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Please Read Everything Carefully

Within the last few months, iPhone Download Blog has become hugely popular. In fact, it’s so popular that I can’t keep up with all the news and admin tasks myself. Fortunately Ethan helps me out by posting some articles on a regular basis, but we want to step up our game a notch.

I’ve tried many times to get some people on board to blog with me but to be honest it’s very hard to find dedicated people who want to write on a regular basis. Most people will write 3-4 blog posts and then give up. That’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for someone who’ll be willing to stick around for a while and produce content every day. It sure isn’t easy, but it’s very rewarding.

Topics that need attention:

If you think you can write about one or more of these topics, then I might want to talk to you.




Jailbreak info, guides, tutorials, etc

Fun iPhone stuff

Jailbreak and App Store app reviews

Accessories reviews

Anything related to the iPhone you can think of

So, do you think you could be the guy I’m looking for? If so, keep on reading…

Requirements that have to be met:

English must be your native language or you must be fully fluent

You must be able to write perfect English

Obviously, you must know a lot about the iPhone

You must be 16 or older

You must know how to use WordPress

You must be willing to submit an article at least 5 times a week (the more the better)

You must be fun

Already being a blogger is not required but definitely is a plus

What’s in it for you?

More seriously, blogging is fun and that’s how you should see it. I love sharing stuff with my readers, and so should you.

Additionally, if you can prove your dedication to the cause, you might even make money out of this hobby. You’re not going to get rich blogging about the iPhone but you might be able to make enough to finance your iPhone addiction, assuming you meet all the above requirements, and that you can prove yourself during a trial period.

How to apply

To apply, simply send me an email at seb AT iPhoneDownloadBlog dot com and tell me more about:

You – who are you, how old you are, where you live, what you do for a living, etc…

What topic you would be most likely to blog about

Take every single requirement listed above and tell me how they apply to you

Tell me how often you think you can blog, and how many hours per day would you be able to put aside for blogging

Why should I pick you?

List any writing experience you may have (link to blogs, etc…)

Send at least 2 articles you wrote about the iPhone in the last 2 days (if you haven’t written any, then get on it)

Anything else that you think might be relevant

How NOT to apply

Now that you know how to properly apply, let me tell you what you shouldn’t do.

Not following the above application method is an instant disqualifier.

While telling me you love iDB and that you read the blog every day is flattering, it won’t get you a special treatment

Overuse of smiley faces, LMAO, WTF, and other acronyms might disqualify you

Sending a poorly written email with no info is a no go

That’s about it. I’m being extremely picky because this blog is very important to me and iDB readers. I’ve got big plans for this site. If you have what it takes, you can be part of it. Good luck!

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Link Relevance Vs. Authority: Which Do You Want?

Editor’s note: “Ask an SEO” is a weekly column by technical SEO expert Jenny Halasz. Come up with your hardest SEO question and fill out our form. You might see your answer in the next #AskanSEO post!

Today’s question is from Rahulkumar Patil of India. He asks:

What is more effective:

A) a link from a highly authoritative site

B) a link from highly relevant site

The Academic Answer

This question is difficult to answer without also knowing the topic of the authoritative or relevant site.

So let’s break the question down even further.

The most effective link you can get is one that is from a highly relevant, highly authoritative, topically related site. Any combination of those factors is also likely to be helpful for you in some way.

To illustrate how complicated this really is, look at Google’s PageRank algorithm:

This however, is only the official “PageRank” that is shared publicly, and only represents a carrying of value from one page to another, with a damping element included. It doesn’t account for the keywords used in the link text, the value of the source domain, the relevancy signals found on both the source and destination pages, and many other factors that we can only suspect impact the final value of a link.

If you’d like to read more on Google’s patent, here is the official filing. I also strongly recommend following Bill Slawski and reading his insights, as he’s well-known for watching and reporting accurately on Google’s patents.

In fact, Slawski blogged back in 2014 about a possible replacement for PageRank, which many SEOs suspect was actually integrated into the algorithm and is used to adjust ranking as well.

The Caveats

Even when considering the mathematical equation above, one also has to account for the PageRank being summarily dismissed at the source or at the destination of the link.

There are several different signals that could cause an otherwise high quality link to be dismissed entirely, including but not limited to:

The presence of a nofollow attribute on the link source

An x-robots tag directing nofollow for all links on the page or domain

A nofollow directive on the source page

A noindex directive to block indexation of the page (this will not function exactly as a nofollow, but can reduce the ability for search engines to discover the links)

A chúng tôi command to block indexation of the page (this will not function exactly as a nofollow, but can reduce the ability for search engines to discover the links)

A canonical, rel alternate or hreflang tag pointing to a page that blocks links in any way or which is not properly reciprocated

A noindex directive of any kind on the destination page

A failure to render the destination page, either through a 4xx error or a 5xx error

A 302 redirect between the source page and the destination page (this is debated hotly among SEOs)

A series of redirect “hops” that exceeds the recommended number (currently thought to be 3, although again, debated hotly among SEOs)

If Google discounts it because they think it is sponsored (this is in their sole discretion)

PageRank, or any other form of link authority measurement, must be “clean” of many negative signals that can impact the final link value. If you need some help checking to see that all of these signals are lined up, this article by Glenn Gabe does a nice job and also provides some good tools (including the SEO Site Tools extension, which I also use).

The Marketing Answer

All of the above might have you feeling a little overwhelmed. If you seek links and relationships that are:

Highly authoritative

Highly relevant

Topically related

…you will find that you succeed at link building.

Any link that brings quality traffic to your site is a good link, whether it’s nofollow, or not authoritative, or not very relevant.

A highly relevant link can be just as valuable as a highly authoritative link, just in different ways.

Highly Authoritative

How do you know if a link is highly authoritative?

Well, most high authority links will be obvious. They’ll be from household names like online news sites or review sites, or from well-known practitioners in a field.

For example, a link from a site like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or Forbes would always be valuable. Similarly, even if you aren’t in a tech field, a link from a site like Gizmodo or TechCrunch is valuable. These are all high authority sites overall, not just in a specific field.

It gets a little harder when you get into niche fields where the authorities may not be household names, but you can still tell if a site is authoritative or not in a few different ways:

Use the smell test. Does the site look legit? Is it free of spelling errors? Does it seem focused on a topic or a series of related topics?

Would you pay to put a link on this site? If so, others probably already have. Look at what other sites they link to. Do the links seem mostly nofollow, or do they use affiliate codes? Would a link on this site to your site look like it belongs?

Check backlinks with a third party tool like Majestic or Moz. But remember, just because it doesn’t have a high “Domain Authority” or “Citation” score doesn’t mean the site isn’t valuable.

This is a good time to point out that I think it’s pointless to look at individual “page authority” and “domain authority.” I know that a lot of tools (Moz included) use this terminology, but I think it misses the point of what a link is supposed to be about.

The purpose of a link is to:

Provide context.

Define a topic.

Explain an idea.

Provide further resources for a topic.

The main goal of a link should be to get more traffic, with link value to search engines as a secondary benefit.

Scoring pages based on their link authority misses that point entirely. If it’s a useful page, you shouldn’t not link to it just because it has a low “authority.”

Highly Relevant & Topically Related

Many of the tests to determine if a site is highly relevant are similar to the authoritative tests.

Smell test. You know if the site seems like it’s related to what you offer or not. Be honest with yourself. While women traveling may be shopping for pantyhose for their trip, it’s not a direct correlation to link your pantyhose site on a travel blog, and your site will look out of place. Look for a site about fashion instead.

Topic test. If the site looks legit, are the articles or content focused around a particular topic or series of topics? Often you will find in this step that a site has articles about iPhone cases, prescription diet pills, and SEO techniques all in one blog. In most cases, that’s a good indication that the site is not highly relevant and may even be considered spam.

Google a couple of the people on the site. Are they experts in the field? Does the site have social profiles that are updated regularly?

Google the site name with “reviews”. Do you see a lot of negativity? That can sometimes indicate that even if the site is highly relevant to your business, you might not want to be associated with them.

The tests above will help, but remember: even a site without relevant content can sometimes bring a good amount of traffic to your site, especially if the visitor profile is similar.


Try to focus less on what constitutes a “good link” and more on the idea of a traditional cross-sell. If you can find sites that have a similar customer profile to yours, with decent link authority and some relevant content, you’ll hit the jackpot every time.

Because even if the link itself doesn’t bear fruit with ranking (maybe Google will consider it sponsored or there will be an unknown x-robots nofollow tag), it will drive more traffic to your website.

Everything You Need To Know About Iphone Os 4

After making the crowd go WOW for a few minutes, Steve-o, loyal to himself, started the presentation about iPhone OS 4.

Here is everything you need to know about iPhone OS 4 (all images are compliments of gdgt):

iPhone OS 4, will come with many many new features. With over 1,500 new APIs for devs, chances are there will be a little something for everyone.

Although iPhone OS 4 will come with hundreds of new features, the presentation was focused on 7 of them.

1. Multitasking

This is a given one that I had predicted since last year (hey no applause for me here, please hehe). As steve Jobs said, “We weren’t the first to this party, but we’re going to be the best”, and I believe him.

Dudes from Pandora and Skype came up on stage and demo’d their apps in action, running in the background. If you’ve seen Backgrounder and Proswitcher, you won’t be amazed by that. I guess the real asset of Apple’s new multitasking is that it’s been developed to not feel sluggish or drain the battery, which you might have experienced with apps like Proswitcher.

Apple will be providing seven multitasking services:


Push notifications

Local notifications

Task completion

Fast app switching

2. Folders

Very much inspired from the jailbreak app Categories, Folders will give people the ability to organize their apps better.

Apple added a beautiful UI that allows you to drag and drop your apps in folders. The folder name is automatically created but can of course be edited. Up to OS 3.X, you were able to have 180 apps on your iPhone over 11 pages. If you replace every one of those with a folder, you’re now going to be able to see 2,160 apps!

3. Enhanced Mail

This is another big one that I’ve wanted to see for a while: the unified inbox.

You can now have all your emails from different accounts come in one unified inbox. Obviously, you can still switch to a specific inbox if you wish too. Additionally, iPhone OS 4 allows you to add multiple Exchange accounts (no more hack needed).

Finally, Apple added the ability to sort your emails by thread, pretty much like Gmail does.

4. iBooks

This is one I really don’t care about. I guess many people do though, and that’s yet another opportunity for Apple to sell you something (ebooks).

Not much was said about iBooks. Basically they brought it from the iPad. Nothing exciting…

5. Enterprise Features

A bunch of features for companies that no one except businesses really care about. My favorite is wireless app distribution which allows a company to wirelessly distribute an application anywhere in the world with their own servers.

6. Game Center

Again, nothing really groundbreaking here. Apple added a social gaming network that does automatic matchmaking, find others with a similar ability and match them against you.

7. iAd

This is the big fish of the day. While you probably won’t give a damn about iAd, let me tell you this: iAd is the reason why I bought a crap load of Apple stocks…


One thing I forgot to add in there is that you’ll now be able able to add custom backgrounds to your home screen. That’s not really the theming many of us expected, but that’s a start.

Apple will be releasing a developer preview of iPhone OS 4 today at chúng tôi

iPhone OS 4 will be release to the rest of us this summer for the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G. They will run pretty much everything. The iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G will run many of these new features, but not everything (ie. multitasking) because the hardware just can’t do it. iphone OS 4 won’t be released until this fall for the iPad.

All in all, I’m not impressed by this presentation as I expected much more from iPhone OS 4 but let’s not forget this is just a developer presentation and there is still a few months until the launch of the next iPhone. Like the teaser said, this was just a sneak peek at the future of iPhone OS. Something tells me there is much more to come in the next few months.

Thanks to gdgt for the amazing live blogging and for the images.

Do You Have To Pay For Chatgpt?

If you’re wondering whether you have to pay for ChatGPT, the answer is both yes and no. Let’s dive into the details and explore the options available.

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI. It leverages the power of natural language processing to generate human-like responses to user queries. Many individuals, businesses, and organizations find ChatGPT to be a valuable tool for various tasks, from getting answers to customer support inquiries to assisting with content creation.

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However, it’s important to note that while the basic version is free, there are certain limitations. There is a word and character limit for responses. This means that if your query or input exceeds the specified limits, you may need to truncate or rephrase your text to fit within the constraints. Additionally, the free version may have higher wait times during peak usage periods.

General access during peak times: ChatGPT Plus subscribers enjoy priority access, reducing wait times and ensuring faster responses, even when the demand is high.

Faster response times: With ChatGPT Plus, you can expect solutions and answers at lightning speed, enabling you to get the information you need more quickly.

Enhanced multilingual capabilities: ChatGPT Plus supports communication in multiple languages, allowing users to interact with the chatbot in their preferred language.

Expanded knowledge base: Subscribers have access to a larger knowledge base, providing more information and resources to address a wider range of topics.

Early access to new features: ChatGPT Plus subscribers get the first opportunity to try out new features and improvements as they are released, providing a glimpse into the cutting-edge developments in AI.

Customizable responses: Businesses can tailor ChatGPT’s responses to meet their specific needs, allowing for a more personalized and branded user experience.

Integration with other systems: ChatGPT Plus can seamlessly integrate with other systems such as chatbots and customer relationship management software, enabling businesses to enhance their workflows and user interactions.

See More: Is Using Chat GPT Plagiarism?

To sign up for ChatGPT, you need to create an account on the OpenAI website using your email address, Google account, or Microsoft account. Here are the steps to get.

You will be prompted to create an account. You can choose to sign up using your email address, Google account, or Microsoft account.

Follow the instructions to complete the registration process. If you’re signing up with an email address, you may need to verify your email.

If you’re using the free version, you can start using ChatGPT immediately. Simply type your query or input in the chat interface, and ChatGPT will respond accordingly.

Remember that while the basic version of ChatGPT is free to use, ChatGPT Plus requires a monthly subscription fee of $20. Choose the option that best suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of this powerful AI chatbot.

Please note that the information provided here is based on the knowledge available up to September 2023, and there may have been updates or changes to the pricing and features of ChatGPT since then. It’s always a good idea to visit the official OpenAI website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask!

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What Email Content Do Your Consumers Want To Receive?

The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) published its Marketer Email Tracker 2023 last week. Combining insights by marketers and customers alike, the report explores email’s multi-faceted role in communicating with consumers across all stages of the customer lifecycle – not just as a transactional channel, but one that can be used to inform and build long-lasting relationships.

Email is customers’ top pick of the channels

Research by DMA found that email topped every channel when customers were asked their preference for receiving information, including appointments/reminders, customer service, new products, and tutorials.

In this report, email outperformed all other channels listed below:







Social media


This news is music to email marketers’ ears, since this channel has the monopoly of all aspects of pre- and post-purchase customer communication. However, smart marketers will recognize that demographics use technology in different ways. In fact, DMA’s Customer Engagement: Acquisition and the Customer Mindset has reported for the first time social media has overtaken email as 18-24 year olds’ preferred channel.

“The importance of email to a business cannot be understated. It remains the primary channel that both marketers and consumers prefer across all stages of the customer lifecycle. It’s able to assist brands to enhance customer experience across each stage of this journey like no other channel

– Tim Bond, Head of Insight at the DMA

How are marketers communicating with their customers?

Following their customers’ lead, marketers also reported utilizing email as the primary channel for every information type. Although, notably, social media is being increasingly used to inform customers of ‘New products or services’ (61%), ‘Discounts, offers or sales’ (54%), and ‘Advice, information or tutorials’ (52%).

The stats for marketers’ distribution of information by channels, as well as the study’s division of information into categories, can be found in the chart below:

What do consumers want from their emails, and what are marketers giving them?

As we can see from the above, alongside tactical usage of other channels for particular information types, marketers are well and truly on the email bandwagon – and the average consumer would rather receive email contact than anything else.

But, what email content really makes consumers tick? The DMA found that, by comparing consumer preferences with businesses’ current email strategy, analysis reveals both influence and opportunity.

Clearly, email’s influence as a means to share engaging content and the latest information with customers is evident in the chart above. Moreover, the range of information type recorded for this channel extends beyond a channel simply to share ‘Discounts and offers’.

However, there remain potentially missed opportunities for brands in ‘Email receipts’ (28% gap) and ‘Access to other benefits’ (17% gap), with both having a significant disparity between consumers liking this information in emails and marketers seeing them as effective.

Download our Individual Member Resource – Email marketing strategy guide

This comprehensive guide shows you how to take your email marketing strategy to the next level, covering a lot more than tips to improve your creative and copy, although we do cover this too.

Access the Email marketing strategy guide

“Email continues to evolve to meet the challenge of an integrated digital world by providing a more diverse range of messages than ever before and delivers impact across every stage of the customer lifecycle.

With customer experience now being the driving force behind marketing effectiveness, email marketers need to focus their energies on understanding how we can properly maximise its effectiveness in the right way to add value to the customer experience.”

– Mark Ash, CEO at Pure360

Your email strategy

Is your company making the most of your email comms? With this latest report comes the justification you always wanted to properly invest time and resource in your email strategy.

Moreover, what information types do you currently communicate by email? Is there more you could do? What training or e-learning would facilitate that? These are the kind of questions marketers need to evaluate now to stay ahead – especially in the current economic climate, where digital tools for keeping customers engaged are more important than ever.

Security Secrets The Bad Guys Don’t Want You To Know

Artwork: Diego AguirreYou already know the basics of internet security, right?

Remember, however, that security is all about trade-offs. With most of these tips, what you gain in security, you lose in convenience. But hey, it’s your computer. Be as paranoid as you want to be.

Avoid Scripting

JavaScript is very popular, and for good reason. It works in almost all browsers, and it makes the Web a lot more dynamic. But it also enables bad guys to trick your browser more easily into doing something that it shouldn’t. The deception could be something as simple as telling the browser to load an element from another Web page. Or it could involve something more complicated, like a cross-site scripting attack, which gives the attacker a way to impersonate the victim on a legitimate Web page.

JavaScipt attacks are everywhere. If you use Facebook, you may have seen one of the latest. Lately, scammers have set up illegitimate Facebook pages offering things like a free $500 gift card if you cut and paste some code into your browser’s address bar.

But miscreants can add JavaScript to hacked or malicious Web pages, too. To avoid attacks there, you can use a free Firefox plugin called NoScript that lets you control which Websites can and cannot run JavaScript in the browser. NoScript goes a long way toward preventing rogue antivirus programs or online attacks from popping up when you visit a new Website.

NoScript also comes with a cross-site scripting blocker. Cross-site scripting has been around for a while, but these days bad guys are using it more frequently than ever to seize control of online accounts on sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

Unfortunately, neither Internet Explorer nor Safari has a NoScript equivalent, but IE users can adjust their Internet Zones security settings to require prompts before scripting. And IE 8 includes new cross-site scripting protection to ward off some attacks.

Disabling JavaScript in Adobe Reader can help, too. According to Symantec, last year nearly half of all Web-based attacks were associated with malicious PDF files. If victims had adjusted their settings to make it impossible for PDFs to execute JavaScript, they would have thwarted most of those attacks.

The same holds true for Reader, where PDF-based forms may not submit properly if you’ve disabled JavaScript; nevertheless, many people don’t mind simply turning on Reader’s JavaScript whenever they need it.

Back Out of Rogue Antivirus Offers

Far too many people have had this experience recently: You’re surfing the Web on a totally legitimate site when a scary-looking warning message pops up suddenly. It tells you that your computer is infected. You try to get rid of it, but more windows keep popping up, urging you to scan your computer.

If you do this, the scan invariably finds security problems and offers to sell you software that will take care of the problem. This is rogue antivirus software. The only thing the software does is put money into the pockets of criminals.

Here’s what you do:

First off, never buy the software. It simply doesn’t work, and often it will trash your system. Either press Alt-F4 to close your browser directly or press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to open your system’s task manager and shut the browser down from there. Closing the browser generally puts an end to the pop-up problem.

Another way to steer clear of rogue antivirus attacks is to be careful when reading up on a hot news story. The bad guys follow Google Trends and Twitter’s Trending topics, and they can quickly promote one of their malicious Web pages to the top of Google search results.

Next: Use Less-Popular Apps; Verify That Your Programs Are Up-to-Date

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