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The iPhone X may be the most elegant and beautifully designed iPhone in years, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. While most users have no complaints about the iPhone X itself, there are some frustrations and annoyances that can continually pop-up for some iPhone X owners.

Among the most common iPhone X hassles are accidentally dialing 911, accidentally taking screenshots of the lock screen, and accidentally activating Apple Pay at the lock screen. Notably, each of these issues relates to the myriad functions assigned to the Power / Lock button, depending on how it is pressed.

But don’t be annoyed, because each of complaints can usually be fixed (or addressed), as we’ll show you with a few simple settings adjustments and tips.

1: Fix for Accidental Emergency Calls on iPhone

Some users have found that the new Emergency SOS feature is easy to accidentally trigger, which means your iPhone X could be in your pocket dialing 911 accidentally. The solution to this is disabling Emergency SOS 911 auto-call on iPhone X:

Open the “Settings” app on iPhone and go to “Emergency SOS”

Disable “Call with side button” and disable “Auto Call”

By turning off those settings you’ll no longer have the Emergency SOS feature accessible by pressing the side button, meaning you’ll have to dial 911 the old fashioned way, or use the Emergency Call feature on the iPhone lock screen.

2: Fix for Accidental Apple Pay Access at Lock Screen of iPhone

The Power button on iPhone X serves many purposes, including offering an ability to summon Apple Pay. This means that, if you’re like myself and many other iPhone X users, you may be constantly summoning Apple Pay when all you meant to do was turn on the screen, or unlock the device, or bring up Siri, or force reboot, or perform other tasks requiring using the power button. Perhaps the best solution for accidentally summoning Apple Pay is to disable Apple Pay access by double-pressing the power button at the lock screen:

Go to the “Settings” app and then choose “Wallet & Apple Pay”

Of course if you regularly use Apple Pay and don’t want to manually open the Wallet app on your iPhone, or use an Apple Watch for Apple Pay, this may not be an option for you.

3: Dealing with Frequent Accidental Screenshots at Lock Screen of iPhone

There is no easy way to resolve the constant accidental screenshots that many iPhone X users encounter. Aside from trying to train yourself to hold your iPhone differently, the next best solution is to simply visit “Screenshots” album and delete the screenshots you accidentally capture:

Open the “Photos” app on the iPhone and then go to ‘Albums’

Choose the “Screenshots” album, then tap the “Select” button and manually tap on every single accidental screenshot you’ve taken (if they’re all accidental use this gesture trick to easily select many photos at once on the iPhone)

Tap the Trash can icon, then tap to confirm “Delete Photos” to remove the accidental screenshots

Unfortunately you’ll have to repeat this process every once in a while, as there’s not much you can do about this one right now other than try to hold your iPhone X in a different manner.

It’s worth noting that iOS 12 introduces a minor software change that can improve the accidental screenshot problem at the lock screen at least, so that may help some users to mitigate the accidental screenshot issue.

3 Other iPhone X Complaints

The aforementioned trio tends to make up the majority of iPhone X complaints, and the good news is those issues are all software related so are pretty easy to fix… but there are some other complaints that surface from time to time that are perhaps worth mentioning as well, even if there is no perfect solution to them.

4: No Touch ID or Home Button

The lack of a Home button can bother some iPhone X users, whether it’s because they like the tactile feel of a Home button to press, or perhaps because they liked Touch ID. Some may even prefer Touch ID over Face ID.

While you can use Assistive Touch to create a digital onscreen Home button on iPhone X, that’s more of a workaround then a solution. It’s really best to get accustomed to the swipe-up gesture that returns to the Home Screen.

5: The Screen Notch

The screen notch is a prominent black section on the top of the iPhone X screen that houses the front speaker, front camera, the Face ID sensors, and lighting detectors. Most iPhone X users don’t care about The Notch at the top of the screen, or if they do they get over The Notch pretty quickly and forget that it even exists, but some continue to be annoyed by it.

If you’re obsessing about The Notch then your only real option is to get over it and realize that it’s a silly thing to care about use a wallpaper that hides The Notch by trying to blend it into the wallpaper color. Usually anything with a black section at the top, or a very dark top works great for the purpose of masking the screen notch.

Of course it’s not just iPhone X that has a screen notch though, and many Android phones also include the notch as well, including the Motorola P30 and Xiaomi Mi8, so if you’re annoyed with it on one device, be prepared to be annoyed with it on many other phones too. And most rumors point to the next generation iPhone models as having a screen notch too, so.

6: The Lack of a 3.5mm Audio Port

Apple may have first removed the 3.5mm audio jack from the iPhone 7 series, but the frustration with losing the most ubiquitous audio interface ever to exist in history remains for many users with iPhone X, and presumably will carry into the future as it’s highly unlikely that Apple will ever create a new iPhone with the headphone jack ever again.

If the lack of the 3.5mm audio port and headphone jack bothers you, the only real solution is to buy a dongle adapter (or several) and take it around with you, or buy a few and leave them where you might need them; in the car, at your home and office, in a laptop bag, etc.

It’s pretty likely that the issues mentioned above will pertain to future iPhone models too, since rumors and leaks suggest that next generation iPhone models will largely look like variations of iPhone X. But those are just rumors, and anything can happen or change.


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We Tested The Iphone 7’S Three Most Notable Features

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For every iPhone release, Apple goes out of its way to remind customers that this is the best one yet. The company is liberal with its use of superlatives to describe new products. In the case of the iPhone 7, it’s the fastest, beefiest and best overall phone the company has produced. And this year, however, the Cupertino company adds a few more accolades to its list of superlatives–most camera-ed, waterproof-iest (our words, not Apple’s). But despite adding IP67 water resistance and offering two cameras on the back (7 Plus only), Apple has also made the new iPhone 7 with a glaring weakness: It’s the first iPhone to ship without a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack. How can Apple claim this is the best iPhone when, in that respect, even the iPhone 1 has it beat? By making sure those first two new features are stellar.

How waterproof is the iPhone 7?

Apple touted that its newest iPhone finally has the ability to withstand water. The company’s official claim is that the iPhone 7 is “splash and water resistant” instead of being full on waterproof. This means that if you drop your phone in a toilet, you don’t have to dive your hand in quick to retrieve it and rush to find a bowl of rice. However, you still can’t go scuba diving with your phone case-free.

The iPhone 7 is rated IP67. Having tested against the Ingress Protection (IP) standard means the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is fully dustproof and fine with water as shallow as 15 centimeters and as deep as one meter. So basically, this phone can survive being submerged, but don’t leave it in water deeper than three feet.

After 24 hours, the bottom speakers sound less muddled when turned up loud to play music. But when volume is turned low, iOS’s various sound effects may as well not be there.

It’s important to note that Apple admits its latest iPhone’s water resistance is not a permanent feature. The more times you dunk the device, the less resistant it becomes to water damage. Apple also will not cover water-caused damages under your iPhone warranty. So swim wisely.

The iPhone 7 Plus is the first iPhone to ship with two rear cameras. Xavier Harding

Two Cameras Are Better Than One

Similar to the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, Apple has included a 12-megapixel shooter on the rear of the device. Previously only the larger 6 Plus and 6S Plus iPhones shipped with optical image stabilization–which helps to prevent the shaking of one’s hands from affecting the resulting photo. Apple now includes this stabilization technology in both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. What the company doesn’t include in both versions of the new iPhone is the new dual-camera setup.

iPhone 6S Plus (left) to 7 (right) photo comparison

Almost no difference

The more expensive iPhone 7 Plus will offer users two cameras on the back: a wide-angle lens (f/1.8 aperture, to be specific) that smartphone users are used to as well as a telephoto lens, both 12 megapixels. With the telephoto lens, iOS users are finally able to perform optical zoom. Currently on the iPhone, digital zoom is akin to cropping a photo–no added detail is offered when zooming in the camera app. With the inclusion of a second telephoto lens, iPhone 7 Plus owners are able to shoot with a lens that gets a closer look. After maxing out the optical zoom (which goes from 1X to a max of only 2X, unfortunately), iOS on the 7 Plus allows the zoom function to go digitally from 2X to 10X. Though, as mentioned before, no added quality or detail can be had from digital zoom this way. Simply a tighter resulting image.

And then there’s the coming Portrait mode. In an effort to mimic the quality of high-end, SLR cameras, a coming update from Apple will let 7 Plus users utilize both lenses to blur the background of their photos. The depth of field effect offers a pro-look to otherwise normal-seeming portrait photos. Ideally. We will see.

iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode

Apple’s portrait mode adds blur to the background of photos (right) and saves the regular photo (left) in your camera roll as well.

Of note, Apple’s background-blurring portrait mode doesn’t currently ship with the iPhone 7 Plus. Though those living life on the edge in Apple’s beta program can install the new software right now. We tested out portrait mode on this iPhone 7 Plus (find our results here) and came away with good results. Though not great, portrait mode did its job and blurred the back of our shots, leading to an SLR-like image. Though upon closer look it’s clear that software has a hand in enabling this depth-of-field trick. The blur occasionally extended to the subject of the photos and images were lower resolution compared to normal iPhone photos. Blurred photos also came out more noisy than normal ones and the iPhone won’t let you use the mode in low-light settings. Though being a beta, we hope Apple refines the feature as time goes on.

The iPhone 7’s included headphones come with a Lightning connector on the end Xavier Harding

Hit The Road, Jack

With the release of the iPhone 7, the headphone jack is now dead to Apple. While the other iPhones customers continue to have the time-tested 3.5mm audio port, the iPhone 7 shows that the way forward for Apple doesn’t include analog audio offered by default.

In its place is the Lightning port, which will not only be used for data transfer and charging, but also for audio playback. Things like music and podcasts that used to spit out of the headphone jack will now go through the Lightning port. What this could one day mean is quality-sounding headphones that don’t require a charge (as they would pull power from the Lightning port) and potentially using digital rights management to limit what types of audio goes out the port–with analog, you simply plug it in and hear audio, but with lightning headphones, there’s a chance the app could block audio after say five plays or some other kind of digital rights management. But for now, the experience is honestly mostly the same as it was before for many people.

Those who only use Apple’s earbuds with their iPhone may only briefly notice a difference. While the male connector at the end of the headphones is different, the earbuds sound and operate exactly the same. Though good luck if you want to take a call using the headphones and charge the device at the same time.

Those who prefer Bluetooth headphones can still make use of their favorite wireless standard with the iPhone 7. And those who prefer more traditional listening devices with a headphone plug can make use of the included 3.5mm to Lightning adapter. If you have one pair of headphones you use, you might as well leave them attached to the end of your ear cans. If you have multiple pairs of 3.5mm-supporting headphones, get ready to lose that tiny, white adapter.

Apple’s omittance of the headphone jack is undoubtedly annoying. But untangling headphones before each use is more annoying. Unless you’re an audiophile that needs the highest level of quality at all times, go wireless.

Bonus: Battery Life

Headphone jacks aside, the number one complaint of every smartphone ever created is battery life. But part of being the best iPhone ever released is having the best battery. Instead of making the iPhone 7 thinner than its predecessor, Apple has chosen to improve the battery included in the device. The smaller iPhone 7 now packs a 1,960 mAh battery while the 7 Plus offers 2,900 mAh. Up from the iPhone 6S’s 1,715 mAh battery and 2,750 mAh of the 6S Plus.

In our tests, we used an iPhone 7 Plus and an iPhone 6S Plus and streamed video on each all night. The brightness was turned to the max, the WiFi and Bluetooth were left on, and the volume was turned all the way up. How that translates to real world use: Neither phone lasted into the morning. Our overnight Hulu binge-watching test revealed that the iPhone 7 Plus was always 10% ahead of the 6 Plus, which led to around an hour and a half of extra use.

iPhone 7’s jet black color is highly reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and 4S design Xavier Harding


The iPhone 7 Plus is the best looking Apple phone since the iPhone 4 from 2010. Apple’s removal of the headphone jack will hurt audiophiles dearly but will leave most unscathed in their day-to-day lives. The dual camera will be useful for those who take pictures often, and the toilet-drop protection will come in handy for the clumsy. Aside from these features, 6S owners mostly have the 7 already. Though for anyone below a 6S who can get it on subsidy, feel free to upgrade to the best iPhone yet.

Review: Jimmycase Offers The Most Flexible Wallet Case For Iphone X

We took our first look at the unique jimmyCASE approach to wallet cases over a year ago. Now we’ve been putting the company’s latest offering for iPhone X to the test. Just like earlier models, the new Slim Classic Wallet Case uses a mix of great materials including mahogany, silicone, and high performance elastic that provide a sharp blend of function and form. Read on for our full review and why jimmyCASE is a distinct and flexible choice for iPhone X.

jimmyCASE launched a model for iPhone X back closer to the smartphone’s launch last year, but the company has redesigned and improved its offering for Apple’s flagship iPhone with the Slim Classic Wallet Case.

Materials & Build

jimmyCASE Slim Classic uses mahogany, silicone, and high performance elastic. These materials really work well together to create a warm, comfortable, and functional case.

The new iPhone X case comes in more variants than ever before, including 18 options with various colors, stripes, and patterns. I tested out the clean and simple black version, the orange and navy blue stripes, and palm leaf. Notably, there’s a sweet all-black version too, for a bit of a premium.

jimmyCASE Slim Classic’s build feels well-thought out and solid. The company produces them by hand in Los Angeles. Between the silicon bumper and the elastic on the back, jimmyCASE feels great to hold and use. The mahogany gives these cases a rich, distinct look and also adds to the solid feel and protection.

As a few reviews on Amazon have pointed out, one downside is the Slim Classic doesn’t come around the front of the iPhone X screen very much. But it does just barely create a barrier between your display and any surfaces if you place it face down.

The high performance elastic on jimmyCASEs is custom-made for the company and I can confirm their claim that it doesn’t wear out. I’ve been using one for over a year and it still snuggly holds on to cards and more.

Like with previous models, the elastic wraps underneath the mahogany on both sides of the case and is sown 3/4-inch from the outside edge toward the center. This is what makes the cool push to slide wallet function possible.

Use & Feel

In my time using the new Slim Classic jimmyCASE, I’ve enjoyed it just as much as the previous versions (which is a lot 😄). I think the biggest selling point is the elastic providing the ability to fit up to 6 cards plus cash (however I usually stick with 2-3). Notably, if and when you want to carry more, less, or nothing at all jimmyCASE doesn’t feel funny to hold since the elastic sucks tight to the mahogany. With many leather wallet case out there, it can be difficult to carry less once you’ve stretched the leather out.

I did end up unintentionally dropping my iPhone X on its side while I’ve been using the Slim Classic Wallet Case and was stoked to find no damage.

The only other downside I’ve found besides the slim screen coverage is jimmyCASES are a bit more difficult to remove than other cases on the market, like Apple’s silicone and leather options. Like with jimmyCASEs for earlier iPhone models, I found it easiest to start in the top corner near the rear camera and work it off from there.


Overall, I think the Slim Classic Wallet Case is a solid iPhone X option at $45. With great materials, a sharp look, and handy flexible functionality, it’s well worth considering.

You can pick up jimmyCASE for iPhone X from on Amazon in black and also the gray striped variant. Check out the company’s website for the full selection of choices.

For those with a different iPhone, you can grab a jimmyCASE for iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus and other models starting from $39.

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The 12 Most Exciting New Features In Ios 14

It has not been long since Apple officially introduced the newest version of iOS, welcoming iOS 14 and all of its new features into the world. So let’s go over what’s worth looking forward to.

iOS 14 isn’t about including every new feature imaginable, along with the kitchen sink. It’s a refinement in some areas, but Apple is including quite a bit of new ingredients to the mix on top of it all. That includes changes to Messages, expanding widget availability, changes to Siri, and more.

So let’s dig in. Here are 12 of the most exciting new features coming to iOS 14.


Widgets. Apple isn’t a complete stranger to the idea, but the company has traditionally played it quite differently when it comes to implementing compared to the likes of Android and, yes, even Microsoft’s defunct Windows Phone/Mobile. But here we are in 2023 and widgets are getting a new surge of life with iOS 14. Users will be able to choose different sizes of widgets for apps they love, move them around their Home screens, and get plenty of information at just a glance.

Apple is also including what it calls a “Smart Stack” of widgets. These will change based on different variables, including the apps you use most, and even the time of day. So what shows up in this Smart Stack will change over the course of a day, offering up different apps and/or services you might want to use, or use regularly, when you need them most.

Users will also be able to create stacks of up to 10 widgets, which they will be able to swipe through. And choosing which widgets are available on your device is easy as navigating through the widget gallery, and will even show the most popular third-party options available to download.

The App Library

The App Library is designed to make it easier than ever before to find all of your apps. It’s available at the end of your Home screens in iOS 14, and it’s all automatically organized into categories like “Social”, “Entertainment”, “Creativity”, “Apple Arcade”, and others. But even if you can’t immediately find what you’re looking for, the search bar at the top of the App Library will help you jump right to it.

The App Library will offer up folders for your recently added apps, and the ones you use most frequently will always be the easiest to launch with the new feature. And the new “Suggestions” folder will offer up apps that iOS 14 believes you might be looking for based on various factors, including usage time, activity, and your location.

Newly downloaded apps will automatically move into the App Library with iOS 14. Apple says you can remove Home screens to help clear up the clutter, as all your apps will be readily available in this new section.

A new, compact UI

Apple is revamping the iOS software just a bit, offering up a more compact look in a variety of areas. That includes phone calls, Siri, and more. These changes will be obvious from the get go. The new incoming call notification, for example, is present at the top of your iOS device’s screen, rather than taking up the whole display. This means users can quickly swipe up on the notification to dismiss the incoming call if they want, or they can accept it.

This feature will work with third-party VoIP apps as well like Skype, and it works with FaceTime as well.

Siri is getting a compact approach, rather than taking up the school screen as well. Now, when a user activates the digital assistant there will be a small Siri icon that pops up in the bottom of the screen. Any result that shows up from the request will appear at the top of the screen like an incoming notification.

Search is now an all-encompassing, single destination. This will make it easy to launch apps, locate files, find information about businesses, find contacts, and even information like weather and more.

And finally, picture-in-picture (PiP) support is coming to iOS 14. This means you can quickly swipe up while watching a video or in a FaceTime call to have the video shrink into a small, movable box, so you can stay on the call or continue watching your content and doing something else. The PiP video can be resized and dismissed as needed.

Tweaking the Messages experience

Apple is making some important changes to the Messages experience. The primary goal appears to be making sure you can keep tabs on the most important conversations you’re having at any given moment, and the changes seem to do this. That starts with the ability to pin conversations in the iOS 14 Messages app.

Pinning conversations means that there will be an icon for the conversation at the top of the Messages list. The rest of your conversations will still be available below as normal, so they aren’t going anywhere. The pins are animated, too, so there will be typing indicators, Tapbacks, and indicators for recent messages are all present. And group conversations will show three participants circle the pin when they’ve sent a message.

You can have up to nine pins. And, speaking of group conversations, you’ll now be able to set a photo for the group as well.

Messages in iOS 14 will support mentions within a group conversation, so just type in the person’s name in your message and hit send. And, within group conversations, users will be able to customize notifications to arrive only when they are mentioned. And finally, inline replies (pictured just above) will let users quickly reply directly to a specific message in a group conversation.

Improving Maps (still)

Have an electric vehicle? Set up a route in Maps and the service will automatically show charging stops along the way. It will even show charging time while showing expected time of arrival. What’s more, Maps will keep tabs of your charger type, and give the best route for all that information based on the vehicle you have.

Guides, which are pictured at the top of this section, offer up recommendations on the things to see while in different cities based on information gathered from trusted sources. That includes places to see, eat, and more. iOS 14 users will be able to save these guides for later use as well. And the service will be updated on a constant basis to reflect updated information.

Speed cameras and red-light cameras will now be shown in Apple Maps in iOS 14, and the service will show congested zones in places like London and Paris and other major cities.

Built-in translation

One of the most requested features, real time translation, is finally coming to iOS with iOS 14. The voice translation will quickly translate your recorded voice into a different language when you need it. What’s more, the software can recognize your language of choice and automatically translate from different languages. And if you download other languages they can be translated even without an internet connection.

In the new Conversation mode, users can turn the phone to landscape mode and see both sides of the conversation. Just tap the microphone to have the software record what you’re saying, and then see it get translated to the target language. This mode works with downloaded languages as well.

Text translation is easy thanks to the fact that all languages have their keyboards included in iOS 14. Users will be able to save their favorite phrases, which can be chosen to be translated quickly and easily at a later date.

As of right now, the translate feature supports 11 languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Arabic. There is a built-in dictionary as well.

A more helpful Siri

We already spoke about the new compact UI for Siri, so no reason to go over that again. But you can now see it pictured just above. Apple says that Siri now offers 20x more facts than the digital assistant did just three years ago, which automatically makes the feature more helpful.

To help with that, Siri’s ability to grab answers from more available resources is now available in iOS 14 as well. Siri can grab answers from a range of resources from across the web. And now Siri will make it possible to send audio messages when replying to a message. Siri also can provide cycling directions as well.

If you’re using Apple Maps, iOS 14 users can ask Siri to share your ETA with a contact.

Improving the smart home

Apple’s changes to the Home app, and by extension the smart home in general, focuses on privacy while also adding some new features. That starts with suggesting new automations. With iOS 14, when a user adds a new HomeKit-enabled accessory, the software will automatically suggest useful ways for it to work automatically. So if you get some new lights for your porch, the Home app will automatically suggest setting them up to turn on when it gets dark outside.

Based on the time of day, Home controls will prioritize certain elements, including accessories themselves, based on the time of day and how often you use them. So you’ll see some accessories readily available at the top of the Home app more often than some others. So in Apple’s example you could see the accessories in your bedroom in the morning, and in the living room at night.

Adaptive lighting is a new option for iOS 14 and HomeKit accessories. With lightbulbs that support the ability to change their lighting brightness, you can now set it up to have them change automatically throughout the day. So when it’s morning you can have a warmer lighting, then, as the day progresses, have the light normative. By the time evening rolls around, you can reduce the blue light so it’s easier on your eyes.

Face recognition and activity zones are coming to HomeKit-enabled cameras and video doorbells. With the former of the two, the video doorbell can recognize a face you’ve previously tagged in your Photos app, while activity zones means that you’ll only get notifications for movement in a specifically defined area that’s within view of the camera.


Safari is already fast when it comes to loading times and overall performance, and now it’s getting improved in this capacity in iOS 14. Apple says with the JavaScript engine Apple’s web browser can get up to 2x faster JavaScript performance when compared to Chrome on Android.

And Safari is getting new features, too, including built-in translation features. This will make it easy to translate entire web pages. Apple says that it requires a “compatible web page”, and, when you navigate to one, there will be a translate icon iOS 14 users can tap to translate the page. Apple does note you can only translate into these languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, or Brazilian Portuguese.

Safari in iOS 14 will also monitor your passwords. The browser will keep tabs on passwords that may have been associated with a data breach, which it does by utilizing strong cryptographic techniques. It can do all of this without actually revealing your password, even to Apple itself.

Digital car keys

Digital car keys are the future, and Apple is jumping on the bandwagon early in the game. To start, only BMW is supporting Apple’s new initiative here, but that will change in due time. Auto manufacturers that support NFC will make it possible for iOS 13.6 and iOS 14 users to just bring their phone close to the door handle to unlock the vehicle. The digital key will also make it possible to start the car as well.

Digital car keys can be shared with others in Messages. A shared key can have different access levels as well. An unrestricted digital key means someone you share a digital key with will be able to have full access to the car, including being able to start the vehicle as well. With Restricted Driving, however, drivers will be able to unlock and drive the car, but must follow restrictions including top speed, traction control, and more.

And, of course, you can remove key access just as easily as handing it out.

With power reserve mode, the digital key will work for up to five hours even if your iPhone battery runs out.


Bringing support for digital car keys is not all the car-focused new features coming to iOS 14. Apple is also making some changes to CarPlay, the in-car infotainment system for automobiles. First up, new wallpapers. Users will be able to choose from a set of new wallpapers that can be displayed on CarPlay’s home screen.

And CarPlay is gaining support for new apps that can be used with the infotainment system. The new app categories include EV charging, quick food-ordering apps, and third-party parking.

Apple is also making changes to the way the software works with portrait screens. The CarPlay status bar can now be shown at the bottom of the CarPlay screen, providing a more natural layout with these in-car displays. Chinese and Japanese keyboards are supported with iOS 14’s CarPlay. Sending audio messages with iOS 14 CarPlay is possible, too, as well as receiving them. Sharing your ETA with Maps and Siri is possible as well.


AirPods Pro are getting a solid new feature, while both AirPods Pro and AirPods are going to be even easier to switch between connected devices with iOS 14.

First, spatial audio. This will be a virtual surround sound feature, bringing a more realistic audio experience to the truly wireless in-ear headphones. Apple says this will add a “movie theater experience” to the headphones, which includes head tracking so even when you turn your head, or you are in a vehicle that moves, the audio profile won’t change. This is a more immersive sound experience compared to the standard operating procedure available now.

The ability to automatically connect to devices is already available for Apple’s AirPods lineup, but now it’s getting improved with the ability to automatically switch between devices. So if you are listening to music on your iPhone and you start a movie on your iPad, the AirPods will automatically switch to the iPad. And if you’re watching that movie on the tablet and start a call on your MacBook, the headphones will switch again.

Finally, battery notifications for when your AirPods and AirPods Pro battery life gets too low, iOS 14 will let you know before you hop on a call or start playing music. And the software includes optimized battery charging, which aims to prolong the life of your AirPods over time. The new feature means the AirPods will “learn from your daily charging routine” and wait to finish charging past 8% “until you need to use them”.

You’ll also get notifications for when AirPods’ battery life is getting low, which you can see pictured just above. This extends to the Apple Watch as well, except iOS 14 will notify users when their Apple Watch is fully charged.

Clipping Apps

Here we are at the end, so this qualifies as the “last, but not least” part. Apple bills “App Clips” as a new way to discover different applications. It’s a “small part of an app” that is discoverable in the moment you might need it, and it’s focused on a specific task. These are designed to be used in just a matter of seconds, so oftentimes even faster than loading a full app.

App Clips are discoverable by either scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC tag. They can also be activated within Maps, Safari, Messages, and specific App Clip-enabled codes that are generated for each small app. They can also be launched from the Recently Added section of the aforementioned App Library.

After using an Apple Clip, it’s easy to download the full app if you want. And the new feature works with Apple Pay, so you can quickly purchase something without loading a full app or entering your credit card information. The new App Clips works with Sign in with Apple as well, adding another layer of security.

The smaller bullet points

Apple also notes that it has made improvements to other areas as well. That includes augmented reality, with ARKit 4 introducing features like Location Anchors that will allow developers to set items, like life-size art installation, at set locations all across the world. Apple says taking a photo with the stock camera app is faster, too, and GameCenter is being redesigned as well.

The stock Weather app is getting notifications for severe weather events, and will show upcoming shifts in weather conditions as well.

The end

So, there we have it. There’s a lot more in iOS 14, but these are just some of the most exciting new elements coming to the mobile operating system later this year. Apple is currently beta testing the software with developers (a public beta arrives in July), and the company will launch the software to the public in the fall.

Are you excited about iOS 14?

The 3 Most Common Mistakes In Digital #Marketing By Startups

You have reached the point where another cup of coffee won’t make a difference. In fact, a whole pot wouldn’t give you the energy you need to complete all of your digital marketing tasks.

This is a problem for many startups.

Here are three of the most common mistakes in digital marketing by startups, all of them are correctable and fixing any or all of them can have a huge impact on your digital marketing return on investment.

Mistake 1: Not Focusing Your Digital Marketing On Business Objectives

If your startup is posting on Facebook, you need to defend why your startup chooses to spend their time and energy on that digital marketing activity from a business perspective. It may be great for your ego that you got 10 shares on a post, but how do those shares actually lead to profit?

[pullquote]Don’t forget that just because you are an amazing tech startup that you are also still a business. [/pullquote]

Just like any other business, your startup needs to achieve revenue. The way to make achieve this revenue with digital marketing is to have all of your activities either achieve or move users towards achieving concrete business objectives.

The best way to correct the mistake of digital marketing without business objectives is to create a marketing funnel. Since not all of your digital marketing results in an immediate sale, this marketing funnel will have a series of steps, each one of which is a small business objectives (getting an email address, users filling out forms, etc.) which lead to your ultimate business objective which is usually a sale.

Once you have mapped out your marketing funnel, you have shifted your mindset towards viewing your digital marketing through a business lens. Use this lens to see what digital marketing activities actually move the needle. If the digital marketing activity does not move users towards your business objective, you can either stop spending your time and money on that particular activity or reconfigure your strategy and test to see if it is possible to achieve business objectives with it.


A good example of how to create your marketing funnel via HubSpot.

Defining quality versus quantity for business objectives via Nerds Do It Better (my company)

Mistake 2: Trying To Market On Too Many Channels

Instead of trying to utilize a selection of digital marketing channels effectively, startups often attempt to have a presence on every channel and end up executing them all poorly.

This is how it happens:

You sign up your startup for accounts in all of the social networks and frantically drop in, make a lot of noise, and do not interact according to the norms and the standards of that particular channel. Instead of adding value to the conversation, your startup looks like a jerk and turns potential customers off.

The mistake is that your presence on these networks is sporadic and doesn’t allow you to understand the community and authentically connect with the users. You shouldn’t necessarily be sending the same message on Twitter as you would on email or Facebook or Instagram. However, you do not have the time nor the staff to interact on all of the networks in a way that engages visitors and moves your startup towards business objectives.

The best way to correct this mistake is to begin your digital marketing with one or two channels and spend your time and effort becoming industry leaders on that channel. Once you have mastered a select group of channels, you may want to expand, or you may find that you can sustain your startup’s growth on those one or two channels.

To choose the optimal channel for your startup, find out which channels your customers already frequent. Research and spend time on those channels to become a valuable member of the community that adds value with your digital marketing messages.


Choosing the right social networks via Search Engine Land

Creating more than social media noise via Scott Stratten

Mistake 3: Trying To Market To Everyone

If you attempt to target everyone, you target no one. This is a mistake that I learned early on (the hard way!).

The average consumer is exposed to 5,000 marketing messages per day, which means your digital marketing messages need to stand out by being the most tailored to your audience. If your startup attempts to market to an audience that is too diverse with a wide range of wants, needs, and desires you will be unable to craft digital marketing messages that resonate with anyone. Additionally, with this large audience your marketing messages is competing against a much larger pool of competitors. You want to target a narrow audience (sometimes called a niche) and create messages tailored to them.

You can narrow your target audience by various demographics and psychographics. Demographics are quantitative variables such as age, gender, income, location, and income. Psychographics are qualitative measurements and are often self-defined such as fans of the Patriots, investors, or environmentalists.

Narrowing your message down creates a feeling for that audience member that it is just for them. For example, if you are a startup that provides social media marketing to Crossfit gyms you could narrow your targeting by simply changing the title of your blog, if it was originally titled 7 Things Your Business Needs To Know About Marketing, it would be more tailored by changing the title to 7 Things Your Gym Needs To Know About Facebook Marketing and would be best tailored by titling it 7 Things Your Gym Needs To Know About Facebook Marketing. Even though CrossFit gym owners are business owners, narrowing and tailoring the message makes it resonate more with them.

From experience I have found that tailoring marketing messages to a narrow audience:

Increases the return on ad spend

Increases  email open rates

Increase the amount of feedback on the social networks

Bonus tip: It is important to think about who your target market actually is. For example, if your startup is a site that connects tutors with underperforming school children, initially you may create digital marketing messages tailored to the kids who are underperforming. However, the kids aren’t the ones with the purchasing power: your actual audience is the parents. You would want to target parents of underperforming kids for your marketing with messages that resonate with them.


Defining your target audience via QuickSprout

How to define your target audience via Raven Tools

As a startup, you have a limited budget and limited time to perform your digital marketing. You do not have the financial and staff cushion of larger companies and must be especially careful to avoid mistakes. By tying your digital marketing activities to business objectives, choosing your digital marketing channels specifically, and targeting a specific audience, you avoid three of the most common mistakes startups make with digital marketing and will begin to see profits increase.

What is the biggest digital marketing mistake your startup made and what lesson did you learn from it?

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Buy Best Thinnest Iphone X Cases

We have already compiled a long list of the best slim cases for iPhone X. But we thought it would be better to make a separate collection of the thinnest iPhone X, considering how much sleek cases are loved and appreciated. Flaunting ultra-slender profile, these are the slimmest cases by a fair distance. However, the covers are good enough to shield the iPhone against scrape. Besides, they snap on spotlessly with the smartphone, making a hot match with the phone. Enough praise, let’s dive right in to explore the slimmest cases for iPhone X!

1. Pitaka

Pitaka has made this slim case with 100% Aramid Fiber, which is widely used in making of armor, jet engines, and space crafts. It is extremely slim and lightweight at the same time, giving enough protection to your iPhone X from scratches, normals falls, and bumps. Being thin, it supports wireless charging as well.

The case is coated manually with three-layers, giving it a classy and elegant look while holding in hands. Also, there are seven vibrant colors available to suit the color of your iPhone.

2. totallee

totallee is well-known for producing the ultra-svelte iPhone cases. With just 0.02-inches thickness, this one is easily one of the thinnest iPhone X cases. Made of high-quality polypropylene material, this cover is extremely flexible and snuggly wraps around the smartphone.

The semi-transparent material ensures the iPhone can make its presence felt elegant. Matte and frosted finish adds more charm to its profile. Beyond features, totallee is available in 8 nice-looking colors and come with 2-year warranty.


TOZO has got an incredibly slender (0.35mm thickness) profile that makes a stunning match with the iPhone X. Carved out of semi-transparent material, it allows the smartphone to glow elegantly. Matte optical texture not only offers enhanced grip but also prevents fingerprints.

There is a camera ring to keep the dual vertical camera protected from scratch. Being so flexible, the case is very comfortable to install and remove. Precise cutouts for camera, port, speakers give it a form-fitting look. Lastly, TOZO is available in two colors: black and white.

4. ESR

ESR is emerging as one of the leading names in iPhone accessories. This thin case for iPhone X is a name to conjure with as the brand has crafted this thin case that doesn’t add bulk with its 1mm thickness.

You are the owner of a premium iPhone X and everyone should get to know about this; for this purpose, ESR has created a crystal clear case that shows your iPhone’s original style.

5. Humixx

Humixx presents an ultra-slim case, which makes your iPhone appear sleek. The matte exterior gives your fingers a soft touch. The case is just 0.5mm thin, and therefore, you can quickly slide your phone into pockets.

A notable feature of this case is matte finish exterior material, which keeps its original color for a long time and prevents the color from fading away. Humixx has used anti-fading varnish coating that protects the case beauty for a long time and keeps fingerprints at bay.

6. elago Origin Series

This enviably slim case from elago Origin Series is second to none when it comes to making a nice match with the iPhone. Prepared with the finest polypropylene material, it’s got the strength to fight out scrape. Due mainly to the high-quality material, it’s able to retain its elegance for long.

7. X-level

X-Level has designed this thin and light case exclusively for iPhone X and iPhone Xs. The case does not add bulk to your device and keeps your phone more tactile. Even if you have put on skin-fit jeans, you can easily slip your iPhone in the pockets.

Touch the case and you will experience its flexible TPU and matte finish; X-Level has used a soft material to install and remove the case quickly. The texture of this case is so smooth that when you hold your phone wrapped in this case, you will feel like pampering a baby’s skin.


CASEKOO has crafted this case for iPhone X; it is not compatible with iPhone Xs, which flaunts the same dimension as iPhone X has. Even though the case is thin, it can endure shock with its premium flexible TPU material. The material also gives you a comfortable grip and silky feeling.

The material of this case feels like a glove on your phone as it is only 1mm thick. Transparent back displays the real beauty of your iPhone X and you can proudly show your possession to the people around you.

9. Spigen Thin Fit

If you are looking for a more functional thin case, Spigen Thin Fit can be a superb pick. Crafted with the top-of-the-line PC, it’s scratch-resistant. With the smooth finish, you have a better grip.

The biggest highlight of this case is the ability to work with the magnetic car mount. Hence, you can attach it to a car mount to have better hands-free experience on the drive. Even better, Spigen Thin Fit comes in six color variants. At $11, this one is a hell of a deal.

10. TORRAS Love Series

The quality that has charmed me in TORRAS Love Series cases is the soft-silicone outer shell. The textured surface not only resists abrasion but also provides the necessary grip to let you conveniently hold the device in your palm.

Another notable quality of this thin case is the micro-fiber interior that enables it to disperse impact. Buttons are made to be very smooth to offer tactile feedback. The availability of seven color variants makes sure you can pick a fascinating match for the device. Moreover, Love Series is available with lifetime warranty.

That’s pretty much it, folks!

Your favorite?

So, which one of these cases are going to pair with your iPhone? It’d be cool to know its name. Have I missed to include any great-looking thin case on this list? Do let us know its name as well.

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