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There can be no denying that cryptocurrency and blockchain asset trading has become a significant industry in its own right. This became highly evident in late 2023, where in a remarkable move, global cryptocurrency daily trading volumes matched that of the New York Stock Exchange, with more than $50 billion worth of digital assets traded in a single day. Although these volumes have since reduced in size, both retail and institutional investors are still responsible for billions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency trading every day.

However, although we are soon approaching the first decade since Bitcoin was created, there is still virtually no connection between cryptocurrencies and real-world blue-chip stocks – until now.

An Estonian based organization known as DX Exchange are launching the world’s first exchange that will allow users to invest in popular stocks such as Facebook, Amazon and Apple, in exchange for leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Most importantly, these asset classes have no relationship with CFDs, which is crucial, because they provide investors with virtually no legal rights to the underlying investment. On the contrary, by using the DX platform, users will own the corporate shares they invest in, without needing to go through a third party broker. Here’s why the exchange could be the next big thing.

Fully regulated in the European Union

The days of cryptocurrency exchange platforms operating in an unregulated manner are over. Global governments and international partners are either in the process of enacting legislation related to blockchain assets, or in the case of nations such as Malta, Singapore and Japan, amongst others – regulation already exists.

This is highly pertinent, as for the cryptocurrency space to gain wide-spread adoption, it must fend off its tag as a modern version of the Wild West. Recognizing the need to do everything by the book, the team at DX have received full regulatory approval from the EFIU, meaning that they are able to offer their trading services to more than 500 million users. Further regulatory collaborations are also on the cards, to include other regions.

On top of getting the green light from European regulators, the DX platform have also formed a notable partnership with NASDAQ. The U.S. based exchange will be supporting the DX platform with its industry leading NASDAQ Matching Engine, which provides the underlying technology for high-frequency trading, as well as a safeguard against manipulation.

The partnership is not only notable because of NASDAQ’s long-standing reputation in the financial services industry, but also because the exchange have expressed ongoing interest in crypto-related assets. For example, NASDAQ are set to launch its own Bitcoin futures market in the New Year, along with a range of other potential projects linked to the digital phenomenon.

A fee structure that ensures retail traders are not penalized for lower quantities

Whilst institutional involvement in the cryptocurrency industry will be highly beneficial in the long-run, it is important to remember that the vast majority of trading is initiated by the retail investor segment. As a result, the DX platform aims to offer a highly lucrative fee-structure that ensures low-level traders are not penalized for small volumes.

On the contrary, traditional third party brokers often charge extortionate fees to purchase blue-chip stocks, which are usually in the form of a percentage of the total share purchase, a fixed-fee, or a combination of the two. This can also apply when the trader attempts to offload their shares.

At the other end of the spectrum, the DX platform is offering a simple monthly subscription service of just 10 Euros, which allows users to perform unlimited free trades up to 50,000 Euros. Once this amount is triggered, additional trading fees will apply. This makes the platform ideal for those that only want to trade smaller amount.

Tokenization that represents legal ownership of blue-chip stocks

We mentioned earlier that a common method for low-level traders to access leading stocks and shares is to engage in CFD trading. Whilst this particular asset class does allow traders to get a piece of the blue-chip space, it is important to note that the trader has no legal right to the underlying asset. Instead, they are simply speculating on the future value of the asset.

This is where the DX platform stands out. In a partnership with MPS Marketplace Securities Ltd, who themselves are regulated in the E.U jurisdiction of Cyprus, DX customers will be able to purchase real-world stocks such as Intel, Facebook and Apple, with the purchase resulting in actual ownership of the asset. The innovative concept to the DX structure is that each purchase is represented in the form of a digital ERC-20 token.

For example, if you purchased $500 worth of Apple stocks, they would be replicated on a 1:1 basis as a digital token that is stored on the Ethereum blockchain – not only guaranteeing security, but ensuring that ownership is transparently represented on the blockchain ledger. At this stage, the purchaser, and only the purchaser, has control over the tokens. This also makes it an easy and seamless process should the owner want to sell or trade the blue-chip stocks, all in a fee-free platform up to the 50,000 Euro threshold.

Ultimately, buying, selling and trading leading blue-chip stocks has never been easier. Added in with the fact that trading costs just 10 Euros a month, and the digital tokens represent real-world ownership in a transparent environment, 2023 could be a very interesting year for the team at DX.

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First Real Image Of The Iphone 15 Pro With A Solid

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It is worth noting that there has always been a physical mute button since the birth of the iPhone. According to rumours, both buttons will now have a solid-state design, much like the iPhone 7’s non-pressable Home button. Although these two buttons can’t actually move, they can simulate pushing by using two built-in Taptic Engine motors.

The iPhone 15 series, especially the iPhone 15 Pro series, are expected to employ solid-state touch buttons, according to earlier claims made by various research firms. This means that Apple may launch an iPhone model with no physical buttons at all.

The company stated in a letter to shareholders that it is still “engaging with a strategic customer” and expects “launching a new HPMS component in smartphones this year.”The term “HPMS” stands for the company’s “high-performance mixed-signal chips”. These are used in the iPhone’s haptic driver for the Taptic Engine.

iPhone 15 Pro series to bring some upgrades

The additional Taptic Engine for tactile buttons that will be used in iPhone 15 Pro variants is likely to include the new parts that Apple vendors have specified.  In fact, it has been said that this year’s iPhone 15 series would change the most in recent years. It only makes sense that the design will also undergo changes. Together with the information that the iPhone 15 series will once again have a round shape, getting rid of the physical buttons looks like a wise decision.

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If the iPhone 15 Pro series devices use this method, it may be feasible to create an operation way for the AirPods Pro2 that is similar to sliding.

More upgrades

Also, a recent law from the European Union states that all electronic items entering Europe must have USB Type-C ports. Apple may be driven to update the iPhone’s charging port as a result of this measure. Nonetheless, there are rumours that claim Apple has created a Lightning & Type Type-C interface IC that will be used in this year’s iPhone 15 models and other MFi-approved goods.

However, note that this strategy is probably not just to prevent the new phone from using MFi devices, but also to make the new phone and new peripherals compatible with older gadgets and iPhones. Nevertheless, Apple does not currently require MFi certification for its USB Type-C interface. QAs of now, it is unclear if Apple would ever update its older products.

In any case, it is nearly a given in the industry that the USB Type-C interface will be completely adopted by the iPhone 15 series this year. The price of the iPhone 15 Pro series has also gone up somewhat as a result of the adoption of solid-state buttons.

Industry chain data shows that Apple will prioritize updating the iPhone 15 Pro series. If it follows the same course as this year, the standard iPhone 15 will utilize the same A16 chip as the iPhone 14 Pro series. The Pro series will use the new 3nm A17 chip produced by TSMC.

iPhone 15 Ultra Price

Everyone is interested in the iPhone 15 series, which will be released in September of this year. A  recent piece of information indicates that Apple will significantly alter the iPhone 15 series. These new upgrades, however, will make this device very expensive. In fact, it won’t just increase the phone’s cost; it’ll also make this device the most expensive iPhone ever. According to a recent internal leak, the top-of-the-line iPhone 15 Ultra would probably cost close to 20,000 yuan. This amounts to a staggering $2907.

The “Pro Max” model will probably also get a new name from Apple: “Ultra.” The gap between the Pro model and the Ultra model will thereafter be widened by the company. Just a select few will be able to buy the “Ultra” model, an expensive luxury item. The suffix “Ultra” is used in the names of the most cutting-edge flagship devices now offered by the main mobile phone brands. The likes of Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and others use this suffix. Apple will do the same. By comparison, the 1TB model of the iPhone 14 Pro Max costs 13,499 yuan ($1960), while the 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB models cost 8,999 yuan ($1307), 9,899 yuan ($1437), and 11,699 yuan ($1699), respectively.

With the kind of upgrades that the Ultra model will bring, Apple has to increase the price of the iPhone. The Ultra model will be a true luxury device from Apple.

Are Digital Marketers In Demand?

Yes, digital marketing is one of those industries that is growing rapidly at a global level. It is because of its online nature and easy-to-learn nature. One can grow easily in this industry by just learning some skills and concepts. Digital marketing is an industry that has a huge impact on various aspects of our lives, including personal and professional.

It is hard to make a career choice, but when it comes to considering a career in digital marketing, it is one of those careers that has no limit to success. Grow with ease at a fast pace in digital marketing.

The rapid emergence and evolution of digital marketing have created a huge demand for professionals in the industry. Read the entire article to learn more about digital marketing, its demand, career options, and other aspects.

What Do We Understand About Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative fields; one can grow limitlessly in this. More companies are working online because online traffic is huge, hence, it becomes very important to target online audiences along with offline ones.

Demand Forecast for Digital Marketers

Over the past couple of years, the demand for online marketers has increased exponentially. This is mainly due to the increasing number of people who are looking for a job and the skills and knowledge they can acquire through an online platform.

With the increasing number of people using the internet, it is obvious that online marketing will be in demand. It simply helps companies expand and promote products and services at a global level.

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, digital marketing was among the top 10 most in-demand jobs in the country. The Internet is like a daily need for most of us, allowing people to shop for groceries, plan vacations, and pay bills.

Types of Career Options in Digital Marketing

To become a digital marketer, one needs to be good with marketing tools, concepts, and skills. There is a huge demand for skilled professionals in the industry to keep up with the changes. To perform digital marketing strategies, various platforms are available, and they should be used as per the needs of the campaign.

It can also be used to create a variety of new ways to approach marketing, and this has led to a shift in how companies are managing their marketing. Some of the most popular and up-and-coming career options in the field of digital marketing are mentioned below.

Content Marketing

The skill of content creation will always be in demand. The importance of content creation will grow gradually in the digital marketing industry. Content creation helps break down various barriers and attract more customers. With good research and knowledge, one can perform content marketing, which is one of the most important steps in research.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To boost a website’s search engine ranking, SEO is the only option to gain organic reach. Along with this, the quality of the content is also very important.

Mobile Marketing

We all know the boom of the mobile industry in the past decade. It is known that the market has a huge number of mobile users, which has led to the increasing popularity of mobile marketing. Due to this popularity, it is vital for businesses to have a mobile website.

Social Media Marketing Online Reputation Management

The online reputation of any brand is very important and using social media platforms to promote it is vital. In today’s world, it is very sensitive to manage online reputation because online visibility is very important. It has opened numerous safety doors for people who have bad intentions.

How Do You Begin Your Career as a Digital Marketer?

Individuals interested in growing and beginning a career in digital marketing need to learn the tools and concepts of online marketing. These include online, in-person, and webinar training.

Businesses are listing themselves online, and this increased number has made for drastic growth in the digital marketplace. Hence, an automatic increase in demand has increased the number of digital marketing professionals. This profession is a great choice for individuals who are looking to work on the cutting edge of this technological revolution. The use of online platforms for multiple purposes is also on the rise and has made digital marketing more prevalent.

The rise of digital marketing has made it possible for people who are looking to pursue careers in the field to have numerous opportunities. Due to the increasing popularity of digital marketing, the scope of this profession has also become wider.

What is the Average Salary for Digital Marketers in India?

A digital marketer in India earns an average salary of INR 4,00,000 to INR 9,20,000. The average salary for freshers is around INR 3.0 lakhs.

For a digital marketing manager in India, the salary is around INR 8 lakh with 4 to 8 years of experience.


Getting the necessary industry knowledge can help people land a job in digital marketing. Having a good understanding of the various tools used in the field can help them find positions that are ideal for them.

What Are The Available Job Roles Under Digital Marketing?

As the term implies, “digital marketing” enables businesses to use the Internet and other electronic channels to market their products to niche markets. A “digital marketing function” is any of a number of job titles or positions that aid an organization in establishing and promoting its brand while promoting and selling items via various digital channels. As a result, “Digital Marketing Roles” are assigned to carry out a variety of responsibilities like designing promotional campaigns, creating pertinent content for businesses, attracting clients using various social media channels, and keeping an eye on website visitor flow.

Digital Marketing is a Versatile and Rewarding Career

Anyone considering a career in digital marketing should be picky about the path they pursue, identify a niche that suits them, and become an expert in that field to be competitive in the employment market. If you possess the necessary skills, you will be capable of working almost anywhere and in almost any capacity.

In either case, it’s critical that you learn how to market yourself, become proficient with new digital tools, comprehend the fundamentals of content marketing and SEO, and consistently pursue education from recognized universities.

The Various Job Roles in Digital Marketing

A few of the following are the top Digital Marketing job roles −

Digital Marketing Manager (DMM) Content Strategist (CS)

The main job of a CS is the responsibility to provide interesting content that is pertinent to the company’s goals and target market. In order to increase brand value, the CS persuades and informs people about a brand. In order to increase website views, the CS must do proper research on the themes that customers find fascinating by using a variety of analytical techniques, as customers tend to use search engines in order to locate or find more relevant information.

As a result, the CS must possess strong writing skills as well as a solid understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Conversion Rate Optimizer (CRO) or a Conversion Rate Manager

One of the key responsibilities in digital marketing is CRO, which helps businesses grow by adding to and improving existing website features. It enables businesses to increase the likelihood that their “website visitors” will become “lead consumers” before customers close the tabs. As a result, CROs improve the user experience of websites by examining visitor behavior and making the necessary changes (conversions) to the website.

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) or a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist

The SEO/SEM specialist is crucial to the success of digital marketing. To ensure that the firm websites are successfully retrieved by the search engines, the SEM professional assesses, evaluates, and implements improvements. Increased search visibility and website traffic are made possible by this. In order to provide the desired outcomes, SEOs must assess the traffic to the website and performance utilizing Google Analytics while staying up to current with Google’s algorithm.

Email Marketing Specialist (EMS)

An EMS is indeed a virtual marketer who creates email lists to retain consumer information and launches emails to carry out marketing campaigns. An EMS makes sure the letter is delivered to the potential customers in a clear and acceptable format. Hence, in order to build brand value for the prospects, these written communications must be persuasive and informative.

Consumer Experience/User Experience (UX) Designer

The role of UX designers has a thorough knowledge of human behaviors and mindsets in addition to being technical and design professionals. Websites, goods/services, and applications are created by UX designers so that buyers can follow along during the full purchasing process. As a result, it aids businesses in increasing sales, retaining current clients, and gaining new ones.

Analytics Expert (AE)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the “Internet of Things” are examples of machine-based intelligence that have emerged as a result of technological innovation (IoT). These computing technologies enable the collection of a significant amount of data and information, which needs to be efficiently sorted, categorized, and evaluated. Businesses now have data to analyze and use in their promotional campaigns because of AEs’ rigorous sorting and evaluation of this data.

Social Media Expert (SME) Conclusion

In the modern period, when the “entire universe” has virtually become so close, “Digital Marketing” is growing in popularity. Today, even SMIs (Small-Medium Size Industries) can compete head-to-head in marketing with other major companies. There was a time when digital marketing was reserved for large corporations. Due to the increased online reach, even a “small firm” appears to be enormous. Digital marketing will undoubtedly replace traditional marketing strategies in the near future. Hence, the rising popularity of “Digital Marketing” has opened up a wide range of professional options and job opportunities.

The size and nature of the business you work for will determine your immediate chances as a graduate. The earlier you get experience, the more likely it is that you will rise to senior positions because of the continually developing and changing structure of digital marketing.

It is typical for people to go from junior roles, like assistants in digital marketing, to more senior ones, like managers, executives, and coordinators, between the ages of two and five. To land senior marketing positions, more and more credentials are needed.

Electronic Accounts Managing accounts, strategies, and digital marketing campaigns will be a component of overall management once he is promoted to Director. Additional assignments are made. Taking charge of finances while mentoring and training younger team members. And lastly, you can join CIM as a founding member.

We provide several certificates. You, therefore, have a variety of possibilities if you are sufficiently interested in digital marketing and wish to follow his path in a professional career. Get certified today to land the employment in digital marketing you want!

What Are Some Niches In Digital Marketing?

What is a Digital Marketing Niche? What Are Some of the Best Niches for Digital Marketing?

Currently, it is possible to produce a number of handcrafted publications geared towards Laguna Beach, California-based mothers of gifted children between the ages of 28 and 35. It can be profitable with the correct digital marketing approach. Because they let you concentrate your marketing efforts on a particular demographic, niches are crucial. Because you can focus your marketing efforts on the people who are most likely to be intrigued by your good or service rather than blowing resources trying to reach a huge general audience, niche marketing helps you save money. Additionally, the return on investment is larger. You can set yourself apart from your rivals by concentrating on a certain niche market.

Via user-generated content, you can get your clients to recommend you

Specialized businesses and digital niches Customers actually adore their products, which is one benefit their marketing has over that of mainstream businesses.

Please consider this − There is no other incentive for someone to purchase a product if it is more difficult to find and much priceyer than other similar things. Nothing beats Ben & Jerry’s ice cream if you’re in the need for fish food, even though it actually costs as much as his other well-known ice cream brands. More than merely a niche has been developed by them. built a digital market. User-generated content is among the best methods to harness that loyalty in online contexts (UGC).

Advantages of Retargeting Connect with Influencers

Influencers, well-known bloggers, social media stars, and other online personalities with sizable fan bases can be just as beneficial for niche companies in the same way they are for mainstream ones. According to Mediakix’s most recent statistics, more than 70% of its marketers believe that its B2B influencer marketing is effective and that the quality of its consumers and traffic is higher than that of other types of marketing. We both concur that it is superior to formal marketing.

Employ Sustainable Media While Marketing Using Videos

Video is a very powerful marketing tool for companies of all sizes, even specialized ones. It is simple to distribute on social media and other platforms, and it may engage your audience in ways that words and images cannot. Additionally, by showcasing the faces behind brands and the goods and services they provide, videos aid them in gaining the audience’s trust.

Consider Affiliate Marketing

In performance-based marketing called affiliate marketing, a company pays one or more of its affiliates for every visitor or customer they bring in via their own marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing in digital niche marketing allows you to promote goods and services relevant to that niche while also targeting a particular audience. can be used to market gardening products and equipment, while websites devoted to health and wellness can employ affiliate marketing to market food supplements and software for exercise equipment. Finding items and services that correspond to the interests and requirements of your niche audience is the key to leveraging affiliate marketing in your niche digital marketing.

Offline Marketing Conclusion

Niche businesses face different marketing difficulties and strategies than mainstream businesses, but they can benefit from the tremendous power of niche digital marketing. You probably require marketing and PR assistance if you want to establish a profitable digital marketing niche or if you want to enter the field of digital niche marketing.

Buying Your Child’s First Smartphone? Here Are The Best Mobile Parental Controls

As your child gets older, he or she will probably ask for a smartphone either for their birthday or as a Christmas present.

For children, as with adults, these devices come with some risks that you can’t avoid unless you have some controls in place.

Table of Contents

If you’re looking to buy your child’s first smartphone and are wondering which apps for children to pick, this guide will take you through all of the mobile parental controls you need to know.

Challenges of Buying A Smartphone for Your Child

Smartphones are fun and portable, but they also come with several risks. Left to their own devices, kids may spend hours surfing the internet, watching YouTube videos, and playing games, among other things.

Besides the potential exposure to adult content and other inappropriate sites, kids are more likely to break or even lose the smartphone.

This is why you need to take steps to supervise your child’s access to the internet, decide which calls and text messages can be sent, and limit the time spent on social networking apps.

Follow along to find out what mobile parental controls help you reduce such risks, keep your child safe and give yourself peace of mind as your child uses the smartphone.

What You Should Put On Your Child’s Smartphone

Before you hand over the smartphone to your child,  it’s important to understand how he or she will use it, and the benefits it will bring to your family. The main purpose is to stay in touch with you when they’re away from home, or when you aren’t home and would like to know how they’re doing.

However, smartphones come with more benefits such as taking photos and videos, researching homework, keeping up with their friends on social networks, playing games or accessing their favorite programs.

Talk about these things with your child so they can understand the benefits and dangers of using a smartphone. You can also agree with your child how he or she will use the phone responsibly in terms of interactions and the kind of content to consume.

One of the best ways to shape such a conversation is by signing a family agreement with your child so they know their limits when it comes to smartphone usage.

Once that is done, take the steps below to set up your child’s smartphone with the right mobile parental controls before handing it over to him or her.

1. Set up the Phone and Put on a Passcode

Whether you picked an Android smartphone or iPhone, you need to set it up before giving it to your child.  For Android phones, set up a Google account whose password only you (the parent) knows, and enable two-factor authentication linking it to your own smartphone, not your child’s.

You can still create a Google account for your child using Family Link, though this is only limited to users in the United States. This Google account will help when you need to sync contacts, photos and other data, or when you want to use the Google Play Store.

If you’d like to set up a Google account for the family, you need to have an Android device as well. This account comes in handy when family members want to share paid purchases across devices, or if you’ve allowed your child to pay for purchases from his own phone using your payment details.

Tap Family and then tap Manage family members if you had already set this up. If not, sign up to set up the Family account.

From here, you can invite your family members by typing their Gmail addresses. Once they accept from their own phones, you can go to your child’s profile and select Only Paid Content, All Content, Only in-app purchases, or No approval required mode.

Anything that requires approval before installation or purchase will require you to enter your password on your own device or on your child’s phone.

Next, use the child’s Apple ID to setup his or her iPhone. If you’re setting it up on a shared family computer, make sure you sync data that’s specific to your child, so that the phone only has information meant for your child only, not for others.

Setting a passcode helps protect your child’s smartphone from prying eyes, and in case it’s lost or stolen, so strangers won’t gain access to your family information.

Use a passcode or lock pattern that you and your child can remember, or, if available, use FaceID (child’s face) or Touch ID (your finger and child’s finger) for an extra layer of security.

Remember to explain to your child why they shouldn’t disclose the pattern, PIN or passcode to anyone else.

2. Set up a Family Account

Family accounts help each member of the family to access each other’s app purchases without paying for them all over again. This feature is mostly found on iPhones and allows family members to access iTunes, Apple Books and App Store purchases and to download stuff for free.

It’s also a great way of saving money and ensuring everyone in the family has similar apps and content. You can hide mature purchases though, so your child doesn’t access it.

If you want to listen to music, you can get a family subscription to Apple Music for example, and stream millions of songs from the iTunes Store. Alternatively, you can save them to your iPhone to listen while offline. Plus, your kids will also have lots of music to choose from since you can share it with up to six people.

3. Add Location and Tracking

Location and tracking helps when your child’s phone gets lost or stolen so you don’t have to replace it. If it’s an iPhone, set up Find My iPhone, which uses the built-in GPS to track and find the phone. It can also lock the device via the internet or wipe all of its data so thieves don’t get access to it.

For Android smartphones, there are several apps on Google Play Store that you can pick from such as the free Find My Device by Google, or simply turn on Location in the phone’s Settings.

You can also install a child tracking app to monitor your child’s location when they’re away from home.

4. Put Mobile Parental Controls in Place

Mobile parental controls should be set up on your child’s phone to ensure they don’t access inappropriate content, or spend too much time on the phone than they should.

Some of the controls you can enable include:

Check if your mobile carrier offers special plans and options for children when buying a SIM card for your child.

Disable mobile data use from your service provider’s self-service options and your child’s phone settings. Instead, join it to your home WiFi network so you can monitor usage.

A safe, child-friendly browser that’ll restrict access to inappropriate content.

Block websites that display or contain inappropriate content.

App restrictions for camera, book and video stores, music and video calling. You can also filter media such as films, TV shows, music and podcasts to leave only what your child is allowed to watch or listen to.

Limit in-app purchases as children can rack up a huge bill if they unintentionally purchase extra add-ons or in-app purchases in games and other apps.

Limit screen time on your child’s smartphone. If it’s an iPhone, use the Screen Time feature to set limits of the length of time your child can use his or her phone every day, or even limit who they can call, text or FaceTime. For Android phones, use the free Google Family Link app to set time limits on daily phone use, schedule to disable the phone, and block phone access with a single touch.

5. Install Appropriate, Kid-Friendly Apps

Children love to play games, and watch videos such as cartoons and movies on their smartphones. With this in mind, you can find apps for fun and apps for safety to install on your child’s phone.

Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are both filled with terrific programs and great games, plus educational apps your child can enjoy while learning new things. There are also homework apps, free texting apps, and more for children of all ages.

Some of these apps are available for free while others require upfront and service fees, but generally, your child’s smartphone will already have a few games installed, plus access to popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

6. Get a Screen Protector and Protective Case

A screen protector and protective case are necessary to have on your child’s smartphone because kids are prone to dropping things or treating them roughly. If you want to prevent broken phones, get a good protective case that prevents any damage when the phone is dropped. Screen protectors in this case prevent the screen from getting cracks or scratches and other damage that would render the phone unusable.

If you can, get an AppleCare Extended Warranty for your child’s iPhone, or get phone insurance if you prefer, though that won’t be necessary if you have a good phone case and screen protector.

Best Smartphones for A First Time Child User

You can get your child an Android smartphone or iPhone, depending on your preferences or if he or she is older, you can ask them which one they prefer to use.

When you do step up to buying one, don’t overspend on it because kids can lose, drop, break, or soak the phone in water. There are several affordable smartphone options you can get for your child, but we’ll mention just four to get you started:

This budget-priced smartphone has a beautiful display and good resolution, plus it’s a good size for your child (especially teens) to watch movies, videos and play games. Its speeds are good, battery lasts all day, and there’s an 8MP front camera for selfies, plus dual 12MP and 5MP cameras at the back for taking good photos.

This is a low-cost smartphone that’s easy to track, widely available, and can handle the basic apps your child needs.

If you’re not comfortable buying your child a phone that you feel will be broken within days of giving it to him or her, get the CAT S41. It’s a rugged phone designed to survive drops and bumps up to six feet.

Plus, it’s dust, dirt, and scratch-resistant, and has an IP68 rating for water-resistance. Its 5000mAh battery can last for days, so you have peace of mind knowing they won’t have to keep charging their phones every so often.

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