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I felt the need to write this post covering some general tips for beginners since I often receive mail asking for help, to which the answer, in most cases, involves carrying out some basic troubleshooting. This article, therefore, touches upon some common steps a Windows user may take to try to fix or repair his/her Windows 11/10/8/7 computer.

Windows Troubleshooting Tips

OK, so something has gone wrong or something is not working the way you want it to – and you want to fix it! But before you begin, do restart your computer and see if the problem goes away.

1] Run System Restore

2] Run System File Checker

Another thing you can do is to run the in-built System File Checker utility. Surprisingly, this tool is not used so frequently, although it could make some of your problems go away easily. This tool checks if any of your system files have been replaced, damaged, or corrupted and replaces them with “good” files.

Now type sfc /scannow and hit Enter. Go get a coffee or something since this tool will take some time to run.

Once it completes its course, it will present a report. If there are any damaged or corrupted or missing system files, they will be listed. Restart your computer. On restart, your system files will be replaced with the ‘good’ ones!

3] Fix Windows Image or Component Store corruption

You can use chúng tôi to repair a corrupt Windows Image or fix Component Store Corruption.

Use Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth.

This checks for component store corruption records the corruption and FIXES the corruption using Windows Update.

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4] Remove unwanted programs

Open Control Panel and check your installed programs. Do you see something you don’t want – or something you did not install, and the suspect could be a rogue or an unwanted software? Uninstall it.

5] Scan for malware

Run a full in-depth scan of your system with you anti-virus. If your security software allows you to schedule a boot-time scan – great, go ahead and schedule one; else, a regular scan should be fine too, no issues. To save your scan time, you may want to use the Disk Cleanup utility or CCleaner or Quick Clean to quickly remove your junk files. If there are any malware that are preventing your Windows from functioning normally, your anti-virus scan should be able to take care of it, by removing the malware. You can check out this list of some good recommended free antivirus software for Windows.

6] Windows computer will not start

If you find that your Windows computer just will not start, you can repair boot problems with Windows Startup Repair. Startup Repair is a Windows recovery tool that can fix certain system problems that might prevent Windows from starting. Startup Repair scans your computer for the problem and then tries to fix it so your computer can start correctly. Startup Repair is one of the recovery tools in the System Recovery Options menu. Windows 11/10 users can access Advanced Startup Options.

7] Run Windows Update

Maybe Microsoft has released fixes for your problems – so it might be a good idea to run Windows Update and see if any are available. If they are, do download and install them.

8] Windows Desktop appears blank on startup

If you find that your computer starts but stops at the logon screen or your desktop does not appear or you get to see a black screen or you simply see your wallpaper, the reasons could be many, but in many cases, it is the chúng tôi which is not starting automatically. Well, press Ctrl-Alt-Del and start the Task Manager.

9] Fix Windows

There are several small problems, nuisances and irritants you may face occasionally…

10] Repair Windows

If you find that your Windows installation had got badly corrupted and even running system restore, system file checker, or trying other troubleshooting steps, does not really help, and you start thinking of re-installing your Windows operating system – try a Repair Install first. Windows 8/10 users may consider using the Refresh or Reset Windows or Automatic Repair feature.

Additional Resources

For specific problems, you can also use the in-built Windows Troubleshooters or the Microsoft Fix it solutions or the Automated Troubleshooting Solutions or the Microsoft Diagnostics Service portal to resolve your issues. You may find additional posts to help solve your particular problems at the following links: Windows Help tutorials, Troubleshooting Windows, Repairing Windows, and Windows Tips.

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And if all fails, there is always that panacea for all Windows troubles – RESET or REPAIR!

Well, these were just some of the basic troubleshooting tips. If you require something specific, just search for it here on this site, using the search bar in the sidebar. I am sure that you will find a solution. If you don’t, post your specific requirement here and we will try to prepare a tutorial for it.

If you have anything to add, please do go ahead!

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Top 10 Tips For Beginners To Learn Machine Learning

At its core,

Machine Learning

functions to answer questions by “


” from data. 

It may sound simple, but knowing Machine Learning requires that you have the perseverance to learn concepts that you might be oblivious about and that you invest a significant amount of your time to have a firm grasp of the principles behind it.

To help you with your journey towards joining the Machine Learning bandwagon, here are the top ten tips for beginners to learn Machine Learning. 

1. Study the Numbers

If you’re like some people who tend to shy away from numbers and statistics, then I have some good news for you. 

You don’t need to be an expert statistician to process your data for machine learning purposes. 

However, you still need to understand some statistical concepts to help you know how and when to apply or use your data effectively for machine learning.

Some of the ideal statistical learning that you can prioritize learning are:

•  Mean and distribution

•  Statistical decision theory

•  Regression

•  Mean Square Error, Least Squares

2. Learn a Programming Language

Learning a

programming language

can seem like a long and painful process, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to find a programming language that is popular, easy to learn, and those that are commonly used for data analysis and machine learning like




If you’re a newbie to the programming language and how it’s applied in machine learning, you can learn through a

machine learning course


With these courses alone can help you learn how to develop machine learning algorithms using concepts of time series modeling, regression, etc.

With that said, since programming language is used to analyze and manipulate data for statistical reasons, you must learn to “


the language of machine learning



3. Set Your Goals

Machine learning is a rich, and broad field that will continue to expand in the coming years. It’s because of this that you’ll have a big chance of getting overwhelmed and lose focus as you learn it.

To keep this from happening, you need to set concrete goals first before diving into machine learning. 

This can help you stay on track, avoid wasting your time and keep you moving forward.

You can think about which specific sector in the industry you’ll focus on, the tools, the problems that you’d like to solve through Machine Learning, etc. You can use these as your guiding compass in your journey towards mastering Machine Learning.

4. Understand the Basics of Machine Learning

Machine learning deals with processing a lot of data, and it involves specific steps that can be complicated for the untrained.

As a beginner, you will need to invest some time and effort in understanding the basics of machine learning and data science. 

You need to understand the basic concepts of essential aspects in machine learning like data science, programming, algorithms, and more. 

5. Perform Exploratory Data Analysis 

Exploratory data analysis deals with studying a dataset to understand the shape of data, feature correlations, and signals within the data that can be used to build predictive models.

Performing this analysis can help you determine how to improve your products, understand user behavior, and check if the data can give useful signals for data product building. 

It can include a bit of lightweight modeling to help you determine the importance of various features within datasets, but it’s one of the essential competencies of startup data scientists. 

6. Employ Unsupervised Learning Techniques  

Here’s a concise version of some of the crucial things that you need to know:

•  Autoencoders.

It allows you to encode your features in a way that they don’t take up too much space but still represent the same features.  

•  Clustering.

Using a clustering algorithm helps you classify your data points in specific groups.

•  Feature separation techniques.

This helps you see how each of your features contribute to dataset formation, determine which ones are crucial, and the role each one plays in your overall data.


7. Develop supervised learning models

The goal of supervised learning is to use an algorithm to learn and estimate the mapping function well enough that when you add new input, the algorithm can predict the output variables for the specific data. 

You can think of the process where the algorithm learns from your training data as a teacher supervising his or her students’ learning process. 

The learning process stops once the algorithm reaches an adequate level of success. 

8. Learn How to Handle Big Data Systems

You can have access to significant amounts of data that you can use for algorithms to come up with the valuable output. 

That being said, this means you need to know how to handle big data systems effectively.  

You need to understand how to store substantial amounts of data and efficiently access and process them.

Doing so can help you create solutions that you can implement in practice and not just theory. 

9. Look Into Deep Learning Models 

The deep learning algorithm is built with connected layers that allow its neural network to learn increasingly complex data features as it goes through each layer. 

With deep learning, you can turn predictions into actionable results since it can perform knowledge-based predictions and pattern discovery. 

Also, by feeding deep learning

with big data

, you can get remarkable results in terms of your management, innovation, sales, and productivity. 

10. Do and Complete a Data Project

Finally, you will need to complete a data project to apply what you have learned so far from the nine tips above. 

Start small and look for sample machine learning projects for beginners like a social media sentiment analysis using Twitter or Facebook dataset.  

After all, what is machine learning without real-life application, right?

Final Thoughts

Machine learning is an expanding field that is showing no signs of stopping any time soon, so get on board and follow these ten tips for beginners. 

9 Best Decryption Software For Windows 10/11

Ransomware is probably the worst kind of malware that can infect your computer. This type of malware will encrypt and lock your files, and the only way to get access to them is to pay the ransom to the hacker.

Fortunately, today we have a list of the best ransomware decrypt tools for Windows 10 that can help you fix this problem.

In order to remove ransomware from your computer, you first have to find out with what type of ransomware is your computer infected with.

To do that, you can use services such as ID Ransomware to identify the ransomware. After you’ve successfully identified the ransomware, you can delete it by using one of the following tools.

HitmanPro (recommended)

This is another tool that will help you access your computer, even if you’re completely locked. All that you have to do is to put HitmanPro on a USB flash drive and boot your computer from it, and the program will automatically delete the ransomware.

Get now Hitman Pro from the official website

Decrypter for AutoLocky and Decrypt Protect

Decrypter for AutoLocky comes from Emsisoft and it is used to delete AutoLocky ransomware. If your computer is infected by AutoLocky, your files will be renamed to *.locky and encrypted. By using Decrypter for AutoLocky you should hopefully be able to remove this malicious software.

Emisoft has also released tool for removing Decrypt Protect, so you might want to try that one as well. Emisoft is rather devoted to fighting ransomware, and they have LeChiffre, CryptoDefense, HydraCrypt and many other ransomware decrypters available on their website.

Jigsaw Decryptor

Certain ransomware, such as Jigsaw, will delete all your files if you don’t pay the ransom to the hacker, but with tools such as Jigsaw Decryptor you can easily remove this software from your computer.

Kaspersky Ransomware Decryptor

This tool comes from a famous antivirus company Kaspersky, and according to its creators, it can remove both CoinVault and Bitcryptor ransomware from your computer. It’s worth mentioning that Kaspersky released several other tools for removing following ransomware: XoristDecryptor, ScatterDecryptor, RakhniDecryptor, and many others. These tools are available for download from Kaspersky’s website.


Kaspersky also released RannohDecryptor for CryptXXX ransomware, so if your computer is infected by this malware, make sure you try this tool.

If you’re interested in other anti-ransomware solutions, check out our wide collection of guides.

Kaspersky WindowsUnlocker

Certain ransomware will completely block access to your computer, but fortunately for you, there are tools such as Kaspersky WindowsUnlocker that can fix this problem.  To remove ransomware using this tool just download the .iso file and use it to create a bootable USB flash drive. After that, boot your PC from it and follow the instructions.

Trend Micro AntiRansomware Tool

Similarly to the two previously mentioned tools, Trend Micro AntiRansomware Tool can be used to access your computer and remove ransomware by booting from a USB flash drive.

Cisco TeslaCrypt Decryption Tool

Cisco also released its decryption tool for ransomware, and this tool is designed to remove TeslaCrypt. TeslaCrypt Decryption Tool comes as a command line tool, and it can hopeful help you remove this ransomware from your PC.

Operation Global III Ransomware Decryption Tool

Certain ransomware will encrypt files and change their extensions to .exe. If you’re having the same problem on your computer, you might want to try using this tool.

Petya Ransomware Decrypt Tool

Sometimes ransomware will change your Master Boot Record thus preventing you to boot to Windows or Safe Mode. One ransomware that does this is PETYA, but you can easily remove it by using the Petya Ransomware Decrypt Tool.

Decrypter for HydraCrypt and UmbreCrypt Ransomware

If your PC is infected with HydraCrypt or UmbreCrypt Ransomware, you should try to remove it by using the Decrypter for HydraCrypt and UmbreCrypt Ransomware.

There are all sorts of ransomware available along with many tools for removing the specific types of ransomware, so we hope that our list of decrypt tools was helpful to you. In order to protect your PC from ransomware, you might want to use tools such as Bitdefender BDAntiRansomware in the future.

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Best Free Automation Software For Windows 11/10

Computers have changed the way we live our lives. They have found a place for themselves in every walk of our life. In the recent past, artificial intelligence and machine learning have given way to increased automation. Despite the development, most of the task we do on our PC is repetitive. Have you ever thought of automating these tasks and saving time? While most of us are familiar with AutoHotkey, today we will take a look at some other free automation software for Windows.

Automation software for Windows 11/10

In this article, we will guide you through some of the best apps that will help automate tasks on Windows 11/10. Please mind that some of the automation software offers a paid version too – however, the free versions are sufficient for home users like you and me.

Mini Mouse Macro

Macro Toolworks Free

Macro Recorder


Pullover’s Macro Creator

Let us take a closer look at some of the best free task automation software for Windows 11/10.

1] Mini Mouse Macro

Mini Mouse Macro is an open source software designed to record mouse and keyboard actions. The software is also capable of repeating the playback, and you get a simple editor to fine tune/edit the captured actions.

The mouse record feature will record the movement of your mouse and map it with respect to X and Y position. You can also define a loop count and automate the task for a predefined number of times. Mini Mouse Macro supports Script Builder, and this lets you create command lines. Download Mini Mouse Macro from the homepage.

2] Macro Toolworks Free

Macro Toolwork is aimed at power users and is a powerful all-in-one automation software for Windows. Needless to say, the tool lets you record macros and then edit them in a macro editor. As a user, you can choose each Macro to be triggered in multiple ways and assign it to text shortcuts, keyboard hotkeys, time scheduler, and mouse keys. Most importantly, the Macro Toolworks records both keyboard and mouse events simultaneously.

The software is pretty useful for automating repetitive tasks like file backups, editing registry, retrieve data from Excel files and other actions. The Macro Toolworks automation software is available in three editions Free, Standard, and Professional. Scroll down and download Macro Toolworks Free from the homepage.

3] Macro Recorder

All said and done; the Mouse Recorder ended up being one of the most accurate macro automation software. Download Mouse Recorder Pro from the homepage. Macro Recorder productivity boost is free-of-charge to personal users.

4] AutoIT

That apart AutoIT can be used to change the registry entries, execute programs, automate keystrokes and create a new workflow for Windows. Download AutoIT from the homepage.

5] Pullover’s Macro Creator

Are you on a lookout for a free macro creator that doesn’t cut corners? Pullover’s Macro Creator lets you write scripts, record functions and automate a wild array of tasks. The learning curve is not steep, and a normal pc user can easily understand the user interface. As a user you can set Loops, control commands, use pixel search and map it to specific functionality, devise ‘If Statements’ and map hotkey’s to the automation.

The highlight is definitely the Macro Creator. I would recommend Pullover’s Macro Creator to someone who prefers writing manual scripts rather than just recording the actions and creating automation. Download Pullover’s Macro Creator from the homepage.

Hope you find these freeware useful.

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Free Startup Manager Software For Windows 11/10

Startup programs strain the system’s memory and cause high disk utilization. While you would want to launch many programs at startup, it usually isn’t a choice because many applications including popular ones are scripted to launch at startup.

Free Startup Manager software for Windows 11/10

You can disable the startup programs using the Task Manager but that isn’t the most comfortable method to manage startup programs. Furthermore, there are more ways of handling startup programs than completely disabling them.

You can try the following free Startup Manager software programs:

Microsoft Autoruns



MSConfig Cleanup Tool

Startup Sentinel

Quick Startup

HiBit Startup Manager

Autorun Organizer


Starter startup manager program


1] Microsoft Autoruns for Windows

What could be better than a software approved by Microsoft for managing your Startup programs? This is the case with Microsoft Autoruns. Since it is downloadable from Technet, you can trust the application. The software is similar to the MSCONFIG (System Configuration) window but more powerful. Along with the regular details, it would show you in detail the File Explorer & Internet Explorer shell extensions, toolbars, Browser Helper Objects, context menu items that start, the Drivers which startup, the Services, Winlogon items, Codecs, WinSock providers and more.

2] WinPatrol

WinPatrol is an extensive software that can make your life much easier, no matter what the purpose of your computer is. The startup manager is simply a part of the WinPatrol software, which also helps with managing registry keys, user account control, file management, etc. The application’s interface is easy-to-use. Simply scroll through the tabs and check what all you can do with it.

3] CCleaner

CCleaner is perhaps the most popular software products for cleaning your system of junk files, but it goes beyond that. One of the additional functions of CCleaner is to manage startup programs. The reason CCleaner is suggested in the list is that it is efficient and trusted, even though not specifically a startup manager.

4] MSCONFIG Cleanup tool

The inbuilt MSCONFIG System Configuration manager tool is good for disabling startup items. However, it doesn’t give you the option to delete the items from the list permanently. However, personally I have never needed most programs to launch at startup for any reason. If such is the case with you, try the MSCONFIG Cleanup tool which not only disables but completely deletes the startup programs from the list.

5] Startup Sentinel

The Startup Sentinel tool is a light and easy-to-use substitute for the inbuilt System Configuration manager tool. While the original MSCONFIG tool is good, it needs learning. If you are new to computers and need a tool to manage your startup programs with ease, try the Startup Sentinel tool. All you have to do with the tool is to add the program in question to either the whitelist or blacklist and sort your system. Alternatively, you can use the tool to launch programs.

6] Glarysoft Quick Startup

Glarysoft Quick Startup is a complex, but very powerful startup manager tool. This can be very useful for managing high-end systems. This tool allows you to create a manual list of startup programs and export the data as a .txt file. The data can be imported later. This method is useful when dealing with a large number of programs where it becomes difficult to change the settings for each one manually. Even more, unlike other programs in this list, Glarysoft Quick Startup supports multiple languages.

7] HiBit Startup Manager

HiBit Startup Manager is a comprehensive software that helps users to view, modify, remove, create new entries in Windows Startup. You can manage startup Scheduled Tasks, Windows Services, and Context Menu. It allows users to manage entries using color-coding directly from the registry. So if you aren’t proficient with the Registry Editor (which most of us aren’t), try this software to do the job.

8] Autorun Organizer

Autorun Organizer is an excellent tool to manage the whole startup process and not just to disable startup programs. Basically, it explains how each startup program (and other programs) stress on the system. That would help you decide better on which program has to stay in the system and which has to be removed. Eventually, this utility helps you speed up the system considerably.

9] WhatsInStartup

WhatsInStartup Startup Manager software helps in organizing the startup programs, thus speeding up the system. One of the main features of the WhatsInStartup program is that it allows deleting the startup function of programs from the registry instead of just disabling them.

An added feature is the external drive support.

10] Starter Startup Manager

If you are a noob with Windows 10, I would definitely suggest downloading the Starter Startup Manager on your system. This triples as a startup manager, task manager, and services manager. So if you are not proficient with these utilities, just download this easy-to-use software and manage your system with ease.

11] LaunchLater

LaunchLater allows you to defer the launch of applications that run at Windows login. This lets Windows focus on booting itself first, then subsequently running a list of configured startup apps using a schedule that you control.

TIP: Tools like Startup Delayer and Startup Helper can also help you delay startup programs and set the Delay time.

Hope it helps!

Download Maxthon Browser For Windows 10 & 11

Download Maxthon Browser for Windows 10 & 11 [32/64 bit] One option involves using the main installer




The Maxthon browser is available for different operating systems and devices.

Maxthon has a portable version that can serve as a lightweight browser. It doesn’t occupy more space.

Users can download the Maxthon browsers and use them freely on their devices.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

We all use the internet daily for professional, domestic, and recreational purposes. However, there are several browsers that you can download on your device.

Likewise, browsers can differ based on operating systems, like Windows, Linux, and macOS. Hence, we’ll discuss how to go about Maxthon download for Windows 10 and 11.

It depends on the Chromium code. Likewise, there is a version of the browser for mobile devices. Maxthon is not a widely known browser, but it offers the best features compared to many other browsers.

Furthermore, the Maxthon browser has many features that are not available on other browsers. Apart from being a browser that supports blockchain apps, the Maxthon browser provides technical support for web apps.

Also, it is one of the browsers with the strongest security and privacy system. This feature is essential for users’ data protection because internet fraud is a common issue.

Moreover, the Maxthon browser is best for online anonymity. It allows you to browse the internet without being noticed or detected. Hence, it allows you to access army websites that aren’t available on some other browsers.

What is the latest version of the Maxthon browser?

The latest version of the Maxthon browser is Maxthon This new version is embedded with sophisticated features like HTML 5 support which is unique to only a few browsers.

Also, it comes with an inbuilt Offline installer for Pc that allows you to send files among different devices. Unlike the previous versions of the Maxthon browser, it is faster and more efficient.

Expert tip:

Nevertheless, the Maxthon browser has a portable version that requires less space than the full version. It is considerable for those who need a short time browser with a small size.

Is the Maxthon browser free? Quick Tip:

If you want a reliable browser that is secure and offers dedicated support for all popular operating systems, we recommend trying Opera.

Just like Maxthon, it’s very customizable, with a wide range of installable extensions, tons of integrations, and useful tools to create your own workspace.


Enjoy fast browsing and create your own workspace with Opera!

Free Visit website

How do I download & install Maxthon on Windows 10 & 11? 1. Use the main installer

After the installation is complete, you can set up your browser and sign in with the necessary data. However, the free download for Windows 10/11 64-bit / 32-bit is available on the official website.

2. Use the Portable version

It will automatically check for updates and install them if any are available. After the update is complete, restart your browser and enjoy the new features.

Conclusively, users can refer to our article about how to install the Maxthon browser on Windows 10 for more guidelines.

Also, we recommend you read about how to activate the dark mode inside the Maxthon browser. It will help you protect your eyes from the stress of staring at the screen for a long.

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