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Best Free Live Tv Apps In 2023

You can watch web series and movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime apps, however, if we talk about Live TV Apps or free live TV apps for Android devices, we tried to search lot of live TV apps on Google web or Google Play Store. Keeping all these things in mind, we have listed the best live TV app for Android devices that are free on Google Play Store. Have a look!

Best Free Live Tv Apps 1.   Mobdro

Support all Tv channels and download popular TV shows for free.

Provide Live channels of more than 10 different languages across 30 different countries.

Without login to account, stream Live Tv on your device.

Easy to discover new or upcoming shows.

Support more than 200+ channels and Chromecast.

2.   Uktvnow

One of the best free live tv app for Android devices and very popular in top countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada also. You can experience rich video quality, unlike other live Tv streaming apps. This app allows you to filter shows by Type, Genre, Ratings and Year.  You can explore more than 150+ channels ranging from movies, documentary, entertainment, kids, etc. This application is not available on Play Store, you can still download the APK file from here. Some of the features of this app are: –

User-friendly and easy to use.

Superb UI and buffering speed.

Watch or schedule videos with “Watch Later” feature.

Easy to filter all channels (country-wise and category wise).

No need to register to use it.

3. Hulu

Easy to find movies based on your interest.

Experience Live TV with large libraries of shows.

“Favorite” option to save your interests.

Laugh out with amazing comedy streams.

Download the Hulu live TV app for Android device.

4. Kodi

One of the popular free live tv app with all in one media player and central location hub. With the best graphical user interface, you can easily navigate and easy to use this app in Android devices. Since this app is not a full Live TV app, but this app contains various content that you can watch or save videos to watch later. Some of the features of this app are: –

Easy to watch videos, pictures, podcasts, and music.

Choose and Install TV shows and movies directly on mobile devices or from cloud service.

Easy to customize the process of watching a video, add subtitles and change its quality and speed.

Power saving option helps in boosting device battery.

Download the Kodi app for Android devices.

5. DirectTV Now

Last but not least, DirectTV Now is a premium live streaming app for Android devices where you can watch breaking news, live sports, TV shows and many more. The user-interface of this app is well organized to use and with more than 100 channels, you can easily watch live TV on your device. Since this free live tv streaming app for android is not available on Google Play Store, however, you can download its APK file from here. Some of the features of this app are: –

Easy to watch more than 120 channels of Live TV.

Clean and well-organized interface.

A huge and vast collection of the media library.

Easy to find recently watched movies and shows.

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8 Best Free Macro Tracking Apps

8 Best Free Macro Tracking Apps What Are Macronutrients or Macros? Here Are the Best Macro Tracking Apps 2023

Whether you’re just starting with macro tracking or want a new app with better features, here are some of the best free macro tracking apps available today.

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a free macro tracker app that helps you to tailor your macro tracking to your specific goals, such as weight gain, weight management, or weight loss. Then, based on your choice, it generates personalized goals for you. The application also includes a library of over 350 workouts for individuals who want to attempt new routines and track their fitness.


Download MyFitnessPal for Android & iOS.

2. Nutritionix Track

Anyone who keeps a diet plan knows the difficulty of figuring out the number of calories and macronutrient percentages in restaurant meals. However, Nutritionix Track makes it a lot simpler. The app’s database of over 600,000 distinct restaurant menus is regularly updated to provide you with the most precise macro data available, even if you alter the food portions or make changes.


Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Download MyFitnessPal for Android & iOS.

3. My Plate

To assist you in keeping track of your food consumption and offer you a complete picture of your nutritional health, MyPlate gives information for both your micronutrients and macronutrients in grams or percentages. MyPlate not only makes it simple to measure macros but also offers a huge amount of nutritious food suggestions. It will even assist you in making an 8 diet plan with appropriate macros.


Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Download MyFitnessPal for Android & iOS.

4. Carb Manager

It is among the best free macro tracking apps available in the market right now. You should download this app if you practice the popular keto diet or are interested in low-carb diets. It contains a wealth of educational material, reducing the chances that you will make a mistake with your keto diet regimen. Carb Manager is more than a calorie or Keto macro calculator.


Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Download MyFitnessPal for Android & iOS.

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5. Cronometer

Cronometer can record a maximum of 82 micronutrients (commonly known as the nutrients we require to have in low quantities, like minerals and vitamins and your daily water intake) and keep track of your macronutrients and exercise. You can keep track of everything, including macronutrients, calories, vitamins, and cholesterol.


Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Download MyFitnessPal for Android & iOS.

6. Lose It!

This is another free macro tracking app for you. It is the right app for you if you’re more interested in the food’s quality than its amount while choosing what to eat. For individuals who are specifically trying to lose weight, it’s a useful macro tracker with lots of meal suggestions. Additionally, you may set up customized macro goal settings based on your dietary preferences.


Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Download MyFitnessPal for Android & iOS.

7. LifeSum

Apart from being a free macro tracker, with the aid of LifeSum, you may determine which meals to eat more of and which to substitute on your plate. The app rates all dishes and meals on a basic scale to decide whether or not you meet the recommended calorie target. The user interface of this software is self-explanatory and welcoming.


Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Download MyFitnessPal for Android & iOS.

8. MacrosFirst

MacroFirst is an efficient and free macro tracker app. It is simple and lets you adjust your meals to meet dietary needs. The MacroFirst app determines the macronutrients of the meals you consume daily to help you reach your objectives. Enter your meals and your objective into this app, which will calculate your macronutrients and generate an activity regimen.


Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Download MyFitnessPal for Android & iOS.

To Sum It Up

Make keeping track of your macros less stressful. To accomplish your objectives, try one of these suggested free macro trackers! You can use any of these free macro tracking applications based on how you feel, but keep in mind that the first guideline of dieting is to eat wisely rather than insufficiently.

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13 Best Litecoin Mining Software & Apps: Free Ltc Miner (2023)

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency. It is gaining popularity in the crypto market as it is free from censorship and open to all users. The price of Litecoin is also expected to rise in the future, resulting in profits for the LTC miners.

Litecoin Mining software are specialized tools that use the computing power of your system in order to mine cryptocurrency. In exchange for a mining operation, you receive a monetary reward in the form of digital currency.

These apps provide a detailed report of your crypto mining activity and total earnings. In order to easily mine Litecoin, you can utilize these software tools for earning good profits.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Litecoin Mining Software, with their pros, cons, and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

Best Legit Litecoin Mining Software App (Free/Paid)

Kryptex is a Litecoin Mining software that helps you mine various cryptocurrencies. This Litecoin mining app allows you to mine cryptos and pays you dollars or Bitcoins for mining.



Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Grin, Monero, and Ethereum.

Payout Frequency: Daily

Minimum Payouts: Minimum $0.5

Supported platform: Windows 10

Learn More

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can set up this cloud mining software with ease. Cannot run the lite version with 1 GPU.

It is one of the best Litecoin miners that provides a clean GUI.

This application works efficiently even when your PC is idle.

You can withdraw Bitcoins or send money directly to a bank card.

You can mine with your CPU and GPU.

It allows your computer resources to be used at a low percentage while mining cryptocurrencies.

Supported platform: Windows 10 and Mobile.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Grin, Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum.

StormGain is a Litecoin mining application that enables you to invest in digital currency without any hassle. This Litecoin mining program offers a user-friendly dashboard to analyze rising and falling asset values.



Supported Coins: Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Ethereum, Cardano, Neo, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

Payout Frequency: Daily

Minimum Payouts: 50 USD

Supported platform: Web, Android, and iOS.

Learn More

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

StromGain contains charting tools to track trends and price movements. Unfortunately, it is not regulated mining software.

It helps you to access all the popular cryptocurrencies 24/7.

You can protect your cryptocurrency in a secure wallet.

It allows you to mine digital currency without using expensive equipment.

Supported Platform: Web, Android, and iOS.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Cardano, Neo, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.

Best for Its operating system, which works with legal status.

ECOS is the most trusted cloud mining provider in the industry. It was established in 2023 in the Free Economic Zone. It is the first cloud mining service provider that is operating with legal status. ECOS has more than 100,000+ users from all over the world. It is first cryptocurrency investment platform with a complete suite of digital asset products and tools.



Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Litecoin.

Payout Frequency: Daily

Minimum Payouts: 0.001 BTC

Supported platform: Windows, MacOS

Learn More

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It provides payments on a daily basis. Only BTC mining

The low minimum withdrawal from 0.001 BTC.

Offers a wide range of cloud mining contracts

Supported platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Supported coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Litecoin.

Cudo Miner is a cryptocurrency miner tool that enables you to earn as much money as possible from your PC or laptop. Cudo Miner provides support for CPU, GPU, and ASIC mining machines.


Cudo Miner

Supported Coins: Beam, Bitcoin Good, Ethereum, Grin, Monero, Vertcoin, Zcoin, etc.

Payout Frequency: Daily

Minimum Payouts: 0.000767 BTC

Supported platform: Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, macOS, and Mobile.

Learn More

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Withdrawal fees are slightly on the higher side.

Helps you manage and monitor your device’s performance, health, power, and running status at your desk.

Provides security through multi-factor authentication.

Allows you to access it from the command-line interface.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, macOS, and Mobile.

Supported Coins: Beam, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Grin, Monero, Vertcoin, Zcoin, etc.

BetterHash is a cryptocurrency mining software that enables you to trade for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Grin Coin, ZCash, etc. This tool can be used by both experienced and beginner users.



Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash, Ethereum Classic, etc.

Payout Frequency: Once per day

Minimum Payouts: 0.0003 BTC

Supported platform: Windows

Learn More

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Helps you to mine profitable cryptocurrencies. Profitability potential is quite low.

Allows you to pool direct hash power with no consent.

You can re-start the benchmarking process and access your online wallet.

It allows you to create a wallet for each digital currency you are trading.

Supported Platforms: Windows

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Grin Coin, Raven Coin, etc.

Best for Its operating system, which works with legal status.

Binance is the most trusted cloud mining provider in the industry. It was established in 2023 in the Free Economic Zone. It is the first cloud mining service provider that is operating with legal status. Binance has more than 100,000+ users from all over the world. It is first cryptocurrency investment platform with a complete suite of digital asset products and tools.



Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Litecoin.

Payout Frequency: Every 8 hours

Minimum Payouts: 0 USDT

Supported platform: Windows, MacOS

Learn More

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It provides payments on a daily basis. Only BTC mining

The low minimum withdrawal from 0.001 BTC.

Offers a wide range of cloud mining contracts

Supported platform: Windows & MacOS

Supported coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Litecoin.

Awesome Miner is one of the best Litecoin mining software that allows you to manage multiple mining pools and mining rigs in one dashboard.


Awesome Miner

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Payout Frequency: Daily

Fraud risk: Low

Supported Platforms: Windows and Linux

Learn More

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

This Litecoin mining program supports more than 50 mining engines. Doesn’t offer any macOS application

This Litecoin mining machine can display GPU properties like clock speed, temperature, fan speed, etc.

Provides customized triggers and actions.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Linux.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Visit Awesome Miner

Hashing24 is a software that enables you to mine cryptocurrency without buying any equipment. The tool provides access to real-world data centers. It can automatically deposit your earned mined coins to the balance.



Supported Coins: Cash, Dash, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Altcoins.

Payout Frequency: Once per day

Minimum Payouts: 0.0007 BTC

Supported Platform: Windows 10, Mac, and Linux

Learn More


You can mine cryptocurrency without any hassle.

It has data centers in many countries, including Norway, Canada, Georgia, and Iceland.

The newest ASIC chips.

Offers intuitive interface.

It uses the latest air and cooling technology.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

A very less daily service charge of 0.033 USD or 0.00014 USD. The only cryptocurrency you can mine is Bitcoin.

Good technical support offered on a 24/7 basis.

Supported Platforms: Windows 10, Mac, and Linux

Supported Coins: ZCash, Dash, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Altcoins.

Hashshiny is cloud mining software that allows you to find profitable mining pools with ease. It uses the newest ASIC miner and GPU rigs. It also provides a real-time mining hash rate within the application.



Earning Potential: One can earn $182.93 per day.

Minimum Investment: $10

Payout Frequency: Daily

Supported Platforms: Windows and Android

Learn More

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

This Litecoin mining program helps you to decide which pools you want to mine. Mining prices are higher than other mining companies.

Automatically performs the backup of the database.

You can control the mining process easily.

Offers payment solutions like PayPal and cryptocurrency wallets.

Supported Platforms: Android and iOS devices.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc.

MultiMiner is a mining tool that helps you monitor, configure, and control any MultiMiner rig available on the network. This Litecoin mining software maintains all personalization you’ve done to that point in a separate and dedicated network.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Provides a notification alert when it is profitable to consider mining.

It helps you to monitor, configure, and control any MultiMiner rig available on the network. You need additional software for Linux and macOS.

It is one of the best free Litecoin mining apps that offer Wizard to get started.

Supported platforms: Windows and Linux.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Vertcoin, etc.

#11) Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is one of the best Litecoin mining software that offers cryptocurrency mining functionality. This mining software provides a variety of mining-related solutions to large and small-scale investors.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Helps you to mine any cryptocurrency mentioned in their catalog. Does not offer good customer support.

You do not need much technical knowledge to get started.

Provides periodic mining output directly to your wallet.

Ensures daily payouts for miners.

This Litecoin mining software helps you to mine multiple cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Supported Coins: Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.

#12) Hive OS

Hive OS is one of the best Litecoin miners that enables you to efficiently set up, mine, and control mining processes. This Litecoin mining software helps you monitor your trading from a single dashboard.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

This Litecoin mining tool provides notifications via Telegram and Discord. You can mine only three cryptocurrencies.

It offers statistics on different algorithms and miners.

Automatically detects your mining rigs and adds them to your management dashboard.

It helps you to switch between pools and pool servers.

You can keep your GPU near the target temperature.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Android, and iOS.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ZCash, and Ethereum.

#13) Mining Pool Hub

Mining Pool Hub is a mining application that allows you to mine the digital currency you want. It is one of the best Litecoin mining sites that help you start mining in less time.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can mine various coins. Miners have reported discrepancies in the number of coins mined.

It helps you to mine with just CPU or GPU.

This Litecoin mining machine offers a profit switching facility for GPU and ASIC.

The mining pool sends mined coins automatically through the automatic payment feature.

Supported Platforms: Windows.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Raven coin, Zcash, Zcoin, Zencash, etc.

FAQ: ❓ What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was launched in 2011 by Charlie Lee. It is one of the highly-rated cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. It is commonly used as a payment method due to its low fees, quick confirmation times, and general ease of use.

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⚡ What are the Best Litecoin Miner Software?

Following are some of the best Litecoin Miner software:

👍 Kryptex – Best for ease of use

StromGain – Best for maximise your profit

ECOS – Its operating system, which works with legal status.

Cudo Miner – Best for higher profits

Binance – Its operating system, which works with legal status.

Awesome Miner – Best for multiple mining pool management

Hashing24 – Best overall

Hashshiny – Best for cloud-mining

🚀 What is Litecoin Mining Software?

Litecoin Mining software is a specialized application that uses your computer’s GPU or CPU processing resources to mine cryptocurrency. In exchange for the mining operation, you can receive a monetary reward in the form of digital currency.

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🏅 How to Choose the Best Litecoin Mining Software?

You should consider the following factors while selecting the best Litecoin mining software:

Support for multiple cryptocurrencies.

GUI and Command-line interface.

Easy to install, use, and navigate.

Support for multiple Operating Systems.

Support for multiple devices like Mobile, Tablet, or Computer.

It should be compatible with ASIC, GPU, and FPGA.

❗ What are the Major Differences between Litecoin and Bitcoin?

The main difference between Bitcoin and Litecoin is that both use different cryptographic algorithms. Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 algorithm, whereas Litecoin uses a new algorithm called Scrypt. Another major difference is that Litecoin helps you verify transactions faster than Bitcoin.

💻 Can I Mine Litecoin on My PC?

Yes, you can technically mine Litecoin on your home PC. However, considering the complexity of mining Litecoin, you must invest in the right type of hardware. If you want to mine Litecoin at your home, you need to consider hardware electricity consumption. Thus, your success rate will be very less.

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Best Free Medicine Reminder Apps For Android

Best Free Medicine Reminder Apps For Android in 2023 List Of The Best Free Medication Reminder Apps-

We have curated a list of the best pill reminder apps for you. You can check out the most popular apps which help people take their medicine on time. You can also use these apps to schedule the medication reminder for your family members or pets. These apps include different features such as medical records, appointments, notes, and personal profiles.

1. Medicine Reminder App : Pill & Medication Tracker by Systweak Software

Medicine Reminder by Systweak Software is an easy-to-use one-tap application that will never let you miss a pill again. The app gives timely reminders and helps set person-specific profiles. This way you can keep a track of your and your family member’s medical history and medication. Nonetheless, the Medicine Reminder app also allows uploading reports, feed appointments, downloading PDFs, and share them with the doctor. To make things easy, the application provides a predefined list of diseases that helps categorize reports. Scheduling data and time for the medicine reminders is easy and you can also customize the notifications for the medication reminders.


List of diseases for ease of use.

Take a picture of the medicine and prescription.

Customizable pill reminder notifications.

Repeat pills notifications.

2. Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe

Price- Freemium

Use this medicine reminder application to keep the full medicine regime with you on your phone. You get the notification to remind you of the medicines in this pill tracker app. Pill Reminder and medication tracker by Medisafe is a freemium app as you get several features for free but to avail additional features you need to get the premium option. It also keeps track of the vitals such as body weight, blood pressure, etc for the medical record which makes it the best pill reminder app.


Add appointments to keep track of them.

Take notes and add measurements.

Sync the reminder with your Android watch.

Refill reminders for restocking the medicines on time.

Get it here.

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3. Mango Health

Price- Free

Mango Health is one of the health applications for you to remind you of taking pills as well as practice other healthy habits such as drinking water. It will constantly send you notifications for hydrating, moving your body to eat better. The aspect of the application is to help you stay healthy along with being a pill tracker app. It also keeps the information on the possible side effects of the medicines to help you from any allergic reactions.


Reminders for healthy habits.

Information on side effects of the pills.

Customize pill reminders.

Refill alerts.

Download Link Not Available

4. Dosecast – Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker App

Price- Freemium

Dosecast is one of the most trusted medicine reminder apps. It can give you reliable features like drug information with types such as injections, liquid dose, pills, or patches. Add the information such as which medicine is prescribed by which doctor along with the pharmaceutical it was brought from. Add pictures to the pill reminder app to make the process clear for the users.


Scheduling the medications is easy.

Notifications for Android wearables.

Customize the dose information.

Different drug types.

Get it here.

5. Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker by MyTherapy

Price- Free

Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker by MyTherapy is another of the best pill reminder apps. It is available in 30 different languages. The application will help you keep track of your daily medications as well as your health. This can easily track the weight, mood, health, and dose intake. To ensure the medicine taking history the logbook keeps the data of skipped or confirmed medicine.


Share with Family members.

Printable health journal.

Track measurements such as rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, diabetes.

Wide range of notifications.

Get it here.

6. Groove Health: Medication Reminder & Tracker

Price- Free

Groove Heath: Medicine Reminder & Tracker app is something that will help you take care of yourself in many ways. This awesome pill tracker app will let you share your progress with your friends and family via email docs. It will constantly remind you to take your medicine with notifications. This is an easy-to-use application that will allow you to keep track of your health by keeping information on medication. It can provide an important notification on the drug-to-drug interaction to avoid any error.


Share reports with friends.

Drug to drug interaction reports.

Quick action on notifications.

Schedule the customized notifications.

Get it here.

7. Lady Pill Reminder

Price- Free

Lady Pill Reminder is the best pill reminder app for women to remind them of taking birth control pills. It shows up the reminder as an alert and you can customize the notifications. The medication reminder app will also keep a record of the pills taken by you. Use different widgets for period cycle and pill calendar.


Easy to use widgets.

Reminder is automatically disabled on off days.

Status of pill packet.

Notifications instead of alarms.

Get it here.

8. medPlan (Health Companion with Pill Reminder)

Price- Free

medPlan is one of the medication reminder apps which will also make monthly reports for the medication. The app will send you reminders for the time of your medication and help you remember. Adding the information on the appointment reminder will also never let you skip on it.  Additionally putting the notes on the medication or any general information related to it will be useful.


Take notes and record blood pressure.

Trivia quiz game.

Track appointments.

Monthly reports of medication history.

Get it here.

9. Medication Reminder by level38

Price- Freemium

Medication Reminder by level38 is a simple to use medication reminder app. It allows you to add up to 10 medications for notifications. You can edit the medication schedules easily in case of changing the medication. This can be your go-to pill tracker app if you keep track of more than one person’s medication     on the application. It shows you different color palettes to help you understand the medication schedule for different people.


Sends prompt notifications.

Reminds of refilling the prescription.

Editing medication schedules is easy.

Different color schemes.

Get it here.

10. Pill Reminder & Medicine App – MedControl

Price- Free

Pill Reminder & Medicine App – MedControl by Przemysław Słota is another of the best free pill reminder apps. Use this to help you remind yourself of taking your medicine on time. The alarm sounds can be customized to make it a personalized notification. Simple interface making this medication reminder app user-friendly.


Daily overview for medications.

Reliable notifications on time.

Status of medical treatment.

Different sound settings for alarms.

Get it here.


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The Best Tv Antennas For 2023

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more ›

Written By Will Fulton

Updated May 15, 2023 1:36 PM

As cord-cutters are abandoning cable in droves for the ever-expanding world of digital subscriptions, one underdog technology making an unexpected comeback is the humble TV antenna. Netflix and Crunchyroll aren’t going to carry your local news or sports, but fortunately, your local stations are still providing them for free, in the air all around you! The quality of over-air images has continued to go up ever since switching from analog to digital, so it’s quite a bit better than your memories of futzing with set-top rabbit ears to find hints of coherence in the static. Just like setting up Wi-Fi within your home, the spatial nature of over-the-air television means you’ll need to be deliberate about your antenna choice and placement to get the most bang for your buck. Fortunately, we’ve done all that research for you and are here to walk you through everything you need to know to pick one of the best TV antennas for your home.

How we chose the best TV antennas

With so many different particular needs to address, there isn’t really a single “best” TV antenna for that new OLED or QLED TV beaming entertainment into your home. We made our selections based on professional and consumer impressions, intending to cultivate a range of options that should suit the needs of most TV viewers in the United States, including options that will suit homes or apartments, rural areas or urban living, and more. These TV antenna reviews will help you find the best model for your needs.

The best TV antennas: Reviews & Recommendations

The best TV antennas are more powerful and accessible than ever. If you’re new to OTA television after a lifetime of cable or streaming and looking for an antenna for local channels, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how it looks. No matter your budget or needs, the best TV antenna to complete your setup is very likely here among the choices we’ve collected.

Antop Antenna Inc


Why it made the cut: Antop’s indoor/outdoor AT-800SBS-J antenna is a versatile performer at a premium price.


Range: 85 miles


Installation: Indoor/Outdoor

Gain: N/A

Size: 6 inches L x 10 inches W x 22 inches H


Flexible indoor or outdoor configuration

Includes both indoor stand and outdoor mounting pole

Great reception




Antop’s AT-800SBS HD Smart Panel Antenna is one of the best-performing indoor/outdoor versatile antennas, making it our pick for best overall. This HD TV antenna has a long range, particularly for an indoor model, and has a 4G LTE blocker to minimize signal interference. When placed inside, the white box with protruding poles on either side seems a little gaudy. When mounted on a roof, it’s one of the nicer-looking antennas, though. This digital TV antenna is expensive, but it provides unparalleled flexibility and high performance.

Best for outdoor: Antennas Direct 8-Element Bowtie TV Antenna

Why it made the cut: The Antennas Direct 8-Element Bowtie is a large, powerful, versatile outdoor antenna fit for almost anyone’s needs.


Range: 70 miles


Installation: Attic/Outdoor

Gain: 17.4Dbi

Size: 36 inches L x 6 inches W x 48 inches H


Great performance

Flexibility from multiple aimable panels

Lifetime warranty on parts



Includes mounting hardware but requires mount and coaxial cable

Antennas Direct’s 8-Element Bowtie antenna is a solid workhorse that should be more than powerful enough for most people who have the space to mount it in an attic or, ideally, on the roof. Its eight separate antenna elements are split between four reflecting panels on two independently rotating shafts. These can be either aimed at a single target to better capture signals from a particular direction or spread out to catch a wider range. With a maximum range of 70 miles, 17.4 dBi gain, and flexible configuration, this outside TV antenna is a powerful all-purpose option. However, it requires some additional hardware to mount and connect fully.

Best for indoors: Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro

Why it made the cut: Substantially larger than most of its indoor competition, the Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro stands out with great performance and convenient installation.


Range: 65 miles


Installation: Indoor

Gain: N/A

Size: 21.5 inches L x 0.5 inches W x 12 inches H


Easy setup

Great performance

Detachable cable


Larger than comparable indoor antennas

Mohu is one of the biggest manufacturers of indoor TV antennas for a reason. The Leaf Supreme Pro measures a commanding 12 x 21.5 inches, so it’s hard to ignore its presence. It’s a very thin, flat panel, though, so it can be easily installed in a high corner and features reversible black and white sides to make it as discreet as possible. The coaxial cable is also conveniently detachable, meaning you can avoid an unsightly wire going up your wall when you’re not actually using it.

On the plus side, this antenna for smart TV gets great range for an indoor antenna and comes with a separate, USB-powered amplifier that noticeably improves performance. Thin, flat indoor antennas generally don’t do quite as well as their outdoor counterparts, but this wireless antenna for TV gets pretty close without many tradeoffs.

Best long-range: Five Star Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna

Why it made the cut: Five Star’s outdoor antenna reaches further than most, providing a fantastic range at a very reasonable price.


Range: 200 miles


Installation: Outdoor

Gain: 15 – 35 dB (boosted)

Size: 17 inches L x 8 inches W x 7 inches H


Fantastic long-range performance

360-degree motorized coverage

Mounting pole and hardware included


Not the simplest assembly process

In search of the best indoor TV antenna 100 mile range? The Five Star Outdoor Digital Antenna boasts 200-mile, 360-degree coverage and the hardware to back it up. It features six reflector elements spread across three poles on a motorized spoke, which can eke out as much coverage as possible. It includes wiring and hardware for attaching up to five televisions, perfect for a large, remote home. It conveniently also includes a mounting pole. It requires a bit more assembly than other options, but you get a lot of coverage for your time and effort. 

Best budget: 1byone Digital Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna



Why it made the cut: 1byone’s Digital Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna is inexpensive and barebones but solid if you just need the minimum.


Range: 50 miles


Installation: Indoor

Gain: 28 dB

Size: 13.6 inches L x 10 inches W x 2.4 inches H



Picks up nearby signals well


Black on both sides and can’t be painted

For less than $30, 1byone’s Digital Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna is a very good bargain for a short-range indoor antenna. The consensus from trusted sites and critics suggests that it works great for apartment dwellers living in or nearby cities. It’s also a regular Amazon bestseller at 3.9/5 with over 14,000 reviews because it’s a cheap antenna that does the job, which is all a lot of people need. Despite a perhaps overly bold Amazon listing boasting a 200-mile range—an unrealistic claim for an indoor antenna—the 1byone works very well within the manufacturer-stated reasonable 50-mile range. That should be more than enough if you just want free TV with antenna to get channels and don’t care about maxing out range or extra features that make it easier to hide.

What to consider before buying one of the best TV antennas

If an outdoor antenna isn’t feasible, smaller wall- and window-mounted indoor TV antennas must be fastened to a high spot in your space. They offer a shorter range but are far more discreet and easy to install. Indoor antennas are almost all omnidirectional because all the local interference of walls and windows tends to even out any benefit you might get from a targeted antenna like one would on their roof.

What do you want to watch?

TV antennas can only pick up local broadcast channels. For most of the United States, an antenna should catch local affiliates of FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, The CW, and PBS, which all reach over 95% of American homes. In addition, some areas may have broadcast channels like Ion, Telemundo, and MeTV, as well as various public access stations. The number of channels you can find with an antenna will vary widely depending on where you are, with more options as you get closer to a major city.

If you want to find out antenna TV channels by zip code, there are several free tools online, including AntennaWeb and DTV Reception Maps from the Federal Trade Commission. Input your address, and you can find what stations are nearby, and what kind of antenna you’ll need to watch them. They also include maps of when the signals are actually broadcast, which can be important for some outdoor antennas.

Won’t the image quality be bad, though?

If you’ve ever watched a TV with built-in “bunny ear” antennas, you might assume that a broadcast TV signal will come in faded, with crackly black and white static (like the opening line of Neuromancer). Fortunately, things have changed drastically since then. In 2009, the U.S. government mandated that TV stations transition from analog to digital broadcasting. As many cord-cutters have been pleasantly surprised to learn, digital signals broadcast over the air are often less compressed than the versions sent over landline by cable services. Major networks broadcast over the air (OTA) in Full HD, or 1080p, and many users claim their broadcast channels come in with brighter, crisper images and sound. You can find an HD free unlimited antenna to pick up those signals.

Why is this happening? Both cable and OTA transmissions will degrade over long distances, and cable signals often have to cover a much longer distance than your local station’s broadcast. Cable offers more channels, of course, but broadcast still has some utility.

Range and gain

There are two major specs you want to consider when looking at TV antennas: range and gain. An antenna’s maximum indicates how far away it can be from a station to pick up a broadcast signal. Generally speaking, having a higher range is always better. That said, some antennas boasting very high ranges achieve those stats using built-in signal amplifiers, which may not deliver stellar picture from stations out on the fringes of their extended ranges.

Gain, expressed in decibels (dB), measures how well a given antenna performs against a standard reference in picking up signals in a particular direction. As expected, a higher listed gain number means better performance, particularly with signals coming from the edges of your antenna’s range.


More than an underappreciated 1989 Weird Al vehicle, UHF (ultra-high frequency) and VHF (very-high frequency) are terms you’ll see while antenna shopping. They refer to the bands of frequency on which particular channels are broadcast. Most contemporary channels are on UHF, but there are still VHF broadcasts out there. 

FAQs Q: How much do TV antennas cost?

The cost of TV antennas ranges from about $20 for basic models to more than $125 for options with a longer range, smart features, and a blocker that minimizes signal interference, such as the Antop AT-800SBS-J HD Smart Panel Antenna.

Q: Are antennas worth it? 

Yes, antennas are worth it. Rather than going the way of the dinosaur, OTA broadcast technology has actually improved quite a bit in the last decade or so. If you’re dropping your cable subscription, an antenna can be a great, low, one-time investment for a lifetime of free local programming. 

Q: What range antenna do I need?

Ideally, you want an antenna to pick up all nearby local channels. The exact range you’ll need for that will depend on where you live. Generally speaking, the closer you are to a large town or city, the lower the range required to get what you want out of your antenna. As we mentioned in our section on finding nearby channels, there are online tools for determining where your nearby broadcast signals are coming from. 

Q: Where is the best place to put an indoor TV antenna?

Generally speaking, you want to put your TV antenna as high as possible. Ideally, you also want to minimize the number of things that might get between your antenna and the TV station’s broadcast tower. That’s why the best ones are, often, outdoor models you mount on your roof. For indoor antennas, look for a high window, or consider running wires so you can set it up near an exterior wall in an attic. These are general best practices; the only way to find the best spot in your home is to experiment with different spots until you’re satisfied with the picture quality.

Final thoughts on the best TV antennas

If you’re considering joining the cord-cutting wave or have done so and miss your local channels, a TV antenna could be the perfect way to round out your TV setup. The exact type and model you need will depend on several factors, but you can rest assured that there is almost certainly a great option out there for you at a very reasonable price.

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20 Best Free Excel Alternatives Software In 2023

However, it has some limitations like a lack of security, and controlling different versions of the same file is also very difficult. Here is a curated list of Top tools that are capable of replacing Microsoft Office Excel. The list contains both open source(free) and commercial(paid) software.

Best Alternative to Excel: Open Source (Free) & Paid

Monday is a that enables you to analyze your performance and manage your team in one place. It provides flexible dashboard for easy visualization of data.


Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Web

Integration: Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Slack, Zapier, Google Drive, etc.

Free Trial: Forever Free Plan


You can collaborate with other people.

It can automate your daily work.

Integration with Mailchimp, Google calendar, Gmail, and more.

You can track your work progress.

It enables you to work remotely.



Supported platforms: Web

Integration: Slack, Tableau, JIRA, etc

Free Trial: 30 Day Free Trial

Visit Smartsheet


It offers security, user management, and single sign-on capabilities for team and project management.

Provides solution building to meet your unique needs.

It provides customizable templates.

Seamlessly connects to your enterprise ecosystem.

Helps you to simplify budget and planning.

It offers powerful analytics and reporting.

Supports automation, input from web forms, proofing, and approvals.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It offers a variety of plans and packages that can be easily scaled and customized for any business need. The activity log is limited compared to other project management tools.

Easy integrations with Slack, DocuSign, Google Docs, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc. Very steep learning curve.

Pricing: Three pricing plans: 1) Pro – $7 per user/per month, 2) Business – $25 per user/per month, 3) Enterprise – Ask for a quote.

Why should you choose Smartsheet?

Smartsheet covers all your basic project management needs. You can easily track and manage tasks, milestones, workflows, and internal communication. Next to that, you can track your projects in many views; calendar, Gantt charts, and Kanban views are all included. If you like Microsoft Office 365, this is your product of choice!

Google Sheets


Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Web

Integration: Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Asana, Google Drive, etc.

Free Trial: Forever Free Plan

Visit Google Sheets


It has built-in formulas, a range of conditional formatting options, and pivot tables.

It has explore panel, which provides an overview of data and generates pre-populated charts.

It automatically saves changes.


It includes a built-in table and cell styles.

This tool provides customizable charts, including line, scatter, column, pie, bar, and more.

You can forecast and find solutions for complex problems using what-if analysis.

It has more than 50 keyboard shortcuts.


It allows you to filter and search for the desired task with ease.

You can sync with Google Calendar.

Helps you to collaborate with other people.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It offers a freemium plan for basic services. Reporting features are not so great.

Provides a customer-centric approach. Not an ideal project management tool for individuals.

Offers a highly efficient dashboard view.

Good customer support.

Pricing: Two pricing plans: 1) Free plan, 2) Unlimited plan for $5 per month.

6) Zoho Sheet


It automatically detects and removes data related to anomalies.

You can highlight parts of data with conditional formats.

It allows you to export sheets in numerous file formats, including .pdf and .html.

This software helps you to collect your data with forms.

It supports 23+ different languages.

7) Airtable


It allows you to organize projects, content, and ideas into a centralized system.

This software offers support for form management.

It helps you to filter, sort, and rearrange data.

It offers customizable views and fields.

8) OpenOffice


It provides cell formatting options for templates, borders, backgrounds, and more.

You can calculate cell value based on constraint given in other cells.

This tool has a scenario manager that enables you to perform what-if analysis of data with the touch of a button.

Apache OpenOffice calc supports multiple users.

You can use a Portable Document Format (.pdf) to send the output to other people.

9) LibreOffice

LibreOffice Calc is an easy to use open-source software product. It helps you to calculate, analyze, and manage data. It has numerous statistical and banking functions to create formulas and perform complex calculations on data.


You can arrange, filter, and store data.

LibreOffice allows you to show or hide certain data ranges.

This free Excel program alternative provides dynamic charts that automatically update altered data.

It provides real time data sheets that can be integrated into sheets and reports.

This software has a dynamic feature of building a chart that updates automatically when data changes.

You can drag and drop tables from any database to sheet.

10) Numbers


It provides ready to use templates.

Numbers support numerous functions.

This Excel alternative allows you to summarize your tables.

This tool has a library of more than 700 customizable shapes.

You can sketch a diagram and add notes to visualize your data.

11) Sheetgo


You can save your dynamic data.

This Excel software alternative allows you to bring data from more than one sheet into a single master sheet.

You can combine data from many tabular formats.

This application helps you to filter out data while transferring data between sheets.

12) Hancom Office


It enables you to draw an object on the scribble pad and insert it in the sheet.

You can change the cell formatting like number format, indentation, text wrapping, and borders.

You can fill the empty cells with the values.

It provides functions for finding the value, or reference location of a particular cell.

13) PlanMaker


You can exchange worksheets between any version of PlanMaker.

This Excel alternative software has 430 calculation functions.

You can select and format more than one worksheet simultaneously.

It provides intelligent filling of cell areas with rows of values.

You can create an attractive worksheet using headers, footers, and borders.

PlanMaker contains 430+ calculation functions.

You can fill drawing with images, gradients, colors, and patterns.

This software allows you to insert more than 80 varieties of charts.

14) TreeGrid SpreadSheet

TreeGrid SpreadSheet is a tool that offers you a cell-based AJAX grid. It has many predefined and custom formula functions. This software helps you to manipulate individual selected cell groups or cells.


It supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, iOS, and Android mobile.

This application provides localized formulas.

It automatically adds rows and columns on the scroll.

This tool provides a fully customizable cell popup menu.

TreeGrid SpreadSheet can be localized to any language, including texts, date as well as number format.

This tool provides editable formals with references to a specific sheet.

15) SSuite Axcel Professional


It provides chart vizard to select from 8 categories of 2D and 3D charts.

It automatically updates the dynamic data presented in the chart.

This tool has a scenario manager that enables you to perform what if analysis of data with the touch of a button.

16) Azquo


Azquo tells you who changed data, what, when, as well as where.

It allows you to import data from internal or external sources.

You can control your data, users, and their permissions from one place.

It enables you to work online and offline.

This tool has a scenario manager that enables you to perform what if analysis of data with the touch of a button.

You can control your data and user permissions.

17) Spread


It provides API for input forms, dashboard, and chart apps.

You can optimize app size and speed using a modular structure.

It gives code free extensibility and customization.

You can group, sort, and filter out numerical data.

This tool offers hassle-free data binding.

18) Gnumeric

Gnumeric is an open-source tool that is a part of GNOME free application software desktop project. This open source Excel alternative tool enables you to import data in several file formats like HTML, Lotus 1-2-3, LaTex, and CSV.


It helps you to organize numeric value in rows and columns.

You can perform and update complex calculations by defining and modifying steps subsequently.

Gnumeric enables you to create and display graphical plots of data using bar plotline charts and pie charts.

You can perform any task involving dates, times, names, or numbers.


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