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Pick your game! There are many “survival horror” games. Some of the more recognizable ones are the “Silent Hill”, “Resident Evil”, “Five Nights at Freddy’s”, and “Left 4 Dead” series. Some other smaller titles include the well known “SCP: Containment Breach” or “Penumbra”, the spiritual predecessor to “Amnesia”, another survival horror game.


Be prepared to be scared. Survival horror games are meant to scare you! If you jump out of your skin a couple of times, that means that the creators have done their job. If games or movies scare you to the point that you lose sleep for extended periods of time or provoke paranoia, you should stop playing/watching them all together. It’s not worth making yourself feel uncomfortable and causing inconvenience for the sake of a cheap thrill.

Never play late at night or in the dark. While this may seem obvious, a lot of these types of games are in an extremely dark environment, so as to add the level of fear and excitement the player experiences while playing. You should move on to playing a Horror Game in the dark after you have gotten over your fear, till then play with the lights on.

Be aware of game cliches. This can be anything from a jumpscare to rising tension. Being able to detect when a typical type of scene might play out, especially when it involves jumpscares as these are often the selling points of many “horror” games, notably, “Slender”. You can get good at avoiding jumpscares and having a response to them by experiencing them a few times in different forms.

Make fun of the monsters and force yourself to laugh at the characters. Attempting your hand at humor, even if false, can lessen the mood of the game and make it less scary. You can also watch spoofs of some video game monsters, such as Pyramid Head, on the internet which may make the characters less scary. Sometimes it can even help to picture yourself as a stronger entity compared to the monster or object that scares you. Other ideas include imagining the protagonist using bright colorful weapons to fight the monsters, which bleed rainbows. It may be a bit ridiculous, but it will lessen the paranoia you may experience.

Reduce the game audio. This is extremely effective, you will notice how a horror game or movie becomes soft and easy after the sound is taken away. It’s all in the sound, While this doesn’t work for everybody, not having screams or high-pitched noises when you least expect them should do a decent job of making the game slightly more tolerable, especially in the Silent Hill series since usually the music adds to the terrifying mood. Don’t forget about those jumpscares!

Listen to music that makes you relax once you turn off the game audio. Listen to music on either your computer, radio, or iPod. The music should make it less scary. After all, imagine listening to a happy, bubbly pop song whilst slaying hordes of undead. It’s almost comical, and you’ll find yourself far more relaxed than you would with the original game soundtrack. Try something from Tiny Tim or Starset.

Play when someone else is in the room. Having company beside you could help you relax, especially if you trust this person. They could also help for making small chat in between action-intense parts of the game. Even if it’s your pets!


Make fun of what scares you. Turn it into a joke, or think of all the ridiculous things that had to happen for that sequence to occur.


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Fix Black Screen While Playing A Video On Windows 11/10

In this article, we will see what you can do if you see a Black Screen while playing a video on Windows 11/10. A black screen while playing a video means you cannot see anything on your screen but hear the audio and see captions (in some cases). If you notice such a thing on your computer, use the fixes explained here.

Why are videos showing up black?

You may see a black screen while playing a video due to a corrupted or outdated graphics card driver, unsupported hardware (in case you are playing a high-quality video like 4K), etc. In addition to this, the black screen while playing the videos also occurs if the video codec is not supported by the media player. Whatever the cause is, the solutions provided below will help you fix this issue.

Fix Black Screen while playing a video on Windows 11/10

If you see a black screen while playing a video on Windows 11/10, we suggest you use the following fixes to resolve the problem.

Install the latest Windows Update

Run Video Playback Troubleshooter

Turn on Accelerated Graphics

Install HEVC Video Extensions

Update or reinstall your graphics card driver

Try another Media Player

Let’s see all these fixes in detail.

1] Install the latest Windows Update

First of all, make sure that your system is not missing the important updates released by Microsoft. Microsoft also recommends installing the latest Windows Updates. Open Windows 11/10 Settings, go to the Windows Update page and check for Windows Update manually. If an update is available, install it and then open the video. If you see the black screen again, the problem lies somewhere else. Use the other fixes.

2] Run Video Playback Troubleshooter

Windows 11/10 has built-in troubleshooters. Each of these troubleshooters is developed to address different types of issues. Running the Video Playback Troubleshooter can fix video-related problems on a Windows device.

Follow the steps written below:

Open Windows 11/10 Settings.

Do not interrupt the troubleshooting process. If the Video Playback Troubleshooter finds any problem, it will fix it.

3] Turn on Accelerated Graphics

This trick worked for some users. It may work for you. Follow the steps written below to turn on Accelerated Graphics and see if it brings any changes.

Press the Win + R keys to open the Run command box.

The Internet Properties window will appear.

Go to the Advanced tab.

Under the Accelerated Graphics section, select the “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” checkbox.

Now, play the video and see if the black screen goes away or not. If not, you can revert the changes and try the next solutions.

4] Install HEVC Video Extensions

One possible cause of the black screen while playing videos is the unsupported hardware. If you have unsupported hardware, you may see a black screen while playing some high-quality videos, whereas the issue may not happen while playing low-quality videos. HEVC Video Extensions are the solution to this problem.

The HEVC extensions provide software support to play HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) videos on unsupported hardware. These extensions also let you encode HEVC content on devices with no hardware-based video encoder. You can install HEVC Video Extensions from Microsoft Store.

This should work.

5] Update or reinstall your graphics card driver

If you still see the black screen while playing videos, the problem may be associated with your graphics card driver. Open the Optional Updates page of your Windows 11/10 Settings and see if an update for your graphics card driver is available. If yes, install it.

Alternatively, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics card driver. Go through the following instructions:

Visit the manufacturer’s website and download the latest version of your graphics card driver.

Open the Device Manager.

Expand the Display Adapters node.

Now, open File Explorer and go to the location where you have downloaded the graphics card driver from the manufacturer’s website.

6] Try another Media Player

It is possible that the Media Player that you are using to play the video does not support the video format or does not have th required video codecs. Try another Media Player and see if it helps. You can use VLC or any other Media Player.

Can hear video but not see it?

A black screen while playing a video means you cannot see anything on your screen but hear the audio and captions (in some cases). You can fix this issue by running a video playback troubleshooter, updating or reinstalling your graphics card driver, etc.

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Play These 5 Car Games At Home (And Not While You’re Driving A Tesla)

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Please don’t play video games while driving. I realize it’s tempting, especially if you own a Tesla and have access to games through your in-dash console, even when it’s in drive. This is a classic “don’t do it just because you can” moment: On average, more than 3,000 people die per year in crashes caused by a distracted driver, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. (Some activists suggest that number may actually be much higher). You really don’t want to learn this lesson the hard way. 

It isn’t that I don’t think that playing games and driving aren’t compatible. Racing has been a core inspiration for video games for as long as they’ve been around. The sense of speed, precision controls, the thrill of the chase – these are compelling sensations derived from a marriage of car and computer, which you should indulge in should the mood strike you… At home. Sitting on your couch or at your computer. Here are a few interesting driving games that are worth 100 percent of your attention.

And if you’re stuck in traffic right now… Keep your eyes on the road! This is what podcasts are for!

‘Forza Horizon 5’

Play on: Xbox, PC (Available through Xbox Game Pass)

‘Rocket League’

Play on: PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch (Note: Rocket League is free-to-play on all consoles. The paid retail versions unlock additional cosmetic options).

Rocket League is one of the wildest car-based games ever to hit the screen. You’re playing pick-up soccer, two-on-two or three-on-three, but everyone’s in a car. The vehicles have boosters that let you jump high in the air and flip your car to smack the giant ball into your opponent’s goal. Like actual soccer, success requires good communication with your teammates, great strategy to move the ball without your opponents interfering, and coordination to hit the ball just right. It takes practice to master, but it’s a crazy, fun time, regardless of your skill level.

‘Cruis’n Blast’

Play on: Nintendo Switch

All the real ‘90s kids remember Crus’n USA, the seemingly omnipresent arcade racing game at movie theaters, pizza places, and any place where kids might loiter. Despite successfully jumping to home consoles and inspiring a few sequels, the game never really eclipsed its initial run. If you have fond memories of hopping in that plastic driver’s seat and spinning that arcade steering wheel, developer Raw Thrills made a new Crus’n game in 2023, Crus’n Blast, which doubles and triples down on the original game’s wild approach to driving, adding tracks with dinosaurs, power-ups, and other elements that evokes the zany, over-the-top thrills of playing the original in an arcade.


Play on: PS4/PS5, Xbox, PC

Broadly speaking, you can separate driving games into two categories: Games where you want to drive your car well, and games where you want to crash it. Though the heyday of crash-happy games like Burnout Paradise has mostly come and gone, Wreckfest’s demolition derby driving gives you the chance to satisfy your craving for smashing and bashing other cars with your own, and watch with awe when your ride (safely) crumples into a hunk of junk.

‘Hot Wheels Unleashed’

Play on: PS4/PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC

If you ever played with Hot Wheels as a kid, you had the fantasy of getting behind the wheel and driving one of those bright orange plastic racetracks, with all of its fantastical dips, hairpin curves, and loops. Hot Wheels Unleashed lets you bring those childhood dreams to life, putting you in the cockpit of a toy car to race on tracks erected in and around giant “real life” rooms. There’s also a track-builder, so you can make your own courses, then “shrink down” and drive them. Even if you don’t have a connection to Hot Wheels, it’s a tight arcade racer with a unique personality that’s worth a test drive.

12 Best Multiplayer Horror Games Like Dead By Daylight

Horror survival, multiplayer, mind games, and savage action should be at the core of games like Dead by Daylight.

The team-based survival horror offers a unique 4v1 formula. One player is a bloody Killer, whereas the others are the Survivors. It sounds simple, but it’s incredibly effective. Enough to have over 30K daily concurrent players on Steam. 

If you’re one of these players, you may be looking for similar experiences. Games like Dead by Daylight should revolve around violent mechanics as the hunter or the prey. 

Selecting Games Like Dead by Daylight

We believe Dead by Daylight fans would like games featuring a mix or a twist of the cat & mouse title:

Genre: This is a multiplayer 4v1 survival horror action game. Four players work together to outmatch a serial killer.

Perspective: Survivors play in third-person, as it gives more situational awareness. The Killer plays in first-person, focused on the prey. 

Goal: Survivors must escape the Killing Zone through specific areas. The Killer must capture the others to kill, torture, or sacrifice. 

Setting: The game offers about 16 procedurally generated maps. These are mostly ruined, dreadful, and abandoned places like factories and parking lots. 

Randomization: Maps will look different every time you play. Moreover, every player will spawn on random points. 

Team-work: Survivors can work together to set traps and distract the Killer. Going alone decreases the chances of survival. 

Inspiration: The Killer draws inspiration from horror slasher movies. The character plays and behaves like Jason Voorhes. 

Progression system: The Killer and the Survivors have a progression system that carries over to your account.

Items: Survivors can find things like med-kits, keys, maps, and toolboxes. These items can enable traps, use machines, or escape.

Immersiveness: The ambiance, scenarios, music, chilling environments, real human actions, and slasher actions deliver a comprehensive horror sim.

Psychological horror: As in thriller movies and shows, the game’s experience revolves around mind games, psychological horror, and strategy.

Gameplay: The survivors and the Killer have different mechanics. The Killer is a hulking menace, constantly revealing his position. On the contrary, survivors are agile and capable of vaulting, crouching, and jumping. 

Popularity: Lastly, Dead by Daylight is a highly popular game. It’s a key element, as it’s a multiplayer-only game. Therefore, we can’t recommend multiplayer games without a healthy player base. 

Dead by Daylight offers a horror survival simulation where players must rely on witts rather than skill. Like many horror movies, it’s a mind-game where losing means rising heartbeats until a gruesome death.

Games Like Dead by Daylight Friday the 13th: The Game

Developer: Black Tower Studios, IIIFonic

Publisher: Gun Media

Release Date: May 2023

Platform: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch 

The original Jason Voorhees becomes a playable character in Friday the 13th: The Game. It’s a third-person horror survivor title where you play as the prey (a group of teens) or Jason himself. 

As the survivors, you’re a group of six unlucky teens doing everything possible to outwit, escape, and survive the slashy monster. The man can’t die, though, so you must use the tools you find to set traps, distractions, and open pathways. 

The seventh player is Jason Vorhees, a hulking, immortal enemy with multiple abilities to hunt, kill, and track. You can stalk from the shadows, perform brutal melee attacks, and terrify anyone crossing your paths. 

You can play on seven maps, each featuring locations from the movies. Regardless, you’ll play under cover of the night, and, sadly, Jason becomes stronger ¿the darker the night becomes. 

Lastly, the game encourages survivors to play together to survive. You can escape the areas in stealth or work together to fight and halt Jason’s progress. There’re many ways and conditions to win a match as the survivors. Yet, you can do any of these alone and leave the others to their fate. 


Developer: World Makers, Automaton Games

Publisher: World Makers, Automaton Games

Release Date: March 2023

Platform: Windows

Deceit is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter. There’re six players per map, and two of them play as The Infected, human-looking monsters hunting the others. However, players don’t know who the Infected are. 

Instead, the Infected can reveal itself in various ways. For example, the Infected needs to collect blood vials around the map so you can keep tabs on these items. The innocents can also catch the infected committing murder. 

The survivors must escape the map, but the journey takes all players through 6 eerie areas. In each place, survivors have to complete a goal to go through the other. The Infected can transform into a monster at the end of each area during a blackout covering their identity. 

Overall, Deceit offers fast-paced first-person shooting combat, with mind games, horror, and survival. It’s a social deduction title where mutants must murder the uninfected in secret, thus relying on their abilities to lie, manipulate, and dodge suspicion bullets.

Identity V

Developer: NetEase Games

Publisher: NetEase Games

Release Date: July 2023

Platform: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Identity V is an asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game. It’s also a free game for mobile devices for those looking for a smaller experience. That said, it’s only available through the web page for PC.

You play as a group of detectives trapped in a dangerous house, initially uncovering a series of murders in a manor. However, the new goal is finding the Exit Gates by deciphering five puzzles.

Moreover, Survivors have 4 different categories: Assist, Decode, Contain, and Rescue. They must utilize their perks together to find clues, solve puzzles, halt the Hunter, and escape the area.

Meanwhile, the Hunter can win the match by eliminating at least three Survivors. He can use a series of melee weapons to trap and murder the enemies.

Lastly, the title uses Victorian settings, cartoon graphics, eerie music, and a minimal interface for an immersive experience. For example, audio cues heighten when you’re about to find a clue, but you won’t see clues as “markers” on any map. 


Developer: Kinetic Games

Publisher: Kinetic Games

Release Date: September 2023 (Early Access)

Platform: Windows 

Phasmophobia is a co-op psychological horror game. You’re part of a four-player team searching for paranormal activities in different scenarios. The main campaign is not over as the game is on Early Access.

You have ghost hunting gear, plus your wit to find clues of the supernatural. Your job is to see as much evidence on each map and then submit the proof back on your mobile base.

There’s no action, so it’s Game Over if the ghosts find you. So, from a first-person perspective, you’re to study each area to solve the larger puzzle carefully. The idea is to answer who and what is haunting each area.

As paranormal investigators, you can monitor the location with CCTV cameras, motion sensors, radios, and similar gadgets. Then, the mobile base is inside of a truck, where you store all of your tools and where you can send the info you gather.

The experience is highly immersive. It uses realistic graphics, atmospheric music, and minimal user interfaces. At the same time, the ghost becomes more hostile as time goes on, so aside from being immersive, it’s scary.


Developer: Straight Back Games

Publisher: Straight Back Games

Release Date: January 2023

Platform: Windows, macOS 

You control one of these cult members. You’re to stop undead cultists alongside other players before they drag you to hell. Your tools are limited, though. In fact, you start empty-handed.

See, gameplay happens from a first-person perspective. You’ll explore a labyrinthic house to find the items you need to solve puzzles, access new areas, and fend off the undead. It’s similar to the latest Resident Evil games, like Biohazard and Village. 

The game’s system procedurally generates each map, so no playthrough is the same. That said, matches end when you stop all evil by exercising the goat demon Azazel. The task can take up to one hour to finish the task. 

So, the idea is to work together to find the items and ingredients you need to perform ancient rituals. Aside from rituals, you can defend yourself with a UV light and level up to unlock perks and passives. 


Developer: 10 Chambers

Publisher: 10 Chambers

Release Date: December 2023

Platform: Windows

GTFO is a co-op horror shooter offering gripping suspense and savage action. The experience relies on strategy, teamwork, stealth, and survival. And like other games on the list, it’s a multiplayer-only title.

You play a part of a team of 4 prisoners in an underground jail. The prison’s Warden orders you to a Rundown, an expedition taking you deep into the “Complex” research facility.

Together, you go down level by level. Gameplay is about finding the tools and resources you need to survive the tunnels. You’ll meet shadowy creatures in its dark corridors ready to eat you. 

Winning the game means completing all of the expeditions. You’ll use a series of weapons and limited ammo to fight your way through the compound. Resources are scarce, missions are randomized, and combat is challenging.

Lastly, you will always play as part of a 4-men team, but you can’t play offline. Bots will fill the spots if you’re short on two or one player. These NPCs will follow you as you sneak, scavenge, and fight. 

Hunt: Showdown

Developer: Crytek

Publisher: Crytek, Koch Media

Release Date: August 2023

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, PS4  

Hunt: Showdown is a punishing first-person shooter featuring a PvPvE design. You play as a bounty hunter, and your job is to kill a monster, collect the bounty, and escape the map.

You can play it solo or as part of a 2-player team. Regardless, maps support up to 12 players, and everyone is trying to do the same. There’re monstrous creatures like zombies, giant spiders, mutants, and more. 

The game has an 1895 setting. It means you’ll use clunky and unreliable firearms. Aside from that, everything you do makes noise, and 3D audio plays a big part in each match. It allows you to find your opponents and vice-versa. 

So, you enter a map, find clues, track a specific monster, kill it, and get the Bounty. Every other player will know about your location if you kill the bounty. And if you escape, your reward is weapons and gear you can use on another match.

But as in games like Escape from Tarkov, you’ll lose everything you carry if you die. Other players can loot your body and kill you in the most treacherous ways. For example, they could wait for their human prey nearby the bounty.

Left 4 Dead 2

Developer: Valve

Publisher: Valve

Release Date: November 2009

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, SteamOS, Xbox 360

Left 4 Dead 2 is a popular co-op horror zombie shooter, but it won’t have a sequel. The closest we got is Back 4 Blood, a newer game by L4D2’s former developer team. Still, the old Valve IP enjoys over 10K daily players on Steam, plus a dedicated modding community.

You play as part of a 4-player team against hordes of zombies. The experience comes through five episodic campaigns across swamps, cities, and cemeteries of the USA’s southern regions. On top of the campaign, there’re Survival and Versus modes. 

You can choose among four survivors, each carrying particular perks and weapons. Then, you’ll fight with various firearms, grenades, and insane melee weapons for an all-out carnage.

Then, the Infected feature erratic behaviors, smart AIs, and various rarity levels and powers. Then, the gameplay happens in third-person perspective as you shoot, run, loot, and dodge. 

Lastly, there’s a special AI system, the AI Director 2.0. It can procedurally change monster spawn and behavior, level and item layout, and other aspects to match your performance. As a result, the game will always give you a consistent challenge. 


Developer: SKH Apps

Publisher: SKH Apps, Hitchcock Games

Release Date: February 2023

Platform: Windows, macOS

Pacify is a horror multiplayer co-op. You’re a team of PAH Inc. paranormal investigators going through three supernatural missions. The goal is to capture unique monsters.

The team includes four players, and you can work together to solve the mysteries. Sadly, it’s often not what happens, as the researchers don’t have the proper tools, weapons, and gadgets to defend themselves. Running, hiding, and solving puzzles are the way to go. 

However, each area packs particular enemies, gameplay mechanics, and environments. There’s one thing that remains consistent at all levels, though. The goal is to “Pacify” evil via various rituals. Still, evil becomes more violent, faster, and smarter as the story progresses.

In multiplayer, you can play with or against others. If you choose to become a selfish investigator, you can use the tools, keys, and clues for yourself and leave the others to their fate. 

You can also play alone in the single-player mode, but the gameplay would be the same. That’s a first-person horror game revolving around exploration, puzzles, and challenging settings.  

We Were Here Together

Developer: TMG Studios B.V.

Publisher: TMG Studios B.V.

Release Date: October 2023

Platform: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Macintosh operating systems

We Were Here Together is a multiplayer horror game with escape room puzzles and gameplay. You, alongside a partner, rely on in-game radio communication to escape the dreadful Castle Rock.

The story starts with a distress flare coming from a far-away castle. The 2-player team travels together while leaving the camp behind. You’re, however, in Antarctica, a place full of cold, dangers, secrets, and puzzles. 

The title remains consistently scary. It uses an eerie scenario, ambient sounds, atmospheric music, and a looming mystery to engage the players. For example, as the story goes on, you’ll get to know “The Jester,” a malevolent entity looming over the castle. 

Lastly, the game conveys its story through the environment, clues, and settings. The setting is immersive, and the theme is grim. Over time, the goal shifts from discovering a mystery to simply escaping alive. 

Hidden in Plain Sight

Developer: Adam Spragg

Publisher: Adam Spragg

Release Date: July 2014

Platform: Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows, macOS, Linux, SteamOS, Nintendo Switch

Hidden In Plain Sight is a multiplayer-only game, and every player requires a controller. The title delivers violent challenges that support up to four players. 

You control a character in top-down, 2D, and 16-bit sea if identical characters. Your goal is blending with the NPCs to accomplish a goal: taking out the other living players before they get you. So, everyone is both the hunter and the prey. 

There’re additional game modes, though. For example, “Death Race” is a player and NPC race to the finish line. However, each player has a gun with a single bullet. It forces you to balance the risk of sprinting ahead vs. the reward of shooting at someone. 

Other game modes create similar tense situations. In essence, the game continuously pushes you into conflictive positions. Often, you have to blend with other NPCs to complete the mode’s goal.

Lastly, every match works in rounds, making rounds quick, humorous, and easy to play. These elements turn it into a fun title we recommend for all kinds of players and the multiplayer experience you’d want to share with close friends.  

Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer

Developer: Eerie Guest Studios

Publisher: tinyBuild

Release Date: October 2023

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer stealth survival horror game. It’s also a social deception game and a multiplayer version of the older Hello Neighbor game.

You play as a group of intruders trying to rescue a friend from the Neighbor’s basement. In disguise, one of the intruders is the Neighbor, trying to trap the others in his torture chamber. Naturally, as the match goes on, players will disappear. 

There’re six players per match, and one of the players is the traitor. The neighbor blends with the team as everyone works through 3D cartoon environments. Each player can interact with the environment to pick up items, open doors, hide, and solve puzzles across a labyrinthic house. 

The gameplay mechanics are easy. You play in first-person perspective as you pick or break things, use items, open doors, and hide. Meanwhile, the neighbor must grab the intruders and take them to secret rooms. 

You could also play the offline version, Hello Neighbor. Here, you play as Nicky Roth, a kid, investigating Peterson’s house. He believes the person across the street kidnapped his friend. The task is solving a series of puzzles to unlock access to the basement. 

Dread Hunger

Developer: Dread Hunger Team

Publisher: Digital Confectioners

Release Date: January 2023

Platform: Windows

Dread Hunger is an FPS about survival, betrayal, and an unforgiving Arctic setting. Matches include eight players who are survivor crew members. There will be two hidden traitors, ready to take selfish actions no matter the consequences. 

The gameplay is about the crew surviving the tundra together. That means gathering resources like food and coal to keep the camp running. You build fires, fight off predators, hunt, and even fight against humanoid monsters. 

The traitors can feed poisoned food, lure predators, set traps, use blood magic, shoot the others in the back, etc. They can even butcher their bodies and eat each piece to stay alive. 

The setting takes you to the 19th Century. You’re the crew of a warship, traveling on a deserted Canadian tundra. Together, you plan around a day and night cycle, where blizzards, wolves, and more.

Even though the mechanics are top-notch and the community is hefty, we left the game for last for a reason. Its community constantly complains about the state of the servers: it’s full of hackers and griefers on top of bugs, glitches, and performance issues. 

How To Save In Ark: Survival Evolved

Saving in ARK isn’t just about protecting your progress in the world. There are many different things that players might want to keep, including characters and server backups.

In addition, there are multiple ways to save you might want to consider, especially if you’ve reached a point in ARK where losing your progress would be an inconvenience. 

About Saving in ARK

There isn’t a traditional save button in ARK. You have to use admin commands to save the game in most cases, including on the console. This won’t be available to all players – only those who have admin access to use console commands. 

You can save your character or move it to another server. You can change how often a server you admin saves the world. You can save single-player worlds very easily. However, if you’re playing on multiplayer and aren’t the admin, you don’t have many options. 

How to Save in ARK

ARK saves the game as you go, and you don’t generally need to save. However, knowing how to back up the world can give you peace of mind once you’ve built a new structure or tamed a problematic creature. 

How Do I Manually Save in ARK?

Saving manually in ARK means using console commands to save the world. As soon as you enter the command, the save file will be updated regardless of whether or not it was time to save again according to the server configuration. 

How to Save ARK on PC

Now your save file on the computer or server will be updated. Remember that unless you back up the actual file on your computer, it will be overwritten the next time the server saves automatically. 

How to Save ARK on Mobile

Saving ARK on mobile is a little different than saving on other devices. You have multiple save files, including your current save, a cloud data save, and backups.

You can see each of the available slots in this menu. To save in a space that is already taken will overwrite the file you have there. That means that you won’t be able to re-access it unless that data is backed up elsewhere. 

How to Save ARK on Xbox

Log into ARK on your Xbox.

Press the right bumper, left bumper, X and Y together to open the console. 

Type “admincheat saveworld” without quotes.

Choose Finish.

Your Xbox game file will be updated. As you continue to play on Xbox, that save will be overwritten depending on how often your server saves the file. 

How to Save ARK on Playstation

The ARK console on PlayStation can be accessed through the main menu.

Log onto ARK on the PlayStation. 

Switch to the main menu. 

Type “admincheat saveworld” without quotes.

Press Finish. 

Your PlayStation game file will be updated. If you don’t have admin permissions on your PlayStation server, you won’t be able to save manually. 

How to Save Your World in ARK

Saving your world in ARK Survival is what you’re doing when you use the admincheat saveworld command. However, if you want to save the world file, you have to do a little more work.

You should save the world in-game and close the game before beginning.

You should be able to use these files to restore the world when you last saved. Remember to update your save when needed. Every time you want to create a new backup, you’d have to repeat these steps.

Don’t move the files without copying them first unless you want to remove ARK’s ability to access your game. 

How to Save Settings in ARK

After you’ve updated your settings in ARK, the best way to save them is to change them, exit the game, go back into the game, and check to see whether the settings have been saved. There isn’t a manual save option, and many players – especially on console – have faced difficulties changing their settings.

Some users say that opening and then exiting the world after changing the settings helped fix it. You might have to fiddle with it a little to find a method that works for you until the issue is addressed. 

Can You Save Your Character in ARK?

Saving your character in ARK is a process called Character Data Transmission. You do this at an Obelisk or Beacon where supply crates drop. 

Once you’ve completed this process, your character data will be backed up. 

Remember, you can only have one character on each server. If you try to load into a map with another character, the first one will be deleted.

Also, you can’t transfer your PVE character to a PVP server and vice versa. 

How to Save Your Password in ARK

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way yet to save a server connect password on an ARK account. You still have to type in your password each time you access a server.

How to Quicksave ARK

You can’t quicksave ARK. You can only save with the saveworld command. 

How to Revert a Save in ARK

To revert a save in ARK, move the files you saved to back up your ARK world back into the active game folder. Then just log into the game like normal. 

How to Force Save in ARK

You use the save command for an ARK server to force save. There isn’t another way to do it. 

The ARK server you play on will back up according to the server settings. 

If you’re the admin on the server, open your configuration files and change the AutoSavePeriodMinutes option. 

Open the Configuration.ini file on your server.

Search for AutoSavePeriodMinutes= in the file.

Type a number after the equals sign. That number is how often in minutes the server will save the world.

Save the file and then open the game, and it should update at the interval you set. 

What Is the Save Command for an ARK Server

The save command for an ARK server is simply admincheat saveworld. You have to type it into the console menu. Make sure you have cheats enabled if you’re playing on a server.

If you don’t have access to cheat commands, you can’t save the server. Ask an admin to back it up as needed. 

How to Load a Save in ARK

Since the game backs up your map automatically as you play, loading a save is as simple as logging into the game – as long as you have the correct files in your ShooterGame and Saved folders. 

If you don’t have those files in the folders and want to load a different save, remove the current save, replace the files with the ones you backed up, and follow the steps below to load it.

It should launch the game and put you back where you were last. 

What Is Tidy Save in ARK Mobile?

Tidy save is a way for mobile players to save a little storage space when they back up ARK. It essentially wipes all the dinosaurs that aren’t in render distance or tamed. Some spawns are also removed. It shouldn’t affect anything owned by your or your tribe, and it will make your save file smaller and easier to store. 

You can also use it to force the game to spawn new dinosaurs on your map. 

11 Ways To Fix Videos Not Playing On Chrome (Android, Ios)

You might have the best internet connections, yet some sites just fail to load content. So firstly we need to rule out the fact that the website is down and out. Only then, it would make sense to proceed to other methods. Here’s how to do it.

Step 2: Copy the URL of the website on which the video is not playing.

JavaScript is an important tool responsible for websites to deliver multimedia and visual content on your browser. In case it is disabled, then most likely, you have found a solution to the issue. Here’s how to enable JavaScript to fix videos not playing in Chrome.

Step 2: Here, tap Settings.

Step 4: Turn on the toggle for JavaScript. Reload the video to check if this helped you fix the issue.

The Vulkan API is used to generate good quality visuals and graphics in real-time, and it is available on Chrome as well. A lot of users on multiple forums can fix videos not playing on Chrome by disabling this flag. Here’s how you can do it to try and fix the issue.

Step 2: Once you land on the flags page, you need to search for the Vulkan flag, so type in the keyword in the search bar.

Step 5: You will now be given a prompt to relaunch Google Chrome, and then you can reload the video to check if the issue has been fixed.

Similar to the previous method, few users on forums suggest that disabling the flag fixes the issue of videos not being playable on Google Chrome. Here’s how to disable the hardware-accelerated video decode flag.

Step 2: Search for the flag by typing in the keyword hardware in the search bar.

You will now be asked to relaunch Chrome, after which you can reload to check if videos can be played.

Safe browsing in Google Chrome comes with a few different levels. In case you have the enhanced protection enabled, a few websites seem to break and might not be able to play videos. To fix videos not playing in Chrome, you can try switching the safe browsing level to standard.

Step 4: Select Standard Protection.

If existing browser data is causing problems such that you cannot play videos in Chrome, you can try switching to the incognito mode. This can be used on both Android and iOS.

On Android

Step 4: Alternatively, on a few devices, you can long-press on the Chrome app icon, and then directly open up an incognito tab.

On iOS

Step 3: The incognito tab will now open up and you can try playing the video now.

On Android 

Step 3: You can try reloading the website on the desktop version of the website, and check if you can fix videos not playing in Chrome.

On iOS

Step 3: You can now try reloading the website in the desktop version to check if you can now play videos.

Clearing Chrome browser data often end up solving a lot of problems. Chances are, there might be a few malicious elements stuck in the browser data. You can try this method to fix the issue of concern.

On Android

Step 4: Check the options for Cookies and site data, and Cached images and files.

On iOS

In case you are using a VPN, chances are the video is not available in the location of the server you are connected to. So ensure to disable VPN, and here’s how you can do it on both Android and iOS.

On Android

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone.

Step 3: Ensure VPN stays disabled.

On iOS

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iOS device.

Step 3: Make sure the toggle is turned off for VPN and it stays disabled.

A few configurations in the screen time section of the iPhone can restrict content. This probably is the reason why videos are not playing on Google Chrome. Here’s how you can disable the option, and try and fix videos not playing in Chrome.

These are some of the methods that you can try to fix videos not playing in Chrome. We hope these methods helped you solve the issue. Stay tuned to our website for more such articles to fix common issues on Google Chrome, and other web browsers as well.

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