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6 Best Spotify Browser Extensions to Download for Free Listen to the favorite music on a browser with built-in Spotify




Using these extensions, you may stream and navigate between songs easily from your browser.

Among the extensions below-mentioned, SpotiAds is the most useful. Don’t hesitate in trying the rest too.

Try Opera One, a browser with unlimited functionalities already integrated.

A remarkable browser like Opera One has maximum capabilities already underneath the hood.

Here’s what Opera One covers through default:

An incredible AI Service accessible directly in the sidebar

Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages quicker

Modular browser, multithreaded, and intuitive tab navigation

Battery saver mode

⇒ Get Opera One

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video service that offers access to millions of songs and other content from creators all over the world. Essential functions such as playing music are free, but you can also upgrade to Spotify Premium.

One best feature of Spotify is its cross-platform availability, including computers, phones, tablets, speakers, TVs, and cars, and you can easily transition from one to another with Spotify Connect.

Keep reading this post to learn about the best Spotify browser extensions to download for free.

How do I download Spotify extensions?

Downloading Spotify extensions is a straightforward task. All you need to do is open the dedicated extension store for your browser and add the extension to your browser.

On Google Chrome, you’ll have to open the Chrome Web Store, and on Firefox browser Add-Ons on Firefox.

Is there a Spotify extension for Chrome?

There is a Spotify extension on the Chrome Web Store named Spotify Player. This extension lets users stream and navigate between songs easily from their browsers.

This extension offers a mini Spotify player that allows the user to seamlessly play/pause/like/repeat or jump to the previous or next track while surfing the web without navigating to the Spotify user interface.

What are the best browser extensions for Spotify?

The Opera One Player is a browser-based integration that allows you to access your favorite streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

With so much of our lives taking place online these days, music streaming apps are more popular than ever. However, maintaining several streaming applications or tabs may be time-consuming.

We’ve all experienced the discomfort of music playing over a movie we want to watch. Opera One had the brilliant idea of integrating these platforms into applications to serve as your virtual assistant.

When you start streaming a movie or an audio file in a tab, the Player pauses and instantly restarts music playback when you stop other audio from other players.

Some key features of Opera One are:

Easy playback control

Numerous sidebar integrations

Alternate between streaming platforms

Manageable from a single screen


Opera One

On the same screen, you can listen to Spotify and browse without having to manage numerous devices, tabs, or apps.

Free Visit website

Pause, Play, Previous, Next song

Control volume

Like the song


Open the Spotify desktop app when it’s not opening

⇒ Get Spotify Player for Firefox

⇒ Get Spotify Player for Chrome

Easy navigation between songs

Repeat and shuffle songs from playlists

Adjust volume

Search for different songs

⇒ Get Spotless for Chrome

Some key features include:

SpotifyTree is an extension for Firefox that provides playlists and saved albums in a tree view. It also allows users to control the Spotify Web Player using a popup. Thanks to this, you don’t need to switch to the web player every time they need to switch a song.

Playlists in Tree view

Enhances browsing experience

Shows playback info

Easy and convenient to use

⇒ Get SpotifyTree

Several users complain about the fact that they are unable to use Spotify. Rest assured that our guide shows you what to do if that happens.

Quickify Spotify extension Firefox offers a quick way of interacting with the Spotify Web Player without losing the context of your current webpage.

⇒ Get Quickify for Firefox

How do I use Spotify extensions?

Using the Spotify browser extension on your browser is an easy task. Below are steps to do so on Chrome and Firefox:

On Google Chrome On Firefox

These were the five best Spotify browser extensions. Among the above-mentioned, Spotify Player and SpotiAds are the two most recommended ones you can try.

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Spotify ‘Waiting To Download’ Error

With content streaming being the new norm among consumers, music also has found its way to the business. Spotify is a music streaming service that is probably one of the most popular among users. Its algorithm is one of the best known in predicting songs and it comes with many other features like playlists and recommended songs that make it really popular among its users.

However many users have reported that when trying to download songs on their iPhone/ Android or Windows devices, they are presented with an error that says “Waiting to download”. This can prevent users from downloading files for places that do not have proper internet connections for constant streaming.

Here I will discuss Spotify waiting to download error and the possible ways that you can solve this.

There are some simple reasons that can cause the “waiting to download” error on Spotify.

There is download limit for each device even with a premium subscription. With a Spotify premium account, you can download up till 10000 songs on a total of three devices. Crossing this limit will prevent users from downloading any more songs.

Your firewall software may also have misreported the application as dangerous and for this reason your OS may be preventing the application from downloading any more songs.

You might also need to check your internet as connectivity issues will prevent you from downloading songs onto your device.

If Spotify download is waiting on your device as well, there are some easy workarounds that you can use to solve this error on your device.

Although 3330 songs seem like a target you would never reach on a device, with some really good songs available from very good artists, you may have mistakenly crossed the limit on your device without actually knowing it.

Check the number of downloaded songs on your device and make sure that it hasn’t crossed 3333 songs. If it has, try deleting some older songs and then try downloading your new songs.

Many times, an improper connection may also be causing “Spotify waiting to download local files” error on your device.  On nearly every kind of network, there is a timeout period, after which the connectivity throttles upon continued usage.

Restarting your router and putting your device on Airplane mode and back, will reset the network, and the throttle should be over. This will clear the network errors, and you should be able to download songs onto your device.

On Windows you can try clearing DNS cache as well. To do that:

Open an elevated Command Prompt. To do this, open a Run window by pressing Win + R. Type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to launch Command Prompt with administrative privileges.

ipconfig /flushdns

Wait for the confirmation message and then try downloading the songs.

If you were facing the waiting to download on Spotify due to this reason, your error should now be resolved.

There is simple workaround that can probably help you download the playlist on your mobile device if you have a PC handy. Follow these steps closely and your error should be resolved:

Create a playlist on your PC with local files, and download them. Use whichever WiFi you want to download them.

Open the playlist on your mobile’s Spotify application and press the Download At this point the problem arises, where the songs are blacked out and it says ‘waiting to download’ forever.

Close Spotify on your phone, while keeping it open on your PC.

Create a personal hotspot on your phone and connect your PC to it.

Open Spotify on your phone and all the songs should start downloading right away!

Many users reported that this method helped them overcome their issue where the songs would not download on their device.

There is a known issue with Spotify that prevents users from downloading files if any third party antivirus is installed. This issue should not be seen with popular antivirus software, but you might try disabling or uninstalling them to diagnose this error.

To add an app to Windows Firewall exceptions, you need to follow these steps:

Open a Run dialog by pressing Win + R.

Type control panel and press Enter to open Control Panel app on your Windows PC.

Change the view to small or large icons if it is set to Categories.

If Firewall was blocking Spotify from downloading music onto your device, this should solve the error.

If none of the methods help you, you can try reinstalling the Spotify client software. A fresh installation will remove any previous errors with configuration files of the application, and the fresh files will be used to run the application which should hopefully remove any impending errors like the waiting to download error.

You can use a third party powerful uninstaller like IObit Uninstaller to remove the residual files as well, or you can remove them manually from the registry editor. Read more about batch uninstallers in our guide Install And Uninstall Multiple Apps At Once Using These Apps.

So there you have it. If you too were being plagued with the Spotify waiting to download error on your device, now you know how to overcome this error using one or a combination of the solutions given above. Comment below to tell us more about how you solved this error.

6 Best (Truly Free) Vpn For Mac (2023)

Macs are regarded as one of the most secure computers in the world. However, hackers and your internet provider can still snoop on your network. In fact, they can discover everything you do online, share it with others, and steal your personal information like credit cards or passwords.

Using a Mac VPN helps you anonymize your activity online, change your IP address, and prevent tracking. It also allows you to unblock streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc., access foreign content libraries, unblocks blocked content and censorship, share files safely with P2P, and much more.

After testing a variety of VPNs through our rigorous testing, we’ve boiled the list of the best VPNs for Mac down to six free and paid options, which we’ve discussed below. Read more…

Our Best Free VPN recommendation 1) ExpressVPN – Best security in day-to-day use

ExpressVPN is one of our top recommendations across almost all categories, and for a good reason. It is a very secure VPN for mac users as it comes with 256-bit encryption, has DNS leak protection, and offers safe server technology. This VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, which is a very privacy-oriented government. It also has no data retention laws.

ExpressVPN servers haven’t suffered a data breach, and they have plenty of options for you to choose from. PwC has also audited it, and they are a completely no-logs VPN. You can stream perfectly with the help of this free VPN for Mac.


Lightway protocol for a fast and secure VPN experience

VPN split tunneling to divide your VPN encryption tunnel

Network lock kill switch to stop Internet Connection Providers from snooping in case of network breakdowns

Simple and easy-to-use clients to use for almost all platforms

Key Specs:

macOS X El Captain and above

The total number of servers: 3000+ Server selection: 94+ countries Mac App Rating: 4.7/5 on 10,220+ reviews

Data Allowance: Unlimited Bandwidth

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer

Simultaneous Connections: 5+ Maximum supported devices: 5+

How To Get It Free?

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

To use the money-back guarantee:

Purchase ExpressVPN, we recommend subscribing to their one-month plan to keep your credit charge low.

You can cancel before the term ends, and you’ll get your refund, no questions asked. Money is usually returned to original payment source in 5 business days.

Get ExpressVPN Now

30-Day Free Trial

2) NordVPN – Best for streaming

NordVPN is one of the best free VPNs that almost everyone has heard of. It’s a secure VPN based in Panama, and PwC has also audited its infrastructure. Like other VPNs on the list, the app has a strict no-logs policy and doesn’t share your data with other parties.

NordVPN has impressive protocol and server options, and the performance is exceptional too. It can also unblock almost all streaming sites with HD quality and no buffering, and P2P also works perfectly.

This one of the best free VPN services for Mac comes with an attractive UI and integrates with the menu bar for easy access at all times. The client comes with all server and protocol options.

It’s been the leader due to its value addition at an affordable price which starts at just $3.99/month.


Meshnet to connect to any remote device directly over an encrypted VPN tunnel

Obfuscated servers so that your Internet Connection Provider doesn’t know that you used a VPN

Dedicated IP to be used just by you

No data leaks with DNS leak protection and double IP address masking

Onion over VPN to access Tor websites

Key Specs:

macOS Sierra and above

The total number of servers: 5,540+ Server selection: 59+ countries Mac App Rating: 4.9/5 from 131+ Ratings

Data Allowance: Unlimited Bandwidth

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Hotstar

Simultaneous Connections: Unlimited Maximum supported devices: Unlimited

How To Get It Free?

NordVPN offers a generous money back guarantee that you can use to get the software for free for a limited time. The trial works on all devices with no feature restrictions.

Here are steps to get NordVPN free:

Choose a plan, complete the payment, and create an account with NordVPN

Now, you’ll be able to download the app, login to your account, and use NordVPN for free for 30 days.

Get NordVPN Now

30-Day Free Trial

3) AtlasVPN – Best for budget-conscious users

AtlasVPN is one of the new but promising free VPN providers which offers quality features and benefits at extremely low prices. It’s based in the USA, has had no past data breaches, offers a dedicated Mac client that works on Macbook Pro, Air, etc., and it’s a no-logs VPN. Atlas VPN has been audited by VerSprite, which found little to no issues with the app, and the company hasn’t suffered any data breaches.

The performance is one of the best in the industry, and it’s pretty good for the price.


Speedy Wireguard protocol for the perfect balance of speed and security

MultiHop+ feature for multiple layers of IP address protection to make it harder to track you

Data breach monitor to check the web for any personal information leaks

Secure file-sharing without restrictions with P2P

SafeSwap technology for accessing the internet with several IP addresses at the same time

Key Specs:

macOS Catalina and above

The total number of servers: 750+ Server selection: 42+ countries Mac App Rating: 4.5/5 from 87+ ratings

Data Allowance: Unlimited Bandwidth

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Hotstar

Simultaneous Connections: Unlimited Maximum supported devices: Unlimited

How To Get It Free?

AtlasVPN offers a solid 30-day money-back guarantee that can be used without any restrictions. It also has a free version of its app though it comes with, speed and download restrictions.

We recommend using the paid version and claim 30-day money-back guarantee to get it free.

Get AtlasVPN Now

30-Day Free Trial

4) SurfsharkVPN – Best for users needing fast performance

Surfshark is a value-for-money VPN that gets you everything you need at a very affordable price. It’s very secure, with no past data breaches and independent audits by 3rd parties like Cure53, which found no issues.

The performance is also one of the best in the industry. The streaming video quality was impressive, and there was no buffering. This free VPN for Mac is quite simple to use with a beautiful UI and all the server, protocol, and feature options.

As for pricing, Surfshark is quite cheap at just $2.49/month.


Obfuscated, RAM-Only servers to maintain data center security

Two-factor authentication for account security

IP rotator to keep changing your IP address at regular intervals to evade tracking

Bypasser to use the VPN tunnel on specific apps and exclude other apps.

Key Specs:

macOS Sierra and above

The total number of servers: 3,200+ Server selection: 95+ countries Mac App Rating: 4.7/5 from 227+ Ratings

Data Allowance: Unlimited Bandwidth

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Hotstar

Simultaneous Connections: Unlimited Maximum supported devices: Unlimited

How To Get It Free?

SurfsharkVPN offers a 7-day free trial for macOS, Android, and iOS as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Here are steps to do this:

Download the Surfshark app from your app marketplace.

Press ‘Start Free Trial’ in the Surfshark app and set up an account.

Select the 12-month option and press ‘Start’. You’ll have to add your card, but you won’t be charged till your trial ends.

Get Surfshark Now

30-Day Free Trial

5) ProtonVPN – Best VPN for free and secure usage

ProtonVPN is a highly secure VPN available in the market. This VPN for Mac is based in Switzerland, which is known for its strict privacy laws. The service has been audited by multiple companies like Mozilla and SEC Consult, and both didn’t find anything shady. The VPN is also open source, so you can inspect the code anytime.

The speeds we got with the VPN were outstanding, and streaming also worked fine.


Very high-speed connections (up to 10 Gbps)

AES-256 military-grade encryption and SHA384 hashing for message encryption.

Multiple protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard

Tor over VPN to access restricted websites and access the Tor network for maximum anonymity.

Key Specs:

macOS Sierra and above

The total number of servers: 1,779+ Server selection: 63+ countries Mac App Rating: 4.3/5

Data Allowance: Unlimited Bandwidth

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer

Simultaneous Connections: 10+ Maximum supported devices: 10+

How To Get It Free?

Open the protonvpn app and then create/log in with your account. That’s it!

Get ProtonVPN Now

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Private Internet Access is based in the United States of America, has numerous server locations, and doesn’t store logs.

It is a trusty VPN service that’s been around since 2009. It’s a great blend of price, security, and features, the three most essential components of a VPN. It also works with streaming websites and P2P file sharing without getting into trouble with your ISP. As for cost, it’s quite affordable and starts at just $2.03/month.


100% open-source clients so that anyone can verify the code

Lots of different protocols like OpenGuard and Wireguard

Automation rules for auto-connect or disconnect on the basis of specific networks or network types.

Dedicated IP that only you can access

Key Specs:

macOS High Sierra and above

The total number of servers: 10,000+ Server selection: 84+ countries Mac App Rating: 4.6/5 from 8,355+ ratings

Data Allowance: Unlimited Bandwidth

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Hotstar

Simultaneous Connections: 10+ Maximum supported devices: Unlimited

How To Get It Free?

Private Internet Access provides 30-day money-back guarantee like other free VPNs for Mac on the list.

Here’s how to avail yourself:

Complete the payment for the subscription and create your account with them.

From the customer portal, download the PIA app for your Mac and start using.

Claim money-back before the 30 day period ends.

Get PIA Now

30 days money-back guarantee


We wouldn’t recommend using most free VPNs as they are not reliable. But, the best free VPNs for Mac would be:






Before you commit to one VPN for your mac, we would recommend checking the following things:

Privacy: A VPN’s goal is to help you stay secure online, so it’s essential that the VPN itself is secure. Your VPN should have AES-256 encryption, and it should not store logs. If you want to take it one step further, you can look for data breaches and make sure it’s not based in countries that come under the Five Eyes alliance.

Security: Security features like a kill switch are a must. If your VPN offers multi-masking of IP address, private DNS, and dynamic IP address, it’s an additional bonus.

Speed: A VPN reduces speed since your connection is routed through multiple servers, but you should ensure that it’s not too slow. Otherwise, basic stuff like web browsing won’t work, let alone streaming.

Features: Other features we’d recommend looking at are servers and protocols. More server locations and dedicated servers for stuff like P2P or streaming are always better. Essentially, your VPN must-have basic protocols like OpenGuard or IKEv2. Wireguard is a new and awesome protocol that we recommend using.

Pricing: VPNs are available for relatively cheap nowadays, especially if you subscribe for a longer term. We wouldn’t recommend spending more than $7-8/month on a paid VPN service until it’s really exceptional. Most VPNs cost around $2-$5/month.

Yes, we highly recommend getting a VPN, whether it’s a Mac or not. Sure, Macs are quite secure by nature, but the internet is a wild place. However, If you don’t want your data to be compromised or you don’t want your ISP to keep spying on what you do, use a VPN.

Yes, Macs also need VPNs. Macs are most secure on an OS level, but a VPN is still a must for internet security. However, a VPN is still the best bet if you want to stream content outside your region, browse safely on Safari, or do P2P sharing without getting into trouble.

A Mac VPN isn’t special in its “working”. The VPN provider gives you an app made for macOS that you can use to access the VPN normally. Sometimes, you get some extra features or fewer features on macOS, but that depends on VPN.

No, Macs don’t have a built-in VPN. Although, you can use an external VPN provider like Surfshark, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN.

Not every VPN provider can be trusted; that’s why we shared the best VPNs for your MacBook Pro in this article. All these VPN providers are very reliable and safe. They won’t cause your Mac any harm by selling any data.

Best VPNs With Free Trial for Mac

Download Maxthon Browser For Windows 10 & 11

Download Maxthon Browser for Windows 10 & 11 [32/64 bit] One option involves using the main installer




The Maxthon browser is available for different operating systems and devices.

Maxthon has a portable version that can serve as a lightweight browser. It doesn’t occupy more space.

Users can download the Maxthon browsers and use them freely on their devices.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

We all use the internet daily for professional, domestic, and recreational purposes. However, there are several browsers that you can download on your device.

Likewise, browsers can differ based on operating systems, like Windows, Linux, and macOS. Hence, we’ll discuss how to go about Maxthon download for Windows 10 and 11.

It depends on the Chromium code. Likewise, there is a version of the browser for mobile devices. Maxthon is not a widely known browser, but it offers the best features compared to many other browsers.

Furthermore, the Maxthon browser has many features that are not available on other browsers. Apart from being a browser that supports blockchain apps, the Maxthon browser provides technical support for web apps.

Also, it is one of the browsers with the strongest security and privacy system. This feature is essential for users’ data protection because internet fraud is a common issue.

Moreover, the Maxthon browser is best for online anonymity. It allows you to browse the internet without being noticed or detected. Hence, it allows you to access army websites that aren’t available on some other browsers.

What is the latest version of the Maxthon browser?

The latest version of the Maxthon browser is Maxthon This new version is embedded with sophisticated features like HTML 5 support which is unique to only a few browsers.

Also, it comes with an inbuilt Offline installer for Pc that allows you to send files among different devices. Unlike the previous versions of the Maxthon browser, it is faster and more efficient.

Expert tip:

Nevertheless, the Maxthon browser has a portable version that requires less space than the full version. It is considerable for those who need a short time browser with a small size.

Is the Maxthon browser free? Quick Tip:

If you want a reliable browser that is secure and offers dedicated support for all popular operating systems, we recommend trying Opera.

Just like Maxthon, it’s very customizable, with a wide range of installable extensions, tons of integrations, and useful tools to create your own workspace.


Enjoy fast browsing and create your own workspace with Opera!

Free Visit website

How do I download & install Maxthon on Windows 10 & 11? 1. Use the main installer

After the installation is complete, you can set up your browser and sign in with the necessary data. However, the free download for Windows 10/11 64-bit / 32-bit is available on the official website.

2. Use the Portable version

It will automatically check for updates and install them if any are available. After the update is complete, restart your browser and enjoy the new features.

Conclusively, users can refer to our article about how to install the Maxthon browser on Windows 10 for more guidelines.

Also, we recommend you read about how to activate the dark mode inside the Maxthon browser. It will help you protect your eyes from the stress of staring at the screen for a long.

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How To Download A Web Browser On Windows Without Using Another Browser

Most Windows users want to install their favorite web browser once they buy a new machine or do a clean install of Windows. Some aren’t aware that they can install their browser of choice without using another one. This tutorial discusses how to download a web browser without using a separate browser. These methods are versatile enough to be used for other software as well.

Good to know: if you’re a gaming enthusiast, check out the best gaming browsers.

1. Download via Microsoft Store

One of Microsoft Store’s improvements is that you can now download other apps. Before that, users were limited to only downloading UWP apps that were specifically developed for the Microsoft Store. This change allows you to download most browsers and other software directly from the Microsoft Store. Yet, Google Chrome still isn’t available through the Microsoft Store.

Launch the Microsoft Store.

Search for the desired browser using the search bar, or type “Browser” to see the available options.

The browser will start downloading and installing.

The app will appear in the Start menu, but it may not appear instantly. In this case, just hit Win + S and search for it.

2. Use Winget

Winget is a complete package manager that lets you download or update any app by typing an easy command, Linux-style. Follow these steps to use Winget to install a browser.

In the new window, type winget followed by install. Add the software name as indicated below (the developer’s name first, then the software name).

winget install Google.Chrome winget install Mozilla.Firefox winget install Opera.Opera winget install Brave.Brave winget install VivaldiTechnologies.Vivaldi

Tip: check out our list of essential PowerShell commands.

3. Use Chocolatey

Chocolatey is an alternative to Winget. Use it to download and update your apps and access different software packages available in its library.

Write choco install [software name]. Make sure you replace [software name] with the browser you want to install. Finally, press Enter.

Listed below are the commands for some of the most popular browsers:

choco install googlechrome choco install firefox choco install opera choco install brave 4. With Microsoft HTML Help

If you want to download a browser for Windows and don’t want to use Winget or go through Microsoft Store, you can try Microsoft HTML Help, an executable program that operates similarly to a browser and is built into any Windows version. Microsoft developed HTML Help to display help pages’ content. However, once help pages started to open directly in Edge, HTML Help became obsolete. Even so, you can still use it for other purposes.

A small retro Google webpage will open, allowing you to download a web browser through it.

Navigate to the download page to get your browser.

FYI: worried about malicious parties monitoring your activity on your PC? Learn how to detect a keylogger on Windows.

5. Use the cURL Command

cURL allows you to download files directly from the Internet using PowerShell. You can assign cURL a webpage, and it will download any files on it, including .EXE files.

Launch PowerShell via Windows Search and run it as administrator.

Enter the command cd Desktop to instruct the cURL command to save files to the desktop.

Good to know: you can find many free quality Windows software online. Check out our list.

Frequently Asked Questions Can I surf the Web without a web browser?

You can do many things without a web browser, including downloading files and software using the cURL command and Winget, for example. However, you need a browser to see websites and read their content. Nevertheless, if you’re a privacy-focused person or can’t accept any risks, you may use private web browsers, such as the Tor and Mullvad browsers.

All screenshots by Mustafa Ashour.

Mustafa Ashour

Mustafa is a tech content writer who’s a geek at heart. His passion lies in writing about technology, especially software-related topics. He’s also interested in digital marketing, business development, and entrepreneurship. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance.

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The Best Chrome Extensions For Text To Speech Translation

There are many online services for text to speech translations, but the process is just tedious and you have to pay for some of these services. However, using some free chrome extensions, you can do text to speech translations far more easily. Here are some of the best chrome extensions for text to speech translation.



The best thing about SoundGecko is that it is fast, and using SoundGecko, you can even download the text to speech translations in mp3 format.

Select and Speak


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