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Definition of Nexus Plugin

The nexus plugin is a function to configure supporting files and dependencies in the artifact format of the files.

The plugin is a function to manage a repository such as JAVA, Docker, and npm.

The plugin is a tool used for integration and pipelines of configuration, retrieves version applications, and collects dependencies.

The plugin is part of the repository manager to collect the jar files into artifact format and works on the program.

The plugin is part of the application system to modify the application platform but does not display the program.

The plugin collects several dependencies as per version, technology, and application requirement to the support application program.

The plugin is backend support of the program for staging rules, interface components, repository format, and modification of the application.

Nexus plugins

It uses multiple types of plugin for repository and backend architecture.

You can use plugins from open source or vendor’s community.

The plugins are categorized into mainly two types. This plugin is based on the application and user requirements.

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The managing plugin is the default plugin for the repository.

The developing plugin is a customized repository plugin.

The plugins add in the chúng tôi file. This file configures with method and object using the import keyword.

Managing nexus plugin

The managing plugin supports default configuration. The default repository and configuration enable automatically.

The plugin manages using the following repository.

$NEXUS_HOME/ nexus / WEB-INF/ plugin-repository.

Some plugins enable, disable, access, and configure the capabilities of the files.

You can install plugin code in the “sonatype-work/ nexus/ plugin-repository” repository. This file extracted from the zip file.

You can delete, restart and manage the repository of the managing plugin.

The basic plugin requires the following repository files.

Developing nexus plugin

The developing plugin customizes the repository manager and adds files in the artifact format.

You can write your own plugin to implement language and apache maven as a system.

The managing plugin development needs the following URL.

The repository manager OSS plugins are set up in chúng tôi file.

This plugin inherits from the parent repository.

Nexus plugins of parent repository

• This plugin contains the “nexus-plugins” in the artifact tag.

Plugin package

The plugin requires the above packages for the plugin metadata.

If the plugin is enabled then the extension becomes true.

This plugin contains the “nexus-plugin-bundle-maven-plugin” in the artifactId tag.

This plugin contains the “nexus-plugins” in the artifactId tag.

You can add the maven plugin to manage the repository of the class and resource.

Plugin API and Testsupport

The plugin contains several dependencies in the chúng tôi file.

Here, you can add testsupport plugin and API plugin simultaneously.

This plugin contains the “nexus plugin API” in the artifactId tag.

This plugin contains the “nexus plugin testsupport” in the artifactId tag.

This plugin adds the parent plugin and dependencies to set up project functionality.

This repository uses in the managing plugin and maintains different plugins and configuration files.

Siesta plugin dependency

This nexus plugin contains the “nexus siesta plugin” in the artifactId tag.

The “type” tag provides the sonatype plugin.

The scope must include the “provided” for framework configuration.

Connection plugin

This plugin is providing method, connection, and object for customizing the plugin.

The “connectionPlugin” and “makeSchema” are required for the plugin.

Authorize plugin

Const schemas = makeSchema({ plugins: [fieldAuthorizePlugin (), ] })

This plugin is providing method, connection, and object for customizing the plugin.

The ” fieldAuthorizePlugin” and “makeSchema” are required for the plugin.

Nullability plugin

Const schemas = nullabilityGuardPlugin ({[ write configuration here… ] })

This plugin is providing a method, connection, and object for customizing the plugin.

This function determines non-null data or values in the application.

The ” nullabilityGuardPlugin ” is required for the plugin.

Authorize plugin

Const schemas = makeSchema({ plugins: [queryComplexityPlugin (), ] })

This plugin is providing method, connection, and object for customizing the plugin.

The “queryComplexityPlugin” and “makeSchema” are required for the plugin.

The above plugins and their configurations create multiple functions and operate the method of the function.

Conclusion – Nexus Plugin

The plugin creates applications fast, simple, and lightweight.

The plugin is easy for coders and developers with easy configuration and sets dependencies.

The plugin minimizes backend environmental jar files and set files in artifact format.

The plugin maintains functionality and repository and works application user-friendly.

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Learn The Most Famous And Common Plugins Of Revit

Introduction to Revit plugins

Revit software can be associated with more than seventy-five plugins and Add-ons. These plugins are downloaded externally and then are incorporated with the Revit Program.

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3D animation, modelling, simulation, game development & others

Revit Plugins

Substantially, Revit is an Autodesk-owned 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) software that is used to create and control digital depictions of material and practical aspects of buildings, infrastructures, railways, roadways, and many other places.

Although Revit has become a popular choice amongst the users, it still lacks some of the tools and functions of its own. This requires additional plugins and Add-on software that can be used and embraced within the program.

Some of the most common and popular plugins that are chiefly used with the program are-

ARCHSMARTER- Archsmarter provides an additional toolbox for Revit users. These tools dispense a platform for the users that makes the work more creative, productive, accurate, and easier.

RUSHFORTH TOOLS- Revit users commonly use these plugins for Model Management, Parameter Schedulers & Transformers, and Managing Imported Excel Files. The plugin is also very useful in controlling project and sheet previews and layouts. The users can create and update layout sheets automatically in Revit using this plugin.

PYREVIT- This particular plugin is used by programmers and coding professionals using the Revit program to create custom workflows, interfaces, add-ons, and toolsets. The plugin is compatible with Python, C#, and chúng tôi programming languages.

COLORS PLASHER- As the name itself says, this plugin is useful in properly managing color nodes based on the attributes given to the specific object. Although the user can achieve this technique using Revit tools, it makes the process complex and extensive. However, to overcome, the user can download and use this plugin effortlessly.

ENGIPEDIA LAYERS MANAGER-PRO- This plugin manages the layer structures, material layers, and material widths with efficient nodes and parameters. The plugin helps the users in differentiating the different groups of models and structures. Layers with core models are underlined, and materials that are used for structural designs are previewed in bold blue.

ALGO- This Plugin is helpful to the users in the early stages of planning and conceptualizing the details of the architecture. This plugin helps in distributing the deep and logical details to the customers and engineers. These details help them to conceive and plan the ideas in the inceptive stages of designing the process.

ENSCAPE- This plugin is popularly used with Revit software for rendering models and creating realistic architectural structures. The Plugin provides rendering in real-time and can render 3d as well as 2d models. The plugin uses the NVIDIA scheme to help the users in rendering realistic walkthroughs. Users who are into demonstrations and illustrations of models and structures can use Enscape to illustrate their ideas in virtual reality. The plugin supports the export of structures and videos in batches and contains an added library for modeling structures.

VRAY FOR REVIT – VRAY is a popular rendering engine amongst 3D programs. This plugin is created for Revit software itself that is used to enhance the experience of rendering with Revit software. This plugin combines with the interface of Revit without any effort. The plugin is used for top-notch lighting, super-efficient placement of the camera, and a realistic environment. With effortless blending with the Revit software, the whole process is created and concluded in the software itself.

FAMILY REVISER- This Plugin is very useful in editing and modifying the names and groups of modular families. Editing titles of models and structures can be extensive work for the users. This Plugin, however, helps in quick and easier modifications with the Find and Replace tools.

COINS AUTO SECTION BOX – This Plugin manages and controls the views while creating models and structures on Revit. It has tools for controlling markers, rulers, grids, and tags as well. This Plugin is helpful for the users who are juggling between 3D previews and the main model view. It also helps the user to create constant as well as provisional views.


Summarizing the above article, we have listed some of the most famous and common plugins used with Revit software to improve the program’s efficiency and workflow. These plugins offer great support and value to Revit Software.

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Learn List Of Basic To Advanced C# Commands

Introduction of C# Commands

C# is actually called as C sharp. C sharp is a very much popular programming language which is strongly followed object-oriented programming concept with proper typing, functional, declarative, imperative, and generic and following the proper discipline of normal component-oriented programming concept.

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Basic C# Commands

There has a lot of C# commands especially for running or handling any kind of critical business logic through proper object-oriented programming concept in C sharp environment. Some of the basic C# commands are mentioned below:

1. Using

Using the system

2. Class

This is one of the big keywords has been using for declaring one specific class in case of C sharp programming.

Class User{ …. } 3. Comments

Using ‘/*….*/’ keyword for avoiding multiple lines of code from compiling.

Using ‘/’ for avoiding a single line of code from compiling.

4. Member or Class Variable

Member or class variable can be considered as an Instance variable. This kind of variable is normally defined in the class definition. Those variables are available everywhere in the class, every individual method can easily access those variables as per their requirement. And any value changes on that variable will be affected for all the methods at a time.

5. Instantiating of an Object

Instantiation of a class is always be required in case of object-oriented programming concept for using that class method or variables. Class instantiation can be done for those classes which actually holding the main method. Normally after the instantiation of each class, the main method will call directly.

6. Identifier

An identifier is very much required in case of C# programmer for declaring anything like Class, Variables etc. This identifier is basically very much helpful for identifying the specific class, functions or variables or any kind of C# programming item which are user-defined. The very basic rules which are needs to be followed by the developer in case of C# programming are:

A name should need to start with a letter or sequence of the letter. It can hold digits like 0-9 or underscore (_). But starting of the identifier name should be a letter, digit will not accept in case of C# programming.

It should not ever contain any kind of symbolic language available in the keyboard like +, -, !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), / etc. Only underscore (_) is one of the accepted identifiers for mention name in C# programming.

Identifier never is a common keyword of C#.

Intermediate C# Commands

There have several other popular C# commands also been used by the developer, which are not very basic commands but working with C# more those C# commands are very much required to execute. Some of those kinds of requiring intermediate C# commands are mentioned below:

1. Keywords

C# programming has varieties of special keywords which can be used by the developer very frequently. Those keywords are actually some of the reserved words which are known to the C# compiler. Some of the very much popular keywords of C# programming are abstract, as, break, byte, case, char, decimal, default, else, event, finally, float, for each, goto, if, int, lock, long, new, null, object, out, private, public, read-only, return, short, sizeOf, String, switch, this, try, unchecked, using, virtual, void, while, volatile etc. And some of the contextual keywords are ascending, descending, from, global, get, into, join, remove, select etc.

2. Common Variables

Value Type Variable

This type of variable is mainly used for assigning some value directly. This is derived from one the common package of C# programming name is System. value Type. This kind of variables is bool, byte, char, double, decimal, int, float, long, short etc.

Reference Type Variable

This kind of reference type variable never contains its actual data at the time of using in programming by the developer. It just holds the specific reference of that variable or proper word we can say it hold the memory location of that specific variable. If somehow memory location got changed of that specific variable it will impact the entire programming.

Pointer Type Variable

A pointer type variable is mainly helping for storing proper memory address of another type. It is basically working like same as C or C++ programming language has been used the pointer in their case.

Advanced C# Commands Commands Type Conversion Constants

This is one of the key utility of C# for mentioning one variable as constant. In that case, any logic inside the programming will not able to modify the same variable values.

Tips and Tricks to use C# Commands

Some common tips and tricks followed by normal C# command frequent users. Those tips are tricks are mentioned below:

1. String normalization

When we are using string normalization, we have to be ensured of using to UpperInVariant rather than to LowerIntVariant, as Microsoft can able to optimize the code only in case of uppercase variables.

2. Avoiding the null issue

Better to practice of using the null coalescing operator for avoiding any kind of null related issue, In case of C#, the operator is asking the question (?).


C# programming is mainly designed by Microsoft for given proper object-oriented concept in the .NET framework. This is one of the key programming languages currently in the market for delivering varieties projects which are specifically running on .NET framework.

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List Of Android Antivirus In Detail

Introduction to Android Antivirus

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Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

List of Android Antivirus

Given below is the list of Android Antivirus:

1. 360 Security

360 Defense is a little bag-mixed. Some protective features are not half bad, and the other half is pretty bad. The app checks your software for suspected malware behavior, but its rate is a little higher than we would believe. It’s all wrong with Facebook, but the malware isn’t yet. This good, super simple antivirus program can search and view possible faults. There are also several functionalities in the app, like a phone booster. We suggest they don’t work because they can make your telephone more powerful.

2. Avast Antivirus

Avast Mobile Security is one of every platform’s most common antivirus applications. It has more than 100 million installs. Apps such as a classic antivirus scanner, an app lock, a call buffer, support for theft locks, a photo boom, and even an Android system firewall. It’s an outstanding tool even though you’re not often in need of the antivirus component. A few booster functions are also provided, but these should be avoided. Comparatively speaking, Avast subscription rates are not bad. The software contains a 14-day free demo run.

3. Bitdefender 4. Web Security Space

Dr. Web is one of the oldest malware and antivirus software. It features many functions, including fast and complete scans, ransomware security, a quarantine room, and statistics. In addition, there are strong theft controls, calls and SMS filtering, URL filtering, parental controls, firewalls, etc. It’s very cheap, too. For one or two years, it costs $7.99-$15.99. A lifetime license for $74.99 is also valid. The lifetime license is costly, so if you want to go down the road, it is a chance to get off the monthly subscription.

5. Lookout Security

Lookout is another common anti-virus and malware program. It comes on many devices pre-installed, particularly on T-Mobile carriers. It’s very nice with the fundamentals. This covers scans and security against phishing, ransomware, fraud, and more. It also features odd items like identity authentication, identity insurance, and wireless Internet access. That makes it something distinctive from most antivirus applications. The rate each month is $2.99 or yearly $29.99. For an anti-virus or anti-malware program, this is fairly fine.

6. Norton Mobile Security 7. Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro is a good overall choice for antivirus applications. It features the usual things like system scans and monitors whether or not programs are malware. The secondary features are the most significant, as are most. This includes malicious applications’ prevention, a site safety tool, a public Wi-Fi regulation, and a financial transaction security feature. This is not exactly like other antivirus programs, which search for ransomware and do some random things. It appears to sit in the cabin. Certain features are free, but you need to get the cool thing from your $4.99 / month or $19.99 / year membership.

8. Google Play Protect

The Android antivirus software for Google Play Protect. The applications on your computer are scanned and matched with copies of the app in Google Play. It helps you to know if the two aren’t the same. Combined with the current Google Play defense, this provides a relatively strong security firewall. Moreover, it’s easy, probably on your computer, and there’s nothing you have to do to use it. It fits best with common sense and is better than any antivirus program, regardless of the business. It would also save precious energy in the context of a lesser app.


In this article, we have seen various antivirus apps to protect Android devices and their features.

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List Of Mobirise Alternative In Detail

Introduction to Mobirise

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Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

List of Mobirise Alternative

Given below is the list of Mobirise Alternative –

1. Webflow

Webflow is more than a CMS, but it is probably the most basic word. Usually, a content management system is an online platform for content management on the website that typically includes templates in place for that content. Where web flow differs, the creation and design capabilities of the website will be mainly made available where you can begin with a blank page and scale the HTML, CSS, and even javascript of a website fast before you even add any actual content. That would frighten a lot of people instantly, but here with me.

2. Pinegrow

Pinegrow is a multi-page editing, SASS & CSS style, CSS Grid Editing, Bootstrap Support for Tailwind, and WordPress, enabling you to create responsive websites quickly. Pinegrow enables you to create efficient and personalized animation experiences and scrolls with the time editor. GreenSock GSAP, an established animation library, is the driving force behind animations. The pinegrow tool is ideal for creating WordPress themes ready to be produced. Take any HTML page and transform it into a theme for WordPress by assigning the action of WordPress to each feature. Pinegrow exports the basic PHP WordPress files.

3. Bootstrap 4. Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is a website-building app that is user-friendly. Without writing code, websites can be built; this is one of the program’s key features. Users can create websites without code to adapt, flip, design, and visually build an invigorating site. The program makes it easy to build a website and attach it directly to a domain and connect to a hosting service simultaneously.

5. Blocs

Blocs is a strong and fast web design tool that needs nearly no programming or web design experience to function. With this program, you can create web pages that are characteristic, modern, and splendid, and you can do it without writing a bit of code. The program is designed to enable coding within the context, while the visual aesthetics of the web need to be designed. It is perfect for those with little to do with designing a website.

6. BaseKit 7. IM Creator

IM Creator is a cloud-based web development solution that enables individuals and organizations to build and manage online shops, blogs, and HTML5 websites without code writing. The WYSIWYG principle is utilized, and automated cross-device websites with integrated SEO tools are created. IM Creator offers professionally crafted, attractive templates tailored to meet various needs. Small businesses can find a design that suits their organization. You can make a skilled web designer using the simple drag & drop GUI.

8. Kopage Website Builder

You can host anywhere an easy-to-use, quick & all-in-one website builder. Create a website with a blog, a gallery, ways of touch, a newsletter, a shopping cart, and more. Kopage is an easy-to-install and integrates cPanel SiteBuilder. Modern templates allow websites to appear on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices to be professional. The built-in layout choices for all subjects, fonts, photographs, menu styles, and more than 60 color schemes are available.

Conclusion – Mobirise Alternative

In this article, we have seen various alternatives to Mobirise. You can choose any of them based on your requirements. We hope you will find this article helpful.

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Ultimate List Of Cortana Voice Commands

Cortana is the direct rival to Siri and Google Now. She is, however, really intelligent and brings you exactly what you’re looking for. In order to get the most out of Cortana you must be familiar with all the commands that are recognized by her. If you know all these commands then you never have to lay a finger on your device because you can ask Cortana to do almost everything for you, from sending texts, to setting up schedules, she will do everything for you. Below is a list of all the useful voice commands for Cortana that everyone should know.

Ultimate List of Cortana Commands Cortana Commands for Windows Smartphone 1. “Text John Smith”

Tell Cortana to “Text” followed by a contact name in your smartphone and she will send a text to your specified contact. You can also say “send message to” or even “text brother” as long as you have specified your brother or any other loved one on your phone.

2. “Show me texts from [Insert Contact name]”

If you want to see all the conversations with a single contact in one place then use this command and Cortana will bring you all the messages you have received from the contact. You can also use “messages” instead of “text”.

3. “What is the best [Restaurant/Hotel/Museum] here?”

If you want to get a list of the best places around you then all you have to do is ask Cortana. She will give you a list of places that you’re looking for and it will also tell you how far exactly each place is from your current location. Finding the best hotels around you was never this easy.

4. “What is this song?” 5. “Where’s the nearest [Hospital/Gas station/park/Restaurant, etc]”

This command is pretty self explanatory. If you’re looking for something important near you then just ask Cortana and she will be happy to help you out with your query.

6. “Call [Insert contact name]”

Simple, just tell Cortana to fire up a call to one of your contacts and you will be connected within seconds to the person.

7. “Remind me the next time I talk to [insert contact]”

This comes in very handy when you want to remember something important related to a specific someone like a birthday. Just tell Cortana to remind you about someone’s birthday the next time you talk to them. She will alert you when you make or receive a call from that specific person. No more forgetting birthdays when Cortana is around.

8. “Go to Settings”

Yes, she will take you directly to settings and that’s not it, you can even ask her to do certain stuff for you like turn on/off airplane mode, turn on/off bluetooth, and much more. You can try anything you like chances are she will carry out the operations for you in most cases.

Universal Cortana Commands (for both Mobile and PC) 1. “Get Driving Directions to [insert Location]” 2. “Wake me up in Half an hour”

When you’re just looking for that 30 minutes power nap but don’t want to miss something important. This command will make Cortana set an alarm for you that will wake you up in exactly 30 minutes. You can use an hour or two, depends on when you want to wake up.

3. “What’s the weather like” or “what’s the weather in [insert location]”

You can get the latest and current weather updates in any specific city that you want. Just ask Cortana about the weather status in any of your preferred cities and she will bring you the latest weather forecast in no time.

4. “Remind me at [insert Time] to”

This again will set a reminder for you but you can also add instructions to help you out like “remind me at 7PM to take out the trash”, now you’ll be reminded at exactly 7pm to take your trash out. Comes in handy when you want to remember certain important things.

5. “Create an appointment”

Cortana will quickly create an appointment for you, you can schedule it for any date and time that you like.

6. “Set an Alarm” 7. “What is on my schedule?”

Cortana will show you everything on your agenda. You will get all your appointments and the whole schedule within seconds.

8. “Show me today’s headlines”

Cortana will bring you the hottest and trending stories and news from around the world everyday. Just ask for the headlines and you will be provided with the top news for the current day so you can stay up to date.

9. “Convert [kilometers to miles] or [GBP to USD] or [Celsius to Fahrenheit]”

Cortana can do almost all of the conversions that you throw at her. Currency conversions are done depending on the current market rate that’s available on Bing. You can convert anything that you want from one unit to another unit without laying a finger on your device.

10. Calculations

Ask Cortana “54 times 3 is” and she will tell you the exact answer. You can also ask her to divide, add, or subtract different numbers and she will carry them out flawlessly. “40 divided by 2”, etc.

11. “Play Music” 12. “Turn on/off Wifi/Bluetooth/Airplane mode”

Just tell Cortana to turn any settings on or off on your device and she will do that instantly. Ask her to turn on bluetooth and she will turn it on, ask her to turn off mobile data and she will turn it off and you don’t have to do the cumbersome manual tasks any longer.

13. “Open [Software name] or [App name]”

You can command Cortana to open any software on your PC or launch any app on your smartphone. Just tell her to “open” or “launch” any app. Try it out with “Open Whatsapp” as long as you have Whatsapp installed she will open it for you. You can also cancel the process if you don’t want to open that app.

14. “How long will it take me to get to [location]?”

Cortana will provide you with an estimated time duration for your arrival at any specific location. She will calculate the distance and tell you exactly how much time you will need to get from your location to the specified location.

15. “When is the next football/basketball/soccer/cricket game?”

If you want to keep tabs on your favorite sports and the next game then Cortana will help you out with that. Just ask her about the next game of your favorite sport and she will bring you with the list of latest fixtures and matches from around the globe.

16. “Show me pictures of iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Emma Watson, etc” 17. “Show me nearby Chinese/Thai/Indian restaurants”

You get the point. Just ask Cortana about your favorite cuisine and she will bring you the closest restaurants in your vicinity. You can also get the directions to these restaurants as well.

18. “Who is Obama?” or “What time is it in India?”

Ask her anything that you want to know and most of the times Cortana will bring you the exact answer that you’re looking for. Most of the information and fact are sourced from Wikipedia and the search engine is obviously Bing.

19. “Take a Note”

If you want to make a quick note in the OneNote app then just ask Cortana to “Note it down” or “take a Note” and she will quickly create and save a note for you in your OneNote app so you can access it from anywhere anytime.

20. “Get flight status”

If your flights are scheduled then Cortana will bring you the latest updates regarding your flights so you can keep a check on them when needed.

Funny Cortana Commands 1. “Which is better, Siri or Cortana?”

Sometimes she will tell you that they’re both clever and sometime she will say you can’t compare Apples with Windows, which is pretty hilarious. Her responses vary every time but they are always funny.

2. “What Does the fox say?”

Doing it is believing it. Just ask her what does the fox say and you will not be disappointed.

3. “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

4. “Knock Knock”

Cortana knows how to make you laugh with different knock knock jokes all the time. Just tell her Knock Knock and she will provide you with a good laugh.

5. “Will you Marry me?” or “You Suck” or “I love you”

Each command will show you the intelligence and quick wit of Cortana. She will comeback with some of the most hilarious answers that you can imagine. She sure feels like a real life human with answers like these.

6. “What do you think of Google/Apple etc?”

She will tell you that Google is definitely a decent achievement but I still prefer Bing. She sure is a bit biased when it comes to comparisons of Microsoft’s services and products.

7. “What does Cortana mean?”

She has many different explanation for this question. Each time she will provide you with a different explanation regarding the origins of her name.

8. “Which one is better Windows Phone or iPhone?”

9. “Tell a joke” or “Tell me a joke”

Cortana will try her best to make you laugh with decent jokes every time you ask her to tell a joke.

10. “Which is better, Google or Yahoo?”

This is really funny because when you ask Cortana about two rival products then she will tell you that Bing is better. That’s how biased she is when it comes to Microsoft, can’t even compare two rival products but this sure is funny.

11. “What’s up?”

Just ask her “what’s up?” every day and Cortana will tell you some amazing facts every time you ask her that. It will really boost your knowledge regarding certain event and facts.

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