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The flagship smartphone we’ve all been waiting for the past few months is finally here – the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The grand stage at MWC 2023 was perfect for the unveiling, but we surely knew enough from the leaks and rumors to know what to expect. With a brand new positioning for the fingerprint sensor and different size dimensions, Samsung has made sure that none of your Galaxy S8 and S8+ cases and covers will work the latest flagship devices.

As preorders have already begun, third-party accessories are already rolling out for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. For the early birds who plan to get the new smartphone the very first day, you’ll probably want to protect your investment with a decent case.

Here are the best Galaxy S9 and S9+ cases and covers to get your hands on right now.

Samsung Clear View Standing Cover

Following with their most popular Galaxy S8 and S8+ cases, the Clear View Standing Cover over all-around protection to the curved display, with a translucent front. With complete adjustability that helps you set up the device in portrait mode as well, you get access to the Always On Display along with the notifications and three different colors.


Samsung LED View Cover

Built with a hard polymer plastic back and a soft fabric flip cover at the front, this official Galaxy S9 case is built for complete protection. Available in the shades of black and purple, the LED View Cover displays lights on the front based on the different notifications and alerts when the front flap is closed.


Samsung Alcantara Cover

Making a return on the latest flagship, this back-protection case is built with the durable Alcantara material. Built with a soft, suede-like feel to it and special cutouts for the camera and the fingerprint sensor, this original Samsung cover is available in black, blue, red, and mint color schemes.


Samsung Protective Standing Cover

If you’re looking for a case that is built to last and can take a hit, Samsung offers the most robust original case for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Designed for a beefy yet clean look, the Protective Standing Cover comes with a built-in kickstand to help you keep the phone in portrait mode and military-grade durable material available in black and silver.


Samsung Hyperknit Cover

A new addition to the original accessories that Samsung has introduced this year, the Hyperknit Cover protects your phone in style. Built with a minimal frame and a lightweight mesh cover on top of it all, this comfy case is available in gray and red color schemes.


Samsung Silicone Cover

Silicone just simply doesn’t go out of style, thanks to its smooth and grippy texture along with highly durable qualities. The official Silicone Cover for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ is available in four refreshing shades for you to choose from, with complete protection over the camera lens and the physical buttons as well.


Spigen Rugged Crystal Case

If you’re on the lookout for a Galaxy S9 case that does the job of protecting your phone without taking away it’s good looks, Spigen has a great one to offer. The Rugged Crystal case comes with a transparent build with spider-web pattern to disperse any impact when the device is dropped, along with a raised lip to keep the screen from shattering.

Buy: $12.99

Spigen Wallet S Case

For those of you don’t feel comfortable carrying the bulk of your wallet and your heavy mobile case around, this case offers the solution. Spigen Wallet S case for the Galaxy S9 comes with a smooth leather finish with special cutouts right over the front fo the earpiece. The best part is that the case includes card slots and cash storage space, along with a magnetic strap to keep everything in place.

Buy: $14.99

Spigen Thin Fit 360

While the curved display of the Galaxy S9 is phenomenal, it makes it prone to cracking easily when accidentally dropped. With the Spigen Thin Fit 360, you get complete protection with a curved tempered glass screen protector. The screen protector snaps on along with the thin, yet durable case to offer you complete protection from every side and corner.

Buy: $17.99

LifeePro Slim Battery Case

The battery life of your smartphone is simply never enough, and if you need a serious boost for your Galaxy S9+, LifeePro is here to offer it. Packing a whopping 5200mAh battery in the cast itself, this case for the larger flagship comes with dual-layer protection, accessibility to all of the ports, and indicator LEDs to show you how much juice the battery pack/case has left.

Buy: $29.99

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The Best Protective Covers, Cases, & Bags For Apple Watch

Now that you’ve ordered an Apple Watch or two, you’ll want to start pre-ordering any accessories that you want to have by the time your watch arrives. Most of the products on this list of protective covers, cases, and bags are shipping around the same time as the Apple Watch — sometime between April 24th and June — but many can be preordered today for delivery in the coming weeks.

Timeless Tempo charging station & Moment watch bag ($129/each)

European boutique accessory maker CalypsoCrystal has just introduced the Timeless Moment watch bag for Apple Watch. Priced at $129 USD/EUR and available in a selection of colors pictured above, you can currently get 26% off with coupon code “calypsotime” for a limited time.

Spigen hard & soft cases for Apple Watch ($14.99 – $24.99)

Spigen’s hard case for Apple Watch is made from polycarbonate and available in silver, matte black, and white finishes for both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch models. It’s available to order now for $14.99 and ships in May.

The company also has a Rugged Armor case in black and white made from a durable TPU material for $14.99, a heavy duty Tough Armor case for $24.99, and an ultra-thin clear TPU case for $14.99.

Pad & Quill Luxury Travel Kit ($119), Luxury Travel Kit ($119), Roll Up Kit ($49)

One of our favorite companies making high-end, handmade leather iPhone goods has a gorgeous collection of wood and leather Apple Watch accessories available to order ahead of shipments in May.

Luvvitt Steel case for Apple Watch ($14.99)

A soft, clear TPU case for Apple Watch that comes with an included tempered glass screen protector. Order it now and get it April 26th for $14.99. The 42mm version is here and the 38mm version is here.

Armorsuit screen protector ($8), w/ body skin ($11)

Available next month when the Apple Watch ships, Armorsuit has faux carbon fiber skins for the Apple Watch’s case as well as screen protectors. You can get the screen protector by itself, or together with the carbon fiber or transparent body skin:

WatchKeeper charging/travel case (


Accessory makers Proper out of Australia plan to ship these leather charging/travel cases for Apple Watch in May.

The Bumper ($20)

One of the first protective cases for Apple Watch, The Bumper is a rubber shock-resistant protector for the casing of the Apple Watch aimed at the extreme sports crowd. The company plans to ship in May and has almost hit its crowdfunding goal.

Lunatik’s Epik Apple Watch Kit

Accessory maker Lunatik plans to launch this protective case and strap combo, the Epik Apple Watch Kit, on Kickstarter.

Navitech Clear Smart Cover/Screen Protector ($19)

Navitech has the clear Smart Cover pictured above that offers case protection and a tempered glass screen protector. 

Luvvitt Clarity case for Apple Watch ($14.99)

A soft, clear TPU case for Apple Watch that comes with an included tempered glass screen protector. Order it now and get it April 26th for $14.99. The 42mm version is here and the 38mm version is here.

Supershieldz screen protector 6-pack ($3)

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Best Windshield Snow Covers Of 2023

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more ›

Written By Julian Vittorio

Updated Nov 9, 2023 9:17 PM

A windshield snow cover may not be the most exciting car accessory, but it’s one you’ll be happy to have on hand before the next storm. The delight of a fresh blanket of snow in the morning quickly subsides when you realize that your car is effectively buried in a drift—and that you’ll likely spend the next hour using an ice scraper and digging your way out with a snow blower. Rather than hurriedly trying to clear your windshield so you can make it to work or school in time, you can opt for a windshield snow cover that will take the hassle out of winter weather. Get back to enjoying snowfall and be on your merry way (with the heat cranking, of course).

Choosing the best windshield snow cover will ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of snowy weather without the hassle and worry that come from needing to scrape and dig after each new dusting. In addition to making your windshield easier to clean and maintain, a windshield cover also cuts down on potential damage from falling ice and snow-covered debris, which can save you the headache of cracks and chips, and the cost that comes with them. The best windshield snow covers can also prevent your wipers from freezing to your windshield and eliminate the need to raise them in cold weather.

When shopping for a windshield snow cover, the main considerations to keep in mind are the type of fastening used, the thickness required for your specific weather conditions, and the size of the windshield cover itself. Some users may also prefer a model that offers year-round protection. Ensuring that you’ve selected a model with a proper fit for your vehicle is key to enjoying all the benefits that the best windshield snow covers have to offer. Below, we’ve listed some of the different types and styles of the best windshield snow covers available to guide you through your shopping experience.

Advice for buying a windshield snow cover

When shopping for the best windshield snow cover, size, durability, and versatility all come into play. Choosing the proper cover for your vehicle type and local weather conditions will greatly enhance your vehicle’s protection and cut down on the time you spend scraping ice or removing leaves from your windshield. (If you do need to do that, don’t forget we recommend bundling up in snow boots, the heated insoles and/or heated socks, snow pants, and a winter hat to fight off the icy temperatures.)

Best windshield snow covers: Reviews & Recommendations Best overall: FrostGuard Premium Windshield Snow Cover


Material: Polyester, PVC

Dimensions: Comes in XL ‎(68 inches inches L  x 48 inches H) and Standard (59 inches L x 41 inches H) 

UV protection? Yes


Fits a wide range of vehicles

Industrial strength

Covers mirrors as well


Not made from sustainable materials

The FrostGuard is one of the best windshield snow covers thanks to its heavy polyester construction and durable PVC lining. It uses industrial-strength wraps to attach securely to the vehicle’s side windows and includes two security panels to shut in each door. This kit also includes two drawstring mirror covers and a wiper blade cover to keep frost away from other critical areas.

Best durable: OxGord Windshield Snow Cover

Why it made the cut: This heavy-duty windshield snow cover is made of a thick Oxford cloth with an durable inner lining that provides protection in all weather.


Material: Polyester 

Dimensions: 75 inches L x 42.25 inches H 

UV protection? Yes


Works for most vehicles

Provides protection all year long

Comes with anti-theft protection


Not made of sustainable materials

Doesn’t cover side mirrors

Users looking for the best durable windshield snow cover for their car will appreciate the OxGord’s tough 600D polyester construction and PVC backing. It attaches via two anti-theft flaps and two mirror elastic bands and is built to be resistant to water, snow, debris, and ultraviolet light. An included bag makes this cover easy to store when you’re driving around and easy to reinstall after you park.

Best universal: EcoNour Car Windshield Cover

Why it made the cut: This option comes in two sizes, with an insulated bottom layer and side straps for extra protection.


Material: Polyester

Dimensions: Comes in XL (‎74 inches L x 43 inches H) and Standard (65 inches L x 43 inches H)

UV protection: Yes


Fits windshields in a range of shapes

Durable design

Comes with anti-theft panels


More expensive than other options

Not made from sustainable material

The EcoNour windshield cover is perfect for car owners with odd-sized windshields, multiple vehicles, or as a gift. It comes in two universal sizes that are based on different classes of vehicles and are designed to cover the entire windshield area including the wipers. Like other models on this list, it attaches using mirror elastics and anti-theft door panels, and it’s constructed out of durable 600D polyester for maximum longevity and protection.

Best budget: Ice Shield Magnetic Windshield Snow Cover

Why it made the cut: This affordable pick is designed with magnets for an extra secure fit.


Material: Fabric and magnets

Dimensions: 70 inches L x 50 inches  W

UV protection? No


Magnets provide extra secure fit

Great price

Fits range of vehicles


Brand name written in large letters across the front

Designed to fit on a wide range of vehicles with a secure fit, the Ice Shield is one of the best magnetic windshield snow covers thanks to its system of 13 rare-earth magnets augmented by mirror ties and anti-theft door flaps. This is a great choice for users who park their vehicles in extremely windy areas due to the added strength that the magnets provide. It doesn’t come with a storage bag, which could be an issue in wetter climates, but it’s so secure that it’s still a great value for the price.

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Things to consider when buying a windshield snow cover

Freezing temperatures combined with snow and ice can lead to accumulations of frost and hard material on your vehicle’s sensitive glass surfaces. It’s hard to understate the inconvenience caused by having to scrape away at ice on the smooth surface of your windshield in cold weather, especially when you’re short on time. By outfitting your car with a dedicated windshield cover, you can prevent the occurrence of this event altogether and replace the need to shovel and scrape with a simple lifting and removing motion. Not only will this save time in the long run, but it will protect your sensitive windshield from chips and cracks, and ensure that your vision is unobstructed while driving.


When considering the best windshield snow cover for your vehicle, go with a model that’s constructed out of stick-resistant materials like PVC and polyester to ensure easy removal and durable protection. Choosing a design that fastens to your car using reinforced straps is also a good move if you anticipate using the cover in windy weather, and this will add some extra peace of mind and insurance against snow and ice building up underneath the surface.


Car owners who park their vehicles in extra icy or snowy locations and are looking for the best protection available can benefit from a thicker-than-average windshield cover made of polyester or other tough materials to offset potential damage from hail, branches, icicles, and other cold-weather debris. Locations with higher occurrences of hail storms and ice storms can be treacherous for even the most durable windshields, so a snow cover that’s up to the task is key to preventing vehicular glass damage.

When shopping for the best durable windshield cover for snow, look for a design with polyester construction that is rated at 600D or better. 600D polyester is a water-resistant material that’s commonly found in luggage, backpacks, and other tough gear. An extra-thick polyester construction comes with the bonus benefit of being perfect for blocking out harmful ultraviolet rays from hitting your windshield and dashboard on sunny days too.


Windshield snow covers come in many shapes and sizes to match a wide variety of vehicle types, which ensures the snuggest and most accurate fit in critical weather applications. If you own multiple cars and want to use a single windshield cover for swapping between cars, or if you’re looking to buy a windshield snow cover as a gift and don’t know the exact measurements, a universal windshield snow cover may be the best option for you.

The best universal windshield covers for winter should include a fastening system that accounts for variable widths between models of cars. The most common design utilizes the front doors of the vehicle to secure the cover to the windshield. Doing so allows for the cover to be pulled taut against the front of the glass while also adding the benefit of extra-secure fastening that won’t easily come undone in windy weather. The only caveat is that the measurement from the top of the windshield down to the wipers can be less forgiving and potentially result in snow falling below the cover or part of the windshield remaining exposed. For this reason, universal snow cover models usually come in extra-large and standard sizes to accommodate the size gap between sedans and SUVs.


Windshield snow covers use a variety of fastening systems to keep them snug against the surface of the windshield, and usually require being tied to the side mirrors or shut in the door to stay secure. Another popular variation uses magnets to fasten to the front of the car, which ensures a gapless connection to the vehicle and offers some extra insurance against high winds and potential ice formation.

When shopping for the best magnetic windshield cover for your vehicle, go with a model that uses some combination of magnetic fastening and tie fastening to make sure you have steadfast coverage throughout a variety of weather conditions. A design that features a combination of mirror, door, and magnetic fastenings covers every base. The best part is that the magnetic feature means you don’t have to rely solely on the door to keep the cover set; that means you won’t have to remove or reset your windshield cover every time you need to open the door.


Windshield covers are simple tools that can get the job done at nearly every price point, but there are some variations to keep an eye on if you’re shopping on a budget. The best cheap windshield snow covers should be constructed from thick polyester to ensure maximum protection and durability, and they should include a number of dedicated fastening systems to keep the cover taut and secure. (You may have to compromise a bit on versatility, as it’s hard to find reversible windshield covers with true reflective backing on the cheap.) Magnets tend to come at a bump in cost, as well. If you live in a location with milder winters and light to moderate winds, a cheap windshield protector might be all you need.

FAQs Q: How much does a windshield snow cover cost?

Windshield snow covers vary in price, depending in the size and material. But they are generally affordable and the picks on this list range from about $10 to $35.

Q: How do I choose the right windshield snow cover size?

The most critical measurement when choosing the right windshield cover size is from the top of your windshield to the wipers. Many windshield covers are manufactured in universal sizes (if there’s extra width slack it can be tucked securely under your door). There are generally two classes of windshield cover: one for sedans and hatchbacks, and one for SUVs and trucks.

Q: Do snow covers work in extreme cold?

Windshield snow covers are designed specifically to work in extreme cold and deter the formation of ice and frost on your windshield. They’re made from polyester or PVC, which are naturally water-resistant and extremely durable, and they’re sometimes lined with cotton for extra temperature protection for your car.

Q: What’s the best windshield snow cover for trucks?

When searching for the best windshield snow cover for trucks, go with a universal model that offers enough surface area to clear the entirety of the truck’s windshield on both dimensions. If you can measure the truck’s windshield before making your purchase, you’ll be opened up to selecting a model that’s an even better fit than universal designs, which may render better protection results over the long term.

A final word

The best windshield snow covers are available in many sizes to fit a variety of vehicle types. Some models offer year-round protection from UV rays and snow alike, and others are designed to be incredibly tough and durable for the most extreme weather conditions. If you’re in doubt about the measurements of your car or want to use a single cover for multiple vehicles, choosing a universal-fit windshield cover is a great way to get protection without breaking a sweat. No matter where you live or what you drive, a windshield snow cover is a useful exterior car accessory that’s easy to use and makes your vehicle easier to maintain.

Best Huawei P30 And P30 Pro Cases

Huawei’s P30 and P30 Pro are the last in the brand’s P series flagship range to feature Google Play, making them a popular option a year after the initial launch – see the best P30 and P30 Pro deals. So popular, in fact, that Huawei is releasing a new version of the P30 Pro with increased RAM and EMUI 10.1 to improve the Google-powered experience on offer. 

The phones feature a slew of fantastic features – but the cameras are what take reign. The P30 features triple rear cameras while the larger P30 Pro features four cameras. You can read about the excellent features both phones offer in our comparison review. Also see our individual reviews of the P30 and the P30 Pro.

Whichever model you choose, you will want to keep your P30 or P30 Pro protected, which is why we’ve rounded up the best cases out there so far. 

We have tried many of these cases out on various other phones in the past and trust these brands for producing reliable and hardy cases.

US shoppers may find that case availability may be limited at times, and this is due to the phone not being available in the US (amidst political tensions). We have tried to source US options wherever possible.

We will be testing more cases for the Huawei P30 and P30 Plus as more become available, so watch this space!

The best place to get a case that promises a perfect fit is from Huawei itself, which is offering a few different cases for its latest smartphones. The silicone case is available in various colours like blue, pink, light blue, black, yellow and red (pictured).

The silicone case allows access to all ports and buttons as you would expect. Of course, we don’t expect rugged protection, but it’s a great option to prevent day to day wear from scratches and bumps.

It’s available for both the P30 ( £14.99/ US$15.49) and P30 Pro ( £14.99/ US$15.49) from Mobile Fun.

Huawei’s Smart View Flip Case is similar to Samsung’s S View case that provides access to useful information like the time, alarms, and weather, without having to peel back the front cover, which doubly helps to keep your screen protected too.

On top of this convenience, the case also protects the P30 from scratches and impact. It’s available for both the P30 ( £13.50/ US$37.52) and P30 Pro ( £14.99/ US$16.04).

Olixar’s prolific approach to case making in recent years has helped the brand gain notoriety,but it’s the unique design of the MeshTex that stands out. 

The patterned back complements the sleek lines of the device while aiding grip and aiding heat dissipation. Smartphones can get very hot with all the processes going on, so it’s nice to see this was thought of here. 

Don’t worry, the regular protection you’d expect from an Olixar case is here – the composite material has been custom-built for durability.

If you’d like, you have a choice of additional screen protectors for all-around protection.

It’s available in blue or black, and you can buy it now for £10.12/ US$12.99.

if you want to add a splash of luxury to the already stunning P30, Noreve’s leather cover could be for you.

Available in four designs, including black (pictured), the beauty of this case is in its simplicity, having been made to measure for the device. Cutouts for ports and cameras are still all easily accessible. 

Noreve also offer an optional metal or spring belt clip, for easy access to your phone at all times. 

You can buy it now for £47.51/ US$50.79.

This case has been a favourite of ours for a while now, as it offers a great blend of form and function.  

Although we’d like the branding to be slightly more discrete, this provides excellent protection for a relatively affordable price. 

There is the option to add a screen protector, but you might be fine without considering the raised edges of the case and Corning Gorilla Glass on the phone. 

You can buy it now for £23.99. We couldn’t find anywhere selling it in the US, so you might need to import. 

Snakehive is a favourite of ours. The UK-based brand crafts high quality cases made of premium European Nubuck leather and at an affordable price. Its cases are under £30 – not bad for a hand-crafted good. Over time, the leather forms a patina, giving it an additional layer of sophistication.

The case allows easy access to all ports and buttons. Plus, as a wallet case, you can stow away up to three card and notes too.

It’s available for the P30 and P30 Pro for £26.95 directly from Snakehive (in a variety of shades) and on Amazon as well. It’s currently unavailable in the US.

Spigen makes tough cases and the Slim Armor is a trusty style we’ve seen before for other phones. Made with a combination of TPU (silicone-type material) and polycarbonate (hard shell plastic), it is shock resistant and offers military-grade protection for your Huawei P30

Spigen also offers what it calls ‘Air Cushion Technology’ to protect the corners of the phone. It has a useful stand at the rear of the case too, so you can enjoy hands-free viewing.

It’s available for the P30 only in both the UK and US (via Spigen).

UAG Plasma Case for Huawei P30 Pro

With its ‘feather-light composite construction’ the Plasma series case from UAG is now available for the P30 Pro. We’ve seen similar options from UAG for iPhones, so it’s good that this rugged case with its mil-spec drop protection will now keep your P30 Pro safe.

It has extra material at the corners and slightly raised edges to protect the screen when placed face down. But not so high that you can’t use the gesture navigation in Android 9, a problem we’ve had with a few cases.

The rear is opaque and sort of lets your P30 Pro’s colour show through but it’s not the case to choose if you really want to see the gorgeous Breathing Crystal gradient in its full glory.

The Plasma case is also available for the P30.

Ringke is another great option if you’re after a rugged case for your Huawei P30 or P30 Pro. It’s shock absorbent with reinforced inner and outer corners. It is also tested to meet military drop protection standards.

The clear back lets you show off the bright, original colour of the Huawei P30 phone. Plus the ‘Anti-Cling Dot Matrix Technology’ – essentially a grid of tiny dots – helps prevent any watermarking or rainbow effects on the transparent back of the case, so it can stay clean and clear.

The Fusion-X case comes with dust caps to keep ports free of debris. It’s available for both the P30 and P30 Pro on Amazon (£7.99/$12.99, for either model).

Speck is another reliable name when it comes to phone cases. The Presidio Stay Clear case is for those who want the natural beauty of the Huawei P30 or P30 Pro to shine through. 

It’s coated to stay resistant to UV rays and oils. Plus, its designed to disperse shock, even when dropped from a height of 8 feet. 

It’s available in the UK only for both the P30 and the P30 Pro, for £19.95.

Tozo Ultra Thin Hybrid

Smartphones these days are works of art, with manufacturers doing all they can to make them as thin as possible – only for them to be hidden by a chunky case.

That’s not the story with Tozo’s Ultra Thin Hybrid case for the P30. As the name suggests, the Tozo case is much thinner than most others in our roundup, allowing you to achieve something close to a ‘bare smartphone’ experience without compromising on protection.

There’s a slightly raised lip at the front, stopping the display from coming into contact with surfaces when laid face-down, and there’s a 0.6mm raised lip that surrounds the rear-camera setup for the same reason. 

The only disappointment is that it isn’t currently available for the P30 Pro. But if you’ve got a standard P30, you can pick it up on Amazon right now for only £7.99. 

Best Iphone Se (2023) Cases

The third-generation iPhone SE is Apple’s latest budget offering, powered by A15 Bionic SoC, the same SoC on the iPhone 13 line-up. While Apple claims that it boasts “the toughest glass in a smartphone — front and back,” investing in a good, protective case is always recommended to keep your device safe!

Let me help you decide which case to buy for the iPhone SE 2023.

1. Apple silicone case – Editor’s choice

When it comes to trust and quality, there’s nothing better than this sleek silicone case designed by Apple for the iPhone. It will fit your device snugly and protect against scratches and minor drops.

Like any Apple product, It’s been subjected to rigorous testing and has a premium finish. The inner microfibre lining keeps your device spotless while the exterior feels smooth and comfortable to hold. You can get this case in three classic colors, namely black, white, and pink.


Superior quality

Slim and sleek

Rigorously tested



Just three color options

2. ESR clear case – Yellowing-resistant TPU

If you want to showcase the beauty of your iPhone SE (2023), you can go for a clear case. This one by ESR is slim and shock-absorbing, with air-guard corners.

Further, it’s resistant to yellowing and moisture marks, so it will keep looking good over time. The slightly raised bezels also protect your screen when placed on flat surfaces.


Resistant to yellowing

Slim and sleek

Pocket-friendly price


Not much drop protection

3. TORRAS slim case – Lightweight

If you want to avoid any bulk to your iPhone SE, TORRAS offers one of the best slim cases. It’s ultra-sleek and minimalist, yet the hard plastic protects against scratches and bumps.

Moreover, you get an 18-month warranty that ensures customer satisfaction. This case stands out with its silky-smooth feel, and you can choose from five attractive colors.


Ultra-slim: 0.5mm

Color options

18-month warranty


Not much drop protection

Check out on Amazon

4. Apple leather case – With microfiber lining

For a classy look, Apple offers one of the most elegant leather cases for your new iPhone SE. The exquisite finishing is soft and wears beautifully over time, developing a natural patina.

Further, it fits comfortably over the curves of your phone and has easy-to-use machined aluminum buttons. The microfiber inner lining protects your phone from scratches too. Get it in black, midnight blue, or red colors.


Premium quality

Great fit

Extensively tested



Limited color options

5. TUCCH leather wallet case – Shockproof

If you prefer to carry a few essentials with your phone, check out this folio for your iPhone SE (2023). It features three card slots and one extra pocket for cash or other bits of paper. The flip cover with magnetic closure keeps everything in place.

Moreover, it’s made of durable TPU that protects against shocks, scratches, bumps, and dust. The precise cutouts and sensitive button covers ensure ease of use. You can choose from six color options and enjoy a lifetime warranty for free replacement or refund.



Dual-layer protection

Color options


Not compatible with wireless charging

Check out on Amazon

6. Smartish wallet iPhone SE 2023 case – Super grippy texture

Enjoy the convenience of carrying your cards with your phone without the added bulk of a folio. This iPhone wallet case holds three cards and even a bit of cash.

It features high-grip sides, air-pocket corners, and raised bezel for screen protection. Further, it’s also compatible with wireless charging. It’s available in black, blue, floral, and custom color variants.



Raised bezels

Compatible with wireless charging


Difficult to fit cards and cash into the pocket

7. Spigen card holder case – Shock-absorbent

Spigen is one of the leading brands for high-quality phone covers, and this card holder case for iPhone SE 2023 lives up to the standard.

You can slip two cards into the discreet sliding slot at the back. The shock-absorbing TPU and polycarbonate, coupled with air-cushion technology, keep your iPhone SE 2023 out of harm’s way. Further, the tactile buttons are a breeze to use.



Dual-layer protection

Tactile buttons

Color options


The sliding mechanism of the cardholder is flimsy

Check out on: Amazon

8. icarercase flip case – Durable and soft PU leather

If you want a professional look, this folio case may be an excellent choice. It comes in three neutral color options of black, brown, and rose gold. Handcrafted from premium faux leather, it’ll hold your phone and a few cards in style.

It supports wireless charging and has an in-built adjustable kickstand. In sum, it does an excellent job of protecting your device from dust and scratches. Plus, you can maintain it by regularly cleaning with a soft cloth.


Professional look


Easy to maintain


Limited color options

No RFID protection

Check out on Amazon

9. JETech case – Anti-scratch clear case

This durable bumper case will keep your iPhone SE looking pristine. It is made of high-quality TPU and polycarbonate with raised bezels for essential screen and camera protection.

At a price point of under $10, you can’t go wrong with this slim yet sturdy clear case. You can opt for variants that have colored edges while retaining the transparent backing.


Combination of PC & TPU materials

Precise cutouts

Color options



Cushioning needs improvement

Prone to yellowing over time

Check out on Amazon

10. ESR case – Patented metal kickstand

If you love to prop up your phone to watch something or have video chats, check out this kickstand case. It features a durable, flexible bumper that provides excellent protection to your device. Further, raised bezels around the screen and camera keep scratches at bay.

The highlight is the sleekly designed kickstand at the back. You can prop up your phone vertically or horizontally for ease of viewing. Further, it’s not necessary to remove the case when you want to charge your device wirelessly.


Vertical & horizontal stand

Flexible and strong bumper

Wireless charging compatible


No color options

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11. RUNSY battery case – Support wired headphones

Keep your iPhone SE 3 charged on the go with this battery case. It features a 5500mAh lithium polymer battery, and a 4-light LED indicator. At the same time, it offers 360-degree protection while maintaining.a slim profile.

Further, it offers super-fast charging with built-in protection from short-circuiting or overcharging. Finally, you can also easily access to the buttons and ports of the phone without removing the battery case.


Fast charging

Slim and sleek

Safety features

Sync technology


Wireless charging or Apple CarPlay NOT supported

No color options

No screen protection

12. Spigen iPhone SE 2023 cases – Extreme protection

This slim yet sturdy dual-layer case will protect your iPhone SE from most drops and falls. It features air-cushion technology for ultimate shock-absorption. Further, the raised lip keeps the screen and camera safe from surface scratches.

It’s also got tactile buttons and id compatible with wireless charging. The back panel showcases the Apple logo on your iPhone. All in all, an excellent blend of style and functionality. It’s available in black, gunmetal, and red colors.


Slim and stylish

Air cushion technology

Showcases the Apple logo


Limited color options

13. OtterBox heavy duty case – Table stand

With over 14 thousand reviews on Amazon, this rugged case stands out as a leader when it comes to heavy-duty protection for iPhone. It features a triple-layer defense in the form of an inner shell, outer cover, and a touchscreen protector.

Further, there’s a belt-clip holster included that doubles as a kickstand for hands-free media viewing. It comes with the Otterbox limited lifetime warranty and is available in seven color options.


Built-in screen guard

Port covers

Color options

Limited lifetime warranty



14. ORDTBY waterproof case – Built-in front screen cover

Lastly, at just 1.5 oz, it’s lightweight yet durable. And in case of any problems, the brand provides lifetime assurance. Available in clear and black color variants.


Tightly sealed


Does not obstruct photos/videos


Only two color options

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Summing Up!

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Buy Best Thinnest Iphone X Cases

We have already compiled a long list of the best slim cases for iPhone X. But we thought it would be better to make a separate collection of the thinnest iPhone X, considering how much sleek cases are loved and appreciated. Flaunting ultra-slender profile, these are the slimmest cases by a fair distance. However, the covers are good enough to shield the iPhone against scrape. Besides, they snap on spotlessly with the smartphone, making a hot match with the phone. Enough praise, let’s dive right in to explore the slimmest cases for iPhone X!

1. Pitaka

Pitaka has made this slim case with 100% Aramid Fiber, which is widely used in making of armor, jet engines, and space crafts. It is extremely slim and lightweight at the same time, giving enough protection to your iPhone X from scratches, normals falls, and bumps. Being thin, it supports wireless charging as well.

The case is coated manually with three-layers, giving it a classy and elegant look while holding in hands. Also, there are seven vibrant colors available to suit the color of your iPhone.

2. totallee

totallee is well-known for producing the ultra-svelte iPhone cases. With just 0.02-inches thickness, this one is easily one of the thinnest iPhone X cases. Made of high-quality polypropylene material, this cover is extremely flexible and snuggly wraps around the smartphone.

The semi-transparent material ensures the iPhone can make its presence felt elegant. Matte and frosted finish adds more charm to its profile. Beyond features, totallee is available in 8 nice-looking colors and come with 2-year warranty.


TOZO has got an incredibly slender (0.35mm thickness) profile that makes a stunning match with the iPhone X. Carved out of semi-transparent material, it allows the smartphone to glow elegantly. Matte optical texture not only offers enhanced grip but also prevents fingerprints.

There is a camera ring to keep the dual vertical camera protected from scratch. Being so flexible, the case is very comfortable to install and remove. Precise cutouts for camera, port, speakers give it a form-fitting look. Lastly, TOZO is available in two colors: black and white.

4. ESR

ESR is emerging as one of the leading names in iPhone accessories. This thin case for iPhone X is a name to conjure with as the brand has crafted this thin case that doesn’t add bulk with its 1mm thickness.

You are the owner of a premium iPhone X and everyone should get to know about this; for this purpose, ESR has created a crystal clear case that shows your iPhone’s original style.

5. Humixx

Humixx presents an ultra-slim case, which makes your iPhone appear sleek. The matte exterior gives your fingers a soft touch. The case is just 0.5mm thin, and therefore, you can quickly slide your phone into pockets.

A notable feature of this case is matte finish exterior material, which keeps its original color for a long time and prevents the color from fading away. Humixx has used anti-fading varnish coating that protects the case beauty for a long time and keeps fingerprints at bay.

6. elago Origin Series

This enviably slim case from elago Origin Series is second to none when it comes to making a nice match with the iPhone. Prepared with the finest polypropylene material, it’s got the strength to fight out scrape. Due mainly to the high-quality material, it’s able to retain its elegance for long.

7. X-level

X-Level has designed this thin and light case exclusively for iPhone X and iPhone Xs. The case does not add bulk to your device and keeps your phone more tactile. Even if you have put on skin-fit jeans, you can easily slip your iPhone in the pockets.

Touch the case and you will experience its flexible TPU and matte finish; X-Level has used a soft material to install and remove the case quickly. The texture of this case is so smooth that when you hold your phone wrapped in this case, you will feel like pampering a baby’s skin.


CASEKOO has crafted this case for iPhone X; it is not compatible with iPhone Xs, which flaunts the same dimension as iPhone X has. Even though the case is thin, it can endure shock with its premium flexible TPU material. The material also gives you a comfortable grip and silky feeling.

The material of this case feels like a glove on your phone as it is only 1mm thick. Transparent back displays the real beauty of your iPhone X and you can proudly show your possession to the people around you.

9. Spigen Thin Fit

If you are looking for a more functional thin case, Spigen Thin Fit can be a superb pick. Crafted with the top-of-the-line PC, it’s scratch-resistant. With the smooth finish, you have a better grip.

The biggest highlight of this case is the ability to work with the magnetic car mount. Hence, you can attach it to a car mount to have better hands-free experience on the drive. Even better, Spigen Thin Fit comes in six color variants. At $11, this one is a hell of a deal.

10. TORRAS Love Series

The quality that has charmed me in TORRAS Love Series cases is the soft-silicone outer shell. The textured surface not only resists abrasion but also provides the necessary grip to let you conveniently hold the device in your palm.

Another notable quality of this thin case is the micro-fiber interior that enables it to disperse impact. Buttons are made to be very smooth to offer tactile feedback. The availability of seven color variants makes sure you can pick a fascinating match for the device. Moreover, Love Series is available with lifetime warranty.

That’s pretty much it, folks!

Your favorite?

So, which one of these cases are going to pair with your iPhone? It’d be cool to know its name. Have I missed to include any great-looking thin case on this list? Do let us know its name as well.

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