-waste recycling center by checking the e-Stewards website.

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5 Tips To Make Business Management And More Efficient Planning

There is a fact that, as a business owner, you cannot ignore: employees no longer work alone for a salary. They are also looking for a job that provides them with stability and security, learning opportunities and professional development, and in the end being recognized for their good performance. For more information about you can check at Zoe Talent Solutions

In order for a company to offer these benefits, it is essential that it has efficient personnel management processes, to monitor the information of each employee in real time, avoid conflicts and improve overall productivity. And this is a responsibility not only of the human resources area but also of the business leader.

The question is then what can we do to take employee management to the next level. As the experts explain, there are several aspects to consider, and they range from internal communication to comfort conditions in the factory or office. And these are the five most important tips.

Offers a good quality of working life

People spend many hours at work (sometimes more than at home), and working with the right conditions promotes their motivation and productivity. Make sure the company’s facilities are in good condition, always clean and bright. Periodically check the operation and safety of computers, equipment and machinery. Also worry about your employees access to healthy food, safe transportation and everything they need to maintain their physical and emotional health.

Dare to go further with the benefits

One of the things most sought after by today’s workers is the balance between work and personal life. Their goal is not only to enjoy their family or their free time more, but also to recover the energy they need to better fulfill their obligations. Among other options, and whenever the turn of your business allows, you can propose flexible schedules, the possibility of working from home, days off for birthdays or a special family event, access with special prices to health programs or sports activities, or extra vacation days as part of a bonus.

Related: – What is the Ethical Supply Chain? Supply and Demand.

Work on good internal communication

Optimize administrative processes

Form leaders

To have high performance teams and ensure a seamless operation, you need to rely on managers and bosses who make their own decisions every day, and also make their contribution to the good working environment. To form true leaders, you have to learn to delegate, but first give clear information about what you expect from a team, determine responsibilities, provide the necessary tools to perform different tasks, and publicly recognize the achievements. It also considers the possibility of providing senior management and media of the company with training in leadership and human resources.

Tryphena Dudley

5 Ways To Use Video In Your Marketing

Which would you prefer: To read a description of a product or to watch a video of how it’s used, what it looks like, and it’s features? If you’re like most people, 68% in fact, you’d prefer the video.

Video marketing is quickly becoming the hottest way to communicate with consumers, and consumers are loving it. Video marketing is engaging, can be fun, and gives a lot of information quickly. It’s no wonder that 87% of businesses now use video as a tool in their marketing.

If you’re not using video marketing yet, now is the time to take the plunge. How can you use video in your marketing efforts? We cover five ways to incorporate it here!

1. Introduce Yourself on Your Website

When consumers come to your website, they’re looking for a solution to their problem from a business they can trust. One of the easiest ways to quickly share what you do and instantly build a personal connection is to place an introductory video on your home or about page.

The video should be short ““ under two minutes ““ and can feature members of the team explaining what you do and why you’re passionate about your work. It can also capture your business’s brand story or the value you aim to deliver consumers so they can connect with you and your business.

Learn more about building your business’s brand story here. Then, watch this video we made for our website about who we are:

2. Get Personal in Your Emails

Email marketing remains an incredibly effective way to reach prospects and customers. Incorporating video into these emails is a way to boost their effectiveness even further.

Maybe you include video in your newsletter, introducing your mailing list to a new item or service. Perhaps you send explainer videos to new customers, giving them tips for how to get the most out of their recent purchase. They don’t have to be overproduced videos, either. They can be quick, short videos filmed right from your phone! The purpose of video marketing is to connect with your audience, and audiences have grown used to seeing videos that are more pared down (which is good news for you!).

3. Go Live on Social

Sharing videos on social media is a great way to engage with your audiences. Live videos are the perfect option for businesses looking to promote a new product or event. Because of their ephemeral nature, people get excited about live videos or Instagram stories.

When viewers react to your video marketing efforts, reach back out! Starting a dialogue with your fans builds trust and a personal connection. Think about incorporating hashtags into your event and product promotions, so that you can keep the conversation going even after the live video has ended.

4. Add Viral Content on YouTube

Users watch over one billion hours of video on YouTube every hour. Why not create something that could be discovered by that colossal audience?

It’s free for businesses to set up a YouTube account and easy to upload video. Once you’ve established your presence, the key to creating a successful channel is uploading content consistently. It doesn’t need to be a daily endeavor, but you should tell your viewers what cadence to expect and then stick to it.

A schedule encourages viewers to come back on a regular basis. And when the content you’re putting out is useful, they’ll subscribe and tell their friends!

Speaking of YouTube, did you know we’ve got a channel there? Check us out!

5. Create Versatile Advertising Content

The great thing about video content is that it’s no longer costly to create a high-quality video. Most phones have pretty great video cameras, and investing in an external microphone and the most basic lighting setup can result in a polished finished product.

Video marketing is the way of the future. Getting smart about using video across your online assets will allow you to greet consumers with the kind of content they crave.

Get more YouTube video ideas to try here.

Stephanie Heitman

Stephanie is the Associate Director of Content for LocaliQ and WordStream. She has over 10 years of experience in content and social media marketing and loves writing about all things digital marketing. When she’s not researching the latest and greatest marketing news and updates, she’s probably watching reality TV with her husband, reading, or playing with her two pups.

Other posts by Stephanie Heitman

Zapier Sms: 5 Cool Things You Can Do

Zapier’s automations allow you to receive alerts when specific conditions are met. The potential for these tools is nearly limitless and are utilized by people ranging from individuals that want to streamline certain aspects of their life to business owners with dozens of Zaps that all but run their business.

One of the most powerful features of Zapier is the SMS integration. Through this tool, you can send out SMS messages in response to a number of different situations and conditions. It’s particularly useful because of how wired people are to their phones. A study shows that 83% of millennials open text messages within 90 seconds of receiving them.

Table of Contents

Compare that to how often emails get ignored and you have tremendous potential at your fingertips. If you’re looking for ideas on how to use Zapier SMS services, check out these options.

1. Receive Zapier SMS Alerts for Google Calendar Entries

Nothing is quite as awful as a last-minute reminder that you have a meeting or event that you have not prepared for. It’s too easy to ignore calendar alerts on your phone, and the email reminders often meet the same fate.

On the other hand, you can set up Zapier to alert you to upcoming Google Calendar events. Zapier monitors your Google Calendar for upcoming events and sends you an alert ahead of time so that you aren’t caught completely off-guard. 

For this to work, you will have to grant Zapier access to your Google Calendar account and connect a phone number through SMS by Zapier. 

2. Receive a Text When You Gain a Twitch Follower

You can create a Zap that will send you an Zapier SMS message whenever you receive a new follower on Twitch. This can keep your phone buzzing all evening long if you’re having a great run, but it’s also a good way to keep an eye on your follower count after you upload streams and are dealing with real-life chores.

You will need to connect your Twitch account to Zapier for this.

3. Receive Notices for Important Emails

If you’re the type to ignore your inbox because it gets full too quickly, connecting Zapier’s built-in email parser to an SMS messaging service can help. If you tell the email parser to monitor for particular keywords that would denote an important message (deadline, assignment, due date, etc.), then you can automatically detect these emails and receive a text alerting you.

A Zap like this helps you stay on top of your workload no matter how busy you are. It also helps ensure you don’t miss important emails just because they arrived in your inbox amidst a storm of spam.

4. Send a Text When You Upload a Video

If you are a content creator or an instructor, you might want to keep your followers or students updated when a new video goes live. While there is always the option to subscribe to a channel, a text message can be the personal touch you need to reach out to viewers.

Here is where it gets a bit tricky, though. While SMS by Zapier is a great tool for messaging yourself, you will need to sign up to one of the other messaging services on Zapier to send texts to numbers you do not own. Each of these services has their own set of guidelines, so make sure to familiarize yourself with them before you start.

You will need to create an account with the messaging service of your choice (Twilio is a good place to start), as well as link your YouTube or other video platform account to Zapier so that the messages will go out automatically. 

As a side note, you can use this same Zap in reverse to monitor specific YouTube channels for new content. 

5. Text Your Workout Partner When You Finish a Workout

It’s much easier to stay in shape when you have someone to work out and cheer you on, but it’s not always so easy to remember to let them know you worked up a sweat. If you want to keep yourself accountable to your gym buddy, you can do so by linking your workout app to Zapier.

Strava is a solid choice. Whether you ride a bicycle or go for a run, you can set up a Zap that monitors Strava and sends off an Zapier SMS when you finish an activity in Strava. This is a good way to keep your gym partner informed and motivate them to keep up. 

Zapier SMS Limitations

While Zapier’s integrated SMS service is powerful, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, Zapier can only send up to 15 messages per hour, and you can only send messages within the US and UK.

In addition, you can only send messages to numbers that are verified and fixed to your account. Messages are limited to only 153 characters in length, too–and any message going to the UK will be overridden with a UK number, regardless of its original number.

These protections are in place to prevent people from abusing the system and spamming messages to others. However, if you wish to reach out to people that are not on your list, you can do so through one of the other messaging services available on Zapier. 

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