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After a long cold Winter, Summer is the time to get back outside and enjoy everything the world has to offer. Whether you plan on visiting a beach, conquering a hiking trail, or laying next to your pool, we’ve got you covered. On this list, you’ll find some of the best Summer accessories that go perfectly with your iPhone and other Apple devices. 

Outdoor Speakers

The ideal outdoor wireless speaker should be durable and at least offer splash and dust resistance. It should also provide lots of battery life between charges and be light enough to carry with ease. The following speakers fit that criteria very well.

Bang & Olufsen audio products don’t just sound good, they’re also made to be seen. The Beoplay P2 Bluetooth speaker is no exception. This splash and dust-resistant speaker is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but strong enough to become the star of any outdoor party.

Available in multiple colors, including black, blue, umber, and lilac, the Beoplay P2 offers up to 10 hours of playtime per charge and weighs just 0.75 pounds. This speaker is equipped with a built-in microphone for clear calling and voice activation. This item ships with a USB-C cable for fast charging.

$169 at Amazon

The Wonderboom from Ultimate Ears is a powerful little speaker designed for outdoor fun. Offering 360-degree sound, this speaker provides up to 10 hours of music on a single charge. Add two Wonderboom speakers to “Double Up” the fun.

The Wonderboom is rated IPX7, making it waterproof to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Weighing 1.32 pounds, the speaker is available in multiple colors and styles.

$99 on Amazon

The JBL Flip 4 is another fun speaker perfectly suited for summer. Offering 12 hours of music between charges, the Flip 4 has been described as an “all-purpose, all-weather companion” because of its waterproof fabric materials. It’s available in six vibrant colors, including red, blue, and teal.

$99 on Amazon


If you own an iPhone, the odds are high that you’ve already purchased or at least considered a pair of Apple AirPods or something from Beats Electronics. For something different, find one of these wearables:

The Bose QuietComfort 35 remains one of the best wireless headphones on the market, nearly two years after the first version was released. Available in black or white, these headphones offer a noise-rejecting, dual-microphone system for clear calls and voice access, plus industry-leading noise cancellation.

Providing up to 20 hours of wireless play between charges, you can also use the Bose QuietComfort 35 in wired mode. When you do, you get 40 hours off noise canceling enjoyment with each battery charge.

Version II, which was released in 2023, adds Google Assistant support. This version also ships without an airplane adaptor, which was standard in the first version.

$349 at Amazon

Using Siri is a breeze with the Rayz Plus wired headphones from Pioneer. Featuring smart noise canceling, these buds adapt to your ear and the world around you with ease thanks to the companion Rayz app.

Looking for more? With the Rayz Plus, you can make a call at the same time it’s charging using your phone’s Lightning port. You can find these headphones in graphite or bronze.

$129.95 at Amazon

The Sennheiser HD1 might make your rethink the around-the-neck headphones design. Featuring soft-stitched sheepskin Nappa leather, these wireless headphones are among the most comfortable on the market.

Offering Bluetooth 4.1 with AAC codec support, the HD1 includes multi-connection support for two devices at the same time, plus three-way calling capability. You can enjoy 10 hours of music between charges.

$199.95 at Amazon

Waterproof accessories

You don’t want your outdoor festivities ruined because of a little summer rain. These waterproof accessories will let the party continue, regardless of the weather.

Since the iPhone 7 launched in 2023, Apple’s handsets have been splash, water, and dust resistant. For added protection, you should consider the LifeProof FRĒ case, which makes your handset waterproof to 2 meters for up to an hour.

Available in various color combinations including chakra, banzai, and night lite, the LifeProof FRĒ includes a built-in screen protector with touch sensitivity.

Around $79.99 on Amazon, depending on your iPhone model

Here’s a rugged, high-capacity power bank just waiting to get outdoors. Snow-proof, dirt proof, drop proof, and waterproof, the FosPower PowerActive 10200 mAh power bank is great for smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronic devices.

The bank also includes a LED flashlight, compass, and a carabiner.

$26.99 at Amazon

Built for scuba diving, the ProShot Dive offers iPhone protection up to 130 feet. With the ProShot Dive, you can’t use the touchscreen on your phone. However, the free ProShotCase app provides you with full camera functionality that you can access with your device’s Home button. Includes a 115-degree wide-angle lens and ProShot lanyard.

Available for iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and iPhone 6/6s only, including Plus sizes.

For around $99 at Amazon

Cameras and drones

Summer is a great time to capture beautiful moments with your iPhone camera or compatible third-party camera accessories, including:

You can purchase the GoPro Hero Session separate or as part of a bundle. These include the Family Bundle, which consists of an SD card and GoPro Shorty extension pole and tripod, and the Spring Break bundle that comes with an SD card and GoPro Handler floating hand grip.

Starting at $199.99 on Amazon

Currently available through Kickstarter, the Fairy Drone is fast becoming one of my favorite low-cost drones. Perfect for novices and pros alike, the Fairy ships with a remote controller or you can use your iPhone for control.

The drone includes a 1080p FHD camera with auto tracking, motion control, and 16 minutes of fly time between charges.

At just 140 grams in weight, the Fairy Drone requires no FAA registration. Just charge it, and enjoy the ride.

$99 at Kickstarter

When you’re ready to kick your drone play to a new level, consider the Mavic Air from DJI. With support for 4K video at 30 fps, this drone offers 180-degree panoramas and 21 minutes of flight time per charge.

Available in red and flame red, the DJI Mavic Air comes with a dedicated remote controller, or you can use your smartphone.

$799 at Amazon

Extra Accessories

You should also consider two other accessories, the Motorola Lumo and iOttie Car Mount.

Motorola Lumo Smart Lantern

The Lumo is a smart lantern that connects to iOS and Android devices through Bluetooth. Thanks to this connection, you have access to 16 million color settings. The light also includes real-time weather information and is water-resistant (IPX4).

$79.99 at Amazon

The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dashboard & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder works with current-generation iPhone models. To apply, place the semi-permanent dashboard disk directly to your car dashboard. Features adjustable viewing with a telescopic arm.

$24.95 at Amazon

Best Summer accessories

This summer, take your iPhone or other Apple device outside and enjoy the season. Enhance your experience by considering the accessories offered here, or share with us what you think would make some of the best Summer accessories.

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Best Accessories For Iphone Xs Max And Xs In 2023

Just put your hands on the new iPhone and willing to explore the best accessories to provide the desired care to your pricey smartphone? I also find myself in the same boat and have been looking for the must-have accessories for iPhone Xs Max and Xs for the past few days.

Luckily, there is no dearth of options. From premium assets to the most affordable defenders, the market is flooded with tons of varieties. At the end of the day, everything boils down to your preference and requirements.

Keeping in mind various demands, I have lined up the essential accessories for iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs. Hopefully, you may find them spot on both for your special demands and different needs! Let’s explore the list!

1. Screen Protector: The First Line of Defense for Your iPhone

The moment I think of shielding the iPhone against accidental damage, the first thing that comes to my mind is providing the essential defense to the touchscreen. It’s because the display is probably the most vulnerable thing. And if not given the due care, it can be irreparably damaged.

So, how do you safeguard a delicate stuff like the touchscreen?

It’s quite simple, and most of you would be already familiar with it. However, what I want to stress is the use of a more durable and anti-shatter screen guard; especially the ones that boast 9H hardness and come with the coating to keep smudge and grime at bay.

2. Protective Case: Offer the Needed Security to Your iPhone

Even though I don’t have butterfingers, my smartphone does meet with accidental drops once in a while. And I guess, it would be the case with many (if not most) people.

Though Apple claims to have included the strongest glass in the 2023 iPhones, I’m not going to take things for granted. After all, it’s glass that’s more vulnerable to impact and scratches. So, keep your iPhone unshielded against these hazards at your own peril!

Why take a chance with the nasty falls, if you know that the occasional slip-ups are going to happen at some point or the other. What better way to safeguard your iPhone than giving it a protective suit?

Mind you, not all the impact resistant cases are bulky. And some covers have made an incredible balance between the slimness and protection. So, you can flaunt your smartphone without sacrificing on style!

3. Battery Case: Tons of Extra Juice for the Power Players

The next in line is the battery pack! I think all the three 2023 iPhones come with plenty of battery life to live up to basic demand. I mean you may not have to run for chargers untimely in most cases.

However, if you play high-octane games or watch movies for hours, you will definitely need some assistance to keep your smartphone powered up.

Just in case you want to continue to beat out the red bosses or catch up the hot shows at your own pace, you would love to have a dashing battery pack to keep your beast juiced up–without bringing your enjoyment to a standstill.

Moreover, there are quite a few battery cases that look pretty slim despite having a high-capacity battery. So, they make a nice match with the device and also let you sync your device to the computer without any issue. Oh yeah, check out the ones that also support wireless charging.

4. Wireless Headphones: The Evergreen Music Companion

Another accessory that you may want to have to continue to make the most of your favorite music or rev up hands-free calling is –Bluetooth headphones. And when I talk about the wireless earphones, the one name that instantly calls for my attention is “AirPods.”

If you no longer want to mess up with wired earphones and want a pretty good option at a relatively competitive price, AirPods are the way to go. Besides, some cool third-party headphones can get your job done elegantly.

Check out on Amazon

5. Power Banks: Your Indispensable Asset During Travel

Times when you are on the move you would like to have tons of extra juice at your disposal so that you wouldn’t have to run for the wall chargers time and again. The market is flooded with a good many power-packed external chargers.

Better still, they are packed with up to 30,000mAh battery (or even above) to charge your smartphone up to 10 times. So, if you are a frequent traveler and want to have plenty of extra charge at your beck and call to use your device with complete peace of mind, you should get one for your iPhone.

6. Wireless Charger: Embrace the New-Age Charging Technology

After all, it sounds a bit better to just drop your device on the power mat and see the magic happen than look for the Lighting cable and plug it in the Lightning port!

So if you wish to embrace this new age charging technology, you should get one right. Furthermore, they can also work as a useful stand.

7. Armbands: Primed for Fitness Freaks

Want to check out the latest messages or glance through the latest alerts more comfortably even during your rigorous workouts? An armband can be a handy asset for your smartphone for various reasons.

Though they are mostly designed for fitness freaks, you can use an armband even during your travel or trekking in the wild. Moreover, many of them let you securely carry cards and keys. And yes, the reflective strip comes in really handy when you decide to break the shackle and go for the endless run in the dark!

8. USB-Charger: Time to Get On with The Turbocharging

Times when your smartphone is lying low on power or just about to die, you need a turbocharger to charge it up rapidly. After all, who wouldn’t want to charge the iPhone up to 80% (or around that much) in just half an hour?

9. Docking Stations

I have loved using a dock for a couple of main reasons. It works not just as a reliable charging stand but also as a fine tool to let you enhance your media time.

There are several docks that are designed to charge both your iPhone and the paired Apple Watch simultaneously. So, you don’t need to buy a separate charger for your smartwatch.

Have got multiple iPhones? Why not go for an ideal organizer to charge up to 7 devices at one go. With the built-in safeguards, they provide the needed shield to your devices against the common threats like short-circuiting, overcurrent and more.

Therefore, you can’t just keep all of your devices perfectly organized but also never let them go powerless!

10. Gaming Controller – Bang On for Gaming Aficionados

What about those who love to play games for hours? Well, if you want to be at the top of your game to shoot our your enemies or destroy the zombies with more flair, you would want to have a top-notch gaming controller.

It does not just ensure you remain in complete control but also offers your more flexibility. And the one that I’ve tried and found stunning is “SteelSeries Nimbus Gaming Controller.” If you want to explore some of the other popular options, check out the below roundup.

So, that sums up this extensive roundup of the essential accessories for the new iPhones!

Stay Tuned for More…

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12 Best Cases / Accessories For Apple Airtag You Can Buy

After months of incessant leaks and rumors, AirTag has finally seen the light of the day. And if you have kept track of Apple’s tracking device, you may already be familiar with a ton of details. Designed to expand the Find My ecosystem, the AirTag enables iPhone users to locate items. If you have already ordered the item tracker or are planning to buy one soon, you must be exploring the best cases and accessories for AirTag. If my prediction is bang on, you are at the right place to find a suitable case, holder, or strap for your all-new tracking tile.

Best AirTag Accessories You Can Buy (Updated April 2023)

Pretty much as expected, several accessory makers have launched cases and other accessories like holders, keyrings, mounts, and loops for the AirTag. But which one of them looks right on the money for your specific needs? If uncompromised protection is on top of your mind, a rugged case for AirTag could be the answer. However, should you think of style and elegance, a pretty sophisticated AirTag case/holder could be the way to go.

But what if you are hunting for an executive profile? Well, there are a handful of professional-looking AirTag accessories handcrafted with genuine leather available as well. Now that you have a fair idea about what I have lined up for you, let’s check out the best Apple AirTag accessories.

1. Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

If you have set your sight on picking a premium accessory for your AirTag, be sure to check out Apple AirTag Key Ring. The keyring is made out of high-quality European leather with a soft-touch finish. While the genuine leather gives a pro look and feel to the ring, the stainless steel endows both durability and style.

The key ring fits securely over AirTag. Thus, you can bank on it to prevent your item tracker from falling off. Priced at $35, the Apple Leather Key Ring comes in three color variants, including baltic blue, product red, and saddle brown.

Buy from Apple: $35

2. Spigen AirTag Rugged Armor Case: Uncompromised Protection for Apple’s Tracking Device

If you are looking for a protective yet ultra-compact case for your AirTag, give serious consideration to the Spigen Rugged Armor case. Made of soft and flexible TPU, this case can endure shock and keep scuffs at a fair distance. Thanks to the inclusion of a carabiner, you can securely attach your AirTag to anything.

Buy from Spigen: $19.99

3. Apple AirTag Leather Loop

Showcasing top-of-the-line craftsmanship, Apple AirTag Leather Loop doesn’t take long to hold your attention. The loop is neatly crafted with tanned European leather. The precision finish coupled with the visible stitching adds a premium touch to its profile.

Design aside, the leather loop stays securely attached, ensuring AirTag remains tightly in place. So, you will remain worry-free about the safeguard of your item tracker. Though the leather loop is quite expensive at $39, given the premium craftsmanship, you can’t just go wrong with it.

4. Spigen AirTag Valentinus Case

This is yet another AirTag case from Spigen that has managed to catch my attention! As compared to its rugged sibling, Spigen Valentinus sports a more sophisticated profile. Carved out of PU leather, this AirTag case feels more comfortable in the palm. And with the neat craftsmanship, it looks ever-ready to be a good match for your executive items.

In terms of protection, the Spigen Valentinus AirTag case lives up to the expectation. So, you can count on it to keep your tracking tile protected from minor shock and scratches. Priced at $19.99, it comes in only a black color variant. It is elegant and one of the best cases for Apple AirTag to buy for your item tracker.

Buy from Spigen: $19.99

5. dbrand AirTag Grip Cases with Skins

The Grip Cases feature a form-fitting design that enables them to fit snuggly over the AirTags. Thanks to the secure attachment point, you can place the item trackers on bags, purses, or other items. Priced at $19.95, dbrand AirTag Grip Cases will be available in May.

Buy from dbrand: $19.95

6. Belkin AirTag Secure Holder with Key Ring/Strap

Equipped with the twist and lock design, Belkin Secure Holder is one of the best AirTag accessories you should pick to attach to your belongings. You can use the holder to attach the item tracker to almost anything, be it a backpack, purse, or water bottle.

The holder keeps AirTag secure inside the durable shell. Thus, you can count on it to ward off random impact and also shield the item tracker against scratches. Thanks to the protective edges, the holder has got the additional safeguards to fight out scuffs.

Protection aside, the Belkin Secure Holder sports a lightweight and open design, ensuring the famed Apple logo or the personalized engravings exposed remain exposed. Hence, it won’t kill your style in favor of the defense against drops and scratches. Depending on your needs, you can choose to buy it with a ring or a strap. In terms of colors, AirTag Secure Holder comes in multiple color variants, including blue, white, black, and red.

Buy from Apple: $12.95 (Secure Holder with Strap)

Buy from Apple: $12.95 (Secure Holder with Key Ring)

7. AirTag Hermès Bag Charm: Luxurious AirTag Accessory

Bag Charm is available in Barénia leather/smooth Swift leather. While the high-quality leather gives it a premium look, the contrasting saddle stitching adds vintage appeal to the case. The eye-catching AirTag Hermès text etched with the iconic Clou de Selle signature further enhances the look of this accessory.

Buy from Apple: $299

8. Nomad AirTag Leather Keychain

Interestingly, Nomad unveiled the Leather Keychain much before Apple introduced the AirTag item tracker. Now that the item tracker has finally become a reality, Nomad has officially started taking pre-orders for the AirTag leather keychain. It will ship out to users sometime in July.

Due mainly to the genuine leather construction with neat craftsmanship, the keychain looks impressive. You can use it to attach your AirTag to a variety of terms. Additionally, it comes in two color variants (black and brown) and a price tag of $30.

Buy from Nomad: $29.95

9. AirTag Hermès Luggage Tag – Handcrafted with Heritage Barénia Leather

Just a glance at AirTag Hermès Luggage Tag, and you know that you are dealing with an item in its own league. The Luggage Tag showcases Hermès repertoire of producing praiseworthy luxury goods in all its glory.

Buy from Apple: $449

10. Nomad AirTag Glasses Strap

Nomad has also launched an elegant-looking Glasses Strap with a built-in AirTag holder. So, if you want to use the item tracker to keep a watch on your expensive sunglasses, Nomad’s Glasses strap could be worth checking out.

The strap features a TPU capsule that holds the AirTag tightly, making sure the glasses stay firmly placed. There are three attachment points here to offer a universal fit for all sizes of glasses. Priced at $29.95, Nomad Glasses Strap will ship in July.

11. Moment AirTag Mounts: Minimal AirTag Accessory

If simplicity and ease of use matter more to you, Moment AirTag Mounts could be your preferred choice. The mounts are ultra-lightweight and can stick on many items, including bags, clothes, or electronic devices. With the adhesive stick design, the mount also ensures that AirTags remain hidden and blend seamlessly with the surroundings.

Moment AirTag Mounts are available in three main variants, including a Hard Shell Mount, Curved Surface Mount, and Fabric Mount. The prices of these mounts range from $14.99 to $19.99. Though the pre-order for Moment Mounts have already kickstarted, they won’t ship until July.

Buy from Moment: $14.99 -$19.99

12. AirTag Hermès Key Ring

The contrast saddle stitching adds a classy touch to the profile. And with the iconic AirTag Hermès etched with the iconic Clou de Selle signature, the key ring makes its presence felt right away.

Buy from Apple: $349

Top AirTag Cases, Key Rings, and Mounts For You

Essential Tools For Building, Repairing, And Upgrading Pcs (And Other Electronic Devices)

There’s an old saying apropos to building a new PC or upgrading an old one: “Use the right tool for the right job.” Sure, you could use a butter knife to loosen a screw, or a pair of pliers to tighten a motherboard stand-off, but it won’t make the job go any smoother, and you can bet it might do some harm. Using the right tool for any given job simply makes the job easier, and it usually improves the ultimate quality of the finished product.

Every system builder needs a number of tools to complete any PC build or upgrade with the efficiency and precision of a surgeon. Some of the tools will be obvious, others less so.

Screwdrivers and nut drivers

It’s best to have numerous screwdrivers or a bit-driver and multiple bits on hand to accommodate any type of nut or screw.

For the vast majority of PC builds and upgrades, a basic No. 2 Phillips screwdriver will be the only tool you’ll need. As you start working with more diverse hardware and accessories, or if you delve into the warranty-voiding world of PC modifications, you’ll need different-size screwdrivers and nut drivers.

I keep an array of screwdrivers on hand, as well as a bit-driver and an assortment of magnetic bits. I also like to have a small electronics toolkit handy, on the off chance that I’ll need to disassemble a drive or other accessory that’s held together with a less-common type of screw. Most small electronics toolkits will feature Allen (hex), Torx, Phillips, and flat-head bits. Another screw type that’s becoming more common is the five-pointed Pentalobe, which is used on some Samsung SSDs and mobile devices.

If you’re constantly building and upgrading systems, it may be worth investing in a power screwdriver. I use one when working with larger screws that are less likely to strip, like the ones used to secure a case’s side panel or when mounting drives.

Low-cost power screwdrivers are available, but it’s typically the more expensive offerings that are best suited to PC-building. Look for a model that has an adjustable clutch and a handle that can flip to different positions. The adjustable handle will make it easier to squeeze into tight spaces, and the adjustable clutch will reduce the likelihood of stripping screws or mounts.

Pliers, cutters, and strippers

A power screwdriver will save your forearms from a ton of abuse, especially if you have multiple systems to build.

I’m finicky when assembling systems. I hate to leave anything inside a rig when I know it won’t be used. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly common to find extra connectors dangling inside some cases (when was the last time you used an AC’97 digital-audio connector?), and many cooling fans have both 3- and 4-pin power connectors attached (you’ll need one or the other, not both). Removing unused connectors not only cleans things up, it also minimizes confusion for less-savvy upgraders. To remove those connectors, I like to use a small wire cutter to snip any wires attached to the connector. Wire cutters are also handy for snipping excess nylon from zip ties and other types of tie-downs.

Let there be light!

A headlamp or adjustable clip-on flashlight can be invaluable when building a system, especially one that has a dark-colored interior.

A good head-mounted lamp or adjustable clip-on light is incredibly useful when building or upgrading a system. I know this seems obvious, but it’s often overlooked.

Many of today’s more popular cases have black or dark-colored interiors, which can make it difficult to spot small screws and other components unless you’re working in a perfectly lit room (and we both know those don’t exist). Do yourself—and your eyes—a favor and spring for a head-mounted lamp or other small, adjustable light.

PSU Tester and Multimeter

A good multimeter and a power-supply tester can save countless hours of troubleshooting when tracking down electrical or wiring-related problems.

Few things are more frustrating than painstakingly assembling a system, closing it up, pressing the power button, and—finding that nothing happens. If you don’t have a power-supply tester or multimeter on hand, you might spend hours troubleshooting and swapping out components until you stumble across the culprit.

If you do have one of these devices, it’ll take only seconds to ensure that your power supply is in good working order, that voltage is being output properly, and that simple components, such as the power switch, are functioning. On numerous occasions I’ve encountered systems that wouldn’t power on because of a defective power switch. With a mulitmeter, it’s a simple matter of testing for continuity.

Thermal-interface material

You’ll want to keep a quality thermal paste on hand for those times when you need to reseat a heat sink or simply want to replace an inferior thermal-interface material.

It’s essential to apply a fresh layer of thermal paste anytime you mount or reseat a heat sink. This is the best means of ensuring that heat transfers from the processor to the heat sink, where it can be dissipated by a cooling fan or water block. Resist the temptation to reuse whatever’s there—that material has done its job. Scrape or scrub it off (isopropyl alchohol and a paper towel will help) and apply a fresh coat. Thermal paste costs next to nothing compared to the component it’s intended to protect.

I like to keep two types of thermal paste on hand: A silver-based paste for high-performance applications, and a ceramic-based or other non-electrically-conductive paste, for applications where there may be electrical contacts or other surface-mounted components exposed.

Straps, zip ties, and tie-downs

Adhesive tie-downs, zip ties, and Velcro straps will go a long way toward ensuring a neat and tidy wiring job.

Effective cable management is paramount to a clean and cool-running system. But you can’t simply will the rat’s nest of wires and cables inside a typical system into place. You’ll need a variety of straps, adhesive tie-downs, and zip ties, along with a dollop of creativity and patience.

I always keep a tub of nylon zip ties of various sizes and colors on hand, in addition to a roll of thin Velcro straps. Most cases will have locations to tie everything down; adhesive tie-downs come in handy for those that don’t.

PC cleanup

Cotton swabs, micro-fiber cloths, isopropyl alcohol, and some canned air should be all that’s necessary for the vast majority of PC-cleaning tasks.

Whether you’re working with a brand-new pile of parts or are refurbishing an old system, keep a collection of cleaning materials in your toolbox. For the vast majority of jobs, cotton swabs, microfiber cloths, and canned air are all I need to clean up the fingerprints, dust, and other crud that builds up inside a PC. As mentioned earlier, you should also keep some isopropyl alcohol and paper towels on hand to clean up old thermal paste.

Note: This story was updated on December 18, 2013.

Essential Accessories For Your New Iphone

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more ›

The iPhone is one of the most popular pocket-friendly computers on the planet, and while its functions are innumerable, accessories can help you get even more out of the device. The most basic accessories will prevent the handset from getting damaged accidentally. In contrast, others will improve the performance of its cameras or turn the device into a credible mobile podcast recorder. The options, however, may feel overwhelming for new iPhone owners, so we’ve put together this list of some essential iPhone accessories if you were recently gifted or upgraded to Apple’s signature smartphone.

Most of the accessories we’re recommending are compatible with any iPhone released in the past three to five years, but some—cases specifically—are designed for a specific model. We’ve chosen to highlight the iPhone 14 version of those accessories, though case and screen-protector manufacturers have the same offerings for multiple phone versions.

A case that gets better with age: Nomad Modern Leather Case

Choosing the right iPhone case will depend on your color, material, and size preferences, which is why we have an entire guide with over a dozen recommendations. That said, after testing several cases every year, I always end up gravitating back to Nomad’s Modern Leather Case. It’s luxe, but the case is protective and patinas over time, which means that small signs of wear actually make the case look better. I’ve dropped my iPhone screen side up from a height of 10 feet onto a stone surface, and the back and sides of my device showed no damage.

A durable screen protector: InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard Screen Protector

A case will protect the back and sides of your iPhone, but a screen protector will prevent display damage. InvisibleShield’s Glass Elite VisionGuard Screen Protector is the one to get based on my tests. The accessory comes with a useful guide that prevents you from installing it incorrectly, which is handy if you’ve never used one before. In my experience, the Glass Elite doesn’t impact the performance of the iPhone’s touchscreen or its color accuracy. The material InvisibleShield uses does filter some blue light, though, which can make your iPhone more comfortable to look at in the dark. If you’re afraid of cracking your iPhone’s screen, this accessory will help put your mind at ease (it’s also far less expensive than a trip to the Genius Bar).

A battery pack: Anker 733 Power Bank

Anker’s 733 is one of the best iPhone accessories we’ve tested because it has two functions. First, it’s a three-port 10,000mAh battery pack that can fully recharge your smartphone a couple of times, or extend the life of your tablet, portable game console, or laptop by a few hours. But the 733 has a built-in plug that can be connected directly to an outlet, at which point it turns into a three-port 65W power adapter, which can charge all of your devices while you’re at home. This double functionality helps Anker’s 733 Power Bank stand apart in a crowded category, especially because of its travel-friendly size.

A magnetic charger: Apple MagSafe Charger

The iPhone 12 (released in late 2023) was the first Apple smartphone to support MagSafe. This magnetic connector system uses an array underneath the iPhone’s back plate to attach it to what is now a wide world of compatible wireless power transfer accessories, among other convenient add-ons. A MagSafe charger will refill an iPhone’s battery up to twice as fast as a standard Qi wireless charger (up to 15W) and will magnetically align with the back of your iPhone to create and maintain a solid connection. Apple’s MagSafe Charger gets our recommendation because it’s relatively inexpensive and has delivered rock-solid performance in our tests. If you want to jump from wired to wireless charging in 2023, this is the accessory to get.

A camera lens kit: Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

The iPhone’s cameras are world-class, but smartphone photographers looking to up their game should check out Xenvo’s Pro Lens Kit. The accessory clips onto the top of the iPhone’s wide lens and allows you to screw on a macro or wide-angle lens to get shots that would be difficult (or impossible). The kit also has a clip-on light with three brightness settings to help you get better low-light photos.

An external microphone: Shure MV88 Portable iOS Microphone

If you’re using your iPhone to record podcasts, or want ultra-high-quality audio to accompany your 4K video, Shure’s MV88 is the right accessory for the job. The miniature condenser microphone plugs directly into your iPhone’s Lightning port, so it never needs to be charged. You can use the MV88 to record audio in true stereo and monitor your recordings live by plugging headphones into its 3.5mm input. Shure bundles the microphone with a windscreen, which makes it a useful tool to use in the field, and a carrying case to keep it protected when it’s not in use.

A videography kit: Rode VideoMic Vlogger Kit

The iPhone has been able to shoot sharp 4K video for years, but Rode’s Vlogger Kit can help you get even more out of its cameras. The kit comes with a microphone (with windshield), light cube (with colored film), phone mount, and a tabletop tripod that doubles as a grip. Using these tools makes a big difference in the audio and video quality of your recordings, especially if you shoot at night. A big part of the VideoMic Vlogger Kit’s appeal is its portability. Keeping all of these tools on you at all times makes it easy to set up and break down shoots in just a couple of minutes.

If you want to stop carrying several charging cables with you while you travel, your best option is Mophie’s snap+ multi-device travel charger. The self-contained kit includes a charger with a MagSafe charging pad, Qi wireless charging pad, USB-A port, USB-C port, a USB-C cable, and a power adapter. The charger folds up and fits neatly inside a padded carrying case, with slots for its power adapter and cable. We’ve taken this kit traveling with us and couldn’t imagine getting on a flight or multi-day car trip without it.

A car mount: iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Universal Car Mount

Your eyes should stay on the road while driving, but that can be tough if you use your iPhone as a GPS. If that’s the case, we recommend this windshield car mount from iOttie. The One Touch 4 can be attached to any flat part of your dashboard or on its windshield. Its articulating arm allows you to position your iPhone at a safe, comfortable angle, and a holder will keep the device in place. In our experience, iOttie’s mounts are strong enough to keep a firm grip on an iPhone on bumpy terrain and can stay attached to your car for years without incident.

A car charger: Satechi 40W Dual USB-C PD Car Charger

If you’d like to charge your phone while you drive, Satechi’s Dual-USB-C charger is the accessory you need. The power adapter fits into your car’s cigarette lighter and can fast-charge two iPhones simultaneously. The second USB-C port can also charge a tablet, portable game device, or even a laptop.

Alternately, if you ride solo more often than not, you can buy a combination MagSafe car mount-charger. For example, the Belkin BoostCharge Pro secures to your vent—remember to close it if running the heat—and can deliver up to 15W fast-charging from your car lighter (adapter and cable included). It’s an easy one-handed motion to place or release the iPhone, and it stays fastened in either portrait or landscape mode for convenient navigation assistance, etc., while driving.

A durable charging cable: Amazon Basics Nylon Braided USB-C to Lightning Cable

Apple includes a charging cable with the iPhone, but it’s been known to fray long before you need to upgrade your device. Amazon Basics’ USB-C to Lightning cable has a braided outer shell that can be bent or twisted without showing signs of wear. In fact, Amazon says you can bend this cable up to 4,000 times without it breaking.

Wireless earbuds: AirPods Pro 2

The iPhone can be connected to any pair of Bluetooth headphones, but it was designed to work best with the AirPods Pro 2. Apple’s new earbuds will automatically pair to your iPhone the first time you open the lid to their battery case and auto-connect to it every time after that. When you listen to music or watch TV shows and movies with a Dolby Atmos mix on your iPhone, you can use the AirPods Pro 2 to listen in “Spatial Audio,” a headphone-friendly version of surround sound. You can even personalize your Spatial Audio experience on the iPhone by taking a picture of the shape of your ears. You’ll also be able to use the iPhone’s Find My app to locate your AirPods 2 if lost. Finally (and most importantly), we’ve found from first-hand experience that the AirPods 2 are a solid pair of true wireless earbuds, with excellent sound, surprisingly good active noise cancellation, and very good battery life.

A smart speaker: HomePod Mini

Again, the iPhone can connect to any Bluetooth or AirPlay 2-enabled speaker, but the HomePod Mini was designed to work best with other Apple hardware through HomeKit. You can ask Siri on your iPhone to play music on your HomePod, and even “hand off” audio from the smartphone to the speaker by placing them near one another. The HomePod Mini sounds very good given its size—and even better if you pair two together to listen in true stereo. You can even send messages to the HomePod Mini from your phone to use the speaker like an intercom. If you want to pair your iPhone with a speaker fully integrated in Apple’s ecosystem, the HomePod Mini is the one to get.

Best Gaming Accessories For Mac In 2023

1. Logitech G502 Hero – Editor’s Choice

In the case of most games (competitive or otherwise), having a decent and sensitive mouse is important for a third-person or first-person shooter. The Logitech G502 Hero is the mouse that best serves this purpose.

Furthermore, with LIGHTSYNC technology powered by Logitech G Hub, you can adjust the RGB lighting with over 16 million colors to choose from. Basically, you get the ultimate personalization experience with the mouse. Essentially, you won’t find a better gaming mouse for Mac than this beauty!


Huge 25,600 DPI

Adjustable weight distribution

Elegant RGB lighting


Quite small and may not fit larger hands.

Check out on: Amazon

Overall, it’s definitely worth the investment.


7.1 Surround Sound channel support

Active Noise Cancellation

Excellent build


Forces you to install bloatware

Check out on: Amazon

3. Keychron K4 – Mechanical gaming keyboard

A good gaming keyboard for Mac accomplishes two things. First, it’s an excellent keyboard in general, with a great typing experience and durability. Secondly, it can handle all the hard presses during intense gaming sessions. With Keychron K4, you get a wireless gaming keyboard that doubles as an excellent external keyboard for your Mac.

The keyboard has a 96% key layout, comprising 100 keys. It also has a compact design, making it highly portable for your business and work trips. Moreover, you’ll also find all the necessary Mac-specific function keys on the keyboard. The keyboard can also connect with up to 3 devices simultaneously, thanks to the Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset.

You don’t have to worry about durability, either. With competitive gaming being as intense as it is, the keyboard uses Gateron G Pro Mechanical Red Switch keys that have a lifespan of over 50 million keystrokes.

You can also use it in both wired and wireless mode, with the former made possible through a USB Type-C connection. Additionally, the wireless mode provides battery life of up to 240 hours on a single charge, thanks to the 4000mAh battery.

To sum up, the Keychron K4 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for the best gaming keyboard for your Mac!


100 keys with a Mac-specific key layout

Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and can connect to 3 devices simultaneously

240 hours of battery life on a single charge (wired)


Tall framing can be difficult on the wrists

Check out on: Amazon

4. 8Bitdo SN30 Pro controller – The classic

Gaming controllers are some of the most important gaming accessories, regardless of the game that you’re playing. Most games feature full controller support, especially when it comes to PlayStation or Xbox layout controllers. With the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro, you get an Xbox layout and a retro look that would remind you of the days of the older Nintendo consoles!

You can also connect the controller to your Nintendo Switch, thanks to the built-in three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer, resulting in 6-axis somatosensory gaming experience. There’s also a special Custom Burst button, through which you can change the button settings and customizations on the fly. These features make it one of the best game controllers for your Mac!

Unfortunately, if you’ve got bigger hands, I wouldn’t recommend buying this controller, as it’s quite compact and may not fit larger hands properly.


Beautiful retro look

Provides all the modern features

6-axis somatosensory functionality

Custom Burst feature


Compact size isn’t ideal for people with bigger hands

Check out on: Amazon

5. ADATA RGB SE900 external SSD – Faster transfer speeds

With games incorporating better textures and huge in-game worlds, the sizes of games have increased exponentially in recent years. It can often be difficult to accommodate these large games into the in-built SSD of your MacBook. This is when an external SSD can come into use. With the ADATA RGB SE900, you get a gaming SSD that not only stores up to 2TB of storage space but also provides high transfer speeds for the maximum FPS.

The SSD utilizes USB 3.2 Gen2x2 interface, which can deliver up to 20GB/s transfer speeds. To put things into context, you can transfer a 10GB 4K resolution movie from the drive to your PC or vice-versa in mere seconds. With such high transfer speeds, you can install the game into the SSD and connect it to your Mac for a seamless gaming experience. Moreover, the game’s textures will load much faster than your usual SSD or HDD.

This device also features a Beehive RGB Light Wave style, which provides beautiful lighting effects after being connected to the MacBook. However, you won’t be able to change the lighting style or customize it. Moreover, you’ll have to reformat the drive to use with a Mac.


Up to 2TB storage space

20Gbps transfer speeds

Elegant Beehive RGB Light Wave design


Lighting settings are pre-set and can’t be changed

Check out on: Amazon

6. LG UltraGear 24-inch Monitor – Premium display

Though the latest Macs offer excellent displays, the best gaming scenarios often require larger monitors with better specifications and capabilities. If you’re looking for a gaming monitor to pair your Mac with, this LG monitor is exactly what you’re looking for.

The monitor comes with 24-inch screen size and a 165Hz refresh rate. It also comes with AMD’s FreeSync Premium to ensure the highest framerates when gaming and optimizations for various games. Moreover, the bezels on three sides of the screen are so thin that they’re virtually borderless. This provides a larger screen space for a better field of view, especially in first-person games.

Apart from this, the 1ms MBR helps smoothen your gameplay by reducing the motion blur and ghosting. You can also adjust the monitor’s tilt based on your comfort levels. Along with this, the monitor comes with an in-built gaming UI that provides features such as Black Stabilizer, Crosshair, and Dynamic Action Sync.

Overall, the monitor comes with plenty of features for the price you’re paying.


165Hz refresh rate

AMD FreeSync Premium enabled

UltraGear Gaming UI features such as Dynamic Action Sync provided


Build quality is subpar

Check out on: Amazon

7. Razer Thunderbolt 4 dock – 10 ports in 1

Most gaming setups nowadays tend to have multiple connections that can be difficult to manage. Moreover, it’s utterly challenging to find a dock that provides Thunderbolt 4 compatibility as well. Thankfully, with Razer’s Thunderbold 4 dock, all of these problems are fixed.

The Razer Thunderbolt 4 Dock is certified to provide USB4 compliance, up to 40Gbps speeds, and even backward compatibility with Macs. Additionally, it’s pretty versatile, with four Thunderbolt 4 ports, three USB-A 3.2 Gen2x2 ports, and even an Ethernet port. Furthermore, if you’re using an Intel-based Mac, you can connect up to two 4K 60Hz displays with the dock. For M1-based Macs, you can connect one 4K 60Hz display.

This device also takes away simultaneous charging concerns, as you can now charge your Mac and other connected devices at the same time. Overall, this dock will provide you the versatility and cable management that your gaming setup has lacked all this while. With a single hub, your setup management will become much easier!


40Gbps transfer speeds

Plenty of connectivity options

Excellent cable management

Multiple charging options


Prone to scratches

Check out on: Amazon

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