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If for some reason, you find that your digital pen is not working on Windows 11/10 computer, the problem may be associated with the HID-Compliant Pen driver. In most cases, the driver gets corrupted and the Device Manager shows a yellow warning icon on the driver. But sometimes, the driver becomes missing from the Device Manager. In this article, we will see what you should do if HID Compliant Pen driver is missing on your Windows 11/10 computer.

HID Compliant Pen driver is missing on Windows 11/10

When you connect a hardware device to your Windows 11/10 computer, Windows first installs its driver. After the successful installation of the driver, you will be able to use that device. You can view the drivers for all the devices in the Device Manager. The HID device drivers are available under the Human Interface Devices branch. If you notice that the HID Compliant Pen driver is missing on your Windows 11/10 PC, the solutions provided below will help you resolve the issue.

Install the latest Windows Update

Uninstall the Intel(R) Precise Touch Device driver

Check hidden devices

Install the driver from the manufacturer’s website

Restore your System

HID or Human Interface Devices are the devices that allow users to interact directly with a computer. When you expand the Human Interface Devices branch in the Device Manager on a Windows computer, you will find different drivers for different HIDs. For example, for Windows touchscreen PCs, the HID-compliant touchscreen driver is required. Both HID-compliant pen and HID-compliant touchscreen drivers are different as the former is required to operate a digital pen and the latter is required for the proper functioning of the touchscreen.

Let’s see all these fixes in detail.

1] Install the latest Windows Update

Microsoft recommends users keep their systems up to date because it provides them with the latest features and installs the latest security patches on their systems. Windows Update also fixes outdated and corrupted device drivers. Your digital pen is not working because the HID Compliant Pen driver is missing from the Device Manager. Therefore, we suggest you check for Windows Update and install the same if it is available.

2] Uninstall the Intel(R) Precise Touch Device driver 3] Check hidden devices

Sometimes, multiple instances of the driver for the same device get installed on Windows 11/10. This may create a conflict and the respective device stops working. It is possible that multiple instances of HID-Compliant Pen driver have been installed on your system. In some cases, multiple instances can be viewed easily in the Device manager, whereas in some cases, multiple instances become visible after enabling the hidden devices.

Follow the steps written below:

Open the Device Manager.

If you see the HID-Compliant Pen drivers, uninstall them.

Restart your computer and connect your digital pen again. Windows will install the driver for your digital pen and it will start working again.

4] Install the driver from the manufacturer’s website

If the above fixes did not help, you have to download the driver from the manufacturer’s official website and then install it manually. Visit the manufacturer’s website, enter the model number of your product, and download the driver. If the installer is in Zip format, extract it, then open the respective folder. Now, run the installer file to install the driver manually.

You can follow this method to download the driver of any device. For example, if you want to reinstall the HID-Compliant touch screen on Windows 11, download its driver from the manufacturer’s website and then install it manually. But first, uninstall the currently installed driver.

If the driver is downloaded in INF format, you can install it by using the Device Manager.

5] Restore your System

System Restore is a tool that helps you fix the issues on your Windows computer by taking it back to its previous working state. By default, it is turned on on every Windows device. When it is turned on, it creates restore points automatically. These restore points are used to restore the system to the previous working state.

If the problem has started recently and the system restore point is created on your system, you can easily fix the issue. Before performing the system restore, you can view all the restore points created on your system and select any of them according to the date on which they were created. Restore your system by selecting the restore point that was created before the problem started occurring on your computer.

This should help.

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Configure Pen And Windows Ink Workspace Settings In Windows 11/10

We have seen how Microsoft is evolving Windows 11/10 with all the major releases since its launch. Today we are going to see how Microsoft is working very hard, especially for its Surface Devices. You may have come across or may have heard about Windows Ink Experience, it’s a new name for Pen and touch devices working with the OS.

Pen and Windows Ink Settings in Windows 11/10

To open Pen and Windows Ink settings, go to:

You would see that the whole page to be divided into different sections which will include settings for Pen and Windows Ink Workspace.


In the Pen section, you may see the settings on what task should the Pen performs when connected, which hand you are using to hold the pen, etc.  If a pen is not connected then you may find a different scenario when Pen & Windows Ink settings are opened up.

When paired, Windows assumes that you are a right-handed person and works accordingly. Its because when a pen is used for opening the context menus, the menu opens on the opposite side of the hand being used. Its because if you are right-handed and the menu opens on the right side of the tip then you might not be able to see it.

The settings for Pen also includes the options for Visual Effects and Cursor that appears while using the Pen. Yes, you can disable them any time you want. The cursor is shown as a dot on the position where the tip of Pen is hovering. Another setting that will definitely come handy to you is “Ignore touch input when I’m using my pen”. This setting will ignore your hand gestures and touch when a pen is connected or being used.

At last, there is one more setting that you might want to use. It will allow you to write anything using Pen and it will be converted into text. It is named as “Show the handwriting panel when in not tablet mode and there’s no keyboard attached”. When enabled. it will show you a keyboard icon in the notification area.

Windows Ink Experience

Windows Ink Experience is just like the app drawer or start menu which gathers all the applications you can use with the help of a stylus or a digital Pen. To access Windows Experience you need to enable Windows Ink Workspace.

Enable Windows Ink Workspace

A new button should appear on the right end of the taskbar.

The workspace used to include applications like Sticky notes, Sketchpad, Screensketch, and recent applications.

But with an update to Windows 10, it has changed. Right now you get two options which include Windows Whiteboard and Fullscreen snip.

You may have figured out that these applications in Windows Ink Workspace are the ones that can work with a Pen and can do wonders.

If you have a Surface device then you may have already understood the wonders I’m talking about.

Let us know about your experience of using Pen with your Windows device.

How do I calibrate my Surface Pen Windows 11?

Sometimes, your Pen does not work properly on your Surface device. This can be caused due to the corrupted diver. Apart from this, calibrating the Pen can also help. To calibrate your Surface Pen on Windows 11, search Calibrate and then tap on Settings. Now, check that the monitor shown on the screen matches the monitor you want to calibrate. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate your Pen.

How do I get the Pen menu on Windows 11?

You can easily bring the Pen menu on your screen on Windows 11. If you have a Pen, tap it on the screen. After that, the Pen menu will appear at the corner of the Taskbar.

I hope this helps.

Startup Tab Missing From Task Manager In Windows 11/10

If the Startup tab is missing from the Task Manager in Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer, here is how you can get it back. Although it is pretty unusual, it may happen due to various reasons. This article explains most of the common scenarios along with the cause and solutions so that you can get rid of the issue.

Startup tab missing from Task Manager in Windows 11/10

If the Startup tab is missing from the Task Manager in Windows 11/10, follow these steps:

Check in Safe Mode

Scan PC with anti-malware and anti-adware removal tools

Create the Startup folder manually

Run System File Checker

Use System Restore point

To learn more about these steps, continue reading.

1] Check in Safe Mode

If you have recently installed hardware, driver, software, or anything else on your computer, and the problem started after that, you can boot Windows in Safe Mode and check if the Startup tab is there or not. If the Startup tab is visible in Safe Mode, you need to remove the driver or hardware while in the Safe Mode.

You can follow this guide to boot your Windows PC in Safe Mode to troubleshoot the issue.

2] Scan PC with anti-malware and anti-adware removal tools

At times, malware or adware can cause the same problem on your computer. As those spammy tools need to run at Windows startup, they can remove the Startup tab from Task Manager and prevent you from removing or managing startup apps. Therefore, it is highly recommended to scan your entire system with a trustworthy anti-malware/anti-virus tool as well as an adware removal tool. For your information, you can take the help of AdwCleaner, Kaspersky Free Antivirus, Avast Antivirus Free, etc.

3] Create the Startup folder manually

If the Startup folder is somehow removed or deleted from your computer, you may encounter the same issue. Therefore, you can try creating the Startup folder manually and add a few items to get the Startup tab back in Task Manager. For that, do the following:

Open the File Explorer.

Navigate to this path: C:Usersuser-nameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms

Create a folder called Startup.

Add a few app shortcuts to this folder.

Restart your computer.

Then, open the Task Manager and check if the Startup tab is back or not. However, don’t forget to replace user-name with the original username of your account.

4] Run System File Checker

If there are issues in the system files or some system files are corrupted in your computer, there is a chance of getting this problem on a Windows PC. In such situations, you can use the System File Checker. System File Checker or SFC scan helps you find the corrupt files and restore them automatically.

Although it is a time-consuming task, you must run the SFC scan on your computer to get back the Startup tab in Task Manager.

5] Use System Restore point

If none of the aforementioned solutions worked for you, you have only one option left – System Restore point. If you created a System Restore point earlier, you could use it to get back the Startup tab in the Task Manager. You can follow this guide to restore your computer using System Restore point.

Why are there no startup items to display?

There could be two reasons why there are no items in the Startup tab. If you haven’t installed any app that can run at the startup, you may not find anything. Second, if there are some issues in your files and computer, you won’t find any item in the Startup folder.

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How do I restore my startup folder?

To restore your Startup folder on Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer, you need to create it manually. For that, you can follow the third solution mentioned in this article. Having said that, open the File Explorer and navigate to this path: C:Usersuser-nameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms. Then, create a folder here and name it Startup.

That’s all! Hope this guide helped.

Fix You Need A Wia Driver To Use This Device Error On Windows 11/10

Many Windows users while connecting a scanner, printer, or some other device to their Windows computer are receiving the following error:

You need a WIA driver to use this device. Please install it from the installation CD or manufacturer’s website and try again.

This error stops your computer from installing the required driver of a device that you have plugged into it. In this article, we are going to see some of the solutions to fix the error effortlessly.

What is a WIA driver?

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) driver is used by your Operating System to make graphics applications such as Photoshop to communicate with imaging devices such as Printer and Scanner.

If you are getting this WIA driver error message then there must be something wrong with this diver. It can either be outdated, corrupted, or missing.

Fix You need a WIA driver to use this device

If you see “You need a WIA driver to use this device” error message, then the following solutions will help you fix the problem:

Start WIA Service

Update WIA driver

Reinstall WIA driver

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Start WIA Service

Before concluding that there’s something wrong with the hardware, we should check if the Windows Image Acquisition Service is enabled. To do that, you need to follow these steps.

Launch Services from the Start Menu.

Even if it’s startes, you can restart it and check if that helps.

Now, reboot your computer and check if the issue is fixed.

2] Update WIA driver

If the WIA service on your computer is working fine, try updating WIA and see if it fixes the issue. You can visit your Scanner or Printer manufacturer’s website and download and install the latest driver software from there. Install it and check if the WIA driver issue is fixed.

3] Reinstall WIA driver

If updating didn’t help, try reinstalling WIA driver. This will help if your driver software is corrupted. To uninstall the WIA driver, you can follow the given steps.

Once your driver is uninstall, detach and attach Scanner from the peripherals and check as it will automatically install the required driver.

To do that and check if the issue is fixed.

Some users have asked questions that need to be addressed regarding this error. So, let us answer them.

How do I get WIA driver?

You can easily download WIA Software from the CD/DVD that you get with your Scanner. If for some reason, you don’t have the disk, you can look for the driver for your particular model from the manufacturer’s website.

What is the difference between TWAIN and WIA scanning?

WIA only works on Windows, whereas, TWAIN is built as a universal driver, meant to work on all OS. So, if an imaging device is built for Windows, then only it will use WIA.

They have a different way of doing things, such as WIA uses a common dialog box, whereas, TWAIN uses the one created by the manufacturer.

If you are scanning in Duplux Mode, TWAIN restricts you from using the same setting for both sides, whereas, WIA has no such restrictions.

So, now you know the difference between these two imaging drivers.

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Device Driver Descriptor Request Failed On Windows 10 (Error Fixed)

Device Driver Descriptor Request Failed On Windows 10 (Error Fixed)

It is evident to know that the “USB device descriptor request failed” error is caused mainly by an out-of-date or a faulty device driver. In such cases, you should always choose a driver updater software. One of the best driver updater software available in the market is Smart Driver Care

Advanced Driver Updater is a nifty tool that scans your entire Windows 10 PC for all the incompatible or out-of-date drivers and updates them. So if you are facing an unknown USB device descriptor request failed error, download Smart Driver Care, and resolve the problem in no time.

What is a Device Descriptor?

In common language, a device descriptor encompasses all the information about the USB device. To work properly, each USB device should be able to provide the Operating System with a correct device descriptor, i.e. the correct and complete information about the USB device.

idVendor: This is commonly known as Vendor ID and is assigned to every company that manufacturers USD drives.

Idproduct: This is the product ID assigned to the products manufactured by different vendors and is represented by a 16-bit digit.

Probable Reasons Behind Unknown USB Device Descriptor Request Failed Error:

Now that we know what USB device descriptions are, let’s see the common reasons behind a request for the USB device descriptor failed error.

A faulty USB device driver.

An out-of-date USB driver.

Out-Of-Date BIOS.

USB driver infected by malware or virus.

USB driver is not found and hence cannot interact with the Operating System.

USB Device Descriptor Request Failed Error Fixed:

Let’s continue reading about the different methods using which you can easily resolve device descriptor request failed windows 10 error. Before heading to the more technical solution, we will be going through the easy hacks to resolve the error.

Disconnect the USB device, Restart your Windows 10 PC and then connect the USB drive again to see if the problem is resolved.

Try plugging the USB Flash Drive to another USB port and see if it works.

Try to use the USB drive on a different PC to check if there is a problem with the device driver or the device.

Try removing the main power of the PC and then plugging it again.

These are some common resolutions for USBdevice_descriptor_failure. However, if none of the above workarounds work, you can proceed to the next step.

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Reinstall The USB Device Driver:

In case the above solution vent in vein and you still get the device descriptor request failed windows 10 error, you can try reinstalling the device driver. To do so:

On your Windows 10 PC, open the Device Manager by typing Device Manager in the Search bar and press Enter.

Here, you will find a Yellow Exclamation mark associated with the faulty USB Device Driver.

Restart the device, attach the USB.

Post this navigate to Device Manager again and let Windows, download the driver automatically or do it through the vendor’s site manually.

Well, this was how to solve an unknown USB device descriptor request failed error manually. However, if you do not have time and expertise to do it on your own, you can simply choose one of the best driver updater software available and let them do the work for you.

Update the USB Device Driver With Smart Driver Care:

Smart Driver Care by Systweak Software is a one-stop solution to all the driver-related problems you face with your Windows 10 PC. It effectively scans for all the faulty/incompatible/out-of-date drivers and updates them with minimal effort.

You can download the free version of Smart Driver Care and update the faulty drivers one by one or choose to purchase the fully functional version and update them all at once.

Follow the steps below to resolve Device Driver Descriptor request failed On Windows 10 error.

Download Smart Driver Care and install it.

After you have downloaded the latest driver, Restart your Windows 10 PC.

So guys this was how you can easily resolve Device Driver Descriptor Request Failed Error On Windows 10. While many of us can do it manually, others may choose to simply use a third-party software to do the work for them.

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Fix Toolbar Not Showing Or Is Missing In Photoshop On Windows

Is the Toolbar missing in your Photoshop app on Windows PC? Adobe Photoshop is the standard photo editing application used to create different types of art and graphics. It is one of the most loved applications by graphics designers and rightly so. However, like any other application, it is not devoid of issues and errors. One of the problems reported by some Photoshop users is that they can’t see the Toolbar in the app.

The toolbar goes missing or just doesn’t show up in Photoshop. For some users, a few tools don’t show up in the toolbar. Let us now find out why you may face this problem.

Why has my toolbar disappeared in Photoshop?

The toolbar in Photoshop might have disappeared if you have pressed the F key. When you hit the F key, the image you are editing shows up without any distractions. This includes hiding the toolbar, panels, and other distractions from the app window. You can simply press the F key back and the toolbar will reappear. Or, pressing the TAB key can do the same. So, you just need to press the TAB key again.

If the toolbar is still missing in Photoshop, there might be some other reason behind it. It could be that you haven’t enabled the Tools option which is why the toolbar is not appearing. Besides that, if you have created a workspace without enabling the Toolbar option, you might face this issue.

How do I get my toolbar back on Photoshop?

To get your toolbar back in Photoshop or show the toolbar panel, you need to ensure that the correct settings are configured. Open your Photoshop app and go to the Window menu from the top menubar. After that, make sure that the Tools option is chosen.

However, some users have complained that the toolbar still doesn’t show up in the app even after enabling the Tools option. Now, fixing this issue becomes critical as the app becomes quite unusable due to missing tools. If you are one of the affected users, this post will interest you. Here, we are going to show different solutions that will help you get back your toolbar in Photoshop.

Fix Toolbar not showing or is missing in Photoshop on Windows

If the Toolbar in your Photoshop app is missing or some or all tools in the toolbar go missing, here are the solutions you can use to fix the problem:

Restore the panels using keyboard shortcuts.

Restore the toolbar defaults using the Edit menu.

Reset your workspace to the Essentials workspace.

Customize the Toolbar.

Add a new workspace with Toolbar enabled.

1] Restore the panels using keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to restore or relocate missing panels in Photoshop. Here are some hotkeys that you can press in order to restore respective panels:

Brushes: F5

Layers: F7

Color: F6

Info: F8

Action: ALT + F9

Apart from these keys, you can also make the panels or toolbar show or hide using the Tab hotkey.

If there are tools that have no keyboard shortcuts are usually docked with one or another panels that have a keyboard shortcut assigned. See if these keyboard shortcuts help you restore the missing panels in Photoshop.

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2] Restore the toolbar defaults using the Edit menu

Another thing you can do to fix this problem is to use the Edit menu and restore the toolbar defaults. It might be some corruption causing the problem. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, resetting your toolbar to its original state will help you fix the problem. This way you are likely to get back the toolbar in Photoshop. Here’s how you can do that:

Now, from the available options, select the Toolbar option.

If this method doesn’t work for you, move on to the next fix to resolve the issue.

3] Reset your workspace to the Essentials workspace

The next thing you can do to resolve the problem is to reset the current workspace to its original default settings. It has helped some users to get back the toolbar in Photoshop and should work for you as well. To do that, you can use the below steps:

First, go to the Window menu in Photoshop and move to the Workspace option.

Now, choose the Essentials (Default) option.

See if the missing toolbar is restored or not. If not, no issue; we got some more fixes that will surely help you resolve the problem.

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4] Customize the Toolbar

If you can’t see some tools in the toolbar, it might be the case that you haven’t customized your toolbar accordingly and added the required extra tools. So, in that case, you can customize your toolbar and add the extra tools that you want to use to your toolbar. Here are the steps to do that:

Now, select the Customize Toolbar option, or simply press the three dots icon in the left-side panel.

Next, under the Extra Tools section, check for missing tools.

After that, drag the missing tool from Extra Tools and drop it into the toolbar.

You need to repeat the above step for all the missing tools that you need.

Finally, press the Done button to complete the process.

Check if the problem is now resolved.

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5] Add a new workspace with Toolbar enabled

If the problem remains the same, you can try creating a new workspace. While doing so, you can enable the Toolbar option. For doing that, you can use the below steps:

Next, enter the name of the workspace you are creating.

After that, make sure to tick the Toolbar along with Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus checkboxes.

Finally, press the Save button and see if the issue is resolved.

Apart from these fixes, make sure the Photoshop app is up-to-date. And, if everything else failed to fix the issue, consider reinstalling the Photoshop application to resolve the problem.

Hope this helps!

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