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Writers in every industry, including professional writers, make mistakes and typos. But instead of hiring a proofreader, try the Grammarly app to help avoid embarrassing spelling and grammatical errors. From grammar, spelling, punctuation, style mistakes, and word choice, Grammarly helps writers produce their best work.

The free version of the Grammarly app provides AI-powered spelling and grammar checks. It also identities more subtle mistakes that regular spellcheckers might miss, such as unnecessary commas or contextually incorrect verbiage.

Table of Contents

Grammarly encrypts documents using 256-bit AES & SSL/TLS to protect your privacy. Other features of the free Grammarly app version include :

Supports American, Canadian, British, and Australian English.

Gives suggestions that you can accept or reject.

Includes a metric for readability.

Usable across devices and browsers.

Acts as a backup option by saving recently reviewed documents.

Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word and various browsers.

Grammarly App Pricing Options & Features

Monthly at $29.95/month.

Quarterly $19.98/month (billed one-time $59.95).

Annually at $11.66/month (billed one-time $139.95).

Grammarly Premium app includes:

Writing styles for specific genres.

Vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

Plagiarism and inconsistent style checker.

Advanced checks for context, sentence structure, and grammar.

Human proofreading available at an extra cost.

Grammarly Premium will identify inappropriate tones such as non-inclusive language and informal words in a formal document.

Works Across Multiple Platforms

Use the Grammarly app on the native desktop client for macOS and Windows or via browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. It is also available as a Microsoft add-in for Word and Outlook and as an alternative keyboard on Smartphones.

How To Use The Microsoft Grammarly App Add-In

For those writers who prefer to work in MS Word, you can use the Microsoft add-in. 

Start by logging into your Grammarly account.

Select Grammarly for Microsoft Office to use the app with Word. Notice that is will also integrate with Outlook to make sure your emails are grammatically correct before you send them.

Grammarly will check documents for the following :

The panel on the right-hand side of your Word document will show each suggested change. The user can accept or reject all recommendations.

Below are several pro tips on how to get the most out of the Grammarly Premium app.

Choose Your Writing Style

Writing styles will differ depending upon the situation, environment, and industry. Business documents and academic papers require a more formal style than writing a blog post or a novel.

With the Grammarly Premium app, users can specify the preferred writing style and customize the suggestions given.

Grammarly offers the following writing styles:

Academic is the most strict and formal style. It will flag unclear antecedents, contractions, and informal pronouns.

Business checks content against formal writing criteria such as passive voice but will not flag unclear antecedents, expressions, and informal pronouns.

General is the default Grammarly style setting.

Technical is intended to avoid ambiguities and will flag anything that is unclear or uses the future tense.

Casual is an informal setting and won’t flag informal pronouns, run-on sentences, passive voice, or split infinitives.

Creative will identify spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors but is less strict for writers who want to be more creative and intentionally bend some rules. This setting will not flag colloquialisms, passive voice, run-on sentences, informal pronouns, incomplete comparisons, wordy sentences or sentence fragments.

Choose Writing Style Via Web App Choose Writing Style Via Grammarly Editor   Choose Writing Style Via Microsoft Add-In Advanced Grammar & Punctuation

Not only does Grammarly tell you when it detects an error or inconsistency, but it also provides an explanation to help users understand the why behind the suggestions.

Grammarly checks writing in real-time so users can correct issues while writing.

Keep in mind that suggestions are just that. Grammarly might recommend something that is not appropriate for your content. Users make the ultimate decision of whether to accept or reject each correction.

Vocabulary Checker & Proofreading Dashboard

The Grammarly app gives users access to a color-coded performance dashboard to identify issues with your content. 

Scroll down to see valuable insights on vocabulary usage. You will see metrics of the Unique and Rare words your content contains compared to other Grammarly users.

You can also download a PDF report showing the statistics about your document. If you are writing in Word with the Microsoft add-in, upload your document to the Grammarly Editor to generate the same performance report.

Setting Goals

The Grammarly app will make writing suggestions based on your goals and audience settings. 

The settings for Audience are General, Knowledgeable, or Expert. 

Use the Formality setting to let Grammarly know if you want your writing to be informal, neutral, or formal.

The Tone setting helps Grammarly make suggestions about how you want your content to sound to readers. Options include Neutral, Confident, Joyful, and many more.

Intent settings indicate whether you are trying to inform, describe, convince, or tell a story. 

Users have the option to Set Goals every time they start a new document by checking off the box.

Domain settings indicate your preferred writing style discussed above.

Use The Grammarly App To Check Facebook Posts

First, download the browser extension to activate Grammarly on the web. When you write a post on Facebook, Grammarly will be detected (see the G on the bottom right side).

Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly will run an in-depth plagiarism check against both hard copy publications and journals as well as soft-copy webpages.

For this article, we will copy something from the web to show you how the plagiarism checker works. The screenshot below shows 100% plagiarized because it was copied word for word from a web article.

Now, let’s add some original verbiage and see the results.

You will notice that not only does Grammarly identify content that is plagiarized; it tells you the source of the original content.

All writers, especially technical writers, need to write accurate and error-free documents. Using a tool like Grammarly will help detect mistakes and inconsistencies to enable the production of quality content to interest and inform readers.

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11 Tips To Use Mobirise Site Builder Like A Pro – Webnots

Mobirise is one of the popular apps for building beautiful websites. You can easily create HTML websites using Bootstrap framework with thousands of pre-made templates. Instead of breaking your head with complicated content management systems like WordPress, you can manage everything with a single Mobirise app. In this article, we will explain 11 tips for using Mobirise site builder app like a pro.

Tips for Using Mobirise Site Builder

Before proceeding further make sure to update your Mobirise app to the latest version. For example, the latest version offers Mobirise 5 theme which is based on Bootstrap 5 version.

Update Mobirise App

Tip#1 – Choose Your Theme Wisely

Remember, it is not possible to change your theme after creating a site with Mobirise app. Therefore, check and choose a theme using latest Bootstrap version.

Avoid themes with Bootstrap beta versions as things can change when stable version is available.

Similarly, avoid AMP themes as you may get errors in Google Search Console when using forms with AMP themes.

Tip#2 – Import Site in Another Computer

Mobirise app will keep the history of all your sites created in a app. However, it will be stored on your local computer. Over the years, if you changed your computer then you can export and import your sites in new computer.

Export Complete Site

Along with your site’s assets, Mobirise will also create project file named “project.mobirise”.

Import Sites in Mobirise App

This will import the entire site to the app in your new computer.

Tip#3 – Restore Deleted Sites

Restore Deleted Sites in Mobirise

Press “OK” to confirm the sites restore.

Confirm Site Restore

Remember, there is no option to select single website for restoring. The app will restore all sites you have deleted previously and restore them. Hence, restoring will take some time depending upon the number deleted sites.

Tip#4 – Change App Language

Mobirise app is available in more than 10 popular languages like English, German, French, Chinese, etc. In addition, you can use your own language by translating the text content used in the app.

Tip#5 – Enable Dark Mode Tip#6 – Remove Mobirise Footer

Remove Mobirise from HTML

Tip#7 – Create User Blocks

As mentioned above, you can’t change the theme once selected in Mobirise app. It essentially means, you can’t use the blocks available in one theme in another theme. This applies big restrictions when using blocks. However, you can overcome this by creating a custom user block that will be available across all your themes.

Save to User Blocks

Once saved, you can find all user blocks under “User Blocks” section when adding blocks to your page. These user blocks will be available on all themes and you can insert theme on any sites.

View All User Blocks

Tip#8 – Clone Site or Page

Related: Get 97% discount with Mobirise all in one kit.

Tip#9 – Insert Content in Header and Footer

There are many situations you need to insert codes in the header and footer sections of your site or page. For example, you may want to insert Google Analytics code in the footer before body section and Google AdSense Auto Ads code inside the header section. Mobirise app allows you to insert codes in header and end of body section in specific page or in entire site.

Global HTML Inserts in Mobirise App

Tip#10 – Revert Back to Previous Version of Project

Mobirise records all changes of your projects as separate versions. You can keep track of different saved versions and revert back to any previously state without hassle. For example, you have updated the site, but your client did not like it and asked you to revert back like before. This will be a pain if you do not have any backup copies. With the latest Mobirise app, you can simply browse through the versions and restore any saved version.

Current Site Saved as a New Version

Tip#11 – Create Temporary Sites with Mobirise

Publish Site

If needed you can enter some descriptive text like chúng tôi This will publish your site with the given subdomain and allow you to visit the site on browser anywhere from the world.

Save and Edit Site Live

The beauty is that you can also edit the site online with browser by logging with Google, Facebook or with your email. In this way, you can do collaborative editing of the content by multiple editors.

Final Words

Many of the above mentioned features are introduced recently in Mobirise app. We recommend you going through the app settings and other sections of the app frequently to understand the new features.

How To Use Your Apple Watch Stopwatch Like A Pro

The Apple Watch, as you might have guessed, is really good at timekeeping. Unsurprisingly, it comes bundled with a stopwatch function that works as both a full-fledged app and a watch face complication. In this post, which is a continuation of our Apple Watch tips series, we’ll show you how to get the most out of the stopwatch functionality on your Apple Watch.

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the Stopwatch app. You can launch it in a few ways:

Press the Digital Crown to see all your apps and tap the Stopwatch app icon

Launch it via a watch face complication

Use the Chronograph watch face with a built-in stopwatch

How to start and stop the stopwatch on Apple Watch

1) Open Apple’s built-in Stopwatch app.

2) Digital stopwatch should be the default one. Tap the green Start button to begin the stopwatch. You can safely exit the Stopwatch app, and the stopwatch will keep running.

3) To add a lap, tap the Lap button while the stopwatch is running. In the Analog stopwatch, tap the white circular button.

4) To stop the stopwatch, return to the Stopwatch app and tap the red Stop button. In the Analog stopwatch, tap the red circular button.

5) You can resume the stopwatch by tapping Start. And if you no longer want to keep this stopwatch running, tap the Reset button to bring the stopwatch back to zero.

Change your Apple Watch stopwatch format

You can change the format of the stopwatch, which alters its look and feel.

1) Open the Stopwatch app.

2) Tap the name of the current stopwatch style from the top left corner of the screen.

3) Pick another stopwatch format like Analog, Digital, Graph, or Hybrid.

Note: If you go ahead with the Analog style, you can quickly rotate the Digital Crown up on the Analog stopwatch screen to see a 3-dial view with laps.

Tip: Use the Chronograph watch face

The Chronograph watch face provides you with a full-fledged stopwatch at all times. If you’re someone who often uses a stopwatch, then it may be wise to adopt the Chronograph watch face as your watch face of choice. To learn more about watch faces and switching between different faces, be sure to check out our full watch face tutorial.

Add a stopwatch complication to your watch face

Several watch faces feature the ability to add a stopwatch complication right on the face. The nice thing about stopwatch complications is that when the stopwatch is live, you can see it running directly on the face.

For complication areas that are larger (like the one on the Mickey Mouse watch face), you’ll see the full stopwatch layout. If you choose a complication area that’s smaller, you’ll get a truncated form of the stopwatch readout. Finally, if you tap the stopwatch complication, it will take you directly to the Stopwatch app.

Here’s how to add a stopwatch complication to your watch face:

1) Press & hold the current watch face and tap Edit.

2) Swipe left to go to the COMPLICATIONS section.

3) Tap one of the complication spots.

4) Rotate your Digital Crown to find the Stopwatch complication and tap to add it.

5) Press the Digital Crown twice to exit the editing screen.

Your watch face will now have a stopwatch complication, and tapping it will take you to the Stopwatch app. And when a stopwatch is running, you should see it live in action here.

Note: Not all watch faces support complications.

As you can see, the stopwatch functionality on Apple Watch is much more robust than it first appears on the surface. If you’re someone who’s extra-serious about timing, then the stopwatch function on Apple Watch can be an instrumental tool.

What do you think?

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Microsoft’s Lumia Camera App Looks Like A Big Improvement For Lumia Phones

A Microsoft spokeswoman began making sounds of protest when we snapped a few seconds of high-definition video using a feature of Microsoft’s new Lumia Camera app, Moment Capture.

She didn’t need to, because what the camera captured was a perfectly lovely still image. And that’s the point of Microsoft’s new app.

On Tuesday night, just before Microsoft was scheduled to lift the curtain on its new consumer-oriented Windows 10 preview, Microsoft’s Sami Niemi, the man overseeing Microsoft’s photography experience, demoed the new Lumia Camera app. Microsoft is shipping Lumia Camera with the Lumia 435 and Lumia 532, but it’ll eventually arrive on the Lumia 1520, Icon, 830 and 930 handsets as well.

Lumia Camera is often thought of in the same breath as Lumia Denim, a firmware and OS update that brings phones in line with Windows 8.1 Update. But Lumia Camera won’t be made available to every phone, Niemi said, in part because of the limitations of the hardware.

The Lumia Camera interface looks nearly the same as the existing Nokia Camera app, but the “action shot” button has been removed and folded into Moment Capture.

Lumia Camera is made up of four major improvements: quicker app load and shot-to-shot times; Moment Capture, which mines video for still images; Rich Capture, which adds some nifty post-processing; and general improvements in low-light photography.

Why this matters: Apple designed an excellent camera into the iPhone, and Samsung’s cameras—though chock-full of frankly unnecessary features in some models—are no slouches, either. Lumia’s camera hardware, however, has had a well-deserved reputation for image quality, complete with manual camera controls that allow you to control exposure, shutter speed, and more. But they’re also clunky. In a world where imaging “improvements” include filters and stickers, Lumia Camera provides practical improvements to the Lumia line.

Four solid upgrades

But let’s start with the obvious: On phones like the gigantic Lumia 1520, actually opening the camera app and taking the first photo can take several seconds—a lifetime at a sporting event or capturing a baby’s first steps. Lumia Camera solves this. Tapping the app icon launches Lumia Camera almost instantaneously—still a bit slower than camera apps on other platforms, it appeared, but not really enough to matter. Because Lumia Camera constantly autofocuses, shutter lag appears to have decreased from over a second to 0.3 seconds or so—not perfect, but not bad, either.

Within Moment Capture, that slider bar to the right allows you to add or subtract flash after the picture is taken. 

Moment Capture takes a complementary approach: Once the camera app is loaded, how do you ensure that you never actually miss a picture? By continuously shooting video, of course. With a long press of the camera button, the Lumia phone begins recording 4K-quality video at 24 frames per second. Rather than try to have you snap photos as fast as possible—which on the Lumia appeared to be about three shots per two seconds—Moment Capture takes the recording and allows you to step through the video, saving any frame you’d like as an 8-megapixel image. Chances are good at least one of those images will be a good shot.

Not a still image, though, mind you. Lumia cameras generally save two images: a lower-resolution one for sharing, and a higher-resolution version for archiving. Microsoft is encouraging users to save “Living Images”—a still image with a separate “sidecar” file with a fraction of a second of video attached. The idea is to give a bit of life to an otherwise static shot, Niemi explained.

We referred to the Rich Capture feature as one to watch when Microsoft announced the Lumia Camera improvements last September, and that still seems to be the case. Rich Capture snaps several quick photos of your subject. The demo Niemi showed used a normal exposure and a flash, but it apparently works with HDR as well. After the shots are taken, Rich Capture allows you to adjust the flash after you’ve taken the photo, to find the right combination of natural lighting and a focused flash.

That’s a pretty nifty trick—and one that requires some significant computational power, as well. What’s not clear is exactly why cameras like the Lumia 1020 won’t get the Lumia Camera upgrade—and even that’s not set in stone, apparently. But it does have to do with the limitations of the hardware, Niemi said.

Creating A Pareto Chart In Power Bi – Advanced Dax

I’ll show you how to use a combination of formulas to be able to generate a visualization like this one.

The first thing that I always recommend when working on something similar with this analysis is to turn the visualization into a table. This way, you can really examine the numbers that are needed to generate the said visualization.

For this scenario, you first need to create a cumulative total to get the Total Revenue amount. As you can see, there are no dates and numbers. Therefore, it will be challenging to generate a cumulative total that’s based on text value instead of numbers. I’ll teach you how to do this step by step.

The first thing that I’m going to show you is the calculation for cumulative total without dates.

The technique here is to use the SUMX function as well as an iterator like the FILTER function. The FILTER function goes inside the SUMX. After that, you need to create a virtual table using the SUMMARIZE function.

The virtual table needs to look at all the sales inside the selected date context. After that, it should go through the specific state codes inside the table.

The said part of the formula will create a table exactly like the sample table. The only difference is it’s creating the table virtually for now.

The next part of the formula will create another virtual table for the revenue. But because this logic is inside a filter, it manipulates the table virtually to create a cumulative total. The formula should iterate through every row and part of the total revenue table.

If the revenue of the specific row is greater than or equal to the state revenue, it calculates the revenue amount and brings it into the table.  

After that, you need to add the variable, VAR StateRev, so that it’s going to evaluate the Total Revenue.

That’s how you create a cumulative total even though there’s no ranking based on dates or numbers. The cumulative totals that were created are only based on a text column.

All the cumulative totals in the table are calculated because they all evaluated to true, and then the total revenues are aggregated to the cumulative total.

The next part that I’d like to demonstrate is the creation of the sales table for the pareto chart.

In addition to this, you can create a Pareto chart based on any selection through the Product Category selector.

The next thing that I want to show you is how to combine the previous formulas into another one by simply adding some DAX functions.

To do that, just create a new measure or copy an existing (similar) one, then rename it accordingly. For this example, the new measure is named as Pareto Chart (States).

As you can see, there’s already an existing formula in the copied measure so you only need to add some DAX formulas. In this case, you need to add some variables using the VARIABLE function, which simplifies calculations.

The first variable (VAR StateRey) simply equals to Total Revenue, while the second one (VAR AllSales) uses the CALCULATE and ALLSELECTED functions.

For the logic, add the DIVIDE function before the SUMX, and then add the variable, AllSales on the bottom part. It’s important to have a constant value for the results to return. Thus, you should put zero as the alternative result.

There are times when the results appear in a number format, but the Pareto Chart (States) column should show in percentage like this one below.

Thus, you need to go to Measure tools, and then change the format into a percentage.

Once you go back to the table, you can see the exact results in the table transform into a Pareto chart. That’s the reason why I always recommend having it inside a table first before creating the chart.

You can experiment around the chart and select dynamic data in the Product Category selector. As you can see, the Pareto chart also changes dynamically as per your product categories.

You can also add some colors to your Pareto chart using some data labels to make it more compelling. Just take time to play around the formatting area and set up your Pareto chart accordingly. For instance, you can change the visualization and enable the Line Values like this one below.

There’s so much you can do inside Power BI to make your data stand out and your report more effective and visually appealing.

The key is understanding the right time to use variables in the evaluation. It could either be used at the start of the formula or as an iterating function. 

I hope that you got something out of this tutorial and hopefully you can find a way to utilize the sample formula pattern into your own models.

All the best!


Hma Pro Vpn Review: Good Speeds, New App


Good speeds

Tons of servers and country options


Privacy policy is still less than ideal

Not much in the way of extra features or customization

Our Verdict

HMA offers solid VPN speeds, a wide range of country choices, and a crazy amount of servers. Its privacy policy has also improved, but it still logs more data than privacy-conscious types would be comfortable with. Overall, our recommendation hasn’t changed. HMA is good for basic uses, but if you’re trying to be as anonymous as possible online this VPN is not ideal.

Best Prices Today: HMA Pro 4



Privax Ltd.


View Deal

HMA Pro in brief:

P2P allowed: Yes

Business location: Czech Republic

Number of servers: 1,080+

Number of country locations: 210+*

Cost: $59.88 per year

VPN Protocol: OpenVPN (Windows)

Data encryption: AES-256

Data authentication: AES-256-GCM or SHA1

Handshake: 2048-bit TLS and SHA-256

If there’s one thing you can say about HMA (Hide My Ass), it doesn’t sit still very often. Since last we looked, the well-known Avast-owned VPN service released a new version of its app, and it’s time to kick it around a bit and see what’s new. The new look is quite different from that smartphone-style app that we looked at in 2023, and overall it’s a pretty good new design.

When you first open HMA it has two primary columns. On the left is something a little more smartphone-like with a large on/off slider, a big tile at the bottom with your selected VPN location, and in between those two elements, your home IP—when you connect, it also adds your VPN server’s IP address. This default view has an animated version of the HMA donkey mascot, Jack. When you activate the VPN, Jack puts on a variety of disguises to indicate you’re on the VPN. Sometimes those disguises are amusing, while other time he looks like a total jack… well, you know.

Note: This review is part of our best VPNs roundup. Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them.

HMA Pro 5 with an active connection.


On the rightmost panel are a number of smaller boxes that can either display information or provide quick links to take actions such as opening preferences, activating auto-connect, or watching your current bandwidth usage. This area doesn’t appear to be customizable, though you can dismiss boxes that aren’t useful.

There isn’t anything in the way of power-user features. No multi-hop, no VPN protocol options, or anything like that. If you need these kinds of features then HMA is not the best option.


One notable issue with HMA is its country selection options. HMA offers more than 200 country options with multiple locations in the larger countries. If all you care about is getting a connection for that country then just select the country you want, and HMA will take care of the rest.

However for some countries, including the United States, there are virtual location servers. So instead of a U.S. server actually being in the United States it pretends to be there, but the physical machine is actually in, say, Brazil or Singapore. If you don’t like using virtual location servers that aren’t really where they’re supposed to be, then try choosing a specific location manually from within the app.

Overall, HMA is fairly simple to use, though virtualized country locations may complicate it for some.


HMA has always been a top performer and that continues this time around. It has dropped a bit, but is still inside our top 10 VPNs for speed (at this writing). HMA retained 36.21 percent of the base download speed across five locations and multiple testing days. That should be more than enough for most uses.


Privacy, anonymity, and trust

HMA requires an email and password to sign up for an account, which is standard for VPN services. As for payments, HMA accepts credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal and PayNearMe. There are no cryptocurrency options as of yet, and HMA does not accept cash via PayNearMe.

As for the privacy policy, HMA says it’s now a no-logs VPN, and an audit by Versprite verified that. The company says it doesn’t log originating IPs, DNS queries, browsing history, or the content of data that runs through its network.

On the server side, HMA does log the day you last connected to its servers but not the time of day, and it logs bandwidth usage in order to “plan for new network capacity and server improvements.” All of this data is kept for 35 days.

From the VPN clients, HMA logs connection events such as a connection, disconnection, failed connection, and so on. This information is not tied to user data. HMA also logs “application events,” which basically means how you use the app such as using a new feature, uninstalling, and so on. It also logs crash reports that are sent and generated by users. All of this data is stored for two years and then deleted on a rolling basis.

That’s an okay privacy policy but there are more minimal policies out there that collect even less data, and many VPNs aren’t collecting data about how people use the app. That said, for most people this feature should be fine. But if you’re extra concerned about privacy, then I’d say HMA is not for you.

Bottom line

HMA has a lot of things people want: tons of servers, heaps of country connection options, fast service, and a relatively easy-to-use app. It’s also available at a good price. It doesn’t have a lot to offer those who want extra features or customization, or those looking to maximizing privacy. But if all you need is something to get Netflix overseas or a simple app for connecting while on public Wi-Fi, HMA can get the job done.

*HMA uses virtual servers meaning some of its country locations are not physically located where they appear to be.

Editor’s note: Because online services are often iterative, gaining new features and performance improvements over time, this review is subject to change in order to accurately reflect the current state of the service. Any changes to text or our final review verdict will be noted at the top of this article.

Update the detailed information about Advanced Grammarly App Tips To Write Like A Pro on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!