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Editor’s note: Anne O’Brien is our guest blogger today. She is a project director at the Learning First Alliance, a Teach for America alumna, and a former public school teacher in the greater New Orleans area.

Recently one particular turnaround strategy has received some high-level support: the wholesale replacement of teachers — interesting choice, given what researchers say about this approach. Turnaround experts Emily and Bryan Hassel wrote in Education Next, “Successful turnaround leaders typically do not replace all or most of the staff at the start, but they often replace some key leaders who help organize and drive change.” And the 2009 Department of Education IES practice guide concluded, “The school turnaround case studies and the business turnaround research do not support the wholesale replacement of staff.”

The Obama administration has made turning around America’s lowest performing schools a cornerstone of its education agenda. And with good reason — all children should have access to an excellent education.Schools that are not providing their students with such an education need to change.

We at the Learning First Alliance have collected a number of successful school turnaround stories. In some cases the replacement of some staff started the process, such as at George Hall Elementary in Mobile, Alabama, where it was accompanied by a focus on innovative technology, rich vocabulary, and content knowledge.

Collaboration is Key

But this approach is by no means necessary for a turnaround. At Anchorage’s Mountain View Elementary a charismatic leader, committed staff, and additional funding and focus on reading helped begin the turnaround process. At Westwood High School in Memphis, a new climate of collaboration and a shared purpose led the way.

Then there is Port Chester’s Thomas Edison Elementary School, where 80 percent of students receive free and reduced price lunch and nearly half are English language learners. In 1999, when New York State first began to assess its children, only 19 percent of Edison’s fourth graders passed the English Language Arts test. In 2009, 75 percent did.

How did the school do it? Not with a mass firing.

Rather, fourteen years ago, Principal Eileen Santiago stepped into a school with, as she says, “many, many caring people,” and built the capacity of her staff. That staff then strengthened its academic program and developed strong partnerships with the community.

Connecting with Community

In fact, according to Principal Santiago, “It is partnership work that really constitutes effective turnaround work.” Edison, now a full-service community school, has formed relationships with agencies, such as mental health agencies, that don’t typically have much to do with schools even though they also serve children. It has created a school-based health center.

It also forged a partnership with a college that brings tremendous resources, including student teachers, tutors, and the chance for children to visit a college site to see what the future holds for them.

And the school offers parents events that cover a range of topics, including supporting children’s literacy, getting a GED, taking classes in English and even basic information like when to take a child to the doctor.

Both educators and policymakers can learn a lot from Edison. For me, the most important takeaway is Principal Santiago’s belief that, “[A school needs] rigorous academic curriculum, solid instructional practices that are supported by research [and] coupled with a support network of wraparound services for the whole child,” she explained, adding, “That is going to be the groundbreaking work that makes a difference in school reform.”

What are your thoughts on the topic of school reform? Please share your stories and your views.

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How To Reformat Your Macbook Without A Password

If you want to sell your MacBook, it’s considered good practice to reformat the internal storage before reinstalling macOS. That reduces the chances of having any personal data compromised. But what if you can’t remember the password to your Mac’s user account?

Reformatting the internal storage on a Mac with a forgotten password depends on its model, and if you’ve signed into it with an Apple ID or not.

Table of Contents

Your Mac May Be Secured With Activation Lock

If you use your MacBook with just an offline user account, you can quickly reformat it in macOS Recovery and set up macOS from scratch even if you’ve forgotten its password.

But if you’ve signed into your Mac with an Apple ID and have Find My Mac turned on, that might complicate things. macOS devices that run on Apple Silicon or contain the Apple T2 Security Chip deploy a feature called Activation Lock that prevents unauthorized access to macOS Recovery.

However, if you own the Mac, you can simply use your Apple ID’s passcode to reset the passcode or bypass the Activation Lock. If you bought or received the Mac from someone else, you must ask the person to lift the Activation Lock remotely via chúng tôi It’s impossible to reformat the Mac otherwise.

Try Lifting the Password Before You Start

Before you start, it’s always a good idea to try and reset the password to your Mac’s user account. That allows you to back up any data on your Mac, as well as sign out from your Apple ID to minimize iCloud-related complications later. If you don’t want to do that and just want to format your Mac quickly, jump ahead to the next section.

Use Your Apple ID Credentials

The first method involves using your Apple ID credentials. Try logging in a total of three times into your Mac’s user account. After the third failed attempt, you should get a prompt asking you to reset the passcode using your Apple ID. Do it.

Use a Different Administrator Account If You Managed to Lift the Password

If you managed to reset the password to your Mac, perform the following actions before formatting your Mac.

Optional: Erase All Content and Settings

If your MacBook runs on macOS Monterey or later, you have a built-in option that lets you wipe all data and settings before selling it. This is purely optional; you can still format your Mac and reinstall macOS regardless. 

How To Enter macOS Recovery

MacBooks running on Apple Silicon and Intel chipsets require different procedures to enter macOS Recovery. The following instructions assume that you haven’t reset the password to your Mac. If you have, simply insert the password whenever it’s needed.

Apple Silicon Macs

1. Shut down your MacBook.

2. Hold down the Power button to turn it back on, but do not let go of it until the Loading startup options message shows up on the screen. 

3. On the Startup Options screen, choose Options and select Continue. macOS Recovery will load momentarily.

4. If you’ve signed into your Mac with an Apple ID, select Forgot All Passwords? on the account selection screen. Then, enter your Apple ID password to bypass the Activation Lock.

5. Choose Disk Utility and select Continue.

Intel Macs

1. Shut down your MacBook.

2. Turn it back on, but immediately press and hold Command + R. Release once you see the Apple logo. macOS Recovery will show up momentarily.

3. If the Mac consists of an Apple T2 Security chip and you’ve also signed into it with an Apple ID, select Forgot All Passwords? on the account selection screen and insert your Apple ID to proceed.

4. Choose Disk Utility and select Continue.

Formatting Your MacBook

After entering macOS Recovery, you can load Disk Utility to format your MacBook.

1. Select Macintosh HD on the Disk Utility sidebar.

2. Select Erase.

3. Set Format to APFS.

4. Select Erase to format your Macbook.

5. Select Done.

Reinstalling macOS

After formatting your MacBook, you can reinstall macOS.

2. Select Reinstall macOS in macOS Recovery.

3. Select Macintosh HD as the target partition and work your way through the onscreen instructions to reinstall macOS.

Once you’ve finished installing macOS, you can set up your MacBook for personal use and restore backed-up data via Time Machine. Or, press Command + Q to leave the setup screen if you plan to sell it.

Reformatting a Mac Without a Password Can Be Complicated

How To Clean A Keyboard Without Breaking It

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Fortunately, this cleaning process is not actually that hard to do. Think of it like a thorough dental cleaning, but for your computer, and stop being that person with the messy workstation. Take charge of your life and start with a fresh, clean keyboard.

First, shut down your machine

It’s always best to disconnect your keyboard before you start the disinfecting process. Nobody wants liquid cleaning products near their hard drive when the computer is on. With a laptop, that means turning the entire machine off. If you have a desktop computer, you can just unplug the keyboard from your computer.

Shake out your less-than-clean keyboard

With a good grip, stand over a garbage can and carefully turn your laptop or keyboard completely upside down. Then, gently shake your device so any dried-up crumbs or pieces of food will fall out, thanks to the handy force of gravity. This debris removal is an important early step because it gets the big, bulky stuff out so it won’t get in the way of your more precise scrubbing later on.

[Related: Clean the grossest nooks and crannies with this DIY slime]

Start blasting with compressed air

Just like any piece of furniture that sits in one place for a long time, the spaces between your keys and other keyboard components are going to gather dust. These particles, combined with any minuscule food crumbs, are nearly impossible to remove with gentle shaking alone. That’s where compressed air comes in. Compressed air, which is exactly what its name implies, comes in a can and can be purchased at any office supply store, superstore, and online. These cans are fairly cheap, but are a crucial, powerful tool for anyone trying to clean a keyboard—they can blast dust out of that random corner you didn’t even know you had.

When using compressed air, Apple recommends tilting your keyboard at a 75-degree angle so it’s nearly vertical, but not quite. Spray the compressed air into the keyboard and rotate the keyboard or laptop 90 degrees four times so the air hits as many areas of the board from as many angles as possible.

Get scrubbing

This keyboard has seen better days. Claire Maldarelli

Now that you’ve gotten all the dust and debris out, you can focus on those grimy, perhaps slimy, keys. Yes, it’s that time. For this, you’ll need a cotton ball, some Q-tips or another brand of cotton swab (they’re best used for cleaning, not sticking in your ears), and some basic isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol. You can buy all of these items at most pharmacies and grocery stores.

First, dab a small amount of alcohol onto the cotton ball and carefully clean each key. Then, for inter-key cleaning, switch to the Q-tip with a bit of alcohol. The small size of the cotton swab helps ensure the alcohol only goes onto the keyboard surface, not into it. Just be careful not to put too much alcohol on the Q-tip.

From experience, for extra scummy keys, you will need to scrub pretty hard. You may even have to go back to some keys for a second scrub.

The alcohol will likely get rid of most bacteria and germs that may have gathered on your keyboard. But if you want to be extra sure, you can finish with a multi-purpose cleaning wipe as well. Alcohol, because of its low boiling point, evaporates very quickly, which is another reason it’s so useful for cleaning keyboards—the area will dry within a few seconds.

Consider removing the keys themselves

Usually, the combination of shaking, spraying, and scrubbing is good enough. But if your keys are sticking or you’re convinced there’s still some dirt under the keycaps, you can sometimes remove them. This technique depends on the type of keyboard you have and how it was put together. It’s helpful to have an electronics repair toolkit if you are going to attempt to remove them.

Remember to clean your keyboard more often

Frequency is key. Just like brushing and flossing your teeth, the more often you clean your keyboard, the less likely it is that dirt and scum will have a chance to build up. While once a day is probably excessive, once a week is easily doable.

The bacteria is probably not that bad—for you at least

Even if you never clean your keyboard, the bacteria that build up are probably normal, friendly bacteria—the same kind that gather on your phone and other items you touch every day. And you likely won’t get any new diseases from your own keyboard. But an unclean keyboard is an easy way to spread disease-causing bacteria, especially if you are sick and other people are using the device as well. A good cleaning once a week will limit the risk.

This story has been updated. It was originally published on March 10, 2023.

How To Get A Girlfriend In Elementary School (With Pictures)

Take a bath or a shower and use lots of soap.

Brush your teeth.

Wear clean clothes

so the first thing you need to do is check and see if the girl you like even wants a relationship.

Talk about other people you know who have boyfriends or girlfriends, because it will give you a reason to ask if she wants one.

Ask her if she’s ever thought about having a romantic partner, but don’t tell her it’s because you want to be her partner. That might scare her off.

If she says she doesn’t want a relationship, ask her why not.

If she asks if you want a girlfriend, tell her that you wouldn’t mind having one, but that you’re not desperate to.

If she says she doesn’t want a relationship, let it go. DO NOT try to convince her to be your girlfriend. This will only make her hate you for not respecting her, and then other girls will not date you either. NEVER EVER try to talk a girl into anything she doesn’t want.

Organize a play date for your friends and her friends. If she’s going to be your girlfriend, you should try to spend time with her outside of school. But you don’t want to seem too aggressive at first. So, instead of inviting only her to your house, try to get a group of people to come—your friends and hers. That will give you a chance to spend more time with her, but won’t feel too awkward.

Be nice to her friends. Girls sometimes talk about crushes when they’re alone, so you want to be sure that her friends are saying nice things about you. No girl wants to have a partner who isn’t friends with her friends, so this is very important.

Find things to laugh about. Talk about funny things that happened at school, or watch a funny TV show you both like.

Talk about things you have in common. If you two are in the same class, or if you like to do the same things outside of school, these are good things to talk about so your play date won’t be awkward.

Talk about your feelings, and ask about her feelings. Boyfriends and girlfriends are close, and they talk about their feelings. So, if you get in the habit of talking to the girl you like about times when you were sad or happy, she’ll start to think of you more like a partner.

If she likes to draw, give her some nice markers.

If she likes fancy socks, give her a pair you like. It will make her feel special.

You’re one of my best friends, and I think you’re really smart and funny.

I’ve noticed that we always have a really good time when we spend time together, so I’d like to spend more time with you.

I feel like I can talk to you about things that I can’t talk to other people about.

We have a lot in common, and I really like all of your friends.

Remember—the best way to find out if a girl likes you is to be upfront about how you feel.

Don’t stop being her friend if she says no. Remember, she’s younger than most people are when they get their first significant other, so she might not be ready yet. Just remember not to pressure her into anything she doesn’t want.


How To Celebrate The End Of The Year In Elementary School

It’s been a long year for kids and teachers, but here we are, almost at the finish line. It’s a time to enjoy the students you got to know and care about this year and celebrate the unique classroom identity they formed. Staying focused on work as the weather turns warm and summer is on the horizon is never easy. These strategies can help you keep your classroom calm, incorporate fun into learning, and reflect on all you have accomplished together during the final weeks of school. They have worked well with my first graders and could be effective in other elementary grades as well.

End-of-Year Ideas

Keep the energy calm. Sometimes when the energy level in the room is high, sticking to established routines can help keep expectations clear and encourage students to stay focused on class procedures you have worked hard to establish during the year. To do this, we sometimes need to slow down and practice these expectations again to help students reset behaviors and remember classroom norms.

Routines can also help kids feel safe when inevitable change is ahead at the end of the year and things feel uncertain. Knowing what to expect each day keeps school a predictable place that kids can count on. Incorporating meditations into your day or a quiet time with the lights low when you give students a choice to write, read, or draw independently is another way to keep the energy calm and focused.

Take a break. If the energy level in the class begins to escalate, using Responsive Classroom’s “Take a Break” method is an excellent way to keep the classroom calm, safe, and orderly. It allows kids to step away from the group when they begin to lose self-control and come back when they are ready to refocus on learning and work productively with others. Sometimes, even the teacher needs to relax for a moment.

A good way to do this is to have the whole class settle in to listen to a story together from Storyline Online. It’s a fun way to engage with well-loved books. For example, try Oprah Winfrey reading The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen, and then the class can have a Hula-Hoop contest outdoors. At the end of the day, you can enjoy Chris O’Dowd reading Arnie the Doughnut and then share a box of doughnuts. It is a sure way to bring a few calm moments, combined with some fun and laughter, into your day.

Keep learning fun. Allowing kids to have academic choices within a framework is one way to keep them engaged at the end of the year. Use the independence that your students have developed over the year, and give them some freedom in designing how they will accomplish their work. This could look like having stations at math time where kids choose between their favorite math games, having a genius hour of student-directed research, or engaging in a project-based learning activity such as identifying and mapping the plants or trees growing on your school property. 

Also, incorporating learning games like Quiz, Quiz, Trade, playing charades with vocabulary words, or having students create and lead review games using an online platform like Kahoot or Quizlet can keep things interesting for kids.

Get outside. Spring is the perfect time to get outside with your students to see new leaves on trees, observe flowers popping up, and look for birds returning to the schoolyard. This year, I have taken my class outside each week for something we call “sit spots, storytelling, and hot tea.” My students spend 10–15 minutes sitting alone in their sit spots with a journal to write and draw what they observe in nature. It encourages them to notice what is happening around them as the seasons change. Then we come back together to tell stories of what we saw or how we felt as we share cups of tea. It is our favorite way to center ourselves and reflect together as a class.

Write gratitude letters. The end of the year is a great time to look back and reflect on the highlights. I will often ask my students: What did you accomplish this school year? What are you most proud of? Who helped you achieve your goals? We use these reflections to write gratitude letters to friends and teachers who were important to us throughout the year. The kids love walking around the school to deliver a gratitude letter to a favorite teacher or friend. It is a wonderful way to celebrate accomplishments and appreciate the people in your school community who helped contribute to your students’ successes.

Make time for celebrations. Find ways to plan celebrations for the kids to look forward to each week outside of the regular work routine. It can be simple, like a walking field trip around the neighborhood or heading outside for a rock-paper-scissors tournament. It can also be a more elaborate celebration, such as inviting families in for an author’s breakfast to listen to the kids reading some of their writing from the year, an outdoor field day, or a class picnic. Having your class vote on ways they would like to celebrate the end of the year makes things feel more festive and joyful for students and teachers.

As hard as it is to keep kids engaged at the end of the school year, it can also be a joyful time with your students. Keeping a calm, predictable routine until the end, finding ways to make learning fun, and reflecting on accomplishments together are reliable ways to keep kids happy and engaged, reduce behavior issues, and end the year strong and proud.

How To Watch The 2023 Kentucky Derby Online Without Cable

The Kentucky Derby is one of the world’s most prestigious horse racing events. Thousands of horse racing fans and enthusiasts gather annually at the Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, to watch the event.

If you’re outside the United States or can’t attend the event, we’ll show you where/how to watch the Kentucky Derby online.

Table of Contents

When Is the 2023 Kentucky Derby?

The 2023 Kentucky Derby is the 149th edition of the event, which traditionally holds on the first Saturday of May. This year’s edition is slated for May 6, 2023. Although the race post time is 6:57 P.M. Eastern Time (E.T.), live TV broadcast starts at noon and ends at 7:30 P.M. E.T. on NBC.

Where to Watch the 2023 Kentucky Derby Online Without Cable

You can also follow the Kentucky Derby live broadcast on third-party streaming services with NBC in their channel lineup.

A $4.99/month Peacock Premium plan grants you access to the live broadcast of the 2023 Kentucky Derby. Peacock offers a 7-day free trial for new subscribers, so you can watch the event for free if you sign up on or before Derby Day.

Note that the Peacock Premium is an ad-inclusive subscription. Buy the $9.99/month Premium Plus plan to minimize ad interruption when watching the Derby. Both plans have a free trial period.

DIRECTV Stream plans (Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier) have the NBC channel. Interestingly, all the plans have a 5-day free trial period, so you can stream watch the 2023 Kentucky Derby online without buying a subscription.

Create a DIRECTV Stream account, choose a plan (starts at $64.99/month), and install the DIRECTV app on your device. You can also stream the Kentucky Derby in your web browser through DirecTV or NBC Sport’s website.

Visit the “Live & Upcoming Sports” page on NBC Sport’s website on May 6 and select the Kentucky Derby live stream. Next, choose DIRECTV Stream and sign in to your DIRECTVsteam account to watch the Kentucky Derby.

The Sling TV Blue ($45/month) and Sling TV Orange & Blue ($60/month) plans have NBC in their channel lineup. Sling TV doesn’t (always) offer a free trial period, but new subscribers get a 50% discount on the first month’s subscription.

Both plans offer 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, so you can download the Kentucky Derby broadcast to watch later. Sling TV works on iOS and Android devices, Amazon Fire TV devices, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and some smart TV models.

If you’re subscribed to the Hulu Live TV plan (with Disney+ and ESPN+), you can follow live actions from the Churchill Downs racetrack without cable TV.

The cheapest fuboTV plan (fuboTV Pro) with NBC costs $74.99/month. Create a new account and use the streaming service’s free 7-day trial to watch the Kentucky Derby.

fuboTV plans come with free cloud DVR storage space—you can record the event to watch later on your device(s). You can also stream the Derby on up to three devices simultaneously.

The YouTube TV base plan has the NBC channel and costs $72.99/month. You can access the streaming service for free for two weeks if you’re a new user. Joining a YouTube TV Family is another way to watch the Kentucky Derby for free.

Sip Mint Julep and Watch the Kentucky Derby Online

These streaming platforms are available in the United States and U.S. territories only. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to watch the 2023 Kentucky Derby if you reside outside the U.S. We recommend streaming the event on platforms that offer a free trial—YouTube TV, fuboTV, PeacockTV, and DIRECTV Stream.

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