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Logarithmic Finance, Stellar, and Polkadot are set to drive significant profit for crypto investors

There are many different cryptocurrencies on the market these days. It can be difficult to know which one is right for you with so many to choose from. In this article, we will discuss three currencies – Logarithmic Finance (LOG), Stellar (XLM), and Polkadot (DOT) – and explore how they can benefit you financially. We’ll also provide tips on how to gain significantly with these currencies. So, if you’re interested in cryptocurrencies, read on!

The Rising Sun: Logarithmic Finance (LOG)

Logarithmic Finance (LOG) is a project developed with the slogan of revealing the true power of DeFi. Taking a very innovative approach, LOG provides a much more efficient transfer process, especially with the Layer-III basis it uses in the swap area. Developed with a focus on security and speed, LOG also reduces gas fee costs by 80%.

 Considered one of the most innovative projects of the year in decentralized finance, LOG offers a serious buying opportunity during the pre-sale process, especially for those who want to make medium and long-term investments.

In this period, where decentralized finance is being used more and more each day, it is seen as an inevitable possibility that revolutionary projects such as Logarithmic Finance (LOG) will gain value. In particular, from the second quarter of 2023, the value of the LOG token is expected to double.

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar (XLM) is a decentralized open-source protocol for cross-border payments. Its native asset, Lumens (XLM), has a total supply of 50 billion and a market value of over $3.1 billion. The Stellar network allows users to conduct instant, secure, and cheap transactions in any currency, including cryptocurrencies.

XLM is used to pay transaction fees and maintain account balances on the network. Stellar (XLM) was founded in 2014 by Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of Ripple. The Stellar team includes former PayPal president Jordan Kelley and Stripe CTO Greg Brockman. In 2023, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) launched the Stellar Partnership Grant Program, which provides funding to projects that build on the Stellar network.

Grantees include wallets, exchanges, payment processors, and anchor services. The SDF also operates the Stellar Lumens Escrow program, which helps distribute Stellar (XLM) to new users and promotes its use as a currency.

Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot (DOT) is a cryptocurrency that its developers designed to improve upon the scalability issues that other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have. DOT, its token, was launched in August 2023 and has since become one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market value.

One key feature that Polkadot (DOT) offers its users is its interoperability, which allows different blockchains to communicate with each other. This means that Polkadot (DOT) can provide its users with the security of multiple chains while also allowing for greater flexibility. As the cryptocurrency space grows and evolves, Polkadot is positioned to be a significant player in its development.


In conclusion, Logarithmic Finance (LOG) seems like an excellent investment for new investors who want to make significant gains in the long term. Polkadot (DOT) and Stellar (XLM) are also good options for investing in these projects with growth potential. Thanks for reading!

More information on LOG:

You're reading How To Gain Significantly With Logarithmic Finance (Log), Stellar (Xlm), And Polkadot (Dot)

Understanding Stellar Consensus Protocol And How It Can Power Xlm In 2023

The bear market of 2023 tested the resilience of the crypto-market to its limits, prompting naysayers to question the sustainability and demand for blockchain technologies. However, the rally witnessed since the beginning of 2023 has piqued the curiosity of businesses and governments, who are looking to capitalize on the technology’s potential to promote transparency and efficiency. Here’s where the Stellar Consensus Protocol comes into the picture.

Apart from networks working on proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithms, another technology to look out for could be the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) on which the payments-focused layer-1 solution, Stellar is based.

Read Stellar (XLM) Price Prediction 2023-24

However, the area of concern was the sharp decline in the total payments on the chain, more than 60% on a YoY basis. For a technology positioning itself as a viable alternative for facilitating cross-border payments, this drop has been alarming.

What is SCP?

Stellar is an open-source, decentralized network and protocol that allows for the exchange of any sort of currency, including fiat money such as USD and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin [BTC]. Using Stellar, people can send and receive money nationally and internationally, irrespective of the currency type.

Like other blockchains, Stellar also relies on a consensus algorithm to verify the validity of transactions. The SCP is an open-source system that offers a unique way to reach consensus without relying on a closed system to record financial transactions accurately. This approach does not require validation from all the miners in the network. Rather, it relies on the collaboration of trusted nodes.

Using the Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA), nodes select other nodes they think to be trustworthy, and then collaborate to create and validate a set of transactions to change the state of the ledger. This technique results in speedier transaction processing, making Stellar an appealing medium for sending funds across borders.

However, the network is yet to realize its full potential as it was processing just 38 transactions per second (TPS) at the time of publication, according to Blockchair data.

Stellar’s roadmap for 2023

As part of its strategy for expansion in 2023, Stellar stated that its prime focus will be utility. This, to attract real users, developers, and businesses looking to harness the growth potential of blockchain technologies.

The ecosystem intends to focus its efforts on three key components in order to boost network utility – Making innovation easy and scalable, attracting developers looking to solve real-world problems, and building trust with stakeholders.

And Stellar looked committed in making its network more attractive to prospective builders. Recently, it integrated with AI-powered cyber security company, chúng tôi to boost security for its cross-border payments. Security is one of the foundations on which the edifice of decentralized solutions stand. Hence, better security is bound to attract more developers.

— Stellar (@StellarOrg) May 9, 2023

However, a look at Stellar’s development activity indicator didn’t evoke much optimism. After climbing to 2-month high in the first week of May, it fell precipitously as the month progressed. Development activity is a measure of a project’s efforts in polishing and upgrading its features. A significant drop could possibly deter new players from entering the system.

Gauging XLM’s performance in 2023

Stellar’s native cryptocurrency called Lumens, or XLM, is one of the pillars of the payments network. Apart from paying transaction fees on the network, XLM also acts as the intermediate currency that allows Stellar users to execute trades.

How much are 1,10,100 XLMs worth today

At the time of writing, XLM was exchanging hands at $0.08831, as per CoinMarketCap, representing an year-to-date (YTD) growth rate of 21%. While this is an impressive feat, the coin faced a significant price correction over the last month, driven by broader market conditions. On a monthly basis, it has plunged by nearly 17%.

Evidently, this has impacted demand as the transaction volume has tapered off since the massive surge in the latter part of March, according to Santiment data. The drop in prices has eroded investors’ confidence for the token as the weighted sentiment plunged into the negative zone.

How To Gain Xp Fast In Valorant

Earning Experience Points (XP) in video games is an important element, especially in FPS games such as Fortnite, PUBG, or Valorant that have a rewards system. Now, if you have just started playing Riot Games’ popular FPS title Valorant, you might want to know how you can gain XP fast. Well, it enables you to unlock new agents, rewards like gun skins and buddies, and other in-game items. So, if you are looking for ways to quickly get XP in Valorant, you have come to the right place. Read this article till the end to know how to gain XP fast in Valorant and how you can use your hard-earned points in the game.

Learn How to Get XP Fast in Valorant (2024) 3 Best Ways to Earn XP Fast in Valorant Method 1: By Playing Various Game Modes

The most effective way to earn XP fast in Valorant is by playing the game’s different modes. You can earn XP in Valorant by simply playing any of the 5 game modes — Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush, Deathmatch, and Escalation/ Replication. Although there is a custom mode as well, it does not let you earn XP in the game. So, if you are wondering which Valorant game mode gives the most XP? Well, keep reading to find the answer.

Unrated (Earn up to 4,700 XP per Match)

Playing an Unrated game in Valorant means you will be playing just for XP and not increase your competitive rank. It is one of the easiest ways to earn a huge amount of XP in a single game. However, it is worth mentioning that you will need to complete each match, whether you win or lose, to gain the points at the end. If you start the game and go AFK (away from keyboard), Riot’s anti-cheat system Vanguard might put a temporary ban on your account.

So, if you complete an unrated game and win it with a great margin, you can earn up to 4,700 XP per game. If you lose the game, on the other hand, you will still gain some points, but it will be a lower amount. Nonetheless, playing an unrated game is one of the best ways to earn XP and test new agents, weapons, and strategies without putting your competitive rank at risk.

Competitive (Earn Between 4,700 XP to 2,100 XP per Match)

The Competitive mode in Valorant is exactly like the Unrated mode. Though winning or losing a competitive match will affect your account rank in Valorant.

However, from an XP perspective, you will earn similar Experience Points as the unrated matches. So, if you win a competitive match, you will be able to earn up to 4,700 XP per game, with the minimum amount going down to 2,100 XP per game. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that competitive matches are just like unrated matches and take longer to complete.

Spike Rush (Earn Flat 1,000 XP per Match)

Spike Rush is a short-match mode in Valorant that requires a player to play only 7 rounds per match. So, it is a relatively quick way to earn XP in Valorant. However, unlike Unrated and Competitive modes, Spike Rush will only let you earn a flat 1,000 XP per match.

Nonetheless, as the Spike Rush matches are much shorter (~8 to 12 minutes) than the above modes, you can play multiple matches in quick succession to earn a significant amount of XP. However, it is worth mentioning that you won’t be able to use a gun of your choice in Spike Rush matches as you can in Unrated and Competitive modes.

Now, you can play five to six Spike Rush games in the same amount of time it will take you to finish an Unrated or Competitive match. So yeah, I believe the Spike Rush game mode gives the most XP in Valorant as compared to other game modes.

Deathmatch (Earn 900 XP per Match)

Deathmatch is another short-duration game mode that only allows players to fight with guns and no abilities. From an XP-earning point of view, you will only be able to earn 900 XP per match, which ends when a players get 40 kills or the 9-minute time limit is reached.

However, the 900 Experience Points are much better as previously Riot offered only 500 XP to players per deathmatch. It was increased to the current amount only after players complained about the painfully low XP gains from deathmatch games. Though you can play multiple matches in quick succession, the lower XP reward makes me place it below Spike Rush to gain XP in Valorant.

Escalation/ Replication (Earn up to 1,000 XP per Match)

Escalation or Replication are two game modes in Valorant that cycle weekly. Escalation is a free-for-all kind of game mode, whereas the Replication mode lets all five players in a team choose a single agent to play a match.

Method 2: By Completing Daily and Weekly Missions

Other than earning XP through different game modes, you can also gain XP by completing the given daily and weekly missions in Valorant. These are in-game tasks you need to complete during your match to earn the points.

The Daily missions are simpler than the Weekly ones and expire within 24 hours. The Weekly missions, on the other hand, take much more effort and time to complete. Hence, they are available for a whole week before they expire. You can check out some of the Daily and Weekly missions to gain XP in Valorant right here:

However, it is worth mentioning that Spike Rush matches, Deathmatches, and Escalation/ Replication matches do not affect your daily or weekly missions. You can only complete them by playing Unrated or Competitive matches in Valorant.

Method 3: Buy Valorant Battle Pass for XP Boost

However, it is worth mentioning that you will require to purchase the BattlePass each season to get the XP boost in Valorant. It costs ~$10 (or Rs 799 in India) and will let you earn extra XP in every kind of match in Valorant.

How to Use Your Earned XP in Valorant

Use XP to Unlock Agents/ Activate Contract

If you are unaware, when you start playing Valorant, only a few agents are unlocked by default. These include Sage, Sova, Jett, Phoenix, and Brimstone. So, if you want to unlock other popular and powerful agents such as Reyna, Omen, Killjoy, Skye, Yoru, or Viper, you will need to activate their “Contracts”. You can do this from the dedicated Agent tab in the game.

Once you activate an agent contract, this is where your hard-earned XP is put to use. You need to earn XP to level up your agent’s contract. What does that mean, you ask? There are 10 levels to unlock for each agent in Valorant. However, you will only need to complete 5 levels of the contract to unlock the agent and start playing with it. The other contract levels include agent-specific rewards like in-game sprays, gun buddies, and weapon skins.

Valorant XP Used to Advance Battle Pass Levels Earn XP Fast in Valorant Right Now!

Apple Music To Gain More Livestreams, Pre

In a new interview with Wired, Apple Music’s Zane Lowe and Oliver Schusser dive into how the service will evolve and where it’s headed over the next year with more livestreams, behind the scenes content, and radio, but not as we currently know it.

The last official report from Apple put paying Apple Music subscribers at 60 million. While Beats 1 radio has grown in many ways in the four years since it started back in 2024, Zane Lowe’s goal its to raise awareness and discovery.

“I want more people to listen and discover this stuff,” says Lowe. “And I want to integrate what we do at Beats 1 into Apple Music more thoroughly. I would guess there are still subscribers who don’t realise Elton John has done over 200 shows. Those shows are works of art in their own right.”

Part of that work has been underway over the last few months with new branding for Apple Music playlists like the new ‘Rap Life‘ and ‘ALT CTRL.’

Further evolution of Apple Music and Beats 1 will include new radio hosts, in-depth pre- and post-album documentary coverage, and more.

The idea is also to amplify what Apple thinks no-one is doing with Lowe promising “some big new names” for Beats 1 hosts, alongside lead DJs Julie Adenuga and Ebro Darden, in the next few months. What’s interesting is that Beats 1 is now documenting the creative process in real time, with Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig discussing the album Father of the Bride pre- and post-launch on his twice monthly Time Crisis show.

Another interesting tidbit from the interview, Apple Music head Oliver Schusser said that the iTunes Music Festival wasn’t retired, but rather “paused.”

Meanwhile, Apple has put on gigs for emerging musicians in stores throughout 2023, and Schusser says the company wants to do more live events in the next 12 months. While there are no official plans for a relaunch, he says, “We never retired the iTunes Festival. We paused it.”

Another part of the future of Apple Music will be more livestreams.

There’s also the matter of how livestreams fit into the picture. After events with Shawn Mendes, French rap group PNL and Tyler the Creator, who did a live performance of his album IGOR, streamed on Apple Music the night before it came out, Lowe says “live music is definitely on the horizon” for the service. It’s all part of the team’s bid to “eventise” – his word – album launches. In the case of Tyler the Creator, “fans can tune in, then after watching it maybe you go to the album.”

And Apple has been able to pull some helpful data from users who “pre-add” albums to their accounts before they’re released.

It turns out users are four times more likely to complete an album if they’d pre-added it to their collection, 1.5 times more likely to listen to it again and they listen to music four times longer than other Apple Music subscribers.

Check out the full interview from Wired here.

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Machine Learning Is Growing Significantly In Business

The improvements in technology and the availability of Machine Learning capacities, such as TensorFlow or Cloud services like Google Cloud AI. This operational tool such as Talent has helped to improve the skills and adopt the Machine Learning theories and accelerate delivery of alternatives.

Machine Learning is growing rapidly

The key reasons for this would be the improvements in accessibility and costs of information storage and calculate, with much more availability to Machine Learning capacities. Because this generated the perfect storm for businesses research on how to exploit this field of Data Science. But, Machine Learning remains basically about statistical modelling using information – so the information remains crucial. Data Science, as well as the areas about Machine Learning, are in high demand in most businesses that are driving this momentum in the programmer level to educate and empower that alignment with business opportunities or goals could be confirmed.

We’re also beginning to find some revolutionary applications of Machine Learning within our client base as businesses begin as a consequence of the lowering of several obstacles to its adoption. Also, E-commerce sites through indicating next greatest actions (NBA) in gambling and gambling platforms to forecasting supply chain demands based on additional measurements like key and weather events, our clients are researching Machine Learning initiatives might help improve the consumer and client experience, increase earnings & conversions.

The first case of that is a worldwide pharmaceutical company, Bayer CropScience AG that utilized Machine learning how to discover a remedy for farmers. Weeds that harm crops are a problem for farmers because farming began. A suitable solution would be to employ a narrow spectrum that efficiently kills the specific species from the area while using as few undesirable side effects as you can. However, to be able to do so, farmers need to correctly identify the weeds in their own fields.

Using Talent Real-time Big Data, the company managed to come up with a brand new application that farmers could download at no cost. The program uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to accommodate photographs of weeds at the organization’s database with marijuana photographs farmers send. Available all around the Earth, the photograph database resides on a personal cloud saved on AWS. It offers to grow the chance to precisely predict the effect of her or his activities like, selection of seed collection, program rate of crop protection products, or crop timing. The outcome is a much more efficient method of farming which increases return and enables farmers to become more environmentally conscious of their activities.

Possible to reinvent

“This is simply an example of the Machine Learning can alter a company, by allowing success more readily and economically than conventional coding-centric approaches. Owing to the open source, standards-based structure, Machine Learning models could be easily deployed to business programs and bridge the skills gap that typically exists between information scientists and IT programmers.”

As accessibility and adoption for this technology raise, Machine Learning will continue to encourage increasingly more sophisticated use cases to assist organisations to drive new inventions and improved customer experiences. A lot of individuals now begin to chat about Cognitive Computing since the nirvana of Machine Learning where systems can learn at scale, reason with the goal and also socialize with people more obviously. By imitating the human mind and the way that people process and conclude information through an idea, expertise, as well as the sensations, Cognitive Learning guarantees to help deliver top end programs of Machine Learning like personal vision and recognition, genuinely intelligent chat-bots, flexible handwriting recognition and much more.

Rapid improvements in hardware production are helping provide the compute power necessary for this cognitive software available in committed processors that help optimise processing and decrease the hardware footprint normally needed to support such programs.

AI and Machine Learning is the most critical technology for creation but it’s widely recognized that there are not the skills set up to reap the benefits. The skills gap is not anything new, but it will continue to evolve as new technologies become more complicated and it’s something which will always be on the peak of the schedule and need to be handled as the workforce becomes increasingly focused.

For all the reasons mentioned here, it is apparent that Machine Learning has the capacity to reinvent an assortment of business processes, and we’re seeing a few of that software today. I am really excited to find out the Machine Learning adoption grows and can affect change from the venture.

Can’t Edit The Registry In Windows 10: How To Gain Full Permissions

Can’t Edit the Registry in Windows 10: How to Gain Full Permissions Easy steps to have complete Registry access




You may experience R

egedit cannot edit error that will block your Windows Registry. 

You may need to edit your registry for various system issues, but you must know the process. 

A practical method to repair this occurring issue is to use the Advanced Security settings.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

You found this article because you can’t edit the Registry in Windows 10. So, here is all you need to know.

The Registry is a database that stores Windows operating systems and application settings. Sometimes, you need to change those values manually.

Can’t edit Registry is an error you’ll face when you try to edit a key in Registry but cannot edit the registry.

This unpleasing issue can affect your operating system and stop necessary processes, including that you cannot create value error writing to the registry.

Why can I not edit the registry?

In some cases, users may be unable to make changes to the Registry. This could happen because of a host of reasons, including the following:

Lack of permissions – The user account may not have the necessary permissions to access and edit the registry.

Group Policy restrictions – An administrator may have implemented group policy restrictions that prevent certain users from editing the registry.

Third-party software – Third-party software may have been installed that blocks access to the registry for security reasons.

Malware – Malware or other malicious software may have infected the system and prevented access to the registry.

System protection – The system may have been set up with a feature such as System Protection that prevents changes to the registry.

Before you follow the step-by-step guide to gain permission, you should know that editing the Registry is a very dangerous thing to do.

You can break your computer if you edit it without knowing precisely what to do. You must create a restore point, backup your Registry, and edit with extreme caution to not cause corrupt registry errors.

So now, if you can’t edit the Registry on Windows 10, let us consider a valid solution.

What should I do if I can’t edit the Registry on Windows 10?

If you can’t edit the Registry on Windows 10, you should have full access to the folder after these steps. More specifically, the current user has full control.

If you use more than one user on your computer, you must repeat these steps every time you access a folder that a program or the other user owns.

Plus, you can change the Registry keys or folder owner to yourself. This will allow you to edit, delete, or insert keys in the folder.

The only downfall of this method is that you have to repeat the steps for each folder you want to edit.

In this article, we explained what Registry is and why you face a can’t edit Registry error. Note that you must be logged into the device as an administrator; if not, these steps will not work.

We looked at how you can fix it by gaining full access to the folder you want to edit and manipulating it as you wish.

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