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Does Discord keep disconnecting and then reconnecting every now and then on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC? Here is the guide to fix the disconnecting and reconnecting issue on Discord. Some users have reported being disconnected from calls on Discord every so often. This can be really annoying as it puts a halt to your communication. So, it is necessary to know how to fix this problem. In this post, we are going to discuss several solutions that will enable you to fix disconnecting issues on Discord.

Why does my Discord keep disconnecting??

There can be several reasons that trigger disconnecting issues on Discord. Here are some of the possible causes for that:

Insufficient admin privilege to run Discord can also cause the problem. So, try running the Discord client with administrator access to fix the problem.

If you have enabled the High Priority Audio Packets feature on Discord, it can misbehave with some network connections and cause the issue at hand. You try disabling this feature to fix the problem.

It can also be caused due to the call server region you are currently connected to. In case the scenario is applicable, you can switch the call server region to fix the problem.

The problem might be caused if you are dealing with some network problems on your PC. So, make sure you are connected to a stable internet to fix the problem. And additionally, ensure that your network updater is up-to-date.

The bad router cache or DNS settings can also trigger this problem. So, restart your router or flush the DNS cache to tackle the issue.

Your firewall can also block Discord and related processes from connecting to its servers and cause disconnecting issues. If the scenario is applicable, whitelisting Discord through your firewall to fix the problem.

In case you are using a proxy server or VPN, it can interfere with Discord. Hence, disable proxy settings and see if it fixes the issue for you.

The corrupted or damaged installation of the Discord app can be another reason for the issue. In that case, reinstalling the app should fix the issue.

Now that you know the scenarios that trigger the problem, you can try applying the below fixes to resolve the problem.

How do I stop Discord from disconnecting?

To stop Discord from disconnecting, check your internet connection, make sure Discord services are not down, restart your router, disable your VPN, or turn off the firewall. If that doesn’t work, you can try changing the call server region to get the issue fixed. We have shared all these methods in detail, so check out below.

Discord keeps disconnecting and reconnecting on PC

Here are the methods to try if Discord keeps disconnecting and reconnecting on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC:

Try some general tricks.

Change Call Server Region.

Disable High Priority Audio Packets.

Update your network driver.

Check your internet connection.

Power cycle your router.

Flush DNS cache.

Whitelist Discord in your firewall.

Disable your proxy server or VPN.

Uninstall, then Reinstall Discord.

1] Try some general tricks

At first, there are some general tricks you should follow to resolve the problem. Here are those tricks:

Restart your PC and launch Discord to see whether or not the problem is fixed. The issue might be facilitated due to some technical glitch on your PC and a simple reboot should fix it up.

Try relaunching the Discord app as an administrator and see if resolves the issue.

In rare cases, you might experience the same problem if there are some service outages or technical issues at the end of Discord. So, make sure Discord is not down at the moment.

You can also try using the web app of Discord and see if you face the same problem with it.

If you have too many background applications running, try clearing them as they can cause performance issues with Discord.

In case you tried the above fixes but none worked, move on to the next potential fix to fix the issue.

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2] Change Call Server Region

If the above solutions didn’t work, you can try changing the server region you are connected to for fixing the problem. You can easily do that by going to the Voice Channel settings. Here are the steps to do that:

See if changing the call server region helps you get rid of the problem. If not, move on to the next potential fix.

3] Disable High Priority Audio Packets

There is a feature in Discord that makes your audio packets a high priority. What this feature does is hint your router to prioritize packets transmitted through Discord. If enabled, it can result in disconnecting and other issues with certain internet service providers. If the scenario is applicable, you should be able to fix it up by disabling this feature, and here is how you can do that:

Now, move to the Voice and Video tab, and from the right-side panel, scroll down to the Quality do Service section.

Next, disable the toggle associated with the Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority option.

After that, continue using the Discord app and see if the disconnecting and reconnecting issue is fixed now.

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4] Update your network driver

There are chances that the problem is caused at your end. If you have outdated network drivers, it will affect network connection and you are likely to experience performance issues with voice and video calls. So, update your network drivers and then see if the problem is fixed. If not, no worries we have some more solutions to fix the issue.

5] Check your internet connection

If you are on a slow internet connection, it can lead to disconnecting issues on Discord as well as on other apps. So, make sure you are connected to a good speed and stable internet connection. Try checking your internet speed and see if it is good enough. In case the speed of your network connection is too low, try upgrading your network plan.

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6] Power cycle your router

The problem might be caused due to the bad cache present on your router. In that case, power cycling your networking device should fix the disconnecting issues. Simply unplug your router and wait for about a minute. Then, plug in the device back and restart it. After that, connect to the internet and see if the disconnecting issue on Discord is gone.

7] Flush DNS cache

If the above solutions didn’t work, you can try flushing the DNS cache. The problem could very well be facilitated due to a bad DNS cache. Hence, clearing the DNS cache should help you fix the disconnecting issue on Discord. Here are the steps to do that:

Firstly, run the Command Prompt as an administrator.

Now, type and enter the below command in CMD: ipconfig /flushdns

Let the command execute completely and then restart your PC and launch Discord and check if the problem.

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8] Whitelist Discord in your firewall

Your firewall or third-party security suite can also block Discord from connecting to its server on and off. If that is the case, disable your firewall and then observe if the disconnecting issue on Discord is fixed. If yes, you can be sure that your firewall was the main culprit. You can then try whitelisting the Discord app through your firewall to resolve the problem.

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9] Disable your proxy server or VPN

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10] Uninstall, then Reinstall Discord

That’s it!

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Fix Discord Stopped Working In Game On Windows Pc

At times, some features of Discord such as audio, overlay, microphone fail to work when they open a game. But when they close the game and join the call, it works just fine. In this article, we are going to talk more about this particular issue and will see how to resolve it.

Why did my Discord stop working in-game?

There are not a lot of reasons that can trigger this issue. So, rectifying it won’t be a problem. The most obvious cause is the lack of permission. You are either opening the app without administrative privileges or the app doesn’t have permission to access the Microphone. That’s not it, in some computers, this error can be caused by Discord Overlay. We will see why and how hereinafter. You should also check your drivers and make sure that they are perfectly fine. Because, if there is some issue with them, you will face audio-related problems.

Fix Discord stopped working in game

If Discord is not working or has stopped working in-game, then try the solutions mentioned below the resolve the issue. This usually affects audio, overlay, microphone, etc.

Give Discord permission to access Microphone

Disable Discord Overlay

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

Run Discord as an administrator

Check Discord Sound Settings

Check your game’s settings

Fix your Audio Driver

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Give Discord permission to access Microphone

You need to make sure that Discord has permission to access your Microphone. if not, you won’t be able to talk in Discord. Although, when you install the app, you grant Discord all the required permissions. But sometimes, because of a third-party app or manually, this permission can be removed. Therefore, we are going to check if Discord has the required permission in order to resolve the issue.

For Windows 11

Open Settings by Win + I.

Go to Privacy & security.

Enable Let apps access your Microphone and then enable the toggle of Discord.

For Windows 10

Open Settings by Win + I.

Go to Privacy.

Enable Allow apps to access your Microphone and then enable the toggle of Discord.

Then restart your computer, open Discord, and check if the issue persists.

2] Disable Discord Overlay

Overlay in Discord is meant to improve your gaming performance, but sometimes, it can cause trouble for you. Therefore, if you have enabled the feature,  it’s time to disable it. Follow the given steps to do the same.

Open Discord.

Then turn off the toggle of Enable in-game overlay.

Now, restart your computer and see if the issue is resolved.

3] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

For a lot of users, the issue occurred because of a third-party application. But, most of us can’t fathom which application is it, that’s causing the issue. Therefore, we have Clean Boot. In this, we disable all the processes except the game, and then turn them one by one and see what’s causing the issue. After knowing the name of that app, we can decide what should be done with that program. You can either uninstall it, if it’s not important or disable it when you are playing the game.

4] Run Discord as an administrator

But if you want to always run Discord as an admin, follow the prescribed procedure.

Select Properties.

Go to the Compatibility tab.

Tick Run this program as an administrator.

Finally, relaunch the app and see if the issue persists.

5] Check Discord Sound Settings

Don’t forget to check Discord Voice & Video settings and check if they are set incorrectly. To do that, follow the given steps.

Open Discord.

Go to Voice & Video option from the left panel.

Then check your INPUT DEVICE and OUTPUT DEVICE to make sure that they are set correctly. Also, check their volume levels.

Then reopen the app and see if the issue persists.

6] Check your game’s settings

There are some games that by default override Windows Settings. So, you need to go to the game’s settings and see if there is an option that’s triggering this issue. Then you need to change it to resolve the issue.

7] Fix your Audio Driver

Last but not least, the issue can be because of Sound or Audio Drivers. They can be corrupted, buggy, or are outdated and to fix them, you need to go reinstall, rollback, or update the driver respectively. So, do that and see if the issue persists.

Hopefully, these solutions have made Discord run in-game.

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Why does my Discord audio randomly stop working?

If your Discord audio randomly stops working the cause could be a faulty driver. Improper audio settings or the audio device not being selected as the default can also make this issue appear. You can try to disable Quality of Service on Discord and see if that works.

That’s it!

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Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi? How To Fix It

Your laptop’s Wi-Fi internet connection will be strong as it keeps receiving a signal from the router. If this signal gets interrupted, your internet connection will suffer as the laptop disconnects from the Wi-Fi.

The PC might suffer disconnecting Wi-Fi issues due to multiple reasons. Perhaps the laptop is far from the router, or the router itself is not sending a strong signal. There are also cases where an outdated network adapter driver causes the laptop to disconnect from Wi-Fi.

However, these are not the only reasons why your laptop disconnects from a wireless internet connection. No matter the cause, a straightforward solution would be to move the computer close to the router. This will fix any issues caused due to weak internet connection.

If this does not work, you can try the solution mentioned below in the article.

Before we jump into the solutions, let us look at a few of the causes that may be causing the Wi-Fi issue on your laptop. One of the common reasons why this happens is when multiple devices connect to a router. 

Depending on the router you use, it will support hundreds of devices. However, as the number of devices increases, the router’s range decreases. This might be why your laptop keeps disconnecting from the internet.

Weak wireless connection

Outdated network adapter driver

Corrupted system file

An issue with the router

Bad router placement

First, make sure that you restart your router and your PC. Sometimes, an error or complication in the laptop’s network adapter or the router itself could be causing the issue. A simple restart will refresh the system, fixing any deadlock situation the devices might have encountered.

If the above-mentioned generic fixes do not work, here are some simple steps that might fix the issue with the laptop’s internet.

The troubleshooter feature in Windows scans your entire system for possible issues and changes necessary settings to fix any errors that it finds. You can find multiple troubleshooting options for different components on your PC. One such troubleshooter is the internet and the Network Adapter troubleshooter.

These troubleshooters scan for errors in network configurations and internet connections. If the troubleshooter finds any error, it will change specific settings in the network adapter so that the PC does not run into these issues.

To run the Internet and network adapter troubleshooter,

The Wi-Fi adapter on your PC is responsible for detecting the correct Wi-Fi signal and connecting to it. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi adapter will not function as it should for various reasons like driver/system file errors.

In this case, you can restart your Wi-Fi adapter. Restarting the Wi-Fi adapter will let the adapter refresh the driver/system files, which might fix any issues with the internet.

To restart the Wi-Fi Adapter.

Wi-Fi sense is a unique feature in Windows that lets the system choose the Wi-Fi network with a strong signal. However, the system will automatically connect to a different network even if you already have a stable connection on one network. 

If you have issues with a laptop where the Wi-Fi network keeps disconnecting, try disabling Wi-Fi sense through Settings.

Note: You may not find these settings if you are using Windows 10 version 1803 or higher.

Resetting network configuration resets both the TCP stack and the DNS. By resetting the network configuration, all the network’s configurations will be set to default. Therefore, if a wrong network configuration was causing the problem, resetting the network configuration should be the laptop’s internet issue.

Reset Using Windows Settings Using Command Prompt

In windows, computers can turn off specific hardware components connected to it in order to save power. If you have enabled this setting, the computer can turn off devices that are currently idle. 

Sometimes, if the network adapter is not sending or receiving data for a prolonged duration, the PC can mistake the network driver for being idle and unresponsive. If this happens, the PC will turn off this device.

If that’s the case for you, you will need to disable this feature.

When a PC connects to a VPN, the application creates a virtual network between a PC and the server. However, the connection is not strong when you use VPN to access the internet.

Your internet speed usually decreases when you use a VPN to access the internet. You may see this happen, especially if you are using VPN software that is not optimized. Besides decreased internet speed, you may also face connectivity issues when using these types of VPN software. 

To fix this, disable the VPN and try connecting to a wireless network.

When you forget a wireless network, the PC will delete all its network information, such as the password or network configuration. It could also be that the laptop is disconnecting due to congestion. 

To forget your Wi-Fi,

The distance between the router and the laptop highly affects the connection strength between them. Besides distance, obstacles such as wood, cement, or even plastic affect Wi-Fi strength.

Therefore, if you have multiple obstacles between the laptop and the router, Wi-Fi will most likely keep disconnecting. To ensure this is not the case, move close to the router and check if the computer keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

If moving close to the router still does not fix the issue, there is probably something wrong with the router itself. To check your router, you can use an ethernet cable. 

An ethernet cable allows a physical connection between the router and the PC. By doing this, you will remove any complications caused due to the router’s Wi-Fi signal transmitter. 

The network driver on your PC is responsible for smooth communication between the computer’s OS and the network adapter. Failing to update these drivers may cause issues when the OS tries to use the network adapter.

To fix this type of issue, we recommend that you keep your drivers up-to-date.

Router manufacturers keep updating their devices with patches and firmware updates. These updates may fix technical bugs and even bring security upgrades to the router. If it is a firmware issue that is causing the laptop to disconnect from the Wi-Fi, updating the firmware may fix any issues with the router.

To update the router’s firmware,

Enter your router’s configuration.

Navigate through the settings to find firmware update options.

Note: Router’s configuration will differ depending on your router. If you do not find the desired settings, you can navigate to the router manufacturer’s official site and check if your router has any firmware updates.

The laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi could also be due to a bug in Windows. This is why Microsoft keeps providing their users with Windows Updates. 

If none of the solutions work, you can update your Windows to see if it fixes the disconnecting issue on your laptop.

It Takes Two Keeps Crashing Or Freezing On Windows Pc

It Takes Two is a new game but has taken the gaming industry by storm. The game is being loved by many users across the world. However, in some cases, It Takes Two keeps crashing and freezing on Windows computers. In this article, we are going to take matters into our hands and see what should be done to fix this problem.

Why does my game keep freezing and crashing?

Any game would crash on your system if the computer doesn’t match the system requirements set by the developer. If it barely meets the requirements, then chances are the game, or in this case, It Takes Two, will stutter. In case of a complete mismatch, the game will cease to launch.

Apart from the requirements, there are some essential Windows features such as DirectX, Visual C++ Redistribution required to do the job. If they are missing or outdated, chances are the game won’t get the environment it needs to run the game.

Things such as corrupted game files, outdated Graphics Drivers, etc are some other reasons that can make the crash or at the least freeze time to time. So, without wasting any more time, let us check the system requirement and then the troubleshooting guide.

System Requirement to run It Takes Two

Following are the configurations your computer should match to run It Takes Two.


OS: Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

Processor: AMD FX 6100 or Intel Core i3-2100T

Memory: 8GB

Graphics Card: AMD R7 260X or Nvidia GTX 660

DirectX: 11 Compatible video card or equivalent

Bandwidth: 256KBPS or faster Internet connection

Hard Drive Space: 50GB


OS: Windows 8.1 (64-bit) or later

Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 1300X or Intel Core i5 3570K

Memory: 16GB

Graphics Card: AMD R9 290X or Nvidia GTX 980

DirectX: 11 Compatible video card or equivalent

Bandwidth: 256KBPS or faster Internet connection

Hard Drive Space: 50GB

If the system requirement is not an issue, then, we should move to the solutions.

It Takes Two keeps crashing or freezing on PC

If It Takes Two keeps crashing and freezing on your Windows 11/10 computer, then check out the following solutions to resolve the issue.

Repair Corrupted Game Files

Update Graphics Drivers

Install or Update DirectX and Visual C++ Redistributable

Close all the other apps

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Repair Corrupted Game Files

Corrupted or missing game files are meant to crash your game. That’s because, when your game launches, it tries to load all the files at once. If an important file gets corrupted, your game will not launch. The good news is, these files can be repaired using the launcher, be it Steam or Origin.

Repair It Takes Two on Steam

Open Steam.

Go to the LIBRARY.

Repair It Takes Two on Origin

Launch Origin.

Navigate to the Library.

Select Repair Game.

Both the launcher will take some time to process the request and repair the game for you, so, be patient and don’t close the app. Once your game is repaired, reboot your computer, and restart the game. Hopefully, it will work just fine.

2] Update Graphics Drivers

As mentioned earlier, you need to update your Graphics Drivers in order to get smooth gameplay, otherwise, because of compatibility issues, the game will freeze and even crash. Following are some of the methods to update the Graphics Drivers.

Check Optional Updates to update the driver.

Go to the manufacturer’s website and download your driver.

Update your driver from the Device Manager.

Hopefully, updating works for you.

3] Update or Install DirectX and Visual C++ Redistributable

You need both DirectX and Visual C++ Redistributable to create an environment for the game to run. If you don’t have them or if they are outdated, the It Takes Two game will crash. So, go ahead and download the latest version of DirectX and Visual C++ Redistributable, install them, restart your computer and check if the issue persists.

4] Close all the other apps

If your game is constantly stuttering then you should check you many apps are running in the background and how much resources do they consume. The best way to do the same is by investigating the Task Manager. Open the app by Ctrl + Shift + Esc, and then check the Processes tab and how many are running. You should kill the ones eating a big chunk of your resources be it CPU, GPU, or Memory.

5] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

There are a ton of apps such as MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision, etc that can interfere with your game making it crash. What you do is perform Clean Boot and see if the game works there. In case, the It Takes Two game works fine in the Clean Boot, try to find out what’s causing the problem and then uninstall that app.

Hopefully, you are able to resolve the issue with our solutions.

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Fix Roblox Error Codes 260 And 273 On Windows Pc

This post talks about the solutions to fix error codes 260 and 273 on Roblox on Windows 11/10 PC. Roblox is a famous online gaming platform that is used by millions of users to play and create online games. For gaming enthusiasts, it gets really annoying when you run down into various errors in the middle of a game. Earlier, we covered Roblox errors like 523, 6, 279, 610, 279, 529, and some more. In this article, we are going to discuss two other common errors on Roblox including error codes 260 and 273. Let us discuss what are these errors and how to fix them up.

What is Roblox Error Code 260?

The error code 260 is one of many errors that occur on Roblox. A lot of users have complained of experiencing error 260 that prompts the following error message:

(Error Code: 260)

As per the description on the official website of Roblox, this error occurs when Roblox web servers don’t receive data. This error can cause Roblox to crash down completely. While network issues can be a reason for Roblox 260 error, some users encountered this error when their network was working fine. Hence, it can be concluded that there can be various other reasons triggering this error. After analyzing several user experiences and reports across the web, we tried to understand the reasons for this error.

What are the reasons that cause Roblox error code 260?

Here are the possible causes that may trigger error code 260 on Roblox:

It may occur if your firewall has blocked the network port used by Roblox.

Your antivirus or firewall blocking the Roblox application might be another reason for this error.

In case your account is banned, you might receive this error.

As discussed previously, internet issues may also cause this error.

This error might occur if Roblox servers are down in some rare cases.

The other reasons for this error include login glitches, corrupted browser settings.

Now, if you are facing this error on Roblox and are clueless about how to fix it up, you have landed on the correct page. Here, we are going to list down multiple working methods that will help you resolve this problem. Let us check out!

How to fix Roblox Error Code 260

These are fixes that you can try to resolve error 260 on Roblox:

Check if your account is banned.

Allow Roblox through your Firewall.

Add Port used by Roblox to Firewall.

Log out, then login back to Roblox.

Reset your router.

Check your internet connection and speed.

Make sure the server is not down.

Reinstall Roblox.

Reset Browser Settings.

Let us discuss the above methods in detail now!

1] Check if your account is banned

If you receive error 260 on Roblox, you must ensure that you are not banned as none of the solutions will work for you in that case. Try using Roblox on a different platform and see if you are able to play without any error. For example, Windows PC users can switch to a web browser to play the Roblox game. Just check if you are able to join a game. If not, you are most likely banned from Roblox. Try contacting the Roblox support team and see if they can help you with your account.

2] Allow Roblox through your Firewall

If you keep getting Roblox error 260 on Windows PC, there are chances that your firewall might be blocking Roblox. So, allowing Roblox through your firewall might help you counter this error. You can follow the below steps to do so:

Simply launch the Windows Defender Firewall from the search bar.

Provide the location where the Roblox game is installed to add Roblox to the list of the apps.

Enable the Roblox app on Domain, Private, and Public networks.

Hit the OK button to apply changes.

3] Add Port used by Roblox to Firewall

There are chances that ports used by Roblox might be blocked by your firewall. So, in that case, adding Roblox’s port to the firewall might help you resolve the issue. To do that, here are the steps you need to follow:

Next, in the Rule Type wizard, select Port (Rule that controls connections for a TCP or UDP port).

Then, go to the Protocol and Ports section and select UDP under Does this rule apply to TCP or UDP?

After that, under the Does this rule apply all remote ports or specific remote ports question, select Specific remote ports and enter 49152-65535 value. This is the post range used by Roblox.

Now, press the Next button and choose the Allow this connection option to allow Roblox port connection.

Finally, press the Finish button to allow Roblox’s connection.

You can now try playing your game and hopefully, the error 260 won’t occur anymore.

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4] Log out, then login back to Roblox

If this error is caused due to login glitches, you should try signing out of your Roblox account and then login back to it. See if this fixes up the issue for you. You can also check other platforms like android, web browser, etc., to play the Roblox game.

5] Reset your router

The error can be caused due to bad internet and network issues. So, try resetting your router and see if the issue is gone. It is an easy method and works in many cases.

6] Check your internet connection and speed

Also, make sure you are connected to a stable network connection and it has a good speed. There are many tools to check internet speed. If your internet is low-speed and has higher packet losses, you are connected to unstable internet and that might result in error 260 on Roblox. Try contacting your ISP or connect with some other stable network available.

7] Make sure the server is not down

In some rare cases, this error may be a result of the server being down at the moment. So, ensure that the server is not down. You can also check with the official team of Roblox if the server is down for maintenance or something else. The server problem can’t be handled from the user’s end and you will have to wait for the Roblox team to fix the issue.

8] Reinstall Roblox

If none of the solutions work for you, reinstalling is recommended. Starting with a fresh installation removes a lot of bugs and it may help in this case also. So, completely uninstall Roblox using free uninstaller software and then install the latest version of Roblox on your PC.

9] Reset Browser Settings

The users that play Roblox in a web browser can try resetting their browser settings to clear up the corrupted browser settings as that might be the main culprit. So, reset settings for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or whichever web browser you use and see if the issue is fixed for you.

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What is error code 273 on Roblox?

The error code 273 on Roblox occurs when your account is being used on various devices at the same time. When encountered, you will get the following error message:

Disconnected from the game, possibly due to the game joined from another device (Error Code: 273)

This error is similar to the Roblox error code 264, specifying the same problem. However, this error is triggered while you are in-game during the warning. Now, how to fix this issue? Let us discuss the methods to resolve error 273 on Roblox.

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 273

The solution to fix this error is to log out from your Roblox account from other devices. This is the only method to fix the issue. Simply sign out of all your other devices that are using the same account and then try playing the game. If some other person is using your login credentials, ask him/her to log out of your account to stop getting this error.

What is error code 610 on Roblox?

The error code 610 on Roblox is a Join Error that occurs due to various reasons. One of the possible causes for this error is server issues. Also, account glitches, Bad cached DNS, and some other reasons can also trigger this error.

How do you fix error code 275 on Roblox?

The error code 275 on Roblox shows the error message – “Roblox has shut down the server for maintenance. Please try again.” It is clearly a server error and you will have to wait for Roblox to fix the issue from their side. Just reload the page until the error is gone.

That’s it!

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How To Fix Steam Error Codes 53 And 101 On Windows Pc

Here is a full guide on how to fix Steam error codes 53 and 101 on Windows 11/10 PC. While Steam provides a hassle-free experience most of the time, sometimes you may also run into some errors. Some users have reported experiencing error codes 53 and 101 on Steam. Now, if you are also encountering one of these error codes, this post is for you. In this article, we will be discussing Steam errors 53 and 101 in detail and how you can fix them up.

What is error code 53 on Steam?

The error code 53 on Steam is basically triggered when the Steam servers are too busy to handle your request and end up throwing this error. However, it is not necessarily a problem with servers and there can be different reasons for this error. If you are also facing this error code on Steam and looking for a solution to get rid of this error, follow this guide. Here, we are going to discuss all the possible solutions that will help you resolve this error. Let us checkout!

How to fix Steam error code 53

Here are the fixes that you can try to resolve error 53 on Steam:

Try some general tips.

Check the status of Steam.

Locate the AMDAS4 device.

Disable your antivirus.

Make an Exception for your Steam game on your antivirus.

Change Download Region.

Let us discuss the above methods in detail now.

1] Try some general tips

If there is some temporary glitch that is causing error 53 on Steam, you can try some general tricks to resolve it. Here are the first few things you can try to resolve the error:

Restart the Steam game and check if the issue is gone.

Restart your device, it might fix the error for you.

Check your internet connection and make sure you are connected to a strong and stable network.

If the above tricks don’t work, you can proceed to the next method to fix this error.

2] Check the status of Steam

If you continue getting error 53, make sure it is a server error. Simply check the network status of Steam using a free website status checker tool. If the server is currently down in your region, it is indeed a server issue. However, you can’t do much to fix it up except for waiting for some time until the issue is fixed from Steam’s side.

If the server status is showing fine, then there might be some other problems that are triggering error 53 on Steam. In that case, try some other solution from this post.

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3] Locate the AMDAS4 device

The AMD chipset users can try locating the AMDAS4 device and if not found, install it. One of the users reported that the Steam error 53 was caused due to an “AmdAS4 Device” not installed on your system. He was able to fix the error by installing the AMDAS4 device driver. Let us discuss the steps to install it on Windows PC:

Firstly, open the Run dialog box using Windows +R, enter chúng tôi in the Open field, and press OK.

Now, in the opened Device Manager windows, try finding the AmdAS4 device driver. In case you don’t find it, it is not installed and might be a cause of this error. Even if you find it, reinstalling might help you resolve the error for you.

Then, press the Show All Devices option and hit on the Next button.

Finally, locate the AMDAS4 device and finish the installation using the onscreen instructions.

You can also manually download and install the AMDAS4 device driver manually from the official website.

See if the error is gone after AMDAS4 driver installation.

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4] Disable your antivirus

If you have enabled real-time antivirus protection, there are chances that it might be interfering with Steam. Some users have reported that their McAfee antivirus was interrupting with Steam and was causing problems in properly connecting to the internet while being on Steam. So, try disabling your antivirus and then check if the issue is gone. If you can resolve the issue by turning off antivirus protection, the error was indeed caused due to your antivirus.

5] Make an Exception for your Steam game on your antivirus

You might not want to completely disable your antivirus as then you will be risking the security of your entire system. But, there is a solution to that as well. You can add your Steam game to the exception list on your antivirus and then see if the error 53 is fixed.

Open your antivirus program and then add Steam to the exception or exclusion list. Different antivirus has a different location for exception settings. For example:

In the Exceptions settings, enter the location of your Steam game that you are trying to play. Enter the location of the game properly. You will most likely find your Steam game at the following location: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonNameOfTheGame

After adding the Steam game to the exception list of your antivirus, restart Steam and check if you are able to play the game without error 53.

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6] Change Download Region

The error 53 might be triggered due to your download region and thus causing a halt in your gaming experience. Try changing your download region and see if it fixes up the issue for you. Here are the steps to change the download region on Steam:

Start Steam.

Go to Settings.

Move to the Download tab.

Under the download region, select a different region that is close to you.

Relaunch your game and see if the error is gone.

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What is error code 101 on Steam?

Some users specially Windows users have reported experiencing error code 101 on Steam. This error prompts a similar message to the below one:

Could not connect to the Steam network. Error Code 101.

Now, there can be multiple reasons for this error. Let us try to understand scenarios that trigger Steam error code 101.

What causes error code 101 on Steam?

According to many reports, here are some common causes for this error on Steam:

It can be caused due to server problems. You are likely to receive this error if the Steam server is down for maintenance or some technical work.

In an unfortunate scenario, if you were assigned a bad IP range, you might receive this error code. Or, it might be a case that your router can’t open the port that is used by Steam.

Another cause for this error can be corrupted Steam installation.

If you are using Steam on a restricted network connection, there are chances that this might be a reason for error 101.

Some other reasons for the error code 101 on steam can be corrupted or bad cache data or firewall interference with Steam.

Let us now discuss the fixes to resolve error 101 on Steam.

How to fix error code 101 on Steam

You can follow the below solutions to resolve Steam error 101:

Check if the Steam server is down.

Restart or reset your router.

Clear up your web browser cache in Steam.

Try reinstalling Steam.

Disable your firewall or add Steam to Whitelist.

Use a VPN if using a restricted network.

Let us have a look at the above solutions in detail now!

1] Check if the Steam server is down

First of all, make sure if the Steam server is down and the problem is caused due to that. In case the Steam server is currently under maintenance or there is some technical work going on at their end, you will need to wait to enjoy gaming without error 101. You can use a free website to detect if the Steam website is down or not.

2] Restart or reset your router

If you make sure that Steam servers are not down, then network inconsistency might be the reason for error code 101 on Steam. So, switch off your router and then unplug it. Wait for some time and then again plug it back in and restart the router. If this doesn’t work, reset your router and check if the issue is gone.

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3] Clear up your web browser cache in Steam

As discussed earlier, bad cache data can be a reason for this error. If this is the case, you should be able to fix the error by deleting the browser cache in Steam. To do that, you can follow the below steps:

Firstly, open the Steam app and then sign in with your account.

In the Settings window, go to the Web Browser tab.

Lastly, press the OK button.

When the browse cache is removed, restart Steam and check if the issue is gone.

4] Try reinstalling Steam

If there are corrupted files associated with Steam installation, you might receive this error. So, uninstall the Steam app and then try to do a fresh installation of the Steam client. See if this works for you, else try some other method from this guide.

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5] Disable your firewall or add Steam to Whitelist

Firewall interference may cause error 101 on Steam. So, try turning off firewall protection for some time and check if the error is gone. If yes, you can be sure that the error is triggered due to your firewall.

Now, if you don’t want to turn off firewall protection, then whitelisting Steam might help you. So, add the Steam app to the Whitelist of your firewall program and see if the issue is resolved.

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6] Use a VPN if using a restricted network

If you are using Steam on a restricted school or work network and getting this error, try using a VPN client to avoid network or ISP blocks. There are a lot of free VPN software for Windows 11/10. To name a few, you can try TunnelBear, Globus Free VPN, Betternet VPN, Neorouter, or ProtonVPN. You can check the full list of free VPN clients for Windows and choose the one you want to use.

What is Steam Error Code 105?

The Steam error code 105 is basically a connection error caused due to slow internet connection or bad DNS configurations. If you are receiving this error, you can fix it up using the right solutions.

That’s it!

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