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What is Phone Interview?

Whenever it comes to getting a new job, a phone interview is something that we all have to go through. Before all the walk-in interviews and before the final interview, and just after your resume has been selected, it is the telephonic interview that will make sure whether you get the following interview or not. So basically, a lot is riding on this one call. And for obvious reasons, you would want to ensure everything goes as planned. While most of you would think that a phone interview is easier than a personal interview because you don’t have to sit face-to-face with the interviewer, and hence you can escape the little fits of anxiety or nervousness. Well, then, in that case, you need to revisit your thoughts. A phone interview can be much more challenging than anticipated because you cannot see the interviewer and you cannot see his expressions and hence cannot judge whether he likes you or not. And the same goes around for you. He cannot see you and, therefore, cannot believe you or your personality or judge your confidence.

Tips for Phone Interview

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1. Know whether you can take the call when it comes

Well, most of the time, you can schedule your interview beforehand. So make sure that at the time of the interview, you are in a place where you are comfortable and you are not disturbed by anyone. You don’t want yourself to be distracted by the uncomfortable surroundings or some people asking you silly questions in the middle of the call. For obvious reasons, a distracted person can never put his best foot forward.

2. Keep the documents ready

Always keep your documents ready and at your disposal. This helps you answer the phone interview questions better, and of course, there will be no stammering trying to find the documents. Having a ready answer to the phone interview questions of the interviewer can put an excellent impression on the interviewer. But keep one thing in mind, don’t be too ready. Don’t try and fill the gaps or don’t try and complete the interviewer’s statements because that might not have as good a result as you expect. After all, excess of everything is terrible.

3. Be prepared for the phone interview questions 4. Smile, even if you are on a phone

We often don’t pay enough credit to the smile on our faces, but it can do wonders when you are smiling. And not only for a personal interview but also for a phone interview. It will make you sound much more upbeat and a much more enthusiastic person. So smile when you are giving an interview. You can adopt this little trick to make sure that you smile while you are in an interview. Place a small mirror near you and look into it and smile. You can always include this trick in your preparation session so that you can get used to the idea of smiling in the mirror. A simple smile can put a great impression on the interviewer and increase your chances of getting another interview. Just make sure that the interviewer can ‘hear’ your smile.

5. Direct your interviewer to your web portfolio, if any 6. Take extra care of your language and voice in the phone interview

It will not take an Einstein to guess your voice is paramount in a phone interview. Hence speak clearly in the discussion. Try not to fumble or ramble. Keep your spirits high, and try to sound motivated and enthusiastic. Prepare yourself, hear some mock interviews over the internet, and try and talk in front of the mirror. Practice modulating the tone and the manner of your speaking to be able to make a good impression. Also, not just your style but also the words or the expressions that you use can make a huge difference. So try and use good words. Do not try and put anybody down. I repeat, do not try and put anybody down. There is nothing worse than you could do. After all, it all comes down to your chosen words or how enthusiastic you may sound, which will determine your impression. You don’t have anything else to represent yourself by. So take extra care and be prepared.

7. Keep the selfish phone interview questions for later 8. Don’t forget to take the contact information 9. End an interview with a friendly gesture

Well, now the interview is over, and all that could be said has been said, and you have made your impression in the interviewer’s mind. But one last thing, the final nail in the coffin is still left. Just take some time out and thank the person for the interview. This will put you in a better position than the other applicants. Just write a thank you note and mail it to the interviewer on the mode of communication you have used all this while. And take this opportunity to emphasize the job position and the company and tell them how you would be delighted to have the job and how you would do your best to live up to the company’s standards. But again, don’t try and be to flattery.

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8 Important Security Tips For Web Developers

Software is increasingly becoming an integral part of modern businesses. The increasing demand for software means that developers have to work incredibly hard to keep up. Businesses are requiring faster application delivery while web development grows more complicated. For instance, with tight deadlines,

web developers

have to build applications that can adapt to any device, integrate with other services, and port to any platform. On top of that, they must create applications that can withstand increasingly complex attacks. 

The problem is that with the growing demand and changing requirements, web developers often find it hard to keep up. Some development aspects tend to be overlooked, and security is a major culprit. While security is increasingly becoming an important part of development, most web developers are not following some basic

security principles

. Consequently, there are numerous applications with serious security vulnerabilities. This article seeks to outline important security guidelines every web developer should follow.

1. Implement security testing

With hackers inventing new techniques everyday, security testing is necessary to enhance the security of your web application. The objective of web application security testing is to find out how vulnerable an application may be and establish whether its resources and data are protected from potential attacks.

Learn more about testing


2. Know what you should protect

An important security principle every web developer should follow is only storing the data they need. To establish which data you should store, ask yourself how much it would hurt the company or the client if the data was compromised. There is really no need to store sensitive customer data such as their credit card numbers and addresses. 

3. Encrypt sensitive user data

If you must store any sensitive information in your database, ensure it is encrypted. Storing unencrypted data in your database can easily land you and your company in hot water. You don’t want to lose customers’ sensitive data because you kept it in plain text in your database. Encrypting sensitive data is even more crucial in shared hosting environments or large companies, since not everyone with access to the data can be trusted to not exploit it. 

4. Make use of a VPN

Additionally, depending on the website you are working on, you may have access to crucial client data, which can be devastating if it’s compromised. Schematics, financial information, patent information, and a lot more can get into the wrong hands if you’re not careful with your security.

Masking your IP

using a VPN eliminates the risk that this data faces.

5. Keep your software updated

When trying to gain access to your database, a cybercriminal will always try to exploit the path with the least resistance. In most cases, the path of least resistance is found in insecure and

outdated software

. To minimize the risk of being hacked, be sure to thoroughly patch and update your application. 

Another important thing you must do is to disable unused software. It is common to find companies with software linked to their systems that are not in use. If left unchecked, unused software provides an easy pathway for hackers. 

6. Apply the principle of least privileges

Sometimes, external attackers are not the biggest

threat to your data

. It may be an ill-informed end-user with several system privileges. By reducing user privileges, you minimize the risk of security mistakes from uneducated end-users. 

In every IT system or web application, it’s prudent to give users only the privileges they really need as opposed to giving all users the same access level. The principle of least privileges keeps your system more secure by eliminating the risk of abuse by unqualified users. It also eliminates unprivileged users from the blame in case of a breach. 

7. Use server-side and client-side validation

For enhanced security, be sure to perform both server-side and client-side validation. Server-side validation helps to prevent malicious input, such as someone planting their code into your database. Client-side validation helps to prevent user mistakes such as forgetting a field or entering data incorrectly. 

8. Sanitize user input

There should never be direct communication between user input and the database. It should be sanitized and validated to enhance data integrity and prevent common attacks such as SQL injection. 


9 Amazon Copywriting Tips For Higher

Like Google, writing for the Amazon marketplace has its quirks and best practices to help more potential buyers find your products.

If you want to ensure that potential customers easily find your listings, you’ll need to tailor your titles and bullets to the Amazon algorithm compelling to customers.

Compared to the Google search algorithm, Amazon search is fundamentally different.

The ecommerce giant prioritizes its search listings in an entirely different manner optimized specifically for ecommerce and buying online.

These buyers are already “bottom of the funnel” prospects in the marketing funnel, so you’ll have to tailor your Amazon marketing to this specific stage in the customer journey.

This is where high-converting copywriting is essential.

We will explore nine tips you can implement and use today to start writing better titles and bullets for your Amazon listings leading to more customers and happy buyers in the process.

1. Diligent Keyword Research

Keyword research has always been an essential part of search engine optimization. Still, when it comes to keyword research for the Amazon marketplace, there are several additional factors you have to consider.

Remember that you want to focus on keywords with stronger buyer intent, as Amazon’s traffic tends to be customers ready to buy or at the bottom of the marketing funnel.

You can use third-party tools such as Helium 10, Merchant Words, and Sellzone to help identify search volume.

However, you want to prioritize keywords that will bring the most qualified buyers to your listing over words with the highest search volume.

Once you have identified the most relevant terms for your product, you can prioritize based on search volume.

Use a combination of your own brainstormed keyword research and reverse ASIN searches for your product and close competitors.

When you’re doing your keyword research, you should “triage” your keyword list and identify the most important keywords that describe the primary benefits of your product and the problem it solves for your customers.

Also, look at the keywords your competitors are ranking for as well as those you wish to rank for,

Generally, your most important keywords will go into your Amazon title.

After writing your title, sprinkle your primary keywords into your bullet points.

You can use a tool like Helium 10’s Scribbles to ensure you include all of your high-priority keywords into your list and don’t unintentionally remove any important keywords when rewriting listings.

2. Understand Your Audience

To be successful in the Amazon marketplace, you need to know the keywords you want your product to rank for, but you must also know and understand your audience’s motivations and desires.

How will your product solve your future customers’ problems or satisfy their needs?

Identifying the key buyer of your product is vital on Amazon.

It’s also important to remember that the primary purchaser of your product may be completely different from the end-user.

For example, you don’t sell teenage deodorant directly to teenagers.

For this product, the teenager’s mom will be the primary buyer for that particular product.

Understanding these critical points about your audience will help you craft higher converting listings.

First, we identify the top five benefits our customers need to know.

We outline what we want to say and then craft the title and bullets to convey that message, including the maximum number of root keywords, while keeping the content readable and appealing to the potential buyer.

Customers need to know the dimensions of your product, but they also need to see why your product is better than your competitors.

3. Balance Persuasion With Traffic

When writing for Amazon, we have two equally important goals that directly compete with each other.

The first goal is to include as many keywords as possible in our listing to ensure we index for the maximum number of keyword phrases possible.

This is why you often see so much keyword stuffing in Amazon listings.

The second goal is to guarantee that once that traffic arrives through our “keyword doors” and sees our listing, customers can quickly identify whether our product is for them and that the copy is persuasive enough to get them to purchase.

For most brands, keyword stacking (repeating the same keyword) will not be the most effective way to rank your product.

Amazon has said in their help documentation that words do not need to be repeated in each phrase type to index and rank.

For example, Suzies White Chocolate and Nut Fudge Bar will index for:

White Chocolate Bar.

White Fudge Bar.

Nut Fudge Bar.

Using the most similar phrasing to what your customers would use to find your product can help Amazon find your product relevant to those most important keyword phrases.

So, whenever possible, mimic the match type your research estimates your best customers would type into the search bar.

The key to balancing keywords with persuasion is to identify and focus exclusively on the keywords most relevant to our product.

Once these keywords are determined, your primary task is to write persuasive copy and sprinkle those keywords in without detracting from your message.

Finally, when writing your bullet points, go back and verify that they answer all of your customer’s burning questions right off the bat.

This will help your listing become crystal clear and let prospective buyers see what your product does straight away.

4. Keyword Rich Titles

Keywords in your title play a significant role in organic and paid search, and how your keywords are phrased can make a big difference in how your product launches.

It is important to prioritize your primary keyword phrases in your title. According to Brandon Young, 8-Figure seller and CEO of Data Dive, an amazon product research and listing optimization tool:

Best 9 Tips For Developing Healthy Habits For Life

At some point in the past week or yesterday or 5 minutes ago, you’ve made a resolution to change your schedule or developing healthy habits for life.

There are many different reasons that we have want to developing healthy habits for life or improve our foundational health. this desire to change helps with both mental and physical health.

It’s tough for a lot of people to quit an unhealthy habit and developing healthy habits for life. We know that making healthy choices can help us feel better and live longer.

But research shows how you can boost your ability to developing healthy habits in your life and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Best tips for developing  healthy habits in your life

Lewis Howes

1. Recognize your habits

The first step to building healthy habits is figuring out or recognize what habits you actually want to develop. We have a lot of habits and most of them we repeat day after day.

We have some unhealthy or some healthy habits. If you repeat habits regularly, what finally happens is, you start to feel comfortable with your habits.

Now thought what could happen if you did healthy habits regularly?

For example, let’s do it that, I didn’t eat junk food every day, you’ll walk every night after taking dinner or you drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.

2. Make plan, Set goals and Try to achieve them

Lailah Gifty Akita

“A study published in the British Journal of General Practice suggests that a “small changes approach” is an effective behaviour-changing strategy.”

Once you’ve determined your goals, you’ll need to frame a specific plan made up of realistic actions. developing healthy habits for life is tough, we don’t fully understand how habits are built, life gets busy.

So, make a plan first, set small goals and try to achieve them for developing new healthy habits in your life as like: –

Saving time in the morning for reflection, gratitude, prayer or meditation will set the tone for a successful day.

You should take breakfast in the morning and breakfast should rich in protein and healthy fats will provide energy and nutrition.

Get at least seven hours of sleep every night, for it you should read before going to sleep, etc.

3. Always keeping a diary

Keeping track can help you compare where you’ve had unhealthy habits and where you’ve had healthy habits. It can show you where you needed to changing a pattern and in which ways were more difficult.

Keeping a diary for tracking is easy to do with an app or a physical calendar or notebook and It will definitely help you to developing healthy habits for life because it can’t allow you to forget these all new habits.

4. Set reminders

Forget things is a human behaviour. A little daily push can help you maintain and developing healthy habits for life, so set reminders. You can use an alarm clock, a watch, or even an automated online computer program like Asana.

Also, there are useful apps that you can download that have goal setting and habit features that you can adapt to your goals!Make sure that with whatever you use, you stick with it continually, otherwise using them doesn’t matter!

5. Change other things

Jeanette Coron

Make some other necessary changes in your life and routine to activate your need to developing healthy habits for life! Start adding something new habits into your current routine that will make sure you follow your healthy habit.

For example, if you want to go for more walks, invest on purchase a dog because that dog will make sure you take him or her out, Or, find a responsible buddy/friend that you can go to the gym with him.

6. Promise and Complete


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7. Get back on old habits

If you slip back into your old habits, don’t give up because this is completely normal. If this happens, look your diary and remind yourself of the reason for why you wanted to make this change in your life.

If you need to put a large sticky or motivational note on your wall to remind you of your reason, or a daily alarm with a motivational note or thought of your ideal person, to yourself, do whatever works for you to get there but don’t give up for developing healthy habits for life.

8. Be patient

Tony Gaskins

Sometimes when you’re trying to developing healthy habits for life, other health issues can get in the way. For example, mental health conditions like depression and anxiety can be tied to unhealthy behaviours.

Try different strategies until you find what works best for you. Szarkowski says, “Change is a process. What’s most important is to keep moving forward.”So, stay calm or be patient and regularly follow your healthy routine.

9. Give rewards yourself


An important part of motivating yourself for developing healthy habits for life, admit all the hard work you’ve done, fully appreciate yourself for it, and reward yourself.

Touching yourself on the back and saying “Well done! Or “Good job!” while looking at yourself in the mirror and give big smile for yourself.

It’s up to you

At last I say, lots of things you do impact your health and quality of life, now and in the future. Small changes can make a big difference in how you feel in your daily life.

Try the 9 steps above to mix some good habits. In the process, you may notice that you’re not just developing healthy habits for life, you’re also removing bad habits. Stay constant and before you know it, your days will be brighter and your goals will come into motivation.

Anjula Jangir

Anjula jangir is a teacher and content writer. Her passion for helping people in all aspects current technology, health, fitness and wellness and also in self-development. Her latest work on all these topics for students and for those people who want to stay healthy and develop something new in themselves.

12 Important Image Seo Tips You Need To Know

But there’s more to image optimization than just putting a word in the alt text. It’s using pictures to spread the word about a company’s name, product, or service and maybe even make money.

12 Important Image SEO Tips

These 12 tips can help you take your images to the next level.

1) Right Format

You must ensure you use the right one when you post something online. Longer articles, shorter ones, and even videos are all examples of different formats.

Images on the web can be saved in many ways, but the most common are PNG and JPEG. Most browsers support these formats, which can be used for many different things.

Consider the quality you want to show when choosing the picture to send. You can change the quality settings of your images to find a good balance between file size and image quality, depending on what you need.

2) Make Unique Image Filenames

Be sure to include keywords that describe the image in the name of your file. Hence, Google and other search engines can better figure out what the image is about and show it to the right people.

3) Reduce the Size of Your Pictures

Photoshop, TinyPNG, and the WP Smush plugin for WordPress are just a few tools you can use to compress photos. Also, optimizing the images on your page could help it load faster. This is because large image files could slow down the time it takes for a page to load.

There are several ways to help you reduce the size of your photos without lowering their quality. Use this tool’s suggestions to make your website easier for people to use and to move up in the search engine rankings.

4) Create Unique Images

Websites often use generic stock photos because they are easy to find and don’t take much time. But visitors can immediately tell which websites use these photos because they look like a beginner took them.

5) Beware of Copyright

Copyright protection is one of the most important things to consider before uploading an image to your website. Some paid image providers are Shutterstock, Getty Images, and DepostFiles. Before you can use their stock, you have to pay for it.

6) Use SEO Optimized ALT Text

The text in the Alt properties gives the image optimization some background. Image tags with alternative texts help browsers figure out what the images are about. If an image doesn’t load quickly, the text you put in the alt-tag will show up in the top left corner of the image box. So, your description of the picture must be right on.

Yoast and Rank Math plugins mark images that don’t have alt and title attributes as errors. This shows how important these parts are to on-page SEO.

7) Correct Picture Format

Images can be saved in various formats, including JPEG, PNG, and GIF. There are benefits and drawbacks to using each format, so pick the one that works best for your needs.

8) Modify Photos for Mobile Viewing

Google will index your mobile site before the desktop version. Consider the shorter attention span of mobile users while designing your website’s image loading times.

Use mobile SEO to boost your site’s rating and attract more visitors who are more likely to convert. When a website uses responsive images, the image’s size adapts to the device being used to see it. It automatically scales to fit the display of the device being used. To assist the browser in rendering images differently for dissimilar screen resolutions, Mozilla provides a mystical piece of HTML called Srcset.

9) Add Sitemap Images

A sitemap is a document that links to every website page. This is a good thing to do if you want search engines to find your information. What this file does, essentially, is act as a road map of the information found on your website.

Sitemaps are essential to image optimization because they alert the web to your site’s visual content, including photos, memes, video thumbnails, and infographics.

10) Creative Captions

Visitors can more quickly consume content on a website with captions. Visitors often skim the caption instead of reading the full article.

Subtitles play a crucial role in the overall user experience. These can keep people on your site longer, decrease visitor frustration, and safeguard your Google rankings.

Just include the text if it is helpful to the reader. Don’t overuse keywords or the strategies in this book.

11) Optimize Page Title and Description

Title and meta-description are also considered in Google’s picture search algorithm. Metadata, structured data, and header tags are all important on-page SEO variables that image optimization use to determine an image’s ranking. Make sure the titles and meta descriptions are optimized.

12) Make Use of Data Structure

You can tell search engines more about the pictures you upload with structured data. Doing this can positively affect your site’s search engine rankings and the quality of your user’s experiences.


Finally, image optimization for search engines is an essential component of every successful online business. By following the image SEO tips listed above, you can ensure that your website is search engine optimized, which can improve your search engine ranks and drive more traffic.

Top 10 Venture Capitalists For Emerging Ai Companies To Follow In 2023

The venture capitalists for emerging AI companies offer massive amounts of facilities to AI pioneers

Due to the growing need for artificial intelligence, tech pioneers and innovators are moving on to this burgeoning domain to help flourish this sector. Avant-garde AI companies are rapidly analyzing the needs of the industry and are helping leaders fight against major turmoil. To aid this need, venture capitalists are increasingly becoming more involved in investing in these AI companies. Here are have listed the top venture capitalists for emerging AI companies that leaders should follow.


Accel is an early and growth-stage venture capital firm that powers a global community of entrepreneurs. Accel backs entrepreneurs who have what it takes to build a world-class, category-defining business. The company brings more than three decades of experience in building and supporting companies. Accel’s vision for entrepreneurship and business enables it to identify and invest in the companies that will be responsible for the growth of next-generation industries.


Accubits is an AI and Blockchain focused development and solutions company based in Washington DC with its development offices in India and Dubai. Pioneering as a custom Blockchain solutions provider delivering solutions ever since 2012. It is a big family of engineers, innovators, inventors and many others continually working to help its customers in leveraging their business and adding value to their lives.


AEye is the creator of iDAR™ (Intelligent Detection and Ranging), the premier artificial perception platform for vehicle autonomy, ADAS, and robotic vision applications where safety is the priority. iDAR fuses solid-state agile LiDAR, an optional camera, and integrated AI to create a smart, software definable sensor that extracts only the data that matters – enabling fast, accurate perception.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud develops highly scalable cloud computing and data management services. As the cloud computing arm and business unit of Alibaba Group, It provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to power both our international customers’ online businesses and Alibaba Group’s own e-commerce ecosystem. Alibaba Cloud’sinternational operations are registered and headquartered in Singapore, and the company has international teams stationed in Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, San Mateo, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo.


Since 2011, AlphaSense’s AI-based technology has helped professionals make smarter business decisions by delivering insights from an extensive universe of public and private content—including company filings, event transcripts, news, trade journals, and equity research. Company’s mission is to organize the world’s business information and leverage technology to enable companies to make smarter, faster, and more confident decisions.


Amazon is an international e-commerce website for consumers, sellers, and content creators. It offers users merchandise and content purchased for resale from vendors and those offered by third-party sellers. Operating in North American and International markets, Amazon provides its services through websites such as chúng tôi and chúng tôi It Also enables authors, musicians, filmmakers, app developers, and others to publish and sell content via its branded websites.

Analytics Ventures

Analytics Ventures (AV) is a venture studio fund dedicated to the inception of new ventures harnessing innovations in Artificial Intelligence. The company believes that Artificial Intelligence is still in the early stages of its maturity cycle, and as such, the biggest value in the field continues to come from entrepreneurs, researchers, and early-stage investors. AV has partnered with corporations, researchers, and entrepreneurs to provide a proven execution model and best in class AI expertise.

Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz is a venture capital firm specializing in investing in seed, start-ups, early, mid-stage, growth, and late-stage. It prefers to invest in the social media business and technology sector with a focus on software, back-end infrastructure, the infrastructure of the Internet, cloud computing, enterprise software and services, consumer, business Internet, mobile-Internet, consumer Internet, cloud computing, data storage, social network browsers data-storage, consumer electronics, networking functions, software related biology, biotech, and medicine companies at the intersection of computer science and life sciences with a focus on digital therapeutics, cloud technology in biology, and computational medicine.

Anduril Industries

Anduril Industries is a defense product company that builds technology for military agencies and border surveillance. Anduril commits top technical talent to solve the most complex national security challenges. The company is building the next generation of technology that will aid and protect those who serve on the front lines defending the nation and its interests. Its mission is to develop cutting-edge technology that enables America and its allies to maintain global leadership now and into the future.

Aurea Software

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