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ChatGPT is a potent AI language model that’s now frequently employed at various organizations and different levels. However, while using it, many users, including myself, have run into network issues. These errors are frustrating and hinder the smooth functioning of the model. Thankfully, I’m back with the best solutions to fix ChatGPT network error.

What causes ChatGPT network error?

ChatGPT is easy to access using your Mac, iPhone, or Apple Watch. Nevertheless, running into network errors is a prevalent issue. There is a plethora of causes for this, but among the most frequent causes are slow internet connectivity, server outages, or high demand.

You can scroll down the article for a thorough exploration of the possible causes and solutions to troubleshoot this issue.

13 Solutions to fix network errors on ChatGPT

With the simple and straightforward techniques described below, fixing ChatGPT “Network Error” can be a breeze.

1. Check if ChatGPT server is down

If you encounter a network error while using ChatGPT, the initial step is to visit the Open AI status page and verify the current status of the servers. This will allow you to determine if the issue is isolated from your connection or if other users are also experiencing downtime.

2. Reload ChatGPT

3. Check internet connectivity

Verifying internet connectivity is another potential solution to address the ChatGPT Network Error on Mac when encountering long responses. There are several steps that you can take to check for internet connectivity issues and troubleshoot network errors.

4. Sign out and sign in to ChatGPT

After logging out, wait a short while before logging back in. Your system will have enough time to refresh and create a new connection to the server during the brief pause.

5. Switch to a different browser, device, or network

One of the quickest fixes you can try to counter the problem of ChatGPT Network Errors on Long Responses is to try switching to a different browser, device, or network. Sometimes, the issue may be with your current network settings or browser configuration, and by switching to a different option, you may be able to circumvent the problem and connect to ChatGPT successfully.

6. Avoid long-tail queries

Even though ChatGPT hasn’t officially stated the character limit for either the prompt or the response, I’d suggest keeping it to a maximum of 1500 characters. If you exceed this limit, network errors may occur, which will be inconvenient for you.

It is also recommended to enter your query in a clear and concise manner. By adopting this approach, you can ensure that the tool provides relevant and practical solutions.

7. Clear browser data and cookies

Any information that is saved in your browser, such as cookies, cache, and browsing history, is referred to as browser data. Clearing your browser’s cookies and data can be beneficial if you are experiencing network issues while using ChatGPT.

Additionally, when cookies become corrupted or out-of-date, they can occasionally cause network errors. For further assistance, please refer to our article on how to clear the cookies and data from your Mac’s Safari browser.

8. Change DNS server

Another possible cause behind ChatGPT’s Network Error could be an outdated or improperly configured DNS server. You can fix it by following our article on how to modify the DNS server on your Mac.

9. Flush DNS

You can use the flush DNS method to remove the DNS records from your previous visit to the ChatGPT website that is still present on your Mac’s temporary storage. This will allow you to have brand-new storage of your current session and fix the issue of ChatGPT Network Error. You can also refer to our article for simple instructions on how to flush your DNS cache on a Mac.

10. Check for VPN Extensions

While a VPN is a fantastic tool for sending internet traffic over a secure network, it can occasionally result in issues, like network errors, when attempting to access ChatGPT through your browser. You have two options for resolving this problem: reconnect to your VPN server or connect to a different VPN.

11. Report the problem to OpenAI

Reporting a problem to OpenAI is one of the easiest and simplest processes to solve the issues of network errors. Follow the steps outlined below.

Head to the OpenAI Help Center.

Follow the instructions provided to report your problem to OpenAI.

If recent reports are to be true, then OpenAI might even pay you to find bugs!

12. Get ChatGPT+ subscription

13. Other common fixes

Reset IP address: Resetting the IP address can be a useful solution for fixing ChatGPT network errors on a Mac. You can find detailed instructions on how to fix this issue by reading our article on resetting the IP address on a Mac.

Turn off Extensions: Extensions can sometimes interfere with connectivity, causing network errors to occur. To disable extensions on your web browser, simply go to the browser name in the menu → Select extensions → turn off any that are currently active. Once this is done, try accessing ChatGPT again to see if the network error has been resolved.

Update your macOS: The ChatGPT Network Error may also be resolved by updating your macOS to the newest version. By doing this, you can be sure that you have the most recent security updates, bug fixes, and performance improvements. To do this, just follow the instructions in our article on how to update macOS on Mac.


Will using a VPN cause ChatGPT Network Error on Mac?

Yes, it’s very likely that ChatGPT is unable to connect to its servers due to the VPN service you’re using. If you’re facing this issue, you can try using a different VPN for your Mac.

What if the ChatGPT server is down?

You can wait for the server to return online or report the problem to the ChatGPT support staff.

Can an outdated operating system cause ChatGPT Network Error on Mac?

Yes, an outdated operating system can result in ChatGPT Network Error on Mac.

What if ChatGPT Network Error on Mac occurs only on a specific Wi-Fi network?

If a particular Wi-Fi network is the only one where ChatGPT Network Error on Mac happens, there might be a problem with the network itself. To see if the problem still exists, you can try joining a different Wi-Fi network or using a wired internet connection.

Bye! ChatGPT Network Error!

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Connecting To Csgo Network Error

Some users have complained that they are unable to connect to CSGO Server. When trying to connect, the game says Connecting to the CSGO Network. This issue is usually related to your network, but sometimes, it is can be caused because of the app as well. In this post, we are going to talk about this issue and see what can be done to fix it.

Why wont my CSGO connect to the network?

There are various reasons which can stop CSGO from connecting to the network. We have mentioned some of the most common ones below, but they are not all, there are some other less-common causes. However, we have mentioned all the possible solutions hereinafter.

CSGO might fail to connect to the network due to some glitch. There can be glitches in the network or in your computer.

You may also face the issue in question if Data Execution Prevention is disabled. More on that later.

Corrupted game files are another reason for this issue.

As mentioned earlier, this list can be longer, but we are not going to find causes, we will fix them. So, let us go to the troubleshooting guide.

Fix Connecting to the CSGO Network error on Windows PC

When you see the Connecting to the CSGO Network error while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game you could try some of the common solutions to fix the problem:

Reboot your computer

Restart your network devices

Try re-connecting to the servers

Turn on Data Execution Prevention

Check CSGO Server Status

Opt in and Out of Beta

Repair Game Files

Try Google DNS

Check your firewall security

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Reboot your computer

Let us start by restarting your computer. Restarting will resolve any glitch that you may have and also stop any processes that can cause trouble for you. So, go ahead and restart your system, then open the game and see if it’s connecting.

2] Restart your network devices

After rebooting your computer, we need to restart your router and make sure that it’s there is no network glitch that you are facing. Follow the prescribed steps to restart your router the right way.

Turn off your router and unplug them.

Wait for 5 minutes and then plug the router back in.

Turn it on and see if the issue persists.

Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

3] Try re-connecting to the servers

Open CSGO game.

Queue up for Match-making (MM) in any mode.

Resume search after 1 minute. Make sure not to close the game at this point.

Do the Match-making search again, after a couple of minutes you’ll connect to the servers automatically and back online.

Cancel search.

4] Turn on Data Execution Prevention

Data Execution Prevention stops malware from running in the memory of your Windows computer. A lot of users have claimed that they were able to resolve the error in question just by turning on DEP. We are going to do the same and see if it works. Follow the prescribed steps to do the same.

Search for “Advanced System Settings” and open it.

Go to the Data Execution Prevention tab.

Select Turn on DEP for All Programs and Services Except those I select.

Now, open the game and see if it’s connecting.

5] Check CSGO Server Status

You should also check the server status of CSGO and make sure that it’s not down. We have a list of free down detectors, you can use any one of them to know the status. If the server is down, all you have to do is wait for the developers to get the issue resolved.

6] Opt in and Out of Beta

For some users, opting in and out of Steam Beta worked. This works because it refreshes your account. We are going to do the same and see if this does our job.

Open Steam.

Select Steam Beta.

Now, try playing the game and see if it works.

To opt-out of Steam Beta, you need to go to Steam settings, then change Beta Participation to NONE- Opt out of all beta programs. Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

7] Repair Game Files

CSGO may also fail to connect to the server if the game files are corrupted. Let us repair the game files and see if that works. You can follow the prescribed steps to do the same.

Open Steam.

Go to Library.

Once the files are repaired, your issue should be resolved.

8] Try Google DNS

Next up, let us set up Google DNS and see if that works. This is a known fact that switching to Google DNS does help in eliminating network issues. You can try to do the same and see if that helps. So, check our guide on how to switch to Google Public DNS, do that, and see if that helps.

9] Check your firewall security

It’s quite possible that your firewall is blocking CSGO from communicating to the Internet. To make sure that’s not the case, and you’ve allowed the game to pass through the Windows Defender Firewall do the following.

10] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

If nothing works, then we need to put a bit of blame on third-party apps. To know which program is interfering with your game, perform Clean Boot. Then try disabling programs one by one and see which one is the culprit. Finally, uninstall the troublemaker and your issue should be resolved.

Read: CSGO takes a long time to start in Windows 11

How long is CS: GO usually down?

CSGO servers are up and running most of the time but there can be instances where servers can be down for a few minutes for maintenance. As such, Steam servers can be down for maintenance anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes. If the company is rolling out some hefty updates, the servers may remain unresponsive for 15 or 20 minutes. Players can check the status by visiting this link.

7 Ways To Fix “Voicemail Error: Try Again Later” Error On Iphone

Voicemail is a handy feature that lets you record a voice message if the other person fails to receive the call on time. However, sometimes you can’t access this feature and get an error message like “Voicemail error, Try again Later.”

Generally, iOS 12 or higher users encounter this error message when setting up Voicemail for the first time. Or, if the cellular signal is weak, there are chances that this error may pop up.

This article will show you how to fix the voicemail error using simple methods. 

There can be many potential causes behind this error message. Some of the common causes are listed below.

Weak Phone Signal.

Device Bugs.

Outdated Software Version.

You might have entered the wrong information.

If the issue is minor, you can get rid of that error message by force closing the app from the background. So, close all the apps running in the background, re-open the phone app, and see if it works for you. If it didn’t work, we have gathered different other ways for you to fix this issue. 

Voicemail mostly depends upon your network carrier. So, if your network carrier doesn’t support this, it might lead to such issue. Or, if your carrier supports this feature but you are still getting such a message, it might be due to the weak phone signal. If you are in a place where the network coverage is bad, you might be unable to use this feature and get such an error message. 

So, you need to monitor your device’s network signal. You should also try taking off your SIM and inserting it again to resolve if your SIM card is hindering the function of Voicemail. 

This is another option you should consider to get rid of voicemail error messages on your iPhone. It could resolve network-related issues by simply toggling on and off the Airplane Mode. When you toggle on the Airplane Mode, it temporarily disables all the network connections. 

But, when you turn it off, your device is forced to reconnect to the network, which can aid in sorting out the issue. This only works if a network-related issue is causing it. But, you can try it anyway, which might work for you. 

We can’t just stress this enough. Rebooting is one of the easiest and most effective techniques to fix many minor software glitches on your device. Rebooting the device has a big chance of fixing the voicemail error message if any software glitches cause it.

It will clear the currently running tasks from memory and force it to start fresh once completely rebooted. Therefore, try restarting and see if it might work for you. 

You might be unaware of this, but your network carrier also rolls out the software update on your device. So, you need to update the carrier settings from time to time to get additional features or fix the network-related problems. When you update the carrier setting, the problem with your Voicemail may also get resolved.

Thus, download the new updates and see if it might fix the issue. To update, you can follow the below steps.  

If you have set a password that failed to comply with the condition of the network carrier, then that can lead to this error message like “Try Again Later.” So, Changing the Voicemail Password also can get the job done to overcome the error message. To change the password, here are the steps below. 

Another reason you are likely to get this error message is if your iPhone is running on the older version of iOS. It’s important to get updated with the latest version as it can fix the previous bugs that might be hindering the device functionality from working properly.

Therefore, update the phone and check if you can now access Voicemail without any error.

4 Ways To Fix The Kmode_Exception_Not_Handled Error In Windows

Facing the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error can be highly disruptive to your workflow. The message is often accompanied by a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), which indicates that the kernel mode of your Windows system encountered an exception that it couldn’t handle. This guide walks you through the different troubleshooting methods to fix this issue.

Good to know: if the Machine Check Exception BSOD error is causing disruption on your PC, we show you what to do to eliminate it.

1. Check for Hardware Issues

Many hardware components can interact with the system in a way that triggers an exception that can’t be handled by the kernel, resulting in error messages.

In the case of the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error, one possible cause is faulty RAM. The RAM module may be defective or incompatible, leading to memory-related issues. To check whether this is the case, remove the RAM module and reinstall it to ensure there are no connectivity issues. If the problem with the RAM is more serious, you may need to replace it.

Image source: Unsplash

Another hardware factor possibly leading to the problem is hard drive issues. Your hard drive may be corrupt or faulty, which is triggering the Blue Screen of Death. To identify the culprit and resolve the issue, initiate a disk check using CHKDSK. If bad sectors or other serious issues are identified during the scan, replacing the hard drive may be necessary.

Finally, we recommend that you make sure the cooling system of your computer is working fine, as overheating can also lead to hardware-related problems, which can result in errors like the one at hand. If you need help, we have a guide to help you select the right CPU cooler for your computer.

Tip: if you’re trying to update your drivers using the NVIDIA GeForce Experience, but it’s not working, check out our article for tips on what to do.

Another common cause of the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED message is outdated drivers in the system. This is typically caused by outdated or faulty network or graphics drivers, but problems with other critical drivers installed in the system can cause Windows to crash as well.

You can find this information in the error message itself. If it is referring to a file name that caused the issue, search for the file online to see which hardware it relates to. Identify the specific driver related to it and update it to fix the problem.

Press Win + S to open the Windows Search utility.

In the following window, look for any drivers that might have an exclamation mark associated with them. These drivers are either outdated or corrupt.

If an updated version is identified, proceed with the on-screen instructions to complete the process, then restart your computer.

Upon reboot, check whether the issue has been resolved. If the error persists, try reinstalling the driver and check whether that makes a difference.

3. Disable Overclocking

Overclocking refers to running computer hardware components, such as the CPU or GPU, at higher frequencies than their default settings. While it improves the overall performance, it can also lead to system instability and crashes.

It puts additional stress on hardware components, forcing them to operate beyond their designed specifications, which can result in issues like the one at hand.

This is why, if you have this feature enabled on your computer, we suggest you disable overclocking and check whether doing so fixes the problem. Disabling it will restore the functionality of the hardware to its default state, stabilize the operating temperature of the components, and remove any compatibility issues that may have been introduced by overclocking.

This process will vary depending on which application you’re using to overclock, but typically, you’ll have to go to the overclocking or CPU settings section and look for (over)clocking options. Disable these features or set them to their default values.

Tip: learn how to safely overclock your graphics card with MSI Afterburner.

4. Disable Fast Startup

Fast Startup is used to improve the boot time in Windows, but it may also contribute to certain issues, including the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error.

This typically happens due to conflicts with certain drivers or hardware components. In this case, disabling the Fast Startup feature is an easy fix to resolve the issue. Just follow these steps:

Press Win + R to open a Run dialog.

Type “control” in Run and press Enter.

In the new window, expand the “View by” category and choose “Large icons.”

Choose “Change settings that are currently unavailable.”

Head to the “Shutdown settings” section, and uncheck the box associated with “Turn on fast startup (recommended).”

If the issue was caused by the Fast Startup feature, hopefully, this will fix it.

Tip: want your PC to boot up as fast as possible? Consider disabling these startup programs.

If the troubleshooting methods listed above did not work for you, there are some additional generic Windows-based fixes to try.

This includes uninstalling updates, updating BIOS, and resetting Windows to its default state. Our guide on the best ways to fix a Blue Screen of Death in Windows explains these fixes in detail, so make sure to check it out and follow the steps carefully.

Restoring Full Function to Your PC

While the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error may initially seem complicated to fix, it is, in fact, quite manageable. By following the solutions outlined above, you can effectively resolve the issue and ensure its long-term resolution.

To prevent the problem from occurring again, we recommend keeping your drivers up to date, maintaining a clean and optimized system, being mindful of hardware compatibility, and creating regular system backups in case something goes wrong.

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Zainab is an Actuarial Sciences graduate from Pakistan with a passion for technology. When she’s not busy writing insightful pieces on Windows and the latest tech trends, you’ll find her with her nose buried in a productivity book, always on the lookout for ways to optimize her workflow and stay ahead of the curve.

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8 Ways To Fix A Zoom Error Code 10002

Do you see an error code 10002 while updating Zoom on your Windows or Mac computer? Zoom’s installer may be having difficulties finding the source files, or your antivirus program may have restricted the app’s update feature. We’ll show you how to resolve these and other items to fix your Zoom issue.

Other reasons you can’t update Zoom are that the app has a minor glitch, you haven’t given app admin access, Zoom’s cache files are problematic, Zoom client files are faulty, and more.

Table of Contents


Force Close and Reopen Zoom on Your Computer

When you can’t update Zoom and get an error, you can force quit and relaunch the app to possibly fix your issue. Zoom may be experiencing a minor glitch, which you can resolve by rebooting the app.

On Windows



, find


, and launch the app.

On macOS







at the same time on your Mac.



on the app list and choose

Force Quit


Relaunch the


application using your preferred method.


Run Zoom With Admin Privileges

Zoom fails to update and displays an error code 10002 because the app doesn’t have admin rights. The lack of these rights causes the app not to make the required changes to your system, leading to an unsuccessful update.

In this case, run the app as an admin, and your issue will be fixed. Note that you don’t have to do this on a Mac computer.



and find




Run as administrator

on the right.



in the

User Account Control



Disable Your Antivirus Software

Zoom says that one of the reasons you get an error 10002 is that your antivirus program has quarantined the files required to update your app. You can turn off your antivirus protection while updating the app to fix your issue.

How you disable your antivirus depends on the program you’re using. In most apps, you’ll find the button to turn the protection on and off on the main screen.

If you’re a Microsoft Defender Antivirus user, use the following steps to turn off your virus protection:

Open the


menu, find

Windows Security

, and launch the app.


Virus & threat protection

in the app.


Manage settings

under the

Virus & threat protection settings


Disable the

Real-time protection




in the

User Account Control


Launch your


app and let the app update.

When you’ve updated the app, re-enable your antivirus protection by toggling on the

Real-time protection



Give Zoom Full Disk Access on Your Mac

One way to resolve a Zoom error code 10002 on a Mac is to give the app full disk access on your machine. A user notes that this solution worked for them, and it’s worth giving this method a shot to resolve your problem.

Select the


logo in your Mac’s top-left corner and choose

System Preferences



Security & Privacy

and choose the




Full Disk Access

in the left pane.

Enable the checkbox next to


on the right pane. If you can’t do this, select the padlock icon at the bottom to unlock your disabled options.

Launch your




Check if Zoom Is Down

If your Zoom app still doesn’t update and generates an error code 10002, Zoom’s servers might be down. The app needs to connect to those servers to download the required update files, and failing to do so causes an update error.

In this case, check if the platform is facing an outage. Head to the Zoom’s Status site or Downdetector to check if the platform is experiencing issues. If these sites tell you that Zoom is down, you’ll have to wait until the platform comes back up to resolve your issue.


Clear Zoom’s Cached Files

Zoom creates and stores cache files on your computer to improve your overall experience with the app. These files may have become corrupt, causing various problems in the app.

In this case, you can clear your app’s cache files to resolve your issue.

On Windows








Open your



On macOS

Launch your




Manually Update Zoom on Your Windows or Mac Machine

If your Zoom auto-update constantly fails, you can manually update the application on your computer. So, download and install the latest app version on your machine.

Access Zoom’s download page in your web browser and download the latest setup file.

Run the downloaded Zoom installer package to update your app.

Launch the updated


app on your machine.


Fully Uninstall and Reinstall Zoom on Your Computer

If your issue persists, Zoom’s core app files might be corrupt. In this case, deleting and reinstalling the app on your computer can fix your issue. After reinstalling the app, you’ll have to log back into your Zoom account.

On Windows



by pressing







on the app list, choose the three dots next to the app, and select





in the prompt to remove your app.

Restart your PC.

Head to Zoom’s download page in your web browser and download the latest app installer.

Run the installer to install the latest version of Zoom on your computer.

On macOS



and select


in the left sidebar.

Open Zoom’s download site in your web browser and download the app to your machine.

Run the Zoom installer to install the app on your Mac.

Fix Zoom Error Code 10002 Using Various Ways

Zoom’s error code 10002 prevents you from updating your app to the latest version. Once you go through the troubleshooting steps, your Zoom desktop client will update just as it should, giving you access to the new features and bug fixes.

Windows 11 Update Error: Why It Fails & How To Fix It

Windows 11 Update Error: Why it Fails & How to Fix it Make sure the Update service is enabled




Windows has a tool called Windows Update that allows you to keep your computer safe by installing the latest security updates and fixes.

The process is not always smooth, as there are times when you’ll have trouble with the Windows update process or may even encounter errors.

Windows updates are critical and should be installed as soon as they become available.

Find out what causes Windows 11 Update errors and how to fix them ASAP.



Fix Windows 11 OS errors with Fortect:

This tool repairs common computer errors by replacing the problematic system files with the initial working versions. It also keeps you away from system errors, BSoDs, and repairs damages made by malware and viruses. Fix PC issues and remove viruses damage now in 3 easy steps:

Download and Install Fortect on your PC

Launch the tool and Start scanning to find broken files that are causing the problems

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Let us show you how to fix Windows 11 update error.

The Windows Update error is a broad description that includes many problems, issues, and errors preventing the update process from going smoothly.

Generally, in most cases, users encounter Windows Update not working on Windows 11 issues when trying to install new updates on their computers.

It contains a long list of error codes, but they prevent you from updating your PC. Some of the common error codes include 0x800f0816 and 0xc1900101.

Windows updates are core to your computer and laptop’s performance. They are there to ensure that your computer is running at its full potential.

However, there can be many reasons you may not be able to install the latest Windows Updates on your computer.

Some of the reasons include:

Network settings – One of the reasons is that you may have turned on the Metered connection setting for your network connection. This setting will prevent Windows 11 from downloading updates connected to that specific network.

Hardware issues – Solving these problems means finding the driver’s location, downloading the updated version, and installing it on your computer. You can find updated drivers for your hardware at their respective manufacturer websites.

Insufficient disk space – Windows 11 is a RAM-hungry OS, so you must ensure your PC always has sufficient space to accommodate the updates. So the first thing to do is free up some disk space so Windows has room to create the files it needs to run.

Corrupt files – If you have corrupt system files on your PC, it could also cause Windows Update to fail. If this is the case, you’ll need to repair the corrupted system files before attempting to install updates again.

If you experience any of these issues, do not fret, there are a bunch of solutions you can attempt to fix the problem.

This being said, let’s see our seven ways in which you can fix the Windows Update error in Windows 11 and get back to your daily tasks.

2. Use a third-party tool

Corrupt or missing files usually cause update errors. Specialized software is helpful because it is designed to replace corrupted files with new Windows files and components.

A third-party tool can solve Windows 11 Windows Update errors by scanning your PC for missing or corrupted files that could be causing these issues with your operating system. Once it has narrowed down the problem, it will repair the affected areas using its massive database.

Another quick fix is to run the Windows Update troubleshooter. We have a dedicated guide on it if you need more info about this tool.

4. Free up disk space 5. Run DISM and SFC commands 6. Disable Windows Defender temporarily

Press the Windows + I keys simultaneously to open Settings.

Type Windows Security in the search box and select Open.

Navigate to Virus & threat protection.

Select Public network.

Toggle Microsoft Defender Firewall off.

If you have tried all the solutions listed above but are still getting the Windows 11 Windows Update error, you should proceed to do a clean boot.

To perform a clean boot, follow the steps below:

Many Windows update errors might pop up on your screens. Some of them are the following:

Why is Windows 11 failing to install?

There are a few reasons why the installation may fail, including:

Will a clean boot delete my files?

No, stopping unnecessary services and processes will not remove your files. Clean booting does not access, modify or delete personal data from your computer.

A clean boot is a troubleshooting technique that starts Windows with the minimum drivers and startup programs so that you can determine whether a background program is interfering with your game or program.

It helps eliminate software conflicts (for example, you might encounter a problem installing a program or an update).

However, as a precaution, you will need to make a backup of your files. To do this, you can use a software program that will allow you to back up your entire system.

You can also delete backup cache files to free up more disk space if you still face the Windows Update error.

Can’t install Windows 11 even though I meet the requirements?

While the minimum requirements are essential in installing the OS, other factors should be considered.

Earlier in this guide, we shed light on some of them, including old and non-essential apps, compatibility issues with antivirus apps, and outdated drivers. You should make sure that non of these are an issue before retrying the upgrade or installation.

Taking note of these will help you if Windows 11 installation has failed even with no error code.

We hope you know know how to fix Windows 11 update errors.

It is important to note that we have not made these solutions in any particular order, and we expect that you pick the solutions that seem most appropriate to your case.

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