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How to Fix Server Not Found Connection Error in Mozilla Firefox Wrongly configured network settings are often related




Some Firefox users have reported getting a Server not found error when using the browser.

Continue reading the article below for more information on how to bypass this problem.

You can find instructions on how to change your proxy settings, turn off the IPv6, and more.

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Sometimes Server not Found messages can appear in Firefox and prevent you from accessing your favorite websites. This can be a big problem, but today we’ll show you how to tackle this issue properly.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, it is very likely that you have experienced the following error message:

Problem loading page. Firefox server not found.

As with all the error messages out there, troubleshooting this error is not easy and consists of several steps one must follow. First, we have to zero in on the cause to sort out this error.

However, if you prefer to stick to Firefox, follow the troubleshooting steps listed below to fix the Server not found error.

Why Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server?

This is a common problem that users face, and there are many reasons for it. On the top of the list are the following:

Bad internet connection

Wrongly configured network settings

Compatibility issues with app and antivirus

Note that some users have complained that the server is not found, but they are connected to the internet. Regardless of the situation, we should help you connect to your server in this article.

Quick Tip:

If nothing worked in your case using the Firefox browser, you are left with no choice but to consider the possibility of using a different browser.

We recommend Opera One due to its Chromium-based browser, extensive addon support, and lack of notorious resource use, making it one of the most lightweight browsers on the market today.

Opera One

Use this faster and private web browser, only limited by your Internet connectivity.

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How do I fix the Server not found error in Firefox? 1. Check your browser and Internet connection

This is one of the most primitive yet effective methods of checking out why the problem loading page Firefox server was not found.

Check if the same website opens on other browsers; if not, check with other websites.

Ensure that the Internet security software and the Firewall settings are not hindering your connection. If you are connected but behind a firewall, the server connection may not go through.

If you are using a proxy server, make sure that the proxy server can connect to the internet.

Please follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below if the website opens and renders correctly on the other browsers.

2. Check Firefox proxy settings

Expert tip:

3. DisableDNS Prefetching

Firefox uses DNS prefetching technology to render the web pages much faster; sometimes, this might play the spoilsport.

4. Turn off the IPv6

Firefox switches on IPv6 by default, and this tends to cause issues in specific scenarios. You can try disabling the IPv6 and then check if the problem loading page firefox server not found problem is solved.

5. Check your antivirus

This is a very peculiar problem; it usually happens when your Internet security software restricts Firefox from connecting to the internet. Also, remember that some of the internet security suites are capable of blocking access to the Internet despite being in an inactive state.

Also, try to add and remove Firefox from the list of trusted or recognized programs.

If your antivirus is the problem, perhaps this would be a good moment to consider switching to different antivirus software. There are various antivirus tools on the market.

You can indeed find a good Windows 10 and 11 compatible antivirus that will not interfere with your browser. All good antivirus software nowadays includes good Internet protection features.

6. Restart your modem/router

If you’re getting Server not found error in Firefox, you may fix the problem simply by restarting your modem or router. This issue can occur due to various glitches; to fix it, you should restart your modem/router. To do that, follow these steps:

Press the Power button on your modem/router to turn it off.

Wait for 30 seconds.

Now press the Power button to turn the modem/router back on.

Wait while the device boots.

Once your router boots, check if the problem is still there. I would also suggest Firefox users Clear Recent History and select Everything in the Time Range to Clear. Also, consider using cleanup tools like CCleaner and maybe uninstall and reinstall the Firefox browser.

The solutions listed above are equally great if you encounter the following issues:

When Firefox starts all of the open tabs say server not found – This happens when Firefox is set to open multiple tabs on startup but lacks connectivity to any of them.

Server is not found Firefox Ubuntu – This happens even when running Firefox on Ubuntu.

Firefox not connecting to the server – This usually happens due to server timeouts.

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How To Fix Multiversus Connection Lost Error.

If you are trying to play MultiVersus on Steam but because you keep getting Connection lost errors and are unable to connect. This article will show you several different things you can do to solve the problem and get the game to reconnect to the servers again.

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Warner Bros Multiversus is a free-to-play (F2P) platform fighter game that lets you battle it out in intense 2v2 matches. With a range of popular characters like Batman, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, Arya Stark, Rick & Morty and a ton of others. It’s a unique, old-school-style coop fighter game that is quite fun to play.

Connection issues are quite common in games these days and can usually be fixed by restarting your computer and Internet router/modem. However, there are instances where this doesn’t solve the problem, especially in Multiversus on Steam. Thankfully there are a range of other solutions you can turn to, to solve the problem.

Double-check that the Multiversus servers are up and running.

Once you have restarted your computer and your Internet router/modem, you will need to double-check that the game’s servers are actually up and running. Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific website showing the status so you’ll need to visit the MultiVersusand WB Games Support Twitter channels. If there aren’t any recent Tweets, you can assume everything is up and running so the problem is somewhere else.

Try launching Steam as Administrator then launch the game.

Use the Verify Files tool to check the game is installed and working properly.

This process scans and checks for any missing, extra, or corrupted content that may be causing games to get stuck in an endless attempt to update. To Verify Game files you will need to do the following.

First open Steam.

Now change to the Library tab.

Once you have started this process you will have to wait a considerable amount of time for it to complete. Especially for big games. Once your game files have been verified, you’ll be able to start playing the game again without any issues.

Uninstall and Reinstall Steam.

If verifying game files and reinstalling the game still didn’t fix this problem, you will have to uninstall and reinstall Steam on your computer. If you have quite a few games installed this is going to be a painful fix for you. However, there is some good news. Before you start this process, you can make a backup of all your Steam games that are working (don’t include the ones you have having problems with). Alternatively, you can just move your game installations to a different drive on your device, if you have space.

File History Element Not Found: How To Fix This Error

File History Element Not Found: How to Fix This Error You should check if you have sufficient storage space for backup or not




File history element not found error pops up when you try to use the feature.

It could be because there is no storage space available in the drive where you have created your backup.

You can try to fix the corrupt system files or uninstall the recently installed Windows update.



Easily get rid of Windows errors

Fortect is a system repair tool that can scan your complete system for damaged or missing OS files and replace them with working versions from its repository automatically. Boost your PC performance in three easy steps:

Download and Install Fortect on your PC.

Launch the tool and Start scanning


readers have already downloaded Fortect so far this month

The File History element not found error has been troubling users for quite some time. There are multiple user reports regarding this error on the official Microsoft support forums. Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 users are affected by the File History element not found error.

This issue pops up because of a bug in the File History feature. You are in the right place if you are also experiencing the same problem.

Because in this guide, we will explain to you all the different methods for Windows 10 and 11 users that will help you fix the issue at hand. Let us get right into it.

What causes the File History element not found error in Windows 10 and 11?

Here are some of the most common reasons that could trigger the File History element not found error in Windows 10 and 11.

Presence of a bug: Due to a bug in the File History feature, you will face this error.

Your storage is full: If the storage drive is full where you have created the File History backup, then you will face this issue.

Storage drive has some issues: Due to file corruption or backup corruption, you will also face the File History element not found error.

Corrupt system files: If the system files are corrupt or missing, then you will multiple system problems, one of which is the error at hand.

Uninstall recently installed updates: For many users, the problem is triggered after updating their PCs with the latest update.

How can I fix the File History element not found error in Windows 10 and 11?


The solutions mentioned below apply to Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems.

1. Clean up disk storage space

Alternatively, go to the drive and delete the unwanted files from your PC one by one. The above method is helpful when cleaning up the disk space, including unwanted system files.

2. Re-enable File History 3. Clean up history files using CMD

Open the Start menu by pressing the Win key.

Open Command Prompt as an admin.

Type the below command and press Enter. FhManagew.exe -cleanup 30

The above command will delete the File History files older than 30 days.

Restart your PC.

4. Fix system corruption

Open the Start menu by pressing the Win key.

Open Command Prompt as an admin.

Type the below command and press Enter. sfc /scannnow

Wait for the scan to complete.

Type the below command and press Enter. dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

Once the process completes, restart your PC.

System file corruption can lead to multiple issues on your PC, including the File History element not found error.

In such a case, you should run the SFC Scan, and DISM commands to fix the files. However, in most cases, these commands do not yield the desired result. So, we suggest you use a dedicated tool.

Chances are that the recent Windows update introduced a bug that is causing the File History element not found error. A simple fix for this is to remove the currently installed Windows update and check whether the problem is resolved.

6. Cloud reset Windows

If none of the above solutions helped you resolve the File History element not found error, then it is time for you to reset the PC.

Following the above steps, you can reset your PC without losing your personal files and return to a state where everything generally worked on your PC.

That is it from us in this guide. In addition, we have a dedicated guide that explains what File History is and how you can enable, disable or set it up on Windows 11.

Also, for users who do not know how to access File History on Control Panel, we would like them to look at our guide.

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Fix Server Execution Failed Error In Wsl

You may encounter the Server execution failed error in WSL on one or more instances on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 system; including when you try to run a Linux distro, when you try to run a bash command in that environment, or when you try to update/install WSL or upgrade WSL 1 to WSL 2. This post provides the most suitable fixes to this error in all cases. Keep in mind that solving the error may depend on your environment scenario.

Fix Server execution failed error in WSL

If the Server execution failed error has occurred in the WSL environment on your Windows 11/10 machine, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps to resolve the issue.

Initial checklist

Disable and Re-enable WSL

Disable Virtual Machine platform

Reset Windows 11/10

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

1] Initial checklist

Before you try the solutions below, you can do the following, and after each task see if you can complete without issues the initial task that was throwing the error in highlight:

Restart LxssManager Service. LxssManager is a user-mode session manager service that launches a new instance of WSL running native ELF binaries. If this service is stopped or disabled, those binaries will no longer run. To restart LxssManager Service, follow the instructions in the post WslRegisterDistribution failed with error: 0x800700b7 or 0x80080005.

Restart PC. If restarting LxssManager Service is stuck on “Stopping” phase or the action completed but the issue in focus persists, you can just restart the system altogether.

Update Windows. If Windows is not updated on your system, it’s likely some functions or features will not work properly. So, check for updates and install any available bits on your Windows 11/10 device and see if the error reappears. On the other hand, if the error started after a recent Windows update, you can perform System Restore or uninstall the update – but if you prefer to do either task as a last resort, you can then go ahead with the solutions below.

2] Disable and Re-enable WSL

If you have encountered the Server execution failed error in WSL on your Windows 11/10 computer, you can troubleshoot the WSL error by disabling and re-enabling Windows Subsystem for Linux on your device.

To disable and re-enable WSL, is as simple as turning the feature Off/On in the Windows Optional Features applet in Control Panel or running a PowerShell cmdlet.

To enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux feature using the Turn Windows features on or off dialog box, you need to search for Turn Windows Features on or off in the Windows search box.

From the populated list, check the option for Windows Subsystem for Linux. Select OK. It will search and install some required system files and ask you to reboot your computer. After restarting your computer, your Linux distro would be working without any issues.

Alternatively, open Windows PowerShell with Administrator level rights. Execute the following command to enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux feature:

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

It will start searching for and installing some required system files.

When prompted, you need to type Y to reboot your computer.

It will install all the required system files, and your Linux distro would usually be working now.

Be sure to reboot the PC after disabling, and reboot once again after enabling.

However, this solution might not be ideal if the error is triggered multiple times as reported by some affected PC users. In this case, you can try any other solution in this post.

3] Disable Virtual Machine platform

This solution requires you to disable the Virtual machine platform – and not only just disabling Hyper-V on your Windows 11/10 machine. To perform this task, do the following:

Press Windows key + X to open Power User Menu.

Tap A on the keyboard to launch PowerShell in admin/elevated mode.

In the PowerShell console, copy and paste in the command below and hit Enter:

$ chúng tôi /online /disable-feature /featurename:VirtualMachinePlatform /norestart $ chúng tôi /online /disable-feature /featurename:Microsoft-Hyper-V /norestart

Exit PowerShell once the command executes.

Restart computer.

4] Reset Windows 11/10

If nothing has worked so far, at this point, you might be dealing with severe system corruption which can’t be resolved by conventional methods, for example; SFC/DISM scan. In this case, to see if the issue will be fixed, you can reset Windows 11/10 with the option to keep your personal files. After the reset, you can freshly set up WSL on your device.

In the unlikely event, the issue in focus persists after the reset procedure, you can raise an issue on chúng tôi for WSL-related issues.

Hope this post helps you!

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Why do I keep getting server execution failed?

The Server execution failed Windows Media Player error may be caused by windows system files damage. This error might also occur if for some reason the Windows media player network service is stopped or if there is a problem with your user account.

Why my WSL is not working?

If WSL is not working on your Windows 11/10 PC, it could be due to a number of reasons, including outdated OS or corrupt system files. So generally, you can update your version of Windows. If the issue persists and you need to access WSL, consider performing an in-place upgrade by reinstalling Windows using installation media and selecting Keep Everything to ensure your apps and files are preserved.

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Is WSL faster than a VM?

It’s also much faster to launch the WSL terminal than to start up a full VM. WSL also integrates much more fully into Windows than a regular VM in VirtualBox does. While there are ways to integrate your Windows desktop and a Linux VM in VirtualBox, it can take some time to get it working properly. WSL 2 runs as a Hyper-V virtual machine.

Fix The Microsoft Sql Server Error 18456

Fix the Microsoft SQL Server Error 18456 [Login Failed For User] Try these easy fixes if Microsoft SQL Server error 18456 pop up






To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Logging into the Microsoft SQL Server requires a certain level of permissions and authorization. Hence, issues with the login process can prompt Microsoft SQL Server Error 18456.

Also, it can cause the Operating System not supported by SQL server error to appear.

What causes the Microsoft SQL server error 18456?

The Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18456 Login Failed for user can occur for many reasons. It indicates that you have entered invalid credentials, permission problems, or SQL server settings impeding the authentication process.

However, common causes that may prompt the error on your PC are:

Invalid login credentials – Users can run into the Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18456 if they attempt to log in with invalid credentials. It can trigger the SQL server to be unresponsive because it can’t read unregistered credentials.

SQL server does not have elevated permissions – When the SQL server lacks the necessary rights and administrator privileges, it can affect its processes and cause an error. It limits the access and ability the SQL server Management Studio has on your PC.

Expired login password – Sometimes, the password for login can be expired, and it can cause the login credentials to be invalid and unusable. It can cause SQL Server Error 18456 to occur.

Other factors may be responsible for the error. Nevertheless, we’ll discuss solutions for fixing it and getting your SQL server Management Studio working.

How do I fix SQL Server Error 18456?

Go ahead with the following preliminary checks:

Fix network congestion on the networking computers.

Restart Windows in Safe Mode and check if the SQL error persists.

Expert tip:

1. Launch the SQL Server as Administrator

Allowing the SQL Server Management Studio to run as administrator will fix any permissions issues affecting it.

2. Change the SQL Server Authentication mode

Running the SQL server in Authentication mode will fix the login issues causing the error. You can check our guide on other Windows hosting SQL server you can use.

3. Launch the SQL Server in a Single User Mode

The above steps will check the SQL server’s parameters and assign the administrative role to help fix the issue.

4. Enable the TCP/IP Protocol in the Server Configuration Manager

The TCP/IP Protocol in the Server Configuration Manager will fix network issues liable to cause the Microsoft SQL Server Error 18456.

Alternatively, our readers can check how to repair a corrupt SQL server database for more information on fixing SQL errors. Likewise, we have a guide on fixing the cannot generate SSPI context error in SQL Server.

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3 Ways To Fix Event Listener If It’s Not Working In Firefox

3 Ways to Fix Event Listener If It’s Not Working in Firefox Updating your browser often solves the issue




Instead of solving troubles with Firefox, upgrade to a better browser: Opera One

Opera One brings a handful of changes, including an updated UI, integration with AI chatbots, and tab management features. What else can you expect?

Easy migration: use the Opera One assistant to transfer existing Firefox information

Optimize resource utilization: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Firefox

Ensures your privacy online with a free VPN and built-in Ad blocker

⇒ Get Opera One

If you are a programmer and have been coding for some time, you must have encountered a situation where an event listener is not working in your Firefox browser. Event listeners, like all other APIs, are not cross-browser compatible and may present some problems.

An event listener is a function that is called when an event occurs. It can be associated with an element in the DOM, such as a button or a link. It is why you need a browser dedicated for web development for the best outcome.

When an event listener is created, it is attached to the DOM element with a specific ID. So if you have multiple elements on your page with the same ID, only one listener will be called when the element receives an event.

While you expect things to run smoothly, sometimes your browser may present problems, and your event listener may not be firing up as it should.

Why are my event listeners not working?

If your event listeners are not working, here are some possible reasons why:

How do I know if an event listener is working? 

You can use the Firefox Dev Tools to inspect the DOM and check for the presence of your custom attributes.

If your code is wrong, then the event listener won’t work. But if your code is right, then there’s no way to tell whether an event listener will work until after it’s been used in a real-world situation with real-world requirements.

Expert tip:

Another solid browser that supports event listeners is Opera. The browser can schedule events in the document queues more effectively with passive event listeners.

This is particularly handy in touch and wheel interactions, as it prevents the browser from generating redundant scroll events. Furthermore, switching to Opera will transfer everything you need from Firefox.


Passive event listeners can easily be managed in Opera, test it yourself.

Free Visit website

What can I do if event listeners are not working in Firefox? 2. Check your code

The first thing to check is the syntax of your code. Make sure that you have written it correctly and that you have included all of the required code.

3. Enable JavaScript

If you have tried all the solutions, but your event listener is still not working in Firefox, try using a different browser. If the event works in one browser but not another, it might be a problem with how the browser handles events or how it renders your page. 

You can also try using code writing software to help you get the job done easily and minimize any mistakes.

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