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Best GPU for Death in the Water 2

What will it take to run the sea exploartion game well?

Death in Water 2 is a game all about survival horror FPS set in the atmospheric sea. So what does it take to run and what is the best GPU for Death in the Water 2?

The game is based in the sea as you dodge your way through sea creatures controlled by Death. Which is a Kraken haunting you as you scavenge for weapons and treasure to survive. So there are some considerations as to what to run it.

In the first place, the system requirements recommended for Death in the Water 2 will outline the minimum and recommended requirements needed to play the game efficiently. If you’re looking to optimize the gaming experience and not suffer from delays, a powerful GPU is suggested.

Second, budget is another essential consideration when selecting a GPU for gaming. High-end GPUs can be pricey, so you may not need the most expensive model in order to enjoy your game fully.

Best GPU for Death in the Water 2

When it comes to the system requirements for the game, there isn’t too much power required to run it. With only one set of components registered, the minimum is a GTX 670 or GTX 1050, or HD 7870.

So any modern GPU with DX 11 support and 2GB of VRAM is sufficient. So even the likes of an RTX 3050 or RX 6600 are perfectly capable of doing so.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080: This GPU is currently one of the top choices, providing smooth gameplay at high settings. It boasts 10GB of GDDR6X memory and 8704 CUDA cores with real-time ray tracing and DLSS technology support.

EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 XC3 Ultra Gaming


Very good build quality

Attractive design

Displays excellent value

Tasteful RGB


A very long design

Shop on Amazon


MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio


Stylish, gaming aesthetics

Strong materials and build design

High-end cooling solution


On the expensive side

Shop on Amazon





Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070: For those seeking a slightly cheaper option to the RTX 3080, this card still provides outstanding performance. It boasts 8GB of GDDR6 memory and 5888 CUDA cores, along with real-time ray tracing and DLSS technology support.

AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT: This powerful GPU from AMD can easily handle Death in the Water 2. It boasts 16GB of GDDR6 memory, 4608 stream processors, and supports ray tracing technology.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti: This mid-range GPU offers excellent performance at its price point, boasting 8GB of GDDR6 memory, 4864 CUDA cores, real-time ray tracing, and DLSS technology support.



Fantastic build quality

EVGA iCX3 Cooling

Adjustable ARGB LED


Design can be a little basic for some

Shop on Amazon





Axial-tech fan design has been enhanced

An all-aluminum shroud

GPU Tweak II provides intuitive performance tweaking, thermal controls, and system monitoring

Good value


Basic design

Shop on Amazon





Ultimately, the optimal GPU for Death in the Water 2 depends on your individual needs and budget. However, the models listed above are currently the top models available and should provide an excellent gaming experience with this game.

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Red Screen Of Death In Windows 10

You may have heard about the Screen of Death errors in computers. The Red Screen of Death (RSoD) is one of them. It is a rare but harmful error that appears in the early beta version of Windows 10 and earlier. When it appears, it signifies some major complications inside your system that might make your PC inoperative.

Before we start with solutions, it is important to know a little more about the RSoD.

The Red Screen of Death also appears in the Atari Jaguar System due to cartridge loading error.

When the RSoD appears, your computer screen turns red. There might or might not be some message on the screen. It doesn’t allow any modification or input commands from outside and crashes.

The RSoD in Windows 10 generally appears when there is a hardware issue in your system, or outdated drivers, or a BIOS issue. It may also appear due to a graphics driver issue on your computer. Take a look at the most common issues behind this error:

If you have recently attached new hardware, there might be some driver issues with the new hardware.

If you have overclocked your CPU or GPU, the RSoD might appear. It might require more power than your power source is capable of and trigger this issue. Overclocking your system without having the proper knowledge is always harmful to your computer.

The RSoD may appear due to incompatible graphics card. While stressing your hardware or playing video games without having compatible video card, the Red Screen of Death occurs.

An outdated or incompatible BIOS might cause the RSoD.

Now, you know the reasons for RSoD occurrence. It is time to find some working solutions for you.

You need to follow these methods to stop the RSoD from appearing in the future. The solutions are discussed below.

When the Red Screen error occurs, it doesn’t allow any input or command from outside. So, you need to reboot your computer in safe mode to figure out the specific application or driver behind this error.

After you start up your PC in safe mode, verify the application, which is causing the Red Screen of Death error on your system. Once you verify the problematic programs, go to Control Panel and uninstall the programs.

Many users reported that it worked when they uninstalled softOSD software from their computers. If you have chúng tôi software installed on your PC, then uninstall it to ensure if it really works for you. Follow the steps below to uninstall the software completely from your Windows 10.

Select Apps and Features option from the left pane.

There is another method for uninstalling unwanted software. Follow the steps below:

Type Control Panel in the search bar and press Enter.

You will get all installed software names listed, find the softOSD program and select it.

Select the Uninstall option from the top.

If you get a message “remove sds64a.sys”, skip it.

Wait until the application gets removed from your computer.

Uninstalling does not completely remove the software from your computer. There are some residual files left that may cause issues in the future. To remove the software traces completely, go to your C: drive and find the residual files and delete all of them.

This solution might cause you a sigh of relief from the Red Screen of Death in the future.

Sometimes your BIOS gets replaced with new UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). If you don’t update your BIOS, it might happen that your graphics card doesn’t match your motherboard. Many users reported that they encountered the RSoD while upgraded their GPU without having the necessary motherboard updates. So it is recommended that you need to check or update the BIOS or UEFI to the latest version before upgrading the GPU.

Note: Keep in mind that if you don’t upgrade your BIOS or UEFI correctly, it might brick your PC. So try to update them with proper guidance and knowledge.

If you don’t know how to update BIOS or want to know more about graphics card not matching with the motherboard, read computer not detecting graphics card on Windows 10.

Users often overclock their CPU or GPU to boost up their system performance. But it can also increase the heat that generates in your CPU. Overheating can permanently damage your hardware components. So it is safe to keep your overclock speed up to normal.

If you are experiencing the Red Screen of Death issue, it might be a reason of Overclocking your CPU. You should change your overclocking speed if you have increased it to check whether the Red Screen of Death issue resolves with keeping overclock to normal.

You can change the overclock settings through BIOS which is not so easy to perform. You should have proper knowledge or guidance to change overclocking speed. If you have not changed the overclocking speed yet, you can skip to the next solution.

Some users reported that the Red Screen issue occurred because of faulty hardware such as faulty graphics card or graphics driver and even CD/DVD reader. After replacing those faulty components, everything returned back to normal.

If you notice an issue like RSoD, try replacing your graphics card or CD/DVD reader temporarily to ensure that the error caused due to faulty components.

Any component found malfunctioning should be replaced as soon as possible.

When your graphics card driver is outdated, the Red Screen of Death might occur without any prior indication. You should check for graphics driver update regularly to keep such issue aside. You can also switch your graphics card driver back to default. To return to the default graphics card driver, follow the below provided steps:

Now select the Device Manager option from the search result and find the Display adapters section.

After the driver is removed, restart your computer.

To update your graphics driver, keep following the steps below:

Go to the Display adapter section as shown above.

Select the Update driver option instead of Uninstall.

Select Search automatically for updated driver software option to update your driver automatically.

After updating your driver successfully, restart your computer.

You can also update your graphics driver manually from your hard drive if it is already downloaded. To download the latest graphics driver, visit your graphics card manufacturer’s website and download it from there.

Now, follow the steps below to update your driver manually:

After you choose the Update driver option, select Browse my computer for driver software option instead of search automatically.

After the driver software is installed successfully, restart your PC.

Updating your graphics driver should resolve your problem with the Red Screen of Death issue.

Resolution For Ipad Black Screen Of Death Problem

Resolution For iPad Black Screen Problem What is iPad Black Screen of Death?

So, whatever be the reason for this issue here we have grouped all the possible resolution that will fix the iPad Black Screen problem.

Ways to Fix iPad Black Screen of Death Problem

Out of the various available fixes, we will start with the simplest solutions first and then will slowly move to the complex one.

Restart the iPad:

If you have just started facing iPad black screen issue, then first try to restart your iPad. To do so press and hold the Sleep button of your iPad until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

This method not only works for Mac and Windows PC but also for iPad. This step forcefully shut down the device resulting in reversing/overruling of the software glitches (if any) that are hampering the regular operation of the device. But in case restarting iPad doesn’t resolve iPad Black Screen of Death then head on to the next step.

Plug iPad into the Charger

Another common reason for iPad Black Screen is if battery is completed drained out. This can happen when you haven’t charged your device for a long even though it was showing low-battery message the last time you have used it. And now the battery is so depleted that it can even show the charging symbol. To resolve this issue keep charging your phone for at least an hour with a 12-watt charger. Since the iPad has larger battery as compared to an iPhone it may take longer time to charge the device before it switches on normally.

Also Read: Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone & Android

Burp Your iPad

To burp an iPad, switch if off and wrap it completely with a towel. Now gently pat the back of your iPad for a minute. Now uncover your iPad and try turning it on. If iPad turns on as usual, then it may be hardware related that needs to be fixed at the earliest.

Look Out for Battery Depleting Apps:

Adjust the Screen Brightness:

If your brightness is set to the minimum and you are in a brighter area, then it may give an impression of iPad Black Screen problem. You can either ask Siri to increase the brightness or go to a darker place and swipe up the bottom menu (if using iOS version later then iOS 12) and move the brightness slider to the right. In case if you are using the iOS version 12 and above then access the screen brightness by swipe down from the top menu.

If none of the above steps helped you in resolving the problem, then let’s try the solutions that require more technical approach.

Go for System Update

To try this fix you will need a PC or Mac with the latest version of iTunes installed in it.

1. Connect your iPad with your computer and open iTunes on your computer.

2. On your iPad simultaneously press home and sleep button. Continue pressing both buttons until you receive the option to Restore or Update, chose Update.

3. Now iTunes will reinstall the OS without deleting any of your data.

However, in case this process fails then head on to last resort, i.e. System Restore

System Restore

Before going for System Restore option on iPad, please keep in mind that it will erase all your iPad data. Therefore, make sure that all your data is backed up to the cloud so that it can be recovered at a later point. To perform a System Restore on iPad follow the steps below:

1. Connect your iPad with your computer and open iTunes on your computer.

2. On your iPad simultaneously press home and sleep button. Continue pressing both buttons until you receive the option to Restore or Update, choose Restore.

Quick Reaction:

About the author

Varun Tiwari

Best Waterproof Phones List Of Water Resistant Phones 2023

IP rating is a usual term you will see when talking about any water resistant gadget. This stands for Ingress Protection. It is usually followed by a number, which refers to the Gadget’s ability to withstand dust and water. The first digit refers to solid particle protection and the second digit to liquid protection. The water resistant phones have IP67 or IP68 standards. IP numbers that start with a 6 mean the device have complete protection from dust. Samsung certifies the phones with IP68 certification “can be immersed in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.” Those phones with IP67 rating, can be immersed in water at a depth of 1 meter for a short time. I have compiled a list of waterproof phones from all major smartphone manufacturers. This list will help you to select the best water resistant phone suitable for your budget and requirments. The

Samsung Galaxy S 20 Series

Samsung Galaxy S 10 Series

Samsung Galaxy S 9 and Samsung Galaxy S 9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy S 8 and Samsung Galaxy S 8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy S 7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy S 5

Below are the LG whones with waterproof certifications IP68 and IP67.

LG V60 ThinQ

LG G7  ThinQ





See also:

Waterproof phones are becoming more and more popular day by day. Phones with IP certification started appearing around the year 2014. But still most of the users do not care about the waterproof capability of their phone. But now the Coronavirus changed everything! Health experts are urging to clean your personal belongings whenever possible, either with soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitizer. Mobile phones gets dirty pretty quickly. You keep them on tables, dash boards, and other contaminated places very frequently. Eventhough you can apply mild amount of sanitizers on any phone, it is always better to have a water resistant phone on which sanitizers can be applied without any worry of damaging chúng tôi rating is a usual term you will see when talking about any water resistant gadget. This stands for Ingress Protection. It is usually followed by a number, which refers to the Gadget’s ability to withstand dust and water. The first digit refers to solid particle protection and the second digit to liquid protection. The water resistant phones have IP67 or IP68 standards. IP numbers that start with a 6 mean the device have complete protection from dust. Samsung certifies the phones with IP68 certification “can be immersed in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.” Those phones with IP67 rating, can be immersed in water at a depth of 1 meter for a short time. I have compiled a list of waterproof phones from all major smartphone manufacturers. This list will help you to select the best water resistant phone suitable for your budget and chúng tôi Samsung Galaxy S5 was the first waterproof Samsung Phone which appeared in 2014. From then all Samsung S series phones were having water resistance capability except Galaxy S6 series.Below are the LG whones with waterproof certifications IP68 and chúng tôi also: Android Phones with LED Notification Light

16,000 Dead Pigs In The Huangpu: Can You Still Drink Shanghai’s Water?

Chinese officials have fished more than 16,000 pig carcasses from the Huangpu River, from which more than one in five Shanghai residents draw their drinking water. Remember when it was just 2,000 pigs and that seemed pretty crazy? Meanwhile, officials keep saying that the water is still safe to drink. How likely is that, really?

Pig carcasses dumped in water could release pathogenic bacteria into the water. Even healthy pigs carry some manure in their bodies, which in turn has E. coli that could cause diarrhea and other symptoms. The greatest danger would come from carcasses left long enough that they bloat and explode, releasing toxic gases, or start feeding an overpopulation of bacteria, which would reduce the water’s oxygen levels for fish, says Saqib Mukhtar, an agricultural engineer at Texas A&M University. News photos show mostly intact carcasses, though news reports haven’t specified the carcasses’ condition.

Popular Science asked experts from two groups that work on water quality in China to weigh in on the pigs’ potential effects on Shanghai’s drinking water. (It’s important to note that none of the experts we found work in the Huangpu directly, nor have they done their own testing of the Huangpu River. Instead, they answered using what they’ve learned from the news and from their own work on other Chinese rivers.)

It is possible that the drinking water in Shanghai is still fine, they say. However, government agencies have not been transparent about how often they’ve tested the river and what exactly they mean when they say they’ve returned the river to normal, says Kristen MacDonald, the China program director for Pacific Environment, a non-governmental organization.

There are a few things that might be keeping Shanghai’s tap water useable. The Huangpu River system is large and continually flowing, so it can clear impurities quickly, Jun Shentu, a staff member at Green Zhejiang, a group that focuses on tributaries of the Huangpu, says in an email.

Tap water in Shanghai is taken from near the center of the river, at the bottom, where the water quality is better, Shentu says. And local water authorities have upped the chlorine in Shanghai’s water, to improve sterilization.

It is hard to know for sure what the effects of the pigs have been because those data points aren’t publicly available, MacDonald says. In addition, officials may not actually know exactly to what level of quality to return the river, because they didn’t have good numbers on the water quality beforehand.

“One of the things that’s always been rather opaque both to me and to the environmental watchdogs groups I work with is how often testing is done and how thoroughly,” MacDonald says. (Shentu says officials tested the Huangpu for nine routine indicators of water quality, including turbidity, color and odor. They have also added non-routine tests to target the pig situation, looking for Streptococcus, Salmonella, E. coli O157 and thermotolerant coliform bacteria.)

A “return to quality” may not be that great, either. On the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection’s six-point scale, with a six being unsuitable even for industrial use, different sections of the Huangpu rate at a four or five. The Huangpu gets industrial pollutants from factories as well as agricultural runoff, MacDonald says.

Although they offer daily updates on the Huangpu’s water quality, Chinese officials haven’t explained why farmers have recently chosen, against regulations, to dump so many pigs into the river, the Guardian reported March 22.

“It’s not too surprising to me that the farmers that were raising the pigs decided this is the best option,” MacDonald says. “To do it in a more safe and sanitary way would have cost them a lot of money. So it’s definitely a case of there being a regulatory gap where it’s not clear who is responsible for dealing with protecting rivers from this kind of dumping.”

The Best Ps4 Games For Kids In 2023

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Written By Harry Rabinowitz

Updated Dec 21, 2023 8:32 AM

How we picked the best PS4 games for kids

I’ve covered games and gaming hardware for many publications, including Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and NBC Select. As an avid player and game designer, I’ve logged thousands of hours on titles ranging from big-budget blockbusters to the latest indie games on Nintendo Switch.

To pick the best PS4 games for kids, we leveraged our collective experience at PopSci, as well as reviews from professional critics. We considered how each title would sit with kids and parents, weighing elements like difficulty, accessibility, age rating, multiplayer options, and online content more heavily than usual. 

The best PS4 games for kids: Reviews & Recommendations

Our favorite PlayStation 4 games for kids encompass a range of genres and styles. All of them are critically acclaimed and stand head and shoulders above cheaper games you might find on a smartphone or tablet. We’ve included the official ESRB age rating, as well as the age range we think would get the most out of each title.

Best overall: Rocket League

Buy it used or refurbished: eBay

Why it made the cut: Easy to play yet hard to master, Rocket League mixes sports and racing to create endlessly fun.


Number of players: Up to four (co-op)

ESRB rating: Everyone

Best for ages: 4-7

Playtime: N/A


Easy to understand rules and goals

Local and online multiplayer

Bite-sized matches


Special cars available via in-game purchases

Even after 7 years, there’s no game quite like Rocket League. The basic concept is simple: It’s 1-on-1, 2-on-2, or 3-on-3 soccer, but you control rocket-powered cars instead of people. Each player controls their own car, speeding around to bump a giant, floaty ball into their opponent’s goal.

Rocket League’s cars have a unique driving feel, in large part because you can make your car jump and even flip around in the air, opening the door for precise shooting and passing … if you can get the timing right. Rocket League is pick up and play, but mastering the game can take hours and hours of practice. Regardless of your skill level, though, it’s a lot of fun chasing down the ball, scoring goals, and making quick saves.

When the standard soccer game mode gets stale, there are a variety of alternate rules to keep things fresh. Kids and adults who play soccer or love cars will find something to enjoy in Rocket League. Best of all, you can download it for free through the PlayStation store.

Buy it used or refurbished: eBay

Why it made the cut: Sackboy is a vibrant platformer in a bright, friendly toy-box world that’s fun solo or with a group.


Number of players: Up to four (co-op)

ESRB rating: Everyone

Best for ages: 4-7

Playtime: ~15 hours


Cute and creative world

Non-competitive multiplayer co-op

Joyful original and licensed music


Repetitive platforming challenges

Sackboy can be played solo or with a group. We found its colorful levels, cartoonish villains, and pop music covers best enjoyed with a group on the couch.

Best for families: Overcooked! All You Can Eat

Buy it used or refurbished: eBay

Why it made the cut: Chaotic multiplayer in increasingly hilarious settings makes this game the most fun you can have cooking virtual meals.


Number of players: Up to four (co-op)

ESRB rating: Everyone

Best for ages: 7-10

Playtime: ~45 hours


Fun and chaotic gameplay

Hundreds of creative levels

Local and online co-op


Can be repetitive

No game series gets a family cheering and shouting like Overcooked. Compiling both Overcooked games, All You Can Eat drops 2-4 players into the shoes of line cooks in some of the craziest kitchens you’ve ever seen, asking them to prepare food on top of moving trucks, in haunted castles, and other absurd scenarios. The “cooking” is very simple so it’s easy for even new players to pick up. Learning to communicate well and work fast, though … may be a challenge.

Best racing: Hot Wheels Unleashed

Buy it used or refurbished: eBay

Why it made the cut: Hot Wheels Unleashed captures the joy of toy cars with beautiful, accessible racing action.


Number of players: Up to two (co-op) 

ESRB rating: Everyone

Best for ages: 7-10

Playtime: ~18 hours


Fast and exciting racing

Easy controls

Robust track editor


In-game loot boxes

Hot Wheels Unleashed captures the spirit of playing with toy cars beautifully. Controlling the legendary toy cars, you race along the toy line’s familiar plastic tracks surrounded by giant living rooms, kitchens, and more. It’s an arcade-style racer, with plenty of larger-than-life speed boosts and loop-de-loop ramps. (Or are they smaller-than-life?)

You can play with the tracks, too, of course. An extremely detailed level editor gives you all the tools you need to make exciting new races. You could quickly lose hours building the race course of your dreams.

Buy it used or refurbished: eBay

Why it made the cut: The biggest LEGO game ever tackles all three Star Wars trilogies with action and humor.


Number of players: Up to two (co-op)

ESRB rating: Everyone 10+

Best for ages: 10-12

Playtime: ~40 hours


Story encompasses nine different Star Wars films

Play as dozens of iconic characters

Cute and funny


Some co-op sections leave one player out

TT Games’ many Lego video games follow a simple, but effective formula: Take an iconic movie or TV property, and retell the plotline as a funny kids’ story using LEGO aesthetics and a healthy dose of slapstick. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga perfects the formula, telling the stories from all nine of the core Star Wars films, from Episode I – The Phantom Menace to Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker. Every level is immersive and action-packed, with lots of lightsaber and blaster fights, stealth sequences, puzzle-solving, and more.

Some of the story-focused cutscenes can fall a bit flat in co-op when one player controls an unnamed soldier, but these moments can’t spoil this funny, charming spin on one of pop culture’s most beloved stories.

Best survival: Minecraft

Buy it used or refurbished: eBay

Why it made the cut: Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time for a reason. It’s endlessly creative and incredibly approachable for kids and adults alike.


Number of players: Up to four (co-op and online)

ESRB rating: Everyone 10+

Best for ages: 10-12

Playtime: ~85 hours


Endless variety in building and crafting

Immersive and accessible visuals

Play solo, co-op, or online


Lack of tutorials can be confusing

With over 200 million copies sold across over a dozen platforms, Minecraft is a pop culture phenomenon that kids still love. If you’ve never had the pleasure, Minecraft is a survival game where players explore a blocky, pixelated world and build all kinds of creations.

At first, Minecraft is mostly about defending yourself from hostile night-time creatures like skeletons and Creepers. But after a few hours, it opens up into the ultimate sandbox where you can build almost anything and explore a near-endless pastoral world filled with underground secrets to uncover.

Kids interested in real-life arts and crafts will find a lot to enjoy in Minecraft. Be aware that the game does have an online mode where you can play with friends and strangers.


Number of players: One 

ESRB rating: Everyone 10+

Best for ages: 10-12

Playtime: ~13 hours


Beautiful graphics

Cinematic story

Wacky weapons


Short playtime

The PS4 chapter of a long-running action-platformer series, Ratchet & Clank (2023), is a beautified reboot of the series’ first chapter, which launched on the PlayStation 2 in 2002. Much of the action revolves around cartoonish gunplay, with Ratchet and Clank pulling out absurd lasers, missile launchers, and wacky weapons like the Groovitron, which make enemies dance instead of fight.

With a story and visual presentation that aspires to Pixar-level cinematic excellence, Ratchet & Clank pulls you in with beautiful visuals and funny writing only rivaled by its PS5-exclusive successor, Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart. Immersive environments, memorable characters, and funny dialogue make this one of the best ways to introduce kids to more story-focused games.

Buy it used or refurbished: eBay

Why it made the cut: Swinging around New York City as Spider-Man is a joy like no other.


Number of players: One

ESRB rating: Teen

Best for ages: 13+

Playtime: ~35 hours


Swinging around NYC is incredible

Dramatic and well-told story

Beautiful graphics


Supervillain fights are more flash than substance

If LEGO Star Wars is like a Saturday morning cartoon, Marvel’s Spider-Man is akin to a marquee movie. In Sony’s version, Spider-Man is slightly older and wiser than his teenage onscreen counterpart, while Peter Parker has to deal with bigger responsibilities.

What sets Marvel’s Spider-Man apart from other versions of the story, or other comic book games, is how playing really makes you feel like Spider-Man. You can swing on webs all around Manhattan, stopping street crime and saving civilians. Technically, you can take the subway to immediately reach your destination, but Spidey’s gravity-defying, high-flying moves feel so good that you’ll probably opt for a scenic swing along Central Park.

Kids who love superheroes and action games will definitely enjoy Marvel’s Spider-Man. That said, it’s worth noting that this game is rated T for Teen and features some themes that may not be right for very young kids.

Why it made the cut: Fall Guys is one of the easiest games for kids to pick up and play, but stays exciting thanks to its winner-takes-all format.


Number of players: Up to four (online)

ESRB rating: Everyone

Best for ages: 4-7

Playtime: ~28 hours


Very easy to play and enjoy

Colorful characters and levels

Free to play


Lots of in-game purchases available

Fall Guys is a chaotic online party game where up to 100 pill-shaped characters compete in obstacle courses and minigames, whittling down the number of players until one is crowned champion.

In a bright, bouncy, and colorful world, you run, jump, and dive through pastel, candy-coated landscapes while racing to the finish line, or playing wacky takes on soccer, keep-away, and other games for large groups.

What to consider when shopping for the best PS4 games for kids

Shopping for video games as a parent is hard, especially if you aren’t an avid gamer yourself. Most coverage from dedicated games publications focuses on what’s coming next, so it may be difficult to look back and find great games that are even a few years old if they’re no longer top search results. When looking for games to play with kids, keep the following in mind:

What kinds of games does the kid like to play?

When picking a game to play with another person, you want to make sure you’re getting something that they’ll like. Pay attention to what games really grab their attention when they play and/or watch on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Often, you’ll find patterns emerge, even if many of the games look completely different at a glance. For example, Fortnite and Among Us look wildly different but they are both competitive, multiplayer games that allow players to speak to each other online.

If nothing else, it never hurts to ask. In fact, picking a game with them may help both of you get more excited about playing together.

How to tell if a game is appropriate for your child

All games carry an age rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), ranging from “Everyone (E)” to “Adults Only (AO).” The ESRB website features a database of every game it has rated, which includes the rating and some basic information about its content—such as whether it includes graphic violence or “sexual themes.” You can also find the ESRB rating and some basic info on the back cover of physical game boxes.

ESRB ratings are a good starting point but don’t give you the full picture. We recommend looking up any game meant for kids before purchasing. You can learn a lot more information about any game by reading reviews and checking parent-focused media sites like Common Sense Media. 

How many players does the game allow?

It’s one thing if you’re a solo gamer hunched in front of a great gaming TV or monitor. If you’re picking a game for a household with many gamers, however, you want to make sure and pick a game with “local” multiplayer, which means that multiple players can play together on a single console at once. Many multiplayer games only allow you to play with friends online, which isn’t ideal for a group of kids or a family sitting around one TV. That said, plenty of games let two, three, or four people play from the same console.

Also, keep in mind that some multiplayer games offer cooperative multiplayer modes, where you work together, and others focus on competitive multiplayer, where you work against other players. Many competitive multiplayer games also have cooperative elements, but it’s always a good idea to know exactly what you’re getting into.

Are there any online interactions?

Online games like Fortnite and Minecraft are very popular, but allow you to speak with strangers online. These interactions receive only the slightest bit of moderation, so it’s up to you to figure out whether or not your child is ready for it. You can find out whether a game offers the ability to chat with strangers on the product packaging and the product listing for the game on the PlayStation Store.

Are there additional in-game purchases?

Many games, particularly online multiplayer titles, allow you to purchase access to digital clothing and items for your character, as well as new content. We recommend talking to kids about digital storefronts before giving them access to a new game, as well as setting up parental controls for in-game purchases.

FAQs Q: What PlayStation is good for kids?

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are both great consoles for players of all ages. Both consoles have lots of great games for kids and adults. If you’re buying a new console, we recommend looking for a PS5, as it is the current active console and can play all but a handful of PS4 games, plus many exclusives. That said, with limited supply making PS5s hard to find, it may be easier and cost less to buy a PS4. Since many companies still release PS4 versions of their games, it still feels like an active console ecosystem.

Q: Does the PS4 have educational games?

We wouldn’t recommend the PS4 specifically for educational games. Many kids’ games on PS4 have educational elements, but games that help teach academic skills like reading and math are more common on computer and mobile devices.

Q: Are there any free games for kids on PS4?

There are many free games for kids on PS4, including Fortnite, Fall Guys, Rocket League, and more. These games are often called “free-to-play,” because you can download and play them without spending money, but they feature lots of in-game purchases, most of which revolve around new cosmetic options for your characters.

Q: What is the minimum safe age for a child to play PS4?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under the age of two should not engage in any screen time and kids between two and five should only look at a screen for up to one hour per day. Based on that recommendation, we’d recommend waiting until they’re at least age 5 to introduce them to games. In terms of content, there’s no hard and fast rule. There are many games made for young children, so you could theoretically start showing kids how to play games at a very young age.

Final thoughts on the best PS4 games for kids

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