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The overall cryptocurrency market is always full of surprises and opportunities for investors who are searching for investment opportunities. A good way for investors who are on the lookout for the next big thing is to take a look at trending cryptocurrencies at any given time. Among so many cryptos that are trending at the moment, projects such as Copium ($COPIUM), AI Doge ($AI) and SpongeBob Token ($SPONGE) have all provided evidence for their potential going forward. 

Top 9 Trending Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2023

One of the best ways to discover earning and investment opportunities in the fast-moving crypto market is by checking out trending projects. The following projects have all proven they have strong fundamentals and valid reasons for being considered some of the best investment opportunities this year. 

AI Doge




SpongeBob Token


Ben ($BEN)

Family Guy ($GUY)

MongCoin ($MONG)

PepeCoin ($PEPE)

Homer ($SIMPSON)

Turbo ($TURBO)

Let’s start by evaluating these projects one by one. 

AI Doge ($AI) – The New Meme Coin Leader

AI Doge is a project that combines two of the most trendy and innovative trends in the crypto market – Memes and Artificial Intelligence. The project has already raised over $12 million in its presale. 

Unlike most other meme coins which are just speculative, AI Doge offers real utility. By holding $AI tokens, users can purchase credits for the AI Doge platform. They can use the platform to generate viral memes leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning and a database of images and news. 

Copium ($COPIUM) – Helping to Cope With Losses

Copium is a newly introduced meme coin that may replace the likes of $PEPE, $SHIBA and $DOGE as one of the top meme coins in the market. In spite of being launched on Uniswap some time back, the project has already generated more than 800% gains for its investors. According to chúng tôi $COPIUM already has more than 2100 investors in the last 24 hours. 

After a successful launch, the project attracted the attention of several crypto influencers. For instance, Twitter influencers such as FaZe and DeeZe who have a combined audience of more than 3 million, have already expressed interest in the project. Additionally, the unprecedented NFT release by Copium Club has also attracted the attention of NFT enthusiasts. 

The Copium team has awarded the top 200 users on Uniswap with a Copium Tank NFT within a couple of hours of its launch. It has already amassed over 18k followers in a short time, which shows interest in this new project. So now is the right time to join the community and get prepared to receive massive gains in the near future. 

SpongeBob Token ($SPONGE) – The New Meme Coin That Revolutionizes the Market

SpongeBob Token is a new meme coin based on Nickelodeon’s popular SpongeBob SquarePants.  Like the popular meme coin $PEPE, SpongeBob Token started spectacularly after launching in Early May on Uniswap. It surged by 2800% in the first three days of its existence, reaching a high of $0.02394. While its price has dropped since then, the project has received price boosts after listings on CoinW, Uniswap, Bitget, chúng tôi and others. 

SpongeBob Token has also announced an airdrop event which will help $SPONGE reach even more investors. All one has to do is join their official Discord Server and complete some social-media-driven tasks. The more points one gets, the more tokens he or she is eligible to receive in the airdrop. So don’t waste any time and invest in SpongeBob Token at the earliest. 

Ben ($BEN) –  A Strange Twitter Project

There is a lot of intrigue surrounding the Ben Coin project, particularly because not much has been revealed by its team. All that we know is that the project was masterminded by a retired chemistry teacher who was tired of seeing friends experience rug pulls in the crypto market. 

Ben Coin claims to be a community-driven token which aims to reward its users with charity donations and opportunities for passive income. 

Family Guy ($GUY) – Sitcom-Inspired Meme Coin

Family Guy is a newly created meme coin inspired by the popular animated sitcom Family Guy created by Seth McFarlane. According to its website, the community-driven meme token charges a 10% transaction fee that is allocated as 5% towards holders, 2% towards the liquidity pool, 2% towards the charity wallet and 1% towards the marketing wallet. 

MongCoin ($MONG) – The Community-Driven Meme Coin

Launched in April 2023, MongCoin has quickly become one of the most popular meme coins trending at the moment. It is technically spun off from the original Mongoose Coin created in December 2023. The Mong token is expected to survive both rugs and bear markets at all times, which increases the attraction of investors. 

PepeCoin ($PEPE) – The Pepe-Inspired Meme Coin.

PepeCoin is a very popular meme coin that has been mentioned by analysts, influencers and others for quite some time now. The total supply of PepeCoin is limited to 420,690,000,000,000, which pays homage to 69 and 4:20, two popular meme numbers. The project has allocated 91% of the tokens towards its liquidity pool. 

Homer ($SIMPSON) – Simpsons-Inspired Meme Coin

Homer is another TV show-inspired meme coin which takes its theme from the popular Simpsons TV show. Although not officially involved with the show, the project has already attracted attention from investors. It consists of the Humer Simpson Chatbot which is able to provide accurate answers according to inputs from Twitter users. 

Turbo ($TURBO) – AI-created MemeCoin

Turbo is a meme coin created using artificial intelligence which uses an ERC-20 token. It aims to establish itself as a leading meme coin project that focuses on community engagement, fairness and simplicity. It has recently been featured in the list of meme coins that have been trending for the last few weeks. 


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Best Crypto To Buy Now

Delve into the realm of leading cryptocurrencies and new crypto coins with this comprehensive article that offers a complete overview from a range of crypto sources on the best crypto to buy now. Discover a wealth of knowledge as we provide valuable insights and address fundamental questions about top crypto coins, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, ApeMax, and Pepe Coin. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced crypto enthusiast, this guide serves as a vital resource, equipping you with a holistic understanding of the prominent cryptocurrency projects driving the crypto industry’s conversation.

List of best crypto to buy now

Discover the definitive list of the top cryptocurrencies for 2023 in this meticulously curated compilation. Carefully researched and analyzed, this authoritative resource presents an expertly curated selection of the leading coins in the crypto market, including the emerging newcomer ApeMax. With insights from industry analysts, this comprehensive guide equips readers with a summary of the most promising cryptocurrencies to watch in the upcoming year, providing a valuable resource for both novice and experienced buyers in the crypto space.

ApeMax (APEMAX): A groundbreaking cryptocurrency with innovative staking mechanics and revolutionary tokenomics.

Ethereum (ETH): A blockchain platform that empowers the execution of smart contracts and the development of decentralized applications.

Bitcoin (BTC): The trailblazing digital currency at the forefront of the crypto revolution.

Dogecoin (DOGE): A memorable and community-oriented cryptocurrency known for its playful nature.

Pepe Coin (PEPE): An Ethereum-based memecoin that has gained popularity for its unique features and community engagement.


ApeMax is an innovative cryptocurrency that stands out with its revolutionary staking tokenomics, offering users the opportunity to earn rewards by actively participating in the ecosystem. With its unique approach, ApeMax could redefine the concept of staking with the revolutionary boost-to-earn mechanism. This new top crypto presale coin is now available for purchase by eligible buyers.


Ethereum is a leading blockchain platform that enables the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). As the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum has established itself as a fundamental building block of the crypto ecosystem, providing developers with a robust and flexible infrastructure for creating a wide range of blockchain-based solutions.


Bitcoin is the pioneering digital currency that ignited the crypto revolution. As the first decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin introduced the concept of blockchain technology and opened up new possibilities for secure and transparent peer-to-peer transactions. With its scarcity and growing mainstream adoption, Bitcoin has become a widely recognized symbol of the cryptocurrency industry.


Dogecoin is a unique and community-driven cryptocurrency that emerged from an internet meme. It has gained popularity for its lighthearted and playful nature, attracting a dedicated community of supporters. While initially created as a joke, this top meme coin has evolved into a widely adopted token, contributing to various charitable causes and capturing the attention of both crypto enthusiasts and mainstream media.

Pepe Coin

Pepe Coin is a popular memecoin built on the Ethereum blockchain, inspired by the iconic Pepe the Frog meme. With a passionate community and an active ecosystem, Pepe Coin has gained traction for its distinct character and engaging community-driven initiatives. It showcases the creative and expressive nature of memecoins within the crypto space.

The Most Popular Cryptocurrency To Buy This Year

This article explains what the top 7 most popular cryptos are and how you can start investing in the cryptocurrency market. Consider Investing In These Top-Performing Digital Assets This Year.

Searching for the most popular cryptocurrencies? Read on. We’ll be explaining what are the top 7 most popular cryptos and how you can start investing in the cryptocurrency market in 2023. Despite the volatility, cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity as an asset class that can build wealth in a pretty short time. However, with new cryptocurrencies entering the market every day, it can be hard to determine the best to buy for 2023 and beyond. If you are confused and unsure of which cryptocurrencies to buy, you are in luck. In this article, we take an in-depth look at seven of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023.  

Most Popular Cryptocurrency To Buy In 2023

Below we outlined the seven best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023 – based on our own in-depth analysis.



Binance Coin



Shiba Inu


Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk. Let’s now take a more detailed look at each cryptocurrency project to help you make an informed investment decision.  

A Closer Look at The Most Popular Cryptocurrencies to Invest in – Full Analysis

While hundreds of cryptocurrencies can give you a good return, we believe these seven have the most potential for growth in the long term. Continue reading to make an informed choice on the best cryptocurrency to buy today.   1. ApeCoin – Most Popular New cryptocurrency in 2023 ApeCoin is indeed the most popular cryptocurrency in the market today. New cryptocurrencies that draw hype tend to outperform the market. From our analysis, we found ApeCoin to be one of the most hyped new cryptocurrencies now. ApeCoin is the governance token for the Ape DAO, which runs the trendy Bored Ape Yacht Club line of NFTs. ApeCoin is one of the best-performing crypto assets in 2023, and it seems to be gaining momentum. The hype is now being driven by rumors that the Bored Ape Yacht Club will be launching a Metaverse, and ApeCoin will be used as the currency of transaction in it. ApeCoin is listed on all top cryptocurrency exchanges, which gives it liquidity. Confirming the Metaverse rumors could see ApeCoin emerge as the best performing new cryptocurrency in 2023. As per Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.  

2. Ethereum – Most Popular Cryptocurrency to Buy and Hold

Another promising cryptocurrency to buy in 2023 is Ethereum. It is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and has been around since 2023. Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.  

3. Binance Coin – Top Altcoin with Huge Potential.

The launch of Binance Coin was a strategic move by Binance that allowed users to cut down on trading fees. The cryptocurrency is used by those who trade through the exchange, a factor that has been instrumental in boosting BNB’s popularity. Additionally, Binance burns millions of BNB tokens every quarter, a factor that has seen BNB outperform most cryptocurrencies for the last 4-years. Since the coin burn will continue for the next couple of years, Binance Coin is one of the best altcoins to buy for value growth. Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.  

4. Bitcoin – Most Potential Cryptocurrency for Long Term Investors

Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies and is undoubtedly the best cryptocurrency to buy and hold long term. Institutional investors view Bitcoin as overall the top cryptocurrency to invest in in 2023. Bitcoin has been trading sideways for most of 2023. However, Bitcoin continues to grow in adoption, a factor that is adding to its intrinsic value. Due to Bitcoin’s capped coin supply of just 21 million coins, growing adoption could see Bitcoin hit $100k in 2023. If you are unsure of where to buy Bitcoin, it is available on all major exchanges such as eToro, Binance, and Coinbase. ​​Whilst there are numerous other popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin’s dominance as the market leader means it is comparatively stable. It is also one of the most widely accepted coins for retail transactions. Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.  

5. XRP – Cheap cryptocurrency to buy with huge potential returns

XRP is one of the best cheap cryptos to buy this year if you are searching for a good one. XRP is currently trading at $0.71, which means even an investment of $500 can give you over 350 tokens. Crypto experts have predicted XLM to reach $3 per token in 2023. There is every reason to believe that XRP price prediction can do well in 2023. XRP is used for cross-border payments, and adoption is growing. So far, more than 200 banks have accepted XRP for cross-border payments. As adoption grows,

6. Shiba Inu – High Potential Metaverse Crypto to Consider in 2023

Shiba Inu was the most popular coin last year and was at the forefront of the doge meme coins revolution. Wondering Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.  

7. Dogecoin – Most Popular Meme Coin For Maximum Rewards

The continuous support from celebrities and billionaire investors has made DOGE one of the most popular cryptocurrencies to buy now. Dogecoin is the oldest and one of the most successful meme coins today. While Dogecoin had little to no use case for years, it is increasingly getting adopted as a payment cryptocurrency. Dogecoin has recently gained adoption as a payment cryptocurrency for Tesla, the Dallas Mavericks, and other companies. With Elon Musk aggressively pushing Dogecoin, the chances are that even more corporations are likely to adopt Dogecoin as a means of payment. Essentially, Dogecoin has the potential to become the currency of the internet. This makes it one of the top Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.   The popular coins mentioned above offer attractive investment opportunities for investors of all kinds.

How To Buy The Most popular Cryptocurrency Of 2023

We have got you covered if you want to buy popular digital assets today but are unsure of how to go about it. The seven projects from our list of the best new cryptocurrency to buy in 2023 can be purchased on eToro in under five minutes. Let’s now make the process even easier for you:

Step 1: Create an eToro account: Visit the eToro website, and follow the signup process.

Step 2: Make a deposit: The process of funding your eToro account is very straightforward. You can do so using a card, bank transfer, or e-wallets.

Step 3: search for your favorite cryptocurrency: On the search bar on eToro, look for the cryptocurrency you want to buy.

Step 4: Buy cryptocurrency: You can buy any cryptocurrency on eToro for a minimum of $10.

Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.  

Most Popular Cryptocurrencies – Final Thoughts

Our list of the top 7 most popular cryptocurrencies may have thrown up a few surprises, but it should be remembered that it represents just a snapshot of the market. There are different reasons why traders buy and sell cryptocurrencies and the most popular cryptocurrency is not necessarily the best cryptocurrency to trade. We believe that the coins in this list have significant value and promise due to their robust mechanics. Be diligent with your research and prepare yourself for the risks. Keep an eye out on market performance and do your due diligence as to what these projects have to offer. At this point, you are aware of the best cryptos to buy now. ApeCoin tops the list, and for a good reason. It is a new cryptocurrency and has some big news coming up regarding a Metaverse launch. To buy ApeCoin or another popular cryptocurrency through eToro shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. On eToro, you get access to more than 70 cryptocurrencies. The exchange also has a social trading feature where you can get insights on the best Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.  

The Best Meme Coin To Buy In 2023 Hollywood X Pepe $Hxpe

Pepe Meme Coin goes to Hollywood X PEPE

Hollywood X PEPE: A Star Is Born

Hollywood X PEPE, dubbed as $HXPE, is fast becoming a favorite amongst crypto enthusiasts and meme lovers alike. As the latest entrant in the meme coin marketplace, $HXPE combines the fun and virality of memes with the underlying functionality of blockchain technology.

Why is $HXPE on everyone’s radar? Here are some reasons:

Pop Culture Relevance: $HXPE draws its charm from two cultural giants – Hollywood and PEPE the Frog. This relevance is a sure-shot formula for virality and popular acceptance.

Community Engagement: $HXPE has a vibrant and rapidly growing community. Their engagement, coupled with regular events and updates, makes this coin a happening place in the crypto space.

Real World Application: $HXPE’s vision goes beyond digital numbers on a screen. They’re working to create a blockchain-based marketplace for digital content creators, positioning the coin for potential real-world use.

Rapid Growth: $HXPE’s market capitalization has been growing at a striking rate since its inception, a clear sign of its potential.

Buy Hollywood X PEPE $HXPE Presale Tokens

The Rise of the Meme Coins

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, one class of digital assets has been making waves in 2023: meme coins. Emerging from the shadows of their established counterparts like Bitcoin and Ethereum, meme coins have carved out a niche that marries the worlds of entertainment, culture, and crypto investment. Among these new generation coins, one stands out with unparalleled potential – Hollywood X PEPE, or $HXPE.

Buy Hollywood X PEPE $HXPE Presale Tokens

Top Meme Coin of 2023: Riding the $HXPE Wave

The world of meme coins is highly competitive, with new coins popping up every other day. Yet, $HXPE has managed to capture the attention of investors, traders, and influencers alike. Here’s why it stands as the top new meme coin of 2023:

Innovative Roadmap: The $HXPE team has a clear and ambitious roadmap, outlining their intentions to continually add value to the coin and expand its use cases.

Robust Technology: Built on Ethereum’s robust blockchain technology, $HXPE is not just a meme coin but a fundamentally sound cryptocurrency.

Impressive Market Performance: Since its launch, $HXPE has demonstrated impressive market performance, often defying market trends and making solid gains.

Buy Hollywood X PEPE $HXPE Presale Tokens

Potential for Exponential Growth: Hop on the $HXPE Train

The true allure of meme coins lies in their potential for exponential growth, and $HXPE is no exception. The coin has already shown its ability to deliver incredible returns on investment, but many believe that it’s just the beginning. Here’s why:

Huge Community Backing: With its strong community support and engagement, $HXPE has a vast network of supporters ready to fuel its growth.

Partnership Opportunities: $HXPE’s vision of a blockchain-based marketplace for digital content opens up a multitude of partnership opportunities, which can further its reach and value.

Buy Hollywood X PEPE $HXPE Presale Tokens

Longterm Potential

The world of cryptocurrencies is unpredictable, and while no investment comes without risks, $HXPE is shaping up to be a compelling choice amongst the crowd of meme coins. Its blend of pop culture relevance, robust blockchain technology, and exponential growth potential makes it a worthy contender for the title of ‘Best Meme Coin to Buy in 2023’.

The crypto world waits with bated breath as Hollywood X PEPE blazes its trail in the meme coin universe. If you’re looking for a meme coin with solid backing and great potential, keep an eye on $HXPE.

Buy Hollywood X PEPE $HXPE Presale Tokens

Future Projections: $HXPE Beyond 2023

The crypto market is fast-paced, with today’s winners potentially fading tomorrow. But what sets $HXPE apart is its future potential. The team behind $HXPE has a vision beyond being just another meme coin, seeking to build a versatile and comprehensive platform for digital creators to mint, sell, and buy digital assets. This real-world applicability could be a game-changer, ensuring $HXPE’s longevity in the competitive crypto market.

Buy Hollywood X PEPE $HXPE Presale Tokens


Hollywood X PEPE, or $HXPE, has emerged as an exciting prospect in the meme coin universe. By intertwining the captivating elements of pop culture with the potential of blockchain technology, $HXPE is not just creating ripples but waves in the cryptocurrency market.

Its roadmap, user engagement, market performance, and plans for future growth make it a strong contender in the meme coin market. As we journey through 2023 and beyond, $HXPE might just be the investment opportunity that rides the meme wave to the shores of success.

Top 3 Cryptos To Buy: Chainlink (Link), Tms Network (Tmsn) & Arbitrum (Arb)

Trust is one of the most important factors, if not the most, in the crypto world. If crypto projects are able to gain market trust, they are bound to grow, else they can fall into a deep pit too. For instance, TMS Network (TMSN) and Chainlink (LINK) have been trading in the green zone as investors are trusting these projects, but Arbitrum (ARB) is falling as its credibility is getting questioned.

In fact, bulls are so heavily convinced with TMS Network (TMSN) that it has been pumped with over $4 million within two months of its presale launch.

Bullish Sentiments Surround Chainlink (LINK)

With the crypto market getting more structured day by day, the demand for projects like Chainlink (LINK), which establish communication between different blockchains, has grown. Thus, whales have been holding Chainlink (LINK) tokens for long-term growth. According to the latest data by Santiment, investors are holding their Chainlink (LINK) tokens with a bullish sentiment. Consequently, the price of Chainlink (LINK) has witnessed an increase in the past few weeks. Chainlink’s (LINK) market value has surged by 9% in the past month. Currently, Chainlink (LINK) is trading at $7.41. However, Chainlink (LINK) has suffered a fall in network growth, and development activity, which has alarmed some investors.

Arbitrum (ARB) Saga Poses Threat To Its Existence

Tensions between the Arbitrum (ARB) foundation, and its community are getting intensified. As a fallout of this event, bearish sentiments have gripped Arbitrum (ARB). The tension started to brew after the Arbitrum (ARB) foundation conducted a “ratification” vote on decisions that were already implemented. Notably, it involved transferring around $1 billion in Arbitrum (ARB) tokens to the foundation. After the foundation’s decision regarding the “ratification” vote backfired, it passed two new proposals to pacify the angered Arbitrum (ARB) community. However, analysts believe that such severe issues at the beginning of the project’s journey pose threat to the survival of Arbitrum (ARB). Currently, Arbitrum (ARB) is changing hands at $1.33.

TMS Network (TMSN) Destined For Massive Growth Run In 2023

TMS Network (TMSN) has built a state-of-the-art cross-chain platform to provide users with a transparent, secure, and efficient trading experience. It is a Web3-based social trading platform that enables traders to invest and trade in a wide range of digital assets on a single platform. Besides, TMS Network (TMSN) eliminates several issues prevailing in the trading industry, like lack of price uniformity, low transaction speed, opaqueness, and high fees.

TMS Network (TMSN) has rolled out a one-of-a-kind revenue-sharing model, which benefits both the network and users. TMS Network (TMSN) generates a large portion of its overall revenue from commissions charged on each transaction. This commission-based revenue is automatically distributed among all TMSN token holders. TMS Network (TMSN) allows for faster and cheaper transactions, and low latency by incorporating proactive monitoring cloud-based solutions.

TMS Network’s (TMSN) presale has been on a record-breaking spree. After witnessing an increase of 2400% in its value in the first two stages, TMS Network’s (TMSN) presale has entered stage 3. The presale value of TMSN tokens has surged to $0.075 from $0.003. So, lock your presale tokens now before it hits the 10000% growth mark.

Steam Cleaners: Why To Buy And Where To Get One Now

If you get a steam cleaner with a handheld attachment (ie not just a steam mop that’s intended for floors), you can use it as an added layer of protection around your home, to:

clean your entire bathroom, including high touch areas like your taps, sink and toilet flush

go over your kitchen counter, counter appliances, sink area, kitchen cabinet handles and exteriors

clean upholstery, bedding, mattresses and pillows

But a steam cleaner will also stand you in good stead for tackling much-loathed household tasks, including:

cleaning your oven

defrosting your freezer

cleaning garden furniture

cleaning curtains and rugs

cleaning grout

washing windows and shower cubicles

cleaning toilets

removing limescale

cleaning pets’ and children’s toys

How to use a steam cleaner

(High touch areas are the surfaces around your house that everyone touches – and touches often. They include light switches, door handles, toilet flushes, railings, cupboards, kitchen surfaces and tables and so on.)

To get the best sterilising power from your steam cleaner, hold it close to the item you are cleaning, otherwise the steam may dissipate without doing its job.

You should also hold it over each area for longer than you would usually expect to if you were just trying to remove a smudge of dirt.

If you are using a mop head attachment, the mop head will absorb some of the heat of the steam, so the mop will not sterilise the surface it cleans. However, like any cleaning process, it will help to capture and remove germs.  

Using your cleaner safely

Steam scalds, and can affect electrical outlets, so you should use a steam cleaner carefully:

Be careful not to get steam or water into or near plug points.

Don’t use it on light switches.

Don’t use it for overhead cleaning.

Keep it away from children and pets.

Above all, follow the instructions on your steam cleaner. The manual may include guidance for safe use on various surfaces. For example, it can damage the sealant around your bath or shower if held against it for too long. It may also be unsuitable for use on some surfaces. And never use a steam cleaner for anything other than its intended purpose.

What to look out for when buying

The steam-ready time: larger cleaners will take longer to heat up the water ready for cleaning.

Tank capacity: although smaller cleaners will heat up in only a few seconds, you’ll get a much shorter cleaning time before you need to refill the tank.

Cylinder steam cleaners, like cylinder vacuum cleaners, are the most powerful but also the most bulky. They are ideal for tough jobs like steam cleaning a mattress but difficult to lug around.

Small, handheld steamers will only be useful for spot cleaning around sinks and counters and removing grime and limescale. They won’t have the power or the accessories to clean bedding or carpets. 

Buy a steam cleaner now

Here are some steam cleaners you can currently purchase.

You can buy the Vax S84-P1-B from John Lewis for £59.99. It’s a versatile stick/ handheld cleaner that produces steam in just 15 seconds and will give you 15 minutes of steam cleaning time. It comes with four cleaning accessories, so you can switch from floors to counters to bedding, and it has a 0.36 litre capacity tank. This is a good mid-range option that’ll be useful for most jobs around the house, although if you have a larger home, you’ll need to refill at least once mid-clean.

If you’re in the US, you can

If you want a cylinder steam cleaner in the UK, Argos is selling the Karcher SC3 Easyfix cylinder steam cleaner for £199.99. It has a 1 litre tank and will heat up in just 30 seconds, after which you’ll get 23 minutes of cleaning time. 

Amazon in the UK is selling this Hoover SteamJet Express handheld cleaner (SSNH1000) for £39.99. It’s a 1000W appliance, it’s very light (1.6kg) and has a water capacity of 0.4 litres. It comes with seven different cleaning head attachments. The steam function will be ready to use in 2 minutes and will give you 12 minutes of cleaning time per tank.

This is a fairly basic cleaner, without the option of different steam settings. It’ll be useful for cleaning the sink and counter in your kitchen and bathroom and for getting at tough spots of grime but will be of little use if you want something that can steam clean bedding and upholstery. The same cleaner is also for sale from Argos.

You may also be interested in our articles on how to slow the spread of infection using household appliances you already own and how to keep your home clean during the outbreak.

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