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Machine learning has changed the way businesses plan, work and breathe! It’s been here for quite some time now, and the estimated boost in productivity with its implementation has already touched 54%. While it ostensibly risks many jobs, it is here to give. Machine learning and automation are helping industries (healthcare, logistics, and more) gear up for digital transformation more enthusiastically than ever – and it still looks like the beginning. HR automation is one of the buzzwords in the business world that’s been headlining with machine learning for quite some time now. In research, companies that switched to HR automation said it saved 90% of their time in administrative functions. It’s for real. But how? Keep reading to know.

Table of Contents HR Automation Using Machine Learning

Human resource management, famously known as HRM, used to be associated with shortlisting and payroll processes. With time, it accelerated the pace toward improving employee experience and retention. They then entered automation with machine learning that fueled the HR department to make almost everything faster and accessible.

HR automation refers to the practice of automating and streamlining HR tasks that are generally performed by human resources. This practice has dramatically improved how many HR activities were in motion. From the entire recruitment process to employee care, machine learning is giving a hand to HR by speeding things up.

How can Automation Make HR Efficient?

The human resource management department can save time and quickly wrap up essential or complex tasks by automating HR tasks. Automation serves a tremendous purpose in terms of efficiency and consistency. Automation can boost efficiency in HR management in the following ways:

Faster Decision-Making: HR automation simplifies fetching, maintaining, and tracking data across different functions. It enables organizations to monitor and understand various processes more feasibly. It helps shortlist resumes, create reports, analyze employee experience, and make data-driven decisions in relatively minimum time.

Transparent Processes: Automation in HR functions can enhance clarity between staff members and employees. It also promotes transparent communication across different HR processes of the organization. Moreover, automating workflows allows employees to modify or submit requests or documents more efficiently.

Enhanced Productivity: By automating various processes involved in HR, management gets more time to devote to intricate tasks. Since employees can apply for leaves, raise a query, track attendance, and perform various tasks with automation, the need for manual efforts also reduces.

7 HR Processes that can be Automated

Here are the 7 notable use cases in HR processes that can leverage ML and AI systems:

1. Recruitment Procedure

The hiring process is one of the most significant aspects of HR management. HR automation with machine learning can boost this process tremendously by refining data per predefined requirements for a particular job role. According to Nucleus Research, companies that use HR automation made the onboarding process 67% faster.

Source: Lucid

Since this robust technology utilizes a database to store the profiles of candidates that the HR teams shortlist, it eradicates the need for paperwork. It helps hire top talent and saves time by automating communication about the interview status. Moreover, artificial intelligence in HR can also gear up the maneuvers of various formalities for onboarding new employees. From providing access rights and account creation for new hires to offer letters, it eases the entire onboarding process.

2. Payroll Functions

Source: UBSapp

Payroll is a common but not to mention, critical task involved in the HR department functions. After all, it is about processing payments and maintaining records in an organization, which demands keen-eyed attention to detail. No matter how demanding this activity may be, it is tedious and repetitive.

Payroll processing requires massive data entries regularly, which gets mundane in the end, and then it demands attention as it can lead to manual errors. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can prevent blunders by establishing a connection between different systems, such as accounts payable, employee data, attendance, etc., to collect data relatively streamlined manner.

3. Employee Data Management

Source: Jotform

Employee data management is one of the most crucial segments of HR management operations. It involves maintaining various databases, including employee perks, documents, and other records. Moving around databases and keeping track of them demands consistency. HR with AI and ML can give a hand in making the whole process of data management plain sailing. By automating these activities, the management can mark a reduction in common errors like data inaccuracy, further preventing reworks.

4. Attendance and Time-offs

Source: Mitrefinch

Tracking attendance is yet another eminent area in HR departments where machine learning and HR automation can serve a purpose to count on. Automation tools allow the option to cross-check the employee attendance reports against total work hours and significantly ease down the task of monitoring employee working hours. Apart from that, the management can also leverage automation in determining the need for resource allocation in case of an employee’s absence to maintain the workflow.

5. Expense Management

Source: Endeavour Technologies

Calculate shift allowance, track travel expenses, and do all things that translate to maintaining a record of expenditures! Yes, another monotonous and time-consuming task to mark territory in the calendar of HR departments. The worst and scariest side to this activity is all those scenarios of delayed expense submissions, missing receipts, no track of spending, and the list can go on.

The human resource department can save time with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and HR automation. Automation extracts crucial data from receipts and repeatedly wipes off the need for glaring into expenditure reports. It captures the information and makes the job get done faster. Moreover, it also saves time in the manual process of automatically generating shift allowances by fetching data from the backend.

6. Performance Management

Source: Spine Technologies

Performance management is no joke. It is an area of HR functionality wherein the department has to analyze and review an employee’s goals, targets, progress, and achievements. The department uses this examination to make essential calls on further developing an employee’s tenure, plan assessments and metrics, and calculate incentives and rewards. Employee performance management automation can make HR processes easier by performing tasks like reviews, analysis, and calculations. It frees up time by eliminating the need for manual work from the picture.

7. Employee Exit Process

Source: Freshworks

Several HR activities are to be performed at the time of an employee’s exit. It includes relieving documentation, completing and final settlement, and revoking access. Even a minute error can lead to collateral issues. Thus, the exit formalities require unmissable attention to everything for a smooth and orderly process. HR automation with machine learning can organize and streamline the off-boarding process. Automation helps the department monitor every task involved in the process and notifies the concerned teams of the steps that need to be fulfilled from their end. On top of it, automation also extracts the necessary information from the backend and, again, saves manual effort.

7 Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in HR Automation

Here is some common application of machine learning for HR activities that companies are either successfully implementing or on their way to make it a hit:

1. Workflow Automation

Source: Technology Advice

2. Hiring Top Talent

Source: Jobsoid

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping HR professionals check a major to-do off the checklist: spotting the perfect candidate. Many companies worldwide have already kickstarted the ML application for recruiting suitable candidates. Such candidates match the head-to-toe of their job description. LinkedIn exemplifies this application just right. Its use of machine learning helps recruiters refine their searches and help them make effective hiring decisions, thanks to the algorithms.

3. Decision-Making and Planning

Source: Studious Guy

Machine learning with HR automatically offers valuable insights that help the department assess the current standing, identify trends, recognize barriers, track employee progress, and many other tasks. With the help of predictive analysis through automation, the HR department can catch the lingering issues and challenges and remedy them on time.

4. Employee Training

Source: Walk Me

5. Accuracy and Efficiency

Source: CheckHub

There are many tasks in the HR department that take up a lot of time. Recruiting is one of them. By implementing predictive analysis, machine learning systems can help eliminate the ‘time’ issue. It not only speeds up the process but also provides accurate intel. Since machine learning can track and collect information from the applications, it reduces the scope for manual error to zero, which saves both time and effort.

6. Attrition

Source: Medium

Retaining top talent is as essential to the company as hiring them. While employee retention cannot solely work at the fingertips of HR, it enables the department to analyze, predict, and manage attrition through usable insights. These predictions allow HR teams to make informed decisions before any challenge occurs.

7. Employee Engagement

Source: AIHR


The impact mentioned above, use cases, and applications of ML and AI technology applications in human resource management echo the future of HR automation aloud. While it may look like a snatcher of the jobs of millions of HR professionals, the truth is that it is here to simplify their to-dos. HR teams can make the most of automation by avoiding repetitive tasks and focusing on the big-size areas that await their endeavors, such as candidate experience, employee retention, engagement activities, etc.

AI and machine learning have already begun making sure that HR teams have more productivity as several tasks get streamlined. Many companies, including Amazon, are implementing these emerging new technologies. From onboarding new hires to performance management and real-time updates, it’s a win-win both for the HR department and the potential/ existing employees.

The machine learning market has worked no less than magic on many business functions globally. It is projected to stand at around US $302.62 billion by 2030. On the other hand, machine learning now has its expanse of job opportunities, which won’t come without attractive pay. Curious to know more? Learn the many folds of machine learning, deep learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and a lot more with Analytics Vidhya. that are here to stay and even to give the career of many wings.

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Frequently Asked Questions Q1. How is machine learning used in HR?

A. Machine learning is robustly shaping HR management functionality. The technology enables HR activities to work more efficiently and effectively by streamlining data and performing predictive analysis, reducing manual work significantly.

Q2. Is machine learning the future of HR?

A. Considering the buffet of benefits and efficiency catered by AI and machine learning, it’s safe to say that these technologies have the potential to revolutionize the HR management workflow.

Q3. What are the applications of machine learning in HR?

A. Machine learning helps the HR department streamline tasks such as screening, onboarding, employee exit formalities, and employee engagement. It extracts valuable information from various databases and provides accurate information, speeding up the decision-making and planning process.


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Ai For Dating Apps: How Ai Help People Find Love

Over the past decade, a large number of couples have met online. Getting love with dating apps is already an everyday reality. With our busy lifestyles and breathtaking life races, people often lack the time to search for a suitable date. Thus, dating applications have become the norm and come in handy for searching for a Soulmate – or even online.

These technologies make the search process more personalized and precise. But can artificial intelligence help people find love? Below, you will find a detailed description of how AI helps people to find their love and how this technology makes dating apps better.

How AI Help People Find Love More accurate match

The matching feature is integral to any dating app. Artificial intelligence makes the matching process more consistent, precise and personalized.

The AI ​​algorithm can remember your behavior and tailor the list of people you might like based on it. This technique can analyze your past matches and only show the top possible dates to increase your chances of finding love. The more you use your app, the more AI and more data respectively, gives you more accurate matches.

Artificial intelligence is very powerful, and we should not underestimate it. Even the smallest details can be taken into consideration which we usually reject or do not notice.

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Better protection

The technology helps improve app security as well as prevent fraudulent activities. This is an amazing opportunity to provide a more positive user experience that will directly affect app usage, conversion rates, and sales.

The better experience people get, the higher the probability that a user will go to a paid premium account. Eliminating any fraudulent activities is the only way to gain the loyalty of app users.

Therefore, for any dating app, security is a top priority, and AI helps to significantly enhance it. Artificial intelligence is extremely good at detecting suspicious tasks in dating apps, so addressing issues will become much easier and faster.

There are a lot of scams not only through the internet but also in dating apps. So AI can cope with mitigating all potential risks to provide an impeccable user experience as a whole. This technique allows evaluating the risk score, and, if it is too high, the profile will be blocked.

User moderation

Moderation of users is another thing that can contribute to a positive user experience and make it easier for people to find the real Soulmate.

If customers swipe all the time due to fake pictures or inappropriate visual content, their user experience will be negative, and they will not be able to find the date. Thus, most likely, they will not use your app at all.

AI moderation can detect people with inappropriate behavior or pictures and block their profiles or warn others of their misconduct. This will take much less time than human moderation, and respectively, the overall process will be faster and more effective.

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Quality relevant content

Also, AI can help people improve their profiles. If you have low popularity and a lot of disclaimers, it will skim through your profile and suggest you how to improve it to make your page more visible and appealing to others.

It may recommend you to change your profile picture or add more relevant information about yourself which will be interesting for your potential dates.

Artificial intelligence is smart enough to point out mistakes in your pictures and can tell you how to correct them. This technique can do everything so that you can meet your partner fast and easily create new romantic relationships.

Not everyone knows how to display their personality in a dating app to grab the attention of another user. In some applications, AI can also assist you in this task for your pleasure.

Final thoughts

Artificial intelligence solutions have become an essential part of our personal and professional lives. This technique is widely used in dating apps, as it makes the Soulmate matching process much faster and easier. Thus, AI is a smart key to find your love online

Midjourney Ai Login: How To Join And Access The Ai

Join Midjourney AI Login and access their AI-based image generator through Discord. Create stunning art pieces with faster and more efficient image generation, accurate and consistent results, and greater flexibility and customization options. Expand your imagination and explore new creative possibilities with Midjourney.

If you’re interested in exploring the world of AI-generated art, then Midjourney AI Login is the perfect platform for you. Midjourney is a research lab that aims to expand the imaginative powers of the human species through artificial intelligence. They have developed an AI-based image generator that is accessible through Discord, making it available to millions of people. In this article, we will guide you on how to join and access the Midjourney AI Login image generator. Read on to learn more about how you can create stunning art pieces using Midjourney AI Login and how it compares to other AI image generators.

Midjourney is a research lab that explores new mediums of thought and expands the imaginative powers of the human species. The lab aims to create new forms of art and expression using artificial intelligence (AI).

Midjourney has developed an AI-based image generator that is accessible through Discord. The image generator uses a machine learning algorithm to create unique and beautiful images that can be used for a variety of purposes.

See Also: How to use Midjourney AI on Discord

To use Midjourney, you need a Discord account, which is a popular social messaging and video call software. If you do not have a Discord account, you can create one for free by downloading and using the dedicated app or by using your web browser.

The very first time you use Midjourney, the Midjourney Bot will ask you to accept the terms of service. You must agree to the terms of service to access the AI-based image generator.

After accepting the terms, you can start using the Midjourney AI image generator. The image generator has a range of options and settings that you can customize to generate unique and beautiful images.

Check More: Best AI Like Midjourney But Free

At present, Midjourney is not available for free. The basic plan costs $10, while the premium tier can be accessed for $60. Despite this, there are numerous other online tools that can produce similar results, providing alternatives for those who cannot afford Midjourney’s fees.

Also Useful: How To Use Midjourney For Free?

First, ensure that you have a verified Discord login.

If you don’t already have a Discord account, visit the Discord website and register for a new account.

Once you have successfully joined the Midjourney Discord channel, select any “newbies-#” channel visible in the left sidebar.

On the Midjourney Official Server, use the /imagine command to interact with the Midjourney Bot on Discord. This will allow you to create images, change default settings, monitor user info, and perform other helpful tasks.

After successfully verifying your Discord account and accessing the Midjourney AI, you can begin creating stunning art pieces using the tool.

Faster and More Efficient Image Generation: Midjourney uses AI technology to quickly generate high-resolution images based on text prompts. This can save artists and designers a significant amount of time and effort, as they no longer need to manually create each image.

More Accurate and Consistent Results: With Midjourney, users can expect more accurate and consistent results than with traditional image creation methods. The AI algorithms used by Midjourney are designed to generate images that closely match the input text, ensuring that the resulting images meet the user’s expectations.

More Flexibility and Customization Options: Midjourney allows users to customize and tweak the generated images to their liking, providing greater flexibility than traditional image creation methods. Users can experiment with different text prompts and settings to create unique and personalized images.

Useful for Artists and Professionals: Midjourney is a powerful tool for artists and professionals who need to generate high-quality images for their projects. It can be used to create concept art, illustrations, marketing materials, and more.

Expands Human Imagination Limits: By using Midjourney, users can expand their imagination and explore new creative possibilities. The tool can generate images that users may not have thought of otherwise, inspiring new ideas and concepts. Additionally, Midjourney can be used to transform the user’s perception of what is possible, opening up new artistic avenues.

Midjourney’s AI-based image generator is a powerful tool for creating unique and beautiful images using artificial intelligence. With the easy accessibility through Discord, it is available to anyone with a Discord account. Join Midjourney today to explore the world of AI-generated art!

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How Does Windows Find My Location Automatically?

Just like smartphones use our physical location to recommend shops and restaurants or help us with directions, Windows does the same thing. However, Smartphones using our physical location make sense as it asks for location permission. But how does Windows find my location automatically? Most computers do not come with GPS, which can help the computer to detect our location. Well, if you have been thinking the same, then in this post, I will be explaining everything you need to know about Windows location usage.

How does Windows find my location automatically?

As per Microsoft, there are a few key factors that help them to find your exact location. These key factors are GPS, nearby wifi hotspots, IP addresses, or cell towers.

Using these details, Windows can determine the precise geographic location of your Windows device so it can recommend related news, shops, or places to visit.

However, Windows’s accuracy in finding your physical location depends on your device capabilities. For instance, if it comes with a GPS, it will be easier for Windows to know your actual location. If there is no GPS, it will use other methods which might not be accurate enough to know your location.

Also, if your location service is enabled, your Windows PC will share details like a wireless access point, cellular owner, and precise GPS location to Microsoft. Then Microsoft will use your shared data to improve its location service. Also, the data gets shared with Microsoft’s location service providers like HERE and Skyhook in some instances.

Also, Microsoft shares your location information with apps that require location information. But you can always allow and disallow apps that access your location information.

But if you don’t share your location service with other apps, they will still have access to it. But the location data will have lower accuracy.

How to Manage location settings in Windows?

Follow these suggestions to manage Location settings in Windows. Be aware that changing settings do affect the overall experience. However, it is true if you are using location-based apps.

Location Service

Location History

Default Location

You will not need an administrator account to get these done. Every user can set its location service.

1] Location Service

Go to Windows Setting using Win + I.

Over here, you will find two settings.

The first setting is location services; you can keep it turned on/off depending on your needs. If you keep it turned on, the location will be available to Windows and anyone using your computer.

Once you enable Location services, you will get the second option: Let apps access your location. Using this, you can allow or disallow apps that can access your location information.

Once you change the settings, apps and browsers will behave based on these settings.

Read: How to turn on or off Location Scripting on Windows.

2] Location History

As mentioned earlier, Windows does share your location info with specific Windows apps and services. However, when the location setting is one, the location looked up by apps or services will be stored on the device for 24 hours and then deleted.

You can easily find this app on the location settings page. Apps that use location service will be labeled as Uses location history.

To clear location history, you can follow the below steps:

Use Win + I to open Windows Settings

It will delete location history from Apps that had accessed the history before it was cleared.

3] Default Location

Windows gives you the option to set a default location. The default location will be used when Windows fails to detect the precise location. To set it, follow the below steps:

Go to Settings.

It will launch the Windows Maps app.

From there, choose your default location, and you are good to go.


So that was all about how Windows find your location automatically and how you can manage your location settings. So go ahead and check the Windows location settings out.

You may choose as per your usage. If you are too concerned about your location, we suggest using a VPN and strict browser settings instead of changing Windows.

Should I allow Windows to track my location?

It entirely depends on what features you are using on your Windows machine. For instance, if you use Windows maps and other location-based apps, you will need to allow Windows to track your location. But if your activities do not include anything related to location, then there is no need to allow Windows to know your physical location.

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Is it safe to allow Browsers to find my location?

Read: How to Disable Geolocation in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

Why is my PC location wrong?

There can be multiple reasons for this. Either Windows settings don’t allow the apps or browser to find the location, or ISP is offering an incorrect location. One of the ways Windows finds the PC location is by enquiring about the server location of the ISP. If the server is not around your location and in a different city, this can also result in an incorrect location.

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Why does my PC IP show a different location on the Internet?

It’s because of the ISP, or you are using a VPN. Any location service queries the ISP or the Server through which you are connected and gets the location. The only way out is to allow the apps to get accurate location when they prompt about it. But that is also not foolproof.

How To Use Claude Ai?

In March, Google-backed Anthropic released an artificial intelligence chatbot named Claude, which has quickly become a rival to the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT. Claude is capable of generating a wide range of conversational and text-processing tasks while maintaining reliability and predictability. Many people are curious about how to use this new AI chatbot effectively. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use “Claude AI” rival of chatgpt using Slack and

Claude, developed by Anthropic, is an AI chatbot that competes with ChatGPT in the field of conversational and text-processing tasks. To use Claude effectively, you have two options: Slack and chúng tôi Both methods provide easy access to this ChatGPT rival.

Slack, a popular collaboration platform, allows users to interact with Claude seamlessly. Follow these steps to use Claude with Slack:

To get started, create a free Slack account by visiting the Slack website.

Authorize Claude and open Slack on your device. Navigate to the “Apps” section, which is available on the left side of the interface.

You can now start asking your queries to Anthropic Claude using Slack. Claude has the ability to answer a wide range of questions on various topics, including physics, math, and more. You can even ask questions in group conversations and channels by tagging Claude with “@Claude.”

Please note that you cannot tag Claude and ask queries in private direct messages (DMs)., also known as OpenPlayground, offers access to various AI models, including Anthropic Claude. Follow these steps to use Claude on

Visit chúng tôi and create a free account by entering your email address.

After creating your account, navigate to the model section in the top-right corner of the chúng tôi interface. Select “Claude-v1.2” from the available options.

Once you have topped up your chúng tôi account, you can start testing Claude. You can ask queries, request content summaries, create bullet reports, and more to explore the capabilities of Claude.

Anthropic Claude is now available through both Slack and chúng tôi While Slack offers a free access option, chúng tôi requires a contribution of $5. Depending on your preferences and requirements, you can choose the method that suits you best.

Beyond the chat interface, Claude offers an API that developers can leverage to integrate this powerful AI assistant into their own applications and workflows. By utilizing Claude’s API in the developer console, you can unlock a world of possibilities for your software projects. Whether you’re building a chatbot, an automated customer support system, or an AI-powered creative writing tool, Claude’s API provides the necessary tools to enhance your applications and deliver exceptional user experiences.

One of Claude’s distinguishing features is its ability to adapt its personality, tone, and behavior. This flexibility allows businesses and individuals to align Claude’s responses with their desired brand voice. Whether you want Claude to sound professional, friendly, humorous, or authoritative, you can easily direct its responses accordingly. This customization ensures that every interaction with Claude reflects the desired tone and reinforces your unique identity.

While Claude primarily converses in English, it possesses the ability to respond to questions in other languages as well. Although its language repertoire may be limited compared to native language assistants, Claude’s language capabilities extend beyond English. If you are curious about whether Claude can understand your native language, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Claude’s adaptability might surprise you with its multilingual competence.

To harness the power of Claude, you can access it through multiple channels. The primary method is through the Anthropic website, where you can initiate conversations with Claude directly via the chat interface. Additionally, Claude can be integrated into Slack, a popular team communication platform. To use Claude in Slack, simply add the Claude app to your workspace by searching for it in the Slack app directory. This integration brings Claude’s conversational AI capabilities seamlessly into your Slack workspace, enabling efficient collaboration and quick access to information.

Specific use cases for Claude AI include:

Content Writing: Claude AI can be used by content writers to generate high-quality, reliable, and trustworthy content. It can assist in writing articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and more.

Summarization: Claude AI has the ability to summarize long texts or articles, making it useful for extracting key information from large amounts of text. This can be helpful for researchers, students, or anyone who needs to quickly understand the main points of a document.

Search: Claude AI can assist with search queries by providing relevant information and answers to questions. It can help users find specific information, conduct research, or explore different topics.

Creative and Collaborative Writing: Claude AI can be used for creative writing tasks, such as generating story ideas, character development, or even co-writing with authors. It can provide suggestions, prompts, and help in the writing process.

Q&A: Claude AI can answer questions on a wide range of topics. It can provide information, explanations, and insights based on its knowledge and understanding.

Coding: Claude AI can assist with coding tasks by providing code snippets, explanations, and troubleshooting assistance5. It can help programmers with coding challenges, debugging, and learning new programming languages.

These are just a few examples of the use cases for Claude AI. Its capabilities are versatile and can be applied to various domains and industries. Users have reported that Claude is less likely to produce harmful outputs, easier to converse with, and more steerable, making it a reliable and efficient AI assistant.

Anthropic’s AI chatbot, Claude, provides an alternative to ChatGPT with its wide range of conversational and text-processing capabilities. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can easily access and use Claude using either Slack or chúng tôi Whether you are an individual or part of an organization, Claude can assist you in various tasks and answer your queries effectively.

Q: Can I use Claude on Slack for personal use, or is it limited to organizations only?

A: Initially designed for organizations, Anthropic Claude is available for individuals as well. You can use Claude on Slack to ask queries on any topic, whether it’s for personal or professional purposes.

Q: What tasks can organizations perform using Claude on Slack?

Q: Can I ask Claude questions in group conversations and channels on Slack?

A: Absolutely! To ask questions to Claude in group conversations or channels, simply tag Claude using “@Claude” and ask your queries. Claude will respond within the channel, making the output available to everyone in the conversation.

Q: Is there a cost associated with using Claude on

A: Yes, to access Claude on chúng tôi users need to contribute approximately $5. This contribution helps support the functionality of the platform.

Q: Does Claude face similar issues with hallucinations as other AI chatbots?

A: According to the CEO of Anthropic, Claude, like other AI chatbots, may generate hallucinations or make things up. However, the model is expected to improve over time as it evolves.

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How To Track And Find Your Lost Airpods

This tutorial covers different ways to track and find your AirPods on Apple and non-Apple devices using the “Find My” service. We’ll also show you how to put AirPods in “Lost Mode” so whoever finds them can contact you.

If you use the AirPods Pro (2nd generation) or newer AirPods models, you can track the earbuds and charging case separately. Apple’s Find My service only lets you track the left and right AirPods on older AirPods generation.

Table of Contents

Note: You can’t track your AirPods if you turn off Find My on a paired Apple device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc.) before the AirPods go missing.

How to Find AirPods on Your Devices

You can remotely track and find AirPods on Apple and non-Apple devices. This section cover steps for tracking Apple AirPods on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and Windows devices.

Track AirPods in Find My on iPhone/iPad

Open the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad, open the


tab, and select your AirPods in the “Devices” section.

If you have the AirPods Pro (2nd generation), you can track the AirPods and charging case individually. Find My also tells you if your AirPods are in or outside the charging case.

Select your AirPods or charging case to see its location.

Look below the AirPods name for its exact location.

If your AirPods are nearby, tap Play Sound to have the earbuds play a sound so you can quickly locate them. You can also select Find to get guidance to the location of your AirPods.

If the missing AirPods are far away, select Directions to get directions to your AirPods from your current location in Apple Maps.

Track AirPods in Find My on Mac

You can track your AirPods on any Mac computer connected to the same Apple ID as your AirPods. Follow the steps below to track your lost or missing AirPods on your Mac.

Open the Find My app on your Mac and select your AirPods in the “Devices” tab on the sidebar.

Select the

Info icon

next to the AirPods (or charging case) on the map.

Check below the AirPods name for its current or last location.

You can have Find My play sounds on the missing AirPods or select Directions to get directions to its last known location. Find My displays your AirPods’ current location if listening devices are online.

Note: AirPods are tagged as “online” when charged, outside the charging case, or within range of your Apple products.

How to Track AirPods on Windows or Android Devices

Apple doesn’t have a Find My app for Windows and Android devices. However, you can use the iCloud Find Devices web tool to track your AirPods on Android, Windows, and non-Apple devices.

Visit chúng tôi in any web browser on your Android device and provide your Apple ID account credentials.

Select the

All Devices

drop-down option and select your AirPods on the list of devices.

You’ll find your AirPods location on the map. If your AirPods are nearby, select

Play Sound

to make the earbuds or charging case play a gradually increasing sound. You can also update/refresh your AirPods’ location by choosing the



What Does “No Location Found” or “Offline” Mean?

Do you see a “No location found” or “Offline” message below your AirPods in Find My? That means the Find My network can’t detect the AirPods’ exact location. This happens when your AirPods are out-of-range or have dead batteries.

You might be able to get directions to the location where they were last connected, but Find My can’t display the exact location of offline AirPods.

If someone finds your AirPods and charges them, you’ll get a notification on your Apple devices that your AirPods are back online. Only then can you track the AirPods.

Your AirPods may also appear offline if location services are disabled for the Find My network on your devices. Refer to our tutorial on fixing Find My “No location found” issues to learn how to get your AirPods location online.

Put Your AirPods in Lost Mode

Mark your AirPods as lost if they’re offline and you can’t track or locate them. By turning on Lost Mode, Apple lets you share your contact information (phone number or email address) with whoever finds your AirPods so they can contact you.

If someone using an iPhone finds your AirPods, they’ll get your message on their device. You’ll also receive a notification (on your Apple devices) when the AirPods are online or found.

Note: You can only mark AirPods as lost on Apple devices—iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, or Mac. Also, only the AirPods (3rd generation), AirPods Pro (1st and 2nd generation), AirPods Max, and newer AirPods models support Lost Mode.

How to Enable or Disable Lost Mode on iPhone or iPad

Follow the steps below to put your missing or lost AirPods in Lost Mode on your iOS or iPadOS device.

Open the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad and select your AirPods in the



Scroll down the AirPods menu, select


in the “Mark As Lost” section, and select


to proceed.

Enter the phone number in the dialog box and tap


in the top-right corner. Select

Use an email address

if you want to be contacted by email instead.

Review your contact information and select


in the top-right corner to turn on Lost Mode.

A lock icon appears next to your AirPods when you put it in Lost Mode. Turn off Lost Mode (see the next step) when you find your AirPods.

Select your AirPods in the Find My app and select


in the “Mark As Lost” section.


Turn Off Lost Mode

and select

Turn Off

on the pop-up to deactivate Lost Mode.

How to Enable or Disable Lost Mode on macOS Devices

Open the Find My app and select your AirPods in the


tab on the sidebar.

Select the

Info icon

next to your AirPods on the map.



in the “Mark As Lost” section.

Next, select


to proceed.

Type your phone number in the dialog box and select


in the top-right corner. Select

Use an email address

to submit your email address as your contact info instead.

Review the contact information and Lost Message and select


to mark your AirPods as lost.

Deactivate Lost Mode when you find or retrieve your AirPods. Open the AirPods menu in the Find My app and select


in the “Mark As Lost” section.

Select the

Turn Off Lost Mode



Turn Off

on the pop-up to disable Lost Mode.

Mark AirPods as Lost on Apple Watch

Open the Find Devices app and select your AirPods on the list of devices. Scroll down the AirPods menu, select Lost Mode, and toggle on Lost Mode.

Note: You can’t mark your AirPods as lost if Find My network is disabled in your AirPods settings before they went missing.

If you have your AirPods, head to your iPhone or iPad’s Bluetooth settings to check if they’re registered on the Find My network.

Wear your AirPods, open the Settings app, tap your AirPods name, scroll down the menu, and toggle on Find my network.

Contact Apple Support

Head to a nearby Apple Store or contact Apple Support over the phone if you can’t track or find your missing AirPods or AirPods case. The Apple Support representative will request your AirPods serial number, so ensure you have that information handy.

Check your AirPods packaging for its serial number. Alternatively, open your iPhone/iPad Settings app, select Bluetooth, and tap the Info icon next to your AirPods.

Your AirPods serial number, model number, and other information are in the “About” section.

Apple won’t replace your missing or lost AirPods for free, even if you have AppleCare. You’ll get an estimate to replace a single or pair of AirPods or the charging case. If you have AppleCare, you’ll pay a (cheaper) incident fee to replace your missing AirPods.

Find Your AirPods on Any Device

Apple’s Find My app is best for tracking your AirPods. The app has more features and functionalities than the web-based Find My on the iCloud website.

If you use an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, Apple recommends updating your device’s operating system before tracking your AirPods.

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