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When just one aspect of your mouse button isn’t working, the device is no longer as functional as it should be. Even if you aren’t constantly using the scroll wheel and middle mouse button, they still have functions that make computing – work, leisure, or gaming – easier.

Hardware issues are at fault for many mouse errors affecting the scroll wheel and middle mouse button, but you should check your settings too in case it’s something less challenging to address.

Why Is the Middle Mouse Button Not Working?

The middle mouse button usually operates on a spring or tension rod. If this part is worn down or damaged, it won’t work correctly anymore. Other types of interference can also prevent it from working, which is why it’s so important to keep your mouse clean.

Finally, outdated drivers or a bad connection to the computer can prevent the middle mouse button from working correctly. 

Why Is the Scroll Wheel Not Working?

The scroll wheel can only last for a certain number of scrolls before the part itself degrades. Anything preventing the free movement of the scroll wheel will also keep it from doing its job.

The scroll wheel can also be impacted by driver and device issues like any other mouse part.

How to Fix the Middle Mouse Button and Scroll Wheel Button

Try to adjust your settings, update your drivers, and then check for flaws in the device itself before giving up on your mouse.

Notice When It’s Happening

Five years ago, Chrome experienced an issue that affected the scroll wheel. Something in the browser’s settings prevented that particular part of the mouse from functioning correctly. Users mitigated the problem while the engineers fixed it by disabling the Smooth Scrolling flag option.

If the buttons are only having problems in one specific program, you probably have a program settings issue instead of a mouse issue. Try using the middle mouse button and scroll wheel in different programs that use them, so you know whether it’s a recurring issue.

You should also try using the mouse on another computer to see whether it works on that. If so, it’s probably a settings issue rather than a hardware one and vice versa.

Adjust Scroll Wheel Settings

Before going further, check your scroll wheel settings in Windows. Sometimes incorrect settings might make it seem like the scroll wheel isn’t working when it just isn’t responding as you expect because of your settings.

Run a Hardware Troubleshooter

Windows has a troubleshooter that you can run on many pieces of hardware, including most mice. When your scroll wheel or middle mouse button isn’t working, it’s good to check and see if it’s some kind of problem that Windows can take care of. Damaged drivers or a bad connection to the device might be resolved by running it.

Sometimes it won’t find anything. That doesn’t mean there’s no problem with the mouse, but rather that Windows couldn’t identify it. If that’s the case, you should check whether your drivers are up-to-date since that can also impact the functionality of your mouse buttons. 

Checking Drivers

You can check your drivers in either Device Manager or mouse monitoring software that your mouse manufacturer provides. Here’s how to check the driver status of your mouse in Logitech’s G Hub.

If your mouse drivers aren’t updated, you can download them from the manufacturer. Once the file is on your device, run the executable and follow the prompts to update. 

If your mouse manufacturer can’t detect your mouse, that could be the cause of your issues and is a different problem to solve.

Clean the Mouse

Dirt build-up can prevent the middle mouse button and the scroll wheel from working correctly. Even if the mouse looks clean on the outside, dirt and grime can gather under the surfaces and keep them from moving freely.

Keep in mind that every mouse is different, and you’ll have to check your model before taking it apart.

Remove the screw caps from the mouse if the screws holding it together are capped.

Unscrew the screws. Place them aside where they’ll be easy to find and put back into the mouse when you’re done.

Pop apart the shell of the mouse. You may need a pry tool.

Using a cotton swab damp with isopropyl alcohol, clean the inside of the mouse. Look for pet hair, dust, or actual dirt that you can remove.

Use a fresh damp swab to clean up the rest of the mouse, both interior and exterior. 

Allow the pieces to dry for at least six hours.

Put the mouse back together.

Look for broken pieces inside the mouse’s shell as you’re cleaning. For example, a small amount of plastic may have fallen into the scroll wheel encasement, keeping it from gliding smoothly. Remove anything significant like that as you clean.

Repair the Mouse

Once you have the mouse open, you can also look for ways to fix it. Here are a few things to check:

Check the seat of the scroll wheel. If it’s askew, it might be preventing the scroll wheel from working. Try to straighten it and align the wheel inside its seat.

Check the connections on each part of the mouse. Look for pieces that appear loose or where the seams don’t line up. Try to fit it back together correctly.

Expose the housing where the middle mouse button is placed. Look for a spring or screw and see whether you can increase the tension. Sometimes a lack of tension or being bent out of alignment stops the button from functioning. 

Consider purchasing replacement parts, especially if your mouse isn’t modern. You can buy broken mice or used ones offline and replace your worn components with the parts. 

Replace the Mouse

You can’t always fix a middle mouse button or scroll wheel issue. Sometimes you simply need to replace the mouse. You don’t always have to go for a new model. Instead, look for something with upgraded features that will help make your process at the computer easier.

The mouse is such an essential part of using a computer that you can’t accept one that doesn’t do its job consistently. 

If you think that might be the case, try unplugging your mouse and USB attachment, replacing the batteries if needed, and then plugging it back in. 

You can also try a different USB port in case the port itself is at fault. If it still isn’t working after trying all these other solutions, though, and none of the buttons aren’t reliable, consider a new mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions Can You Use Compressed Air to Fix a Middle Mouse Button?

You can use compressed air to try to fix your middle mouse button. However, unless it dislodges something that’s keeping the button from moving, it might not fix it. You’ll often have to take the mouse apart to clean it enough to see a difference.

Can I Use My Mouse Without the Scroll Wheel?

You don’t need the scroll wheel to use your mouse. You can always bind other keys to the function it performs or use your keyboard.

Is There a Way to Test My Mouse Without Switching to Another Computer?

Check out this mouse test. You can check whether your mouse is sending feedback that the computer can detect. It’s a great way to see if your scroll wheel or middle mouse buttons are inactive or not working in a different program.

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Iphone Home Button Not Working? 8 Fixes To Try

While newer iPhones no longer have a physical Home button, many older models still have this beloved feature. That is, until that button stops behaving as it should.

If you’re otherwise working iPhone suddenly has a problem with its physical Home button, you’ll want to fix iPhone Home Button problems with these troubleshooting tips.

Table of Contents

The iPhone models with a physical Home button include the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE (2023), and earlier models. These iPhones use a physical Home button for navigation and accessing features such as the Home screen, Siri, and the App Switcher. Later models, such as the iPhone X and newer, do not have a physical Home button and use gestures and facial recognition for navigation and accessing features, much like most modern Android phones.

1. It’s a Software Problem

If the apps or even iOS malfunctions, it may cause the Home button to stop working. To fix this problem, try restarting the iPhone, resetting the software, or restoring the iPhone to its factory settings. After turning the phone off and starting it up again, many software glitches disappear after the Apple Logo appears.

2. Restore Your iPhone Using Finder, or iTunes

One possible way to fix this issue is by restoring your phone from an iCloud or local backup using iTunes on a Windows PC or Finder on a Mac. Also, you can recover your phone firmware using DFU mode if something goes wrong.

3. Your Home Button Needs Recalibration

While this is rarely an issue, your Home Button may need calibration to respond normally. To calibrate the physical Home button on an iPhone, follow these steps:

Open any Apple stock app, such as



Press the

Power button

until you see the “

Slide to power off” prompt


Instead of turning off the phone, hold the

Home button

until the screen flashes, and you’re taken back to the Home screen.

Test if the Home button works.

Once the calibration is complete, you can use the Home button to access the iPhone’s Home screen, Siri, and other features.

4. Your Home Button Is Dirty

If the Home button is dirty or covered in debris, it may not function properly. To fix this problem, clean the Home button with a soft, dry cloth or use compressed air to remove debris. Do not use chemical cleaning agents such as isopropyl alcohol to attempt cleaning.

5. Home Button Misalignment

The gasket between the Home button and iPhone might be torn or worn and need replacement. Unfortunately, this involves a complicated disassembly, so a trained technician with the right tools should only attempt it. It may also be due to a warped mounting bracket or missing or broken screws for the mounting bracket. In all cases here, a technician must inspect the phone on the inside to confirm if this hardware issue is the real problem.

6. Wear and Tear Caused by Age

One of the reasons Apple moved away from a physical Home button in the first place is that moving parts eventually break down through use, causing various Home button issues. The Home button sees far more action than the side button or volume buttons, so it made sense to go virtual.

If the Home button is not functioning due to age or wear, it may need to be repaired or replaced by a qualified technician.

7. Using the Charger Trick

If the Home button on an iPhone is not functioning correctly, pressing the charger cable may temporarily fix the problem. To fix the Home button by pressing on the charger cable, follow these steps:

Connect the iPhone to a charger using a Lightning to USB cable.

Gently press on the back of the plug in area where the charging cable connector meets the iPhone near the bottom of the device.

Press and hold the

Home button

for a few seconds to see if it responds.

If the Home button starts working, continue to hold the charging cable in place and use the Home button as usual.

This method may temporarily fix the Home button by applying pressure to the area where the charging cable connects to the iPhone. This may improve the electrical connection and allow the Home button to function properly. However, this is a temporary solution, and the Home button may stop working again.

8. Your Home Button Is Physically Damaged

If the Home button is damaged, it may not function properly. To fix this problem, the Home button may need to be repaired or replaced by a qualified technician. If none of the fixes you’ve attempted above resolve the issue, this is the last thing you can do.

Is It Worth Replacing the Home Button?

The iPhone will need to be disassembled to replace the Home button by removing and replacing it with a new one. This complex repair should only be performed by a qualified technician, as it involves disassembling the iPhone and handling delicate internal components.

Depending on the exact price you’re quoted and the age of your iPhone, it may make more sense to buy a new iPhone instead. You may even be able to trade your old iPhone for a significant discount on the price of a new phone.

Suppose your iPhone is still under its Applecare or Applecare + warranty. Take it to the Genius Bar since this issue should be covered when the problem isn’t abuse or accidental damage. Your insurance company may be willing to pay for the repair if it results from accidental damage.

If you decide to have the button replaced by a third-party technician rather than the Apple Store, the Touch ID will no longer work. The Touch ID sensor in the button is paired with the mainboard in your phone for security reasons, so replacing the button breaks that pairing. This also means that if you get a third-party screen replacement, Touch ID won’t work if you use the button that comes with the new iPhone screen. Only Apple can offer a replacement with Touch ID functionality left intact. If the button itself was fine and merely had to be aligned or repaired, you’ll keep Touch ID functionality.

How to Access the Virtual Home Button

If the Home button is not working, you can access the virtual Home button by following these steps:

Open the

Settings app

on the






Scroll down and select


to open the AssistiveTouch settings.




Turn on the

Assistive Touch toggle switch

to enable AssistiveTouch.

A small AssistiveTouch button will appear on the screen, which you can use to access the virtual on-screen Home button and other features. It looks like a small circle on-screen in the same position as the pictured “X.”

To access the virtual Home button, select the

Assistive Touch button

, then the


button. This will simulate the physical Home button and take you back to the Home screen.

Select the

Assistive Touch button

, then tap on the “Siri” button. This will activate Siri and allow you to use your voice to give commands and ask questions.

To access the Control Center, select the

Assistive Touch button

, then the

Control Centre button

. This will open the virtual Control Center, which allows you to access settings and controls for the iPhone.

To access the Notification Center, select the

Assistive Touch button

and then the

Notification Center button

. This will open the Notification Center, which shows notifications and alerts from apps and services on the iPhone.

This workaround will let you use your phone until you can repair it.

Has Your Phone Been Repaired Before?

Have you repaired your phone before? It seems that in some cases, small mistakes such as loose or missing screws, an over-tightened anchor screw, or damage to logic board components cause the malfunction.

If your iPhone’s Home button stopped working after a repair shop worked on it to fix something else, consider taking it back and having them repair the issue under the workmanship warranty with the previous repair.

Xbox Game Bar Not Working: How To Troubleshoot And Fix

Xbox Game Bar Not Working: How to Troubleshoot and Fix Easy solutions to a rather tricky problem




If the Xbox Game Bar is not opening on your PC, it might be because you are running games in fullscreen mode.

You can fix this issue easily by editing the Registry or tweaking some of the tool’s settings.

Another quick and effective solution is double-checking if the Game Bar is activated.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Xbox is one of Windows 10’s default apps. This app integrates the Xbox with Windows and includes a handy Game Bar, but some can’t open it on Windows 10.

This Game Bar is a built-in tool you can use to take snapshots. It is also one of the best screen recording tools to use on your Windows PC. To open the Game Bar, you only need to press the Windows key + G with a window selected. So, let’s find out all about it.

Why won’t Xbox game bar open?

If the Game Bar is not opening on Windows 10 and Windows + G is not working, it might be because you altered the shortcut that opens the tool.

Also, the issue might be down to the Game Bar settings on your PC. Lastly, some registry settings can make the tool fail to work on your PC.

Moreover, some of them may be applied even when facing the following issues:

Xbox Game Bar shortcut not working – Windows + G not opening Game Bar: If pressing the Windows key + G makes no difference, it’s time to check your Xbox Game Bar settings.

Xbox Game Bar keeps turning off – Xbox Game Bar turns itself off

: Chances are you need to use Game Mode, but the Game Bar repeatedly turns off. If so, edit the registry and change AllowGameDVR to 1.

Game DVR not working Windows 10: This is just a variation of the original issue, but if you encounter it, you should be able to solve it with the solutions from this article.

Can’t enable/open

Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar

not loading: Users reported that they can’t allow Game Bar on their PC. However, you can fix the issue by changing the Game bar settings.

Game bar not opening up on Steam, appearing: If you have issues with Game Bar and Steam, you might want to try changing the Game bar’s configuration. If that doesn’t work, you should try reinstalling the Xbox app.

Windows Game Bar nothing to record: Sometimes, you might get a message saying There’s nothing to record. We covered this issue in great detail in one of our older articles, so check it out for more solutions.

Xbox Game Bar

not working in Windows 11, 10: The solutions below are applicable for both OSs, so make sure to follow them.

Xbox Game Bar

not opening with controller – Try to uninstall, then reinstall the controller driver in order to fix this. This has worked for most users.

Xbox Game Bar

not working properly – Not running the games in Full-Screen mode, proved to be one of the most effective solutions.

Xbox Game Bar

not recording –

Xbox Game Bar

record button greyed out – Try to reinstall the feature through Powershell as we have shown in the 6th solution below.


Xbox Game Bar

not working – Check the feature’s Hotkey settings.

Xbox Game Bar

party chat not working – If you create a new user profile, you might be able to get access to all the features included.

Xbox Game Bar

not showing friends – Simply update your OS, then reboot it in order to bring everything up-to-date.

The Game Bar is usually enabled by default on your PC. But you can still follow the steps above to check if it is active.

How do I fix my Xbox game bar when it’s not working? 1. Check the Game bar’s Settings

It might be the case that the Game Bar Record game clips and screenshots setting is switched off in Windows 10.

Then the Game Bar isn’t going to open when you press its hotkey. So, you can check that option as described above.

2. Edit the Registry

You can also switch the Game Bar via the registry.

3. Don’t Run the Games in Full-Screen Mode

Is it the case that the Game Bar is not opening when you’re running a game on full screen? The Game Bar doesn’t open in full-screen modes because most games don’t recognize the Windows key + G hotkey.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use the Game Bar’s options in full-screen mode, but the overlay UI isn’t going to open. You can still record a game with the Windows + Alt + R hotkey or take a snapshot by pressing Windows + Alt + PrtScr.

Run the game in window mode and press the Windows key + G to open the Game Bar UI.

4. Check the Xbox app’s Hotkey Settings

Check the Game Bar hotkeys haven’t been reconfigured in any way. The Xbox app enables users to customize the hotkeys so that somebody might have tinkered with the keyboard shortcut settings.

You can check the Game Bar hotkeys as described above.

5. Install the Windows Media Feature Pack

Windows 10 N and KN versions don’t include all the media technologies and apps in more standard editions.

So if your platform is a Windows 10 N edition, that might be why the Game Bar isn’t opening for you.

Several apps need Windows Media files not included in Windows 10 KN or N.

However, you can install the media-related technologies otherwise lacking in Windows 10 N with the Windows Media Feature Pack.

6. Reinstall the Xbox Game Bar through Powershell

If you were wondering how do I reinstall Xbox game bar, deleting the app via PowerShell and then downloading it from the Microsoft Store is the easiest way to go.

Expert tip:

After running this command, the Xbox app will be removed from your PC. You must open the Microsoft Store app and download the Xbox app again.

Once you download it, the problem with the Game bar should be entirely resolved.

7. Turn the Game Bar off and on

If you are wondering how do I fix my Xbox game bar not popping up, simply turning the Game bar off and on or updating the OS should work. This is a temporary workaround, but it might help you with this issue.

After that, the Game Bar should start working again. Remember that this is just a temporary workaround, and if you encounter issues with the Game Bar, you’ll need to repeat this solution.

8. Create a new user account

According to users, problems with the Game Bar can occur if your user profile is damaged or corrupted. However, you might be able to fix the problem simply by creating a new user account.

To do that, you need to follow these simple steps from above. After creating a new user account, switch to it, and check if that solves your problem.

If the problem doesn’t appear on the new account, you need to move all your files to the new account and use it instead of your old account.

9. Use third-party solutions

If you can’t fix the problem with the Game Bar, you might want to consider using third-party software.

Although the Game Bar comes preinstalled with Windows 10, it has certain limitations, and if you can’t get it to work correctly, you might want to try some other Windows 10 screen recording software.

If you’re looking for a different application to record your screen and gameplay sessions, we strongly recommend trying Icecream Screen Recorder.

This tool is straightforward and offers certain features that the Game Bar lacks, so feel free to try it out.

Speaking about recording issues, one particular topic caught our attention, and we would like to share it quickly with you.

What can I do if Xbox Game Bar is not opening on Windows 11?

If the Game Bar is not opening on Windows 11, it might be because you have not enabled it from the settings. You can follow the steps in this guide to activate the tool.

Also, it might be down to some glitches with the tool. Disabling and enabling the tool after some minutes should solve this. Lastly, you can apply any fixes in this guide to solve the problem.

Xbox Game Bar stops recording when switching Windows

While many users struggle with the Xbox Game Bar not recording, others only encounter this issue when switching between apps or using the Alt + Tab key combination in the browser. You can fix this by updating the tool by following the steps below:

To do that, open the Windows Update settings from the Start menu.

Next, press the Check for updates button. Thus, you will activate the search and, consequently, the installation of these files.

Finally, restart your PC and check if the issue is still there.

There you have it: Everything you need to fix the Game Bar not opening issue.

Good luck with the troubleshooting, and don’t be shy to let us know if any of these solutions helped you solve the Xbox Game Bar not working issues.

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How To Fix Zoom Not Working On Mac

How many times has it happened that you are trying to join a Zoom meeting, and you keep getting Zoom not working error? It is especially annoying if the meeting is a vital client briefing or job interview. There have been reports of Mac users, in particular, facing this issue more than their Windows counterparts. This article is for you if you also face the same problem. Here’s how to fix Zoom not working on Mac.

Check If Mac Is Connected To The internet

Before we start with the steps, let’s assume you already have the Zoom app installed on your Mac. If not, please head to the App Store on your Apple laptop and install the app. Once you install the app, if you face the same issue, please check if the MacBook is connected to the internet.

Zoom often throws an error because of the slow and sluggish Internet connectivity. In this case, you can check our guide on How to Fix Your Internet Connection Is Unstable Zoom Error. Ensure that you have a working Internet connection and it’s working as intended for Zoom to work as intended.

Check Zoom’s Server Status

If you’re still facing the error after ensuring that your internet connection is fast and working as it should, the problem must be on the other end. In rare cases, Zoom’s servers might experience an outage, and the app might act out.

If you are sure that the internet at your end is working fine and Zoom is still giving you grief, head to the Zoom Status page and check that everything listed is green and operational. If you see anything in red, you might have to wait till the issue is fixed.

Give Zoom The Required Permissions

To perform well, Zoom needs permission access to the microphone, camera, and a few other processes. It is essential to ensure that the app has all the correct permissions to offer a good video conferencing experience. To enable these permissions, follow the below steps.

2. Select System Preferences from the context menu.

4. Go to the Privacy tab.

6. Similar to camera access, ensure Zoom has access to the microphone.

Quit Other Apps Using Mac’s Camera And Mic

Since Zoom needs access to the camera and microphone on your MacBook, it cannot function properly if another app is accessing these in the background. These apps could be other video calling tools like Skype or MS Teams. Quit these apps using the steps below.

2. Select Applications from the left sidebar.

4. Find the app that could be using the camera and mic.

Force Quit The Zoom app 

You can also force quit and restart the Zoom app to resolve any issues with Zoom on your Mac. Follow the steps below to force quit the app.

2. From the context menu, select Force Quit.

3. In the next window, select

5. Open Zoom again after a few minutes.

Uninstall And Reinstall Zoom

You can also uninstall and reinstall the Zoom app to reset all permission access and resolve any issues. Here’s how to do so.

1. Force Quit the Zoom app using the method above.

5. Restart your Mac, reinstall the Zoom app, and give it the necessary permissions to perform optimally.

Restart Your Mac

Restarting your Mac will also resolve a host of issues the app might face on the MacBook. Here’s how to do so.

2. From the context menu, select Restart.

3. Once the MacBook reboots, try using Zoom, which should work correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Zoom not working on Mac?

It could be because of several reasons like other apps using the camera and microphone, Zoom server down, internet not working at your end, and so on. Make sure to pinpoint the exact cause and try to troubleshoot accordingly.

How do I fix the Zoom on my Mac when it’s not responding?

If Zoom is not responding on your MacBook, you can try several methods to revive it. Start with force quitting the app and restarting your MacBook. Further, you can reinstall the Zoom app, close other apps that might be using mic and camera, and more.

How do I get my Zoom to work on my Mac?

Ensure that you have the Zoom app installed and it has all the necessary permissions required to perform optimally on your MacBook. 

Why is Zoom crashing on my Mac?

Zoom app crashes if the internet connectivity is slow or has issues. Look for problems that might hamper your connectivity and fix them to fix Zoom.

Final Words

How To Fix Windows 11 Microphone Not Working

How to Fix Windows 11 Microphone Not Working

Also Read: Fixed – Microphone Not Working On Mac

Best Ways to Fix Microphone Problem – Windows 11

Before we get into the details, let us learn the reasons that can be the reason for the mic not working on Windows 11.

The microphone is turned off

Loose cable connection

The microphone is not connected

Mic is mute

The incorrect microphone is selected

Faulty or corrupt hardware/USB port

Missing or outdated device drivers

Now, that we know what can cause the problem let us learn how to troubleshoot the problem on Windows 11:-

Method 1 – Check Connection

The first thing you need to do is check the connection. If you are using an external device, and unable to access it, try reconnecting the microphone and see if it works. But If it doesn’t, try connecting to another device and re-check. If it works, the problem is with the earlier device you were connecting it with. In such a case, try following other fixes.

However, if the mic doesn’t work on either system, it seems the hardware is faulty and you need to either replace or get the device repaired.

Method 2 – Make sure Microphone is enabled

If it is already enabled, you will find the Disable device option. In this situation move to the next fix.

Method 3 – Check Privacy Settings

Press Windows + I to open the Windows settings menu.

Mic should not be working.

Method 4 – Set it as the default device

This option comes in handy when you use multiple microphones and the wrong microphone is selected. To fix this, make sure the same microphone is selected as the default system microphone.

Method 5 – Run the Audio Troubleshooter

Press Windows + I to open Windows settings

Restart the system to apply changes and that’s it.

Method 6 – Update Microphone driver

Drivers can be updated both manually and automatically. While the manual method is time-consuming and involves risk, the automatic method is quick and safe. To automatically update drivers use Advanced Driver Updater. However, to update drivers manually you can use Device Manager or can visit the manufacturer’s website.

To update drivers manually using Device Manager follow these steps:

Select Search automatically for drivers. Wait for Windows to look for updates and apply them.

Restart the system to apply changes. Even If you get the message the best driver is running, just to be sure either visit the manufacturer’s website or use Advanced Driver Updater.

Update the Driver Automatically – Advanced Driver Updater

Download and install Advanced Driver Updater

Run the tool and scan the system for outdated drivers.

Restart the PC to apply changes

Now try to use the mic. It should be working.

Conclusion –

To fix mic not working issues on Windows 11, you can use either of the fixes explained above. Also to avoid facing the problem in the future make sure you always check the battery connection, check for available driver updates using Advanced Driver Updater, and scan the system for virus and malware infection. To scan the system for infections, you can use Systweak Antivirus.

This will help prevent facing the microphone problem and other issues.

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Laptop Touchpad Not Working? Here’s How To Fix

Laptop Touchpad Not Working? Here’s How to Fix How To Fix Laptop Touchpad Not Working: 1. Reboot your Laptop

So the first step that we suggest is to properly shut down your laptop, wait for a few seconds and then restart it. Now check whether the touchpad of your laptop is functional again. If it’s still not working, then check out the next troubleshooting step.

2. Look Out For the Touchpad Disable Zone:

Many laptops have a dedicated button or spot on the touchpad, double tapping on which disable the touchpad of the laptop. Mainly in HP laptops there is a button at the top left of the touchpad double tapping which disables the touchpad. But the good thing is that double tapping back on it will enable the touchpad and your problem of the touchpad not working will be resolved.

1. Type Touchpad in the Window Search and select your Touchpad to open it.

3. In Touchpad Disable Zone Settings uncheck the option Double Tap To Enable or Disable Touchpad.

This will permanently disable that Touchpad Disable Zone.

3. Enable Touchpad in Mouse Properties:

But you need not to worry as enabling it will resolve the problem of the touchpad not working.

1. Open the Run command box by pressing the Windows + R key on your keyboard at the same time.

2. Now in the Run command box type chúng tôi and hit enter. This will open the Mouse Properties window.

Please note that since the touchpad is not working you have to connect an external USB mouse to your laptop. You can also use the Tab key of your keyboard to navigate through the settings.

Hopefully the problem of the touchpad not working is resolved once you have enabled the touchpad settings. But in case the problem persists then head on to the next step.

4. Update the Driver for Touchpad Driver

If the touchpad is not working or malfunctioning then an corrupt or outdated touchpad driver can be one of the most possible reasons. Therefore to fix this problem all you need to do is update the driver for touchpad to the latest.

To update any driver of your system you have two options one is manually looking at the manufacturer/vendor site and other is automatically by using a dedicated driver updater tool.

Advanced Driver Updater

Quickly Backup

Large Number of Devices Supported

Optimal performance

Best choice

Read Full Review On Advanced Driver Updater

Also before updating each diver it creates a backup of it so that in the rarest of the cases you can easily revert back to the older version if required.

So download this amazing driver updater tool from the button given below and update all your outdated drivers including the one of touchpad. And after updating the drivers you will find that the touchpad not working problem is resolved.

5. Faulty Hardware:

If you have exactly followed all the above steps and still the touchpad is not working then it is quite likely possible that touchpad is faulty. So in such cases you have to contact the device manufacturer of your laptop or a local technician to either repair the touchpad or replace it.

Wrapping Up:

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