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A massive leak on social media today claims to offer full details on the iPhone 12 lineup. Apple is expected to announce four new iPhone 12 models during its “Hi, Speed” event next week, and today’s report highlights pricing, release dates, colors, storage capacity, and more.

Notably, Jon Prosser contradicts the iPhone 12 mini pricing, claiming that his source indicates it will start at $649 rather than $699.

As for the iPhone 12 Pro lineup, Kang reports that the 6.1-inch model will start at $999 and the 6.7-inch model will start at $1099. Both iPhone 12 Pro models will be available in gold, silver, graphite, and blue color options and in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage configurations.

Kang also offers some additional information on the camera hardware, including improved optical zoom across the iPhone 12 Pro lineup.

iPhone 12 Pro:

three cameras (wide angle, ultra-wide angle, telephoto) + LiDAR, wide angle of the new 7P lens, 1.6, 52mm focal length telephoto, the whole system can provide four times optical zoom.

iPhone 12 Pro Max:

iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch): Three cameras (wide angle, ultra-wide angle, telephoto) + LiDAR, wide angle of the new 7P lens, 1.6, 65mm focal length telephoto, the whole system can provide five times optical zoom.

The report also says that we can expect improvements to Smart HDR, Deep Fusion, and Night Mode. The key differentiator between the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be the sensor size, with the Max model packing a 47% larger sensor with 1.7μm pixels. Apple will market this as an “Expansive” camera capability.

Other tidbits for all four of the iPhone 12 models:

Dolby Vision video recording on all four models

Smart Data mode to “allocate 4G/5G according to application bandwidth”

5G would only be used when necessary to improve battery life

All four models will feature 5G, but mmWave will only be available in the US

Super Retina XDR Display (Coroborrated by @L0vetodream)

New glass technology on the front with increased durability: “Ceramic Shield Front Cover”

Where things really get interesting is regarding release dates. Here is what today’s report claims:

iPhone 12 mini – Pre-orders November 6/7, available November 13/14

iPhone 12 – Pre-orders October 16/17, available October 23/24

iPhone 12 Pro – Pre-orders October 16/17, available October 23/24

iPhone 12 Pro Max – Pre-orders November 13/14, available November 20/21

Finally, today’s report also corroborates that the iPhone 12 will not include a charging block or headphones in the box.

iPhone 12 mini:

black, white, red, blue, and green

64GB, 128GB, and 256GB

Dual camera, wide angle + ultra-wide angle, 1.6

Pre-orders November 6/7, available November 13/14

Starting at $699

6.1-inch iPhone 12:

black, white, red, blue, and green

64GB, 128GB, and 256GB

Dual camera, wide angle + ultra-wide angle, 1.6

Dolby Vision video recording

Pre-orders October 16/17, available October 23/24

Starting at $799

iPhone 12 Pro:

gold, silver, graphite, and blue

wide angle, ultra-wide angle, telephoto + LiDAR, wide angle of the new 7P lens, 1.6, 52mm focal length telephoto, 4x optical zoom

Dolby Vision video recording

Pre-orders October 16/17, available October 23/24

128GB, 256GB, and 512GB

Starting at $999

iPhone 12 Pro Max:

gold, silver, graphite, and blue

wide angle, ultra-wide angle, telephoto + LiDAR, wide angle of the new 7P lens, 1.6, 65mm focal length telephoto, 5x optical zoom, “Expanded” ultra-wide capabilities

Dolby Vision video recording

Pre-orders November 13/14, available November 20/21

128GB, 256GB, and 512GB

Starting at $1099

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Iphone 12 Pro Max Reviews: Major Camera Upgrades, But 6.7

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the iPhone 12 mini. It features a massive 6.7-inch display, making it the largest iPhone ever, and early reviews emphasize that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is not just bigger, but that it’s better than the rest of the iPhone 12 lineup.

At The Verge, Nilay Patel says the iPhone 12 Pro Max is so big that it “demands a case” to make it easier to hold and that it’s on the cusp of being too big:

The combination of the size and flat sides basically demands a case to make it easier to hold, which makes the whole thing even bigger. It’s still workable, but it is right on the edge of being too big. I think the size is a reflection of increased choice: this year Apple has more phone sizes available than ever before, including the diminutive iPhone 12 mini, so it had the ability to push the Max even farther.

The Verge also calls the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera system “the best smartphone camera” yet, with the potential to get even more powerful when Apple rolls out its ProRAW format:

All in all, the combination of the larger sensor, faster lens, improved stabilization, LIDAR, and processing power means that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has the best smartphone camera I’ve ever used — it produces terrific, colorful photos with excellent detail in lighting situations where other phones start to struggle. We’ve seen Android phone makers like Samsung and Huawei use much bigger sensors this year with a variety of complicated techniques to make them work, but Apple’s approach of pairing a moderate sensor size jump with its focus on improved processing has kept it in the lead. I’m intrigued by Apple’s new ProRAW format that promises the editing flexibility of RAW images from this sensor with the processing of Smart HDR… but it’s not out yet, so we’ll have to wait.

At TechCrunch, Matthew Panzarino has some details on how the new sensor shift OIS system plays a role alongside the new f1.6 aperture camera and the larger aperture:

All three things work together to deliver pretty stellar imaging results. It also makes the camera bump on the iPhone 12 Pro Max a bit taller. Tall enough that there is actually an additional lip on the case meant for it made by Apple to cover it. I’d guess that this additional thickness stems directly from the wide angle lens assembly needing to be larger to accommodate the sensor and new OIS mechanism and then Apple being unwilling to let one camera stick out further than any other.

Engadget’s Chris Velazco says the camera isn’t necessarily a “game-changer” but that it’s worth the premium over the iPhone 12 Pro:

All told, these updated cameras aren’t exactly game-changers, though I should stress I’m definitely not a pro photographer or video producer. I’ve learned how to take pretty good pictures of phones, but that’s about it. With that in mind, I can still appreciate Apple’s extra work here: The Pro Max’s cameras give you some flexibility that just isn’t available from other models, and it sets an important precedent for bigger camera differences between iPhones down the road. If you don’t mind living with a big phone, this is well worth the $100 premium over the smaller 12 Pro.

On the other hand, Raymond Wong at Input says the differences between the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max camera are negligible at best:

So what have we learned? The iPhone 12 Pro Max camera has a very good triple-camera system. The main wide camera takes as good photos as the 12 Pro outdoors, indoors, and in low-light. But the comparisons photos don’t lie: the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s larger image sensor is very overhyped. You’re really not getting considerably better photos over the 12 Pro. That’s a relief if you were worried about FOMO by getting a 12 Pro instead of a 12 Pro Max.

Jacob Krol at CNN Underscored has some details on battery life performance with the iPhone 12 Pro Max:

We also ran the iPhone 12 Pro Max through the CNN Underscored battery test. In it, we play a 4K video on loop with the brightness set to 50% and volume at 30% with the device in airplane mode and play the video on a loop until the device dies. We monitor the test with two cameras for redundancy. The iPhone 12 Pro Max lasted for 16 hours. That blows all the other 2023 iPhones out of the water.

The changes to the cameras compared to the other phones in the range are noticeable – the main sensor is physically larger and adds in-body stabilisation for better results, while the telephoto lens has a longer reach – but not to the extent that you have to buy this model to achieve great photographs. For many, we believe the iPhone 12 Pro will be more than good enough.

iPhone 12 Pro Max video reviews:

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Amazon Luna Release Date, Pricing & Game News

It took 18 months for the service to be available to the general public in the US, and a further year for any international availability. Even now, it’s only available in four countries.

Despite this, a competitor to the likes of Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now can only be a good thing, especially with Google Stadia having been shut down. Here’s everything you need to know about Amazon Luna.

When was Amazon Luna released?

Luna was initially unveiled at Amazon’s event back in September 2023, although the company didn’t say when the service would be widely available at that point.

As it turned out, that would be almost 18 months later. Following an extended “early access” phase, Luna finally became available to the general public in the US in March 2023.

A year later, in March 2023, the service launched in the UK, Canada and Germany. It’s available in all four countries now, and works in the same way as in the US.

Amazon still presumably has plans to make it available elsewhere, but it’s not clear when that might be.

How much does Amazon Luna cost?

Luna is available to everyone in the US, UK, Canada and Germany, with a core Luna+ subscription costing $9.99/£8.99 per month. A 7-day free trial is also available.

But if you already subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can get access to some content without paying any extra. A rotating selection of playable games changes regularly, so check the Amazon website for the latest information – they should be the same across all countries.

If the Luna+ and Prime Gaming line-ups don’t tempt you, there’s also the option to sign up to Ubisoft Plus. This costs $17.99/£14.99 per month, but gets you access to high-profile titles like Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Far Cry 6.

Both support up to 1080p resolution at 60fps, but you’re limited to one device at a time on Ubisoft+ while Luna+ supports two.

Other options include a subscription specifically for Jackbox’s party games ($4.99/£3.99) and classic titles in the Retro channel ($4.99). The latter isn’t available in the UK.

There’s also a $2.99 Family Channel, which has a lineup of child-friendly games and supports local co-op. Each of these subscriptions can work independently or be combined – you no longer need to pay for Luna first to get Ubisoft+.

Image: Amazon

The Luna Controller, designed to be used alongside the service, is also available for everyone in the US and UK to buy. It usually costs $69.99/£59.99, and there’s also the option to combine it with a Phone Clip attachment in the US ($84.98). In the UK, it’s sold separately for £12.99.

However, Luna does also work with the Xbox One controller, DualShock 4 (PS4) or just a regular mouse and keyboard.

How to join Luna

Like the full Prime subscription, you can cancel at any time.

Remember, this is only available if you’re in the US, UK, Canada or Germany – though you might be able to get around that requirement with a VPN.

What will I need to play Amazon Luna?

A key selling point of Luna is the ability to “play on the devices you already own”. So far, the service is available on PC, Mac, Fire TV, Android (though not all devices), and iOS – the latter via a web app. This is part of the ongoing early access period, with interested US customers signing up on the Amazon website and then being invited to play.

At the time of writing, the following Fire devices are compatible with Luna:

Fire TV Stick Lite

Fire TV Stick (2nd & 3rd generation)

Fire TV Stick 4K and 4K Max

Fire TV (3rd generation)

Fire TV Cube

Fire TV Omni Series

Fire TV 4-Series

Toshiba Fire TV Edition

Insignia Fire TV Edition

Fire 7 tablet (2024)

Fire HD 8 tablet (2024 or 2023)

Fire HD 10 tablet (2024 or 2023)

On the official support page, Amazon is encouraging users to make sure relevant devices are updated to the latest version of Fire OS.

All other devices are still in early access. Android support is limited to the following devices at the time of writing, though Amazon intends to widen support over time:

Pixel 3, 3XL, 3a, 3a XL,  4XL, 4a, 4a 5G, 5, 6, 6 Pro, 7, 7 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, Note 9, S10, S10 Plus, Note 10, Note 10 Plus, S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, S22, Z Fold 3

OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, 7 Pro 5G, 8, 8 Pro, Nord, Nord N10, Nord N100, 7T, 7T Pro, 7T Pro 5G

All Windows 10 or 11 devices with DirectX 11 are supported, while you’ll need a Mac from 2014 or later running at least macOS High Sierra. It is possible to run Luna via a browser, but Amazon warns that “gameplay quality and other features may not work as expected”.

In August 2023, Samsung also confirmed that Luna is available on Samsung Smart TVs and Smart Monitors released in 2023. This is via the company’s new ‘Samsung Gaming Hub’ platform.

On the iPhone and iPad, you need to use Safari on a device running iOS 14.

However, there’s one requirement regardless of which device you’re playing on. You’ll need at least a 10Mbps internet connection, although Amazon recommends using an Ethernet cable or 5GHz Wi-Fi where possible. 

While you can play Luna with a keyboard and mouse or any Bluetooth controller, Amazon is encouraging you to pick up the dedicated Luna controller. It looks almost identical to the one you’ll find on Xbox, and will likely provide a similar experience. However, the Luna Controller has extra tricks up its sleeve: Alexa integration and the ability to seamlessly move between devices.

Image: Amazon

Amazon Luna games

Amazon Luna now includes a vast selection of different games. These vary depending on which subscription you choose, but the full lists are available on the Amazon website.

Games are added every month, with the new additions for Luna+ subscribers in July 2023 as follows:

Orbital Bullet

But even if you’re just a regular Prime member, you’ll be able to access the following new games at no extra cost via Prime Gaming:

Hot Wheels: Unleashed

Metal Slug

Endzone: A World Apart

Mail Mole

Details about all these games can be found in the relevant Amazon Luna blog post. From the main Luna blog page, you can learn more about other titles which have recently been added.

That includes Fortnite, Epic Games’ renowned survival game. It’s available to all Amazon Prime members, or via a Luna+ subscription if you’d prefer. There’s no way to access it for free, unlike Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now, although the latter limits you to one hour per session.

Unlike the other titles above, Fortnite will be available indefinitely – it won’t be leaving the platform for the foreseeable future. Almost all games on Luna also support cross-platform play, so you’ll be able to join forces with friends on another cloud gaming service, console or PC.

Alongside the lineup of games is integration with Twitch, the gaming-focused streaming service owned by Amazon. Within the Luna “experience”, players see the option to watch a relevant Twitch stream, while there will also be the ability to start playing directly within the Twitch app.

The official image below gives you an idea what the Luna user experience is like, with Twitch streams and screenshots integrated into the main screen for each game.

Image: Amazon

We’ll update this article if more details are revealed about Luna. In the meantime, check out our round-up of the best game streaming services to see what it’s up against. 

Tvos 14 Release Dates: Final, Developer Beta, Public Beta

Apple’s iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur announcements at the WWDC 2023 event may have received most of the attention from media. However, the Cupertino-based company also showcased tvOS 14, the upcoming software version for their Apple TV line-up that adds some noteworthy features and improvements.

It’s understandable if you couldn’t find much information regarding tvOS on the internet, as it received relatively little spotlight during the WWDC event when compared to iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur. If you own a compatible Apple TV, you have every reason to be excited about the update as it brings key features like picture-in-picture mode and the ability to finally play YouTube videos in 4K.

Interested in knowing when you can update your Apple TV to the latest software? That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing here. Without further ado, let’s check out the release dates for the final version, developer and public beta builds of tvOS 14.

What is the tvOS 14 Release Date for Final Versions?

Don’t get your hopes up just yet, as we’re currently months away from the release of the final and stable version of tvOS 14. There’s no mention of an exact release date on Apple’s website although they did mention that it’s coming this fall during the WWDC Keynote event.

If previous years are any indicator, Apple rolls outs final versions of tvOS shortly after the iPhone announcement takes place annually in September. Hence, a late September release seems realistic for tvOS 14.

We’ll make sure to update you as we get further information regarding release dates from Apple, but for now, we just know that tvOS 14 is coming later this year. So, don’t expect to get your hands on the latest iteration of tvOS anytime soon unless you’re willing to try out the beta versions.

tvOS 14 Developer Beta is Available Now

Apple began rolling out the tvOS 14 developer beta update on the same day as the WWDC announcement, but if you aren’t aware of how a developer beta works, only developers who’re part of the Apple Developer Program will be able to access this early build.

Are you a registered Apple Developer? If that’s the case, you can get experimental and install tvOS 14 beta on your Apple TV right now. On the other hand, if you’re just a regular user, you still have the option to enroll in the Apple Developer Program which will set you back at an annual fee of $99. This not only gives you access to beta software from Apple, but also allows you to publish apps in the App Store.

Don’t want to spend almost a hundred dollars just to try out the beta? Well, you’re certainly not the only one thinking that. Thankfully, you have the choice to install the developer profile from third-party sources on to your device and get beta updates directly from Apple. If that’s not your thing, you can just wait for the public beta release instead.

tvOS 14 Public Beta Release Date

Apple has maintained a good track record of releasing the public beta of its software just a few weeks after the developer beta release and the tvOS is no exception in that regard. There’s no mention of a specific date upon checking Apple’s Beta software webpage, however. We’re all just welcomed to sign up for the beta with a “Coming Soon” message.

Taking into consideration that the developer beta of tvOS came out in the fourth week of June this year, we can realistically expect the tvOS 14 public beta to be rolled out around mid-July this time around.

Just like the developer beta build, tvOS 14 public beta will not be available to everyone who owns an Apple TV. To be eligible, you’ll need to be a part of the Apple Beta Software Program first. Therefore, if you don’t have the patience to wait for the final release in September, go ahead and enroll your device in the public beta from any device.

Fortunately, unlike the Developer Program, enrolling in the Beta Software Program is free of charge. This also gives you access to beta versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS, so if you own multiple Apple devices, this is a one-step process to access multiple beta builds that Apple has to offer for all their devices.

We’ve said this several times before, but it goes without saying that these beta versions are early experimental builds and could suffer from severe bugs and stability issues. Regardless of whether you’re using an Apple TV or an iPhone, we don’t recommend you to install these releases on your primary device.


Asus Rog Phone 6 Release Date, Pricing & Specs

Just weeks later, we saw two new ROG Phones: the 6D and 6D Ultimate. These are designed as alternatives to the 6 and 6 Pro rather than replacements, with a chipset change from Qualcomm to MediaTek the headline news. However, there’s also a brand-new cooling feature exclusive to the 6D Ultimate.

But, as it turns out, Asus wasn’t done there. We’ve already seen Batman versions of the regular 6 and 6 Pro, and now the former is available with a design inspired by the Diablo Immortal. Here’s everything you need to know.

Asus ROG Phone 6 release date

Asus debuted the ROG Phone 6 Series back on 5 July 2023, with the announcement of the ROG Phone 6 and 6 Pro. Both phones are now available to buy in the US and UK:

The ROG Phone 6D and 6D Ultimate then launched at a separate event on 19 September, and both are available to buy in the UK. However, they’re not currently available in the US:

We’ve also seen a couple of special editions of some phones. That includes MediaTek and Snapdragon-powered Batman models in September, and a ROG Phone 6 inspired by the Diablo Immortal game in November.

Asus ROG Phone 6 pricing

All the ROG Phone 6 Series handsets are premium devices, and that’s reflected in the prices:

ROG Phone 6 (12GB RAM, 256GB storage) – $999/£899/€999

ROG Phone 6 (16GB RAM, 512GB storage) – $1,099/£999/€1,149

ROG Phone 6 Pro (18GB RAM, 512GB storage) – $1,299/£1,099/€1,299

ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition (12GB RAM, 256GB storage) – $1,199.99/£1,049.99

ROG Phone 6 Diablo Immortal Edition (16GB RAM, 512GB storage) – $1,299/£1,099/€1,299

ROG Phone 6D (16GB RAM, 512GB storage) – £799/€949 (approx. $917)

ROG Phone 6D Batman Edition (12GB RAM, 256GB storage) – €1,199 (approx. $1,200/£1,050)

ROG Phone 6D Ultimate (16GB RAM, 512GB storage – £1,199/€1,399 (approx. $1,377)

For context, the regular ROG Phone 5S cost $1,099/£999 at launch, with the 5S Pro rising to $1,299/£1,099. For the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, you had to pay €1,299 at launch.

Asus ROG Phone 6 specs and features ROG Phone 6 and 6 Pro

The ROG Phone 6 and 6 Pro are undoubtedly high-end smartphones, and that’s reflected in the top-of-the-line specs available on both phones.

For most people, the main upgrade is a move to the brand-new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset on both phones. Compared to the Snapdragon 888+ in the ROG Phone 5 Series, this a two-generation jump. Not only is performance significantly better, there’s a big improvement to power efficiency.

It’s available with 12- or 16GB of DDR5 RAM on the regular ROG Phone 6, but 18GB is your only option on the Pro. The phones support dual SIM but not expandable storage, so you’ll have to be content with 256/512GB on the 6 or 512GB only on the 6 Pro.

The new ROG Phone 6.

Anyron Copeman / Foundry

Both phones still have a 6.78in, FHD+ (2448×1080) AMOLED display, but the refresh rate is now 165Hz. That’s up from 144Hz on the ROG Phone 5 Series, and joins the Red Magic 7 & 7 Pro as the highest refresh rate phones you can buy. However, it sticks with the same 360Hz touch sampling rate – that’s much lower than you’ll find on Nubia’s phones.

Gaming on such a dynamic display inevitably affects battery life, but Asus has stuck with the same 6,000mAh cell as before. However, the jump from 144Hz to 165Hz doesn’t have a big effect on the excellent battery life we saw in the ROG Phone 5s Pro. You also get a 65W charger included in the box.

The ROG Phone 6 and 6 Pro both have identical camera setups. That means a 50Mp main, 13Mp ultrawide and 5Mp macro lens on the back, plus a 12Mp front-facing camera. The latter can be used for face unlock, but you’ll probably rely on the under-display fingerprint sensor instead.

Aside from more RAM, the only other difference on the Pro is the secondary ‘ROG Vision’ display on the back. It can be used to display the likes of battery percentage, incoming calls and info about any accessories you have connected. But unlike the Galaxy Z Flip 3‘s external screen, it can’t show your notifications. On the regular phone, there’s just a logo illuminated with RGB lighting in the same position.

The phones ship running Android 12, but Asus has introduced its usual range of gamer-specific software tweaks. It only commits to two major Android updates and two years of security updates, which suggests it’ll get Android 13 and and one more.

At 228g, the 6 and 6 Pro are among the heaviest handsets you can buy. This can be increased further by connecting a wide range of accessories, including the Kunai 3 gamepad and AeroActive Cooler 3. However, these are optional extras which need to be purchased separately.


Functionally, the Batman Edition is identical to the regular ROG Phone 6. The changes are purely aesthetic, with a custom rear design, various software tweaks and a new case included in the box. You also get a Batman-themed SIM ejector tool and LED that can project the iconic logo onto any surface.

The same can be said for the Diablo Immortal Edition, which includes what Asus is describing as a “flame effect finish”. As you move the back of the phone, it gives the impression of flames moving across the device.


You also get the usual matching accessories, which this time include a case and map featuring invisible ink. Even the SIM ejector tool has been give a Diablo-themed makeover.

ROG Phone 6D and 6D Ultimate

The 6D and 6D Ultimate have lots in common with the regular 6 and 6 Pro. So, what’s actually different?

There are two key changes worth highlighting, but only one applies to both phones. The 6D and 6D Ultimate are powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000+ chipset, as opposed to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. The 9000+ is MediaTek’s most powerful chipset, but it remains to be seen how this will affect both performance and power efficiency, with the latter a particular strength of the 8+ Gen 1.

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Asus combines this with up to 16GB of RAM on both phones, with no option for the 18GB found on the 6 Pro. However, that’s because it uses the faster DDR5X standard, which isn’t yet available above 16GB – performance is likely to benefit rather than suffer from this change.

Before the event, Asus said the 6D Ultimate would feature a new cooling system “that allows airflow unlike any ROG Phone before”. As it turns out, this is via a new flap on the back of the phone which Asus is calling an ‘Aeroactive Portal’. When the AeroActive Cooler 6 (which is included in the box with the 6D Ultimate only) is connected, this automatically opens to help improve heat dissipation. Compared to just the cooler, this is supposedly up to 20% better in terms of thermal efficiency, which is especially important for long gaming sessions.

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

Asus says the portal can last for over 40,000 opening and closing cycles, while it also has fall detection and a cleaning mode. IPX4 splash resistance is also retained on both phones.

The regular 6D continues with the same cooling system found on the 6 and 6 Pro, but that’s not a big issues issue – it was already highly effective. All phones also remain compatible with the AeroActive Cooler 6 and Kunai 3 Gamepad.

Like the other phones, it’s only the 6D Ultimate that gets the secondary ROG Vision display on the back. The regular 6D has an RGB logo in its place, just like the standard ROG Phone 6.

Aside from that, everything else mentioned with regards to the 6 and 6 Pro also applies here. That includes the visual changes on the Batman Edition of both, although the regular 6D does shift back to the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 in the US and Canada.

Learn more in our separate article covering the ROG Phone 6D and 6D Ultimate.

Take a look at our guide to the best gaming phones to see what the ROG Phone 6 Series is up against. The 6 Pro currently sits third in that chart, while the 6D Ultimate is eighth.

Supposed Iphone 6 Frame Leaks: It’s Ultra

The notoriously unreliable Digitimes last month called for a larger size iPhone in May and today Chinese website Huanqiu reiterated that an iPhablet would arrive in time for the next Galaxy S smartphone confirmed for May 2014.

The next iPhone – let’s call it the iPhone 6 for the convenience sake – is generally thought to come in two sizes, one 4.7-inch and the larger one with a phablet-grade screen measuring a whopping 5.7 inches diagonally.

And now, images of an alleged frame have appeared online to suggest a notably thinner appearance compared to the current-generation iPhone 5s. Could this part be genuine? My two cents are right below…

Not much to be gleaned from the low-resolution shots other than the visibly thinner frame versus the current-generation Apple handset.

Bear in mind that in the run-up to the official iPhone 5s announcement C Tech leaked a number of parts which later proved authentic. As for this part, maybe it’s an early trial production part though it doesn’t look genuine to me.

It could be also an aftermarket component, a hoax or simply one of the parts belonging to an iPhone prototype that never materialized.

For starters, what’s up with the edges having an old style roundedness to them? To me, this looks like a mid-plate, a design Apple long abandoned in favor of Unibody construction.

For additional analysis, read Eric Slivka’s take over at MacRumors.

Much of the next iPhone’s supposed thinness should be the work of its presumably larger form-factor making additional room for components such as the wireless and memory chips, the main processor, the cameras and the battery.

The media is of course quick to spell doom for Apple unless it jumps on the phablet bus. Take, for example, a recent write-up by Gareth Beavis over at TechRadar:

I don’t mean to sound alarmist, but 2014 could well be the year that Apple makes its biggest mistake in recent history.

No, I’m not talking about the iWatch – I still think that could actually be rather good – no, Apple has to, HAS TO, bring out a large screen version of the iPhone or it’s going to really struggle to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Countering his notion is Ben Bajarin who reminds us Apple hasn’t become so successful by skating where the puck is. “Apple has customers not competition,” he explains:

Folks claim that because Apple’s competition is doing something that Apple should also or they will lose. Yet what I love about Apple’s strategy is that it is never around what the competition is doing. Apple marches to beat of their own drum.

Apple has customers not competition. The decisions they make as a company are not based around what their competition is doing but around what is best for their customers. Like it or not, this is their strategy.

Sounds just about right to me, which isn’t saying that an Apple phablet of sorts isn’t being cooked up in Jony Ive’s kitchen as we speak.

In fact, when you take into account what Tim Cook & Co. have done last year with the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display, it’s becoming clear that 2014 could very well be the year of two form-factor iPhones, both based on exactly the same internals and design, the only difference being the screen size and price.

Make sense?

Does Apple really HAVE TO bring out a larger screen iPhone in 2014 or else…?

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