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Your Instagram aesthetic is the first thing potential customers will notice when they check out your brand’s profile. Make sure you get it right.

Your Instagram aesthetic is the first thing potential customers will notice when they check out your brand’s profile. The colors, layout, tone, and overall feeling of your Instagram page contribute to an aesthetic that can either gain you a new follower—or send them running.

A unique and cohesive Instagram aesthetic is not just visually pleasing, but can greatly improve brand recognition and business success. It will convey your brand’s voice, personality, and help your followers instantly recognize your content when it appears on the feed.

While this all sounds great in theory, actually creating a successful Instagram aesthetic can feel like a vague undertaking. We’re here to help.

Continue reading to discover:

A step-by-step action plan so you can create an Instagram aesthetic that engages your audience

The surprising way a cohesive Instagram aesthetic can actually boost sales

Examples from top-brands with tips and tricks you can apply today

Bonus: Download a free checklist that reveals the exact steps a fitness influencer used to grow from 0 to 600,000+ followers on Instagram with no budget and no expensive gear.

How to create a unique and cohesive Instagram aesthetic Step 1. Establish your brand

Here’s a list of questions to help guide you through this process:

Who is your target audience? When you understand who your content is trying to speak to, developing your brand’s aesthetic becomes second-nature. A luxury pet clothing store in Beverly Hills will have a different audience than a Portland skateboard shop.

What are your core values? Different brands have different priorities that inform their overall look and feel on Instagram. If you’re a hiking supplies company that thrives on nature and sustainable clothing, for example, your brand’s Instagram page will reflect these values. It doesn’t need to be in-your-face, but can show up through color choices (more on that later), content subjects, and any messaging that’s shared through stylized text posts.

What’s your vibe? This might sound like a new-age skater dude kind of question, but it’s important to consider. Does your brand like to keep things casual and fun? Or minimalist and cool? Do you use a conversational tone with the occasional swear word thrown in? Or are you formal and composed? These questions can all help establish the type of ‘feel’ you’re going for.

Step 2. Take color seriously

Color is the single most important thing when it comes to creating a unique Instagram aesthetic for your brand.

Research finds that color influences consumer buying decisions by around 85%. Not only that, but color increases brand recognition by 80%. Making the right color decisions for your Instagram posts can actually impact your bottom line.

There are many ways to use the power of color to develop your Instagram aesthetic. If you already have a website, logo, and a presence on other social networks, use your pre-established brand colors.

Once you’ve picked your colors, incorporate them into your content. This doesn’t have to be obvious, but rather a certain tone or color family to stick to. Once you start doing this, you’ll notice how cohesive your Instagram page starts to look. Even if the content isn’t identical from post to post, a uniform color palette is naturally pleasing to the eye and will bring your page together.

Consumers judge a brand within 90 seconds of seeing it for the first time — and up to 90 percent of this judgement is based on color. Make sure your brand colors help shape your overall brand voice. For example, a happy-go-lucky children’s daycare might not want to have a completely dark and dreary feed.

Choosing your Instagram page colors can be tricky, but the following tips can help:

Create a Pinterest mood board. Start saving Pins that inspire you or are relevant to your brand to a Pinterest board. For example, if you’re a bathing suit company your Pinterest mood board might have photos of the beach, palm trees, picnic scenes, pool parties, and sunsets. Certain imagery will attract you more than others, so take note of any color patterns you see popping up in the content you save.

Create a color palette. If your brand doesn’t already have a color guide, it’s time to get one. Find six or less colors that you can commit to using throughout your content. Reference this group of colors anytime you create content, whether that’s in the form of a photo, video, or text-based post. Make sure at least one of your established colors are present in your post to ensure your Instagram aesthetic is consistent. If you don’t know where to start, the free online tool My Insta Palette shows you the most-used colors on your feed. If you notice a theme, choose your colors from these selections. As you create content moving forward, stick to your chosen palette.

Step 3. Discover the power of editing

If you’ve ever seen an Instagram page that seems to have all the right components but somehow just doesn’t work, you’ve noticed the power of editing.

The most cohesive Instagram aesthetics will have their editing style down pat. There’s no flip-flopping between dark and moody images and light and bright content. It all looks as if it was created on the same day and in the same light.

The easiest way to ensure your Instagram aesthetic is consistent is by editing your photos with presets. Instagram presets are premade filters you can apply to your photos using an editing program like Adobe Lightroom. You’ll no longer have to fiddle around for hours trying to remember exactly how much brightness you usually add to your photos.

Presets do all the hard work for you. They ensure you don’t spend hours editing posts one at a time.

Get free professionally-designed Instagram presets—and learn how to use them—with our step-by-step guide.

Step 4. Plan, plan, plan

Once you’ve nailed your colors and editing style, it’s time to plan out your Instagram feed. You want your Instagram page to look thoughtful and professional, and planning it out carefully is the way to do that.

When you plan out your feed, you’re able to see what posts look best next to each other—and what posts don’t. You’ll be able to tell where you need another hit of your brand’s dominant color, and where you could stand to add a lighter hued photo to the mix.

This may sound like a time-consuming task, but we promise we wouldn’t do that to you. Planning out your Instagram feed could actually save you time, not to mention enhance your overall aesthetic.

Free tools like Planoly let you drag and drop without actually posting anything until you’re ready. Once you’ve planned out where you want everything to go, you can use Hootsuite’s Instagram scheduling feature to save yourself even more time.

Step 5. Don’t just stop at your feed

You did it. You have a unique and cohesive Instagram feed. You can’t stop here, though.

Imagine if your favorite vegan ice cream place randomly introduced one meaty option? You’d feel thrown off and confused.

If you have a stunning and consistent Instagram feed, but other components on your page don’t match, your audience might wonder what’s going on.

A good place to start is with your Instagram Stories. Once you’ve established your Instagram aesthetic, create a style guide so you have something to refer to when creating Stories content. It will also help anyone else who posts on your account in the future align with your look and tone.

Here’s how to create an Instagram Stories style guide. Using Instagram Stories templates is another quick and easy way to level up your Stories consistency—without making them boring.

Another small change that has a big impact on the look and feel of your Instagram page is your Stories Highlights covers. When you choose colors and icons for these covers that match or compliment your brand colors, you add an extra visually-pleasing element to your profile. Find out how to create your own flawless Instagram Stories Highlights covers or download our professionally-designed premade ones.

Instagram aesthetic ideas

Now that you know how to develop your Instagram aesthetic, it’s time to get inspired.

Recess is a sparkling water brand that has taken what could have been a boring product and made it completely enchanting through their Instagram presence.

The company applies their irreverent and humorous brand voice to their Instagram content in a way that makes sense. With a definite color palette (lavenders, rosie pinks, and light tangerines), Recess shares illustrations, text posts, and creative product shots.

Key takeaway: Don’t stick to one type of content. When you use a cohesive color palette you can share an assortment of content types and themes. Recess shares photos oftheir cans next to a text post sharing a legal message. Because the color palette is cohesive, it works.

I follow lifestyle blogger Molly Madfis both for her hilarious sense of humor, and to see how she’s going to incorporate her neutral palette into every post.

While it might be obvious when it comes to interior design posts, Molly is able to bring her neutral color scheme into photos of her son, other subjects of her photos, and her Stories Highlights covers.

Key takeaway: Tie your entire page together. When you know exactly what colors represent your brand best, incorporate them into the rest of your page. The neutral palette of @almostmakesperfect’s Instagram Stories Highlights would look out of place on another page, but blend into her overall color scheme perfectly. A minimal solid color on her Instagram Stories Highlights set the tone for her page.

Hostel and travel company Hostelworld had a challenge on their hands when it came to creating their Instagram aesthetic.

With their imagery focusing on so many different locations around the world and relying on a lot of user-generated content (UGC), they had to find a way to tie all their content together. They came up with a creative solution that many other brands can put to use: a graphic stamp overlay.

Key takeaway: Use a template or add a digital stamp or visual element to your content (use an online graphic design tool like Visme for this). Hostelworld was able to take content that didn’t have much else in common, and add a graphic element that ties it all together. A feature like this makes your content instantly recognizable to your audience, too. Think of it like your brand’s Instagram signature.

When you think of a typical protein powder, you might picture a big black tub with uber-masculine branding. Unico Nutrition is different and their Instagram page reflects that. With diversity at the forefront, Unico features lots of colorful photos, bright and joyful imagery, and a lighthearted vibe.

Key takeaway: Know your audience. Unico knows that their audience is energetic, active, and young. They developed a bright and creative Instagram aesthetic that stands out from most other nutrition supplement brands but still reflects their unique brand voice.

Bohème Goods is an online vintage shop that features used decor, clothing, and accessories. With a very established brand and color palette, owner Sarah Shabacon brings her signature style to the shop’s Instagram page.

Aside from the deliberate color scheme, the consistent editing style adds a sense of instantly-recognizable warmth to the Instagram aesthetic. Bohème Goods isn’t about being dazzlingly bright, new, and trendy, but rather a refined way of slow living. The page’s editing style reflects this.

Key takeaway: Choose the right editing style for your brand. Even though a light and whitewashed aesthetic is extremely popular amongst interior designers and lifestyle brands these days, Bohème Goods’ knows that isn’t right for their page. The slightly moodier and aged 70s look aligns with the brand better.

Flamingo is a body care company that focuses on hair removal. They have a lighthearted, fresh tone that shows up in their Instagram page.

Selling razors, waxing tools, and personal care creams, Flamingo uses their Instagram page to relate to these products. From there, they’ve developed an individual aesthetic that keeps their product top of mind, but not in-your-face. Rather than just showing countless images of razors, Flamingo uses color and themes to create cohesion.

Key takeaway: Choose a color scheme and Instagram aesthetic that’s related to your product. Flamingo’s use of water and the color blue makes sense for their brand without showing the same boring imagery over and over again. Think about how your customers use your product or service (with Flamingo, it’s in the shower or bath and then before a pool or beach) and what these situations have in common (water, towels, etc.). Once you understand the way your customer is interacting with your brand, you can figure out the colors and images that most accurately represent who you are.

With so many brands on social media, the right Instagram aesthetic can help set your brand apart and stand out from the rest. With the tips and examples above you can establish a unique and cohesive Instagram aesthetic—no design degree required.

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How To Become A Thought Leader In Your Niche & Build Your Brand

How do you build brand recognition and develop brand authority in your niche?

As we say in the industry, “Content is king.”

After selling my old company, I started a new company. That meant building an entirely new brand from the ground up. Fortunately, I was able to use my personal brand to bring in an audience for my business and establish trust in the quality of my work.

Google holds a sweet spot for major brands in its organic results, as they usually get first pick for crawling and indexing. This is why we must utilize content marketing to establish ourselves as thought leaders and gain trust and authority for our brands.

Thought leadership and brand authority essentially go hand-in-hand.

Brands are built on the backs of leaders who can choose to emerge from underneath their brand.

So how do you become a thought leader for your brand?

How to Become a Thought Leader Create Your Platform

You can’t just declare yourself a thought leader — that is up to others to decide.

The first step to becoming a thought leader is building your brand and establishing your credentials.

For personal branding, it’s key to leverage your social media accounts, especially LinkedIn and Facebook. Fill out a detailed bio of your accomplishments and career skills. These will become important channels for brand outreach and content promotion.

To beget your brand, you must ultimately improve your web presence. Go through the proper channels to position your website to gain exposure:

Establish a branded domain name.

Create a unique logo and complementary color scheme.

Acquire local citations for your website.

Optimize on-site technical factors to provide quality user experience.

Most importantly, discover an underserved niche in your industry that presents room to scale and that you’re proficient in. Conduct your keyword research to gather a better understanding of how to meet the demands of your customer base.

Now, it’s time to formulate your ideas and disseminate them to the masses.

Building a Branded Blog

Most marketers realize the value of branded blogs in conducting their SEO campaign and creating brand awareness for their business.

Branded blogs allow businesses and individuals to express their ideas about topics important to their niche.

Google rewards content that is relevant, fresh, and presents a unique spin on a topic. Producing evergreen content strategically positions your web pages to acquire backlinks, develop page authority, and help your website rank organically for targeted keywords.

More importantly, building a consistent blog establishes your brand’s authority over its niche through quality content. The higher the quality of your content, the more customers trust your brand. This, in turn, amounts to greater brand loyalty, which contributes heavily to your return on investment (ROI).

Building Your Content Following Your SEO Talents

You want to develop thematically related categories for your content to position your web pages to index and rank for a wide range of semantically similar keyword phrases.

With machine learning technology, Google can evaluate the quality of your content and determine its relevance to user intent better than ever.

Expand your content marketing strategy to different sources to acquire backlinks and establish your value to customers in your niche.

Everything you put your name on could be a valuable backlink and traffic source for your website.

You should also consider producing content that serves to display original research, such as a white paper or an e-book. In terms of writing, long-form content is shared at a much higher rate than short-form content and typically ranks higher than thin content.

Other content with high shareability include:





‘How to’ articles

‘Why’ articles

Identify your brand to customers through keyword terms utilized in your content and across all web pages of your sales funnel. Optimize all meta tags with appropriate keywords from your research and include social media buttons to encourage easy shareability.

Marketing Your Content

Social media marketing is an absolute must today.

Leveraging social media can help increase your brand’s exposure, expand your audience, and allow you to engage with your audience to create brand loyalists.

Your Facebook and Twitter feeds allow you to syndicate content with backlinks that will improve their rank. Compounding posts will also grant your content more inbound links.

Connect with influencers in your industry that would benefit from your sponsorship. Not only does your content reach a wider audience but also a more relevant audience. Look on BuzzSumo for ideas on topics that are going viral on social media.

Use different channels to market your content, whether through paid promotion or email marketing campaigns. Email marketing often has a higher ROI than search marketing and is effective at retaining existing customers and keeping them up to date with your brand. My business uses monthly newsletters to keep customers updated and to create social value for our products and brand.

Establishing Expertise

Finally, a syndicated blog or podcast may be effective to curate thought leadership, but it’s critical to become more active within your community.

Interview other thought leaders in your industry. Publish the interviews on your website.

Ask a thought leader to share some of your content with their audience. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties, generating valuable backlink and content promotion opportunities. I regularly post and share content from other influencers in the SEO industry on my social media accounts.

Write a book. I wrote a best-selling book on Search Engine Optimization, which gave my personal brand (and various businesses) immense exposure and established myself as a thought leader within the SEO field.

Speak at industry conferences. This will allow you to present your ideas in a professional setting. Public speaking engagements put your name in front of some very powerful influencers and put a face to the brand name.

It’s also important to establish the value of your products and business to your customers.

The Advantages of Thought Leadership for Your Brand

It’s no secret that brand authority and thought leadership reaps multiple benefits. Businesses considered as thought leaders enjoy more sales, profitability, and are less price sensitive.

Consider IBM’s Smarter Planet Program that launched amid the 2008 recession. It generated $3 billion in revenue in 2010 alone and increased their brand value in every region globally.

Thought leadership makes brands more innovative and creative and differentiates them from the competition. Consider how valuable brand authority remains in today’s highly competitive consumer market.

More importantly, becoming a recognized thought leader in your industry usually comes as a result of measurable SEO results–more average shares per post, high conversion rates, and more authoritative backlinks than your competitors. This all communicates trust for you and your brand, which means higher organic rank and greater brand exposure.

There are more benefits to being a thought leader and making your brand authoritative:

Higher indexing and crawling rates for your website

Larger audience to market content

Higher CTR based on brand recognition


It’s important to realize that SEO is not static. It requires consistency and years of churning out content to get your voice recognized as a thought leader.

Historically, I’ve been experimental and ambitious in my business strategies, which is why I’ve enjoyed many successes up to this point. Go against the grain and establish yourself as a thought leader and brand authority in your niche.

Becoming a thought leader boils down to the quality of your content and what you can provide for it. What can you say that no one else has said before?

How To Use Instagram Reels To Create Or View Videos

Instagram has finally extended the availability of Instagram Reels to more global markets including India. What is Instagram Reels, you may ask? Well, Instagram Reels is Facebook’s answer to TikTok, a short-video app. Now that we have access to Reels, we will discuss everything you want to know about Instagram’s foray into short video space.

In this article, we will guide you on how to get started with Instagram Reels, in addition to discovering Reels content and creating Reels to share with your followers.

What is Instagram Reels

Are you an Instagram influencer? If your answer is yes, Instagram Reels is simply made for you.

Three words Short, crisp, and entertaining explain Reels. If you love watching or short, crisp, and entertaining videos from your Favorite ‘social media celebrity,’ then Reels is a perfect place for you. Not just watching, you can also create your own videos, add effects, filters, music from a huge library of songs on Instagram, among other things. That’s what Reels is all about.

If I still have to describe Instagram Reels in one sentence, Instagram Reels is to TikTok what Instagram Stories is to Snapchat.

Instagram Reels is also Facebook and Instagram’s attempt to challenge TikTok’s legacy and dominance in the short-video space. Facebook continues to feel threatened by the way TikTok has emerged as one of the most-popular non-gaming apps worldwide in such a short span. For whatever reasons Reels exists, let’s see how you can get started with it.

How to use Instagram Reels

Getting started with Instagram Reels involves a two-step approach: Content creation and content consumption

How to discover and watch Instagram Reels

Many people struggle at finding ways to watch Instagram Reels in the first place. This article will help you discover Reels, in addition to several ways to interact with it. Getting started with Reels is fairly simple.

Make sure your Instagram app is up-to-date. Android and iOS users can go to Google Play and App Store, respectively. See if your Instagram app has received an update. Even if you haven’t received an update, you should still see Reels. Keeping the app updated is a good practice, to begin with.

Now that you are all set, just go to Instagram. There are a couple of ways you can find Reels. First up, the Explore Tab. You can navigate to the Explore tab by tapping the ‘Search’ option at the bottom of your Instagram app. Remember, you don’t have to search for anything. Just tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom.

The first video you see in the Explore tab is Reels. You will also find a small watermark for ‘Reels’ at the bottom left corner of the video. That’s how you know you are looking at Reels. Once you tap the video, you will be taken into a whole new world of Instagram Reels. All you need to do is swipe up to watch more Reels.

Unlike stories, Reels won’t disappear after 24-hours of their creation and they have a permanent place in your Reels tab unless you specifically choose to delete them.

How to create with Instagram Reels

Are you looking to post to Instagram Reels? Believe me, it’s a fairly simple process. All you need to do is tap the camera icon. Then, discover and select Reels at the bottom. You will come across a page that says ‘Create With Reels. Record and edit short videos and share them to Explore, where anyone may discover them.’ Sounds fairly simple, right?

Now, tap the ‘Get Started’ option at the bottom. But before you get started, remember that anyone can create Reels using your original audio if your account is public. Hence, be sure about what you are getting into. If you are privacy conscious, make sure that Instagram profile is set to ‘Private’ under settings.

Once you tap ‘Get Started,’ you will be taken right into Instagram’s camera viewfinder. There, you can switch between the front and rear camera, depending on what you want to record in your short video. On the left-hand side, you will find different options to edit your video. First things first, hit the record button at the bottom. Once you are done recording a video, you can always edit it the way you want.

On the left-hand side, you can add music to your videos, select speed, set timer up to 5 seconds, among other things. You can also add several effects and filters to your videos before posting them as Reels.

Once you have created a Reel, the next task is to share it with your followers. Similar to posts and IGTV videos, you can add a caption and hashtags to Instagram Reels. You can also check the option if you wish to share your Reel to feed. Interestingly enough, Instagram also provides creators with an option to set a custom thumbnail cover to their Reel.

Ways to interact with Instagram Reels

What if I don’t see Instagram Reels?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to find Reels in your Instagram. First of all, Instagram Reels is currently not available for everyone.

At the time of writing this article, Instagram Reels is limited to select regions including India, Brazil, France, and Germany. If you are located in a region where Instagram hasn’t launched Reels yet, you won’t be able to access Reels.

Twelve South Unveils Rutledge Bookbook Case That Gives Your Macbook Unique Look

It’s all too easy to get lost in a dizzying array of accessories for Apple devices, especially with too many companies rehashing same old ideas and doing the exact same thing. That’s why my initial experience with Twelve South instantly made me a believer.

They’ve been crafting gorgeous, functional accessories exclusively for Apple products since 2009, prompting big media like Forbes to suggest that Apple should just buy them outright.

And not because of the profits, but due to Twelve South’s thoughtful design which is often reminiscent of the utmost care that can be observed in every aspect of Apple’s industrial design.

On Thursday, the Charleston, South Carolina firm launched the Rutledge BookBook, a new edition of its popular BookBook case for MacBooks, hand-distressed to give each one a slightly different appearance, so no two look exactly alike…

Designed for the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina display (including a version made just for the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro), this artisan leather case is basically a reworked version of the original BookBook which has been my only MacBook Air case for the past three years.

By the way, you can check out, if you want, my review of the original BookBook for MacBook Air from two and a half years ago on 9to5Mac.

“While the case protects your MacBook, the design protects your unique sense of style,” says Twelve South. The main difference between the original BookBook and the Rutledge Edition is an entirely new leather-coloring technique that gives each one an even more distinct look.

This is what I’m talking about.

Don’t worry, your 13-inch MacBook with Rutledge BookBook fits inside a bag made for the 15-incher. Likewise, a 15-inch MacBook with Rutledge fits inside a 17-inch bag. As a rule of thumb, your bag should be the next size up from your MacBook.

It just looks gorgeous, those deep sepia tones of a vintage film strip and the shades of a sunburst guitar.

Here’s a little backgrounder on the new color layering technique:

Each Rutledge is a story in itself.

Searching for something completely different, Twelve South developed an entirely new technique for finishing leather.

This innovative process involves applying multiple layers of color, and then carefully removing selected elements by hand to reveal a brilliant tapestry of hues and patterns.

Like a fingerprint, the resulting tones and patterns are completely unique to the natural variations of the leather itself.

Looking for a plain, basic case to blend in?

This case is not for you.

How’s that for attention to detail?

You don’t see that much in the accessory business these days.

Aside from the new processing technique, the Rutledge edition has inherited all of the features that have made the original BookBook so popular.

Its unassuming vintage-style look can fool would-be thieves that you’re a bookworm who carries around an ancient tome rather than an expensive Apple notebook.

It’s got hardback covers with reinforced corners for impact protection. Inside, there’s a soft, padded interior with two elastic bands that gently grab the corners of your computer and hold it in place.

The vintage designed spine provides crush protection.

And finally, its dual zippers can be unzipped just enough to connect the charging cord or a headphone cable without having to remove the notebook from the case.

If you like the Rutledge’s vintage look, you definitely need to check out their recently-announced BookBook case for the iPad Air, which I’ll be reviewing soon.

In the meantime, the new Rutledge BookBook case is available now for $99.99 from Twelve South’s web store.

How To Create A Crossword Puzzle For Your Website? – Webnots

Nowadays, the retaining visitors on the site is one of the biggest problems for website owners. Instead of focusing on traditional lengthy content creation, you can focus on alternate options like offering small games. Crossword puzzles are an excellent way to engage and entertain visitors coming to your website. It not only increases user engagement, but also bring the users coming back to see whether you have updated new puzzles. So, if you are interested in creating a crossword puzzle for your website, then let us guide you on how to make these puzzles easily and effectively.

Creating Crossword Puzzle for Your Website

There are several ways to create a crossword puzzle for your website, depending on the resources and your preferences. Here we will discuss two popular ways in detail – using a desktop app and using online tools.

1. Using a Desktop App

Eclipsecrossword desktop app is one the easiest ways to create interesting crossword puzzles. The app is completely free and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It offers user-friendly crossword puzzle generator that allows you to create crosswords in minutes. With EclipseCrossword, you can create a puzzle with your own words and clues, and customize it according to the theme of your website.

1.1. Installing EclipseCrossword App

Here is how you can download and use EclipseCrossword in Windows computers. You can follow the similar process on Mac and Linux.

Download EclispseCrossword App

Install EclipseCrossword App

Close After Installation Completed

1.2. Creating Crossword Puzzle Using EclipseCrossword App

You can see the interface of EclipseCrossword on your screen. Select “I would like to start a new crossword” and press “Next”.

Start New Crossword Puzzle

Now select “Let me create a word list from scratch now” and hit “Next”.

Create Word List from Scratch

Add Words and Clues to Word List

If you want to save this word list for future use, select “Yes” and if you don’t need it again, select “No”.

Save Crossword Puzzle

Enter Name and Copyright Information

Define Crossword Size

The last option is to save or print the newly made crossword puzzle. You can also publish and share it online.

Save or Print Crossword

1.3. Sharing Your Crossword Online

Share Online and Get HTML Page

This will open “Save as” dialog, enter the name for the HTML page and save the file in your system. Open the HTML page in your browser and check the crossword puzzle is working fine.

2. Using Online Tools

If you do not want to download and install a desktop app, then using online tools is an alternate option for creating crossword puzzles for your website. There are many online crossword puzzle tools available, and they more or less offer similar features and functionality. Below are two of the best tools to generate crossword puzzles.

2.1. Crossword Labs

Go to the official website of Crossword Labs and type Crossword Puzzle Title in the given space.

Type the word for your puzzle, a space, and then the clue in a single line. You can enter all your words in the box as shown below.

Add Words and Clues in Crossword Labs

Save and Finish Puzzle

Get Embed Code for Your Puzzle

Copy the embed code of the crossword puzzle and insert on your website. As mentioned, you can use Custom HTML block or simply insert the copied iframe section between the content on your page.

Copy Embed Code for Puzzle

This is how an amazing crossword puzzle is created. Make sure to double-check the words and clues before embedding the puzzle on your website.

2.2. XWords

Sign Up for XWords Site

Add your questions and answers in the space given. Type clues in the space given under Question and add your words in the space given under the answer option.

Add Puzzle Questions and Answers

Customize Crossword Puzzle Appearance

Generate Puzzle

Publish Puzzle

Get Embed Code

You can use this iframe code to display the crossword puzzle on your website as a widget.

Copy Embed Code

Final Words

These are some of the best methods to create a crossword puzzle for your website. These options are user-friendly and provide many different options to customize the crossword puzzle. Choose the best method for your website to increase user engagement and user retention.

How And Why Show Your Instagram Content On A Website

Does your company post pictures on social networks? Most businesses do, but surprisingly only a handful of them show social content on their homepage. A lot of sweat goes into planning and creating images and posts for social accounts, and it definitely makes sense to take the potential of this content outside of the platform as well.

What is an Instagram Plugin for a Website?

Such a plugin offers an effortless but effective option to display the content from your business or personal social profile on your HTML or another website. Usually, such solutions don’t provide a wide range of custom settings, but there are also plugins that have a lot of options to make your Instagram account look totally different on your website.

Once again, this is the easiest way to add single posts or a complete feed to your site. So, if you enjoy automating the content publishing process and don’t want to invest in programming for development and embedding, this is definitely an option to consider.

How to Embed an Instagram Account on The Website

Embedding an Instagram account on a home page with this widget is really easy and any internet user with average skills can do it. Just follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the demo page to build your own Instagram Widget.

There are numerous customization and functionality options, you have a lot to choose from. Also, make sure to link your Instagram account to the app interface and use one of two types of filters – exclude by sources and show only from specific sources.

2. Register at the service.

Register an account on the Elfsight website to get access to your admin panel and copy your unique Instagram code there for installation.

3. Go to the Admin Board.

Login to your CMS account and select an internet site where you want to embed your Instagram account.

4. Add an HTML block.

Add a custom HTML element to the page or website template where you want to display Instagram account content.

5. Enter the installation code.

Paste there the Instagram plugin code in the HTML block that you copied at the Elfsight board.

6. Check the result.

Save the changes and browse your website to see the widget in action.

If you encounter some issues with the widget look or installation on your site, the tech support professionals can handle it for you without any additional charges, which is another nice thing about this company.

Where to place the Instagram feed on the website

While there are many business tools for this social network, the question for web designers is how to seamlessly embed Instagram accounts in web design?

The primary way to integrate the content of an Instagram account into web design is by embedding a widget. With a theme that goes well with current pictures, and branded and web design colors, the integration is more consistent.

Another option is to create a page with a strong sales approach. Give it the right title, like “Shop Our Online Catalog”, for example. In this case, the purpose is clear before a user even arrives on the page.


Embedding an Instagram account on a website is extremely beneficial for your business. This is a great way to build a community and loyal customer base, increase trust, demonstrate authenticity, and increase sales. It doesn’t require a huge investment of time and money and can be automated through social aggregation tools. So, it is recommended to add the Instagram feed to your website to add vibrancy, creativity, and interactivity.

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