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YouTube is home to unlimited educational and entertaining content. Still, you might want to block YouTube on your personal or home computer if the website’s becoming too distracting.

Putting YouTube in Restricted Mode blocks adult content and makes the platform safer for your kids or teenage children. You can also block specific channels with inappropriate content. But if you want to block access to the YouTube website on your computer, we’ll show you how it’s done. This tutorial covers steps for Mac and Windows computers.

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Block YouTube on Windows PC

You can block websites by modifying the “Hosts file” that Windows uses to configure your computer’s Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). TCP/IP describes a set of instructions that dictate how your computer exchanges data over the internet.

Follow the steps below to block YouTube by editing the Windows hosts file in Windows 10 or 11.

    Open the Windows File Explorer (

    Windows key



    ), paste


    , and press





      and select



      This command blocks YouTube on all browsers (Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.) except Google Chrome.







        , or select


        in the top-right corner and select

        Save as



          All files

          in the “Save as type” drop-down menu. Afterward, select the


          file in the destination folder and select





            on the pop-up window.

            Close Notepad and try visiting YouTube in your web browser. If you followed these steps correctly, YouTube should display a “Connect to the internet. You’re offline.” error message. If you can still open YouTube, restart your computer and try again.

            Unblock YouTube in Windows

              Delete the IP address and YouTube website URL(s) in the document’s last line.





                to save the hosts file. Alternatively, select


                on the menu bar, and select



                Close the hosts file in Notepad, open any web browser, and check if you can now access YouTube. Restart your computer if your browser doesn’t load YouTube.

                How to Block YouTube on Your Mac

                In macOS, you can block YouTube in Screen Time or by editing your Mac’s TCP/IP hosts file.

                Block YouTube Using Screen Time

                Screen Time on Mac computers has content restriction settings for blocking inappropriate web content. Follow the steps below to block access to YouTube on all web browsers installed on your Mac.


                  System Preferences

                  and select

                  Screen Time




                    in the bottom-left corner and check the

                    Use Screen Time Passcode


                    It’s possible to bypass passcode restrictions from an administrator account. Hence, Apple recommends setting a Screen Time passcode from a standard account.

                    If you’re using an administrator account, you’ll get a prompt to create a new administrator account on your Mac. Choose Don’t allow this user to administer this computer, create a new user account to be the administrator, and follow the prompt to create a new admin account.

                    Otherwise, jump to step #3 if setting up Screen Time from a standard account.

                      Enter a four-digit Screen Time passcode.

                        Re-enter the

                        four-digit Screen Time passcode

                        to proceed.

                        The next step is to set up the Screen Time passcode recovery. If you ever forget your Screen Time passcode, you can reset it using your Apple ID.

                          Enter your Apple ID email and password and select




                            Content & Privacy

                            on the Screen Time settings menu and select

                            Limit Adult Websites


                              Enter your Screen Time passcode.




                                  Select the

                                  plus icon



                                  ) in the bottom corner of the block list.



                                    to save the restriction.

                                    Your web browsers will display a Screen Time pop-up when anyone visits YouTube on your Mac.

                                    To unblock YouTube, select the YouTube URL in the “Restricted” section and the minus (—) icon in the bottom corner. Select OK to save the settings and unblock access to YouTube on all web browsers.

                                    Block YouTube on Mac By Tweaking macOS Hosts File

                                      Type or paste sudo nano /etc/hosts in the Terminal console and press



                                        Enter your Mac’s password and press



                                          Type or paste chúng tôi in the last line. Afterward, press




                                          and press


                                          to save the hosts file.

                                            Close the Terminal window, clear your browser’s cache, and check if YouTube is blocked.

                                            You must clear your browser’s cache after editing the hosts file in Terminal. Otherwise, you and other users will still be able to access YouTube.

                                            To unblock YouTube, reopen the hosts file in Terminal (see steps #1 — #3) and delete chúng tôi Press Control + O and press Return to save the hosts file.

                                            Use Third-Party Tool

                                            The methods above are straightforward and work on all macOS and Windows versions. Alternatively, you can block YouTube using free parental control software or your router’s admin panel.

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                                            How To Block Youtube From Tracking Your Activity On Iphone, Ipad, And Mac

                                            How does YouTube track user activity

                                            Like most other websites, YouTube collects user data from website cookies. Additionally, it also has some other technologies that track your interaction on the website. You must’ve heard about the famous (or infamous) “YouTube Algorithm.” It feeds on your data and suggests videos based on your activity. 

                                            For example, suppose you watched a video on YouTube about Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max. The next time you open the app or refresh the homepage, YouTube will start suggesting videos with similar titles and content. Suggesting similar videos is quite acceptable when you willingly search for a video. It can also help you learn more about a topic if you use YouTube for educational purposes. 

                                            Why does YouTube track user activity? 

                                            The primary purpose of YouTube tracking users’ activity is to keep these users hooked to the platform. Yes, the platform makes money on every video you watch (surprise), and more content consumed equates to more profits. 

                                            How to stop YouTube from tracking watch history

                                            For iPhone, iPad and Android

                                            Open the YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad. Ensure you are logged in to your account.

                                            Tap your profile (image) at the top right corner. 

                                            Scroll down and tap Your data in YouTube. 

                                            Now head to the Controls tab → tap the Turn Off option. 

                                            On the next page, tap Pause. 

                                            You will see the Setting is off page. You can select Delete old activity to delete your previous YouTube watch history. 

                                            Beginning now, YouTube will not keep track of the videos you watch. However, if you wish to disable this setting in the future, follow the same steps and select the TURN ON option. 

                                            For Mac and Windows

                                            For iPhone and iPad

                                            Open the YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad. 

                                            Tap your profile at the top right corner → tap Your data in YouTube.

                                            Head to the Controls tab.

                                            Navigate to My Ad Centre → tap Go to My Ad Centre. 

                                            For Mac and Windows

                                            Suppose you do not want to make the abovementioned changes, or even after making the changes mentioned above, you want a more private browsing experience. In that case, we recommend you enable Incognito mode on YouTube.

                                            How to turn on Incognito Mode on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

                                            Open the YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad. 

                                            Tap your profile at the top right corner. 

                                            Incognito mode comes in handy when you want to watch a video someone sent you without affecting the algorithm and spoiling your YouTube Homepage. Also, since it is in incognito mode, none of the activity is stored in the Watch History. 

                                            Once you’re done browsing videos in Incognito mode, repeat the abovementioned steps and select Turn Off Incognito to return to your profile. 

                                            Pros and cons of blocking YouTube from tracking your activity

                                            For those who are still in a pickle deciding if you should disable YouTube from tracking your activity, let me list down the pros and cons that will help you make an informed choice. 


                                            YouTube will not keep track of the videos you’ve watched, allowing you to watch any video of your choice without affecting your algorithm.  

                                            None of the videos you watch will affect the suggestions on the YouTube Homepage. 

                                            Ads will no longer be targeted and won’t be based on your browsing history. 


                                            YouTube won’t remember where you stopped a video. You won’t be able to resume a video from the moment you last watched it. 

                                            Any videos you watch won’t contribute towards YouTube, suggesting relevant videos on the homepage. 

                                            Don’t share your data with anyone!

                                            Read more:

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                                            10 Ways To Speed Up Google Chrome On Pc Or Mac

                                            Google Chrome is the most used desktop browser in the world and rightly so, as it’s also one of the most feature rich browsers. However, it is also notorious for eating up resources quickly and slowing down your computer; especially if it’s an older machine. Chances are, if you are a power user, you may not be satisfied with the performance Chrome has to offer.

                                            1. Remove Unnecessary Extensions

                                            Let’s start with something basic; many of the Chrome extensions work in the background to provide their services. In the process, they eat up a lot of system’s resources as they do their job. So, if you have too many extensions enabled on Chrome, they could easily be the reason of bad performance on Chrome. You should either disable or delete all the extensions that you don’t use anymore.

                                            2. Enable Chrome Prefetch

                                            Here, Tick the checkbox next to the option “Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly” under the “Privacy” heading. You should disable this feature if you have a limited internet plan.

                                            3. Use Chrome Data Saver

                                            Google Chrome can use Google servers to compress web pages to make them faster to load and also use less bandwidth. If you have a slow connection with limited data, then this could be a life changer for you. However, this is not a built-in Chrome feature, instead Google offers a Chrome extension of its own that you can install in Chrome.

                                            5. Disable Images

                                            To disable images in Chrome go to the same “Content Settings” page like we did in the above tip. Here, choose the option “Do not show any images” under the “Images” section.

                                            6. Clear Chrome Data

                                            Chrome may become sluggish due to too much data it is holding, such as cookies, cached content and browsing history. If you haven’t deleted this data for quite some time, then it could be the reason for the slow down.

                                            Chrome Experimental Features

                                            The are also some Chrome Experimental Features that can greatly improve the performance of Chrome and speed it up. However, these features are not official and may not be stable on all the machines. Although in most cases they work just fine without any noticeable negative effect. If any of these experimental features negatively affect your browsing experience, then you should revert the changes you made.

                                            To access these features, type “chrome://flags” in the address bar and hit enter. After that use the “Find” feature (Ctrl+F) to find the experimental features that we have mentioned below:

                                            7. Change Tile Height and Width

                                            You can adjust tile height and width to allocate more RAM to it. This will allow better scrolling and least stuttering while using Chrome browser. However, it should only be adjusted if you have enough RAM for Chrome; 4GB should work just fine.

                                            Type “Default tile” in the Find dialog and you should see both Default tile width and height options. Use the drop down menus below them and change it from “Default” to 512. You can allocate more or less, but 512 should work fine for most people.

                                            8. Enable Experimental canvas features

                                            9. Enable Fast tab/window close

                                            This is another handy feature that allows Chrome to quickly close tabs and windows to make it work fast. In actual, Chrome just shows you that it has closed the tab/window quickly, but the closing process continues in the background. This means Chrome is not actually speeding up the tab closing process, instead it is just hiding it from you and preventing it from getting in your way. In practice, this does speed up your browsing because at your end, you don’t have to wait for a second as the tab closes.

                                            10. Enable QUIC protocol

                                            Search for the option “Experimental QUIC protocol” and use the drop down menu below it to enable it.

                                            See Any Difference in Chrome’s performance?

                                            The aforementioned ways should be enough to at least create a noticeable difference in Chrome speed. I believe disabling images and allowing plugins to only play when allowed are great ways to get a quick boost in page loading speed. However, both of these methods will affect your browsing experience. It should also be kept in mind that the experimental features explained above could also slow down page loading speed for some people (very rare) and if this happens; just set the options to defaults.

                                            How To Allow Or Block Sensors For Specific Sites On Chrome

                                            If your computer has a sensor, there is a high chance that Google Chrome is already using is to customize your user experience. In most cases, you can find that a Motion sensor is used by most websites. However, if you want to block sensors for specific sites on Chrome, here is how you can do that. It is possible to allow or block Motion Sensors to be used on particular websites using the Site settings panel, Local Group Policy Editor, and Registry Editor.

                                            How to allow or block Sensors for specific sites on Chrome

                                            To allow or block Motion Sensors for specific sites on Chrome, follow these steps:

                                            Open the desired website.

                                            Select the Site settings option.

                                            Find the Motion sensors option.

                                            Choose the Allow option to enable.

                                            Choose the Block option to disable.

                                            Repeat the same with other sensors.

                                            To learn more about these steps, continue reading.

                                            It opens the panel where you can find all the permissions you can allow or block for a specific website. You need to find the enlisted sensors. For example, you can find the Motion sensors.

                                            You need to expand the corresponding drop-down list and choose the Allow option to enable and the Block option to disable the sensor for that specific website.

                                            How to allow or block sensors for specific sites on Chrome using Group Policy

                                            To allow or block sensors for specific sites on Chrome using Group Policy, follow these steps:

                                            Press Win+R to open the Run prompt.

                                            Type chúng tôi and hit the Enter button.

                                            Navigate to Content settings in User Configuration.

                                            Choose the Enabled option.

                                            Enter the website URL.

                                            Repeat the same steps.

                                            Let’s check out these steps in detail.

                                            Then, navigate to this path:

                                            Here you can find two settings:

                                            Allow access to sensors on these sites

                                            Block access to sensors on these sites

                                            Finally, restart the Google Chrome browser to apply the change.

                                            How to enable or disable sensors on specific sites on Chrome

                                            To enable or disable sensors on specific sites on Chrome, follow these steps:

                                            Go to Google in HKCU.

                                            Set the name as SensorsAllowedForUrls if you want to allow sites.

                                            Set the name as SensorsBlockedForUrls if you want to block sites.

                                            Name it as 1.

                                            Restart your computer.

                                            Let’s delve into these steps in detail.

                                            Then, go to this path:


                                            For your information, if you want to enlist multiple sites, you need to create another String Value named 2, and the list goes on.

                                            Chrome flag for Sensors

                                            For your information, the flag for the Generic Sensor Extra Classes is located here:


                                            You can select Enabled or Disables based on your requirement.

                                            It enables an extra set of sensor classes based on Generic Sensor API, which exposes previously unavailable platform features, i.e. AmbientLightSensor and Magnetometer interfaces.

                                            How do I allow only certain websites to block in Chrome?

                                            Earlier, it was possible to allow or block certain websites in Chrome using the Local Group Policy Editor. However, that setting was deprecated a long time back. Now, you can follow this guide to allow or block websites in Chrome.

                                            How do I unblock certain websites on Google Chrome?

                                            If you have the old Group Policy template alongside the old version of Google Chrome, you can do that using the Local Group Policy Editor. For your information, the same thing can be done with the help of the Registry Editor as well. However, if you have used an extension or any other script, you can go through that to get the job done.

                                            That’s all! Hope these guides helped.

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                                            How To Find Your Printer’S Ip Address On Windows Or A Mac

                                            Whether configuring your printer, troubleshooting an issue, or attempting to connect to a network, it’s very handy to know how to find your printer’s IP address. Thankfully it’s very easy to do, and there are several ways to do it on both PC and Mac. We’ll run you through each of them in this quick guide.

                                            Before you start working it out through your computer, it’s worth checking the printer itself first. If your printer has an LCD display then you can probably navigate to the settings menu and find an option to display the printer IP address. We’ll go over four possible methods of finding the IP address if you’ve already tried this.

                                            How to find your printer’s IP address in Windows

                                            The exact instructions for finding your printer’s IP address in Windows might vary slightly depending on whether you’re on Windows 10 or Windows 11. But we’re mainly talking about names of menus and things like that. The steps are essentially the same.

                                            In the Control Panel

                                            Start by navigating to the control panel. There are a couple of ways to do this:

                                            Hold the Windows key on the keyboard and press i to open the control panel.

                                            Select the printer for which you want to find the IP address from the list of printers.

                                            The printer’s IP address should be listed next to the Location field.

                                            How to find your printer’s IP in your Router’s admin panel

                                            Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

                                            The steps to find your printer’s IP address in your router’s admin panel may vary slightly depending on the brand and model of your router. The steps will generally be along these lines:

                                            Open a web browser on a device connected to the same network as your printer.

                                            Type your router’s IP address in the address bar and hit enter.

                                            You will be prompted to enter the login credentials for your router. Enter your username and password to log in to the admin panel.

                                            Navigate to the Devices or Attached devices section of your router’s admin panel. This section may be located under a LAN or Network tab.

                                            Look for your printer’s name or MAC address in the list of connected devices. The IP address of the printer should be listed next to it.

                                            You may need to refer to your router’s manual to determine its IP address. It will also be one of the IP addresses listed when you type ipconfig into the Windows Command Prompt, as outlined above. There are some common default gateway addresses, including,,, and

                                            How to find your printer’s IP by printing the network configuration page

                                            Mark O’Neill / Android Authority

                                            Another option for finding your printer’s IP address involves returning to the printer itself. We mentioned in the intro that you might be able to find the IP address on a printer’s LCD display, but you can also get the printer’s IP by printing the network configuration page.

                                            You’ll get precise instructions on how to do this from the printer’s user manual, as every model and brand will be slightly different. But broadly, the steps will be along these lines:

                                            Make sure your printer is turned on and connected to your network.

                                            Press the Menu button on your printer’s control panel.

                                            Use the arrow keys to navigate to the Network or Network setup option and press OK or Select.

                                            Navigate to the Print network configuration page option and press OK or Select.

                                            Your printer will print a page that contains information about its network settings, including its IP address. You should find the IP address in the TCP/IP or IP Address section of the page.


                                            An IP address on a printer is a unique numerical identifier that is assigned to the printer to enable it to communicate on a network. The IP address allows other devices on the network to locate and communicate with the printer.

                                            Yes, you can change the IP address of your printer. Most printers allow you to change the IP address manually through the control panel or menu. Alternatively, you can assign a static IP address to your printer using your network’s DHCP server.

                                            The default IP address for a printer can vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the printer. Generally, printers do not have a standard default IP address across all devices. However, many printers are configured to obtain an IP address automatically through Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) when connected to a network.

                                            If the IP address of your printer is not working, it may be because the printer has been assigned a new IP address by the DHCP server on your network. Try printing a new configuration or network status page to find the printer’s new IP address.

                                            How To Find Steam Id On Pc Or Mobile

                                            Not sure how to find your Steam ID? You need not worry because locating it is simpler than you might have originally thought. Every person who uses Steam has a 17-digit unique Steam ID that is used to identify your account. If you want to connect Steam with some third-party account, they may require your Steam ID to make the connection happen.

                                            How to find Steam ID on PC

                                            Now, while your Steam ID is not located on the Steam homepage, it doesn’t mean it’s hard to find. To find your 17-digit unique Steam ID, do the following:

                                            Open the Steam app

                                            Get your Steam ID

                                            1] Open the Steam app

                                            As per usual, you must fire up the Steam app on your computer. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, then visit the official Steam page to do so.

                                            Once downloaded, navigate to the desktop or the Start Menu to find the shortcut icon.

                                            Go to your profile picture

                                            The profile picture section not only consists of your photo but additional information as well.

                                            The profile picture is usually located in the top-right section of the Steam app.

                                            3] Get your Steam ID

                                            You should now see your Steam ID number below your username.

                                            To copy it, use your mouse to highlight the number, then press CTRL + C to copy.

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                                            Find Steam ID from the Edit Profile section

                                            The steps to find Steam ID from the Edit Profile section of your Steam account on a Windows 11/10 PC are as follows:

                                            Open the Steam desktop client on your Windows 11/10 computer. You can also open Steam on the web and log in with your credentials

                                            In the General tab, look for the CUSTOM URL field

                                            Just below that field, you will see a URL. At the end of the URL (after profiles), there will be a unique 17-digit code or number. That number is your Steam ID.

                                            Do note that if you have already entered a custom URL, then first you need to clear the custom URL text so that you can see the Steam ID below that field.

                                            Find Steam ID using the address bar of a browser

                                            This is an interesting option. You can also use the address bar of any modern browser to find your Steam ID. However, this option works only when you haven’t set any custom URL to your profile. Here are the steps:

                                            Open the Steam homepage

                                            Log in to your Steam account

                                            Now check the address bar. In the URL, there is a 17-digit code just next to the profiles. That code will be your Steam ID.

                                            How to find Steam ID on Mobile?

                                            Open the Steam Mobile app Menu

                                            Scroll down a little bit until you see General heading.

                                            There you will see Custom URL.

                                            At the end of this URL link, you will see your 17-digit Steam ID number.

                                            What is a Steam ID?

                                            Steam ID is a unique identifier that consists of 17 digits. It separates your Steam account from all others, which means, it is more important than your username since you’re not allowed to change it. Furthermore, your Steam ID is not visible to others but yourself and Valve, well, unless folks use Steam ID Finder by going here.

                                            Where can I find my 9-digit Steam ID?

                                            Steam ID is a 17-digit unique number (and not 9). If you want to find your unique Steam ID, then you can do that using its mobile app, web app, or desktop client. In this post above, we have covered all the possible ways to find your Steam ID. Check them out.

                                            How do I find the ID for a game on Steam?

                                            Look at the URL and you will see the ID number right after the word, app. For example, the URL for Forza Horizon 5 is:

                                            The numbers in bold represent the ID.

                                            Why is your Steam ID important?

                                            In most cases, you will not need to use your Steam ID. In fact, the majority of Steam users will never use it and probably will never think of finding it. However, we do know that if you want to connect third-party services with your Steam account, then your Steam ID must be brought to the forefront.

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