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Though we have already compiled a long list of the best Apple Watch bands, we thought it would be better to go one more round. Thanks to the availability of numerous pretty impressive Apple Watch replacements straps and bands, finding the top 10 is never a big deal. However, choosing the one that’s timed to fit your requirement seamlessly is never easy. But we have tried to ensure the most befitting band for your specific taste finally gets a chance to have a long tryst with your smartwatch.

1. Winso

Have a liking for funky design? Winso can effortlessly live up to your demand. High-quality silicone material makes it very sophisticated.

The soft-textured surface doesn’t irritate your skin. It comes with strong lugs on both the ends which lock into the watch immaculately. Even better, Winso is available in 15 charming color options like red, black, blue and more.

2. Carterjett

Here’s a durable woven nylon band that is soft, breathable, flexible, and water-resistant for ultimate comfort. It’s tough yet suitable for all-day wearing. It comes in a range of sizes and is super easy to attach or remove from the watch.

The brand offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and is suitable for everyone, from sports enthusiasts to medical professionals. Choose from over 20 different colors to match your personality and preferences.

3. Wearlizer

The one word that truly defines Wearlizer is “handsome.” It’s carved out of high-grade stainless steel. The addition of resin further enhances its look.

Beyond good design, this band is very durable and perfectly locks into the watch. You can install and remove it without any hassle.

Lastly, Wearlizer is available in five nice color variants like black/dark blue, champagne gold, silver/white, etc. Did I say; this stainless steel watch band also comes with a one-year warranty.

4. top4cus

If you admire classic leather watch bands, you will find top4cus right on the money. It’s carved out of genuine leather and features vintage design.

With the pretty smooth leather texture, you have extra comfort while wearing the band. The availability of multiple holes makes sure it seamlessly fits most arms.

You can get this attractive leather case in several colors including yellow-brown, old brown, red/black and more. Besides, top4cus is available for both the models of the Apple Watch 38mm and 42mm.

5. eLander (stainless steel band)

eLander stainless steel band looks stylish. It’s neatly designed and locks into the smartwatch seamlessly. Thanks to the high-grade material, it’s able to retain its shine for long.

It also comes with a kit, which has screwdrivers and some spare screws, which make it easy for you to replace the wristband.

You can get it for both 42mm and 38mm Apple Watch models. Besides, there are multiple dashing color variants to choose from: rose gold, silver, and space gray.


This one is undoubtedly one of the finest leather bands for Apple Watch. It sports a refined design with an impressive quality. The high-quality genuine calf leather not just endows it more durability but also gives it a classic profile. With the smooth leather texture, you will feel comfortable to wear it.

Multiple precise cut holes help it fit most wrists. Moreover, the Peak Zhang leather band comes in a plethora of color options.

7. BRG

It’s the refined design that makes BRG an adorable match for the smartwatch. The quality stainless steel reinforces the durability. Courtesy the quality material, it’s able to retain its beauty for long.

Moreover, you can pick out BRG in seven attractive colors including space gray, gold, silver and more. And, you have the 18-month warranty.

8. Mkeke

Your love for the vintage leather band can find peace in Mkeke. The genuine horse leather coupled with the top-of-the-line craftsmanship makes it look enviable. Smooth stitching adorns its design.

Large-sized stainless steel buckle endows it more stability. Better still, Mkeke comes in multiple colors like black, brown and red making it easier for you to pick a more befitting pair for the watch. Additionally, this leather band is backed by a one-year warranty.

9. AdMaster

AdMaster features a simple and sporty design. Soft silicone material makes it extremely comfy to wear, as it doesn’t irritate the skin.

The band features lugs on both ends that steadily lock into the watch. Pin and tuck closure offers you more stability.

Have a penchant for colorful profiles? You have 10 charming color variants like ocean blue, pebble, royal blue, etc.

That’s all, folks!

What’s your pick?

So, have you been able to pick the right match for your smartwatch? Tell us about the quality that you have found adorable in it.

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The Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Bands

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The best Samsung Galaxy Watch bands

Below, you can find a bevy of Samsung Galaxy Watch bands in several styles and a variety of materials. It’s essential to take note of what combination of these factors works best for you. If you’re an active user, a nylon or silicone band may trump leather or metal. Are you considering style? Perhaps rock a classier Milanese loop or rhinestone-dotted finish. Whatever you may fancy, there’s a Samsung Galaxy Watch band for you.

Wanme Metal band: The best Milanese loop Galaxy Watch band


You’re sure to stand out with this on your wrist. Milanese loop bands are easy to use and durable, but Wanme’s option is also pretty stylish. This band is available in several finishes, from the Colorful variant to the more playful Leopard print style. We’re all for this band’s strong magnetic clasp and understated look on the arm. It should look right at home on anyone’s wrist.

Valkit Business band: The best Samsung Galaxy Watch band for the boardroom


Are you looking for something a little bulkier for the office? The Valkit Business bands pack some stocky stainless steel link designs that are both elegant and durable. Finishes on offer include Rose Gold, Black, and Silver, while combinations of those three are also available for the bold. Notably, Valkit includes two bands in this bundle, making this a better deal for those who like to mix and match.

V-Moro Leather strap: The best leather Samsung Galaxy Watch band


Made of cow leather and available in a bevy of pastel colors, the V-Moro Leather straps are an excellent choice for those seeking a natural-feel band. The finish is soft, too, and should be a boon for those who suffer from skin irritation or hate the feeling of metal or silicone on their skin. You might stay clear of the lighter colorways if you’re an active user, but this band is one to have in your collection if you steer well clear of treadmills.

Geak Narrow band: The best slim Galaxy Watch band


Finding slim bands that meld utility with aesthetics can be challenging, but these straps from Geak strike that balance well. Geak’s flexible and soft Narrow bands cover less skin on your wrist, making for more comfortable wear in hot weather. The clasp and loop design also ensure a secure yet comfortable fit. This particular pack lands with four options to better match your mood or outfit. If the soft silicone-like material or colorways aren’t for you, Geak sells a genuine leather strap for $10, too.

Jieliele Nylon watch band: The best comfortable Samsung Galaxy Watch band


Metal might look classy, but it can be wildly uncomfortable. Silicone is excellent for active users but might be a little too familiar for your taste. The middle ground is nylon, stretchy nylon. The Jieliele Nylon range focuses on comfort and features soft, breathable nylon woven between elastic. This makes the band easy to slide off and on in a pinch. It’s available in 12 colorways, too, headlined by the colorful interlaced Rainbow option (above).

Surace band: The best statement Samsung Galaxy Watch band


Are you looking for something with a touch more sparkle? The Surace range is dotted with rhinestones to give your wearable extra shine. It looks delicate, but it’s a robust band that allows links to be removed or added to suit your wrist. It’s not an outrageously expensive band either, at $18, and makes for an excellent gift for another or yourself.

Hswai silicone band: The best rugged Samsung Galaxy Watch band


If you want a simple, almost direct replacement for your Galaxy Watch’s original band, look no further. The Hswai silicone band is odor-free, non-allergenic, and easy to clean. Aesthetically, it’s almost identical to the standard 22mm band, which will fit the larger 46mm Galaxy Watch. Nevertheless, it’s a cost-effective and durable option coming in at just $8.

Apple Watch And Potential Skin Irritation

Apple makes a big deal of the materials with which the Watch and its many bands are made and has even put together a special Craftsmanship webpage and promotional videos highlighting why its materials represent an achievement in itself.

Some people, however, who suffer from allergies or are simply sensitive to certain materials touching their skin should take into account the following tips and guidelines in order to avoid skin irritation, maximize comfort and prevent long-term damage to the device.

Now, Apple prides itself with developing its own specification for Apple Watch that goes beyond existing regulations that guide the use of restricted chemicals in wearables.

The company claims to have conducted thousands of material composition tests, produced more than a thousand prototypes worn for trial studies, performed hundreds of toxicological assessments and consulted with board-certified dermatologists.

Yet “a small number of people will experience reactions to certain materials,” warns the firm. This can be due to allergies, environmental factors, extended exposure to irritants like soap or sweat, and other causes.

If you know you have allergies or other sensitivities, take an added step of checking out the following tips on avoiding allergic reactions due to wearing your Watch.

Keep your Watch, bands and skin clean and dry

This is especially important after workouts or exposure to certain liquids. Not only will keeping your Watch, bands and your skin clean and dry prevent long-term damage to the device, but also maximize comfort.

If sweat, soap, sunscreen or lotions get between the Watch and your skin, skin irritation is more likely to occur. Simply use a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth to clean your Apple Watch Sport after workouts or exposure to these liquids.

For other models, Apple kindly provides cleaning cloths with all stainless steel Watches that ship with Link Bracelets, as well as with all Apple Watch Edition models.

Give your skin room to breathe

The heart rate sensor on the back of the Watch requires direct skin contact in order to work properly, and is also required for features like Wrist Detect and the Taptic Engine. On the other hand, an overly tight band can cause skin irritation, while a band that’s too loose can cause rubbing.

The right fit is not too tight and not too loose. It should be snug but comfortable. As a rule of thumb, your skin should have room to breathe while maintaining contact with the heart rate sensor. The active types will want to tighten their Apple Watch band for workouts, then loosen it when they’re done. Speaking of sports, you may want to consult our guide on achieving a more accurate heart rate reading with your Watch.

Pick the right Apple Watch and band

Picking the right Watch and band isn’t just a matter of personal preference and fashion consciousness: folks who suffer from known allergies or are plagued with sensitivities should take proactive measures to avoid certain substances like metals or plastics.

Apple on its part makes it clear that the Apple Watch, the space gray Sport model, the stainless steel portions of some Apple Watch bands and the magnets in the Watch and bands contain some nickel — however, bellow the strict nickel restrictions set by European REACh regulation, which guides registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals in products.

For most people, nickel exposure is unlikely to be a problem, but “you should be aware of the possibility in case you’re susceptible to nickel-related reactions,” as per Apple. Moreover, trace amounts of methacrylates from adhesives are found in the Apple Watch case, the Milanese Loop, the Modern Buckle and the Leather Loop.

This is fairly normal as such products as adhesive bandages and others that come in contact with the skin typically contain methacrylates. Nonetheless, Apple’s gone to great lengths to design the Watch and its bands so that parts containing methacrylates are not in direct contact with your skin.

But people who are sensitive to methacrylates, or may develop sensitivities over time, should definitely take this information into account before purchasing the device.

Here’s a handy list of the materials used in each Apple Watch and band:

Materials in Apple Watch

Apple Watch: 316L Stainless Steel, Sapphire Crystal, Ceramic

Apple Watch Sport: 7000 series Aluminum, Ion-X glass, Composite

Apple Watch Edition: 18-Karat Gold, Sapphire Crystal, Ceramic

Materials in Apple Watch bands

Sport: Fluoroelastomer with Stainless Steel or 18-Karat Gold

Milanese Loop: Stainless Steel

Link Bracelet: Stainless Steel

Leather Loop: Leather with Stainless Steel

Modern Buckle: Leather with Stainless Steel or 18-Karat Gold

Classic Buckle: Leather with Stainless Steel or 18-Karat Gold

For an even more detailed overview of the materials used in Watch production, check out Apple’s list of restricted chemical for wearables. It outlines chemicals the firm has tested for in materials in prolonged skin contact, including natural and synthetic fibers and polymers, coatings, ink, leather, plastics, adhesives, metals and ceramics.

Symptoms of skin irritation?

Again, you don’t have to be allergic to specific materials and chemicals per se: environmental factors and extended exposure to irritants like soap or sweat, as well as a myriad of other causes, can contribute to developing reactions such as skin irritation, inflammation of the skin tissue, rash and so forth.

Airpod Pro Replacement – How To Get A Replacement

Last Updated on November 23, 2023

The Apple AirPods Pro are wireless earbuds that connect to an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth. They feature noise cancellation and hands-free calling capabilities, along with a built-in rechargeable battery.

AirPods Pro are the continuation of the incredibly popular original AirPods. However, the Pro version has new improvements that can benefit the user.

Unfortunately, as with any wireless headphones, the AirPod Pros are notorious for being lost or dropped and therefore broken.

If you have one working AirPod Pro but the other is a bust, and you don’t want to buy an entirely new pair, you can replace it! Let’s look at your options in more detail.

Replacing A Lost AirPod Pro With Apple

Apple does offer a replacement option for their headphones if you lose one! This would be the simplest way of replacing your AirPod as you can rest assured that it is coming from a reputable source.

You can purchase either a replacement AirPod Pro or even the charging case.

If you are replacing your AirPod Pro through Apple, the headphone will be new rather than refurbished. Here are the costs if you opt for buying through Apple.

AirPod Pro Replacement: $89 for each headphone

Wireless AirPod Pro Charging Case: $99

MagSafe AirPod Pro Charging Case: $99

These costs are considered ‘lost fees’ and therefore are not covered through Apple Care for headphones. So, you will be paying more for replacing a lost AirPod Pro, even if you have paid for AppleCare.

Replacing A Damaged AirPod Pro With Apple

Apple will also replace a damaged AirPod Pro if it cannot be repaired. If you have AppleCare, the price will be slightly lower than if you were to purchase a replacement without a warranty.

Here are the prices to expect if replacing a damaged AirPod Pro through Apple.

AirPod Pro Replacement: $29 for each headphone with Apple Care, $89 without Applecare

Wireless AirPod Pro Charging Case: $29 for each headphone with Apple Care, $89 without Applecare

MagSafe AirPod Pro Charging Case: $29 for each headphone with Apple Care, $89 without Applecare

Replacing An AirPod Pro Without Apple

Some people might be disheartened to note the expensive prices that Apple lists for replacing one AirPod Pro.

Unfortunately, no other companies are selling just one AirPod to replace a missing or damaged one with. This might make you think that you have no choice but to go with Apple.

While this might be true for new AirPod Pro headphones, you can sometimes get a replacement through secondhand sites such as eBay.

These AirPod Pro headphones might not be new, but they can often have lower price points between $15 and $50. It is also worth checking out Facebook Marketplace for similar offers.

The issue with using a secondhand site to get your AirPod Pro is that you could accidentally purchase an inauthentic headphone.

This will not work as well as a real AirPod Pro, meaning it might be a waste of money.

If using a site such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace to purchase a replacement AirPod Pro, make sure that you choose a reputable seller that has definitive proof of its authenticity.


There are a few ways to replace your AirPod Pro. You can either use Apple’s replacement offer, or you can use a secondhand site to purchase a cheaper alternative.

However, if you want to ensure that you are getting a genuine product, then you should buy a brand new AirPod Pro from Apple’s replacement scheme.

Apple Watch Series 8 Review: Speedy And Steady

About this Apple Watch Series 8 review: I tested the Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm, Wi-Fi) over a period of two weeks. It was running Watch OS 9. The unit was purchased by Android Authority for this review.

Update, March 2023: We’ve updated our Apple Watch Series 8 review with the latest alternatives offered by other companies.

What you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 8

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm, aluminum, BT): $399 / £419 / €499

Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm, aluminum, BT): $429 / £449 / €539

Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm, aluminum, LTE): $499 / £529 / €619

Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm, aluminum, LTE): $529 / £549 / €659

Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm, stainless steel, LTE): $699 / £729 / €849

Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm, stainless steel, LTE): $749 / £779 / €899

The Apple Watch Series 8 picks up right where the Apple Watch Series 7 left off, down to the millimeter and the gram. It launched alongside the iPhone 14 series in September 2023 and took its place as Apple’s flagship wearable, flanked by the more affordable Watch SE 2 and the all-new, mega-premium Watch Ultra. Like its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 8 comes in 41mm and 45mm sizes and offers Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity. That is, however, only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to similarities.

Apple’s Watch Series 8 sticks with a familiar always-on OLED panel, which is capable of up to 1,000 nits of peak brightness. You can choose stainless steel or aluminum cases, though the stainless steel model adopts a sapphire crystal display in place of the aluminum watch’s traditional glass. We tested the aluminum model in Moonlight, but it’s also available in Starlight, Silver, and Product Red. The stainless steel case comes in gold or silver. All models carry an IP6X rating for dust resistance and a WR50 water resistance rating.

Apple’s updated Workouts app offers more data than you could possibly use, and slightly improved sensors ensure the data is more reliable. Sleep tracking is upgraded too.

Like with most Apple hardware, the overall integration with the rest of the Apple ecosystem is also second to none. Wearing the Watch Series 8 feels like an extension of the iPhone, with thorough integrations for most first-party apps. Though not a new feature, the turn-by-turn directions through Apple Maps are invaluable when trying to keep your eyes on the road, and I had no second thoughts about taking a phone call right from my wrist during testing. It still makes me feel just a little bit like James Bond, and who doesn’t want that?

Like the iPhone 14 and its siblings, the Apple Watch Series 8 picks up a new Crash Detection function. It works the same way, kicking in automatically when your watch detects a serious accident. Your watch will automatically contact emergency responders after 20 seconds of inactivity, providing them with your last known coordinates and an approximate search radius. I obviously didn’t put Crash Detection to the test, but I think we can all be thankful it’s there.

The Apple Watch Series 8 rarely puts a foot wrong, but it doesn’t fix too many of the Series 7’s flaws, either.

If you’ve used an Apple Watch before, you might remember that it sends a friendly reminder if you’re about to go to bed without enough battery remaining. The usual recommendation is about 30% — a lot to lose overnight — though I found that the Watch Series 8 struggled with reminding me. I went to bed more than once with not quite enough juice and woke up to a dead watch. It’s somewhat my fault, but I’m also used to wearing GPS watches where the battery lasts for days and, in some cases, weeks, sleep tracking and all.

watchOS 9 is a delight for the most part, but I’m still waiting on the ability to add third-party watch faces. It’s a minor complaint but one that still bears mentioning. Apple makes some impressive first-party options, but they only go so far. You also have to wait, sometimes months at a time, before you get a new face to try out. I swap faces regularly on other wearables like the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, so it’s unfortunate to have this feature locked behind the walls of the Cupertino Keep.

Apple Watch Series 8 specs

The Watch Series 7 and Series 8 are almost identical, but the Apple Watch Series 8 features a new skin temperature sensor for improved menstrual cycle tracking.

No, the Apple Watch Series 8 — like all Apple Watches — will only work with iPhones (iPhone 8 or later, or SE 2 or later).

If you are interested in sleep tracking, then yes you can wear the Apple Watch Series 8 to bed. However, if wearing a watch disturbs your sleep, then you may not want to wear it.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is water-resistant and tested for light swimming in up to 50 meters of water. Soapy water can weaken that water resistance, eventually opening your watch to damage. High-velocity water sports are also not recommended.

No it can’t measure blood pressure, however, the Apple Watch Series 8 does include a heart rate sensor and an ECG for providing insights into heart health.

Opinion: Window On Apple Watch Has Closed, Wait For Apple Watch 2

Apple sent out an email blast this week marketing the Apple Watch as a Mother’s Day gift recommendation:

the perfect Mother’s Day gift to help her stay connected and active throughout the day.

The email was fine as far as marketing messages go. It featured the message above plus a nice photograph of a woman wearing an Apple Watch Sport with a band color-matched to her jacket. “Celebrate her with a gift she’ll love” and “Finally, something that can keep up with her” cleverly nudged you into making Apple Watch the fashionable fitness tracker gift for the May 8th holiday.

But it also reminded me of a recent experience I had in an Apple Store and a realization about Apple Watch right now. Agree or disagree, I believe the window on buying the first-gen Apple Watch has closed, and in almost every situation potential customers should wait for Apple Watch 2.

I’ll start with my recent shopping experience at an Apple Store. I had a Genius Bar appointment to replace a defective iPad display during an out-of-town visit with my mom. I moved to the iPhone SE and gave my mom my iPhone 6s Plus, and we’d been chatting about fitness and exercising over the weekend.

Her birthday is in May, just a few days after Mother’s Day, so I thought about maybe buying an Apple Watch Sport on the spot as an early gift. Then I considered the downsides to mine — speed and functionality — and I thought about how long Apple Watch has been out and how a refresh is due this fall. Even at $300, down from $350 before March, I couldn’t bring myself to hit go on the purchase even with the birthday/holiday excuse.

The fact is the Apple Watch was introduced 18 months ago, has been on sale for 12, and probably has another 5 months left before being upgraded. We’re at the tail end of its run before being refreshed by an overdue upgrade.

New color options, band varieties, and a price drop make it more compelling right now, but there’s a reward for those who wait. The hardware you buy today, even in rose gold Sport with a Nylon Woven band, is the same hardware introduced a year ago.

Just wait. The next Apple Watch will likely debut this fall alongside new iPhones, which typically launch in September. Whether or not Apple Watch 2 looks different, features a FaceTime camera or cellular connection, or has features we haven’t imagined yet, it will surely be faster and just better at doing what the current Apple Watch already does.

It’s not that there’s anything totally wrong with the Apple Watch. It’s easily criticized, but I generally really like mine. I wear it everyday and would honestly miss not having it, plus it’s way more motivational as a fitness tracker than dedicated bands I’ve tried in the past. It’s just that I expect Apple Watch 2 will be that much better at everything Apple Watch already does. Apple Watch has been on the market for 12 months now and the weak spots are hard to miss. Take it from me: wait 5 or 6 months and see what Apple Watch 2 has to offer.

Speed improvements, reduced glare and increased brightness, better microphones and louder speakers. Any of these changes would make waiting a few more months worth it if you plan on buying an Apple Watch and not replacing it soon after.

Consider past upgrades of first generation Apple hardware too. iPhone to iPhone 3G gained much faster cellular connectivity. iPad to iPad 2 added speed, cameras, reduced weight, thinness, and a new color option. If Apple Watch to Apple Watch 2 is anything like those changes, at this point it’s worth the wait.

There are a few exceptions to my recommendation. If you’re buying a used Apple Watch or find a deal (say, on 9to5Toys) that’s seriously below the $300, then buy now if you’re in the market and strongly consider upgrading in the fall. I’d say $150 is the most you should spend at this point (that’s about the price of a fitness tracker anyway). If you haven’t bought an Apple Watch yet and really want to collect the first generation product, then buy new now or wait until Apple Watch 2 and buy used for less in the fall. Or if you just really want an Apple Watch now and couldn’t care less about what Apple Watch 2 offers, go ahead … if you must.

Finally, a note on bands. We don’t know for sure that Apple Watch bands now will fit Apple Watch 2 when it debuts, but I’d bet money on it. Apple Watch can get a whole lot thinner before it needs to change the band connector unless it goes narrow instead. I believe that Apple continuing to introduce new bands throughout the year suggests we’ll see band compatibility for several generations.

Do consider color, however, as not all bands technically match. I have a stainless steel Apple Watch with Classic Buckle band (although I primarily use black Sport), but plan to buy a space gray Apple Watch Sport next time around which wouldn’t match.

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