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Google recently launched a new program that will allow popular businesses to add interior imagery to their Google Place page. The Business Photos program, which will provide Google users with 360 degree views of business interiors, will allow potential customers to “virtually visit” the interior of participating businesses.

A Google spokesperson told BBC the following of the new program:

“Building on the Google Art Project, which took Street View technology inside 17 acclaimed museums, this project is another creative implementation of Street View technology, to help businesses as they build their online presence. We hope to enable businesses to highlight the qualities that make their locations stand out through professional, high-quality imagery.”

The interior Business Photo feature will use the same cameras and photographic method that the Street View project has utilized and will allow Google users to pan 360 degrees around the finished image. Although there is speculation that the 360 degree imagery may make a business vulnerable to criminal activity, Google has stated that the images will not capture anything different than a customer would see in real life.

Since Google will not take or post pictures without a business first filling out an application and consenting, it is difficult to make the argument that these interior business shots are a privacy risk. In addition to only adding businesses that have requested inclusion, Google is blurring out the faces of people who appear in the images.

However, once Google photographs a business, Google owns the images and can use the images however they choose. Although a business owner can request that Google remove the images at a later date, the contract does not require that Google comply with this request.

At this time, the Business Photos program is only available to small businesses and is unavailable to big-brand chains, hospitals, and lawyers. The program, which will initially focus on popular restaurants, shops, and gyms, is being rolled out in London, Paris, and select cities within the US, Australia and Japan.

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How To Use Whatsapp’s View

Learn how to use WhatsApp’s view-once mode on iPhone to send images and videos that automatically self-destruct after only being viewed once.

What is WhatsApp’s view-once mode and how does it work?

For an added sheen of privacy, WhatsApp’s view-once mode allows you to send photos and videos that can only be viewed once before self-destructing. “For more privacy, your photo or video will disappear from the chat after the recipient opens it once,” explains an introductory message shown when using the feature for the first time.

Because WhatsApp lacks a screenshot-detection feature, you won’t be notified if the recipient screenshots your disappearing media. However, the recipient cannot stop you from seeing that they’ve opened your view-once media regardless of whether read receipts are on or off.

Who can use WhatsApp’s view-once mode?

At the time of writing, the company was testing the new view-once mode with beta testers who use WhatsApp’s beta update on TestFlight. Don’t see a new button resembling a timer in the media caption field? If so, then you’ll have to wait a little longer until the feature exits beta and gets rolled out to all iPhone users.

Follow along with our quick tutorial right ahead to learn how to send your images and videos using WhatsApp’s handy new view-once mode.

How to send images and videos in WhatsApp’s view-once mode?

If you already have this feature, open a chat and start attaching media like you normally would, then touch the dedicated timer button in the caption field to activate the view-once mode.

Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Open or start a new chat.

Choose “Photo and Video Library” from the menu.

Select one or more images or videos from your phone.

Touch the timer button in the caption input field to activate the view-once mode.

If you pick multiple items from the library, don’t forget you can swipe between them to turn on view-once mode for each one. Feel free to send view-once media to your WhatsApp friends who don’t have access to this feature because this mode will work for them regardless.

Keep in mind that turning off WhatsApp’s read receipts won’t prevent others from seeing that their view-once image or video has been opened. However, you will not see when the recipient opens yours unless you have read receipts turned on in the WhatsApp settings (in group chats, you’ll always see when members have opened disappearing media).

Explained: View-once media vs. auto-vanishing chats

WhatsApp in November 2023 rolled out the ability to send messages that vanish automatically. With it turned on, WhatsApp auto-deletes any new messages sent in the individual or group chat after seven days. Both the attached media and the text of the message will vanish after seven days have passed.

→ How to change your username in WhatsApp on iPhone

The new view-once option for photos and videos should not be confused with WhatsApp’s existing disappearing messages. In view-once mode, WhatsApp users can choose to send self-erasing media without turning on disappearing messages. The image or video will self-destruct as soon as the recipient views or dismisses it.

For further information, read a support document on the WhatsApp website.

Exploring Data With Power View Tiles

Exploring Data with Power View Tiles

Suppose you have lot of data to display with significant data points at varied places. In such a case, you might have to scroll very often in your Power View visualizations to find the data you are looking for. This would be tedious and also might not be smooth when you are presenting the results.

You can have Tiles in a Table, Matrix, Card or Chart visualization. You can have a combination of these in Power View and get them filtered with Tiles. A Tile can be simple text or an image.

Table with Tiles

Start with a Table Visualization as follows −

Drag the fields NOC_CountryRegion, Sport and Medal Count to Power View. As you observe, as the number of rows is large, it is difficult to scroll up and down to highlight values.

Drag the field Sport from FIELDS area to TILE BY area in the Power View Fields list.

Navigation Strip appears at the top of the Table.

You can observe the following −

By default, the first Tile in the Navigation Strip is selected.

In the Table, the values are filtered to that of the Tile selected. In this case, the Sport that is selected.

There are arrow buttons at the left and right edges of the Navigation strip to enable scrolling.

You can select a different Tile as follows −

Scroll the Navigation Strip to display the Tile representing the Sport you are looking for, for e.g. Badminton.

You can observe the medal count Total is also displayed. You have an option to turn Totals on or off from the Ribbon. You also can make the Tiles more appealing and meaningful by having images in place of Text.

Include a column that has hyperlinks to the image files corresponding to each of the Sports.

Include that field, for e.g. Discimage in TILE BY. You will get the Tiles as images, portraying each sport.

Tile Navigation Strip – Tab Strip

There are two types of navigation strips in Excel – Tile Flow and Tab Strip.

In a Tab strip, you can observe the following −

Tab strip displays the navigation strip across the top of the Visualization.

By default, the first Tile in the navigation strip that is the leftmost is selected.

There are arrow buttons at the left and right edges of the navigation strip to enable scrolling.

You can scroll to the left or right to display the Tiles.

The highlighted Tile moves to the left or right as you scroll the tab strip. It can also go out of view, while scrolling.

In the Table, the values are filtered to that of the Tile selected. In this case, the Sport that is selected.

Tile Navigation Strip – Tile Flow

You can covert the navigation strip from tab strip to tile flow as follows −

The navigation strip shifts to the bottom of the Table.

In a Tile Flow, you can observe the following −

Tile flow displays the navigation strip across the bottom of the Visualization.

By default, the first Tile in the navigation strip is selected. It will be displayed at the center of the tile flow.

There are no arrow buttons for scrolling.

The Tiles flow to the left or right and the center Tile will always get highlighted.

As the selected Tile is always the center Tile, the following happens −

Selected Tile does not go out of view.

When you scroll to the left or right, the Tile that comes to the center position gets automatically selected and highlighted.

The original selection disappears.

The Visualization, Table in this case, automatically is updated to the Tile in the center of the Tile flow.

In the Table, the values are filtered to that of the Tile selected. In this case, the Sport that is selected.

Matrix with Tiles

Suppose you want the medal count by medal type – Gold, Silver and Bronze and also the total medal count, by country for a selected sport, you can display the results in a Matrix Tile visualization.

Switch Visualization to Matrix.

Add the field Medal to Matrix.

You will get the desired results as follows −

Stacked Bar Chart with Tiles

You can make your explored results more conspicuous by switching your visualization to Stacked Bar Chart Tile Visualization −

Maps with Tiles

As your data contains geographic locations, you can also switch over to Map Tile Visualization −


How To View Iphone Emojis On Android

There’s no denying that iPhone emojis are amazing, but what if you prefer the variety that comes with Android devices? You can still view iPhone emojis on Android. This is great news if you’re making the switch from iPhone to Android and want access to your favorite emojis.

While you can root your Android device using an app like Magisk Manager, there are much easier ways. From importing iOS emoji fonts to using a comparable keyboard, you can get much closer to the iPhone emoji experience without rooting.

Install Emoji Font 3 APK

Emoji Font 3 isn’t an official app in the Google Play Store, so you’ll need to follow the steps to install from unknown sources. However, this is a workaround method to import iOS fonts without rooting your device. It’s also one of the better ways to view iPhone emojis on Android without any major differences.

It’s worth noting that this may not work on all Android versions. It also works best if you have Gboard installed, though it will work with other keywords too.

Use Emoji Fonts for FlipFont

This method will only work for some devices, including some Samsung Galaxy and HTC Sense devices. Much like the previous option, Emoji Fonts for FlipFont actually changes the emoji font to view iPhone emojis on Android.

There are multiple versions available, with Emoji Fonts for FlipFont 10 being one of the latest. Check out each version to see which works best for your device and looks closest to the font you want.

Use the Same Chat Client or Keyboard App

If you’re trying to view iPhone emojis on Android, but all you see is a random symbol, a question mark, or X when an iPhone user sends you an emoji, the problem could be an outdated operating system and/or varying Unicode support. Unicode helps translate emojis (among other things) between different systems.

One way to avoid this issue is to use the same chat client or keyboard app. If you’re both using the same version, you shouldn’t have any issues viewing each other’s emojis, even if one person’s using iOS and the other is using Android.

While WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are popular choices, there are safer alternatives if you’re concerned about privacy or just want to leave Facebook behind.

Older Android systems, mainly pre-Android 6.0, may still not support newer emojis, though. You could still experience issues even if someone sends you a newer Android emoji.

Choose a Keyboard App

A final option is to use a keyboard app with similar iPhone emojis. This helps you view iPhone emojis on Android and send compatible emoji to iPhone users as well. Once again, this works even better if you’re both using the same keyboard app.

This won’t give you the same emojis as iOS, but you can get close. It also won’t help you view newer iOS emojis if there isn’t a compatible Android version.

Some of the most widely used keyboard apps include:

If you’re trying to use the same keyboard app as your iOS friends, some of the above work on both.

Root Your Device

As mentioned in the intro, Magisk Manager is one of your best options to view iPhone emojis on Android. The app takes you through the process of rooting your device, so if you’re not comfortable with this, don’t do it.

However, once rooted, you can also use an emoji switcher app. These allow you to switch to the emoji set of many popular platforms, including iOS. Emoji Switcher and EmojiSwitcher (no longer available) are two possible options.

It’s not the easiest thing to view iPhone emojis on your Android device, but using any of the above will help you either view the same emojis or use a similar set.

Keep in mind that you can not only import emojis from iPhone, but also run iOS apps on Android.

Crystal Crowder

Crystal Crowder has spent over 15 years working in the tech industry, first as an IT technician and then as a writer. She works to help teach others how to get the most from their devices, systems, and apps. She stays on top of the latest trends and is always finding solutions to common tech problems.

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How To View Secret Conversations On Facebook Messenger

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks, and Messenger is used by billions of people worldwide. Whether for personal or business purposes, this service connects individuals globally.

The secret conversation feature of Facebook Messenger allows you to have a private end-to-end encrypted chat. It’s common for users to have secret conversations on Messenger that they don’t want anyone else to see.

However, the problem arises when some fail to view secret conversations after enabling it. In this tutorial, you will find a complete guide regarding hidden Facebook messages.

Method 1: View Secret Conversations on Messenger Using mSpy

mSpy is monitoring tools that are the go-to solution for tracking the secret conversion of your kids or loved ones. mSpy parental control app, which is known for providing top-class real-time tracking. You can keep a check on anyone’s mobile phone usage. Regardless of texting or browsing the web on their phone, you’ll be able to see which apps they’re using and where they’re going.

mSpy social media monitoring also includes the Facebook app and Messenger. It’s Family GPS Locator & Tracker app is available in iOS and Android stores. Moreover, mSpy provides alternative installation methods that do not require jailbreaking iOS devices.


Access call logs and messages.

Track the GPS location of the device.

See photos, videos, and other data kept on the device.

Monitor and record keystrokes to discover passwords and other information.

View secret conversations on popular social media platforms, including Facebook.

Here are steps to view secret conversations on Facebook Messenger using mSpy:

Step 1) Visit the mSpy website and sign up for an account.

Enter your email address and purchase a suitable plan.

Step 2) Select the type of cell phone device you want to monitor. (Android or iOS devices). For this demonstration, we have selected an Android device.

Note: You should ensure that you have physical access to the target device.

Step 3) Next, choose the device manufacturer of the target device.

Step 4) Log in to the mSpy account and navigate to the control panel.

Step 5) Add the device you are planning on monitoring. And get started with it.

Step 6) Locate Facebook Tracking from the side menu.

Step 7) From the list of chats, find the secret conversations.

Note: Monitoring someone’s private activity is illegal since it breaches privacy. Unless they are your kids, you should seek permission before tracking.

Method 2: Find Hidden Conversations on Messenger with Someone’s Facebook Credentials on Computer

You may not want to use any monitoring tool and have access to their Facebook credentials; you can view anyone’s secret conversation.

Additionally, look into what your kids do online or access their Facebook to check their conversations. It will help you stay informed and alert to possible dangers your children might face.

However, there are several significant limitations to this method:

No real-time tracking of Face’s hidden messages.

They may get a notification upon logging into their Facebook account.

Messages in secret conversations may disappear with a timer, making them inaccessible.

Here are steps to find secret messages on Facebook with someone’s details on PC:

Step 1) Open Facebook in the browser of your computer. And log into Facebook using their credential.

Step 3) Hit on the Three dots to access options.

Step 4) Navigate to the Message Requests to find the secret conversations.

Note: If someone is trying to harass your loved ones by sending messages. Those texts will appear here unless they add them to their friend list.

Method 3: How to View Secret Conversations on Messenger on Android

Facebook enables you to have a secret conversation with anyone using the Messenger app on your Android phone. When you start a secret conversation with someone, it creates a new private chat profile for them.

Any message you send through this profile will remain secret and can also be set to remove after some time. However, to access the secret conversation, you first need to start one.

Here are steps to start & view the secret messages on Messenger:

Step 1) Open the Facebook Messenger app on your Android device.

Step 2) Tap on Pen icon at the top right corner.

Step 3) Enable the secret conversation by hitting the padlock icon toggle.

Step 4) Search with whom you want to start a private chat. And open their chat profile.

Step 5) Whatever message you send through this chat stays private.

Step 6) Access the conversation by searching the name once the conversation begins.

Note: You will see two chat profiles of that person. The padlock icon indicates the secret conversation.

Here are steps to enable disappearing messages on Facebook Messenger:

Step 1) Open the secret chat and hit on your friend’s profile picture.

Step 2) Scroll down and find Disappearing messages.

Step 3) Choose the period after which you want the message removed.

Method 4: See Secret Messages on Facebook with iPhone

In order to check secret conversations on iPhone, you first need to confirm that the feature is enabled. Facebook allows you to enter any Messenger chat into the hidden mode. Although this feature is active by default, it is still wise to check it first.

Here are steps to check Messenger’s secret conversation on iPhone:

Step 1) Sign in to your Facebook Messenger with your ID and password.

Step 2) Locate the profile picture and tap on it.

Step 3) Access Settings and choose the Secret Conversation option.

Step 4) Tap the toggle to turn it green unless it is already enabled.

Step 6) Add the person by searching by name and enter into private mode by tapping the padlock icon at the top right corner.

Note: Once you start the secret conversation on iPhone, now let’s find out how to find it.

Step 7) Open the chat window of Messenger. Search with whom you are having a secret conversation.

Step 8) Go to that person’s chat settings by tapping the profile image.

Method 5: Find Hidden Messages on Messenger With a Keylogger

Keylogger is a monitoring feature designed to log and record all keystrokes on the targeted computer or mobile device. People often use this feature to monitor what their children and employees do online. It’s important to note that using a keylogger without proper consent can violate privacy laws.

Moreover, you might fail to log in without notifying the profile owner. It happens when you try to log in to a profile with two-factor authentication or login alerts.

Method 6: How to View Deleted Secret Conversations on Messenger App?

When you access someone’s Facebook Messenger app, you may not find the hidden chats on the home page. They could be removed. Therefore, you need to view deleted secret conversations.

Facebook has a few ways to remove a chat. So, in order to find any secret conversation history, you need to check all these places.

Here are steps to decrypt secret conversations on Facebook Messenger in Archive:

Step 1) Expand the Messenger app and ensure you log in with their credentials.

Step 2) Tap on the three parallel line option icon.

Step 3) Look for Archive and hit on it.

Note: In the Archive folder, you will find secret conversations. But if you don’t find anything here. Spam Folder is another place where you can look for a hidden chat.

Here are steps to view someone’s secret conversations on Messenger in Spam:

Step 1) Go to the side menu on the Messenger app.

Step 3) Hit on the Spam tab to open it.

Method 7: Track and View Secret Conversations from Another Phone

After you enable the secret conversation feature on one phone, you can access it on any other mobile device. All you need is login credentials. Once you enter Facebook Messenger, all your chats, including secret messages, will be accessible.

You can even find hidden chats on the computer, like message requests and spam. Also, monitoring apps let you track secret conversations on another phone. All it takes is to deploy them on the target phone and start monitoring it on your device.

Method 8: Restore Deleted Secret Conversations on Messenger

Facebook Messenger chats get permanently removed after they are deleted. However, you can get them back anytime by putting them in the archives or using the restriction feature. If you don’t find any hidden chats on your or your child’s Messenger, they might be using these methods to conceal them.

Here are steps to restore deleted secret conversations from the Messenger archive:

Step 2) Navigate to the Archive option.

Step 3) If you see any private chat here, tap and hold it.

Step 4) Choose Unarchive option at the top.

Note: Now the chat will move to the main all chats windows. It also helps you to access the secret conversation history by opening it.

Here are steps to unrestrict the chat to restore deleted secret conversations:

Step 1) Tap on the search on Facebook Messenger.

Step 2) Type the name of the hidden profile.

Step 3) Open it and tap the UNRESTRICT button at the bottom.


The recipient is always made aware whenever someone sends a message with a secret conversation feature on Messenger. Several clear signals indicate if the message is private or not. When you receive a secret message, a new chat of the sender gets created. Also, you will see a padlock icon under the name and profile picture of the send

Here are steps to find members that are part of the secret conversation and the number of keys under their names.

Step 1) Tap on each of them to access their key codes.

Step 2) The number of keys tells you how many devices are used to access that private chat. Each device will have its keycode.


Facebook Messenger’s secret conversation feature is very useful for protecting your privacy. But to ensure safety, parents have to know what their kids are doing on the internet. Here comes a tool like mSpy, which is very convenient for monitoring.

How To Use Instagram Reels To Create Or View Videos

Instagram has finally extended the availability of Instagram Reels to more global markets including India. What is Instagram Reels, you may ask? Well, Instagram Reels is Facebook’s answer to TikTok, a short-video app. Now that we have access to Reels, we will discuss everything you want to know about Instagram’s foray into short video space.

In this article, we will guide you on how to get started with Instagram Reels, in addition to discovering Reels content and creating Reels to share with your followers.

What is Instagram Reels

Are you an Instagram influencer? If your answer is yes, Instagram Reels is simply made for you.

Three words Short, crisp, and entertaining explain Reels. If you love watching or short, crisp, and entertaining videos from your Favorite ‘social media celebrity,’ then Reels is a perfect place for you. Not just watching, you can also create your own videos, add effects, filters, music from a huge library of songs on Instagram, among other things. That’s what Reels is all about.

If I still have to describe Instagram Reels in one sentence, Instagram Reels is to TikTok what Instagram Stories is to Snapchat.

Instagram Reels is also Facebook and Instagram’s attempt to challenge TikTok’s legacy and dominance in the short-video space. Facebook continues to feel threatened by the way TikTok has emerged as one of the most-popular non-gaming apps worldwide in such a short span. For whatever reasons Reels exists, let’s see how you can get started with it.

How to use Instagram Reels

Getting started with Instagram Reels involves a two-step approach: Content creation and content consumption

How to discover and watch Instagram Reels

Many people struggle at finding ways to watch Instagram Reels in the first place. This article will help you discover Reels, in addition to several ways to interact with it. Getting started with Reels is fairly simple.

Make sure your Instagram app is up-to-date. Android and iOS users can go to Google Play and App Store, respectively. See if your Instagram app has received an update. Even if you haven’t received an update, you should still see Reels. Keeping the app updated is a good practice, to begin with.

Now that you are all set, just go to Instagram. There are a couple of ways you can find Reels. First up, the Explore Tab. You can navigate to the Explore tab by tapping the ‘Search’ option at the bottom of your Instagram app. Remember, you don’t have to search for anything. Just tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom.

The first video you see in the Explore tab is Reels. You will also find a small watermark for ‘Reels’ at the bottom left corner of the video. That’s how you know you are looking at Reels. Once you tap the video, you will be taken into a whole new world of Instagram Reels. All you need to do is swipe up to watch more Reels.

Unlike stories, Reels won’t disappear after 24-hours of their creation and they have a permanent place in your Reels tab unless you specifically choose to delete them.

How to create with Instagram Reels

Are you looking to post to Instagram Reels? Believe me, it’s a fairly simple process. All you need to do is tap the camera icon. Then, discover and select Reels at the bottom. You will come across a page that says ‘Create With Reels. Record and edit short videos and share them to Explore, where anyone may discover them.’ Sounds fairly simple, right?

Now, tap the ‘Get Started’ option at the bottom. But before you get started, remember that anyone can create Reels using your original audio if your account is public. Hence, be sure about what you are getting into. If you are privacy conscious, make sure that Instagram profile is set to ‘Private’ under settings.

Once you tap ‘Get Started,’ you will be taken right into Instagram’s camera viewfinder. There, you can switch between the front and rear camera, depending on what you want to record in your short video. On the left-hand side, you will find different options to edit your video. First things first, hit the record button at the bottom. Once you are done recording a video, you can always edit it the way you want.

On the left-hand side, you can add music to your videos, select speed, set timer up to 5 seconds, among other things. You can also add several effects and filters to your videos before posting them as Reels.

Once you have created a Reel, the next task is to share it with your followers. Similar to posts and IGTV videos, you can add a caption and hashtags to Instagram Reels. You can also check the option if you wish to share your Reel to feed. Interestingly enough, Instagram also provides creators with an option to set a custom thumbnail cover to their Reel.

Ways to interact with Instagram Reels

What if I don’t see Instagram Reels?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to find Reels in your Instagram. First of all, Instagram Reels is currently not available for everyone.

At the time of writing this article, Instagram Reels is limited to select regions including India, Brazil, France, and Germany. If you are located in a region where Instagram hasn’t launched Reels yet, you won’t be able to access Reels.

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