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Developer ZeptoLab, based out in Russia, has seen wild success following the release of its charming puzzler, Cut the Rope, [$0.99 for iPhone, $3.99 for iPad] in the App Store three years ago.

Originally an iPhone exclusive, the game has been ported to virtually every computing platform under the Sun since its October 2010 debut.

After posting a teaser trailer a month ago – and having subsequently announced that a Cut the Rope sequel will be ready in time for the holidays – ZeptoLab has now made known the official release date for Cut the Rope 2: next Thursday, December 19.

And in a repeat of 2010, the game is slated to debut as an iOS exclusive, featuring 120 levels, new characters and tweaked gameplay.

Want to hear the best bit?

Cut the Rope fans – and if you haven’t played it yet, you’re missing out on something exceptional, refreshing and truly addictive – will feel right at home in Cut the Rope 2: Om Nom’s Unexpected Adventure.

The plot involves a band of sneaky spiders and the hot air balloon that resembles – you guessed right – a giant piece of candy. The sequel still features Om Nom, a cutesy little green monster that you must feed candy while attempting to collect as much stars as you can.

But there’s a twist to the story this time around as Om gets to be joined by a cast of other characters – the Nommies – whose special abilities will help our hero collect more candy (fortunately enough, they discarded a wormlike Nommie character).

Cut the Rope 2 introduces the amusing ability to interact with Om Nom and move him on-screen for the very first time. But enough talking, check out the first gameplay trailer.

Graphics-wise – as evidenced by the screenies – Cut the Rope 2 packs in colorful and charming visuals that’ll really pop on those Retina screens. It’s almost like an interactive cartoon, “with the lively and diverse animations, rich sounds, and unexpected gameplay situations,” explains ZeptoLab co-founder and Creative Director Semyon Voinov.

And as Om Nom ventures out into the world for the first time, there will be a bunch of new locations, from a lush forest, dirty junkyard and sandy dam to a busy city, underground and lots more.

Each character has a signature environment of its own that defines its appearance and special abilities. For example, a character named Roto uses the helicopter principle to fly through the forest. Another one, Toss, has an extra spring-shaped limb on its head that can throw all kinds of things up in the air.

Another one called Boo has sharp teeth that lets it move with ease through ventilation systems. Or, how about chameleon-like Lick, a creature with an unbelievably long tongue to collect fruits and berries from trees and shrubs and pull themselves up high ledges?

Clever marketing, indeed.

And if you can’t get enough of Om Nom, watch clips from ZeptoLab’s animated series, Om Nom Stories, due later this month. The good news doesn’t stop here: a bunch of content updates to existing Cut the Rope games are in ZeptoLab’s pipeline.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel (the prequel to Cut the Rope) was already updated with the Wild West and The Future era levels, depicted in the above video.

Content packs are due this month for Cut the Rope: Experiments, too [$1.99 for iPhone, $3.99 for iPad]. And, Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is now available on Android for the first time as a free download, just like on iOS [free iPhone download, free iPad download].

Last but not least, ZeptoLab is gearing up to release a brand new game, Bamboo Chutes, for iOS and Android.

Blues can reproduce themselves quickly in a fraction of a second.

Blues can reproduce themselves quickly in a fraction of a second.

To celebrate the holiday launch, Cut the Rope 2 will initially run you 99 cents, which’ll buy you a universal binary running natively on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

The Android version will debut early next year as a free-to-play release.

You may also want to check out the official Cut the Rope 2 website.

Did you play Cut the Rope games?

And if so, what did you think of them and are you looking forward to Cut the Rope 2?

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Ultima Thule: The First Close Photos And Icy New Info

Ultima Thule: The first close photos and icy new info

An entirely new kind of space body was seen over the past few hours – and what a strange sort of space matter it is! This is Ultima Thule, the latest space object detected and photographed by NASA’s New Horizons mission. This was the same mission that gave us our closest-ever look at Pluto – now it’s headed beyond – out into the Kuiper Belt!

After a few hours of waiting for images to be beamed back from the Ultima Thule flyby, we now have our closest views yet of this super strange space body: Ultima Thule. This is what’s called a Contact Binary – two separate entities that combined to create one. “The team has dubbed the larger sphere “Ultima” (12 miles/19 kilometers across) and the smaller sphere “Thule” (9 miles/14 kilometers across).”

While it might seem like this is all one lumpy set of rocks, the consistencies are that of ice – and the surfaces are anything but flat. They aren’t as mottled as our moon, but they’re not particularly smooth – and might not be made from one single sort of matter.

NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute suggest that Ultima Thule is 21 miles (33km) long at its longest, and it is currently rotating. One full rotation takes around 15 hours (give or take an hour). The rotation variables here are figured by watching the light curve given by Ultima Thule – it’s most certainly a spinning set of buddies.

The rotation point (as you’ll see in an image below) is off-center on the larger of two spherical bodies. It would seem that the density of these two bodies has a measure similar to that of water ice.

The first color photography of Ultima Thule was shared today and compared to our best-yet look at Pluto. Notice the similarities between the reddish rocks (or other slightly less obvious sort of matter) on Pluto – a big clobbering of the color – and the entirety of Ultima Thule. Almost like Pluto’s nearest neighbors had something to do with its formation and subsequent bombardment.

NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute and so forth have begun analyzing all aspects of Ultima Thule, including its most basic elements – like its number of hills, ridges, impact craters, etcetera. Notice here how there don’t appear to be any major impact craters. This would indicate that Ultima Thule’s either never had a run-in with another space body and/or was broken off of some other larger body of material so recently that no major added damage has yet occurred.

Jeff Moore of the New Horizons Geology and Geophysics Team, Team Lead, NASA Ames Research Center, spoke a bit about the formation of Ultima Thule. These illustrations (from James Tuttle Keane) show how Ultima Thule was formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago. Gravity is neat!

These are only the first photos of Ultima Thule giving us a good look at the side facing the New Horizons craft. Eventually here we’ll get side photos and backside photos, too. While New Horizons already passed Ultima Thule over a day ago at this point, it’s still going to be sending photos and data it captured during its trip for weeks to come.

Here’s What Nasa Will Launch Aboard Its New Rocket In 2023

The Lunar Flashlight will also be looking for resources on the moon, mapping out locations where lunar ice could be exploited by future human explorers. NASA

Great things come in very small packages. When the Space Launch System–NASA’s new heavy-duty rocket–lifts off in 2023, the primary mission will be to put the uncrewed Orion capsule in a safe orbit out past the moon. (Safe being a key word here.) But the secondary part of Exploration Mission-1 will be to launch several tiny satellites, sending them out to the moon, space, and even an asteroid.

Today, NASA announced which of these CubeSats will be on that first mission.

A few, including BioSentinel and LunaH-Map, already had a spot on Exploration Mission-1, but now it’s official, and five other projects have gotten the green light as well:

Near Earth Asteroid Scout (NEAScout) is a reconnaissance CubeSat that is set to visit an asteroid;

Skyfire will map the lunar surface;

Lunar IceCube will look for more water on the moon;

CuSP is a “space weather station” that will be on the lookout for solar particles;

Lunar Flashlight will look for locations where there is enough ice on the moon to be of use to future crewed missions.

Flip through the gallery above to learn more about each of the seven selected satellites. All of the CubeSats on Exploration Mission-1 are tiny–roughly the size of a shoebox–and light, with some clocking in at just 30 pounds. Fitting large numbers of scientific instruments in such a small space can be a challenge.

“It’s the most complicated game of Tetris you’ve ever played,” said Leslie McNutt, the project manager of NEAScout.

Ultimately, 13 CubeSats will be on Exploration Mission-1. Three slots are reserved for international partners, and NASA is not announcing what those are yet. That leaves three spots for CubeSats designed by viewers like you. Individual inventors and teams from around the country are working on their designs for the Cube Quest Challenge.

“This is an exciting time for teams to launch to the Moon (and beyond), and the Cube Quest Challenge offers an extraordinary opportunity to test their spacecraft, encouraging the next generation of deep space explorers,” said Jim Cockrell, Cube Quest Challenge administrator at NASA.

The Cube Quest Challenge is divided into three parts: Ground Tournaments, which focus on design and safety, will determine who gets those three slots on the SLS. Those three contenders will launch on the SLS in 2023 and race in the Lunar Derby to test their navigation around the moon. Finally, some CubeSats will compete in the Deep Space Derby, focused on communications and longevity of satellites in deep space. The Cube Quest Challenge is putting up $5.5 million total in prize money, which will be split between winners of the different categories.


BioSentinel will carry yeast onboard. After the CubeSat launches, NASA will test the yeast periodically to see how well it is surviving in space. The satellite will also carry instruments that will record how much radiation the CubeSat encounters, and what kinds of radiation. This will be important to future human spaceflight, as humans and radiation don’t mix all that well.


CuSP will measure solar particles in space, hoping to get more insight into space weather, and through that, more accurate forecasts of geomagnetic or solar storms, which can disrupt communications and electrical grids on Earth.

Lunar IceCube

This CubeSat will travel just 62 miles above the lunar surface, looking for and categorizing water resources. This could inform future moon mining operations.

Near-Earth Asteroid Scout (NEAScout)

NEAScout will detach from the Orion capsule and head off towards a nearby asteroid, powered by a magnificent solar sail.


Skyfire will be analyzing and mapping the lunar surface.


LunaH-Map will peer into shadowed areas on the lunar surface looking for valuable reserves of hydrogen near the south pole.

Lunar Flashlight

The Lunar Flashlight will also be looking for resources on the moon, mapping out locations where lunar ice could be exploited by future human explorers.

Avoiding The Obvious Online Store Launch Mistakes

5 common failings for a small business Ecommerce store launch

Launching an online store usually requires plenty of effort and initial expense. Often small business owners and developers make the same mistakes which arise since the ecommerce development process is not yet effective. Ignoring these inefficiencies can be detrimental to the business and result in spending on fixing related issues. .

For success, a web store owner needs to define a project launch plan with a clear marketing strategy. Remember, you create a website not for yourself, but for prospective customers, so take into consideration all of their preferences. Many customers don’t want to spend their precious time on understanding how to use a website, and they will probably go elsewhere – so your ecommerce functionality is crucial!

Here are some critical online business mistakes to avoid:

1. Poor design and functionality

The importance of a memorable and modern design is a significant element of any online store, as customers can make aesthetic judgements about the company itself from the very first glance. Given first impressions count the main aspect is your website layout with a good balance of relevant text and graphics which do not take priority over usability/functionality.  With a responsive or adaptive design, you can be sure your pages will load quickly and it’s optimized for all devices, so your customers are not waiting or abandoning your site.

First of all, it’s essential to offer your buyers an effective and reliable on-site search since this is a core behaviour on Ecommerce sites. The lack of speed and poor search results can frustrate people. For ease of convenience, don’t forget to consider a drop-down menu for ease of choice product selection.  Also providing your visitors with an opportunity to navigate back to previous pages which have been viewed.

 2. Stale Content

The other common mistake is using standard content without regular updates. A website shouldn’t represent a desolate house with no valuable and unique information (online value propositions).

Many online stores omit adequate product information; so as a rule you can find product descriptions taken from manufacturer websites, like thousands of competitor projects. Saying they don’t provide too much information, as people can go direct to the manufacturer?  Use all possible and impossible descriptive methods to outline product features and specifications in your own way to attract prospective clients.

Online store owners add extensive volume of information. Don’t overload your customers with the large articles to read or long video data to review. A lot of vendors think that most of their customers know what they actually want, but this is a substantial mistake: only well-structured and inducing descriptions can sometimes stimulate prospects to make a purchase.

3. Poor payment and shipping information

One of the most important questions for any customer is the product’s complete price and delivery costs. This information should be given to customers as soon as possible,  as no one likes surprises with their final invoice (provide more specific options including  free delivery, for example).  It also applies to delivery terms and options, so consumers know delivery lead times and shipping services.

4. Complex checkout

Many customers are tired or even hate filling in long online application forms. Provide options for modifying orders rather than starting the process from the beginning. Consider an easy checkout process, which is not divided into many steps as it can cause confusion as well as cause shopping card abandonment.

Try to avoid mandatory registration. Remember, customers came to you for an easy and hassle-free shopping experience, so asking for an account creation to submit an order can cause consumers to switch to your competitor. Provide choices for fast purchases and special deals for returning and registered users.

5. Insufficient photo and video reviews

With online stores, customers can’t touch or try products compared to a brick-and-mortar retail store, so they need at least to know how these items look like before making a purchasing decision. For example, tiny, poor quality images will never convince customers of buying something in your web store.  Consider larger professional photos from different perspectives to help conversion.

Video content should now be considered essential for an engaging ecommerce store. Using product review videos of your own production will help your grab prospect’s attention and allow them making the most deliberate choice. I personally upload them to Youtube for easy and the SEO.

Thanks to James Woodgate for sharing his thoughts and opinions in this bog post. James is a community and marketing manager at Simtech Development, an established team of custom shopping cart developers with the main focus on first-class ecommerce development and shopping cart integration. You can follow Simtech on Twitter or Facebook.

Can You Have 2 Snapchat Accounts? And How To Add Them

Having one Snapchat account is not sufficient for some people.

If you own a business, it’s good to have 2 Snapchat accounts—one for business use, and the other for personal use.

That way, you can separate your friends from your customers.

Additionally, it mitigates you from posting business stories in your personal account.

If you have a second account, you can add random users on Snapchat as well.

If you only have 1 Snapchat account, you might lose track of your close friends if you add too many people.

Moreover, you don’t want to be sharing your stories with people that you’re not close with.

In this article, you’ll learn whether you can have 2 Snapchat accounts, and how to add 2 Snapchat accounts on one phone (for both iPhone and Android devices).

Can you have 2 Snapchat accounts?

Yes, you can have 2 Snapchat accounts.

Similar to social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Snapchat allows you to add more than 1 account on the app.

Social media platforms are aware that some people require more than one account.

Hence, these platforms introduced updates to make managing more than one account simple.

For example, on Instagram, you can have up to 5 accounts on a single device.

You can manage these accounts with a single tap.

The reason for having two accounts is simple—you might want to separate your business and your private life.

Other people want to have a second Snapchat account just in case something bad happens to their first one.

At the end of the day, nobody’s account is safe from hackers.

How to add 2 Snapchat accounts

To add 2 Snapchat accounts, you first need to log out of your existing Snapchat account.

Then, you can add a second Snapchat account by tapping on “Sign up”.

After you’ve tapped on “Sign up”, follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for another account.

Your second account will then be displayed on the login screen of Snapchat.

Initially, there’ll only be 1 Snapchat account displayed on the login screen (your main account).

Now that you’ve created a second Snapchat account, it’ll appear on the login screen next to your main account.

You can log in to it by tapping on its profile picture or tapping on the “log in” button.

Remember, if you want to log in to another account on Snapchat, you need to log out of your existing one first.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can add 2 Snapchat accounts on one phone (for both iPhone and Android devices).

1. Log out of your existing Snapchat account

Log out of your existing Snapchat accounts from your settings.

Before you can create a new Snapchat account, you need to log out of your existing one.

This is because there isn’t a feature for you to create a Snapchat account while you’re logged in.

Firstly, open Snapchat on your mobile device.

Once you’re on Snapchat, tap on your profile picture on the top navigation bar.

This will open your profile information.

Then, tap on the Settings icon on the top right of your screen to go to your settings.

Once you’re on your settings, you’ll see multiple headers in green including “My Account”, “Additional Services”, “Who Can…”, and more.

Scroll down the page until you find the “Account Actions” heading.

On the “Account Actions” heading, scroll to the bottom of it until you see the “Log Out” option.

Tap on “Log Out” to log out of Snapchat.

2. Tap on “Sign up”

Add a second Snapchat account by tapping on “Sign Up” on the login screen.

Once you’re logged out of Snapchat, you’ll land on the login screen.

You’ll be able to see three options on the login screen including “Log In”, “Sign Up”, and “Use Other Account”.

“Log In” will log you into the Snapchat account that you’ve selected.

“Sign Up” allows you to create another Snapchat account.

If you already have another Snapchat account, you can tap on “Use Other Account”.

As you’re looking to create a second Snapchat account, tap on “Sign Up”.

Follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for a new account on Snapchat.

You’ll be required to enter your first name, last name, birthday, and other information.

Once you’ve created a second Snapchat account, you need to verify your email address.

Check your inbox for a “Welcome to Snapchat!” email, open it, and tap on “Confirm Email” to verify your email address.

Proceed to the last step to learn how to log in to your new Snapchat account.

3. Log in to your new account

Once you’ve signed up for a new Snapchat account, log in to it by tapping on its profile picture or tapping on “Log In”.

Once you’ve created a new Snapchat account and verified your email, you’ll see your new account on the login screen.

Your new account will not have a Bitmoji as you haven’t made one yet.

Hence, your profile picture will be a silhouette instead.

To log in to your second Snapchat account, you first need to scroll to it.

Then, tap on your profile picture or tap on “Log In” to log in to it.

Congrats, you’ve successfully learned how to have 2 Snapchat accounts!

You can now switch between accounts by logging out of your existing one and logging in to your other one on the login screen.

Can you log into 2 Snapchat accounts at once?

Yes, you can log into 2 Snapchat accounts at once.

However, you need to have 2 mobile devices for this.

If you only have 1 mobile device, you can only log in to one Snapchat account at a time.

Currently, Snapchat does not allow you to switch between accounts while you’re logged in.

You can only log into another Snapchat account only if you log out of your existing one first.


Currently, having more than one account on a social media platform is important.

Firstly, if you have a business, you can separate your business and personal activities by having a business and a personal account.

Secondly, having 2 accounts acts as a hedge against hackers and bans.

For example, if your main account gets hacked, you can still fall back to your secondary account.

If you don’t have a secondary account, it’s hard to keep track of your followers and following.

As a result, it’ll be increasingly challenging to grow your followers again.

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Cut And Paste Files & Folders In Mac Os X

The Mac now has the highly desirable “Cut and Paste” file feature throughout the Mac OS X desktop and Finder, allowing users to truly cut and paste to move the selected documents or folders to a new location, rather than just making a copy of them. In this sense, the cut & paste ability behaves much like the Windows explorer counterpart, and it represents a fast and efficient way to move and relocate files from one location to another location, without using the standard drag & drop approach that has been standard on the Mac since the origins of the OS.

Using the cut and paste file feature can be seem a little tricky at first, but it’s really not complicated. All you need to do is learn to differentiate the keystrokes that make the action happen. Let’s cover exactly how to cut and paste to move files and folders around on the Mac.

How to Cut & Paste Files and Folders in Mac OS X with Keyboard Shortcuts

What you need to do first is select files in the Mac file system browser, known as Finder, and then combine a series of keyboard shortcuts. The keystrokes necessary for cutting and pasting files on the Mac are as so:

FIRST: Command+C copies the files or documents in the Finder, note they won’t be ‘cut’ yet

SECOND: Command+Option+V pastes the documents into the new desired location on the Mac, cutting it from the prior locating and moving it to the new location

Remember, you must have a file selected for the cut & paste to work on Mac.

Important: If you just hit Command+V you will only move a copy of the files into the new location, as in a true copy and paste, rather than a cut and paste function. Notice holding down the Option key also changes the menu text to show “Move Items Here” to further signify the difference if you use the menu based approach described below.

Cutting & Pasting Files on Mac with Menu Options

You can also cut & paste files and folders entirely from the Edit menu in the Mac Finder.

Select the files / folders you wish to move in the Finder, then pull down the “Edit” menu and choose “Copy”

Now navigate to the new location in the Finder where you want to ‘paste’ the files to

Go back to the ‘Edit’ menu in Finder and hold down the OPTION key to reveal “Move Items Here” (the Paste command changes to this, choose that to complete the file cut and paste in Mac OS X

You must hold down the “Option” key to reveal the “Move Items Here” choice to actually cut and paste (move) the files.

You’ll notice that you can’t select “Cut”, which is why you choose “Copy” in the Finder instead. The Copy command turns into “Cut” when you go to “Move” with the Paste command. You can watch this sequence directly by pulling down the menu itself to see the accompanying keystrokes as well, you’ll find it in all modern versions of MacOS and Mac OS X:

Being able to cut and paste files and folders is a feature many Windows converts have been wanting for a long time. Prior to this, users would drag and drop items into their new locations to move them, or use the command line mv tool. Those methods still work too as well, obviously, but the cut and paste methodology is a very welcome addition for many Mac users.

This works the same within MacOS Mojave, Sierra, macOS High Sierra, El Capitan, OS X Yosemite, OS X Mountain Lion and Mac OS X Mavericks, and will likely continue as a feature in the future versions of the MacOS desktop as well.


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