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Excel has some really smart features that can be really useful in many cases (and sometimes it could be frustrating).

One such area is when you enter numbers in Excel. Sometimes, Excel automatically changes these numbers to dates.

For example, if you enter 1/2 in Excel, Excel will automatically change this to 01-02-2024 (or 02-01-2024 if you’re in the US)

Similarly, if you enter 30-06-2024, Excel assumes you want to enter a date, and it changes this to a date (as shown below)

While this may be what you want in most cases, but what if I don’t want this. What if I simply want the exact text 30-06-2024 or the fraction 1/2.

How do I stop Excel from changing numbers to dates?

That’s what this tutorial is about.

In this Excel tutorial, I will show you two really simple ways to stop Excel from changing numbers to text.

But before I show you methods, let me quickly explain why Excel does this.

While it can be frustrating when Excel does this, it’s trying to help.

In most cases, when people enter numbers that can also represent valid date formats in Excel, it will automatically convert these numbers into dates.

And this just doesn’t mean that it changes the format, it actually changes the underlying value.

For example, if you enter 3/6/2024 (or 6/3/2024 if you’re in the US and using the US date format), Excel changes the cell value to 44012, which is the numerical value of the date.

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The only way to stop Excel from changing these numbers (or text string) into dates is by clearing letting it know that these are not numbers.

Let’s see how to do this.

The easiest way to make sure Excel understands that it’s not supposed to change a number to date is by specifying the format of the cell as Text.

Since dates are stored as numbers, when you make the format of a cell text, Excel will understand that the entered number is supposed to be in the text format and not to be converted into a date.

Below is how you can stop Excel from changing numbers to dates:

Select the cell or range of cells where you want to make the format as Text

The above steps would change the cell format to text. Now when you enter any number such as 30-06-2024 or 1/2, Excel will not convert these into date format.

Note: You need to change the format before you enter the number. If you do this after the number has been entered, this would change the format to text but you would get the numeric value of the date and not the exact number/text-string you entered.

This method is best suited when you have to change the format of a range of cells. If you only have to do this for a couple of cells, it’s best to use the apostrophe method covered next

If you only have to enter a number in a few cells and you don’t want Excel to change it to date, you can use this simple technique.

Just add an apostrophe sign before you enter the number (as shown below).

When you add an apostrophe at the very beginning, Excel considers that cell as text.

While you would not see the apostrophe sign, you can visually see that the numbers would be aligned to the left (indicating that it’s text).

By default, all numbers align to the right and all text values align to the left.

Another benefit of using the apostrophe sign is that you can still use the lookup formulas (such as VLOOKUP or MATCH) using the value in the cell. The apostrophe will be ignored by these functions.

You can also use this method to change existing dates into text. For example, if you have 30-06-2024 in a cell, you can simply add an apostrophe (‘) at the beginning and it will be changed the date to text

While these methods are great, what if you have a column full of dates that you want to use as a text and not as dates. Here are some simple methods you can use to convert date to text in Excel.

I hope you found this Excel tutorial useful!

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How To Stop Windows 10 From Automatically Sleeping Or Locking

From saving on bills to simply trying to get the most out of your laptop’s battery, putting your machine into a low-power state can help. Some users, however, prefer to have their system alert and awake all the time, which unfortunately clashes with how Windows 10 likes to put the computer to sleep if you leave it idle for too long. Having to constantly wake up and unlock the computer can get on people’s nerves; so how do you disable it?

Stopping the Sleep

On the right side you’ll see several options regarding power saving. Feel free to tweak these if you see any settings you’d like to change, but for the sake of this article we’ll focus on the “Sleep” category.

You may see more or less options depending on what kind of machine you’re using, but regardless of how many there are, setting all of these to “Never” will stop the computer from sleeping completely. If you use a laptop, you can set it to never sleep while plugged into the mains but still sleep when on battery power.

Third-Party Apps

But let’s assume for a minute that you can’t access these power options. Perhaps you’re currently using an account where the settings are locked out, such as a work computer. If this sounds like you, don’t fret; there are solutions you can use via third-party apps. These will help keep the computer awake even if you can’t manually set the option in Windows 10.

Don’t Sleep

Don’t Sleep is a portable app that allows users to stop Windows 10 from sleeping. “Portable” means that it doesn’t require an installation to run, allowing you to save it to a memory stick and run it on any machine. This makes it a useful tool to carry with you if you’re using multiple computers where you can’t edit the power options.

To use it, simply run the executable. Everything should be set up ready to use “out of the box,” but just to make sure, check that the options you want to block are checked under the “Block” category and that the blocker is set to “Enabled.”

You can tell Don’t Sleep to only work within a specific time frame and even instruct it on what to do when the time is up.


Caffeine is another lightweight, portable option that you can use to stop Windows 10 from sleeping. The idea behind Caffeine is that every 59 seconds it simulates an F15 key press on your computer, so it believes you’re still at the machine and typing and won’t lock as a result. There should be nothing on your computer that is waiting for the F15 key to be pressed, but if anything weird does begin to happen, you’ll know what’s causing it!

Running Caffeine is as simple as downloading, unzipping, and running the executable. A little coffee pitcher icon will sit in your system tray showing that Caffeine is currently running.

No More Sleep

Having a computer go to sleep automatically can be annoying, especially if you can’t get permission to access the power options on the computer. Now you know how to stop Windows 10 from sleeping, either through the official settings or via a portable third-party app.

Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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How To Hide Negative Numbers In Excel?

In Excel, the user will understand the concept of how to hide negative numbers in Excel. Equations can also be written using integers with negative values. In this article, the user will learn three common examples. The first example is based on negative numbers by using conditional formatting. The second example is based on hiding the negative number by using the format cell option. Both examples are explained thoroughly within the article.

Example 1: To hide the negative numbers in Excel by using the conditional formatting Step 1 Step 2

Go to the Home Tab under the Styles group and select the Conditional Formatting arrow as highlighted below image −

Step 3

After select the conditional formatting’s drop menu. a menu list will appear as highlighted in the below image −

Step 4 Step 5 Step 6

In Format cells that are LESS THAN: text box enter 0.

Step 7

Now press the drop down arrow provided on the side of the “with” text box and select Custom Format..

Step 8

This will open a Format cells dialog box. This dialog box, comprises four tabs as display in the below image −

Step 9

To perform the required task, choose the Font Tab and in Color section opt for white color, this will modify the font color of negative number to white, and the numbers can become invisible on work sheet.

Step 10

Now select the OK button that will close the dialog box named Format Cells.

Step 11

Again, select the highlighted button named OK“Less than” dialog box.

Consider the final provided output snapshot below. All the negative values are now become invisible due to the use of white color font.

Example 2: To hide the negative numbers in Excel by using the format cell option Step 1

Again, consider the same worksheet. Firstly select the cell range by using the negative numbers. Consider the below image for reference −

Step 2 Step 3

From the list of appeared option, select “Format Cells…”.

Step 4

This will finally, display a “Format Cells” dialog box. This dialog box, contains many option tabs such as numbers, alignment, and many other.

Step 5

Go to the Number Tab, and from the Category section select the “Custom” option.

Step 6

Move to the “Type:” section and in the provided textbox enter “0; ”. To extract all the negative values, that is number less than 0.

Step 7

Now in the dialog box named Format Cells, close this dialog box by pressing the OK button.

Step 8

The above step will replace all the negative values with space. Consider below provided screenshot for proper reference −

Example 3: To hide the negative numbers in Excel by using the kutools Step 1

Consider the below given worksheet. This worksheet contains 9 entries numeric entries.

Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5

Consider snapshot of selected data cells −

Step 6

Again select the “Home” tab, and under the “Font” section, select the last option, and select the “White” color as provided below −

Step 7

This step will hide all the negative values by changing their font to white color.


This article focusses on guiding about the three different ways, by using which use can hide the negative numbers in excel. All the provided stepwise data explanation is accurate and precise. In the first example, the conditional formatting would be used to resolve the given problem statement. Format cell option is used in the second example. Kutools option is depicted in the third example to hide the negative number.

How To Stop Discord From Automatically Lowering App Volume On Windows 11.

If you are using Discord and have noticed that it takes control of your system volume settings and automatically increases or decreases volume levels at times. This article will show you how to disable Discord Attenuation, a feature that aims to better manage system volume levels while you have incoming and outgoing voice communications active.

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Discord is a super popular gaming and communication app that allows people to stay up to date on their favourite topics and keep in touch with everyone who has joined their community. It’s an easy-to-use tool though it does have more options than the average person will ever use or even understand. That said, there are some options and features that you should familiarise yourself with.

Depending on how you use Discord you may have noticed that whenever you have Discord open the volume levels of other software and apps you have open changes. This is because Discord uses a feature called Attenuation which aims to adjust volumes to get better environments for voice chat. While this is handy in a lot of circumstances, it can also be annoying as you have obviously already experienced. The good news is that there are a couple of ways you can disable the option.

How do you stop Discord from automatically lowering the volume on Windows 10 & 11?

The quickest and easiest way to prevent Discord from changing volume levels for other apps while using it is to disable Attenuation. To do this follow the steps below.

In the new window that appears, change to the Voice & Video tab on the left.

Now scroll down the list until you find the ATTENUATION section. Here you will see several different options along with a slider. If you want to completely disable the feature slide the slider to 0.

Alternatively, you can adjust the slider to find a perfect balance and you can also enable or disable ATTENUATION for you speaking and others speaking.

Once you have made the changes they will take effect instantly. You can go back and change them at any time you please.

Disabling Attenuation in Discord doesn’t fix the problem?

If Discord isn’t listening to your request to disable Attenuation you can prevent Discord and other apps from having access to sound device options. To do this follow the steps below.

Next, find the audio device that you are using. If you have multiple devices, you will need to do follow these steps for each of them.

Finally, change to the Advanced tab and remove the tick from the Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device.

After a quick system restart, you won’t have any issues with Discord doing whatever it wants with sound. If you’re looking for More Discord guides, you can check out our entire library here. Alternatively, there is also our YouTube channel.

3 Ways To Stop Android Phone Screen From Turning Off Automatically

Android smartphones come with a setting under the Display settings to change the screen time-out duration. This setting is available on all Android smartphones despite the brand or Android version. Check out the step-by-step instructions to change this setting on your phone to keep the screen from turning off automatically.

2. In the Settings menu, go to the Display and look for the Screen Timeout settings.

3. Tap the Screen Timeout setting and select the duration you want to set or just select “Never” from the options.

While this feature is available on all smartphones, the options for screen time out may be different. A few smartphones like Xiaomi have an option called never but Samsung smartphone only has a max duration of 10 minutes. If you won’t see the Never option in the settings but you still want to keep your device awake for longer then follow the next method.

3. Look for the Stay Awake option and enable it.

Samsung smartphones come with a feature that uses the camera on the front to detect if you are looking at the screen. Then decide whether to keep the screen on or to turn it off like normal. Enable this feature on Samsung smartphones easily using the step below.

2. Here you will find an option called Keep Screen on while viewing.

3. Tap the toggle to enable the feature and close the Settings.

Keep in mind that this feature keeps the camera on while you are using to phone to detect if you are looking at it. By doing that, it will drain your smartphone battery a bit faster than before so use this feature with caution.

You can also prevent your phone screen from turning off completely using a third-party app. There are plenty of such apps available on the Play Store, and we are using “Caffeine”. Follow the instructions below to set up the app on your Android smartphone and then use it to always keep the smartphone screen on.

2. The app works via a toggle, so you will need to add this to the Quick Settings panel.

3. Pull down the Quick Settings panel and tap on the Three dots icon and select Edit buttons to edit it.

5. Move this “Caffeine” toggle to the Quick Settings panel by holding and dragging it.

7. When the toggle is in the main Quick Settings panel, you can use it anytime.

A. There are various ways to keep your smartphone screen turned off automatically and the best options are available above in this article. Make sure that different smartphone manufacturers name settings in different ways so make sure you read the steps carefully.

A. Yes, the app is called Caffeine and this app lets you do exactly what you want and it is absolutely free to download from Google Play Store. To know how to set up the app on your smartphone and use it, follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned above in this article.

A. Yes, the feature will use more battery as the phone is using the front-facing camera to detect if you are looking at the screen or not. But his mode does save more battery than when you have the Always screen on feature on all the time.

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How To Convert Text Dates To Proper Date Format In Excel? – Webnots

Why to Use Proper Date Format?

Sorting of columns based on dates

Subtracting or adding dates

Filter data based year or month or date

Data analysis based on dates

Storing Dates in Excel

The default date display in Excel depends on the regional settings from your computer. However, when you enter the date in different format (like 24 Jan 2024), the cell will automatically use “Custom” format. It is also possible; the date cell’s formats are wrongly changed to “Text” or “Number” causing the following problems.

Dates look like numbers.

Cells with dates show a green triangle on top left corner of the cell.

Shows in different date format like 23/05/24 which may confuse you as do not know which is the year or date.

Formula errors due to wrong format.

Good part is that regardless of what you see, Excel stores the date as a sequential serial number from 01 Jan 1900 (or 01 Jan 1904) to 31 Dec 9999. For example, 01 Jan 1900 is stored in Excel as 1 and 01 Jan 2024 is stored as 45292. You can use one of the following methods to convert the serial number to proper date format as you like.

1. Dates Show as Numbers in Excel

When the cells use other formats like “General”, “Number” or “Text”, Excel will show the dates as numbers like below. You can change the cell formatting in column B to convert the numbers into dates. There are multiple ways to change the cell formatting in Excel. We explain here with Microsoft 365 Excel for Mac version and the steps are same in Excel for Windows version also.

1.1. Using Copy Paste Formatting

You change the formatting of first cell (B2) and copy paste on other cells (B3 to B6). Though our example is simple, this copy pasting of formatting is useful when the cells are scattered over different columns in the sheet.

Dates Showing as Numbers in Excel

Select “Format Cells” option from the context menu to open “Format Cells” pop-up. Alternatively, you can press Command + 1 in Mac or Control + 1 in Windows to open “Format Cells” pop-up.

Formatting Date Cells in Excel

Now, the selected cell will show the date instead of number and copy that cell (B2) by pressing “Control + V” or “Command + V”.

Format Applied to First Cell

Select all other cells showing numbers (B3 to B6) and paste by pressing “Control + V” or “Command+ V”.

Excel Paste Options

This will show lot of options and select “Formatting” to apply date format to other cells also. On Excel Windows version, you will see icons instead of text menu and select “Formatting” icon under “Other Paste Options”.

This will apply the date formatting to all selected cells and convert the number into date proper format.

Apply Formatting Paste Options

Remember, you can change the date display to any formats like 22-Jan-24 or 22/01/24 or 01/22/24 from the “Format Cells” pop-up. The selected format will be applied to all the cells when you paste.

1.2. Select Cells and Apply Date Formatting

In this method, select all the cells (B1 to B6) and apply the formatting at once.

Apply Long or Short Date Format in Excel

2. Date Cells Show with Green Triangle

Converting to 4 Digit Date Format

3. #VALUE! Formula Errors

When you reference cells with wrong date formats in date related formulas, Excel will show #VALUE! error as it can’t calculate the result.


DATEVALUE function is useful to get the serial number for dates from a cell value. However, the cell SHOULD be in a plan text format for this to work. In this case, you SHOULD NOT use date format even though the cell contains a date. For example, referencing 20 Jan 2024 in DATEVALUE function will show the serial number as 45311 only when the referenced cell is in “Text” format. otherwise, you will see #VALUE! error.

DATEVALUE Result with Text Cell

Update the detailed information about How To Stop Excel From Changing Numbers To Dates Automatically on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!