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Can’t Access iPhone Photos on PC: 7 Easy Ways to Open Them Verified solutions to access and import your iPhone photos in no time




If you can’t access iPhone photos on the PC, it’s likely a connection issue or a bug in the OS to blame.

Check the USB cable for damages, or plug it into another port on the PC.

Some users were able to fix the problem by simply tapping Trust or Allow when the relevant prompt appeared on the iPhone.

Take full control of your iOS data directly from your PC/Mac!

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Apple and Microsoft are the market pioneers and have revolutionized it in the last few decades. But the integration between the two has been a troublesome affair for users. One such problem is when users can’t access iPhone photos on a Windows PC.

The issue has long been present, with many reporting that Windows 11 is not recognizing the iPhone. And there are no sure-shot solutions to the problem since it all boils down to the underlying cause. So, let’s first find out why you can’t view iPhone photos on Windows!

Why can’t I see iPhone photos on a PC?

Here are a few reasons you can’t open iPhone photos on a PC:

Improper connection: This is one of the most common reasons you can’t view photos on an iPhone from a PC. It could be a damaged cable, a malfunctioning port, or a loose connection.

Outdated drivers: For any device to work efficiently, the PC should have updated drivers. If outdated drivers are installed, you will encounter similar issues every now and then.

Missing permissions: You need to trust the computer and allow it to access files to view photos on the PC.

No photos on iPhone to import: In some cases, users realized that there were no photos stored on the iPhone, probably due to syncing with iCloud or when the device is new.

Incompatible iTunes app: Running an older version of the iTunes app or one not meant for the installed OS can also trigger issues when connecting your iPhone to a Windows PC.

What can I do if I can’t access iPhone photos on PC?

Here are a few preliminary checks and quick tricks we recommend you try first:

Make sure the iPhone is unlocked when you connect it to the Windows PC.

Disconnect the cable from the two, restart both the iPhone and the PC, and then connect them again.

Use a different USB cable or plug it into another port on the PC since it could be a malfunctioning port or damaged cable to blame when you can’t access iPhone photos on the PC.

Check the Photos app on the iPhone and make sure the photos you are trying to access or import are available there.

Install any pending Windows update since there was a bug in the OS that prevented users from accessing photos on the iPhone, and a patch for it is expected.

If none work, move to the solutions listed next.

1. Allow the PC to access photos and videos

When faced with the issue, most users realized that the PC never had permission to access photos on videos on the iPhone. They often overlooked the prompt that appeared.

So, when you connect your iPhone to the PC, tap on Allow or Trust in the prompt and enter the passcode to confirm.

The prompt appears when you have the device unlocked while connecting and is vital to access iPhone photos on the PC.

2. Use a media manager and set the downloader to open automatically

Adobe Bridge software is a powerful media manager that you may have used before. However, has it occurred to you that the quickest solution to your issue resides in downloading it to your computer?

Expert tip:

Installing it is a job of mere seconds, so there’s nothing stopping you. Then, set it, so the downloader opens automatically when you plug in your iPhone.

If iPhone is not showing up in File Explorer, Adobe Bridge might be a great alternative, so be sure to try it out.

3. Authorize the computer

When you can’t access or import iPhone photos on the PC, try authorizing the computer to acquire the missing permissions and get things in order.

4. Reinstall iTunes

Often an incompatible or outdated version of iTunes could be responsible when you can’t access iPhone photos on the PC, and simply doing a fresh install of the latest version should do the job.

5. Check the iPhone settings

Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone.

Scroll down and select the Photos app.

Go to Transfer to Mac or PC settings, and select Keep Originals.

6. Use the Photos app

If you can’t access iPhone photos on the PC, using the Windows Photos app to import them should work. It’s a quick and seamless way to import iPhone photos, and you wouldn’t have to rely on File Explorer again.

7. Reinstall the Apple Mobile Device driver

When nothing else works, a driver issue is likely the culprit when you can’t access iPhone photos on the PC. If reinstalling it doesn’t work, you can manually install the latest driver version to get things up and running.

If the problem persists, you can use a reliable PC to iPhone file transfer app to seamlessly import photos.

Users who have fixed the issue with alternative methods can share their resolutions below.

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3 Ways To Send Photos From Iphone To Windows Pc – Webnots

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Sending Photos from iPhone Windows PC

You can follow one of the below options to send pictures from iPhone to PC.

1. Using iCloud Web Access

You need iCloud account in order to use any Apple devices like iPhone, Mac or iPad. It helps to use the continuity features like Handoff or Universal Clipboard. In addition, you can synchronize all your photos and get on any devices using iCloud account.

First, you have to enable iCloud on your iPhone in order to synchronize the pictures and videos from your photo steam to cloud.

Tap on “Settings” app on your iPhone and then tap on your Apple ID shown on top.

Select “iCloud” option and then tap on “Photos”.

Enable “iCloud Photos” option.

Download Photos from iCloud

You can either download the unmodified original photos or choose the most compatible download for your PC. Windows will save all the selected photos in a zip file called “iCloud Photos”. You can rename the file and unzip to extract all images.

Learn how to use iCloud in Windows PC.

2. Transfer to Windows PC Using Cable

If you do not want to use iCloud account for any reasons then the easy way is to physically connect the devices. You can connect your iPhone to Windows PC using the lightning cable and transfer the photos.

Import Photos from iPhone to PC

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Customizing Import Settings

You will see an import success message, after transferring the selected photos to your PC.

Import Photo Successful

3. Using Third-party Apps

There are many third-party apps available for transferring your photos to Windows PC. You can use the free apps like “SHAREit – Connect & Transfer”, “Send Anywhere – File Transfer” or “Photo Transfer App” for this purpose. For example, SHAREit allows you to transfer the photos by installing app on your iPhone and PC. While you can generate link with authentication code using Send Anywhere app by registering an account.

Therefore, choose the app depending upon your need like free or paid and whether you want to install additional app on PC. Here we will explain, how to transfer photos using the “Photo Transfer App”.

Photo Transfer App

Install the app on your iPhone and open it.

On the first screen, you will see options for send or receive photos and tap on “Send” option.

Select Send Option

Select “Windows” option under “Send over Wi-Fi”. You should have connected PC and iPhone on the same wireless network connection for this option to work. Otherwise, choose other options as you need.

Select Windows PC

Choose the “Use Web Browser” option to move on to next screen.

Select Web Browser Option

Tap “Select” to choose your pictures for transfer. You will see an IP address with port to access the selected pictures on the browser.

Select Photos and Note IP

Open a browser on your PC and type the IP/port shown on the app.

Choose Download Options

The app will send notification to authorize accessing the photos on your iPhone. Choose one time or always access based on your need.

Download Photos from iPhone to PC

Final Words

We hope the above explained methods will help you to transfer the photos from your iPhone to PC. Each method has its own pros and cons depending upon your need. The easy way is to use the lightning cable to transfer the photos.

7 Easy Ways To Fixbsod Error In Windows 11

7 Easy Ways to Fix chúng tôi BSOD Error in Windows 11 Check the best solutions that have been carefully tested




Several users after upgrading to Windows 11 have reported encountering the chúng tôi BSOD error.

The error puts your system in an endless reboot loop and can be caused due to corrupt system files, issues with the partition, malfunctioning hardware, or improper connections, amongst other problems.

Also, find out how to reduce the chances of encountering BSOD errors in Windows 11.



Fix Windows 11 OS errors with Fortect:

This tool repairs common computer errors by replacing the problematic system files with the initial working versions. It also keeps you away from system errors, BSoDs, and repairs damages made by malware and viruses. Fix PC issues and remove viruses damage now in 3 easy steps:

Download and Install Fortect on your PC

Launch the tool and Start scanning to find broken files that are causing the problems

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readers this month.

BSOD errors are the most frustrating of all since these cause the OS to crash and lead to the loss of unsaved data. When you encounter one, the Startup Repair utility comes to aid. But that, too, is an ineffective fix against the chúng tôi error in Windows 11.

This path is mentioned and presented with two options, Shut Down or Advanced options. If you choose the former, Windows will enter an endless reboot loop.

The error could happen due to several reasons, with each having a specific fix, as discussed in the following sections. By the time you reach the end of the article, the chúng tôi error in Windows 11 should be resolved.

What is a Srttrail TXT error?

The chúng tôi error indicates an issue with the automatic repair system. From here on, users can run the Advanced Repair or shut down the computer. And the former is generally the ideal fix for the chúng tôi error in Windows 11.

If you are wondering what it is, the chúng tôi file is a log kept by Windows of the instances it couldn’t boot properly. Also, for those trying to go for chúng tôi Windows 11 download, the file is already stored on the PC and cannot be downloaded on the web.

What causes the chúng tôi error in Windows 11?

If you are wondering what causes SrtTrail txt error, we have listed all possible reasons below.

Conflicting software: Many programs may trigger the BSOD error, and the only solution is to uninstall the program responsible for it.

Corrupt system files: A PC with corrupt system files does not function well, has slow performance, and often crashes with a BSOD.

Malware or virus infection: When a computer is infected with malware or virus, you are just as likely to encounter the error.

Issues with the hardware: A hardware component, for instance, the RAM, or even an external peripheral, when not connected properly or malfunctioning, can lead to the BSOD error.

How can I fix the chúng tôi BSOD error on Windows 11? 1. Disconnect non-critical devices

Your primary approach when dealing with BSOD errors is to disconnect the non-critical external devices. Many incompatible devices are known to conflict with the functioning of the OS, thus leading to errors.

After disconnecting the devices, restart the computer and check if the chúng tôi error in Windows 11 is fixed. If that’s the case, reconnect the removed devices one at a time and restart the computer to identify the one causing the problem.

2. Disable Automatic Repair


After disabling Automatic Repair, check if the chúng tôi error in Windows 11 is eliminated.

3. Repair Master Boot Record (MBR)


You now know how to reach the Advanced Options and all the fixes from now on will start from this window only.

Launch the Command Prompt window from Advanced options.

Paste the following command and hit Enter.bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd

Next, execute the following command.bootrec.exe /fixmbr

Finally, type/paste the following command and hit Enter to execute it.bootrec.exe /fixboot

Once done, restart the computer and check if the chúng tôi error in Windows 11 is fixed.

The Master Boot Record or MBR, is stored on the first sector of the storage drive and contains the necessary code required for the system to boot. If there are problems with it, you are likely to encounter issues booting the OS.

4. Verify device partition

Go to the Advanced options window and select Command Prompt from the listed options.

Paste the following command and hit Enter.bcdedit

Now, check if partition=C: is listed next to device and osdevice.

If that’s not the case, execute the following commands one a time.bcdedit /set {default} device partition=c: bcdedit /set {default} osdevice partition=c:

Now, restart the computer.

5. Run SFC and Check Disk scan

Select Command Prompt from the options listed in the Advanced options windows.

Next, type/paste the following command and hit Enter to run the SFC scan.sfc /scannow

Once the scan is complete, execute the following command to run the Check Disk utility.chkdsk /r c:

After running both commands, restart the computer. If Windows couldn’t repair chúng tôi running an SFC scan might do the trick. Also, it might work as a chúng tôi Windows 10 fix.

The SFC (System File Checker) scan is used to identify corrupt system files. And if any are found, they are replaced with a cached copy stored on the computer. The limitation here is that only the system files are scanned, which is where the Check Disk utility comes into the picture.

The Check Disk utility scans your drive for any corruption and bad sectors and effectively eliminates both. Since it scans the whole drive, the utility takes more time as compared to the SFC scan. Thus it’s recommended that you first run the SFC scan and if the error is not fixed, go with the Check Disk utility.

6. Check system hardware

If the methods listed above haven’t worked, the problem could likely be with the hardware itself. In which case, you would be required to either get it repaired or replaced.

But, before you do that, let’s first make sure that all connections are properly done. For this, remove and reconnect your hard drive, battery, and RAM while wiping any dust fragments during the process. Make sure you remove and reconnect these while the system is turned off.

Expert tip:

If that, too, doesn’t fix the chúng tôi error in Windows 11, check if any of the hardware components are damaged and get them either repaired or replaced.

7. Reset your Windows 11 PC

In case the hardware components seem to work fine, you have no other option but to reset Windows 11 to its factory settings.

There are various ways you can do this, but since you cannot boot the OS, we recommend either going with the Command Prompt method or selecting the Reset this PC option in the Troubleshoot window.

Resetting the PC will remove all saved applications and configured settings, though you have the option to keep the files. Once the PC is reset, it should work the same way it did when you first purchased it and the chúng tôi error in Windows 11 would be fixed.

In case the reset feature is not working, check our dedicated guide to eliminate the underlying problem.

How do I prevent BSOD errors in Windows 11?

BSOD errors are regarded as one of the most dreaded and intricate ones owing to the prolonged troubleshooting time and the lack of available information.

The stop code following the error doesn’t divulge much about the underlying cause, which makes it further difficult to diagnose and eliminate the issue.

A few simple tips and tricks will come in handy to prevent or eliminate most of the BSOD errors in Windows 11 as well as the previous iterations.

Always keep the installed drivers up-to-date, make sure all the connected peripherals are compatible, do not install shady third-party apps that might potentially harm the system, and never make unnecessary changes to the Registry.

If you have any malfunctioning or problematic programs installed, learn how to uninstall apps in Windows 11.

How do I fix the automatic repair loop in Windows 11?

An automatic repair loop, as the name suggests, is when your computer tries to fix things with Automatic Repair but is unable to, and it goes on in a loop.

Though fixing the automatic repair loop in Windows 11 isn’t as tricky as it sounds, and all you have to do is identify and eliminate the root cause behind it. This includes issues with the Registry, problematic files, incompatible hardware, or malware.

That’s all there’s to the chúng tôi error in Windows 11 and the most relevant fixes for it. Once you are done executing the methods listed above, the error should be eliminated, and the system will be up and running in no time.

In case you are encountering the error on the previous iteration, find out how to resolve the chúng tôi error in Windows 10.

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7 Quick Ways To Fix Apex Legends Lag Spikes On Pc

7 Quick Ways to Fix Apex Legends Lag Spikes on PC Fix Apex Legends lag spikes and dominate the battlefield once again




Apex Legends is an awesome multiplayer game, but you might have trouble getting it to work due to lag spikes.

Try using a different server or check if your network connection is working correctly to fix this issue.

Updating your drivers can prevent this and many other problems in Apex Legends.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Apex Legends is an awesome game you can play on Steam, but you might stumble upon connectivity issues now and then.

So if you’re looking for a way to fix Apex Legends lag spikes, high ping, FPS drops, or latency issues on your PC, we’re here to help.

Users reported the issue on many instances, and the Apex Legends lag in firing range was a common observation.

Check out our complete guide below to significantly improve your gaming experience without buying a new PC.

In addition, we prepared a list of foolproof solutions you can try at the software level of your computer.

Why do I keep having lag spikes in Apex?

If you’re experiencing Apex Legends lag spikes on your PC, you may be connecting to a server that’s too far away. That will result in high latency and possibly lag. Also, problems with your network connection will cause lag spikes to occur.

Outdated drivers can also be a problem, so ensure that your graphics and network driver are up to date. If the issue is caused by network problems, such as your ISP, you can fix that with specialized tools.

What is a good ping for Apex Legends?

Low ping is beneficial for enhanced gameplay, and in Apex Legends, you should try to have it in the 20-50 ms range.

You may witness a spike when changing servers or a slow Internet connection. But anything under 80 ms should do for a game like Apex Legends.

1. Choose a different in-game region

Apex Legends lag spikes and high ping could be caused by too many players on the same server.

If you notice peak hours when this happens, like in the evening or at the weekend, this is probably the reason why your entire game is slowed down.

You might not even be able to connect to a server. To resolve the matter, connect to another region in Apex Legends and try again. If the issue persists, keep changing regions until you exhaust all options.

This issue helps if you’re experiencing Apex Legends lag spikes on Xbox or PS5, so be sure to try it.

2. Use a gaming VPN

Using an Apex Legends VPN, you can improve your ping and enhance your gameplay. First, of course, you must connect to a VPN server closer to the region you’re playing it.

We recommend ExpressVPN because it’s the most used in the business and improves your connection and gaming speed.

Created by Kape Technologies, it can protect your computer from DDoS attacks and defend your home router from hackers. Express is also the best VPN choice to fix Apex Legends packet loss.

Plus, this VPN has OpenVPN with 256-bit encryption to secure your data. As a result, it enables your devices to keep a consistent internet connection with fast protocols such as Lightway.

According to our tests, ExpressVPN works well with Xbox One, Android phones, and PS consoles. As a result, you can confidently choose it as the finest VPN for Apex Legends.

Furthermore, in such cases, you can use the virtual server functionality to access blocked websites and games. Express comes with servers in 94 regions.


Use this fast and optimized VPN for gaming to fix Apex Legends lag issues.

Check price Visit website

3. Check your Internet connection

It’s impossible to enjoy a smooth-free online game if your Internet connection is not strong enough to sustain it.

Try running a speed test to determine if your network connection is slower than usual. You could also temporarily launch a different game to see if it has lag spikes like Apex Legends.

If your Internet connection is faulty, you can try restarting your PC and terminating any high-consuming background processes or services needed online, like web browsers, torrenting clients, or download managers.

In addition to that, you can fix your slow Wi-Fi or switch to Ethernet mode.

4. Use Nvidia Control Panel

If you’re experiencing Apex Legends lag spikes due to GPU issues, you can use Nvidia Control Panel to optimize your PC for gaming.

It integrates the most critical PC settings into a user-friendly interface, which you can easily enable or disable for gaming. Besides, the tool is entirely free to use. However, it only works for Nvidia GPUs.

Your device drivers are responsible for everything on your computer, including graphics and sound.

So if you often have to deal with FPS drops in Apex Legends, check if your drivers are updated to the newest edition, especially regarding your GPU.

It’s possible to update the graphics driver manually, but finding what you need on the web might take a while.

On top of that, there’s always the risk of getting incompatible drivers that could harm your operating system. So instead, it’s better to resort to driver update software.

To avoid damaging your system, you can update outdated drivers with Outbyte Driver Updater, a tool that specializes in finding and updating them. The process is safe and will only take a few moments to find old drivers.

Your software is only as good as its latest updates, whether we’re talking about the operating system or gaming platform. So make sure to update Apex Legends and Steam to the newest version.

Remember that this isn’t a 100%-effective solution, and many reported Apex Legends lag after the update.

However, it would help if you stayed away from Steam beta updates. Although they are newer, they don’t guarantee stability.

And, if your Steam updates got stuck, you can fix this problem using our easy workarounds.

The same goes for Windows. If the system update service doesn’t run automatically on your PC, you should check Windows Update for any new critical fixes or security patches at least once a week.

Then, restart your PC several times until all updates get installed, and try running Apex Legends to check for lag spikes.

Using the abovementioned solutions, you should have fixed Apex Legends lag spikes and other latency problems.

Also, please find out how to optimize the PC for gaming and get the best performance out of it.

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Your Browser Can’t Access The Clipboard

Your Browser Can’t Access the Clipboard [Multiple Devices & Apps] This copy-paste error can be easily fixed using browser extensions




The message Y

our browser can’t access the clipboard c

an sometimes pop up in your browser.

The quickest way to fix this issue is to check if clipboard copying works in a different browser.

Alternatively, you can try using clipboard extensions or keyboard shortcuts.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

Many users have reported that the copy-paste function doesn’t work inside their browser, and an error message appears saying Your browser doesn’t allow clipboard access.

It can affect the speed at which you can copy-paste texts in your browser.

This issue is a security feature implemented inside browser software that protects you from third parties getting access to your computer’s clipboard data. This action is performed by JavaScript not being given access to your clipboard.

Your browser can’t access the clipboard issue may appear on any websites or services like Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, Google Docs, or Microsoft Teams on devices like Mac, Windows PC, iPad, iPhone, Linux, etc.

When you face this type of issue, you may see a message like the followings:

Because of your browser security settings, the editor is not able to access your clipboard data directly. You are required to paste it again in this window.

Why can my browser not access the clipboard?

There are multiple reasons your web browser is not able to access the clipboard or copy-paste feature of the OS. After doing some research, we have found the followings:

The browser has a permission issue on your device

Internal components of the browser have been corrupted

It’s a known bug of a specific browser or a specific version of the browser

Any of the third-party extensions or services is preventing your browser from accessing the clipboard

If this problem occurs, you may not get any clue what is actually causing this error. However, you can easily fix it.

We will explore in this article a few methods that can help you copy-paste your content no matter what browser you’re using. Read on to find out how.

How do I make my browser access my clipboard? 1. Use a different browser

In some cases, this issue can be related to your browser. For example, in the past, we saw people faced your browser can’t access the clipboard issue on Safari, Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, but not in some other browsers.

So, in order to fix it, switching to a different browser might be the best solution. In this case, We suggest you consider using Opera One.

This browser is built on the Chromium engine. Therefore, it supports all the same features and extensions. In addition to that, Opera One also has some fantastic free add-ons for the clipboard that you can use.

Expert tip:

To install the clipboard add-on, do the following:

Visit the Opera One add-ons page.

On the Skim the clipboard section, select Add to Opera.

It’s definitely worth giving it a try for a much faster and enhanced web experience.

Opera One

Enhance your web experience with Opera One’s amazing features.

Free Visit Website

2. Use keyboard shortcuts

Press the Ctrl + C keys on your keyboard to copy the text.

Next, press the Ctrl + V keys on your keyboard to paste the text.

This is a neat little trick, but it can help if your browser can’t access the clipboard.

3. Install add-ons to your preferred browser 3.1 Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome.

Download and install Clipboard Permission Manager from the Chrome Store.

This extension will allow you to give JavaScript access to your local clipboard for each of the pages that you visit.

3.2 Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox.

Download and install Clipboard Manager from the Firefox Store.

This add-on will allow you to activate the local clipboard from your PC, but it only works for pasting text, and not copying.

3.3 Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge.

Download and install the Clipboard Helper browser extension.

Please use caution when activating the JavaScript access to your computer’s local clipboard, as this can pose a security threat. Make sure to use these items only on sites that you are sure don’t pose any third-party phishing possibility. The details regarding why this is a risk were mentioned above.

In many cases, you may have seen a message like: Pasting from the clipboard is currently turned off by your browser. Local data will be used. When you have a proper extension, you can easily overcome this type of issue.

This is a workaround, but it can come in handy if your browser can’t access the clipboard.

In this article, we discussed why your browser doesn’t normally allow clipboard access and what you can do to change that.

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3 Easy Ways To Install Git On Macos

If you’re a budding programmer with a new Mac, and want to start coding, then you may be wondering how to install Git on macOS. Git is an open-source version control system that’s used by coders, developers, and programmers all over. You will be able to use Git to maintain a code log, collaborate with other coders, track errors, and more.

Here’s how you can install Git on macOS and get started with coding. Of course, before we begin, make sure you have a Mac machine and know how to use the Terminal.

What is Git?

Git is a version control system, an open-source one, that can be used by developers and coders worldwide. It helps you collaborate with other codes on a project and track the development. You can also keep an eye on errors, and avoid interfering in other’s work.

Github is where most of the projects are maintained, and installing Git on your computer will allow you to submit code to Github, communicate with members, and more. Now, there are a couple of ways to install Git on macOS, and we’re going to take a look at three of the easiest methods.

How to install Git on Mac

If you’ve already got Xcode installed on your Mac, then the program will automatically install a version of Git. However, this is usually not the latest version, which is why it’s always better to install Git manually. After you’ve installed Git on your system, you can confirm it by launching Terminal and typing ‘git –version‘.

Check out: How to customize the look of Terminal on Mac

1) Use standalone Git installer for macOS

This is the easiest way to install Git on your Mac. There’s a standalone Git installer available for macOS that’s been developed by Tim Harper. Follow the steps below to download and install the package.

Launch your preferred browser and download the installer.

Install the package like you’d install any other third-party app.

Follow the steps in the installation wizard. Choose your options and set up Git according to your preferences.

After installation is complete, verify that Git is installed.

Git has now been successfully installed on your Mac. If you’re facing issues with this method, then follow the next one.

2) Install Git using Homebrew

Most developers prefer installing Homebrew on their Mac. This is a well known software management system that allows you to install command-line utilities and apps, such as Git. This method also lets you install git on a newer M1 Apple computer. However, some packages and utilities haven’t been optimized for Apple Silicon yet.

To install Homebrew, follow this guide on the official website. It’s fairly simple and you just need to type this command in Terminal.

One you’ve installed it, follow the steps below to install Git.

Launch Terminal again.

Type in ‘ -brew install git‘ in the Terminal and hit enter.

The installation should now begin. Once it’s finished, verify the same.

3) Install Git with GitHub desktop

Once again, after the installation is complete, verify that Git has been isntalled by using the command ‘git –version‘.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! Some easy methods on how you can install Git on macOS. The easiest one would be to download the standalone installer. You can now start coding, creating branches, manage projects via Github, etc.

Update the detailed information about Can’t Access Iphone Photos On Pc: 7 Easy Ways To Open Them on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!