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Bug Labs add AT&T 3G modem to modular toolkit

Last month it was Verizon and Bug Labs; today the modular product development platform specialist is announcing a partnership with AT&T.  Like with the CDMA carrier, the new AT&T deal will see Bug Labs users equipped with a BUG+ 3G/GSM plug-and-play electronic toolkit that will make adding cellular connectivity straightforward.

AT&T will in fact be Bug Labs’ exclusive GSM connectivity provider in the US, and the new BUG+ module will mean devices built using the modular system can get online – and with a modem approved by the carrier – instantly.  It’ll also be arguably more useful than the CDMA version for those with international ambitions, since the GSM module will work on the European networks as well.

What we don’t yet know is pricing and availability, though Bug Labs says the company will be announcing further programs involving the carrier come January 2011.

Press Release:

AT&T and Bug Labs Arm Device Developers With New Wireless Product Development Platform

Integrated system designed to save developers time and money using the GSM world standard–exclusively with AT&T

DALLAS, Oct 19, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — AT&T* and Bug Labs, an award-winning open hardware development platform, today announced plans to launch BUG + 3G/GSM, a plug-and-play electronic tool kit that puts network ready wireless modules in the hands of emerging device product developers for a speedier, more cost-efficient path to commercial launch on the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network.

The BUG platform — accessible through AT&T Emerging Devices — offers a new, innovative approach to device innovation, providing developers with easy access to a full complement of FCC and AT&T certified 3G wireless modules, reducing the need for extended and costly testing and certification during the initial deployment phase. Some additional testing may be required if changes are made in volume production.

In addition to unprecedented hardware configurability, developers can collect, share and control the data coming from networked BUGs using the new BUGswarm web application, now fully integrated with the AT&T Control Center, powered by Jasper Wireless.

“With Bug Labs, developers now have the ability to test and trial their products in the sandbox while they are in the nascent stages of development,” said Glenn Lurie, president of emerging devices, resale and partnerships, AT&T. “As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, we’re eliminating the certification barriers that have kept some developers from jumping into the game. We’re encouraging product developers to bring the next generation of new and exciting products to market as soon as possible.”

Products with Bug Labs modules must secure final certification on the AT&T network.

“Together with AT&T, we’re inspiring developers around the world to tap into their creativity,” said Peter Semmelhack, founder and chief executive officer of Bug Labs. “By leveraging our open product development program, product developers can build, deploy, produce and certify wireless devices at a practical, faster rate.”

The addition of Bug Labs builds on the existing AT&T Connection Kit for Device Developer program available through the dedicated AT&T emerging devices web site. The Connection Kit also includes AT&T SIM cards, data capacity for testing, access to AT&T Control Center, powered by Jasper Wireless and best practice guidelines. To learn more about AT&T’s Emerging Devices Organization or to see the additional Connection Kit options, please visit AT&T Emerging Devices.

For more information about Bug Labs visit the Bug Labs Web site.

Also, view a video on the Bug.

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

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Bell Labs Shifts Focus To Cloud And Networking Products

Facing a rapidly evolving technology market, Bell Labs is paying more attention to projects that can bring it short-term gains, in areas such as software.

“The biggest challenge we face is speed,” said Bell Labs’ president Gee Rittenhouse in an interview last week. “The challenge for Bell Laboratories is to be the best in the world, and solve the absolute hardest problems. But also doing it in a way that has relevance in this very fast pace, innovation market.”

Bell Labs is the research division of networking equipment supplier Alcatel-Lucent. Last month, the company appointed Rittenhouse as the new leader of the nearly 90-year-old famed research group, known for inventing the first transistor, along with a whole host of other technological innovations and discoveries. During his tenure, Rittenhouse plans to steer Bell Labs more toward software products related to networking and cloud computing.

Product priorities

“We want to still be the innovation arm of Alcatel-Lucent that continues to amaze and surprise people. But I think in order to do that we do have to change somewhat,” he said. “As the industry moves toward dynamic networks, distributed systems, Bell Labs also has to move toward those directions.”

Gee Rittenhouse

Gone are the days when Bell Labs scientists could independently make breakthroughs without consulting others, he added. Increasingly, the research division is collaborating with outside partners to solve major technological problems facing the IT industry. One such effort is the GreenTouch Consortium, which is focused on dramatically reducing the power needs of today’s telecommunication networks. Bell Labs and Alctatel-Lucent’s rivals like Huawei and ZTE, among others, are members of the group.

To bring more products to the market, Rittenhouse said Bell Labs will choose long-term projects that can result in near-term gains for the market. Although he declined to reveal specific projects at Bell Labs, he pointed to “immersive communication” as one area the research division has heavily invested time in. This involves examining what makes face-to-face conversations genuine, and how that experience can be replicated over long-distance communication.

“So research in applications, multimedia is just as important as research in physics,” he said. “Because if you are only in math, physics, optical, you are missing this big sea change.”

4G focus in China

Last week, Rittenhouse visited Bell Lab’s research center in China, a crucial market for Alcatel-Lucent. The company is poised to tap into the country’s upcoming 4G commercial deployment, which is projected to happen later this year. China alone has more than a billion mobile phone subscriptions, yet most users still rely on 2G networks to make phone calls.

On the research side, Rittenhouse said China is producing innovative green technologies and efficient networks. Bell Labs’ own research in China is focused on preparing low-cost networking products that can be deployed on a large-scale.

“I definitely feel the pressure of continuing the legacy (of Bell Labs) because it’s extremely difficult,” he said. “It’s a recognized institution and there will be a lot of people disappointment if Bell Labs becomes like any other organization.”

“But we can’t go backwards, right?” he added. “So we have to create the leadership team here to create the next generation of Bell Laboratories.”

It’s A Bug! It’s A Pain! It’s Super

They’re crawly and they’re creepy. Mysterious and eerie. They’re altogether icky. They’re the louse-y family and they have haunted human hair (and nether regions) for millennia. For parents, the arrival of these microscopic creatures on the scalps of children can lead to quite the headache as remedy requires a rigorous regimen of de-infestation as well as routine shampooing with unpleasant chemicals.

One of the most popular options is a group of synthetic chemicals based on a natural insecticide found in the chrysanthemum flower, pyrethrum. Called pyrethroids, these molecules target the nervous system of a variety of insects, including flies, wasps, cockroaches, mosquitoes and the louse, leading to rapid paralysis and death. Thanks to their effectiveness, they are widely used and can be found in any garden store and pharmacy, particularly in anti-lice treatment shampoos.

Unfortunately, much like antibiotics, these chemicals do not act in a passive manner but in an active one, meaning that the chance for resistance is not only possible, it is likely. Even as far back as the 1950s, insects with the ability to resist pyrethrum, known as knockdown mutants, were known. Back then, there was no ability to test for genetic mutation and as such, the evidence was regarded mainly as a fluke, rather than a trend. But by 1969, as antibiotic resistance was rising, a call to be mindful of a potential rise in insecticide resistance was made. There was every indication that the shelf life of pyrethrum and its associated chemicals was limited.

By 1994, the mechanism of resistance was elucidated. As expected, a mutation in the target molecule of the nervous system had occurred, preventing pyrethrum performance. The only question was how prevalent the mutation was in the normal insect population and whether this would have any effect on human health. As the hunt for resistance ensued, the answer was relatively clear: the mutation was everywhere and was spreading worldwide. It was only a matter of time before lice also gained the mutation.

Within five years, the mutation was found and over the coming decade, its prevalence was not only shocking but depressing. By 2011, these super-lice existed in over a dozen countries; some of which, such as Australia, had only resistant populations. For the Australians, pyrethrum and pyrethroids would be considered useless. The continent had lost a main weapon and would have to turn to other means.

Although the situation was dire in the Land Down Under, the statistics for North America were more promising. The mutation was there but in lower amounts. Some places, such as Minnesota and Florida did have higher levels but for the most part, there was still hope for the future. But this week, a group from the University of Massachusetts changed all that, revealing just how the resistance has grown and spread, particularly into Canada.

The team went about their study in the same way as a detective. They used lice either collected previously or in real time from a number of locations including Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Taking the critters to the lab, they analyzed them genetically for the presence of the mutation. After all was said and done, they determined the percentage of positive pests for each region.

The results were even worse than expected. In every region, almost all the lice had the mutation. Instead of discovering small pockets of resistance, the researchers found it was rampant. There was almost no indication of lice that could be killed with pyrethrum or pyrethroids. Worse, a comparison to just three years earlier revealed the spread was unstoppable. The authors suggested the results were not only a message but also a harbinger. In order to beat lice in the future, alternate measures may be necessary yet they too could eventually become worthless should resistance appear and spread.

While this lousy situation may appear to be shocking, few differences exist between these events and what has been seen in the world of antibiotic resistance. Much like the identification of pyrethrum resistance decades earlier, the development of antibiotic resistance was known as soon as these miracle drugs became publically available. Yet, few paid attention. History has since shown what happens when a warning is not heeded. Today, much like the end of pyrethrum-based insecticide, we are faced with the end of antibiotics and must look to other directions for the future.

Jailbreak News Of The Week: Macdirtycow Bug For Ios 15.X

The jailbreak community has been turning up the heat lately with respect to news and tweak releases, and a lot of that had to do with the palera1n and XinaA15 jailbreaks that can be used to pwn certain subsets of devices running iOS or iPadOS 15 through 16.

But if you’re having trouble keeping up with everything new as it comes off the conveyor belt, then you can always come to our weekly roundups, just like this one, to get the scoop.

This roundup will focus primarily on jailbreak related news content and tweak releases shared between Monday, December 26th and Sunday, January 1st. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Important stuff from this week MacDirtyCow bug for iOS 15.x-16.1.2

A new bug discovered in iOS & iPadOS 15.x-16.1.2 by security researcher Ian Beer dubbed CEV-2023-46689 (or MacDirtyCow for short) allows for modifications to files accessible by sandboxed apps, allowing for system customization such as changing the Lock Screen’s Face ID glyph or adjusting system fonts.

The bug affects data in the system’s RAM, a type of volatile memory, so user customizations can therefore only persist while the device is powered on and will reset after a reboot.

You can learn more about how all this works in our full news post.

TrollLock Reborn Face ID theme

TrollLock Reborn is a free add-on for iOS 15.x-16.1.2 devices based on the MacDirtyCow hack that allows Face ID equipped handset users to theme their Lock Screen’s animated Face ID authentication glyph with an animated troll face.

You can find out more about TrollLock Reborn and how it works, as well as how and where to get it in our full news post.

TrollBox all-in-one TrollStore utility

Ever want an all-in-one app that could do all the things your current TrollStore-installed apps could do? If so, then the new TrollBox app would be your best friend.

This app simply brings many projects into a single do-it-all app so that you won’t need to follow as many projects and keep all those apps up to date. That’s because this lone app has been designed to do it all, so it’s the only app you’ll ever need.

You can find out more about TrollBox and what you can do with it in our full review post.

iOS 16.1.2 battery indicator for non-notched handsets

The NewBattery16 jailbreak tweak for iOS 16 ports the Status Bar’s battery level indicator from notched handsets to non-notched handsets.

Simple tweaks like this one breathe new life into older devices by making them look and feel more like newer ones.

You can learn more about the NewBattery16 jailbreak tweak and where you can get it from in our full review post.

Live Now Playing album artwork icon

With the NowPlayingIconXVI jailbreak tweak, you can replace the ordinary app icon of whatever music app you might be using with the album artwork of whatever track you might be listening to.

The album artwork appears in all places where the app icon would typically appear.

You can learn more about NowPlayingIconXVI in our full review post.

Colorize the Status Bar

The new ColorBar15 jailbreak tweak allows those using a pwned iOS 15 device to colorize their Status Bar’s interface elements.

The tweak supports XinaA15 and palera1n and can colorize items independently of one another. More options are coming soon as well.

You can find out more about ColorBar15 in our full review post.

Sileo Team under new direction

The Sileo Team is now under the direction of developer Amy While, previously CoolStar.

This change means that the Sileo package manager will see more frequent updates and the team should be more interactive with the community. This is especially necessary as more modern jailbreaks use Sileo as the default package manager instead of alternatives.

You can find out more about this change in our full news post.

Everything else from this week

BoopBoopBoop: Customize the sound of various actions performed on your jailbroken iPhone (free via Hoangdus repository — review post)

NoCameraSound: Disables the iPhone’s Camera app shutter sound with the MacDirtyCow bug (full news post)

Speedster: Speeds up or removes certain Home Screen animations to make using it faster (free via Hoangdus repository — review post)

TikBypass: A TikTok anti-jailbreak bypass tweak (free via BigBoss repository)

While that covers everything new in the realm of jailbreaking from this past week, we’ll be right back at it again next weekend with a roundup just like this one, albeit with refreshed content that suits the times. And of course, we’ll cover everything in real time throughout the week as well.

Miss last week’s roundup? palera1n team shows off jailbreak GUI, DarkRa1n iCloud Activation Lock bypass tool released, & more…

Here are some other jailbreak tweak roundups you might find useful:

Visio For Excel Free Add

Office 365 users now have access to the Visio for Excel free add-in enabling you to create Excel flow charts linked to cells like this:

And org charts like this:

And because they’re linked to cells, you simply refresh the connection and the diagrams update!

Watch the Visio for Excel Free Add-in Video

Download Workbook

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Please enter a valid email address.

Installing the Visio for Excel Free Add-in

*Requires Office 365 Work or School account.

Note: the Visio Data Visualizer is currently in Preview, which means it will continue to be developed over the coming months, but you can do a lot with it already.

Using the Visio Data Visualizer

To insert a flow or org chart first, select an empty cell in your worksheet. This is where some sample data will be placed. The sample data allows you to see the layout required for your linked data.

Note: The add-in will ask you to login to your Office 365 account…yes even if you’re already logged in inside of Excel! Signing in unlocks capabilities in Visio for the web such as printing, sharing, and viewing in the browser. You don’t need a Visio subscription to use this add-in, but if you have one, you’ll also be able to make edits to your diagram.

The dialog box opens and here you choose the type of diagram you want:

Note: If you’re signed in, the diagram is saved as a Visio file in your OneDrive or SharePoint location. If you’re not signed in, then the diagram is part of your Excel workbook. You can always choose to create a Visio file by signing in.

When you select the diagram you want, it inserts a sample diagram and its data-linked table:

You can add as many rows as required or remove any rows from the sample data that you don’t need.


If there is an issue with the source data table, the Data Checker will appear with instructions on how to fix the issue. After you modify the table, select Retry in the Data Checker to confirm the issue is resolved. Then you’ll see the updated diagram.

Visio Flowchart Linked Table

The structure of the table inserted by Visio must be retained. The flowcharts have the following fields:

Process Step ID: compulsory unique identifier for each step in the process.

Process Step Description: this text appears on the shape

Next Step ID: Optional next step. Determines the next shape in the flow

Connector Label: Optional where there are multiple next steps

Shape Type: There’s a range of shapes to choose from, including 4 custom shapes (see image below)

Function: The flowchart row labels

Phase: The flowchart column labels available in cross-function flowcharts

Note: There’s currently no way to edit the flowchart title inside of Excel. Let’s hope this will be rectified in an update.

Formatting Visio Flowcharts in Excel

Sharing Visio Flowcharts in Excel

Note: If you’re not signed in yet, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 work or school account.* Select Sign in and then Allow or Accept on any permission prompts.

This opens the diagram in Visio for the web in your default browser. Select the Share button (see image below) to create a link or to enter the email addresses of those you want to share with. All Office 365 users will be able to view the diagram in their browser.

Alternatively, if you want to share both the data and the diagram, share the Excel workbook that contains the diagram with others. To share it, attach the workbook to an email message, or save it in OneDrive and then use the Share button to send a link.

Lastly, you can print the diagram or create a PDF from the ellipses in Visio for the Web:

More on the Visio Data Visualizer.

Tell Microsoft What You Think!

The Visio team are keen to hear your thoughts on the Data Visualizer add-in. Get in touch with them via email: tellvisio @ chúng tôi (spaces added to avoid spam).

Lg Add Vudu 1080P On

LG add VUDU 1080p on-demand movies to NetCast HDTVs

VUDU have announced that they have partnered with LG to put their on-demand IPTV system into the latter’s HDTVs.  Rather than demanding a separate VUDU box, the LG “NetCast” range of TVs will be able to access on-demand rental or purchase of HD and 1080p Full HD titles, with a system that VUDU promise will see no stuttering or buffering delays.

There’s also Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound, instant fast-forward and rewind, together with chapter navigation.  So far VUDU offer over 2,000 titles in HD and HDX (1080p) resolution, together with SD films and TV shows.

The update will be rolled out to existing LH50-series and PS80-series internet-connected HDTVs starting from August 2009, as well as being preloaded onto new sets.  There’s no monthly rental fee for the VUDU service, and we imagine other IPTV-capable TV manufacturers are already eying up their system for possible inclusion. 

Press Release:

VUDU’s Streaming Movie Service Transforms HDTVs into Movie-On-Demand Video Stores

VUDU Launches Unparalleled New Movie Streaming Service For Next Generation Smart TVs

Santa Clara, CA – July 29, 2009, VUDU Inc., a leading provider of on-demand Internet entertainment services today announced its second-generation service platform specifically optimized for Internet capable smart TVs.

“Smart TV’s are part of an exciting new industry trend. VUDU is partnering with leading consumer electronics vendors to embed the new VUDU service directly into the TV, eliminating the expense and hassle of purchasing, installing, or connecting another device to the TV”, said Alain Rossmann, CEO of VUDU.

The new VUDU service delivers a compelling environment for consumers to discover and watch high definition 1080p movies on-demand. The company is also announcing that industry leader LG Electronics will ship new HDTVs that include the new VUDU service.

VUDU customers can instantly buy or rent from the largest library of on-demand high definition movies – including the newest releases from all major Hollywood studios, with no monthly fees. The VUDU’s service uniquely delivers movies in true 1080p high definition and high resolution Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound, setting the industry standard for on-demand HD movies.

“Internet-delivered video to the TV, sans box, is the Holy Grail for what the TV industry today calls ‘over-the-top’ providers, “said Jimmy Schaeffler, Chairman and CSO of The Carmel Group. “I believe VUDU’s widely acknowledged excellence in video quality and user experience is likely to be a key driver for customer adoption of this next generation of smart devices in the living room.”

“With our second generation platform we are pushing the envelope even further by delivering for the first time features such as instant fast forward and rewind, instant start for all movie qualities including HDX, and an even faster and more refined user interface” said Alain Rossmann, CEO of VUDU.

Key VUDU Features:

Instant viewing experience: unlike typical Internet and on-demand video streaming, VUDU movies start immediately, and viewers can fast forward, rewind and browse chapters without the delays or the frustration associated with buffering.

Highest quality on-demand experience: VUDU’s unique HDX format delivers true 1080p resolution, TruFilm picture enhancements, and high resolution Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound

No monthly fees: customers can instantly buy or rent from VUDU’s extensive library of standard and high definition movie and TV titles.

Largest HD library anywhere: over 2,000 titles are available in HD or HDX format.

New releases: Newly released titles from all major studios are available day and date with the DVD release, months before they are typically available on subscription-based services.

The new VUDU Service for smart TVs will make its debut on LG Electronics’ upcoming models of Broadband TVs.

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