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If you love keeping photos as wallpapers, you are going to love this new watchOS 8 feature. You can now set Portrait mode photos as Apple watch face. And the most fantastic thing is it will be dynamic, i.e., every time you raise your wrist or tap the display, a new photo will appear.

Amazingly, that’s not all! Apple Watch will employ special tricks to enhance the photo and make it look more appealing and interactive. If you want to explore the Portrait watch faces and see what you can do with it, keep reading!

What is Portraits watch face?

How does it work?

Apple Watch uses an immersive, multilayered effect to breathe life into the portrait photo. Let me explain with an example.

It uses depth data to crop out the people/object in the photo and imparts a 3D effect. Additionally, the subject is slightly animated. So when you tilt/move your wrist, the image in the watch face also tilts accordingly.

What’s more? You can load up to 24 photos in the Portraits watch face and shuffle between them or zoom in to enjoy the 3D effect.

How to set portrait photos as Apple Watch face

In seconds, your Apple Watch will sport the new Portraits watch face. To check out all the photos, lightly tap the watch face.

You’ll notice that the watch automatically moves the time and other complications according to the image. But if you want to manage that yourself or add/delete photos, jump to the next section.

Customizations supported by Portraits watch face

While limited, there are a few changes you can make directly from the Apple Watch. So let’s check them out first.

From Apple Watch

Zoom in – For no other reason than it’s super fun, you can zoom in or out of the portrait photo by rotating the Digital Crown.

Change Style or Complications – To customize the watch face, long-press the screen and then tap Edit. Next, look through the options and select a suitable one.

Share watch face – From the edit screen itself, tap on the Share icon and select the contact. You can also send the photo as a message or mail.

From iPhone

To make any changes, first Launch the Watch app and slide right to select the Portraits watch face in the My Faces section.

Note: While I can see the delete option, it wasn’t working. Maybe because of some bug in the beta.

Hands-on with Portraits watch face

Initially, I did not fuss around the Portraits watch face feature on Apple Watch! But now that I see how the images turn up, it is running to become one of my favorite watch faces.

I loved the 3D effect and pop it brings to the screen. However, I could spot some glitches, like the cropping in the below screenshot.

But I guess that could happen with some images, so I won’t deduct points for that. On the contrary, I would add brownie points because you could also set an AirDrop’ed portrait photo from a different iPhone.

Notably, that isn’t the case with portrait photos from Android devices, maybe because the depth-of-field information is lost in the transition.

Overall, I enjoyed the feature and would keep the Portraits as my watch face for some time.

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10+ Face Swap Apps To Make Your Photos Hilarious

Face Swapping pictures is the new trend on social media, and it’s about time you get into the action as well. Face swap is basically interchanging your face with another person in the photograph, and it mostly results in hilarious pictures, but only if you do it right. For that, you need the best face swap apps available for your Android or iOS device. So, cutting to the chase, here are 10+ cool face-swap apps to make your photos hilarious in 2023.

1. Snapchat

Snapchat is probably the most widely used app that allows users to swap their faces with friends with simple filters. Since it’s not just a face swap app, using Snapchat will give you access to a ton of other features, Snapchat tricks, and even the new Snapchat+ subscription that adds features like the new Snapchat My AI Chatbot. Plus, even if you don’t want to buy into the platform’s trends, its face filters are actually pretty good. This makes it one of the most versatile face swap apps you can get right now.

2. Cupace

Cupace is a great and easy-to-use photo editor app that includes a handy feature called Paste Face that allows you to take the face of anyone in an image and paste it on top of anyone else’s face with ease. The feature is made possible because Cupace is capable of manually extracting faces from any image, which can come in handy even if you don’t want to go ahead with a face swap and add the face to any inanimate object.,

With Cupace, you’ll be able to cut a face from an image easily, choose the image you want to paste the face on and then paste the face onto that image. In order to make the process a bit simpler, the app allows you to magnify the image so that your face cutout is as accurate as possible. Once the face is cropped, it’s saved in the app, and you can paste it on multiple images if you so please.

Install: Android (Free)

3. Faceover: Photo Face Swap

Another one of the best face swap apps out there is Faceover, an all-in-one solution to swap faces in both photos and videos. Faceover has been packaged in a very easy-to-use interface and hence should be accessible by most users. The app has a variety of pre-loaded images that you can swap your faces with. These range from photos to celebrities to superheroes around the universe.

Install: iOS (Free with in-app purchase)

4. B612

Initially, a simple photo editor, B612 now has the ability to swap faces in photos and videos as well. The feature works pretty much the same way as it does on Snapchat. You can simply select the Face Swap effect within B612 and then easily swap faces with your friends or your favorite celebrities. The results are decent, if not really great, and B612’s face swap will definitely give you and your friends a few laughs while you’re at it. Plus, it can be a fun photo and video editor for Instagram Reels as well.

Install: Android (Free), iOS (Free)

5. Face Swap Booth

If you want a full database of faces that you can swap around any time you want, Face Swap Booth is the app to install. The cool face-swapping app lets you add faces, which you can manually add or let the app auto-detect it. You can use these different faces to swap around different people and have fun. Moreover, you can even swap your face with pre-loaded celebrity faces in the app.

Install: Android (Free) / iOS (Free with in-app purchase)

6. Reface

Although Reface is technically a deepfake app, you can use it for swapping your face with celebrities on videos and GIFs. Reface, previously known as Doublicat, is one of the viral apps that you can use for creating quirky face swaps and sharing them with your friends.

With Reface, you get a wide range of GIF and image collections that you can use to create new GIFs. Moreover, the developers are working on adding new templates every day, so you won’t miss out on new content when you use this app.

Install: Android / iOS – Free (in-app purchases)

7. FaceApp AI Face Editor

In addition to face swaps, the app also offers gender swaps, old and young age filters, weight filters, and more. You can tinker with different filters in the app to get desired results. The AI of the app works flawlessly, especially for editing photos and retouching them. FaceApp AI Face Editor is one of the best face-swapping apps that you can use to give your photos a hilarious angle.

Install: Android (Free) / iOS (Free)

8. Copy Replace Face

If you want to be a bit creative with face swapping, “Copy Replace Face” can be the right foil for making your images look standout. With this app, you get the desired flexibility to customize the entire appearance. For instance, you have the option to copy the whole face or only copy parts of the face like eyes, lips, and nose, which come in super handy, especially when crafting a unique-looking face. Furthermore, it also allows you to layer multiple faces on top of each other, which can go a long way in giving your pic an altogether different appearance.

Install: iOS (Free)

9. Photo Face Swap

Install: Android (Free) 

10. MixBooth

MixBooth does not swap faces in your pictures. Instead, it mixes up two faces into one, which is pretty fun too. The app lets you add your photos and photos of people you want your face mixed with to detect faces and mix them up automatically. You can even mix your face with the faces of strangers or celebrities to see how you would like in someone else’s skin.

Install: iOS (Free)

11. Swap Faces With Your Friend Using Instagram

1. How do I change the face on a picture?

You can use one of these face swap apps mentioned above to swap faces for fun.

2. What app can you use to put your face on celebrities?

You can use apps like Face Swap Live and Face Swap Booth to swap faces with celebrities as they come with preloaded celebrity faces in the app. You can also switch to any celebrity with an image search.

3. How do you blend two faces together?

You can check out MixBooth to blend or merge two faces together. It is available on both Android and iOS.

4. Is face swap online safe?

Most popular face swap apps are safe to use. However, I would recommend you go through the privacy policy of the app you use to know how they handle your data.

5. How do I replace a face in a video on iPhone?

You can use Face Swap Live to replace the face in videos from your iPhone.

How To Use Backtrack On Apple Watch

Do you need to retrace your steps in an unfamiliar place with little to no Wi-Fi or cellular signal? Using the Apple Watch Backtrack feature, you can track and trace your steps to get back to your starting point in the Compass app. This feature works even if your Apple Watch isn’t connected to the Internet, which makes it extremely convenient during emergency situations in remote locations. This tutorial examines which Apple Watch models and watchOS versions have this feature and how it’s used.

Apple Watch Backtrack Supported Models and WatchOS Versions

The Compass app is available starting from the Apple Watch Series 5, but the Backtrack feature is only available on the Apple Watch models released after Apple Watch Series 5. These include:

Apple Watch SE (1st generation)

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Ultra

On top of model compatibility, your watch also needs to be updated to watchOS 9 or above to use Backtrack.

Note: the Backtrack feature isn’t available on Family Setup Apple Watch devices, so if yours was set up using a family member’s iPhone instead of your own through Family Sharing, you can’t use the feature in the Compass app.

Things To Do Before Using Backtrack

The Compass app requires permission to access your precise location and significant locations to provide you with accurate location and route data. Follow the steps below to allow location services for the Compass app:

Launch the Settings app on the iPhone that is paired with your Apple Watch.

Scroll down and tap “Privacy & Security.”

In the Privacy & Security screen, tap “Location Services.”

Find and tap “Compass.”

Under “Allow Location Access,” check “While Using the App” to give the Compass app permission to show your location and calculate true north. Enable “Precise Location” to let the Compass app use your location.

Go back to the Location Services screen.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and tap “System Services.”

Tap “Significant Locations,” located at the bottom of the list on the System Services screen.

Enable “Significant Locations.” This allows your iPhone to learn places significant to you to provide location-related information in Maps, Calendar, Photos, and other apps.

Good to know: Backtrack does not require Apple Watch to be paired with your iPhone, allowing you to retrace your steps off the grid with only your Apple Watch.

How to Retrace Your Steps with Backtrack on Apple Watch

After allowing your Apple Watch and iPhone to access your location, you can use the Backtrack feature to retrace your steps. Follow this step-by-step guide to use it:

On your Apple Watch, launch the Compass app.

Tap the Backtrack button at the bottom right of the screen.

When the Backtrack button turns into a Pause button, the Compass app has started tracking your step route. You can use other apps while Backtrack is tracking your steps and can also put your wrist down.

Once you reach the end of your step route, tap the pause button, then tap “Retrace Steps.”

The tracked route will show up on the compass. Rotate the digital crown up and down to control the compass zoom.

To go back to where you started, follow the white line that appears on the compass, which is the route you’ve taken.

After reaching your starting point, tap the Backtrack button.

Tap “Delete Steps” to give room for another route. The Compass app can’t save previous routes.

Safety tip: If you forgot to turn Backtrack on at the start of a route, the feature may be able to retrace your steps using your historical location data. To use this feature, launch the Compass app on your Apple Watch, then tap the Backtrack button. This feature only works when your current location is away from significant locations, such as your home or workplace, or there’s no Wi-Fi signal.

Other tracking: aside from your routes, your Apple Watch can also track your sleep.

Other Apple Watch Compass App Features

If you enjoy the great outdoors, there are many benefits with the Apple Watch’s Compass app?

1. Find your direction, elevation, incline, and coordinates.

When you launch the Compass app, you’ll see the direction you’re facing. To view your elevation, incline, and coordinates, rotate the digital crown up. You can also tap on the menu button at the top left of the screen to view this information better.

Note: coordinates aren’t supported in the Compass app in Mainland China.

2. Add waypoints.

In the Compass app for Apple Watch, you can set waypoints for locations you want to go back to. They’ll show up on the compass and as map locations in the Compass app. You can use these waypoints to find your way back to important locations and measure the distance between each waypoint and to your current location.

To add waypoints, launch the Compass app on your Apple Watch, then tap the waypoint button at the bottom right of the screen.

Note: like Backtrack, adding waypoints in the Compass app isn’t available for Family Setup Apple Watch devices.

Frequently Asked Questions Is it possible to save step routes in the Compass app?

It’s not possible to save step routes for future use with Backtrack. The only route you can retrace is the one you just took. If you want to save your step routes, use third-party apps that allow you to record, save, and view routes.

Is there an iOS app that has the same function as Backtrack?

If you’re looking for a similar feature you can use with your iPhone or older Apple Watch models, the Footpath Route Planner and Relive apps record your walking, running, cycling, and other activities. Using the apps’ recorded routes, you can retrace your path if you get lost or want to take the same route in the future.

Image credit: Unsplash. All screenshots by Natalie dela Vega.

Natalie dela Vega

Natalie is a writer specializing in tech how-tos and gaming. When she’s not writing, she plays PC games and travels. Here at MakeTechEasier, you will see her write about guides, tips, and solutions for Windows and iOS.

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How To Back Up Your Apple Watch

In this post, we’ll explain how to back up your Apple Watch and restore it from a backup after erasing the device, unpairing it from the connected iPhone, or use the previous watch backup while setting up a new Apple Watch.

Restoring your Apple Watch from a backup, if you have any, can save you the hassle of setting up the device anew, especially after having it repaired or erased because you’ve forgotten the passcode or have entered the wrong one six times in a row.

1. Apple Watch backup happens automatically

Your Apple Watch data is backed up automatically to your iPhone. You will see no confirmation or no apparent button to initiate the backup. All you need to do anything is make sure both devices are kept nearby.

2. How to back up your Apple Watch manually

There’s no specific option to force a backup of your Apple Watch other than unpairing the device from the connected iPhone. Unpairing the devices through the Apple Watch companion app on your iPhone always performs a backup first without you having to do a thing.

You should make sure to keep the watch and your iPhone close together as you unpair them because the unpairing process is carried over via Bluetooth.

Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.

Tap All Watches from the top left corner of the screen.

Tap the info icon ⓘ next to the paired Apple Watch.

Tap Unpair Apple Watch and confirm. Before unpairing the watch, a backup of all the data on that watch will be created and synced to your iPhone.

From there, that backup will itself be backed up either to iCloud or to your computer (Finder on Mac or iTunes on Windows PC), depending on how you have configured your iPhone backup.

After it’s been successfully backed up, content and settings on your Apple Watch will be wiped clean, and the device will be set back to default factory settings. This post further details unpairing your Apple Watch from its connected iPhone.

3. Back up a family member’s Apple Watch

With watchOS 7 and later, you can pair the Apple Watch of a family member to your iPhone if they do not own an iPhone. Such Apple Watches are backed up directly to that person’s iCloud account when the watch is charging and connected to Wi-Fi.

What’s included in an Apple Watch backup?

A backup file contains the following items:

App-specific data for stock apps and settings for stock and third-party apps

Your Home screen layout

Watch face settings and customizations

Dock settings

General system settings

Health and Fitness data, including history, unlocked achievements, calibration data

Music playlists

Synced photo album

Notification settings

Siri Voice Feedback settings

Time zone

What’s not included in Apple Watch backup?

Your Bluetooth pairings

Cards used for Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Apple Watch passcode


Note: If iCloud Messages is on, then your iMessage and SMS are already stored in iCloud.

How to restore Apple Watch from backup

Restoring your Apple Watch will bring back your stored data and settings. When you’re ready, you can pair your fully erased or brand-new Apple Watch and then set it up from a stored backup.

When you’re following the steps to set up your new or erased Apple Watch, you’ll be offered the option to restore a previous backup (if you have one). Simply tap Restore from Backup and pick the most recent backup file.

Voilà, Apple Watch is now ready, and you can pick up right where you left off just before the last backup.

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Apple Execs Explain How Apple Watch Became Health

Since the release of the first Apple Watch in 2024, Apple has expanded the device’s health capabilities with features like the ECG app and fall detection. In a new interview with the Independent this weekend, Apple’s Jeff Williams, Sumbul Desai, and Kevin Lynch have offered more details on how health became one of the central focuses of Apple Watch.

Williams, who serves as Apple’s chief operating officer, said that Apple’s expansion into health has been “very organic.” He explained that Apple didn’t necessarily have a “major health initiative” planned, but that it was an area in which the company quickly realized it could expand:

Williams also explained that the first time Apple received a letter from a custom about the Apple Watch’s health features, people were somewhat surprised:

The first letter that we got about it saving somebody’s life with just the heart rate monitor, we were surprised, because anybody can go watch the clock and get their heart rate. But then we started getting more and more and we realized we had a huge chance and maybe even an obligation to do more. That led us down the path to do everything including medically regulated apps.

Meanwhile, Williams and Desai, Apple’s vice president of health, both emphasized that health is only one aspect of the Apple Watch’s features. This helps it appeal to a wider set of customers, they said:

Williams: Health is such an important dimension. But it’s just one dimension of the Watch. It does so much more, from telling the time to sending messages or making calls and so on. If you tried to sell a heart rate monitor to alert you to problems, you know, 12 people would buy it. So, the people who are wearing it, we get the chance to in some ways ambush them with information about their health, which is what’s allowed us to have such a big impact.

Desai: That’s really important. Because I think part of the challenge with health is people don’t want to think about their health all the time but here it’s just woven into the overall experience.

What about the future of the Apple Watch in terms of health tracking hardware? Kevin Lynch, Apple’s vice president of technology, said that while there’s already so much the Apple Watch is capable of, we’re only really at the beginning:

There’s already a tremendous amount we can learn from the current hardware. Heart studies are a good example. With the existing monitor in the Watch, we were able to get AFib readings from that. There’s already so much that we can work on. It’s really a matter of choosing our focus areas and asking really great questions that then lead to insightful answers. That’s the journey we’re on.

The latest studies around hearing health, for example, women’s health, more heart studies, we think we can learn a ton from those areas with all the existing technology that we have, using them in this focused way. That may lead to inventing some other new things, but even with the current stuff, we’re at the beginning right now. There’s so much to learn. There are so many areas that we could focus on. And so that’s strategically the most important thing for us: asking where can we make a meaningful contribution?

The full piece is absolutely worth a read and can be found on the Independent.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

How To Set Up & Use Apple Game Center

Apple Game Center first entered the scene in 2010, but the modern version of the platform in no way resembles its earlier form. With iOS 10, Game Center shifted from a standalone platform to one that focused more heavily on social interaction and third-party integration.

It has received a fair amount of criticism from users as a result of the change, but there are still plenty of ways to use the platform. Here is how to set up and use Apple Game Center.

Table of Contents

How To Set Up Apple Game Center

You may have set up Game Center at some point in the past, especially if you tend to play a lot of mobile games on your iPhone or iPad. However, if you haven’t set it up, open Settings and scroll down until you find the Apple Game Center icon. It is found in the same subsection as Music, TV, Photos, Camera, and Books.

Tap the Game Center icon. The next screen will show a slider. Tap the slider. On the next screen, sign in with the Apple ID you want to use for Game Center. Doing this enables your Game Center profile to follow you across all Apple devices.

After you have signed in, you’ll see a blank profile page. Here you can change your Apple Game Center profile photo and your nickname, and add friends that you can easily invite. You can also enable the option for players in the same game as you, provided they are on the same Wi-Fi network or close enough for Bluetooth, to send game invitations.

How To Add Friends On Game Center

The Friends field will remain empty unless you have added friends. Just tap Add Friends. Doing so brings up Messages. You can send an invitation to one or multiple friends at a time. 

After they accept your request, their profile names will show up in your Friends list. 

What Does Apple Game Center Do?

Game Center isn’t as versatile as it once was. It isn’t included in every game, and app developers choose whether or not to incorporate it into the games.

If a game does support Apple Game Center, it will automatically load when the game is launched. You can view leaderboards, see how your score compares against your friends, and much more. If you’re so inclined, you can even try to top the world’s high score—but it’s often better to just compete against a few friends. 

How To Find Game Center-Compatible Games

Finding a game that works with Game Center takes a bit of trial and error, but there is one set of games that do use Game Center: Apple Arcade. Apple’s $5-per-month curated selection of mobile games is one of the best options out there for someone looking to fill downtime with their phone. 

All Apple Arcade titles use Apple Game Center. You know a game does when you are greeted upon logging in with a message that pops in from the top of the screen. 

If you are looking for other games that work with Game Center, you can search the App Store with “game center” as the keyword to find other titles. There are quite a few out there. Most all that work with Game Center have leaderboards, but only some have achievements. 

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