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The iMovie 10.0.7 update, released earlier in March, contains some nifty features for owners of Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook with Force Touch trackpad.

The Taptic Engine can provide physical feedback in iMovie based on context. For example, when dragging a video clip to its maximum length, you’ll get feedback letting you know you’ve hit the end of the clip.

Or, when you add a title to your project, you’ll get instant tactile feedback as the title snaps into position at the beginning or end of a clip.

“When I dragged the clip to its maximum length I did feel a little bump,” he writes. “Without looking at the timeline and looking at the viewer, I could ‘feel’ the end of the clip.”

Subtle feedback is also provided with the alignment guides that appear in iMovie’s Viewer when cropping clips. Here’s Gollner in an Apple Store in London checking out how iMovie ‘feels’ on the new version of the 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina.

It’s these little touches that have led Gollner to speculate that iMovie’s use of the Force Touch trackpad may be a preview of the features he hopes to see in the next version of Final Cut Pro X.

“This feature presages the ability for UI pixels to be ‘bumpy’ – for user to feel the texture of application UIs without having to look at where the cursor is,” Gollner concludes.

And if you ask me, games in particular could benefit tremendously from this added dimension to the interface. Wired quoted Vincent Hayward, a haptics pioneer who’s written dozens of papers on the topic, who things that bumpy pixels could accentuate interaction with all sorts of on-screen elements, like buttons, menus and icons.

“It could make interaction more realistic, or useful, or entertaining or pleasant,” he said. “That becomes the job of the user experience designer.”

One project from a group of Disney researchers involved a touchscreen environment in which icons felt “heavier” based on their file size.

And as LoopInsight discovered, haptic research can be traced as far back as 1994, but it’s only now making its way into the mainstream — thanks to, in no small part, Apple.

Should the rumors pan out, Force Touch with the Haptic Engine could appear in the next iPhone. And if Apple’s patent applications are anything to go by, we may even see a Mac keyboard with virtual keys on a flat Magic Trackpad like surface that could provide nuanced haptic feedback.

Just like the Apple Watch’s flexible OLED display with Force Touch sensing, the trackpad on the new MacBook is equipped with force sensors that can distinguish between tap and various levels of presses.

Combined with the built-in Taptic Engine which provides haptic feedback, the notebook adds a new dimension of interactivity to the OS X user interface and apps that support the feature.

Accelerators — Pressure sensitivity in the trackpad enables apps to give users greater control. For instance the fast-forward button in media playback can speed up as pressure increases.

We recently asked you whether an iPhone with Force Touch would make sense, here’s how you voted.

Should the next iPhone adopt Force Touch?

Among many other items, Apple lists the following Force Touch shortcuts in a support doc available on its website:

Many more Force Touch trackpad features, settings and capabilities are detailed in the aforesaid document so give it a read to learn more about this cool technology.

Source: Alex Gollner

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Pixelmator For Mac Adds Force Touch Pressure

The developers behind Pixelmator have just released another free update to the Mac app, available in the Mac App Store ($29.99). Despite the bug-fix identifier, Version 3.3.2 packs some cool enhancements to support Apple’s latest technologies and hardware.

For one, as demoed in the screenshot above, Pixelmator brushes now support Force Touch so you can draw with multiple levels of pressure by pressing harder on the touchpad of your new Retina MacBook (or early 2024 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro). This is useful for quick adjustments although serious painters will still want to use dedicated drawing tablets. The update also adds support for the Photos app and a revamped Repair Tool …

Pixelmator made big improvements to the Repair Tool a few versions ago, but now it is even better. You drag over the areas you want to automatically replace and let go. With the new version, the repair process is even faster and more intelligent. I tested a demo image that included two people on stairs with railings; in just a few drags the Repair Tool automatically removed the railings, substituting the surrounding content. Again, these ‘magic’ features do not work flawlessly every time — but it works very well indeed.

The Photo Browser in Pixelmator for Mac now also lists photos imported into the new Photos app. This is a neat integration but I think I still prefer using traditional Open-Save workflows.

As usual with a Pixelmator update, the headline features are also supported by a slog of small changes and fixes. The full release notes are included below. You can download Pixelmator from the Mac App Store for $29.99. Naturally, the update is free download for existing users. You can also buy Pixelmator for iPad, which 9to5Mac reviewed when it launched last year.

This update includes support for the new Photos app and the new Force Touch trackpad. It redefines the performance of Pixelmator’s awesome Repair tool, and contains other improvements and bug fixes.

•Now you can quickly access your Photos library right from the Photo Browser in Pixelmator.

•Paint with pressure sensitivity using the Force Touch trackpad on the new MacBook and MacBook Pro.

•Wipe away unwanted elements from your photos up to five times faster with the enhanced Repair tool.

Other improvements and bug fixes:

•You can now repair images non-destructively on a transparent layer placed in front with the “Sample All Layers” option selected.

•The app would previously stop responding on certain Macs when using the Repair tool with the document name popover visible. We fixed this.

•Performance used to get a little slow when working extensively with colors and styles of text and shape layers. Not anymore.

•The “New Layer from FaceTime” feature now works perfectly on all Macs.

•The Layers palette no longer dims after changing the image size.

•After using crop and undo actions one after the other, the thumbnails of grouped layers used to show inaccurate previews of the enclosed images. Now they’re displayed beautifully.

•Sometimes, after dragging an image from a Web browser when the app was hidden or closed, the palettes failed to open. No more surprises.

•Now you can open 16-bit Photoshop images exported from Aperture.

•Previously, opening Photoshop images containing outer glow adjustments could cause the app to stop responding. That won’t happen again.

•Small images used to jump to full zoom when zooming out with the pinch gesture. We fixed that, too.

•The scroll bar of the Gradients, Styles and Shapes palettes used to hide part of their thumbnails when the “Show Scroll Bars” feature was set to “Always” in System Preferences. Fixed.

•The app used to stop responding when grouping shape layers into many subgroups. Fixed.

•Sometimes, when connecting a MacBook Pro with discrete graphics and OS X Yosemite to an external display, weird graphical glitches would occur. We fixed that, too.

•Once in a while, the alert “The file doesn’t exist” would pop up when trying to export a file in a different file format. It won’t happen again (fingers crossed).

•Now you can Send Backward as many layers as you wish.

•The thumbnails of newly created gradients wouldn’t show up properly in some localizations. Now, they are displayed just as they should be.

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15 Best Free Video Editing Courses Online With Certificate

In recent times, Video editing software replaced traditional celluloid film editing tools and analog video editing machines. However, in film or animation series making, there is one complicated process known as postproduction which is not easy to learn, as it has many complications involved in it. Thankfully, there are many video editing online courses available for you.

Following is a handpicked list of the Best Free Video Editing Course & Certifications to gather knowledge about this subject. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) courses.

Best Free Video Editing Courses with Certifications Online

VIDEO EDITING. Techniques loved by pro broadcast filmmakers is an online video editing course that teaches you techniques to learn the art of telling a great story from your videos. Whether it is a wedding, full-length documentary, 30-second commercial, etc., it is an ideal free video editing class for those who want to improve their creativity at the editing stage of making videos.

Key topics:

Learn how to capture an audience using creative editing techniques taught by an award-winning international editor.

How to turn your amateur videos into professional productions

How to work with film and program directors


Full lifetime access

Access on mobile and T.V.

Certificate of completion

Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X course helps you learn a project based approach to video editing’s aesthetic and technical aspects. The course creator Ali Abdaal begins this introductory video editing course by exploring storytelling and an editor’s role in it.

The course explores each project, showing proper workflow from start to finish. It draws on specific video editing lessons from the beginning of the course.

Key topics:

Using the exercise files

Exploring Story

The Anatomy of Final Cut

Sync External Audio with Video

Editing a Short Narrative Scene

Editing a Short Documentary

Speeding Up Playback


Access on mobile and T.V.

Certificate of completion

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Masterclass is a free video editing course that helps you make enhancements to your instructional video materials to engage with your learners more meaningfully.

This free video editing course also provides new and actionable tips for creating high-quality instructional materials on any subject. This video editing class also discusses effective designing lessons, creating assets for those lessons, tackling instructional video production, etc.

Key topics:

Video editing fundamentals

Designing for microlearning.

Magic of Masking.

Creating 360 VR story spheres.

Teaching on camera.

How to move the camera.

Learn how to create slides with looping movies.

Creating authentic tasks.

Getting unstuck by using your existing tools.


Unlimited library access

Interactive learning

Personalized Courses

Video editing with Premiere Pro for Beginners is a course where you can learn how to start video editing. In this online video editing class, you will learn various video editing techniques.

Key topics:

Organizing and starting a Premiere Pro project

How to apply and adjust video/audio effects

Create custom graphics and texts!

How to make custom templates using third party templates

Create custom animations and understand their mechanics.

Exporting a video with the proper settings

Video Production and Edition with DSLR Camera and Adobe Premiere is a course that focuses on specific camera angles or styles for video production. This course covers how to get video ideas, executing them in production and postproduction, and distributing them to a wide audience online.

This video course begins with talking about how to come up with great video ideas. You will also learn what makes a video great and how to develop video topics for your target audience.

Key topics:

How to create professional videos with the existing equipment

Downloadable guides to help you with every section.

Learn to select the right video to make with the best story.

Basics of videography

Know the process of editing a video.


8 downloadable resources

Full lifetime access

Access on mobile and T.V.


Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere is a video editing course. It is a complete guide to the Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software. You will be able to learn all the editing tools available in Premiere Pro. You will also learn how to edit videos with the mindset of a professional editor.

At the end of this online video editing course, you will get a complete understanding of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing and get good career opportunities in video production.

Key topics:

Learn to edit an entire video from beginning to end.

How you can export and save your videos for HD playback

How to edit your videos and make them more dynamic

Design clean and professional titles for your videos

Fix your videos with white balance and exposure.

Edit green screen footage and add backgrounds.


7 articles

14 downloadable resources

Full lifetime access

Access on mobile and TV

Certificate of completion

This Video editing course is suited for communications professionals, media instructors, and communications students.

Key topics:

Fundamentals of telling a smartphone video story.

How to edit videos on your smartphone with free apps.

How to make short films and smartphone videos.

How to create corporate videos with a smartphone.


17 articles

10 downloadable resources

Full lifetime access

Accessible on mobile and TV

Learning Final Cut Pro X is a video training course designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no prior experience with Final Cut Pro is required.

This video editing online class helps you to learn how to keep your clips organized. It also teaches you video editing essentials such as adding clips to the timeline and lifting and overwriting clips.

Key topics:

How to add media

Keeping Your Clips Organized

Important editing essentials

Completing The WEC Sport

Editing Tips and Tricks

Clip Transformations and Color


1 article

1 downloadable resource

Full lifetime access

Accessible on mobile and TV

Mastering Final Cut Pro is a video editing course that unravels the postproduction world for video editors. Students and learners will dive into Final Cut’s key features. You will also learn elements for creating professional videos, titles and motion graphics, media management, color correction, 360 Video, etc.

This self-paced learning course prepares students to pass the Final Cut Pro X certification exam. This course also allows you to retake the lessons as needed and practice alongside the Apple Certified Trainer.

Key topics:

How you can create and edit video using Final Cut Pro

Import and export project files.

How to create a project and edit videos

Learn to apply effects and transitions and change the timing of clips.


100% online

Flexible deadlines

DaVinci Resolve 18 is a free video editing software widely used by beginner and expert video editors. This course teaches how you can use DaVinci resolve video editing tool. You will also learn how to create your first video and add music, graphics, text, and a couple of transitions in your video without wasting your time with unnecessary concepts.

This video editing course will teach you all the stuff you should know about video editing, visual effects, motion graphics, color correction, and audio editing.

Key topics:

How to use DaVinci for Video Editing

Learn about adding effects into your Videos.

How to add motion Graphics into your Videos.

How to do Color Grading using multiple tools in DaVinci Resolve.


13 articles

4 downloadable resources

Full lifetime access

Certification of completion

PowerDirector 15 is a video editing course for PC Users which will help you learn concrete practice lessons. At the end of this video editing course, you will have a fully edited video montage that you can share with others. This video editing class is designed for everyone new to the video editing field.

Key topics:

Edit videos the way you imagine.

How you can improve your videos with blend modes and the action camera center.

How to add title and animated graphics to your video.

Export your high-quality video for any device.


4 articles

2 downloadable resources

Full lifetime access

Accessible on mobile and TV

Udemy offers a free large number of Video editing courses, which helps you learn how to edit and record videos. In these video editing classes, you will learn how to work with DaVinci, Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora, etc. video editing tools.

Key Courses:

Video Editing For Beginners: Learn How To Edit

How to Record and Edit Video Content for Beginners

How to Edit Videos [Free and Paid Options]

Learn to make Text Animated Short Videos

Make and Edit Beautiful and Professional Videos using iMovie


Online video content

Certificate of completion

Instructor Q&A

Instructor direct message

Camtasia Studio Video Editing course covers essential editing techniques and an interesting exploration of the tools and technology that have made editing possible.

This free video editing course covers real-world examples to explore each point in history from the first unedited. It also teaches you the birth of film language and the evolution of mainstream and revolutionary film editing techniques.

Key topics:

Early photography and file

Recording other Windows in Camtasia Studio.

The age of sound emerges.

Evolution of editing techniques


Unlimited library access

Interactive learning

Personalized Courses

Access on tablet and phone

Skillshare is an online platform that is focused on education. It includes numerous topics related to graphics design, data science, e-commerce. This video editing course offers a large range of Video editing, which helps you learn the basics of cinematography, editing, and recording with Adobe Premiere software.

Key topics:

Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Essential Training Course

Color Correct & Color Grade like a Pro

iPhone Filmmaking: Create Cinematic Video With Your iMovie

Filmmaking From Home: Turn Found Footage into a Compelling Video

How to Vlog! Film, Edit & Upload to YouTube

Adobe Premiere Pro Module 1:-Intro & Overview of Workspace

Udemy is a site that offers plenty of Movavi Video Editor courses. You can use this website to access up to 21,000 courses in more than 15 languages.

Key topics:

Introduction to Video Editing

Learn how to edit video with Movavi’s unlimited FREE trial version

Video Editing Fundamentals

Creative Video Editing Techniques

Foundations of Video: The Art of Editing

Learning Video Production and Editing


You can access Udemy from any mobile device and desktop PC.

Udemy Learning provides a wide range of templates to create a video.

You can watch videos on the go.

This platform allows you to browse popular and trending video editing topics effortlessly.

Udemy offers many video editing courses, which help you learn how to record and edit videos. In these courses, you will also learn how to work with DaVinci, Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora, etc. video editing software tools.

Key course:

Learn How To Edit

Learn to Record and Edit Video Content for Beginners

How to Edit Videos [Free and Paid Options]

Learn To make Text Animated Short Videos

Make and Edit Beautiful and Professional Videos using iMovie.


Online live video content

Certificate of completion

Instructor Q&A

Instructor direct message

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Video Editing course helps you create time-lapse videos, build a rough cut, work with audio, and add motion and titles into your videos. The course designer shows some color correction techniques and incorporates filters to enhance your final video’s look.

At the end of this video editing class, you will feel proficient in creating a video using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Key topics:

Bootcamp Overview

Video Examples

Digital Video Workflow

Tour The Interface


65 Video lessons in HD

Exclusive bonus content

Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime

Provides offline access on your desktop and mobile

Offline sync with their iPhone & iPad apps

100% satisfaction guarantee

Other Useful Programming Resources you may like to explore

FAQS: Best Free Video Editing Courses with Certifications Online

How To Delete Touch Bar Data From Macbook Pro With Touch Bar

The Touch Bar equipped MacBook Pro stores additional data for the Touch Bar and Touch ID sensor that is not erased by default if you format a Mac or reinstall MacOS system software. Thus, if you want to completely clear out and erase all Touch Bar data, you will need to manually intervene via a multi-step process to clear out Touch Bar specific data from those MacBook Pro models.

This is obviously only applicable to Macs with the Touch Bar, and it’s probably only appropriate if you plan on erasing the Mac anyway, reinstalling MacOS, resetting a Mac to factory settings, or some other similar situation where you either want all personal data removed from the Mac, or you are going to be selling a Mac or transferring ownership, or even sending it in for service. Aside from those situations there is likely no need to ever delete or erase Touch Bar data on the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and attempting to do so can lead to unintended problems or data loss.

How to Erase Touch ID Data on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Want to clear out all Touch ID information and configuration data from a Mac with Touch Bar? Remember, this may cause data loss therefore only do this if you intend to erase all data on the Mac. Perform this action at your own risk.

Here’s how to erase Touch Bar data on a recently erased Mac:

Restart the Mac and immediately hold down Command + R keys to boot into Recovery Mode

At the “MacOS Utilities” screen, pull down the “Utilities” menu and choose “Terminal”

At the command line, type the following and then hit return:

xartutil --erase-all

Type “yes” when asked if you want to proceed

Pull down the  Apple menu and choose “Restart” to reboot the Mac as usual, or proceed with other tasks like reinstalling macOS or formatting the mac if desired

Once the Mac has restarted the Touch Bar data will be removed.

As mentioned earlier, on newer Macs any remaining data on the Mac may be rendered inaccessible and therefore this should only be performed after the Mac has been reset, if at all.

And yes you must boot the Mac from Recovery Mode (or Internet Recovery) to accomplish this task, thus you may want to do it before resetting a Mac to factory default settings or performing other similar maneuvers to reinstall Mac OS or to completely erase the computer.

Note this is erasing Touch Bar data, it is NOT force refreshing Touch Bar on the Mac and thus is really not a troubleshooting step, though it’ll undoubtedly be used as one for some unusual Touch Bar situations.

For those wondering, if you try to run this command on a Mac that does not have a Touch Bar it will not work, because there is no Touch Bar. You will get an error like the following:

“xartutil: ERROR: this hardware does not support the xART recovery service”

Many Mac users likely don’t know that the Touch Bar has separate data storage that is Touch Bar specific, but Apple confirms this with an article here.


5 Best External Hard Drives For Video Editing

5 Best External Hard Drives for Video Editing [Cyber Monday] Although HDDs are not as fast as SSDs, you can still use them as external storage




Hard drives are much cheaper now that SSDs and M.2 drives are widely available.

Depending on your work flow, you can use an external HDD to edit videos or run apps.

While speed isn’t on par with newer storage devices, it won’t interfere to much with your work.

Even though SSDs took over from HDD as the most convenient storage devices, hard drives are still alive and kicking. Mostly because of their more affordable price. But it’s that time of the year again, and these prices are even lower now!

So, if you’re looking to buy a new external HDD for your computer this Christmas, we created a list of the best deals to get right now. So, you can pick what you like.

Note: All the prices and offers in this article are subject to change, so be sure to check the official product page to get the latest deal. If the product/offer you’re looking for is no longer available, you can try to find it on its official manufacturer page or get another one from our list.

WD 8TB Elements

Seagate Portable 5TB

Western Digital 4TB Black My Passport

LaCie (LAC9000633) Rugged Mini 4TB External Hard Drive

Seagate Expansion 1TB

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each HDD.

8TB storage space

USB 3.0

Compatible with Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox

2-year warranty

Can be bulky for some users

Check price

If additional storage space for your PC is what you’re looking for, look no further than WD Elements.

This massive external hard drive offers 8TB of storage space, along with fast data transfers through USB 3.0.

Of course, this is the least portable hard drive on the list, as it’s the size of a bigger mini-PC.

5TB storage capacity

Cross-platform compatibility

Plug and play

USB 3.0

1-year warranty

Simple design

Check price

This is a great deal for Cyber Monday that can be found on Amazon. The price/memory space ratio is just awesome.

This external HDD has instant plug-and-play and the USB 3.0 port is backward compatible with USB 2.0.

Move easily your files by dragging and dropping them on/from this external HDD.

WD Backup Software included

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports

Cross-platform compatibility

Hardware encryption

Requires drive formatting before installation

Check price

Western Digital offers an elegant-looking external hard drive, with a massive 4TB of storage.

My Passport also offers some additional handy features, like WD Backup technology, password protection, hardware encryption, and USB 3.0/2.0 support.

4TB storage space

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatible

Sturdy build designed to take shocks without damage

Dust and rain resistant

Compatible with a variety of system types

Design is not for everyone

Check price

Generous storage capacity (1TB)

Portable and compact design

Plug and play feature

Work with Windows or Mac computers

Reformatting may be required for Mac

Check price

Ultra-portable Seagate Expansion offers 1TB of storage and a slim design that lets you put this HD even in a bigger pocket.

The drive also supports SuperSpeed USB 3.0 for fast file transfer and is compatible with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0.

That’s about it. As you can see, there are hard drives that suit everyone’s needs, and we’re sure you’ve found something you like already.

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Benefits Of Using Video Editing Software For Marketing

Technology has had a profound impact on all the mentioned professions. However, corporate marketing is the most successful in fully integrating technology. The modern era has seen a tremendous increase in marketing, and having an online presence is a must for any company to succeed.

The benefits of using video editing software for marketing

Online marketing is complex. There are many moving parts to understand in order for your brand to be trusted. Many businesses have used video marketing to reach large audiences. It is one of the most popular components of modern marketing.

Video marketing can seem expensive, but there are many free video editing programs that will work best for small businesses.

Video editing software that is both professional and cost-effective can be a great choice for professionals.

Online Marketing Benefits from Video Editing Software Time-Saving

Video marketing can seem daunting when you consider the amount of time and effort that goes into creating a video.

Also read: 10 Business-Critical Digital Marketing Trends For 2023


A small business can’t afford to use video marketing the same way as a large company because of its high cost.

Large corporations can afford to pay skilled video editors whose fees can cover a substantial portion of their capital. Video editing software can not only save time but also help you save money.

There are many free programs available. You may also pay a small subscription fee to get a tool that is as powerful as a professional editor. Check out Social media benefits to the business.

Productivity increases

High-quality video editing software is a cost-effective and time-saving tool that can improve your production.

It is a simple deduction that will save you time, effort, and money. You can then put these resources to better use.

The video that will grab your attention

Video marketing, even though the content is important in SEO, is what really grabs the consumer’s attention? No matter how much content is interesting, almost no one will read a blog with a lot of it.

A compelling video on the other side might encourage visitors to read the text. This will increase your chances of getting a lead.

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Plug-ins are unnecessary

Although plug-ins can be useful in many cases, they can make video editing much more difficult for small businesses. You won’t need plug-ins if your video editing software is good.

The software makes it easy to add attractive images and transitions, streamlining the whole process.

Videos of excellent quality

The poorly written text will cause visitors to leave your site. However, a poorly produced video will decrease the chances of them returning. A video will naturally lose its quality after being shared via social media. However, a poorly-prepared film would certainly waste all your applications.

It is therefore a great idea to use a video editing program for small business marketing.

Remote work is possible

You’ll probably be short of cash if you’re just starting out. The beauty of good video editing software is its ability to be used from anywhere.

You can quickly and easily gather all the ingredients you need to create a professional-looking video using the software.

Slideshows are a good starting point. After a few days, you can move on to creating rich-looking films.


Although you can hire a professional video editor to clarify any request, the final output will likely lack the X factor. Video editing software allows you to personalize your content.

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Online usage is becoming the norm in today’s digital world. Unanticipated changes have occurred in marketing as technology has slowly moved the industry to online platforms.

Online marketing is a common tool for businesses to expand their reach. Video marketing is one of the most used methods. While there are many new companies competing for attention, startups often lack the funds to finance their operations. Video editing software is a great tool to help you make the most of your funds.

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