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Elden Ring: Frenzied Duellist boss guide

Learn how to combat this berserk gladiator with our Elden Ring boss guide

In Elden Ring, few bosses are as simple yet as thrilling as the fight with the Frenzied Duellist. All pretences and gimmicks are stripped bare here, as you are left to scramble for your life in a stone cave, facing down a berserk gladiator. We’ll walk you through how to defeat this frenzied foe right here in our Elden Ring boss guide!

Elden Ring: How to find the Frenzied Duellist

The Frenzied Duellist is one of the most well-hidden bosses in Elden Ring. You can find this powerful foe within the Gaol Cave optional dungeon in Caelid. We’ll have a full guide for how to navigate the dungeon and find the duellist up soon here at WePC.

How to defeat the Frenzied Duellist

The Frenzied Duellist is an imposing, gladiator-like figure that fights ferociously. It wields a greataxe with a ball and chain attached and makes full use of this seemingly rudimentary weaponry.

The first important thing to note is that the Frenzied Duellist is very fast and mobile, with any of its attacks dealing a huge chunk of damage if they connect.

A spirit summon that can soak up a lot of damage and deal it back at close range – like the Ancestral Follower – is very useful here. Any moment the heat is off you is a moment to get some quick hits in.

Elden Ring: Frenzied Duellist Boss mechanics

The Duellist has a number of moves that it  can perform with its axe. Firstly, it places the axe on the ground and then savagely swings it upwards.

It will often try to get up close and then take a fairly slow horizontal swing at you.

If the Duellist is running up with it weapon on ground behind, will it will spin around and then into you, letting momentum carry the swing. It runs very quickly in this state, so dodging away is a must.

Overall, the Frenzied Duellist is very hard to stagger. It can take hits and keep coming.

The Duellist will stomp the ground quickly to disrupt your attacks and leave you open to a follow-up swing.

Despite initial appearances, the Frenzied Duellist is deadly at all ranges, not just up close. It can swing the ball and chain around like a flail at mid-range. And itill use the chain to hurl the axe around in a large arc at long range.

The Duellist will yells and power itself up towards the latter half of its health bar, dealing even more damage.

On rare occasions, if you are too close for too long, the Duellist can grab you by the head, lifting you up and hurling across the arena.

Once the boss is defeated, you will receive Putrid Corpse Spirits as a reward. And that’s not all…

Walk out of the boss arena through the newly opened fog wall, and you will find yourself on a cliff in Limgrave. There you will find the Regalia of Eochaid, a very potent arcane blade.

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Elden Ring Wyndham Catacombs Guide

Elden Ring Wyndham Catacombs guide

Make it through the Wyndham Catacombs in Elden Ring

The Altus Plateau region of Elden Ring is filled with lots of high-level enemies, and more special encounters than you can shake a stick at, but what do you expect from the plains surrounding the capital city? If you’ve already dealt with a Tibia Mariner in the area, then you might have already come across the Wyndham Catacombs and found yourself stuck for what to do. Luckily, we’re here to make your time in the dungeon as painless as possible.

How to find the Wyndham Catacombs

Whether you’re entering the region from the mountains or the lift, you have to take almost the same route. If you’re coming from the mountain, head east and climb up a slope. If you’re coming from the lift, just hug the cliff to your left and keep heading north. In both cases, you should come across the Wyndham Ruins pretty quickly. From there, head to the back of the ruins and look in the cliff face to find a doorway. Head inside and activate the point of grace to get started.

Wyndham Catacombs walkthrough

Run down the stairs and activate the summoning pool if you like. The boss door is right here, so no long journeys once you’ve got it unlocked. Head into the lift chamber but watch out for the pressure plate on the floor, it activates a lightning arrow trap behind you. Get on the lift and keep walking west until you walk into a little ledge. Grab the loot, then drop down onto the level below to start the dungeon properly. Head down the stairs and you’ll see a constantly falling blade and two imps. As you enter the room, the imps will start chucking projectiles at you. They can’t hit you from the other side of the room though, so pull out a bow or spells to take them down.

Once they’re gone, cross under the blade carefully, and round the next corner to see another imp hanging from the wall. Aggro him to knock him off the wall, then wait for him to come to you so you can avoid being ambushed. Once he’s dead, peek around the corner to the right to see a very tall imp waiting to ambush you. Destroy his hopes and dreams then slowly walk down the stairs but don’t enter the room yet. As you stand near the base of the stairs, a blob will drop from the ceiling and would have tried to land on your head given half a chance.

Blobs and zombies

Take out the blob or two that drops, and any nearby zombies, then make sure you look up and attack the blobs that are still on the ceiling to draw them out before they drop on you. Apart from the aforementioned forbidden ceiling pudding, there are not too many surprises waiting for you in this room, just watch out for the pressure plate in the middle of the room, because it’s another lightning trap and you’re standing in water.

Treasure time

Climb up the ladder, and watch out for both the imp on the ceiling and the pressure plate on the floor. Take out the imp carefully, then you can go into the sealed room if you have a Swordstone key on you. It only contained a talisman that boosts lighting damage while increasing damage intake though, so unless you’re lighting-focused it’s probably best to leave it. After that’s dealt with, head towards the next chamber, but not into it, and take out the imp from a distance to avoid his lightning jars. Step into the room once it’s dead, but immediately roll out again to find that there’s a room underneath the floor and spikes on the ceiling.

To get to the boss lever, you need to stand on the floor and then duck back into the hallway. Jump onto the floor as it lowers back down again, and sprint across the room, or you won’t have time to get to safety before you’re stabbed to death by the ceiling spikes. Once you’ve landed safely, spin 180 degrees and take out the imp on the opposite side of the room. In the next chamber, you can probably see another one of those golden knights, but take out the imp with the sword to your right first or you’ll be sorry. Now just walk forward and activate the lever to have the boss door open at the start of the dungeon.

Optional areas

There are a few things more that we can do now that we’ve activated the lift, or you can just head straight back to the start of the dungeon if you just want to fight the boss. Either way, you’ll need to get back across the spike trap. Run into the room and jump onto the spike floor, but instead of running across it, run back towards the ledge you were just on. Wait for the floor to start descending, then run across it to give you enough time to make it safely. You might need to stand in the alcove that the second lightning-chucking imp was using before, so if that happens wait for the floor to fall back down then jump and roll back into the hallway.

From here, you can follow the path back to go back to the main area, or you can activate the floor one more time to find some hidden loot items. This time when the floor goes up, drop down into the water-logged area beneath. From here, you can probably see a couple of zombies waiting in the next chamber, giving you ample sniping opportunity. It’s best to take out the four zombies in the room from a distance because as you get closer to the loot ahead, you’re going to have to defeat two giant crabs to get it.

Dead crabs are delicious crabs

Since there are two your best strategies are going to involve attacks that can hit more than one enemy at a time. Don’t try to get too much distance because these things love to rush up to you and crush you with their claws. Just focus on dodging their attacks and laying out damage and they won’t take too long. Now, grab the loot, then activate the lever to open the gate which gives you access to the start of the dungeon again. Just don’t get murdered by the falling blade on your way out.

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Ohhhh, cheap pre-orders

If you’re after the cheapest Elden Ring pre-order ahead of the game’s official launch on Friday, Currys in the UK is currently running an offer that could net you the game for just £39.99, a completely unreal price when first-party titles on the PlayStation 5 cost near enough £70 on launch. The next closest retailers have the game stocked at £44.99 for the normal and Launch Editions of the game, so you will have to just double-check that you’re going to get the version that you want from Currys, as it appears that the Launch Edition is sold out at that particular retailer.

All that you need to do is ensure that you enter the code ‘SWNEXTDAY‘ at checkout to bump the price down to £39.99 from £44.99. If you pre-order now, you will get the game for launch day this Friday.

If you’re in the US and looking for the cheapest Elden Ring pre-order, we’ve also got it covered right here.

What’s in the Launch Edition of Elden Ring?

The launch edition of Elden Ring includes several additions that you don’t want to miss out on if you’re a fan of bundled goodies. It doesn’t offer any pieces of exclusive gear to use in-game, but instead offers the following:

Three Art cards adorned with illustrations of the scenery in The Lands Between

A woven patch featuring the Elden Ring

Three stickers, which feature emblems from the game

An exlusive poster featuring a ‘Hero from the past’

While it’s not anything to write home about, it’s completely free with some versions of the game. Unfortunately, it looks like Currys has run out of PS5 launch editions, meaning that you’ll have to grab the PS4 version if you want any of these extra goodies, but don’t fret, as that is still priced as the cheapest Elden Ring pre-order, too.

Free next-gen upgrade

With the PS5 version of the Launch Edition seemingly sold out at Currys, you can instead grab the PS4 version, which you’re then able to upgrade to the PS5 version once the game has finally been released. The PS4 version is still at the cheapest Elden Ring pre-order pricing. This means that you won’t actually lose out, or pay out of pocket for the next-gen version of the game if you’re after a copy. The Xbox versions of the game are all cross-compatible between consoles, so no headaches there if you’re looking for something that will work on any of your Xbox consoles.

What editions of Elden Ring are there?

Elden Ring comes in Launch Editions, Digital Deluxe Editions, Collector’s Edition and a Bandai-exclusive Premium Collector’s Edition. We’ve rounded them all up in addition to pre-order bonuses here. Ultimately, they all come with the game, so it depends if you’re a collector who has an eye for getting all the nice memorabilia that the publisher intends to package within the game. Again, the cheapest Elden Ring pre-order is going to be at Currys in the UK. For our American friends, you might have to wait until a discount below RRP.

Elden Ring: 15 Best Ashes Of War (Ranked)

Ashes of War in Elden Ring has changed how players fare against enemies in Fromsoftware titles. The evolution of a particular gameplay feature from Dark Souls, these Ashes of Wars opened up the gameplay style for players to discover by not restricting them to one singular weapon skill. However, the game features more than fifty of these skills for players to discover and add to their arsenal. So today, we have compiled a list of the 15 best Ashes of War in Elden Ring that every player should try out.

While there are plentiful Ashes of War players can discover and use, some outshine in various situations. We picked fifteen of our favorite Ashes of War in the game, which makes the game easier to work through.

1. Waves of Darkness

How to Get It: Trade Remembrance of the Naturalborn with Enia

Usable With: Colossal Swords, Great Hammers, Greataxes, Colossal Weapons, Great Spears

One of the best area of effect Ashes of War in Elden Ring, Waves of Darkness sees the players plunging their desired weapon on the ground. Doing so releases a burst of dark energy at the surrounding area of the player for a few seconds, resulting in enemies taking damage. Waves of Darkness is an exceptionally great Ashes of War if players worry about getting overwhelmed with hoards of enemies.

2. Flames of the Redmane

How to Get It: From an invisible Teardrop Scarab situated in front of Fort Gael North Site of Grace at Caelid

Usable With: Every weapon except shields and bows

For the fans of Pyromancy and fire in general, Flames of Redmane is a great Ashes of War to put on their weapons. Not only is it a versatile Ash of War, allowing users to put it on any category of armament, but it also deals one of the crucial status effect damages in the game: fire. Flames of Redmane sees players throwing a wall of flame on the enemies when used, dealing fire damage. Additionally, continuous usage will sometimes break an enemy’s poise, opening them up for a critical attack.

Flames of Redmane was a skill used by the Redmanes, who fought alongside General Radahn.

3. Bloody Slash

How to Get It: Defeat the Godrick Knight found on top of Fort Haight at Liurnia.

Usable With: Daggers, Straight Swords, Greatswords, Curved Greatswords, Katanas, Twinblades, Thrusting Swords, and Heavy Thrusting Swords.

In the process, the players do lose a fraction of blood, but that is an accepted downside since Bloody Slash deals high damage on hit. Plus, continuous usage also helps in the bleed build-up on enemies, another powerful status effect in the game.

4. Hoarfrost Stomp

How to Get It: Defeat an invisible Teardrop Scarab on a shallow body of water southeast of Caria Manor.

Usable With: Every Weapon except shields and bows

5. Storm Blade

How to Get It: Sold by Knight Bernahl at the Warmaster’s Shack. After his death, give the Bell Bearing to Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold.

Usable With: Daggers, Straight Swords, Greatswords, Curved Swords, Curved Greatswords, Katanas, Thrusting Swords, Heavy Thrusting Swords

There might be a few instances where even though an Elden Ring player enjoys running first into their enemies, they would prefer dealing some damage to their enemies, and Ashes of War: Storm Blade helps in doing that. Applying on every kind of sword in the game, Storm Blade sees players sending a gust of spiraling wind towards an enemy with each Slash, dealing damage on hit.

This is a great Ashes of War for a player who wants to enjoy ranged attacks on enemies. Furthermore, in the 1.07 update, this Ashes of War has improved.

6. Seppuku

How to Get It: On the frozen lake by an invisible scarab, located east of the Freezing Lake site of Grace in Mountaintop of the Giants

Usable With: Straight Swords, Greatswords, Curved Swords, Curved Greatswords, Katanas, Thrusting Swords, Heavy Thrusting Swords, Great Spears, Halberds

Inspired by the real-life ritual performed by Japanese samurai on themselves as a punishment, Seppuku is a forbidden technique performed by the people of Lands of Reed. Co-incidentally, the Samurai class of the game is a person traveling the Lands Between from Lands of Reed.

Once equipped with a weapon, players stab themselves, resulting in marginal blood loss and covering the armament with the player’s blood. However, doing so gives the player an attack boost for sixty seconds, along with increased bleed-buildup on enemies. This Ash of War best pairs up with a fast weapon, as successive attacks help in building bleed damage.

7. Bloodhound’s Step

How to Get It: Defeat a Night’s Cavalry at the bridge in front of Lenne’s Rise tower in Dragonbarrow.

Usable With: Every weapon except shields and bows

This Ash of War is great for evasion and critical damage. Bloodhound’s Step, on use, makes players invincible from attacks for a few seconds, allowing them to dash safely toward enemies. This skill positions players right behind the enemy, allowing players to stab them from behind and deal critical damage.

8. Phantom Slash

How to Get It: Defeat a Night’s Cavalry at the Forbidden lands site of grace in Forbidden Lands

Usable With: Twinblades, Spears, Halberds, Reapers

One thing to remember here is that the apparition and player’s travel distance and range are similar. Hence, correct player positioning is necessary when performing this skill.

9. Holy Ground

How to Get It: Destroy three chariots in the Auriza Hero’s Grave

Usable With: Small Shields, Medium Shields, Great shields

There might be certain moments in the game where players prefer defensive options instead of offensive options, and Ash of War: Holy Ground helps with that. This skill solely applies to the shields in the game and will see players raising the Shield with both arms to perform an enchantment. This enchantment creates a magic circle on the ground, which buffs damage negation by 20%. Furthermore, the magic circle replenishes 600 health over time for 35 seconds.

10. Carian Greatsword

How to Get It: Sold by Sorcerer Rogier at the Roundtable Hold. After his death, hand over his bell bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks

Usable With: Daggers, Straight Swords, Greatswords, Curved Swords, Curved Greatswords, Katanas, Thrusting Swords, Heavy Thrusting Swords, Twinblades

11. Gravitas

How to Get It: Looted from a Lesser Alabaster Lord who uses the skill. The enemy can be located on the beach side at the stone arch, near the Seaside Ruins site of grace.

Usable With: Every melee weapon except shields and bows

As the name suggests, the Ashes of War: Gravitas uses gravity to deal damage to the enemy in Elden Ring. Versatile to use as it can be applied to any weapon, this Ash of War makes players plunge their armament on the ground to create a gravity well. This gravity well then pulls the enemies towards the players while dealing damage to them. Gravitas is a great Ash of War for players who want to deal with a large group of enemies. However, remember that this skill pulls the enemies towards the player character, which may open them up to oncoming attacks.

12. Earthshaker

How to Get It:

Usable With: Colossal Swords, Great Hammers, Greataxes, Great Spears, Colossal Weapons

Pairing up with big weapons, the Ashes of War: Earthshaker makes the weapons a menacing affair, as they should be. Exclusively applicable to only large weapons, the Earthshaker makes players slam their armament on the ground, cracking the floor in the process and shaking the ground. The follow-up attack then swings the weapon, dealing damage to the enemy. The thrust, shockwave, and swing damage the enemy on a successful hit.

13. Golden Vow

How to Get It: Defeat a mounted Godrick Knight on the cliff above the Deathtouched Catacombs

Usable With: Every Weapon except shields and bows

Another defensive skill, the Ashes of War: Golden Vow, makes players cast an enchantment through their desired weapon. This enchantment then buffs the damage negation of the player by 7.5% and damage by 11.5% for 45 seconds. For PvP usage, the damage negation gets buffed by 1.5%, and the damage to the enemy increases by 2.5%. This Ash of War is an alternative for players who do not want to stay stationary on the circle for a few seconds when casting the Holy Ground.

14. Rain of Arrows

How to Get It:

Usable With: Light Bows, Bows, Greatbows

An Ashes of War for Eldenm Ring players who love to use a bow on top of a standard melee weapon, the Rain of Arrows takes inspiration from the many fantasy series and novels where arrows are rained down on an enemy by an individual. As the name suggests, this skill sees players crouching down with their bows on the ground and shooting a volley of arrows in the air. After a while, these arrows fall on the ground over the enemy, dealing damage. Pairing it up with the Arrow’s Reach Talisman will increase the range at which this skill can be performed.

15. Kick

How to Get It: Sold by Knight Bernahl at the Warmaster’s Shack

Usable With: Every Weapon except shields and bows

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Ashes of War Can We Use on One Weapon?

Elden Ring allows only one category on a weapon. Players have to meet a few other conditions before applying them to their desired weapon. Read our Ashes of War guide to learn more about them.

Can We Use an Ashes of War on a Weapon Which It Does Not Allow?

No. If an Ash of War requires a specific type of weapon for players to apply, they have to use that particular type of weapon.

Elden Ring Colosseum: Learn All About The Pvp Experience

After much waiting, Elden Ring finally received its first DLC content called Colosseum. The new update not only opened the gates for the large derelict structures inaccessible on the map but also brought dedicated PvP matchmaking options. However, to access the structures and the game mode, there are some necessary steps that you need to fulfill. This article includes all the essentials you should know before opening the grand doors to the Colosseum in Elden Ring.

What is the Colosseum in Elden Ring?

During the launch of Elden Ring, the Colosseums were these large, majestic amphitheaters in three locations on the maps – The Limgrave, Leyndell, and Caelid. It was implied in the game that the inhabitants used the Colosseums to perform combat rituals in the world of Elden Ring, much like the real-world gladiatorial fights from ancient Rome.

This was done to honor the Erdtree. However, by the time Radagon became the Elden Lord, or the player’s journey started, this practice was discarded with the remains of the giant amphitheaters lying dormant and inaccessible to everyone. This information is found in the item description for Ritual Sword Talisman, found after defeating Demi-Human Queen Gilika:

The Colosseum PvP (Image Courtesy: Bandai Namco)

Item Description of Ritual Sword Talisman

While the three Colosseums across the map stood gloriously, players were restricted from accessing them. Over the months, many data miners started poking around to check whether the developers left these structures to make them accessible. More information started coming from these, which further affirmed that these structures might open up sometime down the line, which they did. Accessing the Colosseum is pretty simple, as players need to walk up to them and open their gates by interacting with it.

Do I Require PvP Items to Join Colosseum Battles?

PvP mode in Elden Ring requires users to activate the Effigies of Martyr around the map, which opens up a particular map region for multiplayer. Then, players need to use specific PvP items, such as Furlfinger Calling Remedy, to use the multiplayer and either prepare themselves to let others come to their aid or invade them.

For the Colosseums, players do not need the multiplayer items. Instead, after entering the structure, players interact with an offering slab that opens up the matchmaking options. From here, they can further decide on the nature of PvP matches, as the three colosseums allow a different multiplayer experience.

PvP Modes in Elden Ring Colosseums

The PvP modes in the Colosseums are classified into three different kinds of experience.

1. Duel Mode

Furthermore, players cannot use Flask of Crimson Tear to heal themselves or the best Ashes of War to assist them. Flask of Cerulean Tear usage is allowed, though in a limited quantity.

A Combat Ordeal Match Between Two Players

2. United Combat

In united combat, players get divided into teams of either two, four, or six players and duke it out. The battles are limited to 300 seconds, and the team which gets the most eliminations wins. Furthermore, united combat allows respawns and limited usage of Flask of Crimson and Cerulean Tears per respawn.

3. Combat Ordeal

The third and final game mode is an all-out battle between six players fending for themselves. The combat ordeal fights continue for 300 seconds and the player with the most eliminations wins. Like united combat, combat ordeal will respawn players upon death and allows limited usage of Flask of Crimson and Cerulean Tears per respawn.

Depending on the kind of matchmaking player wants to experience, they need to venture out to that particular Colosseum by selecting the nearest site of grace, as none of the three areas provide one inside the Colosseum entrance.

All Colosseum Locations in Elden Ring 1. West Limgrave Colosseum

The Limgrave Colosseum location

Location: The first colosseum of the game is located northwest of the Warmaster’s Shack in Limgrave.

PvP Modes: Combat Ordeals and United Combat

Number of Combatants: Two, Four, and Six players

The first one is situated on the West Limgrave, the starting region of the map. Found on the east of Stormville castle. To reach it, players need to take a road northwest of the Warmaster’s Shack, which is found by taking the road behind the Stormhill Shack site of grace.

Limgrave Colosseum

Warmaster’s Shack also has a site of grace for players to activate and prepare themselves. Chronologically, the West Limgrave Colosseum in Elden Ring is the first one you will discover and has certain restrictions in place as it does not allow the use of Ashes of War during combat. The players can try united combat, a team-based battle splitting into teams of two, four, or six players, and combat ordeal.

2. Caelid Colosseum

The Caelid Colosseum Location

Location: The second Colosseum of the game is located west of the Deep Siorfa Well lift, sitting at the edge of the area.

PvP Modes: Combat Ordeal, United Combat, and Duel

Number of Combatants: Two, Four, and Six Players

The second one is located in the Caelid area of Elden Ring, near the Dragonblight region. Reaching this place requires players to venture through the Siorfa River underground area, where a lift takes them above ground.

The Caelid Colosseum

Players can then activate the Deep Siorfa Well site of grace and start following the road westward until they reach an open area where a great jar sits comfortably outside, blocking the view of the entrance. The Caelid Colosseum is a high-level area, with the road guarded by two archer golems. Hence, appropriately prepare before going to this area.

3. Leyndell Royal Colosseum

The Leyndell Royal Colosseum Location

Location: The third Colosseum is south of the West Capital Rampart site of Grace at Leyndell, situated in the Altus Plateau

PvP Modes: Duel-mode only

Number of Combatants: Two players

The third and final Colosseum in Elden Ring is the Leyndell Royal Colosseum, located at the royal capital of Leyndell at the Altus Plateau.

Players must spawn on the West Ramparts Site of Grace to reach it. From there, follow the path south along the main route. On the way, ignore the four enemies if needed, as they won’t attack the players unless aggravated.

The Leyndell Royal Colosseum

Players will then get a winding dirt road, where two duelists patrol and guard the path to the entrance. Subdue them and keep following the road, reaching the gate of the Colosseum. The Leyndell Royal Colosseum is a duel combat-only area, allowing only 2 players to fight against each other. Like the Limgrave, players cannot use Ashes of War here.

Elden Ring Colosseum: Do You Get Any Rewards on Winning?

While Soulsborne games like Dark Souls and even Bloodborne give players an item for winning multiplayer battles, the Colosseum fight in Elden Ring does not have any rewards for winning the matches. The matches are solely for players and their friends to enjoy the PvP mode in case they do not want other players invading their story progression through the world.

Elden Ring: Where To Find Every Deathroot In The Game

Elden Ring features numerous key items that reward players with loot, and Deathroot is one of them. A strange item that you can get from a few bosses in the game, the item rewards players with Incantations, Ashes of War, and more. However, tracking down all the Deathroots and exchanging them can become confusing. In this guide, we talk about what exactly is Deathroot, where to find them, and how to receive the rewards from exchanging them.

What Is Deathroot in Elden Ring and How to Find It?

Deathroot is a key item in Elden Ring that players can obtain to exchange for items. Guuranq, one of the non-playable characters, searches for them to devour and eat. In exchange for a Deathroot, Guuranq rewards players with incantations, upgrade items, or weapons for players to use in their playthrough.

Deathroot is often found where roots have grown out of the ground or are carried by an undead enemy. The official description of the item says that Deathroots appeared when the Rune of Death spread throughout the Lands Between through the underground roots of the Great Tree. This happened after the first death of a demigod.

Deathroot, Elden Ring.

Before players obtain and do anything, they first need to find a particular NPC called D, Hunter of the Dead. To track him down, head to Summonwater Village Outskirts at East Limgrave. Once players reach the area, they can notice an individual standing before a dead body. This individual wears unique armor and rests the point of his sword on the ground. This is D, Hunter of the Dead. Talking with D prompts him to warn the players from progressing further and asks them to stay away.

Head to the Roundtable Hold to talk with D, who has moved away from his original position. Talk with him to learn the location of the Bestial Sanctum in Caelid, a place where Guuranq lies. Head to the point marked by D on the map to spawn into Bestial Sanctum and in front of Guuranq.

If you do not want to meet D and find the location of the Bestial Sanctum, the other way is to reach the Third Church of Marika. From here, head north toward the shallow pond. Once near the area, search for a bush on the eastern side with a hidden teleporter. Interact with it to get transported to Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow in Caelid. Interact with the large door to open up the Beastial Sanctum. Guuranq, The Best Clergyman, accepts the many Deathroot players can find in the game and consumes them. For the trouble of players, Guuranq rewards them with an item in exchange for a Deathroot.

Deathroot Locations in Elden Ring

In total, there are nine places in Elden Ring where players can obtain a Deathroot. Down below, these places allow players to gather them.

First Deathroot

The first Deathroot in Elden can be traced inside the Deathtouched Catacombs at Stormhill. Located on the west of Stainstbridge, players can track it down if they follow the road. Another quick way of going to Deathtouched Catacombs is if players reach the Warmaster’s Shack at Stormhill and head straight right.

The Deathtouched Catacombs is a typical dungeon that allows multiplayer. At the end of the dungeon, players need to defeat the Black Knife Assassin, allowing players to open the chest at the end of the boss room, giving them a Deathroot.

Second Deathroot

Location: East Limgrave Summonwater Village ruins.

Across the Saintsbridge lies a dilapidated village underwater called Summonwater Village Ruins. This is also the location of our second Deathroot, which the boss Tibia Mariner holds. Tibia Mariner is a ghostly field boss who uses a large horn to attack the players while steering a boat which he also uses to attack the players. On top of this, Tibia Mariner summons skeletons to assist him in fighting the players.

Third Deathroot

Location: Ruins located south of the Artist’s Shack in Liurnia.

Right before the Artist’s Shack in Liurnia lies another ruin with a small water body. In it lies the second Tibia Mariner boss, which fights and behaves like its previous iteration at Summonwater Village Ruins. Take the boss out to receive the third Deathroot.

Fourth Deathroot

Location: Black Knife Catacombs, located on Liurnia. Reach the Ruined Labyrinth and take a road northeast to reach there.

Situated northeast of the ruined labyrinth site of grace, the Black Knife Catacombs is one of the many dungeons players can discover all over the map of Elden Ring. What is unique about this dungeon is that instead of one, this one has two bosses that players can defeat – the secret boss Black Knife Assassins and Cemetary Shade.

Once players hand over four Deathroot to Guuranq, he gets frenzied and starts attacking the player upon approaching him. This portion is scripted and bound to happen once handed over four Deathroot. Furthermore, dying won’t revert Guuranq to a non-aggressive state. To calm him, deal a few hits carefully while dodging his fast attacks. Doing so will make Guuranq regain his senses and stop attacking the players.

Fifth Deathroot

Location: Gelmir Hero’s Grave at Mt. Gelmir. Located across the Abductor’s village.

Deep through the Abductor’s Village in Mt. Gelmir lies one of the Hero’s Grave, and along with it the fifth Deathroot of Elden Ring. A dungeon that players can enter to complete, this area not only gives us one of the goofiest weapons in the game called The Ringed Finger Hammer, but it also provides us with a Deathroot. Complete the dungeon by maneuvering the murderous chariots and lavas to reach the boss room, which holds the Red Wolf of the Champion.

The wolf fights similarly to the Red Wolf of Radagon at the Academy of Raya Lucaria, who players have to defeat to reach Rennala to use larval tears. Defeat the Red Wolf of the Champion to gain access to the chest at the end of the hall. Opening it will reward players with a Deathroot.

Sixth Deathroot

If players tracked down the two halves of the Dectus medallion at Fort Haight in Limgrave and Fort Faroth in Caelid or took the secret road through Liurnia of the Lake, they can reach the Altus Plateau, shrouded in the golden light of Leyndell. This is the next area where we receive Elden Ring’s next Deathroot, located in the Wyndham Ruins. There are two ways to reach this area, and both are pretty simple since it falls in the player’s route.

If players entered the Altus Plateau through the secret route through the Ruined-Strewn Precipice, navigate the plains north of the area. Similarly, if players took the Grand Lift of Dectus, head to the north of the area. Doing so will bring players to the Wyndham Ruins, where a Tibia Mariner roams. While the boss fights like the previous Tibia Mariners, he summons gigantic skeletons this time, who shoot lasers at the players and vanish every so often. Carefully subdue the boss to despawn the enemies and receive a Deathroot.

Seventh Deathroot

Location: Giant’s Mountaintop Catacomb, situated west of the Mountaintop of the Giants.

The next Deathroot of Elden Ring takes us to the snowy fields of the Mountaintop of the Giants, situated inside the Giant’s Mountaintop Catacomb. To reach it, head to the Zamor Ruins, located right in front of the players after they exit the lift. Head southeast after spawning at Zamor Ruins to reach a cracked wall. From here, continue east and circle the rocks to continue northwest to pass through a passage. Here, a handful of Fire Monks roam the area. Get down the slope and take an immediate right to find the entrance to the Catacomb.

Eight Deathroot

Location: Stargazer’s Ruins at the Mountaintop of the Giants.

The next Deathroot is located south of the Stargazer’s Ruins. Take the bridge across the Stargazer’s Ruins and head towards the graveyard. The Tibia Mariner roams the area near the walking Mausoleum in Mountaintop of the Giants, hence using it as a landmark. While the previous Tibia Mariners was a boss fight, this one is a field enemy. However, it attacks similar to the previous Tibia Mariners in Elden Ring, and eliminating him will reward players with a Deathroot.

Ninth Deathroot

Location: Hidden Path to the Haligtree dungeon.

The final Deathroot of Elden Ring lies inside a large dungeon called the Hidden Path to the Haligtree. Accessing the area requires players to the two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. The right part is obtained from Albus, hiding in the Village of the Albunaurics in Liurnia. The left portion is dropped by Commander Niall, located on the rooftop of Castle Sol in Mountaintop of the Giant. Receive the pieces and head back to the Grand Lift of Rold to access the area.

Use of Deathroot in Elden Ring: How to Get Rewards?

The only use of Deathroot in Elden Ring is to progress the storyline of Guuranq at the Beastial Sanctum. Once received head over to the NPC to hand him over the Deathroots. There are no set patterns in which a player needs to do these side bosses. However, given the enemy placements, players will stumble upon these bosses during the main story playthrough for the most part.

Giving Deathroot to Guuranq will reward players with one item per Deathroot. The first time a Deathroot is given to Guuranq, players also receive Beast Eyes, which quiver when near a Deathroot, helping players to locate them.

Deathroot Given to GuuranqRewardFirst DeathrootClawmark Seal and Beast EyesSecond DeathrootBestial Sling IncantationThird DeathrootBestial Vitality IncantationFourth DeathrootBeast’s Roar Ashes of WarFifth DeathrootBeast Claw IncantationSixth DeathrootStone of Guuranq IncantationSeventh DeathrootBeastclaw Greathammer WeaponEight DeathrootGuuranq’s Beast Claw IncantationNinth DeathrootAncient Dragon Smithing Stone

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Use Deathroot For Any Other Purposes

No. Deathroot are solely quest items for Guuranq and are only accepted by him at the Bestial Sanctum.

Is it Mandatory to Do These Boss-Fights for Deathroot?

Deathroot procurement is an optional questline that players can skip if they want to. However, we suggest doing them, as it rewards players with great incantations, an upgrade item, and a hammer.

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