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Here are the Windows 11 requirements for VMware and Hyper-V




Vmware and Hyper-V make it easier to create virtual machines without affecting the main operating systems.

Both virtual machines work well with Windows 11, and they are some of the best virtual machines in the market.

Hyper-V and VMware are cheaper and can let you run many errands without trouble.



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A virtual machine is computer software that creates a virtual environment on a host computer with its own dedicated memory, hardware, storage, network settings used for different purposes. It gives users the ability to run apps, software, along with cloud testing.

Some of the common virtual machines are Hyper-V which comes inbuilt with the Windows operating systems, while VMware is an enterprise virtual machine built by Vmware cloud company.

For example, VMware Workstation is a desktop hypervisor that runs virtual machines on Windows or Linux. 

This guide will look at Windows 11 specifications to run Hyper V and Vmware virtual machines without facing any problems.

What are the uses of Hyper-V and VMware?

Keep in mind the folowing aspects regarding virtual machines:

How can I know my Windows 11 specifications are fit for VMware and Hyper-V? 1. Enable Trusted Platform Module(TPM) Version 2 Alternative 1

Go to the Search box and type Settings, then press Enter.

Open the Settings app and head over to Privacy & Security tab.

Select the Windows Security option.

Choose the Device Security option.

If there are Security Processor details, select it to verify if it’s version 2.0, and if you do not see any processor, you have to enable the TPM. If this step is hard, use the next step.

Alternative 2 How to turn TPM on

TPM 2.0 makes sure Windows 11 provides identity protection, BitLocker data protection, and other features.

It stores passwords, certificates, encryption keys from hackers. Most of the computers have these features but are off, and it’s you to turn them on. 

2. Enable UEFI to Secure Boot

Restart your computer.

Boot your computer by pressing the relevant keys, either F9,  F10,  F2, or F1, to enter into BIOS Setup.

Change the Boot mode from Legacy mode to UEFI.

Having secure boots help in preventing malware attacks or software when the machine starts. Many PCs come with this feature, but you have to do it manually if your PC doesn’t support it.

All the changes in the BIOS(Basic Input Output System) get done. Most of these settings vary with the type of PC manufacturer. If this step doesn’t work for your PC, try visiting the manufacturer’s website and check how to change this setting.

3. Enable Hardware Virtualisation in the hardware

Shut down your computer.

Start the computer and press F10 to enter into the BIOS chúng tôi computers use F9, F2, F12, F2, DEL, or Esc keys.

Select the Configuration tab.

Choose the Virtualization Technology(VTx) option by moving the down arrow key.

Save the changes by pressing Save and Exit the BIOS.

Restart the machine, and you will be able to use Hyper-V and VMware.

4. RAM of 4GB

The computer must have a minimum Random Access Memory(RAM) of 4 GB. Having more memory makes the machine run fast without hanging problems.

5. 1 gigahertz(GHz) processor

You have to make sure that it is compatible with a 64-bit processor and supports AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm processors.

Expert tip:

6. Hard disk storage of 60GB and above

It should have minimum storage of 64GB and above. You have to set more storage for future Updates.

7. Graphics card compatible with DirectX 12

It helps improve multimedia usage, i.e., games, audio, graphics, and network graphics.

8. Good Screen Display

The screen display should have 720 Higher Definition that shows 8 bits per color channel. It makes running with the virtual machine’s monitor mode extensions easier.

How can I benefit from running Hyper-V and VMware?

They are more secure by providing extra layers of security to avoid any cybersecurity attacks. It helps in the easier recovery of your servers, data, and apps in case of a malware or cybersecurity attack. They are more secure by providing extra layers of security to avoid any cybersecurity attacks.

It reduces the cost and time since there is no need to set up physical servers, and it’s fast to set up the apps and software on virtual machines.

Due to little or no server downtime, it improves business functioning, especially the apps. They are easier to move the business functionalities from one virtual machine to another in case of any troubles.

It increases productivity in business since all the business products get deployed in one place.

Due to its recent launch, many people struggle to set up virtual machines on Windows 11.

Everyone is embracing virtualization from businesses and individuals. You have to be careful when setting them up to avoid simple mistakes like improper configuration that can lead to cyberattacks, improper running of the apps, e.t.c.

There are several ways to install Hyper-V on your Windows 11 PC. The Hyper-V and VMware give many opportunities to try a lot of stuff from testing, deployment, etc.

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Here Are All The Features Microsoft Removed In Windows 11

Microsoft just announced Windows 11 at its event today, and we have seen all the major features coming to the desktop operating system. But what about the features Microsoft has removed with Windows 11? If you are feeling skeptical about installing Windows 11 and considering if the upgrade is worth the effort, here is a list of features Microsoft deprecated or removed with Windows 11.

List of Features Removed in Windows 11

While Microsoft has removed some Windows 10 features, it has today brought better features to replace them on Windows 11. For what it’s worth, here are all the features Microsoft removed during its transition from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Live Tiles

With the rejuvenation of the Start Menu on Windows 11, Microsoft has left Live Tiles behind for good. You will no longer see those dynamic previews in the Start Menu that rarely worked as intended. Having said that, if you want Live Tiles back in Windows 11, you can follow our guide to switch back to Windows 10 Start Menu in Windows 11.

Windows Timeline

One change users will surely notice when they move from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is the removal of Timeline. Timeline was a sophisticated task view to show a chronological view of apps you have accessed on your Windows PCs. However, Microsoft states that some features of Timeline will live on through Edge.


Microsoft has confirmed that Cortana will no longer be included in the first boot experience. What does that really mean? Well, you no longer have to hear Cortana yell at you saying, “Hi there! I’m Cortana, and I’m here to help. A little sign-in here, a touch of Wi-Fi there, and we’ll have your PC ready for all you plan to do” when you set up your new Windows 11 PC. Thank you, Microsoft.

Another change coming to Cortana is that it will no longer be pinned to the taskbar by default. And if that isn’t enough, you can always uninstall Cortana from Windows.

Tablet Mode

Microsoft is removing Tablet mode on Windows 11. However, you shouldn’t be worried about that. The company has vastly improved the touchscreen experience with its new Windows 11 desktop OS. Moreover, Windows 11 will automatically adjust whenever you attach a keyboard to your tablet.

Quick Status in Lock Screen

With Windows 10, you can pick apps to see their quick status right on the lock screen. Microsoft is deprecating this feature with Windows 11 and you’ll no longer see them in the lock screen.

Internet Explorer

At this point, I’m tired of writing about how Internet Explorer is dead. With Windows 11, Microsoft is doing us all a favor by disabling Internet Explorer. If you really want Internet Explorer, you can use IE Mode in Edge to browse legacy sites.

Other miscellaneous features Microsoft removed with Windows 11 are as follows:

Math Input Panel

replacement of Snipping Tool with Snip & Sketch

removal of People section in the taskbar, and Wallet.

While Microsoft will no longer pack 3D Viewer, OneNote, Paint 3D, and Skype apps with Windows 11, you can always download them from the Store.

You can’t move the taskbar around – alignment to the bottom of the screen is the only location allowed. Oh, and if you are using S Mode, it is available only on Windows 11 Home Edition now.

Features Removed by Microsoft in Windows 11

So, those are all the features Microsoft removed when it moved from Windows 10 to Windows 11. As you can see, except for Live Tiles and Timeline, you don’t have to sacrifice a lot when you’re upgrading to Microsoft’s latest operating system. You can go through our article on Windows 11 to catch up with all the new features and check if your PC can run Windows 11.

Here Are The Best Deals On Gifts For The Golf Enthusiast

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Oh, for the love of golf, what wouldn’t you do to improve your game? We know a few golfers, and we’ve got a few gadgets that are going to please the entire crew of them. From target practice to accuracy—these are the best tools on the market at some of the best prices. So, tee off next time with an improved game and a much lower score. Here’s how…

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This true turf surface simulates a real fairway and/or tee box experience. Set it up anywhere and start practicing. The Pro Caddie holds up to 30 balls and feeds one ball at time to encourage focus and accuracy. It really is your golfing secret weapon. Normally $199, save now and get the Callaway Home Range Practice System for $139.39 with code SAVE15NOV.

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Here Are 10 Robotics Project Ideas For Beginners And Intermediates

Robotics enthusiasts are creating wonders with their innovative ideas. Here are the top robotics projects

Robots are taking over the world. The technology is now using different technologies such as AI, ML, and many others to improve its functions and applications.  Across the globe, there are many robotics enthusiasts who are striving really hard to discover or invent some or the other new things in robotics. And are really coming up with innovative projects. For instance, Humanoid robots are the best example. These robots at times represent humans or at times they mimic humans in some or the other ways such as walking, talking, gestures, etc. These robots are not just used for entertainment but also in doing chores, caretaking, medical applications, and many. Here are the top robotics project ideas, read below.  

Ball Tracking Robot

The major drawback in today’s surveillance rests on the involvement of human operators who can easily be distracted, so we need a system that can autonomously monitor regions continuously, making decisions while identifying unwanted or obnoxious things and responding accordingly. Object tracking using computer vision is crucial in achieving automated surveillance.  The objective was to make a basic prototype for such a bot that can sense color and shape and follow it. This robot tries to find a color that is hardcoded, if it finds a ball of that color it follows it.  

Color Following Robot

These robots are built around the Pixy computer vision sensor. This vision sensor is a low-cost sensor for under 80 dollars. The sensor tracks color hues at a whopping 50 frames per second. If you’re interested, you can find more information about Pixy on their wiki page. This project sprang up from the idea that Arch Reactor members often go to events to get the community involved in making and repairing. Robots would be a nice way to draw individuals to the table and get them interested in robotics, this would be an interactive display. People are able to play with the robots by moving around the balls so the robots can follow them.  

Solar Panel Cleaning System Using Arduino Human Detector Robot

Human detection robots are not a new technology. Many types of human detection robots were designed depending on the application. During natural calamities like earthquakes, it is difficult to rescue the human beings under the buildings. Though detection by the rescue team is done, it consumes a lot of time. Detection of humans at an appropriate time is very important in such situations. This article presents a simple human detection robot that is operated manually using RF technology. The main principle of the circuit is to detect the human using a human detection sensor. The wireless robot is operated manually using a PC. The wireless technology used here is Radio Frequency technology. The data is transmitted to the receiver through RF. Using the received data, the robot is operated and controlled.  

Gesture Controlled Robot

A Gesture Controlled robot is a robot that can be controlled by hand gestures. You just need to have a small transmitting device in your hand, which includes an acceleration meter to transmit an appropriate command to the robot so that it can do whatever you want. The transmitting device included an ADC for analog to digital conversion and an encoder IC(HT12E) which is used to encode the four-bit data and then will transmit by an RF Transmitter module. At the receiving end, an RF Receiver receives the encoded data, and decoder IC decodes it. A microcontroller processes this data, and the motor driver is used to control the motors.  

Leaping Robot Frog

Jumping robots can overcome obstacles higher than their own height, while robots with wheels or caterpillars cannot. In this paper, a 22.5g frog-inspired small jumping robot is presented. It can jump more than 2.5 m, i.e., 58 times its own height. The four-bar linkage structure is employed to imitate the musculoskeletal structure and behavior of the frog’s hind leg, and twisting actuation is applied to store large elastic energy on the elastomer using a motor of small power.  

Waste Management Robot

Smart robots can think for themselves while sending and sorting garbage. Primarily based on the decision, the container itself sends the waste to a proper disposal system, whether it’s a drop zone or a recycling plant. With more intelligent solutions to dump the trash, we can certainly expect a substantial reduction in the waste generated throughout the world. This may significantly help in maintaining our ecosystem for a sustainable and better future.  

Soccer Robot

A soccer robot is one kind of mobile or autonomous robot, used to play soccer with variants. Every year there are many tournaments organized like FIRA, and Robocup. At present, the RoboCup contest has various soccer leagues like Simulation, Small Size, Middle Size, Four-Legged, and Humanoid. At the present robot, technology offers many services in the field of robotic vehicles, intelligent systems, soccer-playing robots, etc. This article discusses a soccer robot and its working.  

Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Obstacle Avoiding Robot is an intelligent device that can automatically sense the obstacle in front of it and avoid them by turning itself. The basic principle behind the working of ultrasonic sensors is to note down the time taken by the sensor to transmit ultrasonic beams and receive the ultrasonic beams after hitting the surface. Then further the distance is calculated using the formula. In this project, the widely available HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor is used. To use this sensor, a similar approach will be followed as explained above.  

Mini Conveyor

This is the best project that can easily be made. Mini Conveyor products offered are the Low Profile (LP) Series small conveyor and the Lite Series small conveyor.

Are Virtual Events Here To Stay?


It’s not been easy for businesses operating in the events sector. You might have seen our venues lit up in red announcing to the world that we are on red alert.

We were the first industry to close when covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown swept the globe, and we will be the last to reopen. Fear not, virtual events sprung from nowhere and look like the solution. Don’t they?

Virtual events have been able to offer participants and attendees a platform, albeit a very different platform, to engage and interact with each other during the lockdown.

My business, Quadrant2Design, work with businesses who are exhibiting at trade shows. Many of our customers have chosen to follow the virtual event trend and they have reported mixed reviews of their success.

Different events have different value offering – you can learn, build relationships, entertain or promote depending on the type of event.

However, over the last six months, it has become apparent that virtual events can’t do this. With this in mind, what does the future look like for virtual events? Are virtual events here to stay?

A Rising Market Segment

If we can say anything good about this year, it has inspired innovation. While some industries have struggled with the covid-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown, others have thrived. A few have emerged from the woodwork.

Businesses have had to pivot to an online environment. Not impossible by any means. We’ve been slowly making these changes for several years. But there’s nothing like a global pandemic to speed up the future.

Virtual events were one of these digital pivots. They have existed for years. Many organisers would host virtual award shows or stream festivals to expand their reach, gather a larger audience or offer a sustainable alternative to guests wanting to attend.

The ban on mass gatherings meant event organisers had no choice but to pivot to the virtual alternative.

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What is a Virtual Event?

Did you have a Zoom party or play a pub quiz with your friends on the House Party app over lockdown? Congratulations! You’ve been to or hosted a virtual event.

A virtual event is a gathering of people interacting in an online environment. Rather than the face-to-face communication seen at physical events, communication takes place via chatrooms and event apps.

Benefits of Going Virtual

This format has several benefits. From a marketer’s perspective, the sheer amount of data that you can collect is enough to make your mouth water. Often, virtual events are easier to manage than in-person ones because there are fewer variables that can go wrong.

There is no cost involved when attending the event because you don’t have to travel or pay for accommodation.

As well as being cheaper, a virtual event is often easier for people to attend as they can do so from their home or office. These factors mean, in theory, virtual events should attract a larger number of visitors than physical ones do.

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Drawbacks of Virtual Events

It’s obvious, isn’t it? The reason people want to go to an event in the first place is the crowds. Socialising with friends, meeting new people and discovering new opportunities have always been prominent reasons for attending.

Without face-to-face interaction, organisers are having difficulty keeping visitors engaged.

A study by Wild Apricot found that the biggest challenge organisers were facing when it comes to planning a virtual event was engagement.

Participants have too many online calls and aren’t tech-savvy enough to participate or support an event taking place in a digital environment.

From an organiser’s perspective, over three-quarters reported that they spent less on virtual events than in-person events.

However, almost a third of organisers stated revenue was a challenge as it was harder to get supporters to participate and visitors to engage. Despite being cheaper to run, virtual events don’t make as much money as in-person events.

When do Virtual Events Work?

It’s unfair to lump all virtual events into the same category. Events themselves, whether physical or virtual, fall into several subcategories. To give you an idea, here are a selection of event subcategories:



Charity Races

Music Festivals

Food Festivals


Birthday Parties

Sports Games


Live Music Gigs

Political Rallies




Press Conferences


You can see the predicament. A food festival wouldn’t work online. Visitors wouldn’t be able to smell or taste the food and businesses wouldn’t make any money. A seminar would be easier to migrate into a digital environment.

Virtual events create a distraction-free environment, perfect for educational or persuasive events.

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When don’t Virtual Events work?

A lot of events are successful because of the physical presence of people. Visitors attend because of the atmosphere that a crowded exhibition venue or underground music club creates.

Think about the purpose of the event you are hosting or attending. Does it require people to sit down and focus on a person or series of talks? A virtual event can replicate that. But if it requires people to interact with each other, dance, network and make connections then digital with not replace physical.

Wild Apricot listed engagement as one of the biggest challenges when running a virtual event. Despite these tricks to build a super audience, many of the event subcategories that we listed above need engagement to be successful.

Business events that promise to connect suppliers with buyers will not be successful without engagement. Sports teams won’t be motivated or encouraged without a stadium full of cheering fans. And the same goes for live music and festivals.

Where engagement is key to running a successful event, the virtual event industry has to find a way of engaging visitors. The available options aren’t working for the majority of subcategories.

What does the future look like?

Frankly, it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future. Everyday our outlook is changing. But having watched the rise of the virtual events industry over the last six months and seen how people responded, I don’t think in-person events have anything to fear.

As highlighted, there are only a select few event types that can successfully run on a digital platform.

In most cases, people aren’t interested in participating in or attending a virtual event that doesn’t offer engagement. Where face-to-face interaction is essential, virtual events will never replace in-person events.

On the other hand, it is impressive how the events industry managed to pivot off the back of a crisis so quickly. Organisers have shown their ability to adapt and innovate under pressure.

If they can keep this up, maybe they will develop a new form of virtual event that encourages engagement and interaction.

There is something to be said for the reduced costs associated with planning and attending virtual events. As the UK braces for the largest recession in generations, budgets are likely to be tightened in a business and consumer sense.

Furthermore, travel restrictions are still in place across the globe and capped venue requirements make it almost unfeasible to make sufficient revenue from in-person events. Venues need between 70%-90% capacity to run efficiently and make money. Otherwise, they would have to increase their prices or limit their services.

Virtual events will likely be around for a while. They may even replace some types of events indefinitely.

Webinars and press conferences are easier to manage online and require a distraction-free environment. Attendees get everything out of the event that they signed up for without having to leave their home.

Where virtual events don’t offer the same benefits as an in-person event does, such as with live music or business events, we will see their online alternatives filter out. This won’t be an overnight change.

Virtual events will be around until there is no threat from covid-19. Before lifting travel restrictions and social distancing, we will need to see either a dramatic drop in the number of cases or a vaccine.

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Introducing Hybrid Events

As in-person events begin to take place again, organisers have been left pondering whether they will attract the crowds and offer the value they did before lockdown. But with an audience who have had enough of virtual events, what is the solution?

Travel restrictions and budget reductions mean physical events won’t be feasible in the immediate future. Event organisers have to adapt to another new situation.

People are depending on in-person events to come back, but virtual events have proven a worthy alternative since the ban on mass gatherings.

Hybrid events are the future. A physical event with a virtual twist. Two events that run alongside each other allowing face-to-face communication, relationship building and networking whilst providing a platform for those who cannot attend to do so.

Looking at business events such as exhibitions as an example, exhibitors will be able to have a presence on the floor. The people who attend will likely be senior decision-makers who are in the market for a new product.

Nobody will risk his or her health for a day out of the office. A virtual platform will create an environment for learning and sharing industry secrets, replacing the speaker sessions and workshops.

Exhibitors will be able to display their products at both events, increasing overall reach.

Hybrid events will help to overcome the challenges organisers have raised about virtual events. The in-person element is a chance to engage with attendees and those who aren’t as tech-savvy or bored of virtual platforms.

The virtual event will create a distraction-free environment for audiences to learn about new products or brands and keep up with industry innovations.

Organisers don’t have to worry about travel restrictions because everyone can attend the event from their home. Participants benefit from additional visitor data and feedback. Hybrid events are better for everyone.


In conclusion, covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown have forced an industry innovation that needed to happen. There are several benefits when it comes to virtual events.

Reduced costs, easier management, data collection are just a few reasons why participants have enjoyed them.

However, we have seen a drop in engagement as people admit to being bored with virtual alternatives. Without engagement, events don’t work. It is for this reason that I don’t think virtual events are here to stay. Not in the majority of cases anyway.

Educational or professional events, such as workshops or seminars, may be held in an online environment for a long time.

They offer the same value to visitors and participants both in-person and online. Virtual webinars offer a distraction-free environment and don’t hinder a participant’s ability to learn.

Organisers have been paying attention to this. They’ve seen which formats and types of events work online, and which don’t. They’ve come up with a solution to ensure that everybody wins.

Hybrid events will become a new trend. Introducing everything that we have learnt from virtual events to the in-person events that offer so much potential to participants is the way forward if we want to revive the events industry and combat the challenges that we will all be facing.

Do you agree?

Natalka Antoniuk

Natalka Antoniuk is a full time content writer for leading exhibition stand design agency, Quadrant2Design. Her passion for content, SEO optimization, and writing developed following her personal blog’s growth, and inspired her to pursue a career in content.

Google Photos Free Uploads End – Here Are The Best Alternatives

What is the new storage Policy of Google Photos?

Last year in November 2023, Google announced it will end free upload of all the photos and videos in high quality on Google Photos. The move will take place on June 1, 2023, and from that time all the photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos will be counted in free 15 GB storage provided on Google Drive. This means, once you reach the limit of 15 GB, you will either have to buy a storage space or will have to delete or move photos or videos.

High Quality– It supports the upload of photos(16MP) and videos(1080p). If photos and videos are bigger than the prescribed size then they will be compressed.

Original Quality– In this Photos and videos count towards your 15 GB free Google Account storage and you can purchase more from Google One if you need more.

Also, Google has provided relief to customers by stating that all the photos and videos uploaded in high and express quality before June 1, 2023,  will not be considered in Google account storage.

Apart from this Google has kept separate its users of Pixel 5 and earlier versions because this new policy will not be implemented on them and they will continue to use unlimited free storage.

Reasons why Google is taking up this new policy: –

As per Google “over 1 billion people back up a remarkable 28 billion photos to Google Photos each week. To welcome even more of your memories and build for the future, we are making this change.”

However, what Google is doing doesn’t help people because now they have to manage everything in the 15GB only. Also, it seems the tech giant wanted users to be dependent on its services. And now when they use it more and more to expand the business and generate revenue they are taking this step.

What is Google One?

This is a monthly subscription service by Google that provides extra cloud storage to users at a specific cost on a monthly and yearly. The pricing for the same will depend on the storage space and plan selected. But unfortunately, Google One doesn’t provide any free trial to users.

List of plans: –

100GB: $2 a month or $20 annually

200GB: $3 a month or $30 annually

2TB: $10 a month or $100 annually

10TB: $100 a month

20TB: $200 a month

30TB: $300 a month

What needs to be opted in place of Google Photos now: –

With this new change in policy from Google, many users are now looking for other alternatives where they can store their photos and videos on the cloud. To resolve this, we have a full list of free and paid alternatives.

Please check the list of free and paid Google Photos alternatives 

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