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How to remove BitCoinMiner malware from PC




If you want to fight against the malicious BitcoinMiner software to force your PC to run complex tasks for others, you need the best tool.

We provide you with one of the best antivirus software in the

cybersecurity industry.

Another powerful malware removal tool will clean all traces of BitcoinMiner from your PC.

You can also choose a free program that

disinfects your computer after an attack.

ESET Antivirus comes with all the security tools that you may ever need to protect your data and privacy, including:

Anti-theft support

Webcam protection

Intuitive setup and UI

Multi-platform support

Banking-level encryption

Low system requirements

Advanced anti-malware protection

An antivirus program needs to be fast, efficient, and cost-effective, and this one has them all.

BitcoinMiner is a malicious software that forces computers to run complex tasks, draining CPU resources. As its name suggests, it has a very specific purpose: to generate bitcoins for its creators.

BitcoinMiner slows down your PC causing various performance issues. However, most of the time, it’s very hard to notice that the malware is even there. Its creators programmed it to activate when you’re not using your computer.

The good news is that you can quickly remove BitcoinMiner using standard anti-malware software.

Remove BitcoinMiner with Bitdefender

If your antivirus failed to detect and block BitcoinMiner, maybe you should install a new one. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus removes all malware installed on your computer and prevents future malware attacks as well.

This solution identifies malware installed on your PC, and removes it in the blink of an eye.

Bitdefender has had the best malware detection rate in the cybersecurity industry for the past 5 years. Artificial Intelligence-backed algorithms and other revolutionary technologies will instantly detect and remove BitcoinMiner, and block future threats.

Bitdefender ensures instant reaction to malware, without affecting your PC’s performance.


Remove BitcoinMiner malware in just a few seconds!

Check priceVisit website

Remove BitcoinMiner with EMISOFT Anti-Malware

Emisoft’s Anti-Malware is a powerful malware removal tool that will clean all BitcoinMiner’s traces from your computer. The software features a unique dual malware scanner that will instantly detect BitcoinMiner.

The scanner actually features two major antivirus and anti-malware technologies, allowing it to scan quicker and more efficiently. There is very little impact on memory as any unnecessary duplicates in detection are avoided.

The cleaning and restoration module will then take over and will completely remove BitcoinMiner.

Emisoft’s tool also detects behavioral patterns of ransomware attacks and blocks them before they encrypt your files. The tool also removes annoying PUPs, adware, and other similar unwanted software.

EMISOFT Anti-Malware

Clean all BitcoinMiner’s traces from your computer!

Check priceVisit website

Remove BitcoinMiner with Malwarebytes 3

Malwarebytes is a handy tool that removes annoying malware that sneaked into your computer. The tool has a really light footprint, doesn’t require much space to install, and is very silent, running in the background.

Malwarebytes is a complex tool, that does more than just removing malware installed on your device. Thanks to its four-module architecture, the tool blocks malware, ransomware, as well as various exploits and website-targeted threats.

If you’re looking only for an malware remover tool, you should stick to the free version of Malwarebytes 3. This version doesn’t come with a price tag, but is quite limited. It only disinfects your computer after an attack.

After the scan and removal of BitcoinMiner, a reboot is required. Malwarebytes will prompt you to do this.

To benefit from the full range and features, we recommend the full real-time protection of Malwarebytes Premium. This tool will help you prevent malware infections in the first place.

The Redmond giant offers Windows users a dedicated Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) to keep computers free from malware. Microsoft’s malware removal tool detects and removes malware, including BitcoinMiner, reversing the changes made by untrustworthy software.

After the tool has scanned your computer and removed threats, it displays a report that lists the threats.

Microsoft rolls out the MSRT on a monthly basis through Windows Update. You can also download the standalone tool from Microsoft’s website.

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How To Remove Meet Tab From Gmail Completely

During the pandemic, video conferencing applications have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other frontrunners have heavily benefitted from our sorry state, and they aren’t willing to let their foothold go. So, to hammer it down, Google has started rolling out a dedicated Meet tab for Gmail on mobile devices, which is super convenient for people who use Google Meet on a regular basis.

However, if you’re one of the many users who don’t want to complicate their Gmail accounts further, you’re ought to be familiarized with the method of hiding the tab for good. And yes, we’ll cover this tip for Gmail web, as well.

What is Google Meet?

Hoping to make the most of the current lockdown situation, Google started pushing hard for users to have a look at their dedicated, professional video conferencing solution: Google Meet. Even at the start of the lockdown period, Google Meet used to be exclusive to premium G Suite users. Now, however, any Gmail user is eligible to use Google Meet and connect to up to 100 users.

Currently — until September 30th — free users are allowed to host meetings for up to 24 hours. After the trial period runs out, users would still be able to connect to up to 100 users but the duration would be reduced to 60 minutes. After the meeting ends, users would be able to start another meeting, immediately.

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Is the separate Meet tab available to all?

Google recently started rolling out the dedicated Meet tab for mobile applications — both Android and iOS. However, as always, this is being presented as a staged rollout, which means that not all devices would receive the update at the same time. So, unless you’re one of the lucky (or unlucky) ones, your Gmail app could get the update — get the separate ‘Meet’ tab — on a later date.

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How to hide the Meet tab in the Gmail app

As pointed out in the previous section, Gmail has introduced a dedicated tab for all your Meet sessions, making it super easy and convenient to get in touch with the people who matter.

But for people who’d rather focus on the traditional format, this new addition can feel a little cumbersome. Thankfully, making the tab disappear isn’t too big a challenge.

To remove the Meet tab from the Gmail app, first, tap on the hamburger menu at the top-left corner, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and tap on ‘Settings.’ Now, tap on the name of your account. Then, scroll down to the newly-introduced ‘Meet’ section and uncheck the box next to ‘Show the Meet tab for video calling.’ Finally, close and reopen the app to make the tab disappear for good.

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How to hide the Meet tab from Gmail web client

The special Meet tab for Android and iOS may be only a couple of days old, but Google’s been plotting this move for a long time. The company first rolled out an identical tab for the Gmail web client, giving users the option to start or join a meeting right from their Gmail inbox.

The Meet tab on the web client is a lot less intrusive than the one Google’s been rolling out for its Gmail app for mobile devices. However, if you still find yourself getting ticked off with it, you can choose to turn it off for good.

Then, navigate to the ‘Chat and Meet’ tab. And finally, select ‘Hide the Meet section in the main menu’ and hit ‘Save changes.’

That’s it! The Meet tab won’t appear in Gmail anymore.

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How To Keep Your System Safe From Malware & Data Spying

How to Keep Your System Safe From Malware & Data Spying

Since there are so many apps/software in the market, it’s equal to impossible to explore every one of them and decide the best for the system. Now instead of looking for multiple apps for multiple problems, finding one stop solution can work amazingly beneficial for you. All you need is a full PC protection tool that can analyze everything on the system & take action accordingly.

How to Keep Your System Safe From Malware & Data Spying

Considering the fact that your PC needs a one-stop-solution, we are recommending you Super PC Care from Systweak. A powerful tool that’s been designed to keep checking your system files for malicious contents as well as work on those to the PC safe & secure.

Super PC Care is the perfect definition of the reliability, effectiveness, & rich features that works with each & every part of the device, offline as well as online. From clearing out the malicious contents to clearing out the suspicious activities on your internet browsing, everything comes under the Super PC Care’s radar. So without further delay, let’s understand how this cleanup & maintenance tool helps you removing the unwanted stuff out & keep everything safe on the Windows 10 PC:

1. Malware Scan

So the initial step would be to look for the malicious activities & look for possible malware content. And let me tell you, Super PC Care works just perfectly when it comes to look for the malicious activities on the system so as soon as it launches, automatically the scanning starts.

2. Web Protection

Since everything we do from waking up in the morning till sleeping in the night is connected to the internet, security must be the top priority. Irrespective of the device you are using, there are so many contents you wish to access & that’s where you need web protection.

Super PC Care helps you do so by analyzing every web activity & take action accordingly if anything suspicious gets encountered by the tool.

3. Junk & Privacy Scan

After looking out for the malicious activities & web protection, junk & privacy scan is also compulsory to keep everything running smoothly onto the system. Cleaning out junk simply means that you are creating space on your device to make space for other apps or software. As well as privacy scan helps your device remove digital footprints that might have probability for exposing privacy & compromise things.

4. Invalid Registry Scan

After scanning for all the unwanted items on your device & creating a security wall by erasing digital footprints, now is the time to boost the PC’s speed. One of those reasons that can give you hard time is the invalid registry entries that can slow down your PC out of nowhere & give you nightmares. That is why you need Super PC Care that will do it;s best to clear out & fix those invalid registry entries & make everything smoother than before.

All the above four pointers are required to build a thick security wall around your system & make everything work flawlessly. Additionally, it’s always recommended that you before fixing up those unwanted items, they need to be identified. So the first step for the system to be safe from malware & data spying, those bad behaving contents need to be narrowed down. That is where we use Super PC Care which will start identifying those malware contents, invalid registry entries, junk items, as well as digital footprints that can expose you in the world of the internet. So it’s high time that you start using the Super PC Care on your Windows 10 PC right away & make everything work smoothly on your system.

How to Use Super PC Care on Windows 10 PC

Since it’s been established that Super PC Care is a one-stop-solution for your Windows 10 PC to keep everything running smoothly, now is the time to start using it. So in order to keep malware & data spying away from your system, start with downloading the Super PC Care from given button below.

Once the Super PC Care has been successfully downloaded & installed on your PC, launch the tool and be ready to get surprised, Because the number of unwanted files on your system will definitely surprise you in a way you didn’t imagine.

1. Home

The above page where the autoscan will start is the very first step of analyzing the whole system for unwanted items including the probable data exposing elements. Now in order to keep the system safe & secure, the tool will search & identify those malware & adware contents. Including those junk files that are unnecessarily covering up space on the system without any reason.

Now under those above two categories, everything from the junk items scanning to invalid registry entries, everything will be covered. Please know that you will need to have patience to cover all the items that can give your system a hard time.

2. Scan

Once the unwanted items scanning gets completed, you will have the statistics in front of you about scanning results. This will give you the whole unwanted items number as a whole, however, in different categories. Please know that fixing them all, you need to explore the categories to check if something valuable isn’t getting removed from the system.

So it’s quite essential to check all of those unwanted files before going ahead with the fixation process. And once you are sure about fixing all of them, tap on Fix All Items and the process will begin, so does the next step.

3. Cleaning

After tapping on the Fix All Items option, one of the prompts will ask you to reboot the system. That in case any malware has been detected and while the content is being fixed, it’s in use. Here, you need to tap on the Ok, I Understand & the whole process of fixing those unwanted items will begin.

4. Web Protection

Since the above screenshot shows that the browser isn’t available for now, you need to tap on the Refresh Now option. After tapping into the option, the tool will start looking for the available extensions for the listed browsers. And please know that the above two browsers (Chrome & Opera) aren’t installed on the device, the status will be Not Installed.

Once you install both the internet browsers on your PC, eventually the extensions will be available on the Super PC Care page.

5. Startup Manager

Also, there are many problems that we don’t encounter since there are many startup items that can drain your system battery. The Super PC Care will give you the status of the tool along with the company name & area of working as well. Now in case you don’t want to continue with any of the specific startup items, tap onto the Delete function under Action category.

Doing so will remove the product from the list and within no time, the list will get refreshed. Eventually you can customize the list as you wish by removing those startup items & tap on Refresh Now.

We all know how the heavy applications or startup items can slow down the PC running speed & it can be an unpleasant experience where the system is taking forever to get started properly. So here you can use the Super PC Care that will give you every possible info you would need and take action accordingly to either remove the startup item or keep it as it is.

Also, you can see the burger menu onto the extreme right side of the screen (top right corner) where you will find other features. Such as check for updates if there are any as well as the technical support in case you need the same.

Also, you can tap on the Website option (bottom right corner) & it will take you to the official website of the service provider. Also, under the burger menu, Settings option will take you to other features that will help you customize the tool’s functionalities.

From General settings to scheduling the scanning process for future dates, anything is possible with the Super PC Care. In true words, you can consider Super PC Care as the one stop solution for your PC’s overall protection.

Wrapping Up

Malicious activities & data breaching are few of those elements that can play with your device in extreme ways possible & tweak things around. Moreover, there is no way of finding those elements you need to take help from an expert such as the Super PC Care from Systweak. The tool has been designed in a way that it will identify those malicious activities & probably exposing loopholes on your system. Once identified, you are the one who will need to take the proper action of either fixing them up or keeping them as they are already.

So without further delay, you need to explore the whole Super PC Care software on your Windows 10 PC & let it build a thick security layer like never before.

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How To Remove Apps From The Microsoft Store Library

Microsoft Store is a built-in online platform for Windows users to download and install a variety of apps, games, movies, and books on their PC. With the help of this service, installing apps on your computer is risk-free and safer than installing them from untrusted sources. Additionally, Microsoft Store has a lot of features but also some downsides. The lack of an option to remove or uninstall apps from the Microsoft Store Library section is one complaint many users have made about Microsoft Store.

Any App Store should be able to manage connected devices’ installed apps and display a list of those apps. For Microsoft Store, the list of applications you have downloaded from the store and installed on your computer is displayed, but you cannot uninstall installed applications directly from the Store. Despite how rudimentary the capability is, Microsoft Store lacks a menu for uninstalling apps, in contrast to other app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, you can use a workaround to hide or remove the unused app from the Microsoft Store.

Hide or Remove apps from the Microsoft Store Library

Since removing programs directly from the Microsoft Store is impossible, as we have already mentioned, you must use other means to remove an app from your computer if you installed it through the Microsoft Store and decide it is no longer necessary. Likewise, even after uninstalling such an app, Windows keeps it in the Library section of the Microsoft Store. You can prevent your app library from becoming overrun with uninstalled apps, by following these two steps:

Uninstall the Microsoft Store app via Settings

Use the “Show installed products only” option in your Microsoft Store Library

1] Uninstall the Microsoft Store app via Settings

There are several methods you can use to uninstall unused applications from your Windows computer, as the Microsoft Store doesn’t have an option built-in to allow you to remove apps directly from it

You can, hence, uninstall the Microsoft Store app using the Windows Settings as described below:

Press Windows + I to open Settings on your computer.

On the App list, navigate to the app you want to uninstall and tap on the three-dot icon in front of it.

2] Use the “Show installed products only” option in your Microsoft Store Library

As we have mentioned several times, Windows keeps the Windows Store apps you’ve uninstalled from your computer in the Library section of the Store. However, the Windows Store Library section also has a menu to show installed products only, and you can use this to hide all uninstalled apps you don’t want in the Library

To do this:

At the right-hand side of the resulting page, just above your app list, tap on the Sort and filter menu

After this, you should only see installed apps in the Microsoft Store.

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Is it possible to remove apps directly from Windows Store Library?

No, the Microsoft Store does not offer a feature that enables users to disable apps from within it. Therefore, if you have any unwanted apps on your Windows Store, you must first uninstall them using one of the techniques we have covered in this article and then use the method we have also covered in this article to hide them from your Windows Store Library.

Why does the Windows Store keep uninstalled apps in the Library section?

Any app you have downloaded from the Microsoft Store is kept in the Library section of the Store after you uninstall it, most likely so users who might be interested in the app in the future can quickly reinstall it. However, this is not ideal for all situations or users, thus, Microsoft may try to address this in the future by introducing an option that enables users to hide or remove apps from their Windows Store Library. In the interim, you can make use of the method we outlined for hiding uninstalled programs from the Windows Store Library.

How To Remove Background From An Picture Using Powerpoint

Only the creator of the presentation knows how many days and hours worth of effort goes into creating a 30-minute presentation. While a chunk of the time goes into prepping the presentation, the time that goes into beautifying the presentation cannot exactly be downplayed either.

Thanks to all the cool features available in PowerPoint, a lot of the process becomes super easy to manage and execute. One very useful trick that PowerPoint offers is the ability to remove the background from a picture, which is actually a Photoshop skill but executed easier and quicker on PowerPoint. So how do you go about removing the background from a picture using PowerPoint? Here’s everything you need to know.

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How does the Remove Background feature in PowerPoint work?  

There is a very handy Remove Background feature in PowerPoint by virtue of which you can remove the background of an image that you have inserted in a slide. Oftentimes, when you want to use the subject from a picture or only a part of the picture, this tool comes in handy. While the tool is not as sophisticated as a Photoshop tool, it gets the job done if you are in a hurry or need a quick fix. 

On the other hand, if the image you’re working with has a gradient background with a lot of noise, then you will have to use the Remove Background function which has a slight learning curve. Nevertheless, the results are good and you will thank yourself for learning how to use this PowerPoint feature. 

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How to remove the background of a picture using PowerPoint

Launch Microsoft PowerPoint on your system from the Start Menu. 


Open a Blank PowerPoint so that you can execute the next steps. 

 Now select the image that you want to edit and place it on a blank slide.

When you do this, the background of the image will become magenta. The magenta color indicates the area that PowerPoint wants to remove. 

Now gently draw over the areas that you want to keep in the final image using the mouse.

Then using your mouse mark the areas that you want to remove carefully.  

How to make a picture background transparent using PowerPoint?

Follow the first six steps from the above section and continue with the next steps. Make sure to choose an image with a solid background as this method only works effectively when the background is absolutely discernable like this one. 

How to save the image with transparent background

When you do this, PowerPoint will prompt you to save the file in the location of your choice. At this point, you can also choose whether the image should be JPEG or PNG. 

While this is quite a handy feature, do keep in mind that PowerPoint does not replace a professional photo editor under any circumstances. Depending on how complicated the image is, the result may not be as great as you would expect. So as reliable as the feature is, it also depends on the kind of image that you are editing so proceed accordingly. Take care and stay safe! 


How To Remove ‘Recommended’ Section From Windows 11 Start Menu

The new centered Start Menu in Windows 11 is divided into two sections. The top half displays the shortcuts for pinned apps, whereas the bottom half includes the “Recommended” section. The latter shows recent files and offers recommendations for various apps installed on your PC. However, if you find the Recommended section annoying and unnecessary, you now have the option to completely remove it. In this tutorial, we will explain how to remove the Recommended section in the Windows 11 Start Menu.

Remove Recommended Section from Windows 11 Start Menu (Updated April 2023)

We have mentioned an easy method to remove the Recommended section from the Windows 11 Start menu in this tutorial. Along with that, we have also included steps to reduce the space assigned to Recommended items, and how to prevent recently added apps from showing up in the Recommended section. You can expand the table below and move to a tutorial of your preference.

Method 1: Remove Recommended Section on Windows 11 with Explorer Patcher

With the latest release of Explorer Patcher, you can now entirely remove the Recommended section from the Windows 11 Start menu. And the best part is that it’s completely free to use. Earlier, we had used Explorer Patcher to set Windows 11 Taskbar icons to ‘Never Combine’ and this time too, the tiny open-source utility has come to the rescue. Here is how to do it.

4. Now, open the Start menu on Windows 11, and you will find that the Recommended section has been removed. You can add more apps to the Start menu and fill the entire section with your favorite pinned apps. That’s awesome, right?

Method 2: Reduce Recommended Section Area and Add More Pins

If you are on the Windows 11 Dev build (22509 or later; Dec 1, 2023), you can choose a Start menu layout where the Recommended section is shrunk to just one row, and more space is available for pinned apps. It is one of the best Windows 11 hidden features, and I always switch the layout when setting up Windows 11.

This way, you will not have to use a third-party app to get more space on the Start menu. The feature is currently available to Insiders in the Dev channel, but it will soon be available on the Stable channel. Then, everyone can follow these steps below and reduce the Recommended section area on their Windows 11 PC.

3. Now, open the Windows 11 Start menu, and you will find that more rows are available for pinned apps. The Recommended section area is reduced to just one row.

Method 3: Remove Recommended ‘Items’ Through Windows Settings

Now, turn off the toggle next to “Show recently opened items in Start, Jump Lists, and File Explorer“. You can also disable the “Show recently added apps” option to get an even cleaner Start Menu experience in Windows 11.

Note: Disabling “recently opened items” will also get rid of your favorite websites on the Taskbar jump-lists for your browser, which could be inconvenient for some users.

Method 4: Remove Recommended ‘Items’ From Start Menu

Another way to remove the Recommended items is by individually removing each one from the Start Menu. Here’s how you do that:

Easily Remove the Recommended Section From the Start Menu!

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