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O-Rings Label

The O-Ring Mod seems to be a popular modification on the Geek Hack forums. Basically, you get a bunch of o-rings at the hardware store and put it under your key caps. The idea is that the rubber o-rings muffles the *Clacking* sound when you bottom out the keys. The plastic caps hitting the plastic base creates a harsh and loud clacking sound. Personally, I like the sound but for the sake of a good sleep, I decided to go through with this mod.

I went to my local hardware store and headed down to the plumbing section. The forum said? to look for size -008 standard o-rings but I could not find them anywhere. The o-rings I found used OD (Outer Diameter) and ID (Inner Diameter) measurements. I settle for 4 little boxed of #36 O-Rings which were 5/16 OD, 3/16 ID, and 1/16 in thickness. These o-rings were rather expensive at $2 per box and it only came with 10 o-rings each. If you can get it cheaper online, I would suggest you do that if you dont mind the wait.

Installation was easy. First, remove your key caps. Either use a special tool or improvise. I used the wire from a pair of cheap headphones and a nail clipper. I pushed the wire under the key cap with the help of the nail clipper. Then I spaced the wires evenly and carefully pulled upwards until the key caps popped out. Pay special care when doing wide keys like the spacebar, shift, enter, and backspace. I then placed one o-ring for each Cherry MX switch. Wider keys have stabilizers which need more o-rings for even distribution. For example, the spacebar has the Cherry MX switch in the center and two stabilizer pylons so I used 3 o-rings. Same goes for the backspace and shift keys. Refer to the picture for an idea of how I do this. Then, repeat. I only had 40 o-rings so I wasnt able to do my complete keyboard. I will probably finish that up in the weekend. For now, I have o-rings under my most used keys omitting the numbers, F-keys, arrow keys, and right-side keys.

Step 1: Get string or wire under key cap Step 2: Center string and pull up carefully Step 3: Get O-Ring Step 4: Slide o-ring deep into key cap Step 5: Firmly reinstall key cap

At first, the results were underwhelming. They only appeared to muffle the sound slightly. Almost as if it was still the same volume, just at another pitch. It was a lower sound. After a few day, I did notice it was noticeably quieter. I suppose, during the daytime, there was a lot white noise in the background which distracted from the performance. At night, the slightest sounds are amplified. At first, I wasnt too sure if the mod was worth the effort and cost. Now, I can say for sure that they’re worth it. The keys bottom out sooner. About 1/16th of an inch sooner but it is barely noticeable. This mod does not change the switch activation point, just the bottoming point. The keys do feel slightly different. The unmodded keys feel lighter while the silenced keys feels a bit mushy. Its not bad. I think the audible *clack* had a psychological impact on the feeling. Overall, I think this was a good mod. If you dont want to wake up a college roommate or want to be more discreet while typing, then this mod is worth the time and effort. If you can, order or buy in bulk. It should save you more money. I also noticed that I typed a bit faster. Maybe I was getting used to the keyboard but when taking a typing test, I scored higher than average. This mod is fairly easy to do. If you want to make your mechanical keyboard quieter, give this mod a chance. You will like the results.

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How To Make Calls With Wifi Calling On Iphone

If you don’t want to rely on your carrier’s cellular network to make and receive calls or text messages, WiFi calling is a great solution.

You could use free calling apps to make unlimited calls or send free texts, but these still require your phone service provider as the middleman.

Table of Contents

WiFi calling helps you achieve high-quality calls especially when you’re working remotely and need to communicate with your team. If you have strong WiFi network coverage, you can even use HD (High Definition) Voice over a cloud phone system and enjoy clearer, crisper call quality when chatting with family or friends.

In iOS devices, the feature is somewhat hidden, but we’ll break down everything you need to know about WiFi Calling on iPhone.

What is WiFi Calling on iPhone?

WiFi Calling is a hidden feature on the iPhone that allows you to make and receive video and voice calls over a WiFi connection instead of using a cellular connection.  

The free service depends on a technology called SIP / IMS (IP Multimedia Subset) and is useful where your carrier’s cell signal is spotty, but you can access WiFi. WiFi Calling can also work when you’re connected to a public hotspot at the airport or your favorite coffee shop.

Most major phone carriers offer WiFi calling services at no extra charge, provided the calls are being made to U.S. numbers. If you place an international call over WiFi Calling, international charges may apply. A voice prompt will interrupt the call to remind you that international charges may apply. You can choose to complete the call or hang up to avoid the long-distance charge.

How WiFi Calling on iPhone Works

Before you can use WiFi calling, you need to check that your device is compatible and HD Voice capable (iPhone 6 or newer). Plus, you need to provide your address so that emergency services can reach you if you call 911.

WiFi Calling technology routes your voice packets via the carrier’s nearest cell tower and tunnels them over the internet to establish a connection. The packets are bounced across the network to the person you’re speaking to.

In short, you’re in communication with someone else, but you’re not using a cell tower to do it in the traditional sense.

Apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger all use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to make calls. Fundamentally, WiFi Calling uses VoIP to deliver a better calling experience and eliminate the high rates that cellular companies charge for international calls without any dropped calls.

Unlike a cellular connection, which requires a cellular network to connect thereby draining your device’s battery, using WiFi calls doesn’t. In fact, WiFi calling with your iPhone could extend your battery life because it connects to a single network and stays there until you disconnect.

The main downside with WiFi calls is that they could be affected by any disruptions in your network, thereby affecting all calls made using WiFi.  

How to Enable and Use WiFi Calling on iPhone

By default, WiFi Calling is disabled on your iPhone. You need to go into your phone’s settings to enable it.

If you’re ready to make your WiFi call, the first step is to ensure that you have an iPhone 5c or newer on a supported carrier.

Go to Settings and tap Phone.

Tap WiFi Calling.

Note: If prompted to, enter or confirm your address for emergency calls or services. Your iPhone’s location may be used to help in response efforts when you place an emergency call.

Go back to the previous screen and tap Calls on Other Devices.

Enable the Allow Calls on Other Devices option if it’s not on.

Under Allow Calls On you’ll see a list of eligible devices. Turn on each device you’d like to use with WiFi Calling.

Note: If you’re using an Apple Watch, the WiFi Calling feature is enabled automatically when you turn on Allow Calls on Other Devices.

If you’re unable to add a device, check whether you’re using the same Apple ID for iCloud and FaceTime on both devices. Ensure that you have enabled WiFi Calling, Allow Calls on Other Devices and that your device is listed under Allow Calls On.

Enjoy Clearer Calls Without Interruption

Best Gaming Keyboards Of 2023

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Gaming keyboards are the literal way that a gamer connects with a PC; they’re the physical interface between player and action. That makes them extremely important for gaming quality. The best gaming keyboard can improve your game by ensuring that each key you press is correctly identified and passed through to the PC, that there’s as little lag as possible, and that you can comfortably game for as long as you want.

Most gaming keyboards have a few things in common. In general, they’re mechanical keyboards, meaning that underneath each key is a switch. This is actually an older style of keyboard; you won’t find them in, say, laptops, or even in most non-gaming keyboards because they’re a little bit more expensive and take up more space. But for gamers, this is the only way to ensure maximum performance.

Mechanical keyboards allow you to customize the exact feel, sound, and size of your keyboard. There’s also a very specific point at which the switch is depressed, which you can feel and hear, making them extremely precise. Mechanical keyboards aren’t for everyone; they can be very loud and feel a little odd if you’re coming from a non-mechanical one. But for gaming, they’ve become essential computer accessories.

Another aspect of a gaming keyboard is the aesthetics. Over the past couple of decades, a certain kind of cyberpunk, neon design has become associated with gaming, and most gaming keyboards stick to that. You’ll find bright flashing multicolored LED lights, angular designs, and aggressive naming schemes. That said, you can avoid the gamer aesthetic if you want to, as there are plenty of perfectly acceptable gaming keyboards that are more subtle.

Luckily, gaming keyboards come in at a range of prices, ensuring there’s something for everyone. If you want to spend several hundred dollars on a top-of-the-line aluminum model with individual lighting and a built-in magnetic wrist rest? Sure, you can do that. If you want something that’ll feel pretty good, work pretty well, and cost less than $50, those are out there, too.

What to consider when shopping for the best gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards can seem like they have an infinite number of choices, all of which are really hard to parse. Wireless is good, right? Or is it? What are all these switch names? Heck, how many keys does it need to have? We’ve got the answers on the best gaming keyboard for you.

Wireless or wired gaming keyboards?

In general, gamers prefer wired keyboards to wireless. This is the opposite for pretty much everyone else; non-gamers appreciate the freedom of movement and decrease in clutter that a wireless keyboard brings. But for gamers, none of that is particularly important. What is important is latency—the time between when you press a key and when that press is registered on-screen. This is measured in milliseconds, but that can be the difference between life and death, at least in the virtual world. That said, wireless keyboards have come a long way, and for casual gamers, you can certainly get by without a hard-wired connection.

Best wireless gaming keyboard: Logitech G613

If you’re not a full-time gamer and don’t necessarily want a garish blinking keyboard, the Logitech G613 wireless gaming keyboard might be right for you. It has some gamer features, like mechanical key switches, an integrated palm rest, and six customizable keys. But it’s also a soothing grey, includes quick media controls, and it’s wireless. Frankly, it doesn’t look like a gaming keyboard, but Logitech has worked hard to ensure low latency. Hardcore FPS gamers might scoff at wireless, but for more casual gamers, this could be perfect.

Best wired gaming keyboard: Corsair K95

There’s always going to be an element of personal choice with something like a keyboard, which you’ll use for so many hours. But it’s hard to argue that this Corsair gaming keyboard isn’t one of the best on the market. It’s got a choice of either the Cherry MX Brown or MX Speed switches, which are beloved and easy to replace. It also boasts a sturdy aluminum frame, a step up from typical plastic. It has six programmable keys and a full gamer aesthetic, with cyberpunk fonts. This wired keyboard is big, bad, and bold. It’s also a little pricey, but look, you get what you pay for.

Does design matter to you?

Gaming keyboards come in a wide variety of designs, both in their aesthetics and in their actual layout. For aesthetics, you’ll most often see a particular kind of style featuring neon LED lighting, retro-futuristic fonts, black or steel-colored frames, and sharply angled layouts. This style tends to match all the other computer accessories a gamer uses, like headphones and mice, and even matches a gaming PC itself.

Best-looking gaming keyboard: SteelSeries Apex Pro

It might sound strange to say about a keyboard that offers a truly insane 16.8 million colors of LED lighting per key, but the SteelSeries Apex Pro is pleasantly subdued. It’s got classic fonts on the keys, an aluminum alloy frame, and three-way cable routing to ensure that you can keep your cords under control. It also has a cool little OLED display at the top of the keyboard, which can be used to adjust media controls.

Upgrade your atmosphere with a gaming keyboard with lights

LED lights underneath the keys are a fundamental part of a gaming keyboard, but you might wonder why. Generally, they serve the same purpose as under-keyboard lighting in any other keyboard, allowing you to see the keys.

One difference is that for gaming, the keys often serve a different purpose than you might think; they’re mapped to specific actions within the game. So it’s important to see the keys, especially in dim lighting, because a gamer has to know what they’re pressing, and touch-typing is more difficult when a button press changes behavior depending on what game you’re playing. That said, all the fanciness—individually customizable LEDs for each key, say—are just that.

Best gaming keyboard with lights: Razer Huntsman

This is just a great keyboard, featuring a light-based actuation that the company says is faster than regular switches.

If you want the absolute best in LED lighting, opt for a keyboard with Razer’s Chroma technology. Chroma is an insanely customizable system, where you can use one of the many built-in patterns or build one of your own. You can have an audio visualizer right on your keyboard, where lights react to sound. You can connect them to smart home systems like Hue and Amazon Alexa. The level of personalization in this Razer gaming keyboard is unmatched.

How important is a wrist rest?

Wrist rests are designed to elevate your wrist, reducing the angle your wrist bends as you type. For many non-gaming keyboards, like the ones on a laptop, this isn’t that big a deal, because those keyboards are pretty low-profile; the angle isn’t that severe to begin with. But for gaming keyboards, which are typically mechanical, the angle can be intense.

Mechanical keyboards are significantly taller than other types of keyboards, so you’ll definitely want a wrist rest to reduce stress on your wrists during long gaming sessions. Some gaming keyboards come with wrist rests included, which is great, because you know they’re already just the right height for your specific product.

Best gaming keyboard with a wrist rest: Razer BlackWidow Elite Do you want to be able to customize your controls?

Customizable or programmable keys—called macro keys—are super useful whether you’re gaming or not. Essentially, there’s a blank key on the keyboard (or ideally several). You use software to map complex key combinations onto that single key, so instead of pressing a whole bunch of keys, you can just press the one.

This is really useful for gamers, who may have to perform a big series of key presses to take actions in games. Instead of having to enter menus and fiddle around with different keys every time to execute an attack, you can just press a single key.

Best gaming keyboard with custom controls: Redragon K588

The Redragon K588 has a custom-made switch system that Redragon says is much like the popular (and more expensive) Cherry MX Blue switches, it has RGB lighting, and it includes a magnetic, removable wrist rest. It also has a whopping nine programmable keys, which is a lot for a smaller-than-full-size keyboard like this. It also has media keys and a volume scroll wheel, which is great for quickly changing the volume.

Best budget gaming keyboard: What you can get for under $50

While the top-of-the-line gaming keyboards will run you somewhere north of $150—and that’s not even getting into the crazy artisanal ones you can find—there’s great performance under $50, too. You’ll likely be getting a plastic rather than aluminum frame, and you probably won’t have quite as many lighting options. For gamers, the most important might be that you probably won’t be getting the more expensive Cherry lines of mechanical switches; it’s more likely that you’ll get some kind of non-brand-name equivalent. But many of these can work perfectly well—this is the best budget gaming keyboard we’ve found.

Best cheap gaming keyboard: Pictek TKL

This cheap gaming keyboard has keycaps that lean forward and backward for easy reach, plus fold-out legs to let you adjust the height and reduce wrist strain. There are 27 different lighting modes, in addition to an option that lets you customize your own.

FAQs Q: What is the fastest gaming keyboard?

Corsair gaming keyboards are known for how fast they are, thanks to their Cherry MX mechanical key switches and a multitude of macro keys to create easy shortcuts.

Q: What keyboards do pro gamers use?

The smaller and more ergonomic a keyboard is, the more pro-worthy it becomes. Many of the Logitech gaming keyboards feature low-profile designs with keys that actuate quickly and can be manipulated to create custom controls.

Q: What makes a gaming keyboard ergonomic?

Look for a wrist rest to reduce strain, and compact size so your fingers can easily reach every key. Again, macro keys are essential to creating shortcuts and keeping you from having to reach for a combination of several different keystrokes at once.

The bottom line on the best gaming keyboards

Gaming keyboards may look intimidating, and that’s sort of the point, at least in part. But there’s a method to the madness: mechanical switches reduce latency, LED lighting helps you see your programmable keys in the dark, and detachable wrist rests help reduce physical strain during long gaming sessions. Hopefully, our guide helps you pick out the best gaming keyboard for you, or the gamer you know.

Cherry Grove In Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know

The happy days of Minecraft are upon us, and the new Cherry Grove biome in Minecraft 1.20 is proof of the same. It is the most romantic and cheerful place in the overworld, filled with pink flowers, bees, and iconic sceneries. But this biome is more than its looks and offers a bunch of great features. So, to make sure you don’t miss out on anything, let’s explore the Cherry Grove biome in Minecraft and figure out what it has to offer.

What is Cherry Blossom Biome in Minecraft

Cherry Grove (or Cherry Blossom) is a mountainous forest biome that’s part of the latest Minecraft 1.20 update. As the name implies, it is heavily influenced by the real-world cherry blossom trees during their blossoming season. Its roof is covered by cherry trees and their pink leaves. Meanwhile, the floor of the cherry grove is covered in pink petals. No wonder it’s being termed the “pink” biome of Minecraft.

Cherry Grove Biome: Key Features

All Cherry Grove biomes in Minecraft 1.20 will have these unique features:

Cherry Grove generates at the bottom-most layer of mountains.

The grass and water in this biome have a lighter shade of color as compared to the plains biome.

Instead of traditional flowers, it only generates pink petals on the ground alongside grass.

The temperature in this new biome is considered neutral, and you can get orange temperate variant Minecraft frogs.

How to Find Cherry Blossom in Minecraft 1.20

As you might have realized at this point, spotting the bright Cherry Grove biome with pink Cherry Blossom trees in the wild is simple. You just need to look for pink mountainous areas in the Minecraft overworld. But if you want to skip the exploration, the command below will show the coordinates of the closest Cherry Grove biome:

Once you have the coordinates, you can either walk up to the spot or teleport in Minecraft to reach the new biome. Not to forget, if you face any issues in finding this biome in Minecraft seeds, we have a detailed guide covering how to find Cherry Grove in Minecraft. You can refer to this guide to quickly resolve your query and reach the pink biome.

Cherry Blossom Trees in Minecraft: Properties

Pushing the number of tree types spawning in Minecraft to nine, the cherry trees are the biggest gift of the new Cherry Grove biome. They spawn exclusively in the new biome, and unlike mangrove trees, can only grow on the land. Though, their branched logs are definitely not common among most existing trees in Minecraft.

When it comes to their iconic leaves, the cherry trees have bright pink leaves with a hint of green branches behind them. These same leaves drop atmospheric pink petal particles, giving an interactive vibe to the entire biome. The volume of atmospheric petals is comparable to the sparks, which we see in the Nether biome. Lastly, even though these trees have “cherry” in their name, they don’t drop any fruits. But considering how we already have apples in Minecraft, expecting the cherry fruit in a future update might not be out of the question.

The cherry blossom trees are medium-sized with 3-4 block space beneath them, which is enough for players to stand but not to create a base. However, all the trees generate sparsely enough that they don’t block your path, and you can move swiftly through the cherry grove. But things change when we talk about the leaves.

How to Grow Cherry Blossom Trees in Minecraft 1.20

If you want to take these beautiful trees away from their Cherry Grove home biome in Minecraft, you will need to grow them from saplings. Follow the steps below to figure out how it works:

1. First, find a cherry tree and break its leaves. They have a 50% chance of dropping a sapling.

3. At last, you have to wait for the sapling to grow into a tree. It can take anywhere between 10-20 minutes. You can use bonemeal on the saplings to speed up their growth.

Mobs in Minecraft’s Cherry Grove Biome


Rabbits (primarily black)



Cows (from nearby biomes)

Goats (from nearby biomes)

Glow Squid (underground)

Bat (underground)

Not to forget, when the night rolls around, the Cherry Grove biome spawns hostile mobs, including spiders, zombies, skeletons, Creepers, Endermen, witches, and jockeys, in its shaded areas. Furthermore, if the area of Cherry Grove is a part of the Slime chunks, you can also find Slimes here.

Out of all the mobs in Minecraft, the bees are the most common mobs in the Cherry Grove biome. They spawn along with their bee nests, which get filled quite quickly, thanks to all the flowers in the area. This biome might be an ideal location if you wish to make a bee farm in Minecraft. Though, you might find bigger treasures if you look beneath the new biome.

Cherry Grove Ore Generation & Blocks

Since Cherry Grove is a part of the mountainous terrain, you can find a bunch of good ores in this Minecraft biome including:





Due to their preference for mountainous biomes, coal, and emeralds have quite high chances of spawning within the cave openings, creaks, and random holes in this new biome. Meanwhile, when it comes to blocks, this biome offers grass, grass blocks, cherry logs, cherry leaves, bee nests, and pink petals.

2024 Fiat 124 Vs. 2024 Mazda Mx

Ask a Mazda MX-5 Miata driver about the 2023 Fiat 124 Spider, and you’ll probably get one of two answers:

1. Love it. The world needs more cars like the Miata.

2. Why did you dress my perfectly good Miata in a flashy Italian suit?

Basically identical to the 2024 MX-5 (ND) save for the exterior design and the drivetrain, Miata drivers are split between embracing the 124 Spider (often nicknamed Fiata) as a long-lost twin, or disdaining it as an interloper. (The truth: Mazda has openly acknowledged that Fiat’s partnership is helping keep the Miata alive.) 

Fiat did more than slap a new badge on the 2024 Mazda MX-5 Miata. The 2023 124 Spider has completely different exterior sheetmetal. It’s five inches longer and 104 pounds heavier. Where the Miata’s front styling presents glowering, sharp-pointed headlamps and a boxer’s blunted nose, the 124 Spider presents a streamlined, traditional look, with oval headlamps. Its silvery A-pillar calls out its convertible-ness, practically inviting you to drop the top and let it shine.   

Melissa Riofrio

The 2023 Fiat 124 Spider is five inches longer than the 2024 Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Inside the passenger area, Fiat squeezed some Italian accents into a compact space, most notably the stylish seating. Deeper inside the car, a 1.4-liter turbo from Fiat’s Abarth family offers 160 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. of torque. Drivers get a choice of two transmissions from previous Mazda generations: a six-speed manual or an Aisin six-speed automatic. We were disappointed to have the latter in our loaner car.

Melissa Riofrio

The interior of the 2024 Fiat 124 Spider (Lusso) has more luxurious seating than the comparable Miata, but most of the rest of the interior is the same.

Katherine: Farewell, my love

My Miata (an NB model, circa 1999) and I have been attached at the hip for more than a decade. I’ve driven the heck out of this little buggy and have had a blast in the process.

Michael Gehlken

Katherine Stevenson loves everything about her 1999 NB Miata except the awkward mechanism for the droptop.

Inside, both of the new cars were a shock to my 1999-steeped system. Storage behind the seats. Cup holders. An infotainment system. Oh, the modernity!

Other notable differences are the Fiat’s gearshift knob (square vs. round), additional padding on the doors, and a few added flashes of chrome—all matters of personal preference. The two cars also use the exact same droptop mechanism: A single latch over the rear-view mirror releases the top, and easy, one-handed effort returns it to place. This might be the one newfangled feature I covet most. The NB Miata’s droptop can require so much effort, I often stay cloistered.

After driving both, I can speak to their respective “feels.” Let’s face it, the Miata is so frickin’ beloved—to the point of inspiring Fiat’s high-profile homage—for the simple fact that it’s fun to drive. My Miata is certainly that, and the 2024 Mazda MX-5 is just as pleasing.

Melissa Riofrio

Both the 2023 Fiat 124 Spider Lusso and the 2024 Mazda MX-5 Miata we drove had the same 6-speed “manumatic” transmission.

The comparison was somewhat inexact, as my 1999 Miata has a manual transmission, and the 2024 MX-5 Miata we had for testing was automatic. But using the newer Miata’s manual option at least let me shift gears at will, if not actually work a clutch, which made for a decent approximation. Sure enough, today’s Miata displays the zippiness, great handling, and satisfying pickup when you step on the gas that I associate with the Miata experience. It felt like driving my Miata, but wrapped in a cushion of refinements—smoother, more insulated, a little less scrappy.

Nevertheless, the differences between the 2024 Miata MX-5 Miata and the 2023 Fiat 124 Spider are negligible. As a longtime Miata fan, I’d happily trade my NB (sorry, old friend) for either car.

Jon: My passion, my commitment, my…oh, shiny!

Melissa Riofrio

Jon L. Jacobi bought a used NA Miata in 2001 and hasn’t looked back. 

I’m a Miata guy. It didn’t come easy. The air-headed Lightning McQueen groupies in the movie Cars were Miatas. Enough said.

But in 2001, I was looking for an affordable convertible. My choice was clear: I bought a used ’93 NA Miata with an aftermarket four-point roll bar and a hardtop. Did I know that I would wind up with one of the greatest production sports cars ever made? No. Pure chance.

Melissa Riofrio

The 2024 Mazda MX-5 Miata has an aggressive new front design. 

Currently I own a 2006 Miata (NC) and have driven numerous examples of NA through NC. At this point, I wouldn’t even consider buying anything other than a Miata. Except, perhaps an Italian version…

Surprise, surprise…

I could try to create a sense of suspense over the next few paragraphs, but to heck with it: I liked the 2023 Fiat 124 Spider a lot. I liked the 2024 MX-5 Miata better. The Miata’s somber dark-charcoal paint, black sport wheels, and all-black interior couldn’t alter the fact that it was simply more fun. I say that even though the car has a front grille that looks like a maniacal, near-sighted guppy, and the horn emits an embarrassingly wimpy meep. The Mazda design team is either seriously conflicted, or having a laugh.

The 2023 Fiat 124 Spider, on the other hand, comes off like the worldly sophisticate in both styling and road feel. It has a Roman nose (like my own) in the form of five additional inches of hood, and the interior—no one does interiors like the Italians. The 124 Spider’s is a dark camel, with an aura of warmth and class. My only design complaint was an interior door handle that dug into my left knee. Still, if I were trying to impress someone, I’d rather arrive in the 124 Spider than the MX-5 Miata.

Melissa Riofrio

The 2023 Fiat 124 Spider has a distinctly different exterior design compared to the the 2024 Mazda MX-5 Miata on which it’s based.

The other thing I loved about the 2023 Fiat 124 Spider was its power plant. The 1.4L four-banger surprised me torque-wise, and the turbo had just the right amount of lag before it punched in. The 2024 Mazda MX-5 Miata’s naturally aspirated 2.0L is smoother and winds nicely, but the tromp-on-it experience is nowhere near as thrilling. Beyond the turbo, especially when I hit the curves, the MX-5 Miata was the party animal.

I wasn’t privy to the technical details of either suspension or steering mechanism, so I’m forced simply to describe the sensations. The cars felt far more alike than different. The 2023 Fiat 124 Spider was steady, but just slightly ponderous, and a bit floaty at high speeds (ahem) compared to the 2024 Mazda MX-5 Miata. I also didn’t like having so much nose in front of me.

Melissa Riofrio

Fiat partnered with Mazda to revive its 124 badge with Miata underpinnings.

The 2024 Mazda MX-5 Miata, with the exception of more body roll than I feel comfortable with (I installed an after-market Ohlin road/track suspension on my ride), felt like it went exactly where I pointed it. I drive a Miata every day, so it’s what I’m used to, and I’m sure I could acclimate to the 124 Spider in very little time. But it does tell you where Fiat went with its version of the Miata.

Me? I’ll take the fun one. I like the Miata’s cleaner exterior styling better, though my colleague Katherine Stevenson felt the opposite.

What I would really like is the 2024 Mazda MX-5 Miata’s body and suspension tuning with the 2023 Fiat 124 Spider’s interior, power plant, and horn. A hide-away display (its upper-dash position bugs me), and a rear windscreen that lowers would be nice. I’d also opt for Mazda’s manual transmission, which I hear is much like the original (both of our cars had six-speed automatics). Give me a Fiata like that and wave goodbye. I won’t be coming back.

How To Make Sticky Notes Open On Startup In Windows 11/10

In this post, we will show you how to make Sticky Notes open on Startup in Windows 11. Sticky Notes allow you to create quick notes and pin them to your desktop. However, sometimes, the app won’t launch on startup and your notes seem to disappear. This happens if you close the app when you shut down or restart your PC.

If you use Sticky Notes regularly, you might want to have your notes open on your desktop screen whenever you log in to Windows. In this post, we will show how to launch Sticky Notes on Startup on a Windows 11 PC.

How to make Sticky Notes open on Startup in Windows 11/10

One way to make Sticky Notes open on Startup in Windows 11 is to leave the app open when you shut down or restart your PC. When you do this, Windows remember that the app was open and your notes appear on the screen when you log in to your account. If you have a habit of closing all the apps before shutting down your PC, use the following methods to make Sticky Notes open on Startup in Windows 11:

Add Sticky Notes to the Startup folder.

Schedule Sticky Notes to launch on Startup.

Edit Windows Registry.

Let us see this in detail.

1] Add Sticky Notes to the Startup folder

Press Win+R and type shell:startup in the Run dialogue box. Alternatively, you may open the File Explorer and type shell:startup in the address bar of the File Explorer window.

Note: Make sure to manually locate the app. If you use Windows Search to find the app, the drag feature won’t work.

Close the Startup folder once the app’s shortcut is created. Now your notes will appear pinned to the desktop when you sign into your account after starting your PC.

2] Schedule Sticky Notes to launch on Startup

The Task Scheduler app lets you automate tasks in Windows. It allows you to run a program or a script at the times you specify. Follow these steps to make Sticky Notes run at Startup using Task Scheduler in Windows 11:

Select Start a program under Action.

On the next screen, copy-paste the following text in the Program/script field:


Note: There have been many improvements in the Sticky Notes app in recent versions of Windows. It is now distributed as a Microsoft Store app, rather than the classic desktop app. So you won’t be able to locate the Sticky Notes EXE file on your system. However, you can use the shell:AppsFolder command to view all installed applications on your Windows 11/10 PC. The above command opens the Applications folder in the Windows File Explorer.

3] Edit Windows Registry

You can also make Sticky Notes open on Startup in Windows 11 by modifying Windows Registry. Here’s how:

Note: Create a system restore point before you make any changes to the registry.

Registry Editor will open up. Navigate to the following path:


If the Value data was already set as 1, change it to 0, restart the PC, then again change it back to 1.

Exit the Registry Editor and reboot your PC. All your notes should now appear on your desktop screen.

I hope you find this useful.

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How do I keep Sticky Notes on top of Windows 11? Why is Sticky Notes not opening in Windows 11?

If the Sticky Notes app is not opening on your Windows PC, then the version of Sticky Notes you are using might have gone corrupted or it might be outdated. It may also fail to launch if you don’t have sufficient permissions to run the app. Updating Windows, updating the Sticky Notes app, and running the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter are some of the fixes to resolve the issue.

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