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The California DMV has sent macReports the latest numbers on the autonomous vehicle programs operating there. Many of the manufacturers have seen changes to the size of their self-driving fleet, or to the size of their licensed driver crews. Although most of the changes since our last report in November are fairly small, there have been some shake-ups – notably, Lyft’s departure from the autonomous vehicle program in California after having sold their autonomous vehicle program to Woven Planet Holdings, a Toyota subsidiary. We also see that’s driverless program is down to zero licensed vehicles – after their permit was suspended following a crash back in October.

Notable Changes Since November

Apple has added 11 drivers to their crew for a new driver crew size of 148. Their fleet size however remains unchanged at 69 vehicles.

Waymo has decreased the size of their driver crew – now down to 1526 from 1628 in November. Their fleet size also remains unchanged at 690.

Cruise has added drivers – now at 1064, up from 992. Their fleet size has also increased to 218 – up from 203.

Zoox has added both drivers and vehicles to their program. They have added 73 drivers and 5 vehicles to their program for new totals of 388 and 90, respectively.

Nvidia has increased the driving crew to 226 – up from 220, and they have decreased their fleet size from 18 to 14. added 4 new drivers and 1 new vehicle, for totals of 66 drivers and 41 vehicles.

Lyft had 71 drivers and 30 licensed vehicles back in November, before selling their program to Woven Planet (Toyota).

Fleet Volumes from California DMV – January 21, 2023


Driverless Programs

Still no driverless application from Apple. Some of the other manufacturers that do have driverless programs have made some changes to their fleet sizes:

Waymo has added 20 cars to its driverless fleet, now at 54.

Cruise has added many cars to its driverless fleet. They are up to 52 now, from 20 in November.

Apollo was previously licensed as Baidu, but their number of vehicles remains the same. had 10 autonomous vehicles licensed last November. However, after a crash in October, their driverless permit was suspended.

Driverless Fleet Volumes as of January 21, 2023


Driverless Deployment

No changes here since last November. We still see only three manufacturers with permits to actually deploy their driverless vehicles.

Issue DateManufacturer NameDec 23, 2023NURO, INCSep 30, 2023CRUISE LLCSep 30, 2023WAYMO LLC

Crashes happen. The California DMV keeps a count of all of the collisions that involve autonomous vehicles. As expected, for most of the manufacturers, their numbers have increased since our last report. We would expect more crashes from the larger programs, and from those who are doing more testing – although we can’t get any data on how much testing each program is doing. What we see is:

Cruise has now had 167 crashes, up from 159 in November.

Waymo has added 6 more crashes, for a total of 135.

Zoox has had 4 more – now at 39.

Apple has had a couple more – now with 8. and WeRide have both added 1.

Collision Numbers as of January 21, 2023


Previous Reports on Apple’s Autonomous Vehicle Program

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Apple Park Visitor Center Adds New, One

While standard Apple retail locations around the world have been receiving new graphic panels and 3D Feature Bays for the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4, iPhone XS, and upcoming iPhone XR, Apple Park Visitor Center is a wholly unique place. Coinciding with yesterday’s product launches, the store section of the space received some new and incredibly unique displays.

Since opening briefly to press for last year’s iPhone X keynote and later to the public in November, Apple Park Visitor Center has featured several exclusive product displays known as Avenues.

Out of ten Avenue windows outlining the store, eight are found at no other store in the world. Highlighting collections like Apple Watch Hermès and spotlighting Apple Park’s architecture, these Avenues offer visitors a special experience. For Fall 2023, four of the eight Avenue windows have been completely redesigned. Special thanks to Marília Guimarães who runs the YouTube channel EntendendoiPhone for graciously providing us with photos.

Original 2023 displays.

Next is Apple Park Shot on iPhone, a photography display showcasing the iPhone’s camera and Apple Park’s design. Demo phones loaded with photos of Apple Park have been refreshed along with the graphic panel behind the phones. When the original display was installed, the main campus was only partially complete and photo selection was limited. The new photo set offers a broader perspective.

Apple Park Visitor Center offers perhaps the best selection of Hermès bands outside of a dedicated showroom. These bands were originally set against a hand-painted wood panel topped by five Apple Watches. The new window takes a dramatically different approach with a glass backdrop over bold color blocks. Text reading “WATCH HERMÈS” has been cut into the panel behind which blocks of color rotate to match the animation of the new exclusive Hermès faces on Apple Watch Series 4. A still photo cannot properly convey how mesmerizing the movement looks.

Original 2023 displays.

Wooden collection stands at Apple Park Visitor Center (via Instagram) and similar plastic stands at a typical store.

In addition to these four Avenue windows, new Apple Watch collection stands and band trays have been quietly introduced. While standard Apple stores have similar white plastic fixtures, these new fixtures are cut from the same wood as store tables. Matching grain direction helps the stands blend in with tables. Apple seems to test new retail designs at the Visitor Center, so these fixtures could potentially roll out to stores worldwide.

For those unable to make it to Apple Park, standard modern Apple stores introduced out a few new displays yesterday as well. New collection Avenues feature a refreshed selection of case colors for fall.

— Michael Steeber (@MichaelSteeber) September 21, 2023

Demo devices on store tables are now running video loops with bright graphics themed like the Apple Store app’s new store maintenance animation. A limited number of stores so far have installed narrow graphic panels featuring new Apple Watch bands.

Incoming (via Instagram) and outgoing Apple Watch graphic panels.

— Michael Steeber (@MichaelSteeber) August 29, 2023

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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New Apple Store Design Changes Prioritize A Straightforward Shopping Experience

Apple is evolving its in-store shopping experience with signage and display fixtures that remove ambiguity and encourage increased hands-on interaction with products. New designs that have been spotted in multiple locations reflect the changing requirements of busy stores and appear to address common customer needs.

iPhone display tables in Apple Stores are traditionally arranged with rows of devices grouped by model. Specifications for each device like capacity, color, and upgrade options are presented through a Pricing app on each phone. Now, new signs placed on the face of each table group the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, offering a quick list of specifications and pricing to compare.

Pictured at San Francisco’s Union Square store, these signs keep basic information accessible at all times while trying a device and should reduce the workload of staff fielding questions from customers who are trying to understand the differences between each model. These signs do not appear to have rolled out to all stores at this time and are limited to the iPhone tables at Apple Union Square.

Apple Union Square

New Apple Watch merchandising has also been spotted. Tables have been redesigned to streamline the process of exploring and trying on watch bands. Most Apple Stores currently offer two watch display tables. The first features a sunken display cabinet with LED lighting and rows of watches inaccessible to customers under a glass panel. The second table features leather mats for trying on watch bands, floating inventory of popular or new band styles, and a raised collection stand with various watch models. Last fall, some locations replaced their original plastic displays with smaller wooden stands that also accommodate two trays for watch bands.

Apple Park Visitor Center — photos courtesy of Adam Gambrel

At Apple Park Visitor Center, the glass-topped cabinet has been replaced with two rows of nine Apple Watches on pedestals within reach of customers. Readers report that they were able to freely remove these watches from their stands to try on. Previous displays were glued down and intended for observation only, frustrating customers that frequently tried to remove them.

The collection stand has been replaced with new band trays that also house watch cases separated from their straps. This change removes the friction of swapping bands and should dramatically speed up the try on experience. These designs haven’t rolled out to every store, but have been spotted by customers at Apple Michigan Avenue as well. There’s no indication if all locations will receive the same displays.

Existing Apple Watch display fixtures found in most stores

Finally, new easels popping up at some stores across the U.S. and Canada clearly denote an Express Checkout zone to pay for accessories like iPhone cases, cables, and headphones. The signage provides an anchor for customers who are unsure of where to checkout or not aware of the scan and buy self-checkout feature of the Apple Store app. 

Apple Coquitlam Centre — photo courtesy of Dongjun Zhao

The new retail design language Apple began rolling out in 2023 brought visual simplicity by deemphasizing signage, logos, and extraneous store fixtures. While more aesthetically pleasing, some customers have found contemporary stores challenging to navigate. These new fixtures and signs show that Apple is willing to fine-tune the balance between appearance and function.

If you spot these changes or other new designs are your local store, we’d love to see your photos. Follow 9to5Mac’s retail guide for in-depth coverage of the latest Apple Store news.

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Best Summer Accessories For Iphone And Other Apple Devices

After a long cold Winter, Summer is the time to get back outside and enjoy everything the world has to offer. Whether you plan on visiting a beach, conquering a hiking trail, or laying next to your pool, we’ve got you covered. On this list, you’ll find some of the best Summer accessories that go perfectly with your iPhone and other Apple devices. 

Outdoor Speakers

The ideal outdoor wireless speaker should be durable and at least offer splash and dust resistance. It should also provide lots of battery life between charges and be light enough to carry with ease. The following speakers fit that criteria very well.

Bang & Olufsen audio products don’t just sound good, they’re also made to be seen. The Beoplay P2 Bluetooth speaker is no exception. This splash and dust-resistant speaker is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but strong enough to become the star of any outdoor party.

Available in multiple colors, including black, blue, umber, and lilac, the Beoplay P2 offers up to 10 hours of playtime per charge and weighs just 0.75 pounds. This speaker is equipped with a built-in microphone for clear calling and voice activation. This item ships with a USB-C cable for fast charging.

$169 at Amazon

The Wonderboom from Ultimate Ears is a powerful little speaker designed for outdoor fun. Offering 360-degree sound, this speaker provides up to 10 hours of music on a single charge. Add two Wonderboom speakers to “Double Up” the fun.

The Wonderboom is rated IPX7, making it waterproof to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Weighing 1.32 pounds, the speaker is available in multiple colors and styles.

$99 on Amazon

The JBL Flip 4 is another fun speaker perfectly suited for summer. Offering 12 hours of music between charges, the Flip 4 has been described as an “all-purpose, all-weather companion” because of its waterproof fabric materials. It’s available in six vibrant colors, including red, blue, and teal.

$99 on Amazon


If you own an iPhone, the odds are high that you’ve already purchased or at least considered a pair of Apple AirPods or something from Beats Electronics. For something different, find one of these wearables:

The Bose QuietComfort 35 remains one of the best wireless headphones on the market, nearly two years after the first version was released. Available in black or white, these headphones offer a noise-rejecting, dual-microphone system for clear calls and voice access, plus industry-leading noise cancellation.

Providing up to 20 hours of wireless play between charges, you can also use the Bose QuietComfort 35 in wired mode. When you do, you get 40 hours off noise canceling enjoyment with each battery charge.

Version II, which was released in 2023, adds Google Assistant support. This version also ships without an airplane adaptor, which was standard in the first version.

$349 at Amazon

Using Siri is a breeze with the Rayz Plus wired headphones from Pioneer. Featuring smart noise canceling, these buds adapt to your ear and the world around you with ease thanks to the companion Rayz app.

Looking for more? With the Rayz Plus, you can make a call at the same time it’s charging using your phone’s Lightning port. You can find these headphones in graphite or bronze.

$129.95 at Amazon

The Sennheiser HD1 might make your rethink the around-the-neck headphones design. Featuring soft-stitched sheepskin Nappa leather, these wireless headphones are among the most comfortable on the market.

Offering Bluetooth 4.1 with AAC codec support, the HD1 includes multi-connection support for two devices at the same time, plus three-way calling capability. You can enjoy 10 hours of music between charges.

$199.95 at Amazon

Waterproof accessories

You don’t want your outdoor festivities ruined because of a little summer rain. These waterproof accessories will let the party continue, regardless of the weather.

Since the iPhone 7 launched in 2023, Apple’s handsets have been splash, water, and dust resistant. For added protection, you should consider the LifeProof FRĒ case, which makes your handset waterproof to 2 meters for up to an hour.

Available in various color combinations including chakra, banzai, and night lite, the LifeProof FRĒ includes a built-in screen protector with touch sensitivity.

Around $79.99 on Amazon, depending on your iPhone model

Here’s a rugged, high-capacity power bank just waiting to get outdoors. Snow-proof, dirt proof, drop proof, and waterproof, the FosPower PowerActive 10200 mAh power bank is great for smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronic devices.

The bank also includes a LED flashlight, compass, and a carabiner.

$26.99 at Amazon

Built for scuba diving, the ProShot Dive offers iPhone protection up to 130 feet. With the ProShot Dive, you can’t use the touchscreen on your phone. However, the free ProShotCase app provides you with full camera functionality that you can access with your device’s Home button. Includes a 115-degree wide-angle lens and ProShot lanyard.

Available for iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and iPhone 6/6s only, including Plus sizes.

For around $99 at Amazon

Cameras and drones

Summer is a great time to capture beautiful moments with your iPhone camera or compatible third-party camera accessories, including:

You can purchase the GoPro Hero Session separate or as part of a bundle. These include the Family Bundle, which consists of an SD card and GoPro Shorty extension pole and tripod, and the Spring Break bundle that comes with an SD card and GoPro Handler floating hand grip.

Starting at $199.99 on Amazon

Currently available through Kickstarter, the Fairy Drone is fast becoming one of my favorite low-cost drones. Perfect for novices and pros alike, the Fairy ships with a remote controller or you can use your iPhone for control.

The drone includes a 1080p FHD camera with auto tracking, motion control, and 16 minutes of fly time between charges.

At just 140 grams in weight, the Fairy Drone requires no FAA registration. Just charge it, and enjoy the ride.

$99 at Kickstarter

When you’re ready to kick your drone play to a new level, consider the Mavic Air from DJI. With support for 4K video at 30 fps, this drone offers 180-degree panoramas and 21 minutes of flight time per charge.

Available in red and flame red, the DJI Mavic Air comes with a dedicated remote controller, or you can use your smartphone.

$799 at Amazon

Extra Accessories

You should also consider two other accessories, the Motorola Lumo and iOttie Car Mount.

Motorola Lumo Smart Lantern

The Lumo is a smart lantern that connects to iOS and Android devices through Bluetooth. Thanks to this connection, you have access to 16 million color settings. The light also includes real-time weather information and is water-resistant (IPX4).

$79.99 at Amazon

The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dashboard & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder works with current-generation iPhone models. To apply, place the semi-permanent dashboard disk directly to your car dashboard. Features adjustable viewing with a telescopic arm.

$24.95 at Amazon

Best Summer accessories

This summer, take your iPhone or other Apple device outside and enjoy the season. Enhance your experience by considering the accessories offered here, or share with us what you think would make some of the best Summer accessories.

Lessons From Ces: How Palm Beat Apple And Other Stories

The big story at CES was how Palm, reading from Apple’s own playbook, took over CES much like Apple did from MacWorld two years ago when they announced the chúng tôi there were other vendors who were pushing the envelope and it was interesting how much Linux was floating around under stealth mode and making headway.

This week I’m going to pick out some companies that are breaking out of their molds and doing things that could not only allow them to survive in these hard times but flourish.

Palm out Apples Apple

The Palm Pre…where do I start? It was like going to a revival meeting.

At the launch announcement there were screams, moans, I’m convinced the guy next to me was about to start his own personal halleluiah songfest if he didn’t have a coronary first. It was quite latterly like a good Steve Jobs product announcement.

What makes Apple truly different is that the products are designed to present well, and with the Palm Pre it was as if they went down a list of what folks liked about the iPhone and made those things better, and what they didn’t like, and fixed them. They even, during the presentation, took shots at Apple, suggesting subtly that the company couldn’t execute. It was corporate trash talk and the audience went wild.

They took a lot of chances doing this, but the result was that they owned the show. So many firms are so afraid they will make a mistake or over promise they fail to build any excitement for their products and then seem surprised that the “if we build it, they will come” model doesn’t work outside of movies.

Palm got a standing ovation and if they can get this product out by June – and I did get to use what appeared to be a very solid and market-ready device – they won’t be able to make enough of them to keep up with demand.

Phoenix Technology Kicks it Into Hyperspace

Both the Palm product and Phoenix’s Hyperspace are based on Linux and represent the best personal implementations of this platform I have seen. Phoenix is known for BIOS but had been languishing in a market that seemed anything but exciting. So they decided to step out and use virtualization to create something that, rather than competing with Windows, worked in conjunction with it, making both better.

The product is simple and elegant and rather than spitting in the face of Microsoft it cooperates with it (much like Microsoft is doing with Novell). In the current Obama environment cooperation seems to be the method of the day and this product speaks to this like no Linux offering on the desktop every has before.

I think it is brilliant, and they had folks all over the show passing out disks and effectively pulling crowds into the booth. Nicely executed!

AMD Dragon/Yukon

AMD is a desktop processor company that typically lives under Intel’s shadow.There were two laptops that stood out at the show and one, for once, was based on AMD technology.

This was the HP DV2 which was nearly as thin as the MacBook Air, could play Blu-Ray movies, and had a starting price close to $600, with better performance than the current MacBook air (largely due to the graphics in the box).

Jet black with chrome accents, this 12″ notebook isn’t a Netbook and yet still is very chúng tôi the out of the box thing was that AMD, which has never been known for notebooks, had probably the best product for the current economy and it was under the market leader’s brand.

There wasn’t any room in the show that didn’t have an AMD Dragon image of some chúng tôi is consistently out marketed by Intel and this time, for what was likely a fraction of Intel’s budget, they got vastly more visibility for their better named offering.

Part of packaging for consumers is coming up with something they can look for and lust after and Dragons have always been chúng tôi were able to get this into one of the most popular gaming platforms, the Dell XPS, and at an affordable sub-$1,000 price point, which is unheard of for the brand and perfect for an economy that is in the tank.

In both cases this was out-of-the box thinking and it paid off.

Dell Does Design

Dell historically is known as a follower and the company that built low cost product they sell directly. In 2008 they started changing that image with custom designs, colors and an ever richer XPS line.

Hp For Original Equipment Manufacturers

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Optional features, accessories, and mounting hardware sold separately or as add-on features.

Tested up to 10,000 wipes with select germicidal towelettes over a 3-year period. See wipe manufacturer’s instructions for disinfecting and the HP cleaning guide for HP-tested wipe solutions at “How to Sanitize Your HP Device” Whitepaper.

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Optional feature that must be configured at purchase.

Optional, configurable feature.

For storage drives, GB = 1 billion bytes. TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less. Up to 35 GB (for Windows) is reserved for system recovery software.

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