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Apple today responded to claims of alleged CPU throttling on iPhones with degraded batteries.

In a statement provided Wednesday to TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino, it didn’t deny deliberately slowing down iPhones that aren’t operating at peak battery performance.

“Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of users’ devices,” a company spokesperson told the publication.

Although Futuremark did not find evidence of intentional CPU throttling, Geekbench founder John Poole has established a link between sluggish iPhone performance and battery age.

As Panzarino explained, some older iPhone models like iPhone 6s were hitting peaks of CPU performance that the battery was unable to power, and the phones were shutting off.

“Apple then added power management to all iPhones at the time that would ‘smooth out’ those peaks by either capping the power available from the battery or by spreading power requests over several cycles,” the author wrote.

In simpler terms, you’re always going to be triggering this effect when you run a demanding benchmark. Conversely, you won’t always trigger this when using an iPhone like normal.

iPhone batteries are designed to retain up to 80% of their original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles. Apple’s standard one-year warranty includes service coverage for a defective battery, with out of warranty battery replacements priced at $79, plus $6.95 shipping.

TUTORIAL: How to check if your iPhone battery needs replacing

When the battery no longer performs as intended, users see a message in Settings → Battery informing them that their iPhone battery may need to be serviced or replaced. There are various factors that can affect the performance and lifespan of your device’s battery, including number of charge cycles, age of your battery and exposure to extreme heat or cold.

CPU throttling was most recently applied to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2.

According to Apple, they plan on rolling this out to more phones in the future:

Last year we released a feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions. We’ve now extended that feature to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2 and plan to add support for other products in the future.

Panzarino went on to argue that Apple is not trying to force customers to upgrade their older iPhones by making the devices deliberately run slower for no apparent reason.

“It would be beyond stupid and incredibly shortsighted for Apple to do this and, if it was actually true, would likely lead to tangles of a governmental and legal nature that no company like Apple would ever want to happen,” he wrote.

Lastly, Panzarino offered these three points for possible improvement:

The point at which iOS will tell you that your battery has gone to hell is currently very, very conservative. Perhaps this can be set to be more aggressive. Then, of course, users will complain that Apple is cash-grabbing on battery replacements, but humans will remain humans.

It’s clear that people just didn’t understand that protecting an iPhone with an older battery was going to directly affect performance. Perhaps this is a failing of Apple messaging or a failure of myself (and other journalists) in not explaining it as clearly as possible.

I have no problem whatsoever with Apple’s explanation because, after all, many people who have replaced their aged iPhone battery did see a noticeable speed increase.

What I do find problematic though is the fact that Apple does not provide a toggle in Settings that would permit tech-savvy customers to disable this behavior.

As Geekbench’s Poole himself stated, this unnecessarily confuses folks who may believe that the slowdown is due to poor CPU performance, instead of a deficiency in battery power.

Many ordinary users who don’t read technology blogs may wrongly conclude that their phone is slow by default, leading them to buy a new handset rather than a new battery.

What’s your take on Apple’s explanation?

Photo: iPhone 6s teardown, courtesy of iFixit

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6 Best Cpu Cooler With Screens

It is indeed a challenging task to buy a CPU cooler with a screen since it has got a variety of functions along with the designs.

The preference for gamers has changed now. They prefer not only a good design now but should also meet cooling and over-clocking needs by keeping the temperature low.

In short, it has to be both functional and gorgeous at the same time.

Read the article and get a clear idea about the various kinds of CPU coolers with screens.

A CPU cooler with a screen can also enhance the appearance of your computer too.

It is necessary to take into account the following qualities of a good CPU Cooler.

High Spinning Speed

Little Noise

Extended Life Span

Good Screen Quality

High Contrast

Here is a comprehensive list of CPU coolers with screens:

This is known to be one of the best brands in the gaming market.

NZXT is known to deliver high-quality gaming parts and has proven its reputation time and again in the gaming field.

This is a sleek-looking black model with a textured radiator and two Aer P fans that are known to move the heat efficiently.

Its cooling capacity is praise-worthy and is known to maintain efficiency and consistency with little or no heating at all.

Also, the CAM software that comes with the cooler helps in configuring the fan speed and temperature.

It has a 2.36″ LCD, which is handy and also has a low weight which makes it easier to install.

Most importantly, the temperature doesn’t get beyond 65 C under load.

The features include:

Fan Speed:500-1800 RPM

Noise Level:21-38 Dba

4-Pin PWM Connector

Solid Radiator

Silent Fans



If you are looking for a visual treat, then ASUS ROG RYUO 120 RGB is the right choice for you.

This will make the PC look much better at the cost of some performance.

This is one of the few OLED CPU coolers whose cooling capacity is weak.

In this price range, we will come across other options which will be cheaper and with better performance.

The features are:

Best Aesthetics Among CPU Coolers

Good Performance

Extended Compatibility

Noisy Fan

It is one of the best AIO coolers available for the high-end gaming system.

If the fan speeds are turned up all the more, then, it can get louder.

Apart from this, the CPU cooler stands tall to earn the highest score in this category.

The features include:

Easy Installation Process

Excellent Cooling

Three High-Quality 120mm Fans

A Bit Expensive

Can Get Louder At Max RPM

This can be the most secure option to buy if you are in need of a cooler with high-end construction.

This CPU cooler with a screen is an AIO liquid cooler that has included all of ASUS’ best features.

It is indeed an expensive one but definitely worth it.

This is compatible with both Intel and AMD motherboard platforms and also allows it to be used with any processor you want.

As per reports, it is known to provide excellent cooling performance by producing a minimum amount of noise.

The features are:

Impressive cooling performance

Customizable 3.5-inch display


360mm radiator that needs a spacious PC case

This kind of liquid cooler is well-known in the gaming market and is known to surpass all the present standards.

It has an extra fan that supports the airflow to the socket area.

This particular feature makes it suitable for low-tier VRMs and a case with inadequate airflow.

The appearance of the hood is attractive and safeguards the monitor by producing an attractive appearance by hiding certain things that would otherwise make it look cluttered.

The pump is known to operate at 2000 RPM by maintaining the CPU at 65 degrees Celsius.

Whereas the temperature surrounding the VRM remains below 50 degrees Celsius.

The features are:

4” LCD

TORX Fan 3.0

Fan speed: Max .2500 RPM

Noise level: Max .40 dBA

These AIO coolers are known for their powerful performance, neat appearance, and also its cost-effectiveness.

It has improved its reliability by allowing users to enjoy maximum CPU performance without worrying about leakage.

This is an all-in-one design that is integrated with a radiator, a pump, and also two fans in a single closed loop.

The fans rotate at a speed of 1500 rpm under wPrime, but they relatively produce lesser noise.

The features include:

Good performance


Low noise

No controller for lightning

Multiple wires

1. Can You Use Any Cooler With A CPU?

No, while choosing a cooler, you need to be careful about the socket type.

Most of the CPUs are compatible with the popular socket types, but there are a few that only support a particular type of Socket.

2. What Happens If The CPU Cooler Is Not Installed Properly?

If the CPU cooler is not installed properly, then it will result in over-heating-related issues.

3. What Is The Benefit Of A CPU Cooler?

CPU cooler keeps the system cool and also boosts the working efficiency, and also plays a vital role in minimizing glitches and buffering.

Also, get in touch with us in case of any doubts or queries.

‘Torchnc’ And ‘Instasnap’ Spice Up Notification Center On Jailbroken Iphones

Two new jailbreak tweaks have recently appeared in Cydia by the same developer, and they both happen to focus on Notification Center. Specifically, these tweaks aim to add handy shortcuts to the Notification Center pull-down pane.

The first tweak on the docket, TorchNC, adds a shortcut to activate the iPhone’s LED flash. There are other tweaks and apps that perform flashlight functions, but I always find it useful to have it within Notification Center, or directly on the Lock screen.

The second tweak, like the first, is a shortcut for Notification Center. Instead of interacting with the iPhone’s LED flash, InstaSnap is a tweak that allows you to quickly access the camera from within Instagram. Seeing as though this tweak doesn’t require the iPhone only LED flash, it works with both the iPhone and iPod touch perfectly fine.

Take a look as we profile both InstaSnap and TorchNC in our walkthrough videos inside…


TorchNC is a free jailbreak tweak that can be downloaded from Cydia’s ModMyi repo. It’s actually a sequel of sorts to another tweak simply entitled Torch. That tweak, too, allowed you to easily interface with the LED Flash, but it didn’t have the convenience of Notification Center involved.

Once installed, enabling TorchNC is as simple as venturing to the Settings app, selecting Notifications, and adding TorchNC to Notification Center. Once added, simply swipe down on the status bar to reveal Notification Center, and use the “Tap to torch” button to enable and disable the LED flashlight.

It’s a very simple tweak, but it’s great when you need quick access to a Torch, as they call a flashlight outside of the States. Correct me if I’m wrong with that assumption.

Now that we’ve covered TorchNC, lets talk about its cousin, a tweak called InstaSnap.


While both tweaks may look the same in Notification Center, their functions are radically different. As mentioned above, InstaSnap is a simple shortcut to the Instagram camera. I don’t know if you’re anything like me and have tons of apps installed and placed within various folders, but at times I have a hard time quickly locating the specific app that I need to use.

Needless to say, many wonderful snapshot opportunities have passed me by, because I wasn’t quick enough on the draw when opening the Camera app. InstaSnap solves this issue by placing a shortcut directly within Notification Center that will load up the camera section within Instagram. Once you press the shortcut button, the Instagram camera is ready to fire within a few seconds. Obviously you will need Instagram installed and be logged into your Instagram account before using InstaSnap, but I’m sure you knew that already.

Final thoughts

Neither of these tweaks are anything groundbreaking, and in fact, at least in the case of TorchNC, functionality of other jailbreak tweaks has been duplicated. That being said, both tweaks have low overhead, and can serve as a reminder as to the usefulness of the Notification Center shortcut. When iOS 5 was first jailbroken, these Notification Center shortcuts were all the rage, but now I feel as if we kind of take them for granted.

Considering that both apps are free, they both have my recommendation if you happen to have a jailbroken iPhone. What do you think? Would you recommend using either?

Difference Between Dl And Cr Batteries

Batteries are a critical component of many devices and machines, from laptops and phones to cars and industrial machinery. But not all batteries are created equal; they come in different shapes, sizes, and technologies. Two of the most common battery types used today are DL and CR batteries, so it’s important to understand the difference between them. In this blog post, we will be looking at the essential facts about DL and CR batteries – including their composition, applications, cost considerations, and more – so you can make an informed decision on which type is right for your needs.

CR batteries, or lithium coin batteries, are button-shaped and have a diameter that is slightly larger than a US quarter. They are made with a carbon anode and a lithium cathode. DL batteries, or lithium AA batteries, are cylindrical in shape and have a diameter that is slightly larger than a standard AA battery.

They are made with a carbon anode and a lithium cathode. The main difference between DL and CR batteries is their size; DL batteries are larger than CR batteries. However, both types of batteries are used in similar applications such as watches, calculators, and digital cameras.

Read this article to find out more about DL and CR Batteries and how they are different from each other.

What is DL Battery?

A DL battery is a type of lead acid battery that uses a gel electrolyte instead of a liquid one. This makes them spill-proof and much more tolerant to high temperatures, making them ideal for use in hot climates or for applications where the battery might be subject to rough treatment.

DL Battery is the best option for vehicle starting, lighting, and auxiliary power applications due to its high power density and outstanding cycle life. However, there are numerous drawbacks to DL Battery, including its high price and lack of environmental friendliness.

DL also known as Direct Lead Acid batteries, it is one of the old batteries which is available in the market. It is known for their rugged and reliable, which makes them good choice for who likes to see his battery for last a long.

What is CR Battery?

The low cost and long shelf life of CR batteries contribute to their popularity. CR batteries can be found in sizes from AA through D, and their normal voltage is 1.5 volts. Due to the fact that CR batteries cannot be recharged, they must be replaced once they are empty. Environmentally friendly and without any known health hazards, CR batteries are thought to be safe.

Which kind of battery is best for you, then? It really depends on your needs. If you need a battery that’s affordable and reliable, then a DL battery might be the way to go. But if you need a battery that’s lightweight and has a long lifespan, then a CR battery might be better suited for you.

DL vs CR Batteries

The difference between DL and CR batteries is determined by the chemical composition of the electrodes and electrolyte. The most common type of DL battery uses lead dioxide as the cathode material and metallic lead as the anode with a sulfuric acid electrolyte. CR batteries utilize a lithium metal oxide cathode and a carbon anode with an organic electrolyte.

CR batteries are typically used in high-drain devices such as digital cameras and camcorders due to their lighter weight and higher discharge rate. They are also more expensive than DL batteries and have a shorter shelf life.

Difference between DL and CR Batteries

The following table highlights the major differences between DL and CR Batteries


DL Batteries

CR Batteries




Type of Battery

Coin Cell is the type

Lithium Coin Cell is the battery type


19mm x 19mm x 3mm


Temperature Range

-300C to 600C

-200C to 600C


The DL Batteries can last for 10 years

The CR Batteries can last for 4-10 years


It is a non-toxic battery

It is a child safe battery


DL is manufactured by the Duracell

It is manufactured by the all other companies.


It has the higher voltage

Lower Voltage


Higher Capacity Batteries

Lower Capacity Batteries

Realistic Comparison of DL and CR Batteries

DL batteries are designed for long discharge times, while CR batteries are designed for high discharge rate. DL batteries have a higher capacity than CR batteries.

DL batteries have a higher voltage than CR batteries.

DL batteries are more expensive than CR batteries.


The difference between DL and CR batteries may seem small, but they can make a big impact on your device’s performance. DL batteries are more reliable and last longer than CR batteries, making them ideal for high-drain devices like digital cameras. On the other hand, CR batteries are smaller in size and cheaper to purchase, making them an attractive option for low-drain applications such as remote controls or calculators. It is important to choose the right battery type for your device to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting power.

Despite having a similar appearance, the two types of batteries serve different functions. CR batteries are made for equipment like digital cameras that require a constant supply of power for a long time. For gadgets like remote controls or toys that just require brief bursts of power, DL batteries are a better option. Check the user manual or get in touch with the manufacturer if you are unsure of the kind of battery your gadget requires. Knowing the difference between DL and CR batteries will enable you to choose the right kind for your upcoming project.

Iphone Se: Hands On With Every Official Apple Case

As with every iPhone launch, Apple has produced a variety of official cases to go along with its new iPhone SE hardware. Unlike the iPhone 11, which featured 17 unique official Apple cases at launch, the iPhone SE’s official case options are much more modest.

iPhone SE Silicone Case

Apple sells three iPhone SE Silicone Cases, and they come in Pink Sand, White, and Black color options. Apple’s iPhone SE Silicone Case costs $35.00, and features a silky-smooth soft-touch exterior that lends enough grip to keep the phone from sliding out of your hand.

Inside the silicone case, you’ll find the familiar microfiber lining that helps protect the iPhone’s rear glass panel. Just as you would expect, the cases feature precise cutouts for the camera, flash, volume buttons, mute switch, and Side button.

iPhone SE 2 Apple cases video walkthrough

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Although the iPhone SE doesn’t use the same gesture-based system like the iPhone 11, the bottom of the case maintains the cutout area, which is great for interfacing with the bottom area of the phone.

Some people dislike this open-ended design, but I’ve always preferred it. Of course, the case features curved edges that wrap snugly around the other three sides of the iPhone SE, which helps protect it in case of a drop.

iPhone SE Leather Case

As always, Apple’s leather cases demand a slight premium over the cheaper silicone offerings. Each leather case can be purchased for $45.00. Apple offers iPhone SE Leather Case options in the following colors: Midnight Blue, Black, and Red.

Each leather case is made from tanned and finished European leather, and develops a natural patina finish over time.

What I particularly like about Apple’s leather cases are the color matched machined aluminum volume and Side buttons. Although small, these buttons provide better tactile feedback than the molded buttons on Apple’s silicone cases.

Like all Apple cases, the iPhone SE Leather case fits snuggly over your iPhone, and features a microfiber lining on the interiors to protect your device.

Wireless charging is a go

Like the iPhone 8, which the iPhone SE design is based on, Apple’s newest budget smartphone is compatible with Qi wireless chargers. With this in mind, Apple has made sure that its first party iPhone SE case offerings are all compatible with the wireless charging standard.

No clear case, and no Leather Folio

The official iPhone SE case lineup is sparse, not just because of the limited amount of colors, but because there are only two case styles available. Unlike the iPhone 11, there is no clear case option for showcasing your iPhone’s color while still maintaining case protection. There’s also no Leather Folio option for those that like to combine everything into one convenient package. Indeed, official Apple case options are minimal, but at least there will be plenty of third-party iPhone SE cases available.

9to5mac’s Take

Although it’s a far cry from the massive selection of official cases that the iPhone 11 had access to on day one, you can still come up with some pretty cool color combinations thanks to the three iPhone SE colors. Overall, there are 15 different iPhone color/case combinations, or 18 if you want to count both of the black (silicone and leather) case options.

Once I have the iPhone SE in hand, I’ll be sure to post a gallery featuring all of the possible color combinations in order to help you decide what looks best.

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How To Install Intel Cpu On Motherboard Safely

Intel uses various types of Land Grid Array (LGA) sockets for its processors. So before you even buy the CPU and motherboard, it’s important to check that they are compatible with each other.

For instance, the i9-12900K processor is compatible with an LGA 1700 socket type. So, if you tried to install this processor onto an old motherboard with an LGA 1150 socket, it wouldn’t work out.

Assuming there are no compatibility issues, installing an Intel CPU is quite simple. You release the locking mechanism, correctly align and gently drop the CPU into the socket, and lock it back in place. You’ll find step-by-step instructions to do so in the sections below.

While you can keep the motherboard in the case, most people prefer to take it out as it’s much easier to work with that way. Unless the motherboard is brand new, you’ll also have to detach the CPU cooler. Here are the steps to do so:

Turn off your PC, unplug all the power cables, and move the case to a clean workspace such as a desk.

It’s important to pay attention to static charge to ensure you don’t damage any components. We recommend using an anti-static wrist band. Alternatively, you can also routinely touch your PC case to discharge any built-up static electricity.

Open the PC casing and remove the screws and cables holding the CPU cooler in place.

Gently lift up the CPU cooler to remove it from the motherboard. If you twist/turn and apply too much force, you could pull the CPU out along with the cooler and damage the pins in the process. So once again, don’t be too rough here.

Unscrew the motherboard and remove all the cables as well.

Take the motherboard out of the case and place it flat on the desk. If you have the motherboard packaging box, it’s better to use it as a cushion.

This is the actual installation part. Here are the complete steps:

Locate the CPU on the motherboard. Push down on the retention arm, pull it to the side, and then lift it up.

You should be able to lift up the load plate now. On new motherboards, you would also find a black socket cover.

Grab the processor by the sides and carefully lift it straight up and out.

Grab the new processor by the sides as well. This is important so that you don’t touch the gold-plated caps at the bottom.

Check the markings (triangle or dot) and notches on both the CPU and the socket for the correct alignment.

Once you’ve aligned the CPU correctly, gently place it into the socket. Try not to drop it at an angle. It should fit right in place without applying any pressure.

Pull the load plate back down, and set the retention arm back in place to lock the CPU down. Most users have found that they had to apply more force than they expected or were comfortable with when locking the new CPU in place. A faint creaking or crunching sound is also common. Finally, the black socket cover in new motherboards will also pop out during this step. Remember to store this cover safely as you may need it for warranty purposes.

Now that you’ve installed the new CPU, all that’s left is to reattach the cooler, motherboard, and everything else and test how well the new CPU works. Here are the steps to do so:

If the CPU you just installed isn’t brand new, you’ll want to clean the CPU first. Apply some isopropyl alcohol to a microfiber cloth and carefully remove the old thermal paste off the IHS. Once it’s clean, let the processor dry for a few hours.

Later, reapply a pea-sized amount of thermal paste onto the center of the IHS. If you’d prefer to use another method or pattern to apply the thermal paste, that’s fine too.

Grab the CPU cooler and align the mounting pins with the holes on the motherboard.

Drop it in place and push down on two diagonally opposing pins to lock them in place. Repeat this for the other two pins as well.

Grab the fan plug and connect it to the CPU Fan header on the motherboard.

Reconnect all the cables to the motherboard and place it back in the case.

Power up your PC and press the BIOS key at startup to boot into the BIOS.

Check that all the memory modules are showing up. If a RAM slot isn’t working or your PC doesn’t boot properly, this is likely because some of the pins are not making proper contact. This can happen sometimes, and you can fix this issue by reseating the CPU, essentially repeating the process again. In the event that you actually bent some of the pins, repairing will be a bit more difficult. It’s best to leave the repair job to a professional, but if you’d like to do it yourself, this article on repairing bent CPU pins will be helpful.

If everything seems fine, restart your PC and enjoy your new processor.

Right after installing it into the socket, you’ll want to apply some thermal paste and install the CPU cooler on top. We’ve detailed the steps to do so in the article above. As for what to do after the whole process is complete, most users like to use benchmarking tools to see how well their system performs. Overclocking the CPU usually follows soon after.

Most likely, the CPU pins are not making contact or are bent. In such cases, you can reseat the CPU or fix the bent pins as appropriate. Another common reason for this issue is that the BIOS isn’t compatible with the CPU. In this case, you can update the BIOS to the latest version. Newer versions usually support newer processors, so this should resolve the issue.

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