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Ekaterina Walter is a social innovator at Intel. A recognized business and marketing thought leader , she is a speaker and a regular contributor to Mashable, Fast Company, Huffington Post, and other leading-edge print and online publications. Walter has been featured in Forbes and BusinessReviewUSA and was named among 25 Women Who Rock Social Media in 2012. She sits on a Board of Directors of Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and is an active member of the Thunderbird Global Council at Thunderbird School of Global Management.  Her new book “Think Like Zuck: The Five Business Secrets of Facebook’s Improbably Brilliant CEO Mark Zuckerberg” officially releases today. 

Or at least that’s the way the official bio runs.  After tweeting with her over a period of weeks and then a long conversation via Skype, I can say she’s every bit as knowledgeable as the bio implies.  Ekaterina is also a very vibrant, energetic, and passionate woman who is extremely approachable.  She is the kind of person you will make friends with quickly and keep as a friend for a very long time.

But enough personal insight into the author, what we really want to do is learn more about how to “Think Like Zuck.”

SEJ: Who was the audience you had in mind while you were writing “Think Like Zuck?”

SEJ: There are 5 Key Principals you highlight in the book: Passion, Purpose, People, Product, and Partnerships.  How does Passion provide the fuel to keep innovation alive every day?

When it comes to identifying passion, the key is taking the time to be thoughtful.  We tend to fall into our daily routines, and we can get so swallowed up by it that we don’t know who we are any more.  Whether you actively choose to change your life or discover the wonderful serendipity of life, you’re not going to really spot it until you slow down and give it some thought.

SEJ:  The counterpart of Passion is Purpose.  How does a clearly defined Purpose keep us from suffering from the Next-Shiny-Thing Syndrome?

EW:  With all of the information and tools available to us today, we can certainly suffer from what seems to be a form of ADD.  There is something to be said about exploration.  It’s okay to be a little naive and explore new things.  Sometimes the new shiny thing isn’t a fit and sometimes it’s a big hit.  What’s important to maintain is balance.  As long as you know your purpose, balance becomes easier to find.  Purpose also helps us to know how to let go of the good things in order to develop the really great things.  There are lots of businesses that get distracted because they have lost track of their core purpose along the way.

SEJ:  The People around you are so critical to success.  How do you make the distinction between really good talented people and the RIGHT people?

EW: Tony Hsieh, of Zappos says that the bad hiring decisions and the decisions of those that weren’t the right fit ultimately cost the company over $100 million over the years.  It’s not just a money thing, though.  There is also a synergy that happens when the right people are put in a room together.  They may push and pull and argue, but when they all buy into the passion and purpose of what they are doing, they are driven to stay at it until the brand succeeds.  When you hire people that are indifferent to what drives your business, you’re screwed.  They may do a competent job, but there will be no innovation, no motivation, no desire to drive change.  Those people are just there to get paid.

SEJ:  How does Purpose and culture improve the Products companies bring to market?

EW: Facebook has a very interesting culture.  It’s a hacker culture.  When you walk into their headquarters you will see that their offices are unfinished.  There is no finality to where they are or where they are going. Zuckerberg intentionally created this environment of “done is better than perfect.”  They embrace the idea that the journey is only 1% completed.  Everything is done to make sure that people don’t rest on their laurels, that they continue going forward.  That sort of culture encourages hack-a-thons, where engineers get together for the night and invite people from other departments to watch the creative process in action. That’s how timeline came about.  When an organization is really in tune with not only the talents but the individual passions of its people, they can shift team members on to products and projects that tap into that passion and take a new product to even grater levels.  Facebook does an excellent job of marrying the passions of their people with the purpose of the product.  Facebook hires not just for skill but also for attitude.  That is what enables them to channel the skills to create the best product out there.

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This Family Of Ai Products Think Like An Attacker And Protect Your Data

Darktrace launches PREVENT product family on its technology vision of industry-first Cyber AI Loop

With products for AI-powered attack prevention moving into commercialization, the next wave of artificial intelligence and machine learning for security is starting to take shape. This is why more and more security teams are turning to automation and AI to automate investigation tasks and alert triaging for rapid detection of threat actors. If new technology for AI-driven attack prediction and prevention lives up to its promise, it could enable major improvements for cyber defense. Darktrace launches PREVENT product family and continue to deliver on its technology vision of industry-first Cyber AI Loop.

Darktrace is a world-leading AI cyber security company. Its self-learning technology detects, to effectively respond to in-progress cyber-threats, limiting damage and stopping their spread in real-time. The company CTO Jack Stockdale explained PREVENT helps customers move from typical cyber risks reacting to proactively getting into attackers’ minds. The company claims its AI-driven portfolio works together autonomously to optimize an organization’s security through a continuous feedback loop. The new PREVENT products are based on breakthroughs developed in the company’s Cambridge Cyber AI Research Centre and the capabilities gained through the acquisition of Cybersprint.

Darktrace launches PREVENT product family:

Darktrace announces the launch of a new family of security AI tools that use AI that can think like an attacker, to automatically identify an enterprise’s critical assets and exposures. One of the new products, PREVENT/End-to-end provides enterprises with attack path modeling, automated, breach and attack emulation, penetration testing, security awareness testing, training, and vulnerability prioritization to help identify and mitigate cyber risks that exist in the environment.

PREVENT is the third product capability from Darktrace’s Cyber AI Loop delivery service. The first two were DETECT and RESPOND capabilities, and the last will be HEAL. The Darktrace Prevent technology is the application of AI/ML to what’s known as “attack path modeling. With the launch of PREVENT, Darktrace provides more predictive and preventative solutions to tackle cyber-threats and business risks rather than waiting for breaches to occur before acting.

Darktrace reveals that high-priority attempts to breach customer systems increased by 49% globally between January and June 2023. It can’t be ignored, though, that any new wave of AI/ML for security will have to confront the weariness that many cybersecurity teams have with artificial intelligence. Darktrace is widely considered to be one of the largest providers in the market, with over 1,600 employees. The AI is going to give it to us much, much faster, and much more surgically accurate.

The PREVENT launch comes as the cybersecurity AI market is in a state of growth, with researchers anticipating its growth from a value of $8.8 billion in 2023 to $38.2 billion by 2026. Using AI, organizations can examine their defenses from an attacker’s perspective, and identify vulnerabilities before attackers have a chance to exploit them. Darktrace has systems that take this loop of AI engines very, very close to the data so you can do that real-time detection and response, and in real-time get into the minds of attackers.

How To Use Apple’s New Conversation Boost Accessibility Feature With Airpods Pro

Follow these steps to configure iOS 15’s Conversation Boost feature on your AirPods Pro and learn how to adjust ambient noise reduction to help you hear a conversation in a noisy area.

What is Conversation Boost?

Conversation Boost is Apple’s marketing name for an ambient noise reduction feature for folks with hearing problems that’s currently restricted to a single AirPods model—AirPods Pro.

Apple says this accessibility feature can help people with mild hearing challenges stay more connected in conversations. It boosts the voice of the person speaking in front of you, and you can toggle the amount of ambient noise cancellation. Of course, you don’t need to suffer from hearing problems just to use Conversation Boost for enhancing face-to-face interactions.

How to turn on Conversation Boost

Conversation Boost is an accessibility feature that people who never visit the Accessibility section in the Settings app would have a hard time discovering on their own.

Connect your AirPods to your iPhone

Open Settings on your iPhone running iOS 15.0+

Choose Accessibility from the root list

Hit Audio/Visual underneath the heading Hearing

Touch Headphone Accommodations underneath the Audio heading

Slide the Headphone Accommodations switch to the ON position

Choose the option labeled Transparency Mode at the bottom

Switch on the Custom Transparency Mode option

Scroll down and toggle on Conversation Boost

The screenshot below illustrates where the Conversation Boost switch is located.

You won’t see this option unless the earbuds are connected to your phone.

How to add Conversation Boost control to Control Panel

With the Conversation Boost feature turned on, you’d be wise to add its button to the Control Center overlay for fast access to the feature from anywhere in iOS, including the lock screen.

Open Settings on your iPhone powered by iOS 15.0+

Choose Control Center from the main list

Hit the (+) plus sign next to Hearing to add the feature to your Control Center

You should now see the option Hearing on the Included Controls list.

And now you can boost face-to-face conversations anytime you want.

How to use Conversation Boost

With Conversation Boost turned on in your accessibility settings, use the Control Center toggle to activate Conversation Boost on your AirPods Pro when needed.

Open Control Center on your iPhone with iOS 15.0+

Select the Hearing option from your Control Center

Touch Phone & Media underneath Headphone Accommodations

On the next screen, choose Transparency Mode

You’ll return to the previous screen, now set Conversation Boost to “On” at the bottom

The Hearing control in Control Center lets you toggle Conversation Boost on the fly.

You can also adjust the amount of ambient noise reduction and other audio filters.

Adjusting ambient noise reduction and other Conversation Boost features

You can set the amount of ambient noise reduction and adjust other audio filters for Conversation Boost either through Control Center or via your accessibility settings.

Open Control Center on your iPhone with iOS 15.0+

On the Control Center overlay, touch the Hearing control

Set ambient noise reduction and other audio settings to your liking

Amplification: Amplify the audio picked by your AirPods Pro microphone

Transparency Balance: Set to left (L), right (R) or leave in the middle for neutral balance

Tone: Set the overall audio feeling between Darker and Brighter

Ambient Noise Reduction: Control the amount of noise cancelation

Alternatively, go to Settings → Accessibility → Audio/Visual → /Headphone Accommodations → Transparency Mode to set the amount of ambient noise reduction and configure other audio filters. Keep in mind that changing the values for amplification, transparency balance, tone and ambient noise reduction won’t just affect Conversation Boost but also the regular noise-canceling Transparency Mode feature on your AirPods Pro.

As we mentioned earlier, Conversation Boost isn’t strictly for folks who are a little hard of hearing. Everyone can use Conversation Boost. You may be having issues hearing the person in front of you talking. Or you may be conducting a conversation in a particularly noisy area.

Whichever the case, Conversation Boost is ready to boost your conversation.

Conversation Boost FAQ: Your questions, answered

Can I use Conversation Boost with other headphones?

Conversation Boost is currently supported on Apple’s own AirPods Pro wireless earbuds. Other models are incompatible with this feature, including the pricey AirPods Max headphones.

What are the system requirements for Conversation Boost?

Conversation Boost requires that your AirPods Pro be updated to firmware version 4A400, which launched on October 6, 2023. You’ll also need an iPhone or iPod touch with at least the iOS 15.0 software or an iPad running iPadOS 15.0 or newer.

Do I have the right AirPods firmware for Conversation Boost?

If you have older firmware, you’ll need to update your AirPods Pro. Apple doesn’t provide a specific mechanism to download and install these updates. Rather, the new firmware is installed automatically when your AirPods Pro are in their charging case.

The AirPods Pro case needs to be connected to power and within Bluetooth range of its paired iPhone to kickstart the update process. Read: How to use Live Listen on iPhone

Where do I find the version number for AirPods firmware?

Before you can set up Conversation Boost on your AirPods Pro, verify that you have the required firmware by venturing into Settings → Bluetooth, then touch the “i” next to your listed AirPods Pro. The version number of the current firmware is printed next to “Version”.

We’ll update this article if Apple adds Conversation Boost to other AirPods models.

Conversation Boost vs. Live Listen: What’s the difference?

You could argue that Conversation Boost sounds an awful lot like Live Listen, another accessibility feature from Apple, and you’d be right. While at the core both features make it easier to hear conversations in noisy situations, they’re not the same.

With Live Listen, your iPhone acts as a remote mic that sends audio wirelessly to your AirPods. As noted by a support document on the Apple website, Live Listen used to be only available for MFi-certified hearing aids. As of iOS 12, this feature can be used with your AirPods.

Author Says Offshoring ‘Real Wmd’ For U.s.

America’s high-end, high-paying IT jobs are increasingly moving to

India, threatening the U.S.’s predominant position in the world and

setting India up to become the next superpower, according to the author

of a new book, Rising Elephant.

Ashutosh Sheshabalaya, a former journalist and technology consultant who

the offshoring of U.S. high-tech jobs marks the remaking of the American

workforce, as well as the world economy.

While offshoring IT jobs has raised concerns and voices in the high-tech

community, Sheshabalaya says it’s a far more complex and dangerous issue

than most Americans understand. He predicts that this relocation of

high-value jobs will ”erode the foundations of Western supremacy.”

Sheshabalaya calls this the “real weapon of mass destruction.”

”Entire chunks of the Western economic system may be eroding at a

faster pace than few believed possible only a few years ago,”

Sheshabalaya contends. ”The consequences of the relocation process

remain unfathomable…. momentous.”

The author points out that while U.S. workers have suffered through the

offshoring of textile and manufacturing jobs, this will be the first

time the economy has had to deal with the loss of high-value jobs. This

is a direct assault on the American middle and upper-middle class. And

there should be no mistake, he adds, that India has any intention of

simply pulling in low-end call center and programming jobs. High-value,

high-tech jobs are equally at risk — only the timing is different.

India’s focus, Sheshabalaya says, is a ”full sweep of high-value

white-collar services.” He calls it the Great Displacement.

And the relocation movement quietly began about 20 years ago, starting

in the mid-1980s and then slowly picking up in the mid-’90s. The dot-com

boom masked some of this movement. Workers and industry analysts were

too caught up in the wave of big salaries, bigger bonuses and more jobs

than the U.S. workforce alone could fill to notice. With a down economy

and the death of the dot-com boom, the fog has cleared and the

statistics on offshoring are mounting.

According to Forrester Research, an industry analyst firm, 3.3 million

American jobs will move overseas by 2023. Sheshabalaya notes that means

800 American IT jobs will move to India every day for the next 11 years.

Another analyst firm, Gartner Group, predicts that one in 10 U.S. tech

jobs might be moved out by the end of this year.

Technology employment in the southern Indian city of Bangalore has

overtaken that in Silicon Valley.

In a one-on-one interview with Datamation, Sheshabalaya talks

about the failings of the American government to deal with this crisis,

what happens when U.S. students stop studying computer science and

America’s waning days as a superpower.

Q: You say India is positioning itself to become a world power — a

It is not only possible — in many senses, it’s inevitable. The question

is over what time frame will it happen. This isn’t an accidental success

story that India is doing well in IT. There is a massive consensus in

India that this is a good way to leapfrog over all the challenges of

development of a very poor country. What is very important about IT is

that it cuts across all the major interest groups in India as being one

of the most crucial possibilities for the country to become a big power

and then a superpower.

By the year 2040 or 2050. It’s going to be a paradigm shift. It won’t be

tomorrow and it also won’t be very dramatic. It will take a generation

or two in international politics… The use of the words ‘great

displacement’ is very important. This will take some time. This will be

more subtle than you might think.

Q: Do you see India and the United States being superpowers at the

same time, or do you see America’s global influence waning because of

It’s a transition. I’d say it’s a matter of one going up and one going

down. Europe is going down faster. The U.S. is figuring it out faster

than Europe. The displacement isn’t a one-way street. There will be a

lot of up and down for both sides in this process… By 2050, the U.S.

will not be where it was at the turn of the millennium. It will no

longer be the case that the U.S. will always get its way.

Q: You use the phrase “the real weapon of mass destruction” when

talking about this job relocation. Are you saying that India pulling in

high-skill jobs is virtually a WMD for the U.S., along with many

Actually, this is a quote from the Washington Times. But I do

agree. It seems to have numbed and paralyzed many already.

Continue on to read Sheshabalaya’s predictions that U.S. IT workers will end up moving to India to find jobs, what happens when students stop studying computer science, and what is ahead for the U.S. economy.

Advanced Grammarly App Tips To Write Like A Pro

Writers in every industry, including professional writers, make mistakes and typos. But instead of hiring a proofreader, try the Grammarly app to help avoid embarrassing spelling and grammatical errors. From grammar, spelling, punctuation, style mistakes, and word choice, Grammarly helps writers produce their best work.

The free version of the Grammarly app provides AI-powered spelling and grammar checks. It also identities more subtle mistakes that regular spellcheckers might miss, such as unnecessary commas or contextually incorrect verbiage.

Table of Contents

Grammarly encrypts documents using 256-bit AES & SSL/TLS to protect your privacy. Other features of the free Grammarly app version include :

Supports American, Canadian, British, and Australian English.

Gives suggestions that you can accept or reject.

Includes a metric for readability.

Usable across devices and browsers.

Acts as a backup option by saving recently reviewed documents.

Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word and various browsers.

Grammarly App Pricing Options & Features

Monthly at $29.95/month.

Quarterly $19.98/month (billed one-time $59.95).

Annually at $11.66/month (billed one-time $139.95).

Grammarly Premium app includes:

Writing styles for specific genres.

Vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

Plagiarism and inconsistent style checker.

Advanced checks for context, sentence structure, and grammar.

Human proofreading available at an extra cost.

Grammarly Premium will identify inappropriate tones such as non-inclusive language and informal words in a formal document.

Works Across Multiple Platforms

Use the Grammarly app on the native desktop client for macOS and Windows or via browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. It is also available as a Microsoft add-in for Word and Outlook and as an alternative keyboard on Smartphones.

How To Use The Microsoft Grammarly App Add-In

For those writers who prefer to work in MS Word, you can use the Microsoft add-in. 

Start by logging into your Grammarly account.

Select Grammarly for Microsoft Office to use the app with Word. Notice that is will also integrate with Outlook to make sure your emails are grammatically correct before you send them.

Grammarly will check documents for the following :

The panel on the right-hand side of your Word document will show each suggested change. The user can accept or reject all recommendations.

Below are several pro tips on how to get the most out of the Grammarly Premium app.

Choose Your Writing Style

Writing styles will differ depending upon the situation, environment, and industry. Business documents and academic papers require a more formal style than writing a blog post or a novel.

With the Grammarly Premium app, users can specify the preferred writing style and customize the suggestions given.

Grammarly offers the following writing styles:

Academic is the most strict and formal style. It will flag unclear antecedents, contractions, and informal pronouns.

Business checks content against formal writing criteria such as passive voice but will not flag unclear antecedents, expressions, and informal pronouns.

General is the default Grammarly style setting.

Technical is intended to avoid ambiguities and will flag anything that is unclear or uses the future tense.

Casual is an informal setting and won’t flag informal pronouns, run-on sentences, passive voice, or split infinitives.

Creative will identify spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors but is less strict for writers who want to be more creative and intentionally bend some rules. This setting will not flag colloquialisms, passive voice, run-on sentences, informal pronouns, incomplete comparisons, wordy sentences or sentence fragments.

Choose Writing Style Via Web App Choose Writing Style Via Grammarly Editor   Choose Writing Style Via Microsoft Add-In Advanced Grammar & Punctuation

Not only does Grammarly tell you when it detects an error or inconsistency, but it also provides an explanation to help users understand the why behind the suggestions.

Grammarly checks writing in real-time so users can correct issues while writing.

Keep in mind that suggestions are just that. Grammarly might recommend something that is not appropriate for your content. Users make the ultimate decision of whether to accept or reject each correction.

Vocabulary Checker & Proofreading Dashboard

The Grammarly app gives users access to a color-coded performance dashboard to identify issues with your content. 

Scroll down to see valuable insights on vocabulary usage. You will see metrics of the Unique and Rare words your content contains compared to other Grammarly users.

You can also download a PDF report showing the statistics about your document. If you are writing in Word with the Microsoft add-in, upload your document to the Grammarly Editor to generate the same performance report.

Setting Goals

The Grammarly app will make writing suggestions based on your goals and audience settings. 

The settings for Audience are General, Knowledgeable, or Expert. 

Use the Formality setting to let Grammarly know if you want your writing to be informal, neutral, or formal.

The Tone setting helps Grammarly make suggestions about how you want your content to sound to readers. Options include Neutral, Confident, Joyful, and many more.

Intent settings indicate whether you are trying to inform, describe, convince, or tell a story. 

Users have the option to Set Goals every time they start a new document by checking off the box.

Domain settings indicate your preferred writing style discussed above.

Use The Grammarly App To Check Facebook Posts

First, download the browser extension to activate Grammarly on the web. When you write a post on Facebook, Grammarly will be detected (see the G on the bottom right side).

Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly will run an in-depth plagiarism check against both hard copy publications and journals as well as soft-copy webpages.

For this article, we will copy something from the web to show you how the plagiarism checker works. The screenshot below shows 100% plagiarized because it was copied word for word from a web article.

Now, let’s add some original verbiage and see the results.

You will notice that not only does Grammarly identify content that is plagiarized; it tells you the source of the original content.

All writers, especially technical writers, need to write accurate and error-free documents. Using a tool like Grammarly will help detect mistakes and inconsistencies to enable the production of quality content to interest and inform readers.

Seth’s Gift Guide: You Like Technology? I Like Technology!

You don’t have a lot of time to get your shopping done.  What should you do to tie up those loose ends? Yes, of course you should go buy every Apple product. It is all top notch stuff and as readers of 9to5mac, you like this stuff. We all know that. But you want some specifics for that hard-to-shop-for technologist? Go to chúng tôi . Still didn’t find anything good?

OK, here we go…

First of all, if you don’t have a 4K display, I feel bad for you son. Too much money? Nah, you can get a 39″ Seiki for $499 that actually kind of works. If you followed me on Twitter, you would have bought one last week at under $400. The worst case scenario: you have a solid 1080p display at 120Hz that you can flip over to when you need to go 4K.

Next, you need at least one Bluetooth speaker if you are going to enjoy your life at all.  I made a review of the best Bluetooth speakers out there and have been updating it since.  TL;DR: Overall winner (updated), Best Value, Best sound, Best Portable/Sound, Charger too, Apps/Updates, more. Need even more of a breakdown? Let’s go by price:

Streaming video players! Yes, Apple TV is great (especially on sale), but what if you want to stream all of those ripped Blu-Rays sitting on the Synology in your basement? Bag of hurt! You’ll need something else. While a Chromecast at $30 is nice, it still doesn’t stream local files. Rokus and Google TVs work a little bit with the right apps, but I’ve actually had the best luck with a WD TV Live Media 1080P Player Wi-Fi which you’ll find for around $75. It also does most of the stuff that the other streamers do, but also has weather and apps you can set as an alarm clock. It is nice getting the weather in the morning on our bedroom TV.

Wait, back up. What is a ‘Synology‘ you ask? Only just the best NAS enclosure out there. You buy one of these starting at $200 (word to the wise, everyone who gets these loves them but wishes they got a bigger one) and not only do you have a great Time Machine compatible share but also a torrenting, VPN/Firewall Linux Machine with an easy-to-use GUI. The apps give you access to any type of media you are storing from any iOS or Android device. The $600 DS412+ 4 bay is a best bet.

If you have a new iPad Air like me, you are probably interested in a keyboard case. I’m in full agreement with Mark Gurman’s Smackdown. If you want thin, Logitech’s $80 Ultra Thin or Logitech Fabric Skin Keyboard Folio ($120) are great options. ZAGGkeys Folio $99 Black with Backlit Keyboard offers a great typing experience and backlighting. I also like Belkin’s $60 QODE line which are probably the most rugged of the bunch.

Overall and day to day I usually go with Logitech when it comes to iPad (of all sizes) keyboard cases. If you don’t need the case and just want a keyboard, check out Logitech’s EDU focused wired lineup (above). No Bluetooth tethering. Just plug and play and it works. Most reliable keyboard since Apple stopped making its keyboard dock.

Battery backup for iOS devices: This is an interesting area. I’ve reviewed huge items like the Hyperjuice that can even charge a Mac and things as small as the New Trent PowerPak that are great for using every day. Both are great at what they do, but lately I’ve been in love with a new little item: The RavPower ‘Lipstick’ flashlight charging solutions which run about $20. Basically, you get a very bright little flashlight and a full iPhone charge in something that looks like a maglight meets lipstick dispenser. Obviously great for the ladies’ purses as well.

DLP Projectors. I was recently given a great little DLP projector that I wanted to include in this roundup, but it kept turning off halfway through my videos. That doesn’t mean they are all bad. The category is a fantastic one and I have some old standbys to recommend. I love my portable Telstar (pictured above). Someday Apple will make something in this field.

We’ve reviewed the best portable Bluetooth speakers out there, but what about wireless speakers that aren’t so portable? We’ve found some of the best out there if you are looking for some nice home speakers

Edifier – This is a great desktop Bluetooth speaker with mic that is great for conference calls. My wife won’t give it back because it sounds so great and looks just as nice.

Wren – I’m not usually a huge fan of AirPlay, but this beautiful Bamboo Speaker makes it work really well. Set and forget in your bedroom for great streaming of iTunes music. It sets up easily with an iPhone and can also do great direct line sound from a TV. Did I mention how good it looks?

Supertooth Disco Twin – A great Bluetooth option if you want some portability in desktop speakers. These sound great, can go for a few hours without power, and have great sound separation. They also look great.  I wouldn’t call these portable, but they do fill a niche.

If you are still reading this, then you are pretty much screwed on ideas. Get your loved one something that can be shipped in 1 day from this list or an Amazon gift card which can be emailed and start shopping earlier next year FFS.



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