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Requirements Hive



8 GB


4 cores

Disk speed


Disk size

200 GB



4 GB


2 cores

Disk speed


Disk size

100 GB




4 GB


2 cores

Disk speed


Disk size

100 GB



4 GB


2 cores

Disk speed


Disk size

100 GB

How to install Hexway? Preparation

Before installation, prepare a virtual machine or server with one of the supported operating systems:

CentOS 8


Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 20.04

Install Docker engine and Docker compose to the server or virtual machine.

Installing Hive

Download the installation file;

    Execute the following command to grant all the necessary permissions to the installation file (optional):

      To start installation, run the command:

      Once installed, the platform will start automatically, and you will see the following message:

      hexway Hive ready to use.

      You can find more information about installing and updating the platform in Hive Installation guide.

      Installing Apiary

      Download the installation file;

        Execute the following command to grant all the necessary permissions to the installation file (optional):

          To start installation, run the command:

          Once installed, the platform will start automatically, and you will see the following message:

          hexway Apiary ready to use. Connection settings

          Note: the following settings are required only if you need to create connection between Hive and Apiary projects.

          To connect Hive and Apiary projects, add the following settings to the Apiary platform:

          Edit file /opt/hw-fh/config/user.ini (root privileges required);

          Add the following lines to the [main] section:

          [main] ; rabbitmq port: chúng tôi = 5672 ; DNS name or IP address of the machine you install Apiary to:

            To apply settings, run the following command (root privileges required):


              Now you can connect Hive and Apiary projects (see sections: Hive project settings and Apiary project settings).

              You can find more information about installing and updating the platform in Apiary Installation guide.

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              Learn Top 9 Effective Versions Of Php

              Introduction to PHP Versions

              Start Your Free Software Development Course

              Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

              Top PHP Versions

              Given below are the top PHP versions:

              1. PHP Version 1.0

              As mentioned before, PHP development started way back in 1994 and was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf. He used C as a scripting language and wrote several Common Gateway Interface programs.

              He originally used them to maintain his personal homepage. He later extended these code specs to work with web forms and databases. This upgraded implementation was called Personal Home Page or Forms interpreted.

              This initial version of PHP already had several basic functionalities. It has form handling capabilities, Perl like variables and the ability to work with HTML. The syntax was also similar to; however, it was simpler but inconsistent.

              2. PHP Version 2.0

              The initial version of PHP, though not very refined gained a lot of popularity by the developer community when it was released for public usage in 1995.

              As its popularity continued to grow, a formal developer team was formed to work on the inconsistencies of version 1.

              Once the inconsistencies were overcome, the updated language was released as version 2 in 1997.

              3. PHP Version 3.0

              As PHP’s popularity grew, it attracted the attention of Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans.

              In 1997, Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans rewrote the internal PHP parser and formed the basic structure for PHP 3. The official launch of PHP 3 was done in June 1998 once the public testing was completed.

              Later, Suraski and Gutmans started with re-write the core PHP and produced the Zend engine in 1999. This led to the foundation of Zend Technologies in Israel.

              4. PHP Version 4.0

              Finally, in the year 2000, PHP version 4 powered by Zend Engine 1 was released for public usage.

              By 2008, PHP version 4 had evolved and reached 4.4.9. However, it is no more supported for security updates.

              5. PHP Version 5.0 and 6.0

              In 2004, this was released and was powered by Zend Engine 2.

              It included several new features and better support for Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), PDO (PHP Data Objects) extension which provides a lightweight interface to programmers for accessing database and many other performance improvements.

              It scaled up to version 5.6. In December 2023, official support for PHP security ended but Debian continued to provide security support until 2023.

              When the developers started to use PHP 5 for the development of applications, it was realized that PHP 5.0 had insufficient support for Unicode encoding due to which the developer community had mixed opinions about it.

              In 2005, Andrei Zmievski took charge to overcome this hindrance and launch a project to embed Unicode support throughout the PHP system.

              In order to achieve this, he included the ICU i.e International Components for Unicode library across the basic PHP system. With this change, the text strings in PHP were internally represented as 16 bit Unicode Transformation Format or commonly known as UTF – 16.

              The migration was partially completed, when it was realized that conversion to and from UTF – 16 could also cause several performance issues and eventually the project was midway abandoned. This exercise further stressed on the importance of an efficient method to embed Unicode support in PHP’s core.

              In the month of March 2010, PHP’s version 6.0 was released with non-Unicode features like traits and closure binding. This update left the developer community hoping for efficient Unicode integration.

              6. Current Version 7.0

              During the period of 2023 and 2023, PHP underwent major changes and the update was released as PHP 7. The version number selected for rolling out this release has to face several debates.

              In spite of the PHP Unicode project not officially released, several books had referencing included in them addressing it as PHP version 6. If an actual release would have been also rolled out as version 6, it would have caused confusion in the developer community. Hence, it was decided to release this update as version 7.0.

              PHP 7 is based on phpng which stands for PHP next Generation. PHP Next Generation was an initiative by developers to overcome the high-performance constraints of previous PHP versions. The phpng branch served as the base branch for PHP version 7.0.

              PHP 7 did provide several optimizations and performance improvements. It also included an in-build caching mechanism for better performance. But these could never match the performance a JIT compiler could provide.

              As a result of this weakness, the probability of PHP websites to be hacked is higher than those built-in other languages. Since PHP is not very modular, it is not a favorable language for developing large applications. Also, PHP data types may surprise new programmers. For instance, the string “1000” is the same as “1e3” as they both cast to float type.

              7. PHP version 7.3

              PHP version 7.3 is a popular programming language used for web development. Released in December 2023, it brought several improvements and new features to enhance the efficiency and productivity of developers. Some notable features include flexible heredoc and now doc syntax, allowing for cleaner string handling. It introduced a trailing comma syntax in function calls, making it easier to add or remove parameters. PHP 7.3 also introduced improved JSON support, allowing for better handling of JSON data. Additionally, it included enhancements to error handling, performance improvements, and improved security with new functions and options. Overall, PHP 7.3 aimed to provide developers with more robust and efficient tools for building web applications.

              8. php versions 7.4

              PHP version 7.4 is a popular release of the PHP programming language, introduced on November 28, 2023. It brought several enhancements and new features to the language, making it more powerful and efficient. Some notable features include the introduction of arrow functions for concise anonymous functions, improvements in the typed properties feature, preloading for faster performance, support for typed properties in more contexts, and coalescing assignment operator. Additionally, PHP 7.4 introduced various language improvements and performance optimizations, resulting in faster execution and reduced memory consumption. Overall, PHP 7.4 offered developers new tools and capabilities to build robust and high-performance web applications.

              9. php versions 8 and 8.4 (PHP 8, released in November 2023)

              PHP versions 8 and 8.4 introduce several significant features and improvements to the language. PHP version 8, the 25th year of PHP history, introduced the JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler, providing better performance for certain types of code. It also introduced union types, allowing variables to have multiple acceptable types. The null safe operator was introduced, simplifying null value checks. Attributes were added, enabling developers to add metadata to classes, methods, and properties. PHP 8.1 added enhancements, including read-only properties, named arguments, and the str_contains() function. PHP 8.2 (November 24, 2023) and 8.3 introduced further optimizations, bug fixes, and smaller feature improvements. PHP 8.4, the latest version at the time of writing, focuses on stability and bug fixes, enhancing the overall reliability of the language. Coming soon, PHP 8.4, released in August 2023, is a subsequent update that builds upon PHP 8.


              As seen above, from its first release itself, PHP has been very popular in the developer community despites it’s inconsistencies and performance issues. It is an easy to use language and its creators are committed to continuing PHP’s evolution to overcome these issues. The continuous improvement cycle of PHP has still kept many developers hooked to PHP as a web development language in spite of cutting edge competition from PHP peers like Python and Java.

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              A Complete Guide To The Jira Versions

              Introduction to Jira Versions

              Start Your Free Software Development Course

              Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

              Different Jira Versions 8.7. X Version

              Maintenance of GDPR: This version supports the general data protection policy for the real user of the tool, i.e. the admin has the power to store all data of employees and erase the personal data of employees who left the company.

              Support SQL 11: This version Jira tool supports SQL 11 for the database to the server.

              Support DataCenter Authentication: This version provides OpenID authentication to the user and supports the datacenter authentication to the JIRA tool user.

              8.6. X Version

              Handles Version Control: It can handle each modified copy of older version files and copy them into the new Jira instance.

              Provide Notification to Outlook:  The company maps the response or notifications into the Outlook mail services in this version. Any task, issue, or work will be transparent to everyone.

              Users & Roles Made Easier: In this version, the users and roles section is added reasonably, i.e., adding a resource to a project or assigning a role to the resource will be easier or more noticeable.

              Support SQL 10: This version Jira tool supports SQL 10 for the database to the server.

              Search by Prefix & Suffix: The search with prefix or suffix name of a task or issue can be possible from this version.

              Provides Burnup chart & Edit Sprint: From this version, the Burnup chart (status of task pending) of the task generated, and the team to edit the sprint as per requirement. For this, it keeps the status report.

              8.5. X Version

              It is one of the stable releases of the Jira tool and an Enterprise edition.

              Managed by Mobile App: The team member can manage the tool through authenticated mobile devices from this version.

              Support Memory Management: It provides troubleshooting and supporting plugins for JVM garbage collection, i.e., to delete unwanted objects.

              Improving Performance: Compared to the previous version, it provides high performance, accessibility, and issue archive.

              7.13. X Version

              Adopt Java version JDK8: As Oracle stops JDK updates, so Jira 7.13 tool will adopt OpenJDK8. It supports maintenance and security patches.

              Improving Performance: As the tool is utilized for performance and regression testing, it showcases a performance improvement compared to the previous version.

              7.10. X Version

              Produce good GUI: In this version, the Jira tools look and feel changes, i.e., colors, pages, icons, etc., but the navigation remains the same.

              History of Projects: This version shows the previous project list to team members to improve the work culture and performance.

              Project List Refreshed: The team can refresh the project list or display the ongoing projects, introducing new projects and the project search bar.

              Team Workflow: It provides the status report of team workflow by mailing notifications via Outlook or internal conversation through Stride. It shows the full update regarding the project.

              7.8. X Version

              Support Work Faster: From this version onwards, the quick search option will be added to the Jira tool, so we easily search any project or issue, or task by putting the full name or part of the name in the quick search box. It shows us the most relevant results so the work will be faster.

              Add new Language: This version adds the “Dutch” language to the Jira tool.

              7.6. X Version

              It is also an Enterprise edition of the Jira tool.

              Support Java JDK8: When the support from Oracle stops for JDK8, then the Jira tool adopts OpenJDK8 for maintenance and security updates for the tool. It will support both Jira with JDK8 or JRE8.

              Introduce Priority: From this version onwards, the JIRA tool introduces the concept of priority to the issue or task, or project. The workflow will move from one level to another, depending on the priority.

              Support Live Monitoring: This version of the Jira tool supports the live monitoring of the workflow or status of the project. It is real-time monitoring of the Jira tool to calculate the team’s efficiency.

              Support Extra Features: From this version, some features are added to the JIRA tool, like drag and drop, Issue movement between columns, better security, and performance issue.


              This article briefly discusses the different versions of the Jira tool with some extreme features. There are so many versions of this tool, but I discuss some Enterprise versions. Now, the modified release of the tool is going on, but in the near future, some enterprise editions will be released with some new features.

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              Top Picks Of Ces 2023: The Most Impressive, Innovative Products From The Show

              We’ve spent the last few days roaming the endless halls, conference rooms, booths, demo areas, and meeting rooms of the Las Vegas Convention Center and its surrounding casinos. Our Goal? To find the very best products announced at CES 2023.

              From Android TVs to phones, connected speakers, smartwatches, long-awaited components, and unified services, we’ve got a mixed bag this year for the Android Authority Best of CES 2023 awards.

              Razer Project Linda

              Razer usually shows off a few new product concepts every year, and this one particularly impressed us.

              Project Linda imagines a world where your smartphone powers your laptop. Why on Earth would you need that? As our smartphones get more powerful, fewer and fewer people need a larger computer. Still, a full keyboard and bigger screen can be helpful sometimes, which is why Razer is trying to combine the two devices into one seamless product.

              Razer Project Linda hands-on: Your Razer Phone becomes the brain of your laptop


              Slide a Razer Phone into the trackpad area of a customized Razer Blade Stealth chassis and it automatically starts powering the laptop. This allows you to do everything you’d normally be able to do on your smartphone, but with a bigger screen. The company says it wants the final chassis to feature a 1440p 120 Hz touchscreen display, which means you’d be able to interact with your laptop just like a phone.

              Sure, it’s just a concept for now, but it’s a really cool concept. You can learn more about Razer’s Project Linda in the video above.

              Vivo/Synaptics Clear ID FS9500 fingerprint sensor

              We already knew under-glass fingerprint sensors would be coming in 2023, but kicking off the year with the very first device to feature a functioning in-display sensor module was a real treat. vivo’s unnamed phone will be out a little later this year, but the Synaptics FS9500 Clear ID sensor is already available for inclusion in a variety of devices with OLED panels in the near future.

              SKAGEN Falster

              Skagen’s claim to fame is its super classy analog watches, and now it’s getting into the smartwatch game.

              The SKAGEN Falster is the company’s very first touchscreen smartwatch. It’s powered by Android Wear, features a fully-round display, and also doesn’t look like a smartwatch, which is very important for some people. Its minimalist, modern design makes it look like a piece of high-end jewelry.

              More: SKAGEN has just announced the most beautiful Android Wear smartwatch (Video)

              It’s missing a few features that other Android Wear devices bring to the table — like a heart rate monitor, built-in GPS, and LTE connectivity — but if you’re looking for a classy smartwatch that won’t stand out like a computer on your wrist, the SKAGEN Falster might be just the thing for you.

              Google Pay

              Google Wallet first launched way back in 2011, and was the company’s de facto mobile payment service until the launch of Android Pay in 2023. From then on, Android Pay would be used for all online and real-world payments, while Google Wallet shifted to a person-to-person payment system.

              Don’t miss: HONOR View 10 (HONOR V10) hands-on

              The View 10 is now available in the U.K. (£449.99), France, Germany (€499.90), Italy, Spain (€499.00), and India, and it’s coming to Malaysia and Russia later in January. It’s also slated for a U.S. release — exact pricing and availability information has not been revealed, but we’re expecting it to launch at $500.

              In our brief hands-on time with View 10, we’ve been very impressed. This is a phone you should definitely watch out for in 2023.

              JBL Link View

              Some of the coolest new products to come out of CES 2023 are the new Google Assistant-powered smart displays. These displays are the Amazon Echo Show’s biggest competitors.

              We’ve already seen two smart displays from Lenovo, but the one we’re most excited about is made by JBL.

              Think of the JBL Link View like an Amazon Echo Show, but with much better audio quality. It features an 8-inch HD display (1,280 x 720 resolution), two front-facing 10W speakers, a rear-facing passive radiator for deeper bass, along with support for 24-bit HD audio streaming. Of course, it also comes with Chromecast support built in for multi-room playback.

              Pricing has yet to be announced, but JBL says you’ll be able to buy one this summer.

              ASUS ROG PG65 “Big Format Gaming Display” (with Android TV)

              That’s it — our Best of CES 2023 winners! We’ve seen thousands of products at the trade show this year, and we feel these eight stand out above the rest. From concept computers to mobile payment platforms, CES 2023 has turned out to be quite a show.

              This Family Of Ai Products Think Like An Attacker And Protect Your Data

              Darktrace launches PREVENT product family on its technology vision of industry-first Cyber AI Loop

              With products for AI-powered attack prevention moving into commercialization, the next wave of artificial intelligence and machine learning for security is starting to take shape. This is why more and more security teams are turning to automation and AI to automate investigation tasks and alert triaging for rapid detection of threat actors. If new technology for AI-driven attack prediction and prevention lives up to its promise, it could enable major improvements for cyber defense. Darktrace launches PREVENT product family and continue to deliver on its technology vision of industry-first Cyber AI Loop.

              Darktrace is a world-leading AI cyber security company. Its self-learning technology detects, to effectively respond to in-progress cyber-threats, limiting damage and stopping their spread in real-time. The company CTO Jack Stockdale explained PREVENT helps customers move from typical cyber risks reacting to proactively getting into attackers’ minds. The company claims its AI-driven portfolio works together autonomously to optimize an organization’s security through a continuous feedback loop. The new PREVENT products are based on breakthroughs developed in the company’s Cambridge Cyber AI Research Centre and the capabilities gained through the acquisition of Cybersprint.

              Darktrace launches PREVENT product family:

              Darktrace announces the launch of a new family of security AI tools that use AI that can think like an attacker, to automatically identify an enterprise’s critical assets and exposures. One of the new products, PREVENT/End-to-end provides enterprises with attack path modeling, automated, breach and attack emulation, penetration testing, security awareness testing, training, and vulnerability prioritization to help identify and mitigate cyber risks that exist in the environment.

              PREVENT is the third product capability from Darktrace’s Cyber AI Loop delivery service. The first two were DETECT and RESPOND capabilities, and the last will be HEAL. The Darktrace Prevent technology is the application of AI/ML to what’s known as “attack path modeling. With the launch of PREVENT, Darktrace provides more predictive and preventative solutions to tackle cyber-threats and business risks rather than waiting for breaches to occur before acting.

              Darktrace reveals that high-priority attempts to breach customer systems increased by 49% globally between January and June 2023. It can’t be ignored, though, that any new wave of AI/ML for security will have to confront the weariness that many cybersecurity teams have with artificial intelligence. Darktrace is widely considered to be one of the largest providers in the market, with over 1,600 employees. The AI is going to give it to us much, much faster, and much more surgically accurate.

              The PREVENT launch comes as the cybersecurity AI market is in a state of growth, with researchers anticipating its growth from a value of $8.8 billion in 2023 to $38.2 billion by 2026. Using AI, organizations can examine their defenses from an attacker’s perspective, and identify vulnerabilities before attackers have a chance to exploit them. Darktrace has systems that take this loop of AI engines very, very close to the data so you can do that real-time detection and response, and in real-time get into the minds of attackers.

              Latest Threats To Atm Security

              Latest Threats to ATM Security Types of Attacks Remote Cyber Attacks

              In this attack, hackers take control of ATMs servers to dispense cash using malware.

              Insert Skimmers

              In this attack, physical devices are placed in card slots to capture information of the cards swiped.

              Direct Malware Attacks

              There were two influential threats introduced to ATM security in 2023. Jackpotting and Shimming.

              The former is a challenge due to its potency, speed and anonymity of hackers and the latter is just a simple trick used to steal information from cards with chip-enabled on it. Let’s discuss it in detail.


              This attack was employed easily as it requires least encryption and authentication in many ATMs. This attack is quite dangerous as it can give full control of ATM to hackers in a few minutes and empty the ATM within the next few. The attack can’t be easily pulled off in countries with responsive police forces, but the speed of the method makes it worth a try.

              This attack has no direct effect on customers, but it disturbs the dynamics of financial institutions.

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              Skimming is pulled off when burglars insert a device in ATM’s card reader to steal information of the swiped cards. The hackers can steal information from cards with chip-enabled in ATMs.

              You can spot it if you feel the card is not easily getting inserted. When a card is compromised, the attackers can make a duplicate of the card swiped and use it to swipe other machines.

              How Manufacturers Can Protect ATMs?

              ATMs of the current era are not the poster boy of security and can’t reach the optimal due to different security challenges. However, there can things that can be done to make these attacks challenging to execute. Some of them are:

              Better physical security as the malware attacks also start with physical access to the ATM. However, it can be challenging to provide that in developing and remote areas.

              ATMs should be built in the way that they could be closed when any kind of tampering is noticed. There is another challenge in doing so, as businesses can’t be sure of a real heist or fake one. The false attack could cause inconvenience.

              ATM companies should use encryption within the machine’s software. Also, more authentication requirements should be introduced.

              Disable ports which not in use

              Make whitelists of processes allowed in order to generate alerts automatically when unauthorized processes just to access.

              These could be significant changes can be done to make improvement in ATM security. Some of the ATM are still stuck to Windows XP, others have Windows 7, however, most of them will be upgrading to Windows 10 soon. The older OS are also considered as vulnerabilities. Some of the ATM businesses are working to develop their own ATM software, this could take some time.

              Meantime, we as consumers have to work through the authentication process and other steps to avoid any hacking attack on ATMs.

              How User Can Protect Themselves?

              These are not the only ways used by hackers to hack ATMs, there are a lot of other and to avoid them altogether, a user needs to use smart payment methods and other tap payments. They are more secure compared to ATM ones and harder to duplicate as well.

              While using an ATM machine, always prefer machine placed inside a bank or the one which is lit and is in busy areas. It will have less probability for a thief to intrude. If you want to make sure that the ATM you are using is working fine, you need to check for anything out of order. You can look for red flags such as scratch marks on the machine’s surface, dislocated keypad, and the unusual friction while inserting card.

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              So, these are the attacks involving ATMs that become prominent along with the ways businesses and consumers can protect themselves from getting victimized.

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